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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 16, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america and breaking overnight, tornado touchdown. at least six people killed, dozens more injured after twisters ripped through parts of texas. >> we're still smelling gas. we don't know where it's coming from. >> fierce right now more people are trapped. every second matters in the search for survivors. the white house firing back. the president's team firing on all front promising immediate action as the scandals boil over in washington. the head of the irs now fired and the house speaker asking, who's going to jail? making the case. is this decision day at two high-profile trials. o.j. simpson taking the stand fighting to get out of jail. jodi arias battling for her life. dan and nancy weigh in on both live. look at this. a stroller tumbles on to the subway track.
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a toddler strapped inside and the mother races right after it. a dramatic rescue moments before the train came. everybody is okay. now we'll hear from one of the rescuers. a good thursday morning, everyone. we'll get right to those deadly tornadoes that swooped through texas leaving so much destruction behind overnight. >> a huge twister and look at this, as well. baseball-sized hail from the storms. dozens of homes damaged. right to sam tracking all the latest. sam? >> yeah, it was a tough night. this is what it looked like. these storms were terribly violent, 80-mile-an-hour wind, four inch hail, three tornados popped out of those storms that and the watches and warnings started 6:00 p.m. imagine how frightening it was at 8:00 p.m. when it moved through two neighborhoods and our steve osunsami is right in the middle of texas, just about
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an hour west of dallas. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, sam. you can see which way the tornado came. it moved what's left much this home across a field and into this thicket of trees. 72 people had to be hospitalized. [ sirens ] so many families, so many lives changed in a flash, this video shows the gigantic tornado falling from the sky smashing through homes in granbury, texas, overnight. there were at least three punishing north texas starting after dinner wednesday night. >> got a portion of the roof missing and several trees down in the area. >> reporter: the sky filled quickly with dark clouds and rained down baseball-size hail, hundreds were injured, more than 100 homes damaged or destroyed. >> it just hit something. >> reporter: more than a dozen people reported missing. >> we need a fox to respond for a critical patient. >> reporter: and authorities
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fear they'll find more dead this morning. >> some were found in houses, around houses. >> a young girl and apparently she was sucked out of her house and her leg was decapitated. are you okay, are you okay? >> reporter: families reported smelling gas and worried what's left of their homes would explode. >> we're still smelling gas. we don't know where it's coming from. >> you could hear the gas line on the other side of the road. >> reporter: every second matters. search crews went from house to house searching for survivors trapped underneath the rubble. >> our neighborhood is gone. it's just gone. we made it but there's a lot of people hurt out there. >> reporter: it's always amazing to see how all of this happens in an instant. the twisted metal and broken wood and the areas hardest hit police have forced everyone out. families were evacuated. many of them later today will be allowed to see what's left. robin? >> all right there, steve, thank you very much. sam was saying we're far from
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over with all this. let's bring in the mayor pro tem of granbury, texas, nin hulett who has been on the scene all night and joins us right now. mr. mayor, our sincere condolences to all the families who lost loved ones. i know it's been a very busy night. can you give us the latest situation there on the ground? >> yeah, it has been a very busy night for all the folks out here in this community. it's devastating. our highest priority right now is to try to get the people out there in those communities under shelter somewhere and to protect them and get accountability on some of the people that have not been accounted for right now, so it's been really devastating out here. we've got our counties working real hard on this. we got city officials and city police in there that are also helping out. the whole community has come together right now and hopefully by daybreak we can get in there and clean this up and try to rescue the people and get everybody in a safe environment
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right now. that's our key priority right now. >> and everyone, as you said, working so hard together. mr. mayor, you talk about the accountability of people. is there fear that some people may still be trapped? >> we don't really feel that. we think we've accounted for most of them or all the people right now. some we haven't accounted for we actually feel like they weren't at their homes at this time and that hopefully we're hoping for the best for that but there's still that possibility when we go in here and during daybreak and try to clean up some of the rubble here. >> how much warning did everybody have, mr. mayor? >> pretty much i think most of the people had about the same warning throughout the city, they had anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes. the sirens sounded off. i know myself i was on the golf course and heard it -- heard the sirens go off and headed to the clubhouse. before you could even get to the clubhouse, we had a pretty good
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size hail falling out of the sky and a lot of high winds. >> well, mayor pro tem nin hulett, thank you. thank you for taking the time to speak with us. we're thinking of everyone in that area. if you need anything, all you have to do is ask. thank you, mr. mayor. all the best to you. >> thank you very much. >> sam? >> we just don't want people to drop their guard. a third of the normal tornadoes for this time of year and been a light season so far. this came out of very violent spring storms right in the texas area. tornadoes can pop out just about any big severe weather. in the way of forecasting this is where the storms light up, we'll explain later but in the way of long-term forecasting, we see a zone right here this weekend that will probably be a really powerful setup for tornadoes and could really take that tornado count up if that forecast verifies later this weekend. robin? >> just takes one. >> yeah. >> wasn't a big outbreak but all it takes is one tornado. sam, thank you. we'll go to the white house after a furious day of damage control, facing tough questions and harsh criticism on three
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different controversies, president obama and his team fought back on all fronts yesterday and abc's jon karl is on top of all the action. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning. the president has been on fire -- under fire from all fronts including from some of his own allies who say he has been too passive in responding to all this, but now the president is firing back. the president was unsparing in his criticism of the irs for targeting conservative tea party groups. >> it's inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it and i'm angry about it. >> reporter: and promised immediate action starting with the resignation of the acting irs commissioner. >> i'll do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happens again. by holding the responsible parties accountable. >> reporter: although that doesn't appear to be immediate. in his letter of resignation deputy commissioner steven miller suggested that he would not be leaving right away,
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writing "as i wrap up my time at the irs, i will be focused on an orderly transition." with congress now poised to hold multiple investigations on the issue, speaker of the house john boehner says he wants more than resignations. >> now, my question isn't about who is going to resign. my question is, who's going to jail over the scandal? >> reporter: late wednesday the white house also gave in to republican demands to release 100 pages of e-mails detailing the behind-the-scenes conversation in the days after the terrorist attack in benghazi. the e-mails confirm what abc news first reported, the so-called talking points on the attack underwent 12 revisions deleting references to the terror threat in benghazi after the state department raised objections. senior administration officials, however, said it was deputy cia director mike morrell who actually made the changes by hand. the e-mails show that all 12 versions of the talking points said the attack was, quote, spontaneously inspired by protests in cairo, something that turned out not to be true.
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>> okay, jon, that is the irs controversy. the benghazi controversy and attorney general eric holder facing questions in this leak investigation whether the justice department went too far in seizing the phone records of the associated press. >> reporter: here at the white house you can tell there is a real concern about that. they have no control over that. they can't interfere with that investigation but the president has come out now to say he wants congress to pass a shield law which at least in theory could protect journalists from this in the future. >> overall the week started out so tough for the white house and you saw all that action yesterday. do they feel like they have this under control? >> reporter: i think they feel a lot better now than they did 24 hours ago, george. the response earlier on this was, look, none of this is in our control and now the president has taken action on the irs. they believe they can move on from this. but, of course, congressional hearings are just beginning on that. >> yeah, a lot of hearings tomorrow. jon, thanks very much. to josh with today's other top stories. good morning.
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we'll begin with the developing story from the middle east. an alleged plot to attack the u.s. embassy in cairo. this according to egypt state run media. government officials say three suspects linked to al qaeda targeted the u.s. and french embassies and planned to detonate car bombs. they were arrested last weekend and allegedly had ammonium nitrate at the time of the arrest, which is commonly used in bombs. an egyptian official says it appeared to be in its final stages. lawyers for the cleveland man accused of holding three women captive for a decade say he is not the monster people think he is. they say ariel castro plans to plead not guilty and they will likely ask for a change of venue for the trial. they say castro is despondent and loves the daughter he fathered with one of his alleged victims and is concerned about her future. and the search for another planet that can support life has suffered a major setback this morning. nasa's $600 million kepler telescope is broken. engineers say the stabilizing
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system suddenly failed and will likely doom the mission. since its launch four years ago the telescope has discovered 132 new planets. and despite the millions and millions of tickets sold, not a single person won last night's huge powerball lottery jackpot and you know what that means, the $363 million jackpot is now a lot bigger than $363 million. saturday's pot will be worth at least $475 million and that's not the only payday available this weekend. friday's mega millions worth, well, a mere $190 million so i decided to do a little math. and if you win both, that's going to mean you're going to be about $665 million richer before taxes and that's real good because, you know, that's probably going to happen and finally, proof that police work isn't all about getting the bad guys. police in portland, oregon shared this video.
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until he gives up the chase because look what's in the road. a family of ducks. he even actually stopped the police cruiser, got out, escorted the family across the way so to you traffic officer mark james, we thank you. we thank you. that's amazing. >> very fitting of ducks in portland, oregon. thank you there, josh, very much. now to o.j. simpson taking the stand for five hours on wednesday trying to convince a judge he was wrongly convicted back in 2008. it was dramatic testimony and abc's neal karlinsky has the latest for us. good morning, neal. >> reporter: good morning, robin. at times it seemed like o.j. simpson was enjoying himself on the witness stand he was loose and relaxed and
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looking forward to a long day of testimony. watching o.j. simpson take the stand, one hand left free, the other shackled it's hard to imagine this aging inmate is the same man who was once the symbol of a nation's racial divide. >> would you please tell the court how old you are today? >> 65. >> reporter: given the chance to tell his side of things, simpson didn't disappoint and he didn't hold back. even joking about drinking too much the afternoon before the botched and bizarre robbery that put him behind bars. i had a joke that my doctor says i should never have an empty glass is what i would tell the waitress, so, you know, we were celebrating. >> reporter: simpson wound up convicted of robbery and kidnapping in 2008 after he tried to get back his own mementos from a pair of sports memorabilia dealers. >> these are things i hadn't seen in ten years and i was a little emotional about it. >> reporter: his argument his lawyer at the time, yale galanter, did a terrible job defending him and even gave him
7:14 am
the green light to try to get back his belongings. >> i followed what i thought the law -- i didn't break into anybody's room. the guys acknowledged it was my stuff. >> reporter: while simpson's old charm was back on display the murders on everyone's minds for so long were never brought up. long time simpson observer mark geragos says simpson's charisma isn't the key because there's no jury this time, just a judge to impress. >> the judge is not going to care a whole lot whether he's joking or smiling. she's going to care about his demeanor when he's testifying. >> did you ever ask mcclinton or alexander to bring any weapons. >> no, not at all, never came up. >> reporter: simpson says he never was told of the early discussions of a plea deal between his lawyer and the prosecutors, a deal that could have meant a lot less prison time. >> do you recall any plea offer being given to you during the
7:15 am
trial? >> no. >> reporter: simpson's new lawyers say they are confident that this time he actually helped himself. >> it was his story that he got to tell and i think he did really, really well. >> reporter: the hearing will have a short day today and then testimony expected friday from yale galanter, the attorney that simpson blames for his conviction. he will likely have a very different take on the events. >> many can't wait to hear what he has to say, yes, there's no jury, but the public is watching and many feel that he is still charismatic. was it credible what he was saying? did it come across as credible to you? >> reporter: court observers, myself included believe he was very credible. it came across as kind of a knuckle-headed scheme. he thought he had permission from his lawyer, yale galanter. we'll hear what he has to say. his side of the story. neal, thanks very much.
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to a bizarre battle pitting modern-day robin hoods against officials in keene, new hampshire. the small town is suing the group for putting money in random parking meters before they expire claiming they are harassing police officers. and abc's linsey davis is there. sam wants to know more about it. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is the crux of the problem right here. parking meters. in this part of town a quarter will get you about 30 nu parking but there's a group here called the robin hooders and their two cents, people shouldn't have to pay for parking violations but some people say the way they're going about it is simply harassment. >> they're towing your car. >> what? >> reporter: as captured by "seinfeld" parking meters are something we've all had issues with but in this new hampshire town, one small group is stepping up. they call it robin hooding. about a half dozen men and women in a town of keene are armed with nickels and dimes helping people avoid parking tickets by feeding the meter. >> he was actually taking from
7:17 am
the team and redistributing it to the taxpayers. >> reporter: but not everyone is so appreciative of their actions. robin hood and five of his merry men have been slapped by a lawsuit by the city claiming theyparking enforcement officers. the robin hooters of keen record themselves on camera, often within feet of the enforcement officers as they look for expired meters. >> in a sense we're preventing the state from being able to steal from people through the parking system. >> reporter: the robin hooders say in the last six months alone they've saved 4,000 tickets, that's $20,000 in a city they say counts on generating about $250,000 in revenue from parking violations. it's nothing but the city retaliating against them for the lost money. >> it's not a lack of money. we have a fund that's separate and distinction from our general fund. >> reporter: our cameras were rolling as the tension grew in the street.
7:18 am
>> they're out here writing tickets where there's tons of empty spots. >> reporter: the city says one officer was so stressed by the robin hooders he actually suffered heart palpitations. this battle is far from over. they'll now hash it out in civil court. george and robin. >> i guess we'll have to stay on top of that one. how about the hairdo. >> right on, my man. right on. >> love it, love it, love it. >> i don't know. it seems like a nice thing to do. >> but be nice to the police officers. >> be nice to everyone. >> i love the idea of them putting money into the meter. >> you called it yesterday. heat coming our way. >> we're on our way to it. it's kind of like summer-like heat. jacksonville, tallahassee, atlanta is a part of this. look north and when you go from new york city at 87, washington, 87, new york at about 85 but i could see it kick up higher, new haven, almost 80, boston, 83 today. that is summerlike warmth all along the eastern sea board, finely chilly in that area. the rest of the country has seen numbers like that once or twice.
7:19 am
the east coast, not so much. here's what comes into the northwest here, much needed rain and cooler temperatures. we feel like by san francisco, redding, reno, much-needed rain. tough fire season if we don't start getting wet systems in here. one that will bring cooler temperatures and dampness there. quick look at the big board. that's the weather around the nation. eather around the nation.
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>> immediately following this broadcast, flip-flops. >> i'm in. >> flip-flops. >> well said. >> i thought you were going to say "gma" live. in flip-flops. >> thank you there, sam. he does love this. coming up, jodi arias fighting for her life in court. will she get the death penalty? dan and nancy here live to weigh in. dramatic video of a stroller tumbling on to the subway tracks with the toddler strapped inside saved just moments before the train came. we hear from one of the rescuers. >> what is this pilot about to write in the sky over l.a.? stopped in their tracks.oress.
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celebrate may the royal caribbean way. book by may 31st and get a free upgrade. >> from abc7 news. >> good morning, we are following breaking news from oakland where bart service is delayed due to someone would jumped on to the to which a train. parts of highway 24 were shut down but they have re-opened.
7:25 am
the incident is packing traffic on highway 24 north of 580 and the person who jumped on the rain could have been taken into custody and service is resuming. leyla gulen? >> as we look at sky 7, over the police activity, it look like they may have wrapped it up at mcarthur station and it will roll smoothly but we have 30 minutes of a delay headed into the following areas: pittsburg, fremont, richmond, and sfo. you are looking at at least 30 to hour wait and headed into those areas and highway 24, now open in both directions. eric? >> when we come back our mete
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>> good morning, live doppler 7 hd dialed in on the east bay, especially the valleys getting reports from livermore with rain stretching down across the bum car ton
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what a jaw-dropping moment. you saw it right there. toddler strapped inside goes tumbling on to the tracks. mother trying to save the baby. everyone is fine after a fast rescue and coming up, we are going to hear from one of the good samaritans who made it all okay. >> it was great to see so many people jump in. it just takes a second. you turn your back for a millisecond and that's what can happen. also, a dramatic and emotional day in court for jodi arias fighting for her life right now. dan and nancy are going to weigh in live just ahead. and then also coming up "star trek" so which sal dan know, what a backlash. >> known for her role as winnie cooper and who can forget "the
7:31 am
wonder years." i do. why she's turning heads for a provocative stance on parenting. >> we will find out a little later. >> now, josh, to the latest in the jodi arias trial. the jury saying the way her ex was killed was "so cruel" and the question, well, she deserves the death penalty? ryan owens has the latest from phoenix, arizona. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the penalty fwaz officially kicks off this morning after the same jury that convicted jodi arias of first degree murder ruled her crime was so cruel, she's eligible for the death penalty. >> we the jury duly impaneled and sworn in the above-entitled action find that it has been proven. >> reporter: she did not even flinch when the jury moved her one step closer to death row and no wonder. this is one verdict she had to see coming. >> was he alive when you stabbed him in the heart?
7:32 am
>> was being stabbed in the back of the head? >> yes. >> reporter: all the prosecutor had to prove is the death of arias' ex-boyfriend, travis alexander was especially cruel. there was never much doubt about that. the 32-year-old admits she stabbed him 27 times and shot him in the face. >> and that's why you see on the left hand the defensive wounds and what he tries to do as he tries to reach up, is to try to take the knife away from her. >> reporter: prosecutor juan martinez told the jury travis alexander was fighting for his life and in excruciating pain as arias just kept stabbing him. those details and the autopsy photos too much for alexander's family to bear. >> it was only death that relieved that pain and it was only death that relieved that anguish. >> reporter: jodi arias cried throughout. at one point she mouthed no as the prosecutor said she attacked her victim as he sat defenseless in his shower.
7:33 am
arias' attorneys didn't have much to offer only that spd may not have been in so much pain because of adrenaline pumping through his body and because the murder was quick, less than two minutes. >> for two minutes. >> reporter: in response martinez had the courtroom sit silent for two minutes. >> those two -- approximate two minutes we're talking about must have seemed like more than two lifetimes. >> reporter: the penalty phase will get off to a very emotional start when the jury hears for the very first time from travis alexander's family. two of his siblings are expected to deliver victim impact statements in just a couple of hours. george? >> okay, thanks, ryan. more on this with our legal team, nancy grace host of her own show on hln and "gma" legal analyst dan abrams and, dan, did not seem to be a tough decision for the jury? no, this was the easy part for prosecutors. when you think about what type of murder this was, the number
7:34 am
of stab wounds, tact that there were stab wounds in the back and that there was a gunshot. all of this together, it would have been stunning if the jury had not come back and determined that they at least survived this burden, which is to demonstrate there's an aggravating factor which allows them to get at a death penalty phase. what's going to happen here and why it's going to get tougher for prosecutors they'll have to weigh the aggravating factors against the mitigating ones. the question is going to be what exactly are the mitigating factors for jodi arias and we're already seeing the seeds of that from the defense. >> nancy, what do you think she can argue? >> well, i think that she's basically going to throw herself on the jury's mercy and hope that one of them will have second doubts -- second thoughts about the death penalty, i expect that wild horses couldn't drag arias away from the stand. last night she was tweeting from behind bars so i think she will take the stand. i think that a former lover with
7:35 am
whom she lived for a long time, years, left him to go to alexander, jerrold brewer will take the stand, he's the one she borrowed the gas cans from that turned up to be a major focus of the trial. i think she will have childhood friends, her mother, her grandmother and see everything from kindergarten photos to save her life. >> you said you don't think it's a death penalty case but everyone on the jury is at least open to the possibility of the death penalty. >> to sit on a death penalty case, you have to be able to say, i could impose the death penalty in a case like this. my point in this has been not that the prosecutors won't be able to prove the aggravating factors and not that the jury may not come back and say that the aggravating factors outweigh the mitigating ones. i believe from day one juan martinez never should have pursued it as a death penalty case because i don't believe that this is so unique, so the worst of the worst, such a l cah
7:36 am
penalty should apply. this is a horrific domestic murder case and they happen a lot and i think this we have to use the death penalty more scarcely. >> do you think jodi has a chance with her argument. >> i think she has a chance and her argument it seems to be now she's bipolar and this may have been a violent outburst. i think nancy is right about the types of defenses you're going to see but, look, remember, jodi arias lied to these jurors. these jurors believe jodi arias sat on the witness stand and lied to them. so this isn't just about theoretical lying and that's the problem i think jodi arias has at this point, these jurors don't believe her. >> we'll switch gears, nancy to o.j. simpson. it seemed to a lot of court observers including our own neal karlinsky he was pretty credible at his turn on the witness stand. >> nancy. >> nancy. i think we lost her. o.j. simpson case. >> he's got no chance.
7:37 am
basically no -- he was very charming. o.j. simpson is a charming guy. i remember during the civil case to talk to him in the hallway and testified in that case. he can be incredibly charming but you can't retry the case now and that's kind of what he's trying to do to say, you know what, i probably should have taken the stand in that case. my lawyer convinced me thought to take the stand. the judge specifically asked the defendant are you waiving your right to take the stand and o.j. simpson saying yes, he is a smart guy. not someone who didn't understand the proceedings. to win in a case like this to show ineffective assistance of counsel, lawyers often joke that the lawyer basically has to be drooling. i mean they have had cases where lawyers have been inebriated, have had mental problems, lawyers haven't prepared for the case and all of those cases the court said, that's not ineffective assistance of counsel so think about a case like this, has a high-profile lawyer in yale galanter. i understand that o.j. simpson thinks yale galanter did a terrible job for him but that's not ineffective assistance of counsel. >> we'll get the answer from yale galanter, at least his
7:38 am
testimony on friday. >> yeah. >> dan, thanks very much. i'm sorry we lost that communication with nancy. i'm sure she'll be back next time. >> i'm surprised we still can't hear her. >> george, we'll start with terrible storms that were in texas. violent and deadly storms. you're seeing some lightning that went around ft. worth and now some pictures, live pictures coming out of the granbury, texas, area where in that powerful thunderstorm, supercell thunderstorm at least three tornadoes popped out. one of the worst damage in two communities in granbury, texas, there. again, we know that this storm was deadly and very destructive through the area. it's difficult to imagine right around dinnertime when the first watches came out around 8:00 p.m. when the tornado moved through those two communities just throwing buildings around, cars around, an awful lot of damage in that area. and, remember, there were 80-mile-per-hour winds in that storm at the same time and about 4-inch hailstones reported there so just a horrifying night for a lot of people in central texas. here's where the storms will light up today. we'll watch that cold front mov
7:39 am
just some scattered storms but in any violent storm in any severe storm a tornado can pop out and even though we've had a light spring tornado season, we need to be aware of that. this is where it's most likely today right around rapid city and into the west, this area of high pressure, this drying high has kept any moisture from getting in here and even this new northwestern system that will drop down rain into northern california won't do the good deed of swinging rain into the area that needs it desperately. san diego, cooler. yuma, 98. >> all that weather was brought to you by target. we'll have more of america's weather coming up in the next
7:40 am
half hour. >> thanks, sam. >> thanks, sam. we'll also hear from a rescuer right there after a stroller with a toddler strapped inside fell on to the tracks. mom racing right after her baby. >> baby's okay. the baby is okay, thankfully. and the wonder years star turning heads for her provocative take on parenting. come on back. yes! yes!!!! i'm accepted! it's amazing! i'm going to college. it's official. [screaming] i'm going to college! [screaming] yeah!!! i'm going to college! ♪ i need all the help i can get. i tell them, "come straight to the table." i say, "it's breakfast time, not playtime."
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we are back now at 7:43 with
7:44 am
the story behind the dramatic video of a stroller with a toddler strapped in as it tumbles on to an active train track in philadelphia. the mother and a good samaritan racing to the rescue and abc's john muller has the story. >> reporter: the video is heart-stopping. a mother and her 14-month-old waiting on the subway in philadelphia wednesday when she looks away for a moment. watch again, it takes seven seconds. the stroller slowly rolls towards the tracks. then tumbles over the edge and flips upside down. the toddler still strapped inside. >> it's heart wrenching because you can anticipate it. >> reporter: without hesitating, the mother jumps on to the tracks as this woman pushes an emergency call button. then as a good samaritan pulls the child to safety another man jumps on to the tracks to help the mother. >> one of our busiest lines and our trains run quite often. in this case, yeah, the stroller went into the track area at a time when fortunately there were no trains running. >> reporter: this isn't the
7:45 am
first time a stroller falling on to the train tracks has been caught on video. it happened at least twice before in australia. in 2009 and again in 2010 strollers rolled off platforms and landed under moving rains. although the video is shocking in both of these incidents, the children were okay and this morning the philadelphia toddler seen here being taken by police officers and paramedics to a waiting ambulance is doing well with only a cut to her forehead. all witnesses say because the city of brotherly love lived up to its name. for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> so happy everything is okay. >> yeah. >> all right. hey, coming up, "star trek" headliner zoe saldana making waves for her stunning cover shoot. and the backlash right now. and the "play of the day." find out why this guy, sky writer above los angeles, was stopping traffic. i'd say to freeze it but we would be here for quite some
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then, here's the "play of the day." >> this is wildly viral right here. what -- skypad party, one of "gma's" new generic hits we're listening to. because we're going to the skies and kind of showing this to you over los angeles and you might be wondering what exactly is this plane trying to spell out. the plane is being flown by a comedian and so when you take a look at it all, turns out he wrote, how do i land? >> quick question mark. >> question mark which is tremendous. >> that's not easy to do. >> again, it was curt brownlower. he said, his reason for being a comedian is to insert absurdity or stupidity into strangers' lives in order to make the world a better place. >> to follow up, how did he land?
7:51 am
>> well, i hope. safely or segment five tomorrow. coming up here, "deals & steals," great bargains for 20 bucks or less and unkind to the banana man but we have the banana stand here which means "arrested development" is this close to being back. frozen bananas for all. go nowhere. >> oh, my. for the strong and the elegant.
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7:56 am
good morning, we follow news from oakland where police arrested a man who jumped on a bart train, impacting the service at mcarthur station. he was running on the freeway after jumping on the train. bart service has resumed and traffic is moving again on highway 24 near 580. we will check with meteorologist, mike nicco on this cool and wet day. >> let me zoom out, our best chance of measurable rain, less
7:57 am
than .1" through noon and much warmer this week. leyla gulen? >> now that bart is moving again in oakland, or at the mcarthur station we still have 30 to 40-minute delays so a look outside at san jose, the 101 freeway coming away from 880, certainly looking busy to the
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm glad you came ♪ i'm glad you came and we are so glad. we've got a huge crowd out in times square on a warm thursday morning, as well, and what is out there? what are they holding? frozen bananas. bluth's original frozen banana stand. "arrested development." really excited, josh? >> i am. oh, so good. >> it has been on a world tour as part of a countdown to a brand-new season and excited it made its way to times square bright and early. a frozen banana early in the morning. mm-mm. >> delicious. they'll release every episode of the new season, man on the run. >> oh! >> i love bananas.
8:01 am
>> that's one of the best banana suits i've seen. yes. >> how do you do it delicately? >> i don't know. i'm going to -- >> break off a piece. >> i'm going to suggest we break off pieces. >> let's all just turn around. >> no, no, no. no! all right, fine. i'll keep talking. hey, everybody, coming up, "star trek" headliner zoe saldana making waves for a stunning cover shoot and the growing backlash because of it this morning. we'll explain. >> mm-mm. >> all right. >> same sorry. i'm swallowing chocolate bananas right now and great "deals & steals," everything is just 20 bucks or less for our "gma" viewers. >> i'm going to let that sink in. as we move on to the news, josh. we are going to begin with those deadly tornadoes that sam has been tracking overnight. they slammed into north texas. they killed at least six
8:02 am
yesterday. they injured dozens of people southwest of dallas. trapped residents had to be pulled from twisted debris but several people are still unaccounted for. many schools are closed. thousands of people had to spend the night in the dark, and we, of course, will have updates throughout the morning here on the program. we are following breaking news overseas for you, a suicide car bombing in afghanistan's and six americans including four civilian contractors have been killed in the explosion. there's been a surge of violence in recent weeks after the taliban launched its spring offensive. and president obama is expected to answer questions today about the scandal at the irs. he has already accepted the resignation of steven miller, the agency's acting commissioner amid the growing outcry over the agency's targeting of conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status. the president is promising new oversight to make sure it never happens again. meanwhile, the first congressional hearing on the scandal gets under way tomorrow. and you've heard of take
8:03 am
your child to work day, but what about take your grandchild to congress day. that can be a bit tricky. >> -- can hide their identities. >> no. >> -- where criminals -- >> the boy is sweet. north carolina congressman mel watt doubling as a baby-sitter for his 2-year-old grandson during a very important hearing yesterday with the attorney general. little nico, well behaved pulled it together at least until it was grandpa's turn to speak. in the end, however, nico was a very good little lad. >> he got his way. >> i will sit here and i'm going to ruin everything. >> thanks there, josh. to "pop news." lara? >> indeed, good morning, everybody. and speaking of, well "arrested development," we know we have the chocolate banana truck is outside and there's great buzz for the new season. it is reaching a fever pitch. fans aren't the only ones excited. about the return of the show, wall street going bananas, as well.
8:04 am
shares of netflix jumped wednesday to their highest level in a year, and it surged more than 150% since january thanks in large part to the hit comedy. and i'm sure "house of cards" may have helped a little bit, as well. the entire fourth season of "arrested development" will be stream iing on netflix starting sunday, may 26th. >> can i just say right now to whom it may concern, so monday may 27th i'm out. like i am out. all my -- i will be out. 7:00 a.m. i'll be hitting episode 14. it will be good. i'll call in. >> thanks for the warning. >> you bet. big news also for "funny or die" fans. the new season will feature its first black character and here's your first look, sort of. >> i'm the new owner of "downton abbey." >> that would be "funny or
8:05 am
die's" version of "downton" abbey" starring sean "diddy" combs. sneak peek on "gma." in their latest collection of amazingly viral videos. you can see the whole diddy clip on "funny or die" later this morning. if diamonds are a girl's best friend, may i present, ladies your new biffle. the largest flawless colorless diamond ever to sell at auction. 101 carats. it sold for a record $26.7 million at christie's auction house in geneva short of the $30 million they hoped it would get. the pear-shaped stone cut from a rough diamond weighing, oh, 236 carats. it took 21 months to polish. a diamond like this deserves a name. the person winning will have the honor. that is "pop news." >> that is great, lara. thank you. i'm not the buyer. >> did you see -- >> oh, yeah. >> when is too much? >> no, that -- >> that's perfect. >> that's it. so right there. >> that was a pretty nice diamond. wow. hey, sam. >> good morning, you guys.
8:06 am
hey, by the way, the nickname of that diamond right now is mike because it was like michelangelo created a thing of beauty but you get -- you do actually get to, lara, you're right, rename the diamond. hi, everybody, take a look because when you walk outside this door you never really know what's going on, but i can't -- let's just go over here. good morning, everybody. how are you guys? where are you from? >> mckinney, texas. >> plano, texas. >> charlotte. >> all right, charlotte. >> charlotte. >> charlotte. a whole group of charlotte. everybody, we're working our way there. hang tight. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we want to share with you. live shot out of atlanta, one of the places where the heat is on all the way up the eastern seaboard. expect those warm temperatures, but it's not all weekend long, by the way. into the northeast from the great lakes there will be a shot of cooler air. this means that you can enjoy the heat today in boston, but by saturday and sunday, you've got
8:07 am
>> make it gorgeous today. happy birthday, by the way. let's go inside now, everybody, to -- >> all: lara. >> thank you so much. and here's ray look at what's coming up on your gma "morning menu." "star trek's" zoe saldana and the backlash over her stunning cover shoot. the hottest stars hitting the red carpet. the inside scoop on the glam at cannes. and "the wonder years" star speaking out now about her
8:08 am
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8:12 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing gets you going quite like the power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. everyone out there in times square. the hottest topics trending. zoe saldana, star of the new "star trek," topless on the cover of "allure" magazine. there she is right now. but it's the headline that's causing controversy and abc's amy robach is here with the details >> that's right. we know actresses are always sharing their fitness routines and diets with fans but it's
8:13 am
extremely rare if not unheard of for an actress to reveal her exact weight on the cover of a magazine and guess what, it now has everyone talking. ♪ >> reporter: actress zoe saldana may be baring it allen 0 the cover of "allure" magazine. >> first time i've shown so much of myself on a shoot. >> reporter: but this morning it's this headline t right of her stunning photo that's generating a backlash. it reads zoe saldana, 115 pounds of grit and heartache. and while some say it was meant to be positive, many women are now questioning if a magazine would ever publish a man's weight. >> this is absolutely ridiculous. i don't know what they were thinking. it must have been just for the shock value because stars never reveal their weight. >> reporter: late wednesday the controversy rocketed across the internet. one person tweeting "zoe saldana's weight revealed on "allure cover." for every step forward mags tak
8:14 am
magazine cover for a celebrity is a good idea. we have too many young girls with body images already." >> for some gls ty'll have veryite reaction. for other girls who may be more susceptible to eating disorder behavior, this may serve as a triggerw they need to lose weight. >> reporter: "allure" magazine is asking for reader comments on facebook. some people have said citing her weight on the cover was a mistake. the magazine writes "here's your chance to sound off. tell us what you think." meantime, this morning one industry insider says "allure" may not have intended to cause a media frenzy. >> i really think the editors were setting out to be complimentary. they wanted to show that a woman could be small in size but powerful in spirit. >> reporter: saldana hasn't weighed in on the controversial headlines. but has said she's happy with how the photo shoot turned out.
8:15 am
and you know what, i think we were all talking. she looks great. she's fit. she does pilates three times a week, a healthy girl and hopefully it sees like she was trying to put fort a positive image. >> like don't let the frame fool you. she's got a punch. >> small package. >> right, right. don't think th >> a better headline for sure. don't let the frame fool you. >> i say it all the time. don't let the frame fool you. hey, amy, thanks. thanks so much, always great to see you. next up on our "heat index," the stars of "the great gatsby" shining on the red carpet at cannes, the glamorous film festival kicking off and paula faris is here with much more on that. good morning, paula. >> good morning to you, robin. so what do you get when you mix hollywood a-lister, designer duds and an outright downpour? well, they won at the cannes film festival but rained on their parade, it didn't dampen the mood nor the glitz and
8:16 am
glamour. ♪ it's hollywood's hottest affair and a little rain couldn't stop these stars from shining on the cannes, well, wet carpet, the film festival kicking off wednesday night with only the greatest gatsby and vintage inspired fashion from carey mulligan with a pale pink dior to isla fisher in this red tiered oscar de la renta. even leo and tobey looking dapper despite the downpour. >> they let go of their umbrella to cover the women who were wearing couture gowns and allow themselves to get completely soaked which only made them more sexier. >> the women daring to bare with slits down to there and elaborate embellishments across the board like nicole kidman in this dior, hot pink jimmy choos and for author of idea decades" it was a knock out of the park.
8:17 am
>> nicole kidman nailed it. embroidery, super modern and this flash of color for the shoes. she was just extraordinarily beautiful. >> reporter: no game changer here, julianne moore stuck with the designer dior in this pocketed frock, but her toes, not quite as comfortable. >> unfortunately the shoes were a little small making her toes look like birds on a perch. >> reporter: cindy crawford in white hot robert cavalli. >> wearing a cavalli dress that highlighted and accented every  b >> reporter: i mean festival like any other.qay >> imagining oscars on steroids and it's very international. >> and though it feels like a fashion fest it is all about the films and 20 will be vying for best picture presented in less than two weeks.
8:18 am
i love7>  the1imjy chivalry. male co-stars holding the umbrella. something that you gentlemen would do. >> always. >> always. >> everyone looked great. nicole kidman, two thumbs up. >> the prize for that story. what happens? >> you dish. >> i'll go. you for that. hey, robbie, you're supposed to tell everybody. >> to see all of hollywood's stars on the carpet at cannes -- >> thank you, robin. burning up our "heat index," the surprising revelation from danica mckellar. so many watched her grow up as winnie cooper on "the wonder years." now she is a best-selling author of a mathematics for kids oopz book and only stopped breast-feeding her 2 1/2-year-old son and abc's abbie boudreau has the story. ♪
8:19 am
>> reporter: she's best known as the girl that american boys all had a crush on on tv's "the wonder years." >> insensitive, gutless and smug. >> all of these years later are leop still shouting hey, winnie? >> yes, yes, they are and somewhere there's going to be a headline that says win bring breast-feeds her child while he's 2 1/2. >> reporter: now danica mckellar is turning heads for a different reason, this time for her real-life role as a mom. >> i breast fed my child until he was 2 1/2 so a few weeks ago we stopped. big transition. >> reporter: was it more of a transition for you or for him? >> that's a good question. probably pore for me. he's fine. i just sensed that he needed to be a little more independent. >> reporter: she is one of many 450r8dqzy[ moms practicing attachment parenting which encourages mothers to breast-feed their babies sometimes into toddlerhood and says it's okay to have your babies sleep with you in your bed. ♪ i'll be your keeper >> reporter: from seven-time grammy winner alanis morissette.
8:20 am
>> i know some children that have weaned unnaturally at 2 years, some a couple years later. >> reporter: to actress mayim bial bialik. >> they have incredible children who they nursed well past 3 1/2. i don't get to say what's right for someone else. >> reporter: her new book -- isn't he getting old for that. >> wearing a nursing shield, you know what, you can't let that stuff get to you. i bring him into the bed with me sometimes and snuggle and go to sleep together which is the cutest thing in the world. i love being close to him. >> reporter: she says she and her son draco share a close bond even their own language. >> when they're hungry, they cry. when you're 2 1/2 you can ver l verbalize -- >> we call it num-nums. >> reporter: mckellar writes math books for children but this best-selling author didn't let breast-feeding slow her down. >> young, i hadn't mastered -- i
8:21 am
learned to type with one hand and like to say the only type of formula i use is in a math book. >> reporter: though critics warn extreme attachment parenting can lead to behavioral problems mckellar worried. >> cuddling, being close, sleeping in the same bed, wearing in a sling is long-term closeness. doing everything your child wants you to do when they wants you to do it is a completely different thing. >> reporter: she's encouraging moms to follow their instincts and take a cue from their child. >> you can breast-feed for as long as it works for both you and your child. >> reporter: for abc news, abbie boudreau, los angeles. >> to each his own. we want to hear what you think. how old is a child to be breast fed. i believe robin, sam and josh are outside. >> big "deals & steals." >> to be outside.
8:22 am
♪ i'm a big girl now." amazing secret1ór%d "deals & st" everything you're about to see, $20 or less and all these bargains will go quickly so head to ourpú on yahoo! for all the promo codes and links you need to get the bargains and tory johnson, you have done it yet again. >> ready, v@héñ >> makeup. >> first one. laura geller is a beautiful makeup ÷;rxwartist. one of the best-selling makeup artist and some of these are her best-selling products. spackle for under your eyes, lipsticks, you cannot move that. it is set in place. you can move this, though. so her big collection that she's assembled for us normally $18 to $35 but laura geller hooked us up with at least a 50% discount starting at just $9. >> true bargain. this is always very popular. >> very popular. okay. she makes these beautiful bracelets.
8:23 am
such a big stone and you can layer them. i would literally put all of these on. i love the look of bigcñxxx chu bracelets. 128 karat gold plating. silk cord. amazing for stacking, layering, normally $85, slashed by 77%, 20 bucks. sissy yates. an assortment of all those stones. >> gorgeous. >> this one is super special. >> you're modeling. channeling a little oprah here because oprah covered the june cover ofxv e "o" magazine weari this yellow one. you can see it right there. >> how? >> i'm wearing it because i'll enter into "o" magazine's contest for a chip to maui. i'm thinking if i wear it maybe i'll win. first time gap has ever done a deal like this for "good morning america." today only whether you go into the stores or on our website and get all the details when you go on our website for what you have
8:24 am
to say to the sales associate all of the women's woven shirts, all these beautiful button down, normally $50 to $60 slashed by 60% at $20. >> this is good too because normally talking about smaller companies so the gap now. >> we got gap and oprah in this deal. could it get any bigger? >> the audience is talking for me. do i get this online or go into the store? >> either one. either one. you have to go to on yahoo! to find out what to say when you go into the store. >> log on right now. >> hurry, hurry, hurry. >> here we go. i love this company, they make notebooks, you get to personalize and not only notebooks but we have a little one for sarina but also these really beautiful cards where you can personalize what you print on the back, so i love this.
8:25 am
monogram and inside pages, the most fun to be able to0rwgo mak these things, normally $12 to $30, slashed in half starting at just 6 bucks.[&ú# may designs. really fun. >> last but not least.1!$j >> ready? oh. >> this is a black & decker single serve coffeemaker. right in here you can use coffee beans, whatever your choice is, whatever beans you love to use or pods. this is so perfect for a dorm. so perfect for at your desk when everybody, you're the only one that drinks it. amazing deal, normally $25 slashed in half, $12.50. you have an exclusive deal coming up on "gma live" andjoe exclusives on the website. >> get the codes and links for these at on yahoo! and as you said, two more exclusive deals plus another bonus offer
8:26 am
only on "gma live." thank you very much and good luck in the contest. >> do you think a little -- ♪ aloha >> the legendary june carter cash and she's performing live only on "gma."
8:27 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, i am kristen sze. we follow developing news from san jose. a man is being questioned in connection with a triple stabbing that killed two people and injured another. the attack happened at a home at viewmont avenue at 4:00 p.m. and police picked up 24-year-old ruben ramirez, a "person of interest" in the stabbing death of a one-year-old boy and his 48-year-old grandmother. this shows the seen, a three-year-old girl, also stabbed, was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. now the morning commute. leyla gulen? >> better on bart. if you are traveling through the east bay, to mcarthur station we have 10 to 15 minute delay so
8:28 am
not so bad as before. the map was green and that is an indication of rain falling. we have an accident westbound 580, and snarled traffic out there, a look at walnut creek southbound 680, heavy conditions down to 24. kristen? >> we will see when the
8:29 am
>> live doppler 7 hd showing a layer of light rain sprinkles fe
8:30 am
better part of the morning. by the a ♪ you're the ship i'm the wreck ♪ ♪ you're the bomb i'm the tick you're the pause before the fall i'm the crash that follows it all ♪ ♪ we are one we are whole we are one whole dying soul ♪ ♪ we're the crash the burn the dream that turns from ecstasy to aching ♪ >> how lovely is that? a little piece of jewel this morning. she's going to sing and play and tell us all about playing country music star june carter cash, a new lifetime movie. out here in the patch. this thursday morning.
8:31 am
>> just hanging out in the patch. >> just hanging. >> hanging in the patch. >> such a nice day. >> i like when you hang in the patch. it makes me feel very tall. >> i knew you were going to say that. also ahead, "behind the candelabra," is one of the most anticipated movies and the man who made it happy is here this morning, executive producer, jerry weintraub. >> i love you, jerry. >> who doesn't love jerry? he'll join us with a sneak peek and brought some clothes with him. >> costumes. >> i'll never know. >> never disappoints. >> bringing the cape back, by the way. bringing the cape back. i don't know. you can show the whole weather map on the inside of that cape. >> oh, sam, don't give me any ideas for christmas. also, so many people crowding the bluth's original banana stand. it's up. it's running right here only on "good morning america." >> while you can. >> very excited. "arrested development." >> josh will be able to download it and watch it live streaming.
8:32 am
and, again, we're never far away from the banana stand. >> monday, may 27th. i apologize for whatever this might look like. we have had a blast. it's been as funny as week as we have ever had here at "gma." we've had jimmy kimmel stop by, jesse tyler ferguson, eric stonestreet, of course, "modern family" visiting us here in times square, but now, well, it was our turn to make our own laughs, and you might not actually know this, check it out. we actually wear these little small earpieces so that our producers can rant and rave in our ears. >> chris and denise, there they are. just harsh -- rap, rap, rap. >> yep. that's what we hear a lot. >> they're usually trying to tell us what to do, however, we decided that we were going to send sam out to the people of times square and tell him to do exactly what he was to do. >> by the way, people had no clue. >> check it out. >> sam's our man on the sidewalk every day meeting and greeting our audience. >> listen, everybody. >> so for this, a week so full
8:33 am
of laughs, we decided to have a few of our own with our visitors without them suspecting a thing. >> sam, i know you can hear us, now, you must do everything that josh and i tell you to do. you cannot alert the audience that you are doing so. sam, sam, now you need to speak to them in a british accent. >> hello, hello. hello. hello. hello, i'm sam. >> ask them if this suit looks as good on me as i think it does. >> does this suit look as good on me as i think it does? >> see the woman in front of you. >> yes. >> i need you to walk up to her, put her hand close to your cheek and sing "close to you" by the carpenters. ♪ why do birds suddenly appear every time you are here ♪ >> the next day amy joined in the fun. >> all right, now, sam, i want you to take off your jacket and say, it's getting hot in here and start dancing. ♪ it's getting hot in here
8:34 am
♪ so take off all your clothes >> sam, take your tie off next and then swing it around. >> i'm getting a little warm. that's it. [ cheers and applause ] >> fun every morning. they are the bright and shining spot of all of our mornings too. >> it didn't faze them at all. you guys, nobody cared if we were singing to them. everybody was fine with it. >> a little bit. >> fazed them a whole lot. >> sam actually pulled the rip cord on it. he was like, i'm too tired. i couldn't keep going. >> you made that last one physical. hop on one leg for an hour. >> you guys are an awesome audience, a particularly awesome audience. >> every one of you. >> let's just get in the middle. let's just get in the middle right now. i'm always on tv. you guys -- in front. tell me your name. >> gentle parrish. >> gentle? >> yes. >> that is a gorgeous name. welcome to town. where are you from?
8:35 am
>> mississippi. >> one or two things we want to share with you. >> now do it in a british accent. >> hello, mineral well, texas, we've got an awful lot of shots of strong weather overnight and just the size of those hailstones alone. softball-size. four-inch hailstones. ft. worth, another area where lightning was coarsing through town as the rough storms up to 80-mile-an-hour winds in the storms. just a reminder that we don't need to tell you it's a particularly dangerous situation, any thunderstorm can be, and today those storms are in a good part of the country in dallas again to washington, d.c. and working their way west. here in the northwest we've got this large area of rain. this is needed rain. cooler temperatures. most folks are kind of glad to see it move in. portland, about 68 degrees. we need to get some of that rain into california, even into southern california but this batch won't go tha
8:36 am
>> all that weather was brought to you by quaker oatmeal. just ten feet from where we are right now is our lara spencer ready to move on with the show. good morning, lara. >> thank you so much, sam. thank you, sam. hey, everybody, the new "it" girl. greta gerwig. she wrote, stars in and produces a brand-new movie, it's called "frances ha" about a young woman trying to hang on to her youth, find her way. major critical buzz for the film. and it is so great to have you here. congratulations. >> thank you so much. it's so exciting to be here. >> you've been called "it" girl. does that term freak you out? sound great to you? >> i mean, it's a pretty awesome thing to be while it lasts. i'm just trying not to hang on to it because eventually i'll be the not it girl so being cool with where it's going. >> such a great way to be. >> that's a great way to be.
8:37 am
in the movie "frances ha," you wrote it, you star in it and i know it's about a young woman who's struggling with a best friend, they're sort of breaking up, if you will. she's not really sure what to do about her career as a dancer. how much did you pull from your own life? >> i mean i pulled a lot from my own life because it's really a love story about friendship and i have these amazing female friends, but i'm 29 now, and i think in your late 20s, you go through this transition with your friends where you realize you're not all going to live in a house together which like i always kind of thought we would do and so did frances and i mean i've never been a dancer and a lot of it is made up but like it takes place in new york, and i live here, and i love new york. so it's really like a tribute to things i love in a way and i think hopefully it makes people really happy. even though it's about struggles, it's really funny. >> and all filmed in black and white which is an interesting way to do a film in an age where we're seeing 3d and big explosions. why that choice? >> well, it's revolutionary.
8:38 am
it's in black and white. we felt like it was grand and cinematic and romantic and it made it feel like this big movie and it's got a big -- lot a classic rock in it like david bowie, glorious black and white movie with david bowie in it and we felt like, you know, she was living in this beautiful world that she doesn't even know she's living in. >> let's take a look, everybody. >> okay, great. >> "frances ha." >> oh, i love -- i'm so glad you're here. >> you look great. really great. >> could you see me? >> yeah, we were in the risers. we could see it from the back. >> ooh. >> i'm sorry. i had to take my -- congratulations. >> thank you. >> should we all go out for a quick drink? >> a quick drink? >> yeah, we have to get up early tomorrow. >> tomorrow is saturday. >> but we have to catch a flight in the morning to meet my parents. >> i haven't packed yet. you know me. >> last-minute mabel. >> ronald broom follower. >> aaagh.
8:39 am
>> i so know what you're going through. it's very subtle. it's so well acted. everybody, that was sting's daughter. >> yes, yes. >> playing your best friend sophie in the film. >> she's amazing. you would never know, though, she is the most humble person in the world. i didn't even know she was sting's daughter until a few weeks in. i was like, oh, my god, really. >> and she can act. i know you're too humble to say it but you were saying mike nichols and our diane sawyer and mike nichols said he loved it. that's a really good sign. >> he's one of my heroes so it was really exciting. >> congratulations. all the best to you. and, everybody, please check out "frances ha" it opens in new york and los angeles on friday. and we hope to see you soon. >> thank you. >> right now though we're going back inside because the executive producer of "behind the candelabra" is here with brand-new footage from one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and we just love him. holding a sneaker, there he is, mr. jerry weintraub.
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
happy birthday out there in times square and they're probably hearing all about "behind the candelabra." the hbo film stars michael douglas and matt damon as liberace and his much younger lover debuting at the cannes film festival. here's a sneak peek. >> i've been playing this boogie woogie eight beats to the bar, and i'd like to play it 16 beats a bar. ♪
8:43 am
♪ >> wow! he's incredible. >> the whole movie is incredible. we're going to talk to the stores but this morning the man behind it all, executive producer jerry weintraub. welcome back, jerry, great to see you. >> great to see you. >> you've had so many blockbusters, "the karate kid" movies, all the "oceans" movies. you've been in this business, it seems like forever. you think this is the movie that people are going to remember. >> i really do. it's so different and gordon vince saw it and told me, it comes out of your business, in your world, and i showed it to him and he said this is very bold. so i do. i think it's a picture -- >> no question it is bold. it kind of takes your breath away. >> yeah. >> as you're watching it. and i saw that michael douglas
8:44 am
said that he couldn't imagine if he were matt damon's age he would have had the guts to play this part. was it hard to get him to do this? >> no, it was easy. i had a great script by richard lagravenese, and i had a great director in soderbergh, and these two guys came on, and they went full out for it. they just went for it, and it wasn't easy to do, and for matt to do it, he's at the peak of his career, michael is also, again, now at the peak of his 18th career, he's older, so it's easier for him to say yes to something like this. but for matt, it's a big step. but he did it, and he did a great job. in fact, the first scene that we shot, soderbergh was on the camera, and i was sitting at my monitor, and i -- the scene was matt coming out of the swimming pool in a very brief little bathing suit. he got out of the swimming pool. >> that's the one where he's wearing the bathing suit. okay. >> he comes out wearing the bathing suit. he looks fantastic with this blond hair, and michael is lying
8:45 am
in a caftan next to the pool, and matt gets out and walks towards michael. michael says, "com m adonis" and lays down on top of michael, and they start kissing each other and really start kissing each other. by the way, michael said it 't his hands on matt's behind, and matt was moving up and down and kissing him, and i said, oh, my god, what did i do? these are my friends. what did i do, and i got up and i looked to my left and there was a woman standing there, i took my headsets off, and it was matt's mother and i said, uh-oh. i'm in trouble and i said, am i okay? she said, that was beautiful, jerry. >> okay. >> you have approval from mom. and you actually knew liberace. >> very well. yeah, he was a fantastic guy. i knew him in vegas, and i knew him in los angeles. he was a great host and a really nice guy. he lived a tortured life because he lived at a time when if you
8:46 am
were gay, you know, homosexual you could not come out of the closet. >> had to pretend he was dating sonja henie. >> he talked about sonja henie. i don't think he ever dated her. >> pretend. >> yeah, he did. >> and so flamboyant, we see all the costumes here but you saw in that clip he could really play. >> oh, yeah, he was a great, great pianist. he didn't care about it much. that's not what drove his life. but that's what made him his money. he was a great pianist, but he was flamboyant. he was lady gaga and madonna and elton john before they were born. >> yeah. >> you know. >> and now what is this you're bringing here? >> well, nike has been very nice to me over the years, and they made me these sneakers for cannes. these are the colors of the french flag, 2013 cannes and these are liberace-inspired tuxedo sneakers, one of a kind and these are ones to walk around with all day, cannes, 2013.
8:47 am
and it's -- his sayi in here, h wonderful." liberace. i agree with that. >> you lived it, jerry. >> you lived it. >> have fun at cannes. "behind the candelabra" premieres may 26th on hbo. we've got all the stars headed to "gma" soon. michael douglas, matt damon, rob lowe all coming up, but coming up right now, jewel is going to perform live.
8:48 am
8:49 am
oh, my goodness. what a day. we're back now with jewel. her greatest hits album is out on tour with that and starring in the brand-new lifetime movie "ring of fire" airing may 27th. she stars as june carter cash. as you see there, she'll perform in just a moment but first, say hello to jewel. say hello to jewel. [ cheers and applause ] she's such an icon. >> yeah. >> how was it for you to take on that role?
8:50 am
>> wonderful. i got to open for them years ago and i never thought i'd get to play her in a movie about her life, but i'm so glad they did a movie about her. usually it's just the man's wife but she was a comedian and great songwriter and wrote "ring of fire." it was a tremendous role for me to get. >> you talked to her son. >> the movie is based on a book that he wrote, so it has a lot of integrity because of that. >> well, you approached it, and you knock it out of the park. you do become her. i know that the carter family had humble beginnings and you had humble beginnings, as well and you started working with a group called -- it is called the rethink why housing matters, and you were homeless for a time. you've been very honest about that and this is to change people's perception of public housing? >> yeah, you know, a lot of people don't realize -- i think they take for granted what it's like to there's a -- have a roof over their head, and there's a lot of americans that don't know what it's like and 40% in public housing are children and 30% are seniors and a safety net and a lot of people we know and work with so encouraging people to
8:51 am
rethink who lives there and go to >> that's wonderful. you are so blessed and share those blessings, especially working on a project like this, and she's really about to bless us. let's get to the performing "ring of fire" from her upcoming "ring of fire" movie, the one and only jewel. >> thank you. [ applause ] ♪ love is a burning thing and it makes a fiery ring ♪ ♪ bound by wild desire i fell into a ring of fire ♪ ♪ i fell into a burning ring of fire i went down down down and the flames they went higher ♪
8:52 am
♪ and it burns it burns, burns this ring of fire this ring of fire ♪ ♪ the taste of love is sweet when hearts like ours meet ♪ ♪ i fell for you like a child oh but the fire went wild ♪ ♪ i fell into a burning ring of fire i went down down down and the flames they went higher ♪ ♪ and it burns burns burns this ring of fire this ring of fire ♪ ♪ i fell into a burning ring of
8:53 am
fire i went down down down and the flames they went higher ♪ ♪ and it burns it burns this ring of fire this ring of fire ♪ ♪ and it burns burns burns this ring of fire this ring of fire ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you, jewel. absolutely beautiful. >> so good. [ cheers and applause ] >> her greatest hits is out right now. >> that was beautiful. we'll have great music all summer long including demi lovato. got a great new album called "demi" out. going to be on "nightline" tonight. we'll see you tomorrow. >> have a great day
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> now from abc7 news, good morning, following breaking news from oakland where bart service has resumed after being stopped because of a man would had to jump on to a train. the man was taken into custody a short time ago at mcarthur stay. he was running on the freeway and becoming up freeway near highway 580. leyla gulen? >> it looks like we are back to 10 or 15-minute delay on bart if you are traveling through there and we have a stalled big rig southbound 880, a sig-alert that will be around at least if another half an hour, snarling traffic. and now a look at the weather is mike nicco. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd you can see scattered light rain continuing and the worst is offer by noon
9:00 am
but a stray hour is possible this afternoon. dry and cool tomorrow but much warmer this wee announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film "star trek: into darkness," zoe saldana. and see what happens when michael pays off his bet and tries outntense work kelly's in out. plus from "dancing with the stars," a charlesston. all next on the emmy-award winning "live!" [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause]


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