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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 1, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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shoulder causing spectator slowing. in san jose, this is along 101, 280. that is coming away from 17. there are hardly any cars on the roads. we will keep you updated on the latest on our website. >> how did the talks crumble? abc7 news reporter is outside the station with more on that. heather? >> members are here outside the station picketing. they will picket at a variety of stations across the bart system. they will strike in five-hour shifts starting at midnight when the strike was called. negotiations were tough. both sides were far apart from the beginning of the talks. despite some movement from both
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sides and despite a physical move from bart headquarters, more neutral ground in caltrain the negotiators walked away at 8 ok last plight and announced a strike at midnight. the sticking point? same as from the beginning: wages and safety and medical attention. bart came up on the wages but it was not good enough. >> we did everything we could to try and negotiate a contract with management to prevent this action. unfortunately the district from day one never bargained fairly, never came to the table addressing our serious concerns of health and safety of work man's compensation program to protect our members injured on the job. >> bart was disappointed the unions left the talks and feels
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they put a good offer on the table and is asking the mediator to resume talks but no one is expecting that to happen. they say the management will run some trains today to keep the system in shape but will not stop at any station. or carry passengers. talks could continue tomorrow or later this week. >> bart passengers will scramble to find alternative ways to get to work. amy, that is one of four bart stations where riders have a reason to go? >> they are here with a lot of worry. the people are in line to catch a bus and it will not be here for 30 minutes. they do not know what to expect. they want to get here in case to make sure they get a seat on the
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bus. here is a shot of the last train, last night at the station right after the workers announce they would strike of the when this strain went in for good, a lot of planning went into motion. some decided they would try to cash the bus bart will offer from a few stations. they got here in walnut creek early telling us they were not sure what to expect. only be able to accommodate 2,000 to 4,000 people. not sure from which stations. we got here between 3:30 and 3:40. so...just waiting. >> the four stations in the east bay where you can catch a bart provider bid, walnut creek, dublin/pleasanton, and fremont, and el cerrito.
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your fellow passengers are already in line. the mood is pleasant. everyone is acting friendly with the attitude of "we are in this together." we are learning as we go. >> casual car pooling is another at enough. many may want to consider that getting across the bay. pickups are nine 6:00 and 9:30 among the 20 casual car pool stops marked by signs. passengers cross together saving on toll and time. the bay bridge morning toll is $6 for solo drivers and only $2.50 for car pool. passengers are dropped off in downtown san francisco. evening pickup is from 3:30 to 7:00 p.m.. >> now abc7 news reporter cornell bernard is watching the traffic at bay bridge toll plaza. >> bart is on strike. the monday morning commute could
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be huge. right now at at the bay bridge l plaza, it has picked up in the last 30 minutes with folks normally going to work at this hour or folks would were simply up early, realized there was a bart strike and are trying to get a jump on the commute. we have six dedicated fast-track lanes open which will pay off for folks who subscribe to fast track. a lost cash-paying customers are expected, folks who do not normally commute. it is $4 to cross the bridge which goes up to $6 in 30 minutes at 5:00 a.m. that toll is in effect until 10:00 a.m. and until $4 until the afternoon commute. transportation officials urging folks if they can to telecommute
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or car pool, casual car pool, whatever you can do to ease the commute. if history is any indication, it could be quite a big commute today. in 1997 there was gridlock across the bay area. that is the last time there was a bart station. we will be here every 30 minutes to let you know how the toll plaza looks. >> there were 275,000 passengers each day and now it is 400,000. so this is a bigger impact. bring the new abc7 news app with the latest news and alternatives for the commuter resources and check out car pool information available through 511, all very convenient and news yam is available for ipad or iphone
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or droid service. while you have on the t, how is the traffic situation? >> we are moving along at top speed so it is does not matter if you are the north bay or top speed it is all at top speed. we have construction with several lanes blocked but caltran is sparing us because there are not many projects. as we look at the altamont pass, 580 from tracy, we are at top speeds. 25 minutes to get you from tracy to dublin. that is continuing to the dublin
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interchange at top speed with slowing in the eastbound direction. 680 is moving smoothly. not seeing any delays. walnut creek shows 680 from highway four with a few extra taillights up to highway 24 with more details in a bit. now over to mike nicco with the hot forecast. >> good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd shows last week we were in the 50's and 60's and rain was falling and the big story, the heat advisory. the marin headlands, most of the peninsula until you get to 92 in the higher elevations, across 237 and most of the east bay shore stretching all the way back back to the castro valley not included but this is extended to wednesday at 7:00. it will be warm at night especially in the east bay
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valley with some areas not making it down into the 60's, even. we are at 54 to 63 from the coast to inland and 64 to 92 by noon but 66 at the coast and mid-60's to mid-90's. kristen and eric? >> next, the commute alternatives from the east bay. who is hitting the road to give you up to the minute traffic conditions by the cell technology, which brings you a traveling traffic report through the news. we have a full range of resources at with bart talks to more on commute options and downloading our
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exclusive waze traffic app to navigate the roads at
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covering daly city and los gatos and all the bay area. >> we have a picture over the dublin/pleasanton bart station with empty platforms. no trains are running. no train service on the entire bart system as a result of the first bart worker strike since 1997. bart will provide three weekday bus service into san francisco but you can imagine not many people can guilty on one bus. it will be tough for the bay area commute. if you normally take bart, take a.c. transit.
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good luck. the a.c. transit are not on strike. contract negotiations are continuing. at broadway and 20 county in downtown oakland. >> this is a story of two transportation services at 20th and broadway. you can see the bart station will be quiet until the strike ends. but the a.c. transit bus stop is busy, the first bus to san francisco is scheduled to leave at 5:33 and is expected to run a shuttle during peak hours to the temporary transbay terminal every three to five minutes. bus top locations will be popping up with fines for blocking the temporary bus zones can range to $300.
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usny commuters will turn to b today in the bay and the temperature transbay terminal in san francisco, the drop off point, will be busy. katie marzullo? >> this is a busy spot anyway, and a lot more will want to talk the bus. we have been watching this board all morning which has been changing. when the bart screen comes up the blue across the top are bart with no departing times. that is because no trains are running. the terminal now is quiet because the buses have not started arriving. there will be some good news, a.c. transit will not strike and they will operate more buss if
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they can and they will look for extra seating options. bart is running chatter buses from the east bay to west oakland to the city from 5:00 to 9:00, and you use your same ticket to get back. your bus stop could be in a different location, the ones that are located in the bart station are moved to the street. and there is enhanced transbay link service every 16 minutes during peak hours and every 30 minutes at midday so the buses are trying to pick up the slack from the bart strike. katie marzullo? >> if you have the option to get across the bay is by ferry with wayne joins us from the oakland ferry terminal.
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>> we expect a busy day. not two busy yet. a few moments ago the first commuters arrived and took a spot in line inside the ferry building. the first ferry does not leave until 6:00 a.m. this morning and the bay ferry is implementing a special schedule today going at 6:00 a.m. until 8:45 p.m. tonight to the ferry building in both directions every 45 minutes so do not sell tickets in oakland, but you may purchase inside the ferry building or on the boat at betarture time. it is quiet. a few moments ago -- now i see
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they are putting something in there to keep the people organized and in line. the roads will get very busy. and now leyla gulen is at the traffic center. >> it is looking clear but the bay bridge is slowing down a little bit. the cash-paying lanes are filling with a little bit of yellow indicating some volume but silt a short eight-minute delay away from the maze into san francisco. and golden gate bridge is coming up with a couple of insolents first in vallejo eastbound 37 at columbus parkway with a solo vehicle spinout causing spectator slowing in the eastbound direction. on the shoulder, it is not blocking any lanes. in san jose, the expressway at
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highway 82 has two lanes block due to a street that has fallen. we will go outside and look at the golden gate bridge where it is all clear, four short minutes to get you from sausalito into san francisco. keep it here with the details in a little bit. it does not seem like anyone is too hot under the collar but that could change. the calendar may say july 1 but it is like june 30, june 29, june 28, our fourth day with 100-degree temperatures. visibility is five miles at half moon bay and four miles at santa rosa and we have some areas along the east bay shore could see a few clouds for the commute but by 10:00 they are gone with high clouds and sunshine. still, 73 in antioch and never cooled off with the air conditioning running at
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nighttime. san francisco and hayward and fremont at 61. napa is 60. 64 in mountain view and san jose. from sutro tower not many clouds and clear to oakland. high clouds and sunshine and not a "spare the air" day which is great news with so many cars on the road today. dangerous heat conditions through wednesday and the weekend is looking more comfortable. no more 100's. the low overnight will cause another push of warmer air yesterday but cooler most areas today but we will heat back up to saturday levels in the afternoon mid-90's in the south bay to 100 in gilroy and 93 in sunnyvale. 90's up the peninsula to redwood city and 87 in san mateo and mid-60 to near 70 along the
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coast today and upper 70's to near 80 in downtown south san francisco. possibly in the low to mid-70's in the north bay and that is near the beaches but toward point reyes only 60 and we are in the upper 90's throughout the north bay valley and mid-80's to mid-90's from berkeley to fremont at 93 and the 100's along the east bay valley. it will last through wednesday and possibly one or two on thursday, and friday into saturday temperatures start to taper and by sunday we are back where we should be. >> thank you. our coverage of the bart strike continues with a report using our cell technology on drive times around the bay area. >> look right here for you from 580 in the tri-valley area with traffic westbound headed toward the castro valley area from sky 7, you can see it is getting
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heavy here and perhaps earlier than usual. maybe it will put extra volume on the san mateo bridge an
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>> there is a bart strike and so far headed into san francisco it looks light but leyla gulen says in problem on the san mateo bridge so some could be taking the alternate routes into san francisco. at this moment it is still light. >> we have coverage of the bart strike on the road using our cell 7 technology detecting a behind-the-scenes engineers right now on on the bay bridge. the volume is picking up, right, dick, compared to last time?
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you are right. it has picked up. the last report was 30 minutes ago and it was clear but the traffic is building. i am currently westbound coming into san francisco. i cleared the tunnel and traffic is moving. there are break lights over the rumble strips on the other side of the tunnel but that is a normal situation. the traffic is building. it is early in the commute. i would say it is heavier-than-normal traffic. you can see in backup to speak up but it is still early. because of the cell phone technology which is used to bring a report you notice delay according to dick but we will check with leyla gulen on this. it seems heavier than normal. >> i have another shot of the bay bridge but speaking of
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bridges we will get to a few others in a moment. with have a wide shot of san jose, 101 coming down to 87, it is looking clear and define 17 and 85 at cupertino, no problems. dumb before ton is at top speed at 59 miles per hour. 64 at san mateo bridge and the bay bridge, the toll plaza shows the lanes are loading up and traffic is slowed down. if you car pool or if you have fast track, that will get you through decently but there are a few extra cars. the forecast now from mike nicco. >> good morning, leyla. i am showing from mount tamalpais at 74 degrees with wind at 15 gusting to 22 miles per hour from the northwest
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keeping the coast and higher elevations cooler than the rest of us. we will be eight degrees warmer-than-average in redwood city to possibly 20 in livermore. around the state watch out for thunderstorms over the desert and in the high country today. we will have a high, a record in reno, of around 90 and los angeles at 89. eric and kristen? >> we continue to follow developing news from arizona where a wildfire that claims the lives of 19 firefighters continues to burn. in what is described as the deadliest wildfire in history the crew was battling the fire northwest the phoenix and winds blew the flames out of control. 700 residents have been evacuate ed after a lightning strike on friday. 2,000 acres have burned. >> that is our team coverage of the bart strike. it will continue.
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>> transit workers walk off after negotiations breakdown. the major sticking points that have led to this work stoppage. >> we will check on all of the commute alternatives to get to work this morning and our hour buses, and ferries and roads are doing.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news.
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good morning, the bart strike is on. i am kristen sze. >> the traffic is on the freeways. right now you can see our engineer is headed eastbound on the bay bridge. bart workers are on strike so trains will not run today. >> that is right. they have renewed contract talks that fell apart over the weekend between bart and the unions but i am marveling we can see the traveling live report as dick drives away the bay area. it is heavier than normal in both directions with reporters covering the impact on the commute across bay area. leyla gulen has a look at what is going on. >> we have a brand new accident reported in san francisco but before we get to that we will look at the other bridges around the bay area, the cartinez and benicia bridge both at


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