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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 29, 2013 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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doubles? they are about to meet their matches. get ready for that awkward feeling. >> that was good. >> yeah. >> which one was which? >> a lot to get to, but let's begin with the new threats from north korea. kim jong-un has ordered his military to prepare for missile strikes against the u.s. right after american stealth bombers flew a warning mission 50 miles from the border. jim avila has the latest from the white house. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. these are fresh threats from the north korean, public demonstration, troop movements and propaganda video promising to destroy american bombers. north korea is revving up its people holding anti-american rallies with thousands chanting anti-u.s. and south korean rhetoric. its leader promising to ready its rockets to settle accounts with the united states. the u.s. monitoring their troop movements, which reportedly include repositioning troops from their midrange missile launching site to long range base.
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north korea's propaganda machine publishing two new pictures, one an image of leader kim jong-un appearing to direct flight or attack plans on the board behind him and in reaction to the u.s. stealth bomb flyover yesterday, this picture of north korean missiles blowing up the unstealth b-52 bomber. the united states, in a rare combination of stealth activity, sent north korea a message yesterday by conducting a b-2 bomber practice mission 50 miles from the north korean border, a message primarily designed to reassure a nervous south korea. >> those exercises are mostly to assure our allies that they can count on us to be prepared and to help them deter conflict. >> reporter: the b-2 stealth bombers are capable of dropping 16 nuclear bombs, each on a different target. but these bombers dropped only dummy weapons. >> we will unequivocally defend and we are unequivocally committed to that alliance with south korea and we will be prepared.
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>> reporter: north korea is saying it will send its rockets to guam and hawaii. those are considered empty threats because there's no evidence they have that capability. george? >> okay, jim, thanks a lot. much more sunday on "this week" and i'll also be joined by cardinal timothy dolan to discuss the first easter for pope francis. we're going to turn to that terrifying case out of oklahoma. health officials are saying a tulsa dentist may have exposed thousands of patients to life-threatening diseases ranging from hiv to hepatitis. abc's chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser is here with this disturbing story this morning. >> it is. i've spent my career in public health and it's not hard to prevent infections in dental offices, but what they found here was absolutely shocking. dr. w. scott harrington has been a trusted oral surgeon for 36 years but now authorities believe he may have exposed thousands of patients to potentially deadly infection by allegedly using rusty instruments which weren't cleaned properly. letters are being sent to 7,000
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oklahoma patients recommending they immediately be tested for hepatitis b, hepatitis c and hiv. after one of his patients with no known risk factors tested positive for hepatitis c. in addition to allegations that he cleaned his instruments by improperly bleaching them which caused them to become porous over time he's also accused of reusing needles and vials. >> the instruments that came out of the autoclave were horrible. i wouldn't let my nephews play with them out in the dirt. i mean, they were horrible. they had rust on them. >> reporter: he even reportedly had medications 20 years past their expiration date and allowed unlicensed assistants to give i.v. medications. we reached out to dr. harrington but he did not return calls. >> 7,000 patients have gotten these letters to get tested for hiv, hepatitis c -- what is the chances more patients are going to test positive, given those conditions? >> there are a couple of disturbing factors here. you know, many patients in his
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practice have hiv and hepatitis c -- >> he was treating a high-risk population -- >> he was and had instruments set aside for those patients and other instruments for patients where he didn't know whether they were infected or not. that's very dangerous. all instruments should be treated the same. last summer there were 8,000 patients from colorado who were notified and thankfully there none of them were infected. here there's a much higher chance someone -- >> i would have thought soaking instruments in bleach would have killed anything. we keep hearing bleach is the only thing that kills everything. >> for a lot bleach is the only way to go but these have to go into an autoclave, which uses pressure and heat. if you use bleach on them first it disturbs the outside of the instrument so the autoclave no longer works. >> and become porous. >> and heat and pressure don't kill the germs. >> what are you supposed to look for, rich? i go to a dentist office and usually i have so much stuff in my mouth i can't see what's going on. >> a couple clues to look for -- if you ever see rusty or old instruments, that's a warning sign.
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the other is, if your dentist isn't wearing gloves or changing them between patients, find another dentist. >> he should do that in front of me. >> definitely. you should see that they're putting on fresh gloves, definitely. >> and pay attention to the instruments. rich, thanks so much. disturbing news. we'll keep on top of it. to josh elliott for the other top stories developing this morning. >> we want to begin with the very latest now on nelson mandela, the former south african president and human rights champion remains in the hospital this morning. officials in that country are asking the world to pray for the 94-year-old mandela. and abc's bazi kanani is in pretoria right now, and what can you tell us about his condition? >> reporter: good morning, josh. government officials tell us nelson mandela is in good spirits this morning and making good progress. he was last seen cradling his great grandson in this photo his family released last month. he is now 94 years old and concern is growing about his health. in just the last four months he has been hospitalized three
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times now. south africa's president is asking for prayers for the revered anti-apartheid hero but he acknowledges that frailty comes with age and says that he's very concerned about his progress. josh? >> bazi kanani in south africa, thank you for that. meanwhile, the epa is expected to announce cleaner gasoline standards today which critics claim will send prices soaring. the agency wants to further limit the amount of sulfur in gas to reduce auto pollution imposing the same restrictions already enforced in california. some refiners, though, say the new rules could raise gasoline production costs by nearly 10 cents per gallon. the epa claims it would be more like one cent per gallon. and if you haven't looked at the 401(k) in a while you may want to because wall street continues to ride high. the market closed for good friday and so the first quarter now in the books and take a look at the numbers. the dow up more than 11% since the start of the year.
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the s&p 500, a broader index, up 10% to an all-time record. the federal reserve is keeping interest rates low. investors are seeing stocks as one of the few perhaps worthy investment options. and prosecutors in colorado have rejected a plea deal from james holmes, the accused movie theater shooter. he wants to plead guilty and so serve life in prison thus avoiding the death penalty. but prosecutors claim his lawyers are still withholding evidence in the case. and the terrifying attack at a zoo near montreal. a siberian tiger, the one you see here mauled a zoo worker who entered the cage to clean it. a tiger -- he was supposed to have been moved earlier to another pen. despite serious neck wounds, the zookeeper is expected to survive. great news there. and some here, as well. a heroic save in the philadelphia subway. you see a man here fall off the platform, not looking getting stuck just inches from the third
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rail. however, a good samaritan does not hesitate. gets right down on to the track saving him. police managed to halt the incoming train before it came barreling through. no one, thankfully, was hurt here. turning now to march madness. a nail biter last night, arizona and ohio state tied until the very last. laquinton ross and buckeyes, a three with two seconds to play, and ohio state moves on 73-70 facing wichita state. marquette taking down miami. syracuse taking down indiana and what a thursday it was. and we are looking at another long friday night tonight. >> oh, and it's going to be so hard for you. >> were you up late last night? >> not as late as i was a couple nights ago. >> thanks, josh. >> you will be tonight. but now we're going to turn to a new twist in the case of that deadly gas explosion that all but leveled an indianapolis neighborhood. the man arrested for the crime is now also accused of trying to have a witness murdered.
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abc's gio benitez is here with the details. >> reporter: the man thought he would be released from jail if he had the witness killed but now abc news has learned that plan, oh, it's backfired. this morning, as mystery surrounds this fiery blast in indianapolis, prosecutors say the man facing trial for the explosion is at the center of a murder-for-hire plot now heating up the case. >> mr. leonard stated that he wished to arrange for the death of a witness in the explosion case. >> reporter: leonard, his girlfriend and brother, are all facing murder and arson charges after the girlfriend's home exploded in november. killing these next-door neighbors, a schoolteacher and her husband. dozens of homes were destroyed. investigators believed it was all to collect insurance money. >> this is a collect call from an inmate at the marion county jail. >> reporter: but jailhouse calls are monitored and recorded. this sign above the phone even warned leonard.
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even so, investigators say he used those calls to plan the murder of a witness only identified as md. >> it is further alleged that mr. leonard drew a map for directions to that target's house and signed an agreement to pay $15,000 upon the death of md. >> reporter: what leonard didn't know was that an undercover agent was in on the plot. >> on march 13th, mr. leonard placed a call to the undercover agent in which mr. leonard again confirmed his intent to have md killed. >> reporter: prosecutors say leonard offered the hit man a $5,000 bonus if he made the witness' killing look like a suicide. leonard also allegedly wanted the witness to change the story before death. and this isn't leonard's only legal battle. it turns out several women have sued him because they claim he set up online dating profiles, borrowed thousands of dollars from them when they met and then never paid them back. george? >> this guy is in deep trouble. thanks very much.
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we're going to turn to a business story. the burger wars and this time the focus isn't on ground beef. mcdonald's is taking aim at its competitors with an aggressive new campaign and a brand-new product, the chicken mcwrap. abc's linsey davis is here with more on mcdonald's and how they want to compete with subway. >> that's right. good morning, elizabeth. subway's slogan is eat fresh and mcdonald's new ad campaign encourages patrons to unwrap a fresh feast. this morning the company that has mcdonald's looking over its shoulder isn't burger king, the fast food burger wars for the moment at least isn't about burgers, it's about fresh, it's about customization, it's about getting more millennials into mcdonald's. >> the hamburglar is very clever and very sneaky. >> reporter: this morning mcdonald's is trying to take a bite out of its biggest competitor's business strategy and it's not burger king it's trying to knock off its throne or wendy's. >> at subway --
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>> there's something for everyone. >> reporter: according to an internal memo the thrust of their latest campaign seems to be taking a stab at outfreshing subway and it's all thanks to the latest addition to their menu -- the mcwrap. >> they actually called it a subway buster in the memo. >> reporter: starting april 1st, mickey d's is adding three varieties of chicken sandwich wraps to its menu. in the internal memo obtained by "advertising age" mcdonald's cites it is currently not in the top ten of millennials' favorites. mcdonald's sales dropped late last month, since 2003. so these three new varieties of chicken wraps are mcdonald's attempt to appeal to the health conscious millennials and have them yelling "i'm lovin' it" again. >> we're dealing with a generation that is more concerned about their health. they're more concerned about food quality and they really like choice and customization.
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>> reporter: in a new video released this week mcdonald's showcases knicks player steve novak making his own mcwrap. its first attempt at a slam dunk or at least scoring big against the fast food chain that's already surpassed mcdonald's in the number of locations. when asked to comment on the memo mcdonald's told us, millennials have and will continue to be an important audience for us at mcdonald's. the mcdonald's internal memo also mentions if a chain does not offer these mcwraps there's a 22% chance customers would choose subway. elizabeth, have you had a chance to try -- >> i haven't yet. it's a bit early but sam will try anything and -- >> it's true. no, it was very nice. there's a lot of, you know, lettuce and tomato and stuff on the inside. >> and it'll stop a door. >> very heavy. >> it is heavy. >> we'll do a workout segment later in the show. thank you. all right, josh.
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boy, here we go. a college basketball team has taken the country by storm. before march madness, few people had ever heard of florida gulf coast university. that has all changed as they ripped through a first weekend on their way to a second weekend and perhaps some history. take a look. >> tracked down by -- >> last night the madness and upsets rolled into the sweet 16 as syracuse routed the one seeded indiana hoosiers. >> here's vander blue again. >> yes, wow, what did you say? >> and marquette took a victory over the second-seeded miami hurricanes, many's picked to win it all. but this march that orange ball seems more than anything a pumpkin, especially for the cinderellas of florida gulf coast university whose virtually unknown eagles flew and dunked
7:15 am
their way past the hoyas. and when the team pulled off a second huge upset over san diego state -- >> and there he is again. >> -- they made history becoming a sweet 15, the first 15 seed to advance to the tournament's second weekend. >> team chemistry is at an all-time high. they really like playing with each other and it extends off the court as well. >> they'll face the three seed florida gators. victory would mean entry into the elite eight as well as a de facto sunshine state championship. >> we're just trying to stay together as a team and that's what got us this far. we're having fun and that's what we'll keep on doing. >> the fgcu coach has brought his entire family with his, his wife amanda, former model there with their three children and reveling in the madness of march. >> i don't feel tense right now. it's so awesome. >> now a team that made fewer than 1% of the millions of brackets that went into has a nation of adoring fans.
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>> can you give me a high-five? >> thank you. >> high-five. >> there you go. >> florida gulf coast. for all you non-gator fans out there, just buckle up tight. it's such a great -- >> what do you think? >> you know what, i'm going with the heart. i want -- >> so exciting. >> why not. let it rip. >> even sam might stay up for this. >> but no, how about if i go and sit on the beach that's outside of florida gulf coast university and then make everybody feel good? hey, let's start with the warmer temperatures working their way across just in time for your friday and weekend. right around the atlanta area, for marietta to athens, 66, just one or two degrees below normal but it's been such a chilly week this is good. you're right near the normal mark. denver around 71 degrees today. that's a nice number, phoenix at 87, oklahoma city at about 70 degrees. with that in the middle of the country, it's a stormy weekend. some of these storms today not
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so intense but by the time we get to the weekend they will be so pay attention to your local abc stations right through the heartland and into the deep south.
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>> those weekend getaway cities brought to you by marshall's. how about a drier day today from seattle all the way to san francisco? >> thank you very much. coming up on "gma," a bizarre twist in the breakup murder trial. why jodi arias' lawyers are arguing the prosecutor committed misconduct. and middle school poison plot. the two teenagers facing charges for spiking their teacher's tea with hand sanitizer. how she discovered the clues. also, the cloth used to wrap jesus before he was burried is real. is real. this tree is going to make someone a wonderful meal someday.
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♪ [ male announcer ] now's the time to spring, get 3 shrubs for just $10 at lowe's today. >> now from abc7 news, this morning, the richmond police department is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of a gunman who shot a baby boy in the neck. sky 7 shows the scene on west macdonald avenue yesterday, someone sprayed the area with bullet lets and the one-year-old was inside an apartment with his grandparents when the bullets came through the wall, and one of them hit he lie -- he lie jaw in -- he is expected to be okay. >> crash at southbound 101 at 280. look at backup, a couple of
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lanes are blocked. and it is causing slowing in the northbound direction. the extent of our slow downs is coming off of 80 westbound, so watch out for that at 21 miles per hour approaching that heavy congestion and crash. >> when we come back our meteorologis
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>> good morning, look at citizens fog, quarter-mile visibility in the east bay and oakland down the coast and in the north by we are clear. hayward is looking good and the afternoon is sunny and mild for everyone, and mid-60's at the coast and 75 in oak, palo alto, and san jose, and a look ahead, clouds, cooler, scattered showers over the weekend and clearing out
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♪ hey baby i think i wanna marry you ♪ >> would they want to marry each other? they've been engaged for months. but did they secretly actually get married over the weekend?
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angelina came out with a gold band. now she's speaking out about the controversy. more on that coming up. look at that crowd out in times square. good friday. great to see them out there and great to have elizabeth vargas in for robin. >> the weather is getting warmer and wonderful to have them. also this morning we'll have the latest on that frightening middle school poison plot. the two 13-year-old students who are facing charges, get this, for spiking their teacher's tea with hand sanitizer. how she finally discovered the clues coming up. >> that's really terrifying. new evidence today that says that the cloth thought to have been used to wrap jesus before he was buried is real. billions about to get a rare look at the shroud of turin for the first time in four decades. >> controversy about that for generations. >> a lot of people waiting to hear that. and then a lot of people waiting for this.
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our final day of seeing double. who wouldn't want twice the josh and twice the sam. there they are, the bromance is alive and well. and we will meet their doubles. i can't imagine anybody as handsome or wonderful as you two. >> thank you. i appreciate it. >> nicest you've been all week. >> whoo. >> welcome, elizabeth. >> a lot to get to coming up but right now we'll turn to the latest in the jodi arias trial. her lawyers are now arguing that the prosecutor committed misconduct by signing autographs and posing for pictures with fans outside the court. as they make the case that arias killed her ex-boyfriend because she was the victim of abuse. abc's ryan owens has the latest from phoenix. >> ma'am, were you crying when you were shooting him? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: if you thought the testimony in the jodi arias trial was outrageous, wait until you hear the price tag.
7:30 am
abc news has learned arizona taxpayers have shelled out $1.4 million so far for her defense. >> she starts to wonder if he cares about her. >> reporter: a good chunk of that change is going to domestic violence expert alice laviolette who spent 44 hours interviewing arias in jail. she was paid $250 an hour for that and now 300 bucks an hour for her expert testimony. >> but he's in the priesthood of the mormon church so he's seen as a spiritual mentor. >> reporter: laviolette never met the victim in this case, travis alexander. but she read the mormon businessman's e-mails, text messages and listened to phone sex conversations he had with his killer ex-girlfriend. based on that and the word of the admitted liar, she says arias was a battered woman. >> they advised her to move on from the relationship, that mr. alexander has been abusive
7:31 am
to women. >> reporter: jodi arias never reported any abuse to police or her family. the prosecutor believes she's making it up. he says in june of 2008 she shot and repeatedly stabbed alexander in a jealous rage and deserves the death penalty. arias claims it was self-defense. the desperate act of a woman who had been abused since childhood. >> jodi's mother didn't protect her from her father. >> reporter: laviolette continues her testimony next week then we'll face what's sure to be an intense cross-examination from a prosecutor who believes she's trying to put the victim on trial. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, phoenix. >> okay, more now from our "gma" legal analyst, dan abrams. new twists in the case every single day. is a prosecutor acting out if he signs autographs outside the courtroom? >> in these high-profile cases, i know this is going to sound unbelievable to some people, but the lawyers become kind of rock stars. people are watching these cases
7:32 am
day after day. they get to know these people and i can tell you this certainly happened in the o.j. simpson case but you do have to be careful. that doesn't mean it's misconduct. it's not misconduct for the prosecutor to not blow off someone who walks up to him and asks to take a picture. on the other hand he has to be careful there are no jurors around. he does have to be careful about what the impression is going to be to a judge when he or she hears about something like this so i would say it is not misconduct, it is something i needs to be aware of and most importantly he needs to be careful there are no jurors around when he's doing it. >> what kind of impression is this domestic violence expert making? >> it's a comparatively good witness and i say comparatively certainly better than the last psychological witness that jodi arias called. i mean, you've got her aching some pretty definitive statements here about travis alexander being -- >> even though she never met him. >> being abusive according to his friends, et cetera. you may understand now why the
7:33 am
defense put the witnesses in the order they did. there's a lot of questions about why was jodi arias not the last witness? well, maybe the reason was because they were afraid of how jodi arias would come across on the witness stand and now you've got this domestic violence expert that they wanted to end their case with but expect a really tough cross-examination. >> that's likely next week. dan abrams, thanks very much. now we'll turn to that shocking case in virginia where two middle school students are charged with trying to poison their teacher with hand sanitizer. spiking her tea. abc's john muller is here with that story. this is pretty unbelievable. >> sure is, elizabeth. this is no school boy prank. doctors say hand sanitizer can be deadly when ingested and that adds up to a whole lot of trouble for two teenage boys who allegedly poisoned their math teacher. this morning two virginia middle school students are facing felony charges for using hand sanitizer not for killing germs but to contaminate their teacher's tea. jane miller has been teaching for more than 40 years and was stunned to learn that two of her
7:34 am
1-year-old students had been spiking her daily dose of caffeine. >> i was shocked and i couldn't quite process it fast enough to realize what it meant. >> reporter: police say two teenage boys confessed to putting hand sanitizer in her mug at least twice, but miller says she never even noticed it. >> when you're walking and teaching and, you know, you're thirsty, i just gulped. >> reporter: the 66-year-old educator said she started feeling ill and didn't know why. doctors warned that drinking hand sanitizer can be lethal. >> my stomach was bothering me. i just was running a low grade temperature. i was just exhausted by the time i got home and putting it all togeth together, the one i was using was 65% ethel alcohol which equates to 10 proof and i don't drink that much. >> reporter: the veteran teacher says she still isn't quite sure
7:35 am
why her students would try to poison her. >> a lot of children respect too keen on math and they didn't really want to be there. >> reporter: while many questions still remain unanswered miller hopes her story will be a lesson for everyone. >> i think we need to appreciate our teachers more and to help children understand that teachers are there to help them. >> now, class three felony charges carry 5 to 20-year sentences in prison. we're talking about juvenile, not adults. no word on how they pled because juvenile court does not share that information but clearly this is a serious case, indeed, elizabeth and george. >> wow. all right, john. thank you so much. the weather now from sam. >> how about gorgeous stuff in california? we'll start with la jolla. josh, where are you? are you behind the monitor? want to come look at a gorgeous picture of la jolla to -- >> oh, mwah. >> from la jolla to santa barbara will look like this. morning fog, near 70 degrees.
7:36 am
>> push out at this time. >> then see. >> see, it comes human here to the north. >> beautifully done, josh. 71 in los angeles. >> too technical for everybody. >> the nice news here in the northwest can you've got a dry day before the next system moves in and showers everything up. by sunday, showers in the l.a. area even as far south as that so enjoy the day today. milder temperatures ahead. new york city getting into the 50s. rally, about 70 degrees and >> all that weather is brought to you by jimmy dean's, because, see, in the southwest -- >> it pushes -- >> so dry lately. san diego to riverside -- they're very dry. several inches below normal in
7:37 am
rainfall. >> you're welcome for that. coming up, new evidence that the cloth that may have been used to bury jesus is the real deal as billions of people are about to get a rare look at the shroud of turin for the first time in 40 years. and he's the new most ridiculously photogenic guy. does he live up to the viral hype. >> well, he will be here live. [ female announcer ] switch to swiffer sweeper,
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we are back on this good friday with the latest on findings published on the shroud of turin. the cloth believed to bear jesus' imprint as he was being prepared for burial. there's new research that may prove the claim of people that said it's an elaborate fake. paula faris has the latest. >> it is rare we get a glimpse of it. the shroud of turin, one of the rarest pieces of history will be on display in a special televised viewing on italian state tv. the exclusive screening is supposed to be pope benedict xvi's parting gift. billions of people will be getting a rare televised glimpse at one of the world's greatest unsolved mysteries. the shroud of turin. millions believe this to be the image of jesus rarely on display, the shroud will be on tv and in the palm of your hand. and now coming on the heels of
7:42 am
good friday, new life is being breathed into the shroud of turin. just this week a new app launched taking the shroud worldwide and into the digital age for the first time all while new research says the shroud could very well be the real thing. >> when you consider that there are no substances on the cloth that were conceivably used by an artist and the fact that the blood on the cloth is human blood, it would suggest that the cloth is probably authentic. >> reporter: this 14-foot-long linen cloth is believed to have cover jesus christ's crucified body 2,000 years ago covered in bloodstains, dirt and water marks and displays an actual imprint of a man's face. >> there was no portrait made of jesus so really the shroud still remains the best single thing that we have. >> reporter: nonbelievers say the cloth is the fraud of turin. over the past century scientists have used methods such as carbon dating to test it.
7:43 am
most recently determining it to be a medieval forgery but in a new book scientists in italy say they've unraveled that claim. still, it's not just seeing, it's believing that makes the difference. >> the shroud can never replace faith. i don't think we can ever know for sure whether it's absolutely authentic because we don't have the dna of jesus to match it up with something we might extract from the shroud itself. >> the vatican does not have a position on the shroud's authenticity. however, a previous pope wrote the shroud was a truly mysterious image which no human artistry was capable of proving. now we have the book, the broadcast and the app. >> thank you so much, paula. we have really great jewelry deals and steals. every single one of them under $40. a great "play of the day" for you. this mother that you're about to see here in for the surprise of her life. freeze it.
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right then, here's the "play of the day." >> it's a good one. sport, not really. chicago bulls ended the heat's epic win streak but did something else, something even better. i wanted to show it to you. take a look. >> let's follow -- >> here we go. >> her son who she hasn't seen in a year and a half, a navy pilot and all of a sudden watch the expression. priceless. >> absolutely. he's been stationed on the "uss george washington" in japan, u.s. navy. hasn't seen her son in a year and a half and so they brought her down here under that the pretense she was going to shoot a shot to try to win some money and instead then the blindfold
7:49 am
pulled off and there was her son. >> makes it all worth it. >> fantastic. >> happy, happy easter. seeing double coming up. >> that is great. and every footstep should tell us we made the right decision. so when we can feel our way through the newest, softest, and most colorful options... ...across every possible price range... ...our budgets won't be picking the style. we will. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. now, whole home basic carpet installation is only 37 dollars with a qualified purchase of carpet and pad. now i love gorton's new simply bake. the foil bags bake in your oven to lock in flavour so fish comes out simply perfect. ♪ trust the gorton's fisherman so fish comes out simply perfect.
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>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am eric thomas. san francisco police are looking for driver of a car that crashed into the side of a house at 4:00 this morning. the crash punched a hell in the side of the building where the garage is located. no one was hurt but the driver ran off. lisa? >> waiting for the fog to lift, very dense in san francisco and in the north bay but he are sun any in the east bay, with a beautiful start to the day and mid-to-upper 70's and showers return if the week. leyla gulen? >> good morning, we do have the accident that has cleared southbound 101 in san francisco before 280. we are left with the heavy backup but that sig-alert has canceled and a quick look at oakland we have another accident northbound 880 as you come up to northbound 880 as you come up to broadway.
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
♪ i wanna rock right now i want to get down i'm not international no ♪ ♪ >> and the warmer it gets the
7:58 am
bigger the crowds get out in times square. inside, things heating up with deejay alexandra richards. robin off. let's take a look at those twins out in times square right there. >> ah. >> this morning, all week long we've been seeing those twins. you've been seeing double because -- there it is right there. lara met her double at the beginning of the week. robin yesterday. what a great moment. thank you, guys for skipping mine. i appreciate it -- >> no, no. >> there you go. >> there you are. >> today is the big one, double trouble, sam and josh meet their match. >> oh, sam and josh. that's really good. >> that's good. the crowd goes wild. >> awesome. >> are you guys a little nervous. >> yeah, a little bit. >> if by a little you mean deeply, yes. >> robin's heart was beating so
7:59 am
hard. >> all so easy when you're making fun of everybody else. >> george. >> well, we'll all be laughing really hard at any discomfort you might feel. good luck. all right. also what head this half hour. did angelina and brad pit secretly get married? angelina is setting the arerd straight as to whether they tied the knot when she was spotted with a wedding band. >> that gold band. >> very interesting. also on a show, great deals and steals. it's bling for spring all under $40. tory, how does she do it. >> i was peeking in some of those boxes. you would not believe it. it's a really good one. the ridiculously photogenic jujitsu guy. >> is this real? >> yes. >> does he live up to all the hype? i didn't know there was hype to live up to? >> how can he do it so calmly?
8:00 am
>> this has gone viral, you guys. >> he's here with us live. >> okay. >> he's very photogenic. >> hey, almost easter. this is easter weekend which means, what -- ? peeps. >> peeps-a-palooza right here on "good morning america," the team is here with us. we'll create everything you can think of from furniture to art to food so let's introduce our team, first emily and andrew, team busby design, team bus di do it yourself. they have 45 minutes to come up with something that is peep-tastic because it's peep a peeps-a-palooza. ready, set, go. we will, george, in fact, find out what peep-peep-tastic means.
8:01 am
>> a competition. >> racing off. >> a lot going on. a whole bunch going on this friday morning and a lot of news. josh has that. the new talk of war on the korean peninsula. tens of thousands of north koreans rallied this morning chanting "death to america." their leader kim jong-un has now placed missiles on standby saying that his country is ready to and i quote, settle accounts with the u.s., end quote after american stealth bombers dropped dummy bombs just over the border. we'll have updates as news warrants. nelson mandela is making steady progress after spending a second night in the hospital for a recurring lung infection. doctors say the 94-year-old human rights icon is in good spirits and actually enjoyed a full breakfast. it's the third time that he's been hospitalized in the last four months. back in this country, health officials in oklahoma are sending notices to 7,000 people warning that they could be at risk for hiv, hepatitis b or
8:02 am
hepatitis c, all because of one dentist. they say dr. w. scott harrington, an oral surgeon, for 36 years used dirty, rusty instruments and reused needles and vials. important news for parents. major new government studies finds no link, no link between childhood vaccines and autism. researchers at the cdc examined not just the number of vaccines children get but their total exposure to active ingredients called antigens and found modern vaccines are so precise they only contain a fraction from 25 years ago. a disgruntled mailman appears to have done more damage than thought. he was caught burning thousands of letters three years ago but now investigators tell a seattle newspaper they found 35,000 undelivered letters and packages buried on his property. prosecutors say he, in fact, was
8:03 am
not malicious. he was just lazy. he actually just simply didn't want to deliver them. and the actor who played harry potter's uncle in the movies has died. richard griffiths was one of britain's leading stage actors, even playing on broadway a few years ago with daniel radcliffe, his co-star from the "harry potter" films. he was 65 years old. finally, truly stunning number for you. baseball season set to begin. yankees third baseman alex rodriguez will be the highest player this year. he'll make $29 million but take a look at this. he will be making more than the houston astros. the whole team. their team payroll is going to be around $25 million. which is on the low side admittedly. oh, by the way, the injured rodriguez may not even play until june. >> you know, so much of that resentment toward the yankees. such an excessive ball team. >> no salary cap means -- >> any chance the astros can
8:04 am
make it to the playoffs. >> exactly 0%. >> you better change that. >> houston, it can happen. it can happen. maybe not but it could happen. >> it could happen. >> we're rooting for them. "pop news," "pop news" friday, everybody. we begin with this question. who needs a little vacation? come on. >> i do. >> i do. >> all right. well, no time off for any of you. but how about a fabulous trip to the movies to see the original "vacation" back as the griswolds, chevy chase and beverly deangelo will have their son rusty all grown up played by ed helms of "the hangover" and "the office" and his wife played by christina applegate on their perfect vacation which would include a pit stop to see mom and dad. >> good. >> that's your vacation.
8:05 am
there it is. you don't often hear about celebrity men using botox but john mayer is speaking out admitting he has. just not the way you might think. >> what? >> he tells "billboard" magazine that injections into his vocal chords to paralyze them and allow them to heal has helped save his voice. mayer feared he would never sing again. his chords so inflamed from constant stress, you know we haven't heard him sing in a long time, now, though, i am so thrilled to report he is about to embark on a 40-city tour. his voice is back and his vocal chords have no wrinkles. >> ba dum dum. >> like they're 22. also in "pop news," what makes a man sexy? not cars, not flowers, not even a sense of humor. wow. maybe a little bit but a new unscientific study claims the fastest way to a woman's heart is strap on a tool belt and get to work. wow. >> did you just say that. >> i did. strap on a tool belt and get to work. the number one turn-on according
8:06 am
to 74% of women surveyed is the ability to diy, do it yourself. if fact, 61% of women in the study claims they would actually be turned off by a potential partner who wasn't handy around the house. a little friday fyi. >> every handyman's day you made. >> yep. and finally in sports, a new legend has been foreign for tennis fans in agnieszka radwanska playing chris continue flipkins. you have to check out the shot. flipkins hits a shot, hits the net. did you see it already? go slow. >> it was incredible. >> shot, net -- >> hits the net. oh, to a backhand and finishes the match >> that's great. >> got to watch it again. i wish we didn't have this thing wrapped around it so you could see it. trust me, it was really -- >> talk about great shots.
8:07 am
>> incredible. all instinct. >> she advanced to play serena williams. serene that got her but, still, she's a hero. >> did it remind you of you? >> it reminds me of me on that fateful day. there's that shot. all right, thank you, everybody. >> sam, let's get some weather. >> come here. come here. look at this. one of the most sparkly hats. everybody has some peeps and then shria, how many peeps did you have originally? >> two. >> two. you mean you just had two on that stick because everyone else has four. you ate two peeps, didn't you? were they good? they were all right. all right. let's get to the boards. one or two things happening we want to share with you. we'll start with a little bit of animation on what happens to the storm in the deep south. today the storms move right into the middle of the country, into the heartland and they're not -- they will be severe but not as
8:08 am
bad as they will be on the following day so today keep up with this line of storms but tomorrow definitely into the deep south. stay up with your local abc stations. here's where all that warm air and the storms are bringing it across the country. houston, 76. raleigh at about 62. nashville, good morning, nashville, at about 58 degrees today. that's the yeah -- yay, nashville. >> yay. >> hello. >> hi. >> hey, na >> we are outside in times square. abby, where are we going?
8:09 am
>> lara. >> thank you all so much. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." now angelina setting the record straight about whether she and brad pitt secretly got married. we'll talk about it coming up. get ready to meet the most ridiculously photogenic jujitsu guy. the picture has gone viral. he is with us live. it looks like a model shoot. and deals and steals for spring. we've got really awesome jewelry all under $40, we love it, so will you. so stay with us on "gma" live in times square. "gma's morning menu" brought to you by coffee-mate, natural bliss. add your flavor naturally. ♪ ♪ with two cats in the yard, ♪ life used to be so hard.
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8:15 am
hackett. reports we're seeing barbara walters may have decided to retire, i ran into barbara in the elevator. she rolled her eyes at the rumors and i'm pretty sure she will be here as soon as she has news. it is a reminder of what a remarkable career she continues to have. >> it's incredible. i was talking to her not that long ago. she was on morning television for 14 years on the "today" show. the first woman anchor of our network in the 1970s, the stories she has and the people she's met and the interviews she's done. >> she's a trail blazer. >> and again with "the view," a whole other half -- oh, by the way -- exactly. most people's entire career, not just part of it. >> retirement from abc does that mean abc news or "the view," as well? >> we'll have to ask barbara when she comes in. >> we should be the source of information.
8:16 am
>> at a time of -- >> what about the ring for angelina. >> these are people who sold "people" magazine baby pictures f . they appeared on the weekend and paparazzi was trying to give them to us for hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> you saved your money. >> we saved our money, yeah. >> so much into ring, no ring, what kind of ring? >> don't women have other pieces of jewelry? it didn't make sense. i think the idea that they would -- she's very good at taking her celebrity and using it for a purpose. i can see them getting married and drawing attention to a charity they may have. i don't think it's going to be done in private. >> okay. over the weekend taylor swift, a huge concert out in newark and decides to make it a talk-back to her critics. >> she's doing very, very well but tours are being incredibly -- she's getting a little edgy about the attacks on her. it's very funny.
8:17 am
you know, her taking on -- she talks too much about her ex-boyfriends. it's worked for her. exactly. it's part of who she is. >> she seemed to be very bothered by the jokes by tina fey and amy poehler. >> i think she may have moments where she's too sensitive about things. it happens every now and then when you're covered 24/7. >> i don't blame her. >> i think for taylor, the way to handle it is just settle down and do some music and just be happy. >> exactly. >> she makes great music. >> those two she performs, people love it. >> larry, thanks very much. >> thanks, larry. larry, want to check this out. we have the ridiculously photogenic jujitsu guy. >> i can't wait. >> yeah. no, i mean look at this picture. you cannot make this up. midmove looking incredibly, well, photogenic. we'll meet him live in a moment but how this internet sensation went viral. take a look.
8:18 am
it's the internet meme that keeps on giving. the ridiculously photogenic photos of good-looking people caught in hilarious spontaneous poses. >> kind of feel honored to be part of a joke that's in good shirt. >> zeddie little started the trend. the ridiculously photogenic guy and rachel who looked the same out of surgery. >> i couldn't believe so many people were looking at my photos. >> now several ridiculously photogenic posts later this man has come out as the jujitsu guy and started with this photo which went viral after being posted to reddit on tuesday. >> we like to check out reddit from time to time and it was a handsome man and everyone was like, oh, my god, i have to tell everyone in the world about it. >> since then an entire website of memes dedicated to him have been created like doesn't need a
8:19 am
triangle choke to take your breath away and locks up your arms and your heart and this morning, the man behind the meme is ridiculously live and photogenic right here in times square. and we are so thrilled to have the ridiculously photogenic clark gracie with us. come on in, jujitsu guy. where is he? >> come on. come on. come on over. >> hi. >> hi. >> nice to see you. >> so there's that smile. we've seen it online. you were in a tournament here in new york city. >> yeah, yeah. it was about a year ago where that photo was taken. it was a pretty fun tournament, the new york open here. >> how did you find out it had gone absolutely viral online? >> well, that picture, you know, it was originally taken then,
8:20 am
you know. >> do you remember the move? >> yeah, yeah. >> do you remember this moment. >> it's a big moment. >> were you in trouble at that moment. >> no, actually i know it's complicated. people don't understand maybe but i'm like attacking his shoulder there in a shoulder lock. >> you're attacking the camera. >> you're really killing it. >> wow. >> he's trying to shake me off. he was trying to get me off his arm. >> i want to brag about clark. he is basically jujitsu royalty. the gracie family >> that's a name. >> it is resilient jujitsu so i guess the medal -- is that from that competition? >> actually this medal is from the pan-american tournament that happened last weekend -- >> congrats. >> apparently you did well. it's gold. >> seriously, congratulations for nothing else looking at the camera at the right time. i tell you what. >> are you always cool under fire when you're in it? >> i try to stay pretty relaxed, not get overheated during the
8:21 am
tournament, you know. just so i keep my cool so i can act and perform the best i can, you know. >> all right. there he is everybody, ridiculously photogenic jujitsu guy. thank you very much, clark. best of luck with your career. >> thanks so much. elizabeth, where are you? >> i'm over here with tory johnson, great deals and steals this morning. we have fantastic jewelry all for under $40 and these deals as we always say are only as supplies last so go to our website, on yahoo! for all the promo codes and links that you need to get the bargains so let's start. here we have -- >> yes, i am so ready. >> lift them up, baby. >> these are amazing bracelets, you get a whole stack depending on the color you choose, you get a nice stack. wax coated polyester string so they're not going to get damaged very easily. typically -- >> wear them in yoga class. >> typically a stack. ranges from 8 onto $5. huge savings here, dropped to just $18 for the stack.
8:22 am
>> wow. >> very big savings. >> okay, next. charm necklaces. these have been seen on "the carrie diaries," lobster, dog, cat, they're different rose plated, gold plated. sterling silver, depending on what you choose, really adorable. these range from 54 to $64. but, again, big, big savings on this one slashed by more than 56%. starting at $25. >> oh, wow. >> all right. >> amazing. okay. these are lisa stuart hammered cuffs. what i think is amazing about these, you could wear your own initial, your kid's initial or have three of them to have your full mon mow gram initials. either 14 karat gold plate or silver plate. regularly $75. >> i like that. >> these slashed by 53%. 35 bucks. >> wow. >> nice. >> aren't they sweet? >> $35. look at the weight on that thing.
8:23 am
unbelievable. unbelievable, tory. >> these, we know you're eyeing. these are nikki baker cushion cut. these have been seen on reese witherspoon, emma stone. >> very nice. >> 14 karat gold filled with little gemstones. what's incredible about these, you can stack these. a single one or you can tack them like that. isn't that beautiful? i wish you could get a close-up. doesn't that look so pretty on you. >> normally this one is a huge savings, normally $125, these are slashed by 69%. >> that's crazy. >> 39 bucks. >> okay. all right. >> last box. >> lulu darma. we wrap it around your wrist. you can wrap it around five times. >> i love this. >> these are so incredibly popular. depends on like the style you choose, so many different gemstones you can choose from. all different sizes so you'll snap it right in. these are the ones you see at yoga class all the time. normally -- ready for the
8:24 am
savings. normally $190 if you go into any store that's what they'll be, slashed by 85%. 29 bucks. 29 bucks. >> look how great this looks. >> we want to thank all of them for providing the items. >> logon to on yahoo! this is going, going, gone. tory johnson, thanks. >> thanks. . >> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. the richmond police department is offering a reward of $25,000
8:25 am
to lead to the arrest after gunman who shot a baby boy in the neck. the scene is on west macdonald avenue where someone sprayed the area in bullets. a one-year-old was in an apartment when a bullet him the boy in the neck. he is expected to recover. now, the only commute with leyla gulen on this foggy friday >> very foggy indeed but a crash in oakland has cleared, northbound 880 at broadway, and we are left with heavy backups. here is a look at our travel times if you are headed northbound on 880, 20 minutes to get from 238 to oak, and half an hour from antioch to conquer. kristen? >> than you, we will check with our meteorologist and talk about
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> good morning, the fog is on the deck here and it is clearing around the bay of the it will be a sunny, beautiful afternoon, with upper 60's in san francisco, and upper timee land of cotton first ♪ the land of cotton the first time you leave it can be strange ♪ happy friday out there to everyone in times square and i
8:28 am
love hearing a little bit of brad paisley from alexandra richards, our deejay this morning. daughter of keith richards of the rolling stones and supermodel patti hansen making the work of music and modeling. great to have her here. >> she is playing brad paisley's new song, "southern comfort zone." and that is because the country megastar is our special guest host on monday, and marie osmond, who i know, elizabeth, you just sat down with is going to be here too, so that's a good way to kick off the week. >> yeah. also coming up, we'll have these -- these women we're about to show you had no idea they were about to get a makeover until our "gma" glam squad ambushed them. they have been getting the royal treatment all morning. we're going to reveal their brand-new looks. this is always one of my favorite segments. they can really transform you. >> i heard from the glam squad a big wow. >> really? i can't wait to see them. oh, my gosh.
8:29 am
really looking forward to that. >> i'm sure they were lovely to start with, and we just enhanced their beauty. >> amen. now, what is peeps-a-palooza, people? people, i say, what is it? what is a peeps-a-palooza? all right. all right. we're going to find out. we started a little while ago. we're going to find out who won the challenge. the most creative things you can do with peeps. >> with your peeps. >> oh, hey, now. that is -- yeah, it can be furniture, it can be art. it can be anything. we'll find out what it is. >> pretty amazing. >> for 40 minutes. >> yeah, that's not bad. >> we're looking forward to that, but first we need to get to this. we are seeing double. this is the big finale, everybody. you saw george's. you saw mine. it is time now to see sam and josh's. the bromance lives on. does it live for their doubles? this is so exciting. first a little look at how our judges found them. around here we know it as the epic bromance. >> i love you, sam. >> i love you, josh. >> sam champion and josh
8:30 am
elliott, but is it even remotely imaginable to find duplicates for this dynamic duo? >> peekaboo! >> a tough task, so let's get to it. first, time and time again our sam has proven he is truly one of a kind. yes. and our esteemed judges could not agree more. >> he's got fantastic skin. >> yeah. >> he's got these piercing blue eyes, a great smile, and he's game. he's always game for everything. >> equally challenging -- >> go long. >> finding a double as dashing as our josh elliott. >> good morning, america. >> wow. >> we get it. he's handsome. we get it. >> but when we put the call out for viewer look-alikes, the submissions came pouring in. ♪ it's raining men ♪ amen >> downstairs and could not believe their eyes when they saw someone who looked so much like me on tv. >> has anyone ever told you look like sam champion? >> it's just uncanny how much you look like sam champion. >> the task of finding the
8:31 am
perfect sam and the perfect josh proved a bit daunting. >> what? >> no. >> wait a minute. >> no. >> no. >> sam would never be caught dead in those shorts. >> trudy nominated me. josh elliott is a pretty good-looking guy so i can see where she got it from. >> people at work think i look like him all the time. >> they obviously both pluck their eyebrows the same way. >> and just when it seemed like they may never find matches, doubles for the dynamic duo emerged. >> we got it. >> unanimous. unanimous. >> yes. >> but the true test, could their look-alikes have this? ♪ we brought them to times square to find out, and, well, see for yourself. >> why do you get to drive? >> why do i not get to drive? >> not the way you drive in this city. >> this is international film and television star sam champion. >> sam champion, international film star from abc. >> double, double, animal style, no tomato. >> two with the works, my man. >> so buckle up because this
8:32 am
bromance is about to meet its match. >> good morning. >> hi, sam. >> so here we go, the moment we have all been waiting for, first josh, step on to the star and meet your double. >> all right. >> all: move that mirror. >> ah. >> how are you doing? >> i'm great. >> the same hair. >> how are you doing? >> hi. >> how are you? >> i don't know. >> everybody, everybody, i want you to meet -- >> this is great. >> sam, don't act like you're not impressed. >> give him a hug. >> that's amazing. >> this is john wojnicki. >> wojnicki. >> you guys have a sports connection. you're from detroit. >> i am. >> you work in the sporting world. >> i do. >> tell josh about yourself. >> 33 years old from detroit. work in sports industry doing
8:33 am
motorsports, nascar marketing. >> that's phenomenal. tigers, lions. >> tigers, lions. >> come over here. we got to go. it's sam's turn. >> sam's turn. >> meet your double. >> all: move that mirror! >> how are you doing, sam? oh, my. great to meet you. [ cheers and applause ] i hate that you're like 25 years younger than me. this may be -- >> this is brett from tennessee. >> yes. >> oh, really. a country boy. what town in tennessee? >> jackson, tennessee. >> i know exactly where jackson is. >> all week long we've had these weird -- >> this is unbelievable. >> this is hysterical. this one is really, really -- >> i want to ask -- >> you guys go on vacation. >> you get this in life. i mean -- >> all the time. >> really? >> i travel a lot for work. airports, events --
8:34 am
>> i just want to say i'm sorry. i really do. >> i'm not. i think it's a compliment. >> that's amazing. wow. >> do you get anything free if you walk up and say, i'm sam champion, give it to me because i never do, but does it work for you? a free cup of coffee, anything. >> hasn't worked yet. but after this -- >> how did you guys come to be here? who nominated you? yourselves or did people say this to you? >> my wife actually set me up for this, and i found out i was a semifinalist when i got a phone call, and so she is the mastermind behind this whole deal. >> did people say to you, wow, you look like sam champion? >> yes, yes. >> i can see it. >> i mean, i can see it now. >> when is spring going to get here? >> yeah. >> i also want to ask, how do the two of you get along? like i know this is for the purposes of television -- >> like brothers from another mother. >> i love it. >> seriously, we are. man. >> bromance lives. >> i'm told you have a young daughter, as well. >> i have a 3-year-old daughter named faith.
8:35 am
>> greatest thing of all time. >> it is. >> he never lets you drive. >> no. >> he drove. >> not at all. >> trust me, it's a good thing, it's a good thing, new york city. it's a good thing. >> how about if we do a little weather. before we do weather, we actually have you -- on the show we love "revenge." well, the folks from "revenge" actually have a brand-new clip to show you, and so let's take a look. emily van camp has this for us. let's take a look. >> hey, everyone, just wanted to give you a sneak peek into sunday night's exciting new episode. take a look. ♪ >> is it possible i wasn't clear when we spoke? >> actually it turns out nathaniel asked me to be his date. but if it bothers you, victoria, you can pretend that i left emily thorn at the door. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, sorry.
8:36 am
we were just having -- i'm like -- >> right there. >> you're right beside my husband. >> yes. >> let me ask. ruben, what do you think? what do you think? >> i just think the only thing better than one sam is two sams. >> it's a little crazy. you know, it is. the more the better. >> all right. >> yes. >> we're winners, i think. i think that was a good thing. i think it was good. "revenge," by the way, sunday at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on the "a" and the "b" and the "c." the weather maps and show you what's going on around the country. hi. >> hi. >> i know you're a twin because i saw your sister earlier. let's get to the boards. here's some things -- i know, it's pandemonium. eastern shore, virginia, a gorgeous sky shot there. and how about some easter cities. you know, just whatever you see, feel free to jump on there. easter, south dakota. a little bit of an area of low
8:37 am
pressure moving through kansas city. little rock, as well, dallas, as well, locally 2 inches of rain and these storms will be stronger t >> they did it. they did it. >> do you want to take your hand at a little prompter here? it's not as easy as it looks, coming up, our ambush makeovers revealed. >> but first as part of our "newsmakers" series in partnership with yahoo! and edward jones, josh sat down with baseball great, children's book author, cal ripken jr. >> here you go. >> very nice. >> here we go. >> there's a hallmark of your career, it's that you showed up every day. >> i didn't start out doing it. i didn't become obsessed with it. i didn't continue it for the sake of the streak. it was really a value, and the value was your job was to show up to play. once i got that through my head, it became a little simpler just
8:38 am
to go out there and make it one day at a time. >> catch more of our "newsmakers" series on on yahoo! brought to you by edward jones, where face time and think time make a difference. [ cheers and applause ]
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[ cheers and applause ] welcome back to "good morning america." all this morning we have been transforming two young women with our ambush makeover. abc's rachel smith, host of "on the red carpet" found two ladies who wanted a whole if you look for their work so we'll see what their new looks look like live in just a moment but first here's a look at how we did it. >> powerhouse pr firm i'm here to ambush alex. you are being ambushed. 30-year-old alex barnett after
8:42 am
working in afghanistan for the past two years made the move from her fashionably conservative hometown of washington, d.c. to trendy new york earlier this month. >> i would like to see some heels maybe. yep, yep and some color. >> reporter: now we're going after kiki. kiki, you're being ambushed. >> hi. >> she's like, what? >> crazy woman. kiki is graduating college in a few months so we're helping her make the transition from campus cutie to professional working girl. >> she's got the resume, she's got the personality. now she needs the look. >> reporter: with both girls in tow, first stop, marshalls. you guys think about can i wear it with sandals, can i wear it with flats, how do i change it up with accessories. >> oh, my gosh. >> this is just like kissing spring. >> oh, whoa. okay. turn around. check yourselves out. >> we're like proud.
8:43 am
>> reporter: outfits, check. now it's time to bring in the "gma" glam squad. robin's team, elena and juanita and andrea and greg and judith and carol. alex, you're with that glam squad. kiki, you're with rob's. ready to get to work? let's go. ♪ >> ready now? down here. all right. now we're joined by marshalls' style expert alison and representatives from robin and lara's glam teams, elena and greg -- we'll get to you in just a second. first let's take a look at our first lady. what were we looking for when we did these looks? >> we really wanted to create head to toe fabulous looks that just showed them really making an impact and also be on trend with all the spring trends. >> so we'll have alex come out. this is alex before or after.
8:44 am
>> this is alex before. >> okay. >> now alex, let's see you come on out after. >> oh, my goodness. >> wow! >> she looks fantastic. >> isn't she? i mean, this is all out head to toe top designer brands available at marshalls. gorgeous. she just moved to new york city so she's -- >> i love the skinny pants. >> gorgeous. big impact of a pop of color with a jacket. embellishment that you can wear during the day now. you can wear a little sequin action and just wanted to show, hey, well come to new york city. everyone get to know me. you can wear it to the office and head out at night in those fabulous heels. >> andrea, greg, you did her makeover. what did you do with her. >> for her hair we gave her bangs and a lot of layers which reduce the volume. a balancing act with her and carol gave her a lot of more highlights while maintaining her natural color using her sponge
8:45 am
kit highlight technique an angela gave her a face chart. >> do you love your look. >> i love it. >> you look fantastic. our next fashion victim as you call here even though i don't think she is. kiki before. we'll take a look at her before and now let's check out kiki's brand-new look. come on out, kiki. >> whoo! >> wow! now, she looks fantastic. >> right. >> now, kiki is still a college student so we wanted to make her career ready and give her a look that really lands the job when she gets the interview and we had so much fun yesterday. i was showing her, you know, you don't have to pay full price to get top designer brands and she loves it. it's so flattering on her. >> the hurt is beautiful. the yellow purse. >> and mixing prints and patterns. >> all right and elena and juanita, what did you do? >> we lowered her hair color and
8:46 am
juanita added some soft highlights with clip-ons so she can take it on and off. >> gorgeous. >> put earthy tones on her, highlighted her eyebrows, brought them up a added brightness to her lips. >> she looks beautiful. how do you feel, kiki? >> i feel great. i'm ready for that interview, nailing the job. i'm ready to go. >> ladies, congratulation. you both look gorgeous. you looked beautiful before but i have to say do you feel great in those clothes. >> i feel great. >> thanks so much, glam squad. thanks so much. all right. coming up, which team has the most peeps and most creative way, fashion way, whatever. i was thinking fashion. the finale of our peeps-a-palooza is coming right up. don't go away.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
all right. it's the moment of truth for our peeps-a-palooza, whatever that is. three teams given 45 minutes to come up with a peeps creation. lease get right to it. emily and andrew, what do you have from the food team? okay. what do we have quickly? lemonade, floating peeps. >> peepsickle punch and peeparoni pizza. >> digging in as we move along. here we are. oh, this is gorgeous. what do we have here? take a look. so what did you guys do? >> well -- >> chris and macy. >> starry starry night. >> starry night all in peeps. this is amazing. it looks beautiful. >> that's incredible. it bears no -- >> i have to tell you i know you're impressed by the artwork but this tastes so good. >> we have starry night. >> tell me what you did. i don't even know -- what?
8:50 am
>> well -- >> oh. >> we made a peep chandelier. we had never seen one before. >> amazing. >> we thought we'd give it a go and added special touches, compounds and special gilding on the cage. >> everybody at buzzfeed. every time you come to the show, you kill it. this is unbelievable. we have very special guests, however, who will be judging. we have 30 seconds, i believe you'll recognize them as -- there can only be one winner. three deserving candidates. who is going to take home the big peep trophy? >> oh, my gosh. >> we got the winner. >> and the winner is -- >> "starry night." >> "starry night." ladies. >> a couple more. who do you want to thank. >> i want to thank buzzfeed and you guys for giving all these peeps to us. it was fun. >> there are no losers here. three very deserving -- we'll be right back. wow!
8:51 am
that's unbelievable.
8:52 am
8:53 am
we want to thank alexandra richards. we want to thank everyone who came in for the peeps-a-palooza this morning. coming up monday, country superstar brad paisley will be here with special guest host marie osmond, big week of stars coming up next week so come back. >> all right, again, thank you
8:54 am
to all of -- you guys too. robin guest co-hosting live with kelly and michael. meanwhile "gma live" starts now.
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8:56 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. lane closures are underway at
8:57 am
the new tunnel that bypass devil's slide tunnel on the san mateo coast. caltran is closing a lane of traffic law the tunnels today because of striping work that will begin at 9:00 and last until 3:00 in the afternoon. along the coast, driving can be foggy. we will check with leyla gulen. >> you said it: fog is the name of the game. we are going do marin county with mostly dense fog but it is quiet on the roadways and looking clear out here in san jose. a nice drive along 87 and here is a look at the forecast with lisa. >> leyla gulen, still foggy in the embarcardero but sunny elsewhere. the fog is blunting back quickly and we will be left with a mostly sunny sky dead and the warmest day we will see in some time and 75 in oakland and 76 in napa and upper 70's inland east bay with rain returning for announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, actor, director, writer,
8:58 am
producer tyler perry. and performing his latest hit, ed sheeran. also, michael gives us a personal tour of the new york auto show. plus, fox sportscaster erin andrews takes a seat at the co-host desk. all next on the emmy-award winning "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are michael strahan and erin andrews! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] michael: right here. erin: he [cheers and applause] michael: hello everybody, today is friday, march 2, 2013.
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it is good friday! [cheers and applause] filling in for kelly today, kelly's on vacation, she'll be back next week, we have the one and only erin andrews. [cheers and applause] please, you kidding me? erin: look at your digs, this is awesome. this is where you work every day? michael: this is where i work every day. this is a lot different from my job with you where i'm sitting around with sweaty men. erin: a bald guy, a guy with with hair, and then howie. michael: he doesn't age. howie is smart, he just goes yes dear, yes dear, whatever you say dear. that's what keeps howie going. how are you doing? erin: i'm good, how are you? michael: i'm doing great.ur how's your love life? erin: tell the story. strahan is matchmaker,


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