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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  March 31, 2013 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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just outside of dallas overnight. district attorney for kaufman county and his wife, found shot to death in their home. this just two months after a top prosecutor was murdered outside of the courthouse. the big question, are these two shootings connected? abc's john schriffen is live in kaufman county. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning. after this latest murder, this small town in texas is on edge. as you can see behind me, this is an active investigation. authorities shut down this neighborhood after discovering the bodies less than 12 hours ago. overnight, this sleepy texas town found itself wide awake, at the center of a murder mystery. authorities said saturday night that kaufman county district attorney mike mcclelland and his wife, cynthia, were found shot dead inside their home. >> we lived here for years and we never had anything like this happen before. and for it to happen so close to home, it's very, very scary.
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>> reporter: that fear is keeping the community on the lookout for clues, and investigators scrambling to find out exactly what happened. according to abc affiliate wfaa, sources say that the couple's door was kicked in and shots rang out as an assault weapon fired nearly 14 rounds, killing them both. but the real question now is, were they targeted? this comes just two months after the county's assistant district attorney mark hasse was gunned down in broad daylight just steps from the courthouse. later mcclelland stepped in, vowing to get justice for one of texas's toughest prosecutors. >> we're going to pull you out of whatever hole you're in and bring you back and let the people of kaufmann county prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law. >> reporter: now, the fbi and atf and texas rangers have not one but two cases on their hands. the fear now is that these murders are somehow connected.
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but, at this point, authorities will not say if they are related. now, we're expecting a lot more information to come out later this morning, when investigators hold their first press conference since discovering the bodies. dan? >> telling us more about what is truly an extraordinary situation, john schriffen reporting from texas this morning, thank you. let's bring now in abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas, how rare is this kind of violence directed at senior public officials? >> good morning, dan. while we have a lot of violence in this country, thousands of murders a year, it's very unusual to see public officials kills in this manner. it's early in this investigation. police don't know if these deaths are tied to the previous murderm but if prosecutors are being executed this is a nightmare scenario. that's why you see the atf and fbi actively assisting. >> now, after the first prosecutor was ambushed and really assassinated just steps away from the courthouse in
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broad daylight, there was some public speculation by people in law enforcement that it could be the work of a notorious prison gang by the name of the aryan brotherhood of texas. apparently that first prosecutor had prosecuted some cases involving that prison gang. what is the status of that? is that gang still considered a suspect? >> that's being looked at among a number of theories. right now, everything remains on the table. you would have to wonder why a gang would target law enforcement, that's how you get police attention and end up out of business. right now, this appears to be a bona fide mystery and a potentially chilling one at that. >> you make a good point. if this gang is a criminal operation, taking a run at public officials would be a good way to invite war. which would be bad for business. thank you, pierre. bianna, over to you. >> they leave behind five children as well. let's turn to rob nelson who's in for ron for a look at the other top stories. good morning, everyone. happy easter. we begin with those rising
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tensions with north korea. the north now threatening to cut off its last major tie to the south. some experts meanwhile worry that the escalating rhetoric could lead to a misjudgment that leads to war. abc's martha raddatz has the latest from seoul, south korea. >> reporter: this morning, the u.s. and south korean military are keeping constant watch on any movements in north korea, after the north declared a state of war with south korea. if provoked, said the north korean newscaster, the response will not be limited to a local war but will develop into an all-out nuclear war. the statement came after north korea's young, unpredictable and volatile leader kim jong-un called an urgent meeting to order the nation's strategic rocket units on standby. part of the steadily escalating and dangerous rhetoric here. unlike in the past, the u.s. has pushed back hard.
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flying two nuclear-capable stealth bombers on a practice run last week, just 50 miles from north korea's coast. a show of force that's a part of the new so-called u.s./south korean counter provocation plan. >> we hope to never to have to put those plans into effect. >> reporter: u.s. intelligence doesn't believe that north korea has a nuclear weapon that fits atop a missile. but that's what they have been looking to perfect. they do have missiles that could possibly hit hawaii or alaska. while an attack on the united states is highly unlikely, the fear here in seoul is that these dangerous provocations could lead to miscalculations on either side and escalate into conflict. for "good morning america," i'm martha raddatz, in seoul. >> all right, thank you, martha. in other news this morning, crews in arkansas are racing to clean up a major oil spill.
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as many as 10,000 barrels of oil spilled when an exxon mobil pipeline ruptured 20 miles outside of little rock on friday, forcing 22 homes to be evacuated. about half the oil has been recovered so far. and hundreds of people lined up in oklahoma saturday morning to get tested for hepatitis and hiv. as many as 7,000 may have been exposed to the diseases by their dentist, dr. scott harrington. this was over the last six years. officials said that he used dirty rusty instruments and re-used needles and vials. more screenings are set for tomorrow. and in lighter news, one half of the final four is now set. ninth-seeded wichita state shocked ohio state last night, hanging on for a 70-66 victory over the 2 seed, and now earning its first trip to the final four since way back in 1965. and in the other game, syracuse smothered marquette. winning 55-39. booking its first trip to the
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final four in ten years. thus the orange tie. a little love for syracuse. >> i thought it was burnt orange for my ut. but no, syracuse. >> we'll say that. >> we like to keep it objective here at "gma." >> very much so. >> all right, ron, thank you. now to pope francis celebrating his first easter mass at st. peter's today in front of tens of thousands of faithful pilgrims. he greeted the crowd from the popemobile, waving to the faithful. and, there you see, he even kissed a few babies. abc's alex perez is in rome, hey, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, bianna. the crowd started arriving very early this morning. an estimated 250,000 people here, all of them trying to be a part of history. the crowd, filled with people from around the world, packing st. peter's square this morning. the anticipation and excitement is in the air.
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this woman traveled to rome all of the way from las vegas. >> i never imagined that i would be here on easter sunday with a new pope. i mean, it's just -- it's something that's unfathomable. i'm so happy to be a part of it. >> reporter: pope francis started the day with a tweet. "accept the risen jesus into your life. even if you have been far away, take a small step towards him. he awaits you with open arms," he wrote. and with a solemn entrance, francis began his first easter celebration as pope. the first pope from latin america is setting a new tone with the papacy, choosing to wear simple, white vestments, shake hands with the public and focus on the poor. for many, this is the once-in-a-lifetime moment they have been waiting for. >> he's the first pope that isn't european and kind of a whole new vibe is coming into the vatican, so, it's a pretty big deal for most people here. >> you can see it walking through the streets, there's a lot of emotion and lot of enthusiasm for this. and i came here to experience
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it. >> reporter: the pope ended the celebration with his urbi et orbi address. continuing his style of breaking with tradition, he joined the crowd, waving, blessing babies, and even this tender moment as he embraced and kissed a disabled child. and if you talk to people out here on the square it's those small gestures, those small differences, they say, that make this pope, pope francis, much more approachable. the pope ended his blessing in just one language, italian, saying buona pasqua, happy easter. >> we're impressed by your italian. we appreciate it. that moment with the disabled child was remarkable. >> moving. >> very moving. and on this easter weekend, one of america's most powerful catholics, one man once a contender to be pope himself, new york cardinal timothy dolan, speaking to george stephanopoulos about what happened inside that secret
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conclave and the possibility of there being an american pope some day. >> so, let's bring in george stephanopoulos, he provided some interesting color on what went on inside that conclave. >> there's only so much he said. they're bound by secrecy. the cardinal did confess to some anxiety leading into it, because of the challenges facing the church right now. the other thing that he said, as you mentioned, he was mentioned as a possible pope going into the conclave, but most observers believe that the other cardinals aren't ready to choose an american pope. a pope coming from a major superpower. he believes that over the course of this conclave, that opposition melted away and that he can now imagine an american pope someday. and the new pope is 76 years old. >> that is a fascinating development in this church. let me ask you about something more earthly, american politics, lot of ink being spilt this morning. i guess in the age of the
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internet we shouldn't say ink being spilled, and politico have stories on speculation about a possible presidential run by hillary clinton. is it absurdly early? >> sure it is but it won't stop it. here's what we know right now. we know that a lot of democrats and a lot of major fund-raisers in the democratic party want hillary clinton to run. they believe that she'll be the strongest candidate in 2016 and we know that hillary clinton hasn't ruled it out going forward. until she does or she jumps in, that speculation isn't going to go away at all. what it does do is kind of freeze the field, makes it difficult for other potential candidates, new york governor cuomo, vice president joe biden, to get the kind of support they need. because she's out there as the 800-pound gorilla in the race. >> they're watching her every move. >> thank you, george. appreciate it. >> you might get in trouble for calling her an 800 pound gorilla. just kidding. just kidding. by the way, george has a big show on this easter sunday. new york archbishop timothy
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dolan will be his guest. along with newark mayor cory booker and congressman peter king. all coming up this week just a little bit later this morning on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. and in churches across south africa, they are praying for nelson mandela. earlier today his wife arrived at the hospital where the 94-year-old is being treated for pneumonia. abc's ron claiborne is live in pretoria. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. well, the details of nelson mandela's hospitalization has been cloaked in secrecy. or, if you will, in privacy, ever since he was hospitalized. that was late wednesday night. we have some confirmation that he's at this private clinic, private hospital behind me in pretoria. when his wife arrived earlier this morning and just a short while ago, there are two reports that some of his grandchildren arrived at this, what's called mediclinic for his visit.
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he's been diagnosed with pneumonia, and in a government medical bulletin recently, they said that his lungs had been tapped. he had fluid around the lung. it was successful. he's able to breathe without difficulty on his own. he's said to be comfortable and responding to treatment. there is still, though, a lot we don't know about his condition. including his prognosis and when he might be able to leave the hospital. but that recent medical bulletin pointing at some improvement. dan, he's 94 years old and is in declining health. he has pneumonia. for any 90-something-year-old that would be a cause for concern and it is here in south africa and around the world. >> a precarious situation, as you said, people in south africa and all over the world are watching it. ron, we appreciate it. thank you, ron. now, we're going to check in with someone who was missing yesterday. >> we missed you, ginger. >> thank you. i was on assignment, too. i wasn't skipping out. i did find some hail where i was, hail is the theme of this weathercast. this is latest member of our
7:14 am
extreme team. riley summers, he's only 13 years old. his mother kept saying, you get the camera. and dad said, get away from windows. dad's right. stay safe, but thank you for the video. we did have hail and 79 severe weather reports yesterday. still happening in southeast oklahoma this morning. that cold front will continue to push to the south and east. here are the cities that are going to be involved with severe weather today. san antonio, austin, houston, dallas, big areas. something to keep a lookout for. as we go through later morning hours and afternoon and evening. now, easter is going to be pretty pleasant here in the northeast for the most part. a little low will move up from the south bringing rain late in the day. philadelphia to new york city. 56, the high today in new york. portland, a mild 52. you know where it's not mild is where the cold air is pouring in. start of the workweek, minneapolis, early tomorrow morning, look what you wake up
7:15 am
to 10 in duluth. i was just on assignment in nepal. i wanted to share with you -- i wasn't there for storm-chasing. but we got hail. that's right. i found hail. i was very excited about that. every morning waking up to the himalayan mountains is a wonderful sight. i kept thinking those clouds have hard tops. nope, the himalayas. exciting trip. i'll have much more.
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>> it's very competitive slot to get the pictures into ginger's post-weather picture show, i have tried for years and never succeeded. >> you said show us some of your pictures from your assignment. >> you'll never get over that, dan. all right, ginger, great to have you back. now to a controversial open letter to women attending a top ivy league university. a former princeton grad is advising that the best place to find a mate for life is right under their nose, on campus. her message -- marry a princeton man. abc's linzie janis is here. you spoke with her? >> i did. she said start looking for a husband your freshman year. it might sound like advice from a previous generation, something mothers might have said to their daughters in the '50s and '60s. it's not quite that simple. it's the letter making waves not just on princeton's campus but across the country. because it's filled with advice like this -- "here's what nobody is telling you, find a husband
7:17 am
on campus before you graduate." >> at first, i was shocked. i do think there's some truth in what she's saying. >> reporter: susan, the author of the open letter was one of the first females to graduate from the ivy league school. >> it's not easy to get to princeton. i'm just suggesting. take full advantage of it. >> reporter: her missive to women of her alma mater is sparking barrage of snarky headlines on the internet. one reading, princeton grad warns undergraduates to find their husbands now because the rested world is too dumb. >> it was just intended to suggest to these young women who are on campus today keep an open mind, look around you, these are the best, best guys. if the women's movement has truly done what it's supposed to do, it should enable women to make whatever choices are appropriate for them. even if they're seemingly retrogressive. >> reporter: in the letter, she also said although men regularly marry women who are younger and less intelligent, ultimately, it will frustrate you to be with a man who just isn't as smart as you. >> i don't think you should be actively looking for your husband when you're here.
7:18 am
>> reporter: one expert we spoke to said it's actually not bad advice. >> if you have similar value systems and you're both intellectuals, is it going to increase the chances of having a successful relationship? of course, that's a given. >> reporter: what do princetonian women think of her advice? >> i don't think it's completely wrong. girls want to date guys who are smarter or as smart as them. but, in practically, we're way too young to be getting married. >> susan didn't follow her own advice and married a princeton graduate. she recently divorced. she has two sons, one who graduated from princeton and married a classmate and one who goes there now. >> one student made an interesting point. when i heard this story is what she said -- i was too young, personally at 22 to get married then. >> that's a lot of what students said. it turns out stereotypes about techno geeks be socially awkward turns out to be true.
7:19 am
>> a new class at one of america's premier science schools, get this, teaching geeks people skills. here's abc's nick watt. >> we were distilling liquor with a roto vac, something i did every day in chem lab. >> reporter: these, some of the greatest brains of a generation, actually need help with fork skills. and questions, as mundane as this. >> dunking bread i assume that's a no-go. it's a cliche, uber-intellects, aka nerds, are socially awkward. from mr. spock. >> interesting. >> to "big bang theory." >> my shirt is itchy and i wish i were dead. >> are very smart kids socially inept? >> definitely not true. but sometimes socially less experienced. >> reporter: that's where manners 101 at cal tech comes in. >> this is a formal place setting. >> reporter: polishing the socially less experienced to
7:20 am
function in the big bad world of dessert forks and cocktail party chitchat. in the etiquette lab, they take no prisoners. >> we picked out the things that aren't the easiest to eat. >> crab legs and it gets worse. casual discussion. >> you don't discuss politics, religion and sex. >> reporter: a lot of these students studied so hard maybe they missed out on the social side of life. they just haven't had enough fun? >> that's right. it's all based on experience. it's doing it. >> reporter: have you made a mistake already? >> no. >> reporter: reading the detailed course notes. if you burp, cover your mouth and say, excuse me. i found them very charming. my only suggestion, remember, when you talk, talk down to us, most of us aren't as smart as you, and talking over our heads is just not polite. nick watt, pasadena. >> were you taking notes? >> i was. especially about the burp thing.
7:21 am
all right, coming up on "good morning america" -- rescued. searchers find a young female hiker who vanished alone on oregon's mt. hood. find out how she survived six nights in frigid conditions. also, the new hotel dedicated entirely to legos is about to have its grand opening. and cameron mathison gives us a tour. training day. future easter bunnies getting a workout. coming up in "fixation." on." you see the "mini" ion my chest? funny, yes? no. there's nothing mini about me. i'm huge. ahem. any hoo. even my wrapper has a wrapper. flavor? i'm bursting with it. creamy? i ooze it. quality like this... (muffled):...doesn't come everyday. well technically it does because i'm in the grocery but... ooh, how you doin'? rich. creamy. and 100% natural cheese.
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if you if you think this is a lot of legos, wait until you see the hotel i'm standing in. the whole place is full of legos. good morning, america. >> and good morning -- >> and you can never accuse him of lacking enthusiasm. >> never.
7:28 am
our cameron mathison with an exclusive first look at a hotel aimed squarely at the lego obsessives. >> he brought along his family. one of his boys is a true lego fanatic. happy easter sunday. i'm dan harris. >> and i'm bianna golodryga. i kind of dressed the part. >> looking easterific. >> could be. happy easter to everyone at home. it's march 31st. also this morning, hop to it. we'll take a look at a pair of future easter bunnies in training for the big day. hard ni news coming up, breaking easter news there. and the hit hbo show "game of thrones" comes back on air. the geeks around the office, myself included, are very excited about this. we'll show you a product tie-in that's flying off the shelves in advance of the premiere tonight of season 3, coming up in "fixation." but we're going to start here with an incredible survival story, and a rescue effort, a young hiker alive this morning after being missing for a week.
7:29 am
on oregon's icy mt. hood. >> reporter: good morning. her parents are so relieved as you can imagine, their daughter's an experienced but a daring hiker. she's in the hospital recovering. mom and dad said that she hurt her ankle, has frostbite but she's going to be fine. >> she really wants to thank the search and rescue people out there looking for her. >> reporter: today, mary's family will celebrate easter by giving thanks for the moment when they learned their 23-year-old daughter, missing for a full week on oregon's mt. hood, had been found safe. >> we're just praising god and we're just so happy. >> reporter: the college senior e-mailed a friend sunday saying that she was headed to mt. hood to hike. when she didn't return, a search of her car led to more worry. her backpack and some camping equipment were still inside. even though she was experienced, there was concern that she might not have enough gear to survive.
7:30 am
>> we were just worried sick about her. we were just trying to give any information that we could to help find her. we just so glad that she's found and alive. >> reporter: mary said during her hike, sudden whiteout conditions made her disoriented, then she slipped and injured her ankle. lost and unable to walk, she only had a thermal poncho for warmth. and by wednesday, she was out of food. >> we had confidence in her abilities. we were concerned about the amount of time that she was out there. >> reporter: a terrifying ordeal until saturday when an oregon national guard helicopter crew found her at 4600 feet. loved ones credit more than her outdoor skills for her survival. >> we feel it's a miraculous event. >> reporter: even though she's
7:31 am
seasoned backpacker there were a few rules of thumb that she didn't follow. experts say tell people what trail you're going to be taking and bring a working cell phone device especially if you're alone. authorities only allowed trained officials on the search team because of the serious risk of avalanche in the area that she was hiking. >> great to see her parents so relieved. thank you. >> think she's learned her lesson as well. >> absolutely. let's check back in with abc's rob nelson in for ron, for the other stories making headlines this morning. in the news right now, authorities are investigating the murder outside of dallas overnight, of the kaufman county mcclelland and his wife. they were both shot dead inside their home. the same county where his assistant d.a. was gunned down in broad daylight two months ago. and the eiffel tower is opened again today after being evacuated last night following a bomb threat. nearly 1400 people were forced to flee the tourist attraction. no explosives were found. and if you hate working out, like me, you may be able to blame your parents. researchers at iowa state
7:32 am
university have found the brain's reaction to working out and our tolerance for pain can be up to 50% genetic. interesting. and finally, more bad news for pop star justin bieber. he's had a rough few weeks. he's had his pet monkey detained in germany. i hate when that happens. customs confiscated the capuchin monkey, because bieber simply didn't have the right paperwork. >> you have the right paperwork for your monkey? >> he's registered, right? >> never lose control of your monkey. those are words to live by. >> are we going to do this right now? happy easter. >> happy easter. >> time now for the weather and ginger zee. >> i could have brought you one from nepal. they're everywhere. contain your monkey. okay, control. let's start in chicago, happy easter, everyone. high will be 50 in chicago. we have a live look from this morning, temperatures in the 40s. right there, along the lake. so, really, not a bad day at
7:33 am
all. look at the cold air that's going to filter down from the north. chicago into the 30s from 50 today. denver goes from 64 today to 45 on tuesday. even though it's been slightly more mild, new york city will stay in the 50s as we start the week, but drop into the 40s in the midweek. some great news if you want a little bit more springlike after such a cool march, above normal and much above normal in the southwest. most of the nation is going to see an above-average april. i'll leave you with that. remember, severe weather in the south. parts of texas, oklahoma and all of the way to mississippi today. that's a look at the big picture. >> this weather report has been brought to you by marshalls.
7:34 am
dan and bianna. i can't do any more monkey -- >> ace meteorologist ginger zee, great to have you back from nepal. coming up here on "good morning america" -- cam mathison takes us to the deluxe accommodations that are a snap. we'll give you an exclusive first look at the legoland hotel. also ahead -- they're off and running. the track race that may have you feeling your age, coming up in "fixation." feeling your age, coming up in "fixation." ♪
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♪ that's nice. the lego people made us a little insignia. after all this time, legos are still one of the most popular toys on the planet. they've been around forever. >> everyone loves them. tens of thousands of lego fanatics here. now they have their own hotel. that's right. it's not just for kids. abc's cameron mathison gives us an exclusive look inside. >> reporter: in the hands of legos master modelmakers, those legendary little bricks brought us legoland. with all of its cities. did i mention lego roller coasters? now, legoland california is home
7:39 am
to the ultimate lego dream house, the legoland hotel, which opens april 5th. to get an exclusive first look, i brought my two lego maniacs to check it out. we're greeted by a massive smoke-breathing dragon. perched above an entry guarded by familiar knights and adventurers. that's just the tip of the legoburg. >> oh, my gosh. >> whoa. >> reporter: inside, a shrine to all things lego. >> oh, that's awesome! >> reporter: for lucas and laila, become one with the lego, it's nirvana. >> what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a lego designer. >> reporter: when i say my kids love lego, i mean they love lego. what are the three types of rooms? >> we have the kingdom and the pirate and the adventure. >> reporter: which one do you want to see first? >> kingdom! >> welcome to the kingdom. >> awesome!
7:40 am
>> reporter: come on, i want to check it out. you say no grownups in here, but we have mark who happens to be a master builder. >> you have my dream job. >> awesome. we put together our concepts for the hotels. the designers thought what would it be like to be kids in this hotel. we wanted to play in a huge lego castle. we designed and built creatures out of lego bricks. we thought that's what we would like to see if we were kids. >> like the monkey laila made friends with here. >> reporter: and in every room, a treasure chest which kids use hidden clues to unlock. how many beetles are in the room? inside, you guessed it -- more legos. the coolest part of the hotel, the park is right here. the back door opens right up to the park. and how could we resist a run through this multicolored mecca. this is the room where they actually make all of the models and most people only get to see it from here.
7:41 am
i got a surprise. i want you to meet julie. >> we're going to take you a place very few people get to see. want to go behind the scenes? >> yeah. >> reporter: these are where the models get built? >> yes. more than 27,000 models inside legoland california. we're going to put your skills to the test a little bit and have you help one of our master designers here. >> sure. >> put these pieces on the end here, nice work. >> put these pieces on the end here. thank you for helping me. >> you're too young to work here, but we can make you model citizens. >> wow. >> reporter: for "good morning america," cameron mathison, legoland, california. >> i don't know who had more fun, cameron or his kids. oh, look at us. >> they made us into legos. a little pixelation. >> there were some comments -- >> strange.
7:42 am
would you get on a lego roller coaster? >> i don't know. ginger, you're the daring one, would you? >> sure. at this point i would do anything. >> we're going to hold you to that. coming up here -- the bunny hop just in time for easter. two bunnies in training. "fixation," coming up next. "fixation" coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ grown in america. picked and packed at the peak of ripeness. the same essential nutrients as fresh. del monte. bursting with life. creating gimmicky words like "hyper-softacular" to tell you our new extra soft just got softer. instead we give you things you can really use -- like a free roll of our new extra soft
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♪ you're my obsession all right. time now for "fixation," where we show you stories, images and videos that caught our attention this week that we just had to share. ginger is up first. >> i have a thrilling race. are you ready? three, two, one -- so exciting! oh. they're 90. 100 meters. >> they're fast.
7:47 am
>> they deserve a lot of credit. they're 90? that's amazing. >> the one looks like he's going fast but he has shorter steps. >> oh. >> that was rope-a-dope. he started off slow, got the other guy complacent. >> he's the champ. from a race to an optical illusion dance. a german dance. >> oh, wow. >> it translates to tight dance. you can see the black and white, it looks like an optical illusion. they're dancing to paula abdul's -- remember this song -- "opposites attract." >> mc scat cat. i know that video. >> way back in the file here. >> arsenio hall was in that. also, if you're a big fan of "game of thrones," season three starts tonight. they have done something brilliant here. hbo has teamed up with a brewery in cooperstown, new york, to come with an iron throne blonde
7:48 am
a al, -- ale, the first in a series based on the hit series. we had to have a little right here, a taste test. >> it's a pretty good show. you can get your geek on. >> i haven't watched it either. >> you don't want to taste test? sip of something. it's a great show. >> i love that show. >> all right, to clean it up a little bit, we're going to finish "fixation" with easter fun to make up for rob's booziness. bunnies training for their big day. oh, here we go. this goes on for a while. it's actually slightly mesmerizing. they're doing a bunny hop. >> or, a leapfrog, if you want to mix your animal metaphors. >> or, they're monkeying around. >> oh, wow. >> or they're monkeying around. >> but, unfortunately, for us, probably not for you, we're out of time. we'll be back with more "good
7:49 am
morning america" after we finish these beers. these mr. clean guys, they're like a clean team. did you see mr. clean disinfecting bath cleaner killing that bacteria yesterday, just flaunting it? and did you see the magic eraser clean up that crazy kitchen mess? it was like super dirty, super clean. how? wish i hadn't. [ sniffs ] what's that amazing smell? it's mr. clean with the amazing scent of gain. wow! you know, if i had a team, you'd be on it. [ gasps ] our mascot could be a cleanosarus rex. you're off the team. [ male announcer ] dirt and grime have nowhere to hide with the mr. clean clean team on your side. ( birds chirping ) exceptionally smooth with a harmonious blend of flavor and aroma. green mountain coffee for your keurig brewer. brew a better day.
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ginger, we couldn't get enough of your "fixation." great race. we'll leave you with the great race. take another look. thank you for watching abc news. we're also online at on yahoo!. >> we also want to thank rob nelson for joining us. great to have you. >> otherwise known as mc scat cat. >> look at the race. >> ron claiborne will be back next weekend and ginger zee, great to have you back from nepal. >> you'll be in the states? >> yes. i'm staying in the states this week. keep it here for "this week" with george stephanopoulos and later today, "world news" with david muir. >> happy easter. >> happy easter.
7:54 am
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good morning and welcome to "this week." on this first easter sunday for pope francis, we talk with one of the cardinals who chose him. new york's timothy dolan on what
7:58 am
the new pope means for catholics here in america. and our panel of scholars and pastors discuss religion's place in the public square, does it help or hinder the search for common ground? our powerhouse roundtable takes on all the week's politics. including the supreme court's struggle with marriage equality. >> this sort of skim milk marriage. >> where did it become unconstitutional to excludes homosexual couples from marriage? and north korea declares a state of war. how real is the threat? abc's martha raddatz reports live from the front lines. hello, again. best wishes to all of you celebrating this easter and passover season. it's a tense one in asia, where north korea stepped up its provocations
7:59 am
by declaring a state of war against south korea this weekend. let's go right to chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz for the latest on where all of this fiery rhetoric is heading. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. there's a real sense of unease here in seoul tonight. they have heard rhetoric from north korea before. but nothing like this. this is different. this is a new leader, a young leader, no one knows how he'll react. and this time, the u.s. and south korea are really pushing back. we had those b-2 stealth bombers last week make a round-trip from missouri and drop inert bombs in an exercise here, that has got people here on edge, what the u.s. was trying to do and what message they were trying to send. they also have said that we have a range of options to counter the provocations and threats.


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