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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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know of that has burned. >> let's show you another live look. 20 miles per hour winds are pushing flames, only about 150 acres burned and now, remember, they're estimated it to be 400 acres so it's spread rapidly. we'll continue to monitor this fire for you update with you developments here during this hour and on twitter on abc 7 news bay area, so please, stay tuned. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> fire conditions here in the bay area are about to hit the danger level as well. >> yes. abc 7 news is here now to explain why. sandhya? >> yes. we're looking at live doppler 7 hd now. skies are clear, we're looking at increasing fire danger. we're going to see winds bringing in warmer air drying out the atmosphere including
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the straight and delta. combine that with low humidity as low as 10%. and the dry vegetation from not seeing a lot of rain. fires can spread so that is why the red flag warning is going up as we head into tomorrow. i'll show how hot goitsing to get for your weekend in just a moment. >> thank you. >> well with, that fire danger increasing on the peninsula a series of burns in a potential tinder box. these controlled burns designed to lessen the risk of air. we are live tonight. >> firefighters couldn't have pick aid better day. it wasn't too hot and winds didn't pick up until afternoon. take a look. 18 acres, which according to firefighters will reduce the risk of a major fire. things got intense at times and crews had everything under control, firefighters began their efforts here at the
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preserve this morning before they started they took several measurements. measuring fuel moisture, humidity, and wind speeds. these are the first prescribed burns in 30 years. rangers say they wanted to reestablish risks and the major objective was protecting skplif property. this preserve is surrounded by homes, and the potential for a devastating fire would have been greater. >> there is a lot of open space here, and a lot of momentum. we have a very similar eco system here. we have a similar situation the homes and would with difficult to stop the fire. making it easier is important. >> the fires are out you but
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crews will be here all night monitoring this area to make sure possible hot spots don't flare up. live in palo alto abc 7 news. >> thank you. developing news, the death penalty will remain on hold for noi in california. late today a state appeals court ruled against reinstating the death penalty saying official dz not comply with rules when creating regulations. one of the biggest issues here, continued use of the controversial three-drug lethal injection method n a statement issued this afternoon, california department of corrections and rehabilitation says the cdcr is continuing to develop proposed regulations for a single drug protocol in order to ensure california's laws on capitol punishment are upheld. >> a daily city man charged in the deaths of his girlfriend and two others while driving drunk made a court appearance today. the 25-year-old paul dias assigned a public defend yes,
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prosecutors say he was under the influence and driving 90 miles per hour when rear ending a car on memorial day morning splitting his mustang into two. a 21-year-old was one victim. >> today donated $1,000 for a funeral. that is how good he was. i've got people bringing food, people i've never seen, haven't sheen in four, five years have seen him on tv are coming by. >> police plan to focus on several hot spots for crime. a 19-year-old was shot and killed while waiting for a ride to work around 5:30 this morning. it happened at santee and audubon drives. the investigation shut down santee elementary school. kids just didn't go. his uncle says the nephew moved just within the last month. >> he never in trouble.
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nothing. never hanging out with some bad people, nothing like that. he just walking with me and all that. >> he is the fourth person killed in san jose this week. his killing is the city's 20th homicide this year. >> those homicides are too many. it's a great concern to the community and to the department. the mayor told reporters he'd like to hire more police officers. many officers have resigned after budget cuts reduced their pay during past few years. >> some help may be on the way for low wage workers in california. a bill to raise the minimum wage cleared a key hurdle today and has a good chance now of becoming law. we have a heated debate over the money issue. assembly man's mother-in-law works in the agricultural fields and packing sheds and
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it's her situation that the democrat says helps illustrate the need for a minimum wage hike. >> instead of hard work she's kept at the minimum wage level after 20 years working for the same employer. >> under the proposal the minimum wage going from $8 an hour to $8.25 n 2015 increasing to $8.75 an hour, the following year jumping to $9.25 an hour and every year after, the rate rises based on the rate of inflation. in negative inflation, staying the same. but in these tough times when the recover very showing signs of slowing, critics say this is hardly the time to require a wage hike. they point out increasing labor costs for businesses will either force them to cut hours or shut down. >> we do a blanket change like that putting out into competition with other states,
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dragging us out of california. >> each state will raise the minute pum wage this year, each will adjust annually according to the rate of increase. the proposed hike sounded great but prices keep going up. >> the biggest circle is getting enough hours. i feel like if it's higher i would be better able to support myself. >> the measure now heads to the sflau.z are sure owe make some amendments. >> also the state senate rejected a bill to phase out the use of plastic check out back bags. the senate approved changes to the state environmental quality act aimed at reducing the number of lawsuits for development projects. that bill faces an uncertain future. >> a landmark some would call
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progress. apple wants to build a new flakship store at post and stockton street. the fountain isn't in the plans. abc 7 news is live in union square tonight. you spoke with a daughter of the sculptor who created it?. >> that is right. the family says that this fountain should stay here because it was custom built for those steps. it's near limb possible to have it anywhere else. hyatt hotels decided to lease the store to apple. it's now occupy bid levis. apple wants to make it a flagship store and this is what it will look like. absent is the san francisco fountain made of bronze apple issued this statement today,
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they have intended to find the best possible locations where it can live on. in this community. the mayor was visiting a construction site today and said he likes the fountain right where it is. >> that slt rightful place there. is value to the building, to the steps. >> hyatt commissioned the piece in 1969, completed in 1973. that is a osawa sitting next to it. shapes made of dough z put in panels. his mother worked on the piece. today, his daughter told us the san francisco fountain was a community effort. >> 250 pechl worked on it. and anyone who stopped by the house would be asked if they
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wanted to make shg for it. she had dough ready. >> tourists are taken to see the fountain. while the family doesn't want to get involved in this controversy, he says it really belongs in that plaz wra on the steps. >> it had to be engineered and had to be put together in ruth's backyard to make sure they're going to fit on the bik r brick stairway. it's custom fit and built so that it can't go to any other staircase than this one, right now. >> it's an amazing piece. a met a woman who flew in just to see this. one article says the grateful dead was in here. i couldn't find it. look what i found where is it? right. jefferson airplane.
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rock on that is a wonderful piece. >> still ahead an act of vandalism. we'll show you surveillance video just might help authorities catch this thief. >> imagine clothes coming out of the washing machine with an odor. >> story the story of a woman trying to find her mother
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it's a brazen act of vandalism caught on camera. a wildlife group now on the hunt for a person who may have killed endangered fish. they don't know who did it, they have a pretty good idea of why. >> the creek is one of the few places you can find wild coho salmon for now. >> at one time there were thousands of fish. >> the government has given grants to groups for projects like this one. >> they're funneled into this net and into our trop box. >> a head of a group called spawn is counting and weighing the salmon, then, releasing them to see how many come back to lay eggs or were until days ago. >> someone came in, smashed our net box over here. and noo a million pieces and
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pulled piping out of the way. and bent rebars and stole the net. >> over $1,000 in damage. it was caught on camera. only you can't see the vandal's face. they're offering a $500 reward. >> this is someone who had a major axe to grind. >> who wants to ruin a project like this? the maigs may be noble they've become hated. >> this is one of several flyers around the valley he says he's been the target of threats and hate mail since the group has been lobbying for restriction as long the creek. >> if we develop up to the stream as we've done in the past and continue to make mistake lz to question the fish are going to go exstikt. >> the research is back up and running. >> this breaks up and going to jeopardize the season. >> the vandal could pay for
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that if the salmon were kill that had is a federal offense and could mean jail time. >> walnut creek police want help for a man who tried robbing a woman. police say he grabbed a woman, then her purse. another person scared him away. officers spotted the man inside of the store and saw him dropping a shirt and cap in a plant. trying to disguise himself. they didn't know he was wanted for attempted robbery they just escorted him out. >> a bay area woman has been arrested on ses spigs of operating an identity theft operation in a hotel in benicia. police say the suspect has a criminal record and drug paraphernalia.
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>> tonight a reyun yin in the east bay between two whim met years ago under unusual circumstances. jan hungerford heard strange sounds coming from her car back in 1951. she went out to take a look. and found a surprise. >> the little blue bundle. on the passenger side front seat of the car. powder blue blanket wrapped papoose style. lifted it and two little iz were staring at me. >> the baby was abandoned. a letter aprifed from the teen birth mother saying the child was unwanted. the girl was adopted by another family. today that baby, now a 62-year-old returned to the bay area after spending years trying to find the woman who found her i culled her and said did you used to live in concord? yes. were you there when i was found as an abandoned baby?
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>> yes. >> she says the final chapter will be to find her mother who left her more than six decades ago. what a joyful reunion. >> yes. >> really neat. yes. >> spencer christian is off. sandhya patel is in tonight. >> she's here to tell us it's going to be hot this weekend. >> yes that. is right. if you have outdoor plans, just be aware of the fact that temperatures goring to get close to 100 degrees. so we're wbuffing up those numbers. it's going to start to cook inland right now. live doppler 7 showing you clear skies. there is no rain we're not expecting any moisture any time soon. etc. hazy out there. temperatures 64 in oakland. mild in mountain view this, might be a good place to go this weekend if you don't like the heat.
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79 in santa rosa. looking towards mount tamalpais sun coming into the frame there. heating up with increasing fire danger. and will be mild near the coast sou don't have to worry about heat extending to the coastline. high pressure is building and going bring us warmer weather. you start to feel it like i said, friday and saturday. so tonight looking at clear skies and into saturday this is when temperatures peak, inland areas getting up close to 100 degrees as we can see development. wind coming from the land bringing hotter air towards inland valleys near the coast enough of a natural air
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conditioning. here are micro climates. half moon bay, 67 degrees, 76 san francisco. towards east bay, you can feel the warmth. oakland up to 81 degrees, hotter going in towards walnut creek. sea breeze gets blocked off we're going get a taste of summer. overnight temperatures into the 50s so tomorrow morning it's comfortable. skies will be clear and temperatures come up quickly for friday afternoon. 88 in morgan hill. 83 santa clara. on the peninsula, 81 in palo alto. low to mid-60s here along the coast. 64 in daily city. looking at the north bay, 60s coast side and a lot of 80s
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and 90s asht region. 87 in santa rosa. east way. 77 newark. heading inland temperatures are mainly going to be into low 90s. temperatures coming down a few degrees, moatable along the coast, sunday but they fall into next week. upper 70s inland by tuesday, coastal areas into mid-50s going to be a big change. >> like a roller coast year yes. woo-hoo. >> yes. >> up next what could be a major break through for the electric car indus city. >> yes. you'll be
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today tesla announced a major expansion of the charging network. tesla says by next month it will have tripled the number of charging stations from eight to 27. by this fall, they'll have 100 of them located in most of the major metropolitan areas. and bit the end of the year you'll able to drive on a network of super chargers at cafes and shopping centers every 80 to 100 miles. saying it will reduce average charging time for three hours to less than 25 minutes.
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>> san francisco central subway extension about to hit a major milestone. officials showed off a boring machine that will begin cutting through one and a half miles of dirt and bed rock going underneath the cities most-congested neighborhoods starting south of market then go beneath union square. it will dig about 40 feet per day. people above ground should barely notice this. >> it will occur underground about 60-90 feet and cause no vibration. >> it kill cost $1.6 billion this, month the federal report warns the project used a large part of the surplus, raising concerns of costly overruns that could dip into muni budget. >> some breaking new development coming up from the scene that have big wildfire in southern california. it continues to spread now, evacuations are mandatory. >> also tonight how some
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officials are protecting themselves from mail in treror dr -- trift threats. >> and a tribute to some of the world's best known civil rights leaders about to be dedicated
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there have been developments in breaking news we're following. the growing wildfire in southern california this, is a live picture of a fire burning in the mountains north of los angeles. >> l.a. county sheriff ordered mandatory evacuations for those north of castaic they are in the path of the fire. one structure as far as we can tell. there are 300 firefighters working this scene on the ground. and as well as air tankers and helicopters that you've seen flying over them. >> you just saw a dramatic drop of that orange flame retardant on the fire lines. we'll continue to monda
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monday -- monitor this fire for you and of course, 24-7 on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. >> abc news is reporting a promising lead tonight in the investigation into three poison-laced leters recently one sent to president ob yaum yachl the letters had traces of what is believed to be the deadly toxin, ricin. abc news reports the sfib questioning a person of tr. the leters intercepted at mail screening facilities. made us wonder how much mail gets screened? >> a person could argue oakland city hall was a safe place. but after yesterday's poison ricin letters to michael bloomberg, mall mail to public officials has come under scrutiny. >> there are people who i argue do thing that's may be
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irrational and wrong. >> the security is a large issue that the city won't let it near it's room. san jose admitted it does use scanning machines here in oakland... >> i can't talk about the security plan. >> this is as close as we can get to the oakland sort prog ses, one room from which separate departments pick up mail by hand. think krt united states post office as a first major right of defense, now local officials tell us. if it has anything to make use or looks suspicious, make phone calls. >> nation qally the post office handles 535 million pieces of mail per day.
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and yes, they do have occasional scares like the one on may 9th. dust from a fan belt noticed as white powder closed facility and brought out the hazmat team autos 99% of the time it's all, you know people mailing recipes. it's harmless, mailable. we're able to clear it and move on. >> the mayor and his staff are safe tonight. but more careful than ever. >> syrian state run television reporting faces loyal to president assad killed three westerners including an american woman this, incidents happened in northwestern syria. government television identified the woman releasing what it claimed are images from the driver's license and u.s. passport and a group took
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these pictures of homes where fighting took place again, today skplaims the three westerners kill wrd found with weapon skbronz had been fighting along side rebel forces. >> new details tonight about that dry ace explosion at disneyland on tuesday. as reported a disneyland employee was rested after a container exploded in a toon town trash can. today, prosecutors say another container exploded about an hour before. apparently the first went off he threw the second one away. the 22-year-old was charged today with a felony count of possessing a destructive device in a public place. his father says he's a good kid, who has never been in trouble and just not thinking on tuesday. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> tomorrow the city of oakland dedicates a monument. you may have seen bits and pieces of it but now it's completes.
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you've never seen anything like this one. it features 25 humanitarians and activists from dr. king to mother teresa from harvey fik to gaundy. >> original idea was conceived on september 11th when the twin towers were hit by the airplanes. >> the artist behind the work is called remember them. >> they're selfless f we become aware of that maybe we can see ourselves more as human beings rather than white, black, asian raise rais. >> together, they weigh 40,000 pounds and take up a thousand square feet of the memorial
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park. president roosevelt sitting in his wheelchair come as live for his great granddaughter. >> you can look into his eyes as you can in every person and really get a sense of their struggles, their commitments. >> a special edition to the project walls like this one that has v.smaller scale versions of the faces on the monument allowing visually impaired to explore them. victoria jones says her company donated to help cover the cost of a work tla resonate was her. >> when i look at it, i think about civil rights movement and coming up in mississippi. you couldn't go to white bathrooms or those things for me, it's personal. >> every day is now being ready for tomorrow's celebration. monica gets emotional thinking about the impact this one of a kind sculpture might have.
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>> i hope it brings people together. >> in oakland, abc 7 news. >> that is impressive. >> coming up at 6:00 a bay area doctor that
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plastic surgery has grown popular but you might be surprised to learn some techniques actually stretch back more than a century linked to a bay area pioneer. >> the neck looking g it's improved. >> this doctor is used to turning back the hands of time but the latest work doesn't involve cosmetic surgery. rather a doctor helped pioneer it. >> dr. john woodberry was a dermatologist with a practice in albany. and an 1887 first cosmetic internal nose job was done. >> he spent years researching john woodberry's career saying clues were splash add cross newspapers and magazines that
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he advertised in in a scale unheard oof the advertising budget in 1892 was $150,000 a year this, is a book that dr. john sold to patients for 10 cents. the key is here. if you don't like your nose, have it altered. >> far from a snake oil salesman he says he was a surgeon whose technique was a version of brow lifts performed today this, before ask after photo designed to sell manage minded women on the develop of his nose job. >> he labeled it matrimony prospects very weak. there is a remarkable transformation. >> he used his own face to sell a line of soap and cosmetic aids. during his height, woodberry had a string of clinic was several dozen workors working
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for him. so why has he slipped from the history books? answer in part with the same advertising that caught at tension of the very powerful and perhaps jealous medical society. >> so advertising was declared illegal from the state of new york so woodberry's office manager was arrested for corporate advertising. his clinics shut down. woodberry went bankrupt. >> stripped of the license, he retreated to a boarding house and shot himself. it would be decades before cosmetic surgery would reach a main stream audience again and nearly a century before medical advertising would be replicated on anything near this scale. >> he developed his own cosmetic surgery operations decades before any other surgeon. it's a sad story of a man way before his time.
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>> he points out the early work was helped by a medical break through at the time. the invention of cocaine based anesthesia allowing them to be done in his office. >> that is interesting. >> yes. >> just ahead michael finney is next to investigate the problem with
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u.s. supreme court held a conference to decide whether or not to decide smelly washing machines it could affect millions of people. >> maybe have you one of those. here, the story tonight. >> we hear about this cases. lawsuits from been filed against three of the biggest manufacturers of front loading wash glerz the country. plaintiffs say they're susceptible to growing mold, making the clothes come out smelly. >> i don't know how to describe it louie lived with
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smelly clothes coming out of the washer almost a year. >> hard on the nose. i -- it's a bad. >> he bought the front loader in 2010 and said the prob element started two years later. >> they didn't design any air pockets so there is no air getting behind there he think that's is leading to a mold problem. lawsuits have been filed against several mmpers including three big yettests, lg, sears and whirlpool. >> mode develops within a few months then gets worse over time he sent us these pictures of the mold you might see after the washer is taken apart. >> just gunk. they have decided to call it
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bio film. >> whirlpool told us that data show that's less than 1% of the buyers report encountering a bio film build up ish glu. cases it's quickly resolved following the use and care guide i sears told us an overwhelmingly large majority of the owners are pleased with the kenmore front loading washing machines. we disagree with the lawsuit. lg said it would not comment but denies allegations in the complaint and urged customers to follow proper maintenance procedures including leaving the door open and running clean washer cycles to remove residue. >> rule one that is not a real solution. it doesn't solve the problem. it doesn't, there is a reason you don't want to leave the washing machine door open if you have kids or pets. safety issues.
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>> louie resorted to his old washing machine. >> i did not want a front loader anymore. >> he says the problem is with wash yrz manufactured before 2010. saying the case sent back down to appeals case and yet to decide whether to take the case. >> thank you. >> one last time, want to update the forecast for you yes. sandhya pat jell here. >> we're going to check out live doppler 7 hd. red flag warning 10:00 a.m. through saturday, 7:00 a.m. gusts 30 miles per hour and low humidity. tomorrow afternoon highs into low 90s inland so warmer day, 90 in livermore.
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84 for san jose. 80 in fremont. oakland upper 70s accu-weather forecast, saturday, near 100 degrees inland. mid-60s coast. we'll drop temperatures a little bit on sunday. bigger cool down coming next week. >> thank you. >> giants not wanting to be swept today. >> no. they've had a tough time. >> yes. it's been green ask gold at at and t park as well as oakland. giants trying to avoid the
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good evening, wem, we know the giants did not want to get swept in the battle of the bay. barry zito gave them what they needed a quality start. the bats came alive against a's. 41,000 plus at at and t park. live is good when have you a good pretzel. mustard there, too. aj
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griffin, and zito walked him. zito seen tonight six walks this afternoon. later in the second coco crisp base hit to left. giants have been doing this after series allowing to score. a's up, zito did get the big outs when he needed them like here in the 5th blg. so zits goes six innings giants break through in the sixth. and still in the 6th, the ga. in left center off reliever gaints break through and avoid the sweep. >> it's a big series. they've got a great squad over there. good stuff. they're doing a lot of things right over there. so that is nice to get some
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momentum going in this road trip. >> you saw the ratio. it wasn't very good. and whether throwing a change up he's able to make a pitch when he had to. you know? he threw pitches and wasn't, a lot. >> summer vacation started earlier than sharks hoped. they cleaned out lockers today. team teal has got hard decisions to make here. do you keep this group together? for the 9th year? war is now the time to make changes. this would be the goal of getting to stanley cup finals and wing it we're not close to moving on. and that is frustrating.
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i think we've come a long way from a couple months ago. and then, been here five years now. and have something good knowing. >> we've had an up and down year. and like i said we've just -- didn't set up to lose. i thought we had a better team. >> we could not be prouder. they came together as a team z meshed with identities of what we're looking for. >> logan looked bummed out. cal's max homea won the title of the ncaa championship. shooting a four under par 66. team competition continue was match play. first round of the memorial
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tournament. woods putt are for birdie shot a one under 71. six shots off the lead. the 14-year-old sensation showing off his bunker skills, wow, nice. the amateur at even par 726789 your first round leader schwartzel holding a lead going into round two. >> that kid is 14th? >> kpo snur. >> it's absurd. >> it is. what are you doing at 14? >> not bad. >> should be in a spelling bee. >> yes. >> thank autos if anything that is video is 14th. i would like to unveil it i've destroyed that. >> doesn't exist. >> join me tonight on 9:00.
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coming up caught in the act. atom by atom uc berkeley captures a chemical first. >> a new crosswalk in vallejo. why a man who painted it landed in jail. >> and in prime time tonight on abc 7 it's wipe out and rookie blue followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. if you do have video, i'll if you do have video, i'll take it
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a strategic analyst from sandston, virginia... a property manager from san francisco, california... and our returning champion -- an mba student originally from prairie village, kansas... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, welcome. good to have you with us. sam's a hampion. he speaks 11 languages, also, and won the $19,000 yesterday working only in english. imagine what he could do if we had clues in 10 other languages.
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