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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  May 1, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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temperatures, 84 to 92 inland. around the bay, 83 to 88 and the coast, 70's to 75. leyla? >> we have closures because of the fire. westbound highway 128 you will see both directions closed. on the other fire in napa county, near oakville cross road, c.h.p. is saying it does not appear there are closures but the fire burns. we have a high wind advisory issued through napa. and we have another high wind advisory for anyone driving high profile vehicles. >> developing news in the murder of an 8-year-old calaveras
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county girl. the parents are ling for -- pleading for the public's health. there was a huge vigil. >> long shot lead with more on that in a moment but first the heartbreaking memorial for leila fowler, 1,000 gathered dressed in pink and purple at jenny lind elementary school and listened to stories about the sweet and smart little girl. the family was this and her older brother comforted the 12-year-old brother who found her body. the mother made a brief comment but was overcome with emotion. >> i want to thank all of our appeal and friends for the overwhelming support you have given my family. it will never be forgotten. >> she was found stabbed to death in her home in valley springs on saturday.
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the killer is still loose. the calaveras sheriff also offered a vague description of a suspect with long gray hair. the investigators are look into whether this man is involved, police arrested this man for trying to kidnap a 15-month-old child yesterday. investigators say he forced his way into an apartment and tried to snatch the little girl from her mother's arm but she was able to fight him off. the d.n.a. is being tested to see if there is a match to her killer. the calaveras county says he doubts he is involved but they need to follow up on the lead. >> one of the youngest victims of the boston marathon bombings is back home in the bay area this morning celebrating his 12th bad. aaron hern and his family returned home to martinez. it has been a whirlwind for the families since the attacks. he was chewing -- cheering on
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his mom an the finish line when the bombs went off. >> they were gracious for all the support they is gotten but they need to rest. they wanted to keep it low key. >> the road to recovery will be a long one. aaron hern has 100 staples in his leg. the family plans to talk to the media tomorrow. abc7 news reporter kira klapper will have more from martinez in the next half hour. >> developing news about boston marathon bombings tamerlan tsarnaev. his wife says she wants her husband's body released to the family. 9 -- the uncle said he will claim the body but not where it will be buried. someone if the family contacted the islamic society of boston about a possible funeral but was told the mosque does not provide funeral services. >> the news police chief of
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menlo park would like to arm officers with tazeers and install license plate cameras at the main entrance points. menlo park and east palo alto are the only two cities that have not armed officers with tasers. the chief johnson absolutely wants officers to have tasers and the policies could be set to restrict use. he wants the license plate cameras that was adopted in one town in 2010 to deter criminals. >> search is underway for a missing man who suffers from dementia. this is the 63-year-old jack garrett last seen at a care center yesterday on vallejo street and talked about wanting to go to berkeley but it is not clear why. he does not talk much, has no money and no cell phone but he should be wearing a bracelet with his name on it. >> the uncertainty over the 32
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bad bolts that snapped on the eastern span of the bay bridge has caused a labor day weekend celebration to be put on hold. the nonprofit bay bridge alliance raised half of the goal of $3.5 million in private money to hold the two-day party which includes fireworks, a foot race and a free public walk over the new span. caltran officials are deciding still how to reinforce the broken steel rods but have not decided if it will open labor day weekend. >> new this morning the cost to build the san francisco 49ers new home in santa clara is expected to cost less than previously thought. the team and the city could save up to $90 million. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reports falling interest rates and the sale of seat licenses reduced the amount of debt. the stadium will cost $1.2 billion in total to build and open in time for the 2014 football season.
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>> a push kicks off to raise oakland's minute raise to $15 an hour. activists will rally at plaza and stage a demonstration at 5:00 p.m. to raise awareness of 9 fight for higher wages. the city's minimum wage is $8 an hour same as the california state minimum below the $10 or higher minimums other large cities in the bay area have. the demonstration follows similar pushes in chicago and new city. >> we have been telling you firefighters are fighting two places in the north bay. is the weather cooperating? >> mike has been tracking the red flag wanting and talking about the exact timeline. mike? >> the red flag warning is until 6:00, that is how much longer we have to deal with this. we have live doppler 7 hd and we see we it is quiet. we could use some rain but it is not in the offing. look how much warmer it is because of the winds, from 14 degrees warmer at sfo to ten at
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livermore and 16 at santa rosa and you factor in what that has done to the temperatures and we are running 70 right new in santa rosa, 59 in san carlos and 63 in oakland and 63 in mountain view and 61 in san jose. today, it will be breezy through the morning, high fire danger through the afternoon, and the threat starts to fade but notice the temperatures by 4:00, flirting with 90 inland and 70's at the coast. the seven-day outlook shows -- excuse me, the three day forecast, dangerous heat tomorrow. cooling hits the coast on friday. it rolls into the bay on saturday. on sunday, it goes inland so this is an an end ahead but it will take to the weekend. >> in napa county we have one way traffic control in affect. highway 128 between scott road and center lane is not fully shut down with one-way traffic
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control until 6:30 this morning because of the wildfire. another wildfire near oaklandville cross road, no closures. traffic is moving well. in san francisco, we have construction westbound 80 at 7 the street on-ramp will be shut down until 5:00 a.m. and a look at the east bay if you come through walnut creek the drive along 680 southbound moving smoothly. >> graffiti vandals strike in the east bay and a local dispute over a renamed school that some think is behind it. >> may day protesters around the world march for workers' right and a confrontation that brought a march to a halt. >> the f.d.a. issues new guidelines on the morning after pill and how
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>> covering santa rosa, berkeley, san jose, and all bay area, this is use. >> good morning, at 4:41, san francisco, ferry building area and you can see the flags we do have high winds out there. that is pushing the smoke from the napa county fires down into the san francisco area with wreck flood warning until 6:00 p.m. and mike nicco will have more details coming up. >> this is the day fresh salmon lovers have been waiting for, the commercial fishing season opens today in the coastal waters south of mendocino. the boats will go out and fresh salmon should be in local markets shortly after. the best fishing will be south of point reyes according to reports from sports fisherman. >> woman could be stealing package delivers from homes. this is surveillance video of
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the woman during the most recent theft april 19. police have been investigating the theft of packages from front porches for several months. the woman appears to drive a newer model range recovery. if you can identify the woman contact walnut creek police. >> racist graffiti is appearing around town in union city. it could be connected to the recent renaming of a middle school. abc7 news reporter has more. >> the messages written over the weekend are similar at all three locations. they use a name aimed at filipinos as seen on the sign of a building. >> this racist think should not be part our life. we are all in america living as americans. >> filipino restaurant across the street was also tagged and the office of the filipino advocate for justice. police are treating it as a hate crime. >> we have a different take on it. we see this as a message we need
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to do more community building. >> police believe the initials a.m.s. stand for a middle school and this stems from the controversial renaming of the school in honor of two filipino american farm workers. >> they were the ones that works with chavez. >> city council member points out the european any in the work "mexico" used to cross out "filipinos" saying two merged a union with chavez and other mexican farm workers to fox the -- to form the united farm workers union. >> renaming the school. is so important for so many. the search for the suspect in this hate crime investigation continues.
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>> the san jose sharks on the sanly club playoffs in vancouver get canucks. sharks defeated the champs in all three meetings this year and the puck drops at 7:30. the first two games of the bet of seven are in vancouver and sharks host game 3 on sunday night at h.p. pavilion and a's will rock the arena tomorrow as the warriors try to close out the nuggets. they were just short in game five in denver. the warriors fell behind by up to 22 points but they fought back. steph curry brought the warriors within five points but the nuggets held on for a win. tip-off tomorrow night is 7:30. >> the warriors left colorado in time. look what the weather conditions are. this is what drivers are facing this morning.
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from boulder, colorado, a may snowstorm fluffy snow coming down and it looks more like winter where residents are bracing for 5" of snow. temperatures were in the 70's on monday. i bet the firefighters in napa county would not mind seeing this. >> where is the balance here? >> opposite conditions here. >> absolutely, very hot here and that is what happens when it is hot here. it will be colder somewhere else. now, updating you on everything, live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is. the heat advisory again, rather, the fire and weather wanting where is a red flag warning at 6:00, north bay mountains and east bay hills and diabolo range the most likely areas to see a fire develop. the heat advisory shows tomorrow
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when we expect the most oppressive heat throughout the bay area from noon until 8:00. that is where we are dealing with the most oppressive heat and record highs. we have a few possible today and more tomorrow. in downtown san francisco it is 68 degrees. the average high for this time of the career is 64. you have not even made it there. walnut creek is 64. palo alto is 66. mill valley is 61. the winds will keep us in the 60's this morning. from mount tamalpais you can see a bouncing with sausalito and san francisco. fairfield is 67. los gatos is 58 and gilroy, check that out, 48 degrees. we will have oppressive warmth today, tomorrow, and high-fire risk hopefully ends today. dangerous heat tomorrow.
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cooling arrives at the coast and spreads inland during the weekend. today we are in the mid-to-upper 80's from 86 at san joseopertin8 and up the peninsula, 88 as los altos and 81 in millbrae. check out the coast, mid-70's. that is comfortable. warm by your standards but comfortable for us. near 80 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and mid-80's to near 90 in the north bay valley. the east bay shore 85 in oakland is a record and 84 in richmond is close. east bay valley will be in the upper 80's to low 90's again. headed to the game, be careful. a lot of sunshine and warm. 76 and warming to 81. the seven-day outlook shows temperatures cranking up two to four degrees tomorrow and hold steady through friday. the coast is where the cooling begins hitting the bay on saturday and moving in on sunday
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and hangs around for monday and tuesday. >> because of the two fires we have partial closings in napa. right now i take you to other parts of the bay area as we look at the san mateo bridge, away from hayward to foster city westbound traffic and tail lights moving well and you get to the high-rise top speeds on to the peninsula side to foster city. the eastbound traffic is not too bad and napa, this fire is burning on the cusp and we have a partial closure, westbound highway 128, c.h.p. is doing a one-way extra control between scott road and spencer lane. the other area where the fire is, near oaklandville crossroads, the fire is burning but there are no closures. southbound 101 through the tunnels to the toll plaza a couple of lanes are blocked.
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>> new overnight in turkey riot police clash with thousands in may day protesters this morning in the capital. police fired water cannons and tear gas after they tried to breakthrough barricades to reach the main square. the protesters retaliated by throwing stones. may day is the extra dill date many workers hold demonstrations to demand better pay and work conditions. >> in venezuela a brawl between lawmakers left one legislator bleeding. opposition politicians were throwing a banner before the fight. they were protesting a proposal barring them from legislative activity. tensions have been high since the president's narrow victory. >> falling demand is causing boeing to cut back on jumbo jets and will make 24 new 747 models
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this year but next year boeing will cut production by 12 percent. most of the buyers are air freight companies. passenger airlines prefer to fly the twin airliners on long routes like the 777. >> dozens of east bay police departments have a new radio system to make talking simpler. the system will allow officers and firefighters to talk to departments in other cities instantly. before, officers had to communicate by cell phone. 42 agencies in alameda and contra costa counties bought into the system but the oakland police department is still on the fence although it has had major breakdowns with their own radio system. >> they are not process of trying to determine which system, their own or this, would provide better coverage. >> the monthly maintenance cost for the radio system would go down for all the cities if oakland joins the group.
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>> coming up the driver of a fast-moving van gives police the slip but it is a different kind of slip that brought him down. >> a new airline service is bringing sir rich art branson to
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>> hope you have been enjoying this camera. it is the new camera on the exploritorium looking at downtown san francisco. a beautiful shot. it doesn't show the warm temperatures we will have. mike will fill you in on that. >> big celebration is underway in san jose today where a bay area-based airline is launching new flights. virgin america is adding four round trip flights from san jose to los angeles and sir richard branson will join san jose mayor this morning to celebrate the new route and the new jobs that come with it. red carpet welcome at the san
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jose airport is underway. >> we welcome sir richard branson to the area with warm weather and high fire danger. >> we have warm weather out there and heat-related issues for tomorrow and some of the heat is going all the way across toward some of our neighbors in the central valley. heat advisory tomorrow for all of us is when it will be most dangerous. today we are in the upper 80's through low 90's and more comfort in tahoe at 61. 75 in los angeles and 98 in palm springs. temperatures today are about anywhere from 5- to 10-degrees warmer than yesterday. records are possible today and tomorrow and into friday. we get relief from the heat over the weekend. >> a sig-alert is issued in sonoma county.
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in the east bay the drive on westbound 80 is moving along and you get to the bay bridge toll plaza the top speed has not built up just yet but on the map, we have fires burning on the cusp of napa and sonoma county, and this is now a sig-alert westbound highway 128, one way traffic control affect between scott road and spencer lane and that will be until 6:30 a.m. according to the c.h.p. in san jose we have another area of closure for construction eastbound and westbound highway 237 to southbound 880 and that ranch is going to be shut down until 6:00. >> 4:55. a man is in custody this morning after leading los angeles his on a wild chase. look at the video. the driver of the stolen white van led police on an intense chase on freeways and city streets going the wrong way at times. he slammed into several cars
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including two police vehicles and officers flattened one van tires with spike strips and he jumped out of the vehicle and ran. a patch of wet cement caused him to step on it and police made the arrest. >> a study finds many children are getting hurt on amutationment -- amusement park rides with 93,000 children treated in emergency room from 1990 to 2010. 11,000 were hurt on rides at local malls, restaurants, and arcades. most were not serious but researchers say better tracking and overnight would improve safety and they looked at accidents on roller coasters and coin operator rides. the study is the journal of pediatrics. >> women and girls age 15 and older can buy emergency contraception without seeing a pharmacist. the food and drug administration is changing the rules so
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customers will in longer have to ask a pharmacist for the plan "b" morning after pill and can be sold over-the-counter and the f.d.a. lowered the purchase ride but buyers will have to show roof of their age. >> if you still use the first generation iphone you are about to become obsolete. your phone will be, anyway. the first iphone introduced in 2010 will be classified as "vintage" by june 11 and if you need repairs they are only available to iphones riched in california and you can caught in have it serviced walking into an apple store. few will be affected because it has been discontinued for years. >> it will happen that people will collect them. >> we have breaking news in the north bay where fires are bun
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right now on this red flag warning day. there is a ballot -- battle to protect homes and road closures. >> and a woman charged with attempted murder after
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>> abc7 news starts right now with breaking news. >> breaking news is fires burning in the bay area on this red flag wanting day. >> the fires broke out in napa and sonoma county. you can smell the smoke right now that blew into san francisco and the bay area because of gusting winds overnight.


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