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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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encouraging day for everyone hoping for an end to the strike. one side says things are not going well. >> we have live coverage with the latest on the negotiation we begin with laura anthony. negotiators just broke for dinner. laura? >> that is about the only development. they started negotiating at 11:00 this morning took a lunch break then just broke for dinner. outside we've heard from the union they've been complaining about thousand things have been going ask calling for the general managers to bargain face-to-face. >> how is it going in there sf. >> not going good. >> one negotiate told abc 7 news nothing of substance has
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been discussed. >> bart wants to impose and to keep us on strike that. is the card they're playing. unions think bart is trying to break them. and greater safety measures throughout the system. bart offers 2% per year for four years, increased employee contributions to health care and pensions. bart workers realize demands may in the play well with the public. especially those looking for work. >> the public needs to understand there are jobs out there but it takes a lot to be certified to work for bart. you have to have a lot of certifications and training. >> unions want the again ral manager to take a seat at the bargaining table.
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>> bargain this contract, many times before. and never has general manager failed to come to the bargaining table and negotiatit a great deal. >> general manager has been engaged with the team and the mediators and this is a approach we're taking. it's not unusual if and when time is necessary to be here, she will be here. >> they told us they will be back after dinner break. no indication of how late they will talk tonight or whether they will be back at the bargaining table here, tomorrow in, oakland abc 7 news. >> as the streak continues it's forcing people to alter their 4th of july plans because getting in and out of san francisco is suddenly very difficult. abc 7 news is live along the embarcadero with a look.
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hi, john. >> chp is saying they're expecting more cars to travel to see fire works because there are no trains coming over to this side of the bay. here traffic continuing to move slowly. no bart means no cars. 200 people are expected for festivities. the strike has people going off rails without crazy trains. east bay residents who want to see fire works had to arrive before the rush you thought there would be more cars out there? >> yes. way more cars. >> 4th of july bart handled 182 riders many jumped on muni, adding some trains and shuttles but treating this as a normal july 4th.
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>> 4th of july we're expecting less people coming into the city because it's in the a workday. so we expect less people commute nchlgt so we'll be able to focus on getting to and from embarcadero area. >> before noon traffic was starting to thicken. the event didn't help. people in charge of the lots were cashing in and alex padilla had to cough up $50 for the strike. >> how does $50 strike you? >> it's okay f you want to come to san francisco you're go to spend money. >> it's a roll of the dice whether you're going to get a clear view or only see blobs of color. after residents hope it's worth it. >> early birds get the worm. >> in the middle of this we've
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seen and heard people lighting off illegal fire works there has been increased police presence and they've been going through backpacks as a precaution. one lot this afternoon jacked up rates to $70. for a parking spot. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> if you're going to pay, hopefully you can see the fire works. thank you. since trains are not running that means people from the east bay who would have gone to san francisco for the big fire works show may be staying closer to home. nick? >> you heard john talk about traffic situation in san francisco. how people said they just don't want to deal with it. the people i spoke with today said the seam thing. they had no desire to deal with the traffic situation.
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with bart. so, this spot along sea wall drive filled up faster than normal. wester guard is moving partly because bart snnt. >> we knew bart was going to be out of service today so we spent time preparing like last night. >> behind thiser's fire are works show this year things are different. there will be more than 1200 explosions because they're expecting larger crowds than in years past. >> so new racks they're nice and shiny z we got new fire works. >> the crew got there early to start set ups so they won't have to deal with traffic getting here. get here early. fire works going off tonight
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we'll be here. >> for christina, the strike haid the trip with three little ones to san francisco without convenience of bart wasn't an option. >> you know however tried to travel with this many children and get struck in traffic? >> tonight jasmine this will be her first. this family has a tradition of spending 4th of july under this tree. >> this makes everything so difficult. you know? get out there. get the spot. driving and all of that. >> i have information have you to know. parking here is full. you would need to park at golden gate field and take a shuttle. however, parking is $15 so san francisco not the only ones instant -- instituting a fee for parking. this is the first year they've charged for parking and it's $15 there is no more parking
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at berkeley marinea. you have to park at golden gate field and take the shuttle over. >> thank you, nick. let's take a look at aquaddic park. crowds are not as big as usual. coming up at 6:30 abc 7 news takes a look at impact the strike having on the turnout there. >> interest there are plenty of other fire works around the bay. in oakland, in concord in livermore and pleasant hill. we have a list of events on our web site abc 7 >> it's been another hot day around the bay area but how will weather be for fire works? >> yes. spencer christian is here. it's holt enough out there but will fog come in? >> as you look you can see there is no fog at the coast.
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coast is clear right now. we've got sunny skies a fog pattern at 9:30 will be that fog will be moving up along the coastline but probably not trut the golden investigate. so here is our forecast should be patchy fog near the golden gate. clear skies good viewing conditions. sun sets at 8:30 so keeping our fingers crossed it looks hopeful. and i'll tell but influence of the weather. >> thank you. >> eight people hurt when a converted canoe crashed in a summer camp before noon. happened at camp augusta 60 miles north of sacramento. we don't know if any of those hurt are children. officials say two victims were air krifted with the hospital. the others were treated for
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bumps and cruises. the -- bruises the canoe was heading down hill when it overturned. >> an elderly woman escaped a fire thanks to a police officer who rescued her from a burning building. it broke out around 1:40. one resident flagged down a police officer driving to another call at the time. >> realized an old woman was by herself. we got everybody to get up there. they got her out, safely. >> this is a live or death situation. so i think he did a phenomenal job. >> the police officer needed medical treatment after suffering smoke inhalation. >> there is much more to get to including another celebration going on today in san francisco. besides 4th of july we're live
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with kickoff sell braigs for america's cup. >> unusual weather that didn't dampen the spirit. >> new leadership for egypt a day after the military overhead the -- overthrew the
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todz is the official kick off for america's cup. mark matthews is live along the embarcadero where
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festivities have been going on since afternoon. mark? >> big day, you know? the united states perception has been the louie vuitton series is an elitest sport for the super rich. organizers are trying to change that. at the ribbon cutting the message from the ceo is everybody welcome. >> this is the most open accessible and inclusive america's cup ever so welcome to the america's cup park and enjoy the racing this summer. >> the park has games for kids, there are plenty restaurants and loumpkz across from the megayachts. these 2004 owned by larry ellison. >> would you like to go on board that one? >> well, i'm on roller skates. i don't know.
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but boy like to. >> we're inside club 72. this is the vip area sponsors can hang out with team members and it's where the cup is hanging out. let me show you. out in front of club 72 in the front row? that is reserved for everybody. >> this makes the cup new venue fantastic. the public does have time to see the race. >> they're welcoming everybody into sailing and have a lot of people standing around answering questions. they have boats on display. i think they're doing a great job. >> match racing will begin on sunday. the man who organized it 30 years ago is here to see it start. >> it's great. boats are racing on sunday. let the best team win on the water without incident. >> the race will go on all summer. mark matthews abc 7 news.
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>> 4th of july is a day for parades and people got up early to enjoy them across the bay area. in concord traditional pancake breakfast held with a parade truck pull and a fun run marked the 4th but this morning all about the food. we'll go through 800 to 1,000 pancakes in a flash. then, we'll have hot dogs because this is america. what can be more american with pancakes and hot dogs? oor in danville, it rained a little bit. people have been spying rain drop autos in fremont abc 7 news, you can see here there. previding over a procession of cars, floats, marching bands and plenty of colorful costumes. fremont has one of the unique parades because it's funded by
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donation you zront to leave your couch to see beautiful fire works. these are live pictures from washington, d.c.. the show starting there on national mall. it's a 17-minute display. it followed a concert by barry manilow. and butte tofl see that at our nation's capital. >> now. we want toll you about our abc 7 news smart own app to keep up with the hot weather and the bart strike. >> you'll be able to watch live breaking news. if you have our current app you need to down load the new one. the old will be goog way soon. >> there are no fire works at jack london square tonight. you want to go to the berkeley marinea. just wanted to point
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that out. >> and we need to know. the fog going come in? or are we going to see fire works in the sky tonight? >> looks like it's going to hold off that, is the good news. you can see we have clear skies right now. sunny skies from coast to inland. no clouds on the coast yet. san rafael, high of 98 tied a record high for this date. numerous location was highs over 100. 110 in middletown. it won't be hot like that tomorrow. cooling fog and marine layer will be on its way tonight. here is a look at current conditions looking at a live
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view. 88 in san jose. another live view from our roof top camera looking at the embarcadero. traffic slowed to a crawl. 94 degrees in santa rosa. 97 livermore, still warm inland but not for long. heat wave ends tonight. fog returning to the coast. cooler pattern lasting into next week. hot air mass movering away from the bay area. cooler air mass will be settling in overnight, tomorrow will be the first in a string of lovely days. fog at the coast moving across the bay to some inland spots. low to mid-60s and a little cooler near the coast.
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at 5:00 in the morning there will be patches of fog inland. certainly lots of fog along the coastline. burning back to the coast during daytime hours. koolting temperatures down down as much as 20 degrees tomorrow, from today's high levels. we'll see up to about 60s on the coast. 70s around bait. let's get onto the south bay. sunny skies and mild to warm tomorrow. highs into mid-70s to mid-80s. low to mid-70s on the peninsula upper 50s to low 60s on the coast. mid 80 as cross the north bay. in the inland east bay, low to mid-80s no more triple digits for a while. here is the accu-weather forecast. this pattern holds throughout the weekend. then cooling down again wednesday and thursday.
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great weather ahead fchl you're tired of the heat welcome to next week. >> thank you. >> what if have you to get your car repaired but then, later the car company issues a recall? can you get reimbursed?. >> michael fibby has an
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a fremont woom took her
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bpw to get repaired. three months later bmw just recalled the part that the woman paid 1,000ses today get fixed. >> the short answer is yes but there are a few things you need to do first to make that happen. sarah remembers the day her 2007328 i just quit on her. >> yes. everything shut down. the car won't unlock. the qarz just dead. >> she had the car towed to her auto mechanic. the owner tells us she had a bad cable causing the fuse box to degrade. >> we have little washers insued but look here? it's missing what happened is that it melted. >> that led to a hazard.
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>> it could have caught on fire. >> four months later she received a recall notice. she brought the problem to him. >> my mechanic says it's the same thing you should be entitled to a reimburtsment. >> law states auto makers are required to reimburse as long as papers are submitted. her request for reimburse smt denied. >> they said because the parts that were used were not the correct parts. >> she appealed to bmw corporate telling customer service the rep denied her request for a refund and told the final decision is in the hands of the factory rep and there would be no reimbursement you feel helpless. you feel dees defeated. >> she called 7 on your side and we contact bmw.
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the manufacture contacts her requesting invoices her mechanic used factory parts. she did. they also requested she submit the notice she received. she did that, too. she has now received a check for $984 to cover the cost of the repair. >> it's great. >> now, federal regular investigation laigss do not require factory parts have to be used in the repairs but ts national transportation safety board tells us there is nothing prohibiting that requirement, either. now, bmw says requirement is to show quality of reskpair to be able to show it with a two year warranty. >> glad she got a refund, thank you. >> coming up in our next half hour, latest on a crisis in egypt. new leadership, why events there are being watched in the bay area. >> people gathering for fire works shows.
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we'll take a look at embarcadero some areas aren't seeing usual crowds. affects of the strike on one location. >> nonprofit at the heart of an effort bringing together israelies and palestinians. to clear land mines how an
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egypt's new president is promising new elections. yesterday, the military removed egyptian president mohammed morsi from office and placed him under house arrest. today, the head of the country's supreme constitutional court was sworn in. white house released this picture president obama meeting with his national security team today to discuss the situation in he jicht. abc 7 news reporter tells us is watching closely. >> the office is a long way from cairo but his heart is there with the people in tahrir square and he talk was family when still live there.
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>> between two and six times per day he says he and his family feel the people's movement to remove mohammed morsi is the first big step in the right direction. >> exhibiting of joy, feel weg have regained our country z that the best is yet to come. >> morsi's removeal had been called a coup by sh, but he is adammant change is coming from the people not the military. >> the representation that it's a coup is false. for the first time in history we've seen not people lining up to applaud the arm yes on parades but the army lining up to protect the people on parade. >> he is involved in a start up incubator called smart village. it's been on hold for the last two years, but just reopened in june. perfect timing to capitalize on changes he believes are coming. he's not worried another election will produce another morsi. the current list of candidates
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includes what he calls extraordinary people. >> be a hpd from whartton, experience at wall street. >> he says the people want what the rest of the world wants. social justice and educational opportunities. piece at home and abroad. and now, they just might get it. >> some local college students landing at sfo state department urged all u.s. citizens to leave egypt. waiting to talk with students you'll hear from her and the students tonight at 11:00. >> fire crews have gotten a grass fire in stockton under control. it broke out in the westin
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ranch area. just west of interstate five. nobody has been hurt. it did hold up train service throughout that koor door about an hour. >> we're hearing tonight from a mother of one of the summer camp counselors injured when a tree fell on them near yosemite. another camp staff member die whtd tree came crashing down. four other adults were hurt. one of them is an 18-year-old woman from redwood city. lizzie moore broke her elbow and five ribs. >> she's been positive. anyone who knows her would not be surprised. a lot of humor. >> the sheriff says that pg&e was responsible for check the tree because it was located by power lines. pg&e says it found nothing wrong with the giant oak. the utility calls the tragedy a quote, freak accident. >> update on the bart strike.
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negotiators taking a break for dinner then will be back at the table. reps gave an update at noon today they came management working with antilabor consultants and paying with benefits most workers would die for, employees fear bart may impose a contract on them that, usually happens when negotiations are at an impose -- impass. >> many people who normally be taking bart for tonight's fire works are finding alternative ways to get to the city this, is a live picture of the embarcadero from our roof cam here. very busy here on the embarcadero. people arriving early because there is no service today driving into the city trying to find a spot there. it's a different story at aquality yisic park no. bart
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means less people there. this is trim viewing real estate here. it's a great vantage point. a crew has been preparing hundreds of pounds of explosives. we're starting to see some sail boats but this yeerk the coast guard is enforcing a safety zone around the launch site so no boat will be allowed in qautic park. the fire works are still about three hours away. people starting to take their seats in the grandstands already. i was really surprised as you're walking down here i was saying it's more packed.
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it's crowded. you know, more so than what you see now. it's people to people. on this spread of grass so this is unusual. >> we like it. >> the feeling is that strike scared the crowd from coming across the bay bridge and looks would be that way so far. so far looks like a strong possibility. >> thank you. coming up, new hope for couples struggling with infertility. >> how high tech spying on
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a cutting edge technology is offering new hope to couple who's are trying to become pregnant. >> abc 7 news has the details. >> dr. shep spent decades spying on embryos, product of in veto fert saigs using her
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trained eye to evaluate which should have the highest chance of success. >> we're able to... >> she believes new software will make the selection more precise. >> my feeling is wow this is going to make a difference. >> as oxygen she have developed a system to track the growth of embefore brieos using cameras placed inside incubators rather than removing them, the system produces time lapse movies rich with information. >> you can evaluate the number of sounds, the site of the cell. >> the key according to the doctor is evaluating as they progress to do that, they turn to recognition software developed at stanford university. yugs algo rhythms it's able to identify patterns consistent in healthy development. >> tracking how the cells divide and measures time oogt
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system then rates them in the first two days after fert saigs and displays color keyed results. >> to determine these employees have a highest chance to grow so they ask the computer are to do imaging. >> he believes an improved method could lessen the need to implant multiple embryos. >> what we want to do is put back a single embryo as often as we can to prevent multiple gestation. >> the system is still investigational. the company submitted data to the fda.
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these are going to change for the review. and potential for improvement. >> the system is in use in europe. research suggests improvement could increase chances of a successful pregnancy by more than 50%. >> just ahead a effort led by a nonprofit. >> how it was
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a house on sydney drive has been gutted by fire, crews just put it out. nobody was hurt and the trees were put out. >> a humanitarian organization made a his soric mission to honor a little boy's request. that child lost a leg in israel. israelies and palestine yinz working together in the fields of bethlehem. cheryl jennings has the story.
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>> this little boy doesn't realize how dangerous this path s he's taking a short cut to an old mine field. this young boy start aid campaign to get rid of land mines, won the attention of a california mother who runs a nonprofit to remove land mines. what happened is making history. israelies and palestinians turning this into this. mines kill near arely half a dozen children here and adults but the organization roots of peace steps in to get rid of the mine autos listen and those are parts from the mine field. >> the founder negotiated a historic partnership between
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israelies and palestinians. >> which allowed us to be the first ever humanitarian demining organization in the middle east helping bring forth food, security and jobs. >> as we remove these we pray children may walk safely and shepherds may tend to their sheep. >> villagers are grateful to heidi answering the call of young daniel. his right leg was blown off by a land mine in in israel in february, 2010. he was playing in the snow with his brothers and sisters. they didn't know waits a mine field. he was only 11. >> where. >> what did he say? >> if i can help him create a mine-free world. >> how many years did it take you?. >> took three years. >> san francisco counsel general provided support. >> just approved israelies and
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palestinians can work together. >> they came to visit just months after convincing israel's government to pass a bill. daniel partnered with heidi and jerry white in efforts. jerry lost a leg near the same area as daniel. the came from napa valley vitners paul and dean. heidi clue floou between california and israel nearly half a dozen times, meeting with top leaders including prime minister, palestinian president and religious leaders persuaded a retired army kol nem nel and a palestinian mother of four to team up for this project. >> we look to see israeli children and palestinian children playing in the land
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without mine autos heidi met with the leader of the catholic church in jerusalem who gave her a first ever peace medal in the name of young daniel. >> this little boy helped change not only the face of his nation but around the world. >> cheryl jengs abc 7 news. >> turning how to weather, everybody wants to know if there is going to be fog. >> no fog at the coast yet. it's expected to develop later so if it does arrive goitsing to cool down a lot. highs over 100 today low to mid-80s tomorrow so change is on the way. here is the accu-weather
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forecast. high temperatures in the 80s, 70s around the bay and upper 50s and low 60s on the coast. cooler weather is here. >> thank you. >> looking for baseball and giants did deliver. still lots to talk b coming up in sports warriors can they win the howard sweep takes? a's and cubs play
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oorks on this 4th of july not a lot of fire works as the only run scored on a pass fall. he aloud just one hit in the 4th. the throw is in time nice stag there. the om run came in the 7th on this pass ball. he scores and that would be enough as a's hang on to win.
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ookland makes two out of tlee. giants had their game called off due to rain. so san francisco winds up this dismal road trip tomorrow back home to open a three-game series. with dwight howard expected to make a decision tomorrow, warriors apparently making a final push for the center. espn reporting warriors trying to trade away andrew boeing yet so they can create cap space. and they have to include young talent. looks like houston or dallas has the best chance.
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the stick in the semi finals after splitting first two sets come from behind in the third here at great cross court forehand and battles back to win. she overcome with emotion. francis bartoli overpowered flipkins. this was match point bartoli leaving no doubt and scores for 6, 1, 6, 2. >> as their classic in west virginia sean peyton caddying for palmer. neil lancaster rolls in for a
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birdie yes that calls for a fou. johnson wagner had a chance to take sole possession. lead 6th stage of the tour de france in scorhing heat. this sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware of we should mention joey chestnut won nathan's hot dog eating contest. >> mazing. >> seems like there has to be a limit. >> that is a good one. >> join me tonight at 9:00 a state department in trouble then at 11:00 bart talks
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expected to resume at any moment. plus what to expect for the morning commute. >> that is it nor edition of abc 7 news. >> from the entire news team have a good night we want to live with you a look at fire works on this 4th of july. we'll see you later tonight.
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a website manager from washington, d.c... and our returning co-champions -- a camera operator from los a, california... and an i.t. consultant originally from flna... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. happy fourth of july. you know, i can't remember the last time we had returning champions.
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