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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  April 23, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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explosions at the white house. the fear of another terrorist attack rattled wall street. dow jones fell almost 150 points before recovering. abc 7 news is on the story tonight. >> thank goodness it's bogus and markets recovered but it under scores a growing concern about breeches on twitter when cyber security has become a top national security concern. here is what happened today. stocks rebounded after trading but only after the fake tweet went out to two million followers. hackers took control of the agency's twitter accounts sending a tweet of two explosions in the white house, injuring the president. and sent u.s. markets tumbling. jay carney respond ootd
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president is fine. i was just with him. >> the president was at an awards ceremony. the ap suspended it's account following a hack and said it's working to correct the issue. it appears to be a fishing attack. the senior reporter for "wired" magazine. >> a fishing attack is a malicious e mail sent. >> futurist paul sappho says it's an unsophisticated breech. >> someone got hold of the pass word on athe can kt. i won't question the news feed. this was a problem inside twitter. >> ap is the most recent victim of hacks on twitter accounts. national public radio, bbc skb cbs's 60 minutes. the spade is again turning spotlight on security protocols. sketer says twit jer working on a better program.
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>> you need two pieces of auj ten tix. you need a pass skbord something else. >> dramatic impact on the stock market focused on potential pit falls of computer sized trading. >> computers zront emotions or intertuition. computers trade off one variable. >> now, a group calling itself syrian electronic army claimed credit for the hack. the group reportedly supports president assad and claimed responsibility for hacking npr, bbc and 60 minutes. >> vic lee abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> holister police arrested a marshal arts teacher. the 51-year-old is accused of inappropriate contact with a girl under age 14 whom he was
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teaching. he works at technique studio on 6th street in hollister. anyone with information is urged to contact police. >> at 6:00 tonight a picture of a man suspected of trying to break into a building governor brown calls home. the 26 yormtd-year-old arrested sunday evening. a witness told police johnson was trying to break in from a balcony. brown moved in after his election in 2010 and police do not think the suspect new the governor lived in the building. brown was in the home at the time. >> contra costa county may have to cult two more fire stations. they have not decided yet which stations would be closed if the new budget is approved. justice -- just this january, the department shut down four fire stations. and the meeting today supervisors told firefighters
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options are limited. >> we have to live within our means. how do we do that? we can get to sustainable. i share concern we're not going to be safe. >> accord together proposed budget one station closing july 1 this year, next january 1, 2014. >> hetch hetchy reservoir supplies majority of our water needs here in the bay area. our back up is the res sfloir alameda county near -- rather, just east of mill petas. koit leave us high and dry. abc 7 news is live for us in alameda county tonight. heather? >> the project is the largest among 82 in td program. now this, summer it's about to get bigger by tens of millions of dollars.
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the reservoir has been filled only to 40% since 2001 because the 88-year-old dam holding water back is subject to liqu liquifaction. >> there is loose material in the base that could liquefy in a major earthquake. we're about 500 yards from the fault which has a maximum credible earthquake of seven and a quarter. >> heavy equipment now do laps, digging and hauling materials that will rise just downstream supposed to be done in 2015 but a landslide was just found during excavation of the slopes that unstable geology means project had to be redesigned. at a cost two of more years. but in the event of a drought or if hetch hetchy is
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unavailable we need the calaveras. a. >> it is being used for construction and continues to supply water to customers but you know we won't be able to have full use until it's complete. so it's important for to us continue moving forward quickly. >> among with a redesign and delay the ancient landslide yielded fossils from when the area was the beach. there is a pine cone, a shark's tooth. >> we think it's probably related to the same family great whites under. >> jim walker says the fossils probably date from 20 million years ago. >> we have like a whale. >> the whale still in the hillside. it's not expected to add to the delay. most of the additional costs
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will come out of a voter approved 2002 system improvement bond but another $55 million will be either separate p.u.c. maintenance fund and needs to be approved by the supervisors. >> haej yes,, thank you. >> incredible. >> still head tonight how immigration reform will affect you and neighbors. why lawmakers now favor workers over family. >> fewer mailboxes are attached to homes. it's not a big deal unless you have a disability. >> i'm sandhya patel. temperatures down today, how much cooler it's going get tonight. >> and an east bay 8th grader ju
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a group of former lawmakers and policy advisors challenged on immigration today by a young woman from san francisco. she wanted to know why families should take a back seat when it comes to deciding who gets to live here. >> her parents came to the united states legally but overstayed their visa.
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she asked members of the task force why workers should trump family. >> this is an imgresive group. condoleezza rice, hailey barber, former cabinet secretaries. rice says they came to hear from technology leader autos in listening to these leaders you recognize the importance of immigration reform to them. >> the former governor talked about the need for low-skilled labor. >> if you go to the process where we process $2.5 billion worth of chicken, nobody speaks english. >> stepping into the discussion denna perez, her parents came here on visas granted for family reason autos best example of what america stands for, what america is and what makes this nation great have been my parents, my family. >> she wanted to know why some wanted to cut family yun
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fiction visas in favor of work visas people needed to work so i don't think it has to be so separate. >> the former governor says there has been too much emphasis. >> we have to maintain our family-based immigration system. >> adding foreign born college grads shouldn't be sent packing. >> that is nuts for this country. >> ed rendel told perez there has to be compromise. >> there is going to have to be give and take on all sides. >> perez is foreign born and a college graduate, was in the country illegally until recently. she got a dehe ferment. >> on route to apply to law school in the fall. >> perez's argument is that spirit that drives people to
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come to the united states to search for a better life is as important as skill. police in pleasanton asking for help in locating a man who disappeared nearly 10 years ago. last seen september 28th, 2003 in a pleasanton apartment complex. he's 22 years old at the time. police did not explain new interests in this case but they're asking you to call the number on the screen if you have information. >> enrollment up on one city but residents there are not very happy a school is on the way. this was today's ground breaking for the first new school in 50 years. the district saw a spike so it
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decided to renovate hoover elementary. but some people don't want it reopened. they said the school located on a dangerous road with many curves. >> this is a narrow street. streets leading into it are very tight. >> i've been tra versing this canyon with my kids. i end up with near misses every day. >> there are no sidewalks on the roads around the school. the district says it's looked into the matter and found no safety issue autos massive plaque honoring barry bonds is missing. and residue from the glue remains in place on the wall. you can see officials aren't sure where it went or when it was taken. they plan to review video and try to figure out what happened. >> can you believe it?. >> it couldn't have been one
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peesh let's talk about the weather forecast. >> drops foif 10 degrees this afternoon. at the coast let's check out live doppler 7 hd. half moon bay, 68 yesterday, only 58 today. here is a look. skies clear inland but check out fog near the coast. and is to going to be with us. wind direction. wind yesterday this morning coming out from land blowing towards the coast. as soon as switching directions we started to see cooling influence. right now gusting to 28 miles per hour. and it's breezy out there. checking out the view you can see trees swaying, still sunny out towards the bay.
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70 degrees in san jose. 54 in half moon bay. high definition camera looking at sutro tower, san francisco urks you can see the fog. 71 in napa. it's 80 degrees in livermore. still hanging on at the coast. we're looking at a milder pattern in time for the weekend. high pressure still controlling factor here. winds coming like i said off the ocean. temperatures will trend lower so cooler weather is coming. tomorrow morning along the coast temperatures upper 50 and will be a cooler start and fog will be around. watch out for poor visibility along the coast. well into the afternoon, 50s and 60s. inland areas into low 80s but
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you'll enjoy the sun and mild temperatures wednesday afternoon, south bay communities 76 san jose. check out santa cruz. only 61 degrees. 58 on the coast in half moon bay. daily city, fog with us. 65 downtown san francisco. looking at the north bay a variety of temperatures from 60s to 80. clear lake 83 degrees towards vallejo. nappa, same thing. 73 oakland. you're going to see temperatures out of the mid-80s. 77 in concord. cooler thursday, only low 70s. and temperatures will start to come up each and every day. low 80s inland. mid-50s coast side. >> thank you. >> terrific weather for this.
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>> it prepares for a voyage. stay with us.
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sky 7 live over breaking news now this, two story apartment complex caught fire just outside san jose state university campus. you can see crews have put out flames but not before they burned through the roof. there are no reports of injuries no, word yet on how this started. >> a solid surge in stock prices despite the three minute plunge following a fake tweet this morning we talked about today. net flix gained almost 25% after adding two million subscribers. we reported this new it daita center in an iowa wheat field. the new center may also house instagram. burger king says it will offer delivery service at 15
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franchises. they tell us it's improved sales so they're expanding to chicago, los angeles and san francisco. minimum order is $10. >> stocks weren't the only things soaring today, take a look at sky 7 hd over san francisco bay. not a glider but a solar powered airplane. it flew at 3,000 feet today but can go as high as 30,000 feet. creators took it to show technology alreadiestists for nalt tiff fuels. >> it's huge. yes. >> there is more still to come tonight at 6:00. first up, the man arrested for sending poison laced letters to the u.s. capitol is a free man tonight. we'll explain why. >> from boston the reason a campus police officer was waz killed by the snekts a
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marathon bombing. >> i team looks into a claim that highway guardrails are likely
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federal prosecutors dropped charges against a mississippi man accused of sending ricin-laced letters to president obama. he called the ordeal a nightmare. however, did he not blame the government. his lawyer praised the way he was treated. curtis says he's ready to move on. >> i resuspect president obama i love my country and would never do anything to pose a threat to him or any oirj u.s. official. >> curtis told reporters he didn't know what ricin was. his release came after investigators found no evidence of the poison in his home, or car. authorities searched the home of another mississippi man. they're not saying what, if anything was found.
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>> a sign surviving boston bomber suspect is headed for recovery. jahar tsarnaev is now in fair condition reportedly telling investigators the bombing plot was his brother's idea tonight we're hearing from the man credited for ending the manhunt for jahar. he called police after discovering the suspect hiding in a boat in the backyard. >> hits you more afterwards. you think, my god, we probably slept last night this guy could be -- that, you know, i don't know it's just surreal. >> a closed hearing was held today to discuss fbi handling of his brother, tammerlan. some wonder if the fbi could have done more to prevent the bombings. >> im i've never seen an effort as positive as this one is in terms of the cooperation and communications between laumplt and investigative agencies i believe they'll get
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to the bottom of it. >> today the medical examiner reported tammerlan, who died, sorry. the autopsy completed of tammerlanful he died in a shoot out of police the medical examiner said no one has come to claim the body. >> two victims of the violence were laid to rest today. the family of 8-year-old martin richard held a private funeral today calling it the most difficult week of their lives, of course, it s they say there would be a public memorial later, also buried today 26-year-old sean colli re.. the mit police officer. it appears he they were trying to steal his service weapon. >> activity returned for the first time today to boliston street. officials say their one fund for victims reached $20
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million in just a week's time. >> these funds must be distributed quickly, to eligible claimant was a minimum of fuss or red tape. the number one goal here is owe to get this money out the door as emergency funding to claimants in desperate shape. >> here is a sketch posted today by an artist on a facebook page dedicated to 11-year-old aaron hern. he was hurt in the bombing and is fair condition being treated in boston but there is no word on when he might be able to come home. let's hope, soon. >> tonight the abc 7 news i team reports on a concern of safety on our highways. a guardrail can slice through your car putting your life in jep ti. >> dan noyes joins us now. >> it's been mer than 10 years since i first investigated a safety guardrails around the bay area. at that time, crews were
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improperly installing them but now, it's a possible design flaw in a key component of the guardrails there are 600,000 of them. >> rising bay area highways you've seen rectangles and this is how they're supposed to work. it gets flattened into steel that process slows down the vehicle. >> manufacturer of guardrail and own a company installing and have installed terminal autos josh harmon says a biggest competitor modified without telling the government shrinking length to save money. >> for it, we found this one off 101 in gilroy but they're all over the bay area, in his
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whistle blower lawsuit he says with the model the guardrail does not feed through the chute properly. it locks causing the guardrail to double over or pro trud through the crashing vehicle. >> the locks whup the head locks up the head kicks to the side and then, it is rigid enterers the compartment, cuts off legs and can cut nem half. >> harmon tells me the lawsuit ended with a settlement. he agreed to stop reducing an interim. he says he's not a sore loser, as trinity claims. >> i just told them whether it
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has no if people are getting injured. >> z.killed. >> he says he identified accidents and is personal lay ware of several fatalities including a 2008 crash in tennessee. a 38-year-old paramedic died when a guardrail entered her honda. in response, trinity filed defamation lawsuits. saying the company published false claims. the statement are contemporary to acceptance by the federal highway safety administration. suit claims harmon hopes to benefit from the lawsuit against the plfz. harmon says it's not about the money. >> they're suing me for did he fafation. will not shut up. >> the administration approved the plus after this crash
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test. but documents from the patent infringement case show trinity made changes to the et plus after that test without telling the federal government. asking about revisions, it shows. >> the revisions 1-10 were done after may 27th test. one thing is the form and trinity has slung the wid skppblg made other changes only after josh harmon told them. seven years after that crash test. >> i believe early 2012 through the telephone condition ver saigss. >> the faa -- federal highway administration called for
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performance evaluation and investigation into the crashes. it sedz the number of crash was fatal injuries involving terminal zz not match the excellent history of the original ep 2000 terminal. the fhwa tells me they scrap that had letter because a competitor made accusations against trinity. they declined to join the lawsuit and reaffirm et plus is acceptable for use in the national highway system. >> this has got to come to live. these have a 50-year life expectancy f i don't do something they'll be out here as little mines and kill whenever they get hit or maim. very highly possible. >> josh harmon tells me trinity offered him a lot of money to settle the whistle blower lawsuit. he says he won't unless a full recall is part of the deal.
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no one from trinity would appear on camera but provided a statement i'm posting online. dan? carolyn? >> keep track. >> yes. >> coming up here a young lady already is on a very impressive career path. >> it's taken her to
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a fremont 8th grader just returned from washington, d.c.. >> president obama honored winners of the science, technology and math competition. the 13-year-old won for a project focusing on ways to strengthen eye muscles. >> when i got to be there, it was cool. >> this hat is why. >> i had wiring on top. >> the creation earned her an award at the masters science fair ask an audience with the president. the national science, technology, engineering and math competition known as stem designed to inspire future scientists to stick with science through high school and into college.
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and jessica's reason for creating the project? a novel way to strengthen eye muscles. >> i noticed a lot of us play with ipods and iphones. and those things are pretty small. and they cram a lot of text. that can cause eye muscle fatigue and eye strain if you use them for long periods of time. >> so she decided to put your engineering skills to use. it forces the eye to exercise break repetitive patterns. subjects used it four times over one to two weeks. >> they did it for as lng as they could every time. and i notice that had they could endure the test longer and longer every time. so that the eyes were getting strong year she isn't sure what is next but show knows science and math will be part of the mix. >> it's one of the major things you get inpired to do other things. >> and four of the classmates
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leave jessica's efforts won her a $10,000 scholarship. nick smith abc 7 news. >> still to come a disabled man whose request went unanswered. >> michael finney delivers just ahead.
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a man with a pull monday yairy condition could not get his mail because he can't walk up the hill. >> he reached out to 7 on your side who jump nod action for use we're glad he did give us a cull. >> door to door deliver very slowly maybe quickly, becoming a distant memory. many apartments and communities turning to those cluster mailboxes. now, for people with disabilities like jim hunter, that can make live difficult. >> it's not easy for jim
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hunter to get around these days. a pull monday yairy disorder, lung condition and diabetes makes it hard for him to walk. >> the result of thaul is that i have no winld. i have no stamina. and so it's difficult for me to walk more than 40 or 50 pace autos to get mail, hunter relies on generosity of others. his mailbox is part of a cluster that is more than an age of a mile from his apartment up this hill. kind hearted employees of the apartment building helped him get mail he had medication in to there that he had to take. so is we made sure he got him his mail. >> jim was reluctant to keep asking others so sometimes would it be four days before he got mail. >> and pain,ing aony and impossibility. i couldn't get up here, you're probably wondering why didn't
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you just drive up here. i zront a car. >> he called u.s. postal service requesting it deliver his mail to his door to accommodate his disability. he sent them a dvd from his grandson demonstrating the long distance. he says letters were not answered and calls were not returned. >> so he was a little frustrated he couldn't get mail in time. >> so he contacted 7 on your side for assistance. we contacted the post office. >> i have to apologize for that. it looks like it fell through the cracks. >> gus ruiz blamed the delay on transition to a new post master and says the process is fairly simple. >> we actually look at it from a humanitarian perspective first of all. our first consideration. >> once james was able to install a mailbox the postal service began delivering his mail to his door. >> it is just essential and
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makes my life easier. >> sweet. hardship cases should ab dressed to your local post master along a note from your doctor zrik the condition. >> it's ashame he had to do that. >> good to know what rules are now. >> thanks michael. >> another check on the forecast right now. >> yes. >> cooling. fog is here along the coastline goitsing to stick around. cooling trend will continue into wednesday. temperatures look like this. you'll see the sun there heading towards fresno area a warm day. 90 degrees. los angeles, san diego starting out with morning fog and then into 60s for afternoon. here in the bay area you'll notice temperatures dropping off more inland areas. 82 is for antioch. 73 in oakland. up towards north bay napa, 76.
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fog is sitting only 58 in half moon bay. cooler weather thursday that. is when temperatures will bottom out into low 70s inland, mid-50s coast and warming up a few degrees. no major warm up. but weekend is dry and mild. >> thank you, sandhya. >> some america's cup yacht racing to talk about. >> larry beil is here with sports. >> pictures are pretty. take a look. oracle's new boat, spectacular. team usa, a gigantic mast. how fast is it? next.
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good evening, the a's have been on a brutal hitting slump on their current road trip batting 175 in the last four games. a's erupt for six runs in the
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third. moss drives in a pair here. you can see the rain on the lens. two run homer, 8-0 a's. base hit here to right. a 12-0 lead in the fifth went into a rain delay and called it a final 13-0, athletics. matt cane down 9-1. the win last night in the bottom of the 9th. buster posey finding his group groove. he's now gone deep in back to back games. >> those we think is going happen tomorrow. and it's going to be like that all year.
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that is how good it is. >> tippoff at 7:30 in denver. the manimal is returning. best nickname in the nba. mark jackson may have to toy with a three-guard line up. whatever they do, they are going to have to have the lights ut out. >> the thing about the first run in between games you have time to think about it. just going over what happened. we're ready to get back on the floor and check this one. >> oracle launched a new 72 foot catta marchan that will lace rais in the america's cup this summer. the mast is 40 meters tall over 131 feet. think of climbing a 13 story building.
6:53 pm
the yacht costs between $6 million and $8 million to build. one more thing here, it's really, really fast. >> we're going to be going fast. i mean probably faster than a car on the golden gate bridge. so upwind is about 20 knots. so it's incredibly fast speed. >> 40 knots is 46 miles per hour for land lubbers. raiders have the third pick and tons of needs. yes. we're your yacht racing station. mckenzie looking for impact players. >> when you get guys to play together for a while, that is when you develop not only a core but you develop that chemistry. each and over position. that is how you win games.
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>> and the former cal star just return retired signing his paip qlers atop matchy peach yu in peru. 10,000 feet above sea level. abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> it's just going to say that is going nonstyle oo. great image. >> yes. >> remains of the incan empire. >> join me at 9:00. coming up, an uncommon treatment for a problem. how this video game could help vil milins see better. >> then on abc 7 news at 11:00 water shortage alert. first city to order restrictions. >> well that, is all for the moment. so much for watching. >> for larry beil and spencer christian, thanks for joining us. >> bye for now.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a hotel coork... a physical scientist from durham, north carolina... and our returning champion,
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a law clerk for a federal judge, from hilliard, ohio... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! okay, john. thank you. i don't know if michael's boss, the judge, is looking in on him today on "jeopardy!", but i know his wife is. she's in the audience here to cheer him on. laurel and bill, welcome aboard. good luck to you, also. let's go to work, shall we? here comes the jeopardy! round. and these are the categories. and those five letters will come up in each correct response. alex: michael. baseball bits for $200.
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laurel. who are the pittsburgh pirates? that's it. i need a "break" for $200. bill. what is break dancing? yes. i need a "break" for $400, please. laurel. what's a fast break? no. michael. what's a breakaway? breakaway. yes. baseball for $400. jimmy. on a scorecard, if a batter hits a double, we mark the lines from home plate to second base and wrb." if we mark the first line and write "hbp," it indicates the player reached first base in this way. laurel. ite "2s hit by a pitch? you're right. baseball bits for $600. michael. who are the san francisco giants?
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yes, indeed. baseball for $800. laurel. what are the negro leagues? right. baseball for $1,000. michael. what are the washington nationals? that's the team. i need a "break" for $600. laurel. what is break a leg? that's the expression. i need a "break" for $800. laurel. what's a circuit breaker? good. bill. what is, "you have to break . yeah, that's an interesting way of phrasing it,


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