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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 18, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it happened at front door, you can see the bullet holes. last night on wilson avenue in the diamond district of oakland, we have a picture of the girl who was killed and this is the 8 -year-old at a sleep over when she was shot and killed. her best friend who is seven was also sheet along with her four-year-old brother and her grandmother and the kids were ambushed according to her stepfather. >> when the doorbell rang the children came to the door and the gunman sprayed the door and she was shot. they hit all three kids. >> he has no idea why someone would do this and says the grandmother lived here along with the mother and the two kids, the boy and the girl and,
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of course, he was visiting and says her mom is out of town and on vacation with her sister and she has been told about her daughter's death and will come home to oakland this afternoon. police have not made arrests and they do not have a description of the killer or the car and are looking for any help they can get great the public. they do not know the motive. if you know anything, come forward and call police. >> stay with abc7 news for continuing coverage of the deadly shooting that killed a child. can you get breaking news updates at abc7 news bay area on twitter. you can see low clouds and we will have sun and warmth. >> we have a late charge of clouds and you can see the
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visibility at one mile and santa rosa is 2.5 miles. if you are headed into the south bay, everyone is in the upper 50's but sunnyvale is 60 and the hills around los gatos at 68 and santa clara and alum rock all at 2357. 49 in novato and 4 in calistoga and everyone else is in the 50's this morning. as we zoom across and show you all the cloud cover along the east bay hills and into the bay, we will talk about temperatures this afternoon. 81 to 95 inland and 70 to 81 at the bay. and 980 and 880 where they connect there is an accident with details coming up. on the pass, we have a construction project that will last until 9:00 a.m. and that is
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all for drainage work but check out the westbound commute that is packed drive from tracy to dublin. here is the drive time traffic at 580 is 38 minutes to make the commute to dublin and from antioch to concord and 101 holding steady at 16 minutes and a clear drive from san rafael to san francisco and the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights are on. the regents wrap up a special session in san francisco and are expected to confirm janet napolitano as the new president, and the news reporter joins us from the mission bay campus with more. >> police are preparing for the meeting today and they is set up barricades in preparation for protests and this is new video from the officers arriving and
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homeland security security janet napolitano will face the board to become the next president and the first woman to hold that position. the chairman says napolitano was recommended on a unanimous vote. she was governor of arizona before serving in the obama administration as homeland security secretary and the current president will step down at the end of august. students saw their tuition double during the five year tenure to $12,000 a year. protesters are expected to rally before the meeting urging the i gents do reject the nomination saying it could undermine commitment to inclusion. the rally will start at noon and the public meet on the nomination starts at 1:15. we will have continuing coverage of the meeting this afternoon
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when the reegypts take their vote on janet napolitano. >> oakland police want help from the help to identify vandals dug the george zimmerman verdict protests. a man was throwing a trash can at a window on saturday might and in another picture a man scrawls graffiti on the street. the police want to see any pictures or video you may have taken of other crimes. a waiter at a downtown restaurant hit in the face with a hammer will go back do work today. drew was standing outside with other employees trying on stop people from breaking more windows and someone attacked him. >> he hit my frames and that saved my cheekbone and my eye from not being this anymore. >> he says besides the bruises only face can cut over his eye he has a little trouble chewing but the swelling is going down. he hopes to look more like his old self next week when the band
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has a debut cd release. >> the parents of trayvon martin are speaking out for the first time to "good morning america" and talking for the first time since george zimmerman was found not guilty. the couple have been in seclusion since george zimmerman's aquittal on saturday and they share their thoughts after hearing george zimmerman's parents were praying for them. >> don't feel that it is real sincere but we continue to pray that we will find peace and strength to be forgiving. >> she says her first thought was shock and disgust after hearing george zimmerman was found not guilty. you can watch the full interview with trayvon martin's parents on "good morning america" at 7:00 right after our newscasts.
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members of marin legal department are asking to investigate an officer after a officer fired ten times at a man coming at him with a vehicle. he was then hit by rocks no one by bistanders and the suspect is in jail on parole violation. the police are investigating the shooting but friends say that is a conflict of interest because the deputy's wife works for the novato police. >> residents of an apartment building are suing their landlord for negligence after a fatal fire this month. a man died at the house apartments and 100 people were left homeless. the company that owns the building said two tenants are suing them saying they did not have a working sprinkler system or smoke alarms. >> more evacuations in southern
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california near palm springs, a 19,000 wildfire is burning out of control in riverside county. right now, it is threatening 4,000 homes. it is affecting 6,000 people and only 15 percent contained. >> activists are going around san francisco bookstores and libraries covering dictionary definitions of "marriage" with stickers with the new version in response to a security ruling last month that legalized same-sex marriage in california. the group is called hack marriage is replacing the standard definition in dictionaries that define marriage as "union between a man and a woman" that says and i quote, "the formal union of two people by which they become partners for life." our meteorologist, mike nicco, how is it looking? >> some is coming back. we try to get the temperatures closer to average with a
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beautiful sunrise from mount tamalpais with the low clouds hanging around the bay. we have an uptick in the ozone but it is below unhealthy levels with trees and ragweed and grass mold and u.v. index is the most concerning with quick burn factor. now, compared to average, we will warm around three to ten degrees and live more will be at knee and napa at 85, and oakland at 74, two degrees warmer-than-average and san francisco topping out at 68 and redwood city at 81, close to average. as we head through the next three days, the warmest days in the forecast, mid-to-upper 90's inhand valley, and low-to-mid 80's around the bay and comfortable at the coast, mid-60's. now the traffic with leyla gulen. >> mike, i was talking about an accident in oakland along 880 at 980 when a car went in the center divider and another hit a tree so it is not on the roadway
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but it is to start slow if you travel along 880 apporaching 980 so the drive will be on the slower side so give yourself extra time. this report is a stalled truck, a pickup truck, a big one, and northbound along highway 13 at carson street, that does have one lane blocked, we do not have delays. outside, we will look at san jose as we look at 280 ambassador from 17, a few cars but all is clear, and quiet and though accidents. >> robin roberts shines at new awards with a new honor. >> train derailment in texas and this is a live picture. athe world is watching a london hospital this morning but is the
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>> covering fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we have breaking news. this picture is headachy but -- shaky but a union pacific train derailed in texas west of ft.
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worth and two people have been hurt. a union pacific representative said it went on its side headed from tucson to dallas-ft. worth and only one of the cars was carrying cargo full of cement. the others were empty. you can get the latest detail on twitter. >> new details of the food poisoning that left dozens of children dead in india. the death toll is now up to 22. the video you are about to see could be disturbing. this is in the hospital where many are recovering, after falling sick after eating rice and potatoes. it is believed insecretary side may have contaminated the food. cnn reports the authorities are searching if the head mistress who is said to be on the run. >> the world is watching a london hospital waiting for the
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biggest royal baby but the media could be camped out at the wrong place. everyone is watching st. mary's hospital but she could, instead, be giving birth in a different city 45 miles outside of london where the duchess' parents play. kate is visiting her parents leading to the news speculation. >> americans missed the twinkies with people snapping up twinkies at a record rate since they are back on shelves they days ago. fans had to do without for eight months after the original hostess went out of business. the demand is now seven times greater than before and orders are up to six times grandfather than -- greater than production capacity. kaepernick has new accolades winning the first award in los angeles celebrating the best of athletic winning the break
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through athlete of the year. the touching moment was when "good morning america" host robin roberts received arthur ashe award. >> i never imagined i would be able to stand here 20 years after jimmy v's speech and say because of everyone who has responded to his challenge, because of all of the donations, research and support, mine is one of the lives that has been saveed. >> jimmy v is a reference to late north carolina state basketball coach who died of cancer and was instrumental early on in the awards and roberts was the first female anchors on espn in the 1990's. the watch abc live stream is now available the first local station and abc7 news is the first broadcast network to bring you a stream of your local news and all your favorite abc tv
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shows. watch abc allowing you to bring abc7 news wherever you are a new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast and charter communications. check out to find out how to access watch abc live stream. >> now mike nicco fans will not have to miss a second of the forecast. even when you on the go. >> put down the twinkie and listen up. >> very nice. now, twinkies, this time in the morning? it will be good. the clouds are prevalent. from the east bay hills, the clouds are getting thicker. they have nod made it over to concord so the east bay valley is still cloud-free and that will be the one with the warmer
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area in the forecast. temperatures today are warmer, and up near average because of the early sunshine and we get an hour quicker than year. our warmest days are ahead of us, friday, saturday, and sunday. if you are a week warrior get plenty of fluids. now, the moisture to the south, the upon soon, this time of the year, it could back up to us next week, but that is a while away. it will take the steam or starch from this heat wave. the cloud cover shows moving all the way in and retreating quickly by noon and back to the coast and we will see sun along the coast and as much as we saw yesterday but notice the temperatures in the 60's and possibly 90's and stop just short around 88 or 89 and low 80's for the rest of the south bay and 78 in santa cruz. on the peninsula, 72 at mill bay
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and 76 at san mateo san mateo ag the coast, low-to-mid 60's this afternoon with daly city at 62. in the upper 60's in san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 80's from the north bay valley and 85 in napa. we will be 20 degree cooler at the beaches. 73 in berkeley is the cool spot and 83 in hercules, a warmer spot, and around 80 in rip -- richmond and headed inland, in the 50's this morning so the house is probably cool and back home tonight it will be warmer with the highs in the low-to-mid 90's. temperatures tonight in the 50's so we will cool and most likely area not to have clouds in the east bay valley. check out temperatures tomorrow and saturday as we look around, a lost 100's and this is coming our way. will we get do 100 in we could be close in brentwood and oaklandly but mid-to-upper 90's
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is as warm as we get. low-to-mid 60's at the coast and temperatures are pulled back to average monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> in the east bay we are tracking an accident along 980 at 880 we have a car, to car crash, one veered off the freeway and hit a free and the other is in the center divider. any of the slowing we saw has subsided. we are seeing a little bit topping up and to get around it you can sues -- use 7th. through castro valley and 238, you are at 54 miles per hour, not too bad, and the drive into hayward to union city, we are looking at clear conditions and at top speeds. drive time traffic 680 southbound into dublin is 14 minutes, and 17 minutes from highway one to los gatos at 22 minute commute. eric and kristen?
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>> 6:20. new this morning the rhyme time emmy award nominations are out and we brought them to you live last hour and ahead at 6:30 we will re-cap all of the big categories for you. i'm john muller. except when it's too cold. like the last three weekends. asthma doesn't affect my job... you missed the meeting again last week! it doesn't affect my family. your coughing woke me up again. i wish you'd take me to the park. i don't use my rescue inhaler a lot... depends on what you mean by a lot. coping with asthma isn't controlling it. test your level of control at, then talk to your doctor. there may be more you could do for your asthma.
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>> allergies can be a pain and a tissue and go a long way. which brand stands up to the sneezing in "consumer reports" partnered with "7 on your side" to find out. here is michael finney. >> good morning, everyone. this year's record breaking pollen season has been a real assault on our senses, or, more accurately, our sinuses. a tissue can help allergy suffers. we tested a dozen tissues to see which you can rely on. >> this is showing everything live. >> are they testing a new rocket? no, nothing that complicated but when you need a tissue a tough one makes the difference. security reports evacuated 18 in all from the major players and store brands, too. >> with tissues we wanted to test what was important to consumes so we tested the strength and, also, the
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softness. >> first up, this machine can apply up to 10,000 pounds in force it is set to measure the force at which a tissue tears. because would wants to use a scratchy tissue, consumer reports trained for softness in humidity-controlled room. the test conditions are nothing to sneeze at. >> the tissue has to be assessed under the same conditions because moisture can change how it feels. >> you cannot necessarily go by a name. walgreens was anything but song and strong with the lowest rating overall. the top rated tissues, from puff, delivered on being soft and strong and were the strongest of all tested. blowing away all the others. next best was kleenex lotion and
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is a "best buy." consumer reports find tissues do not need to have lotion to be soft but all the tested tissues that had lotion rated well for softness. however, do not use those with lotion to clean your eyeglasses you will end up with more smudges. >> oakland police are on the search for vandals this morning and ahead the new video and photo of showing them in the act and the arrests already made. >> four people were shot last night in oakland, three of them are children. one died. the heat is on the way and it will hit this week. summer back. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center the bay bridge
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metering lights are on and we have plenty of congestion.
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>> abc7 news starts with breaking news from oakland land, an 8-year-old is dead after a late night shooting and two others and a grandmother are wounded with the two children. we talked to the victim's step
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father. amy? >> the 8-year-old does not live here. she was visiting at this house when it was shot up. it was sprayed with bullets. this happened at 11:15. we are told someone rang the doorbell and the kids answered the door and the opinion starting shooting. here is a picture who was killed, 8-year-old. her stepfather gave us this picture and says she a very bright girl. she was at a sleepover with her best friend when she was shot can killed. four people were shot a grandmother, her two grandchildren and the dead girl. the stepfather has in idea why this happened. >> actually, it is a shocker. it hit me at the hospital but i'm still in denial he is going. it will come where i am used to her talking my ear off and she will not be there.
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she has a younger brother who i is to raise without her now, so, it is going to be difficult. >> here is a list of the victims: 8-year-old who was killed. her best friend, a seven-year-old girl was shot along with her four-year-old brother and their grandmother. they are all in stable condition in the hospital. all three them lived here with the kids' mother. the girl's mother is out of town on vacation with her sister and will be running to oakland this afternoon. miss have not made any arrests and say though do not know the motive or have a description the killer and are looking for any leads. >> thank you, stay with abc7 news for a continuing coverage on this story and you can get breaking news updates on twitter@abcnewsbayarea. and now the weather. mike? >> it will be warmer.
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good morning, everyone, live doppler 7 hd showing were more dry out there with no reports of mist and drizzle with knit arrival delays in sfo but it is minimal at 37 minutes. the next 12 hours are starting dry but gray and 58 and bright are by noon and 68 and breezy this afternoon along the bay shore with temperatures hitting the mid-to-upper 70's by 4:00 and cooling to 70's by 7:00. we have fog in the in the bay and fewer clouds in the east bay valley and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's, we will be pushing 88 and 90 by 4:00 with temperatures above average and upper 70's to low 80's in the evening and gray across the board at the coast the next 12 hours with pockets of sunshine and temperatures in the mid 50's at noon and low 60's at 4:00. now the commute. leyla gulen? >> as we look at the stalled big rig blocking one lane, this is along highway 13 in the northbound direction at carson street, it is still not causing any delays so far and 580 is
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moving well as you make the drive to oakland and into macarthur maze. as we look at ace train, we have the number one train delay by seven minutes from santa clara toward san jose and caltrain and bart all are run on time and walnut creek, a 13-minute drive to get away from highway four to the 24 junction so traffic is building. >> happening today, regents are meeting in san francisco to confirm the in the president of the u.c. system janet napolitano and the news reporter is at uc mission bay with more including new word of a protest. matt? >> we continue to see more police officers arrive this morning at ucsf mission bay this are barriers out out at the building if preparation for a protest before the vote on the next president. this is video from this morning officers arriving at the
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conference center at ucfs and homeland security security temperature janell napolitano will face the full board to be the next president and the first woman to hold the position. the chair of the special search committee said napolitano was recommended on a unanimous vote. she was go of arizona before serving as homeland security secretary. the current president will step down at the end of august after serving more than five years and will help his successor in the transition. >> i hold great confidence in the university and i hold great confidence in the institution that my successor will inherit. i certainly wish my successor well. i'm prepared to help if anyway she domed appropriate. >> students face obstacles as the tuition doubled the past five years to $12,000 a year. protests are expected to rally before the meeting urging the regents to reject the napolitano nomination saying the chief
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oversaw the most deportations during her tenure in the obama administration and putting her in charge of the public university that enrolls hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants is not right. the meeting starts at 1:00 o'clock where a closed-door session and the public portion starts at 1:15. >> matt, thank you. now trouble in oakland after george zimmerman was acquitted of murder in florida on saturday. another round of rallies will take place across the nation on this saturday to mark a week since the verdict. this time, oakland police say they will be ready for whatever happens. the chief is canceling officers' days off to respond to protests. now, new images from leased showing vandals taking part in profits and investigators are hoping can you identify them. this shows a man throwing a rash can at a store window saturday night another picture show as man scrawling agree feet and
6:36 am
video show as man on his bicycle and he is going to be kicking and denting a car near lake merritt. police want to see pictures or videos you may have taken. the three men face criminal charges after being arrested on monday dug the protests. the prosecutor says both broke store ones and oakland police officers say that another man, jeffrey clark, threw a rock at him. >> in oakland the parents of a missing toddler are making a new appeal to find the daughter her reported missing by her father eight days ago. the child's parents appeared in public together last night. though did not stand together or talk. her father told police that daphne disappeared from his car when he ran into a store but family members say they didn't see the two together that day or for weeks before that. >> two different juries will
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reveal their verifies in the trial of two accused in a gang rape of a richmond team. the prosecutor says both participated in beating and rape of the girl outside the homecoming dance at richmond high school in 2009. yesterday, the second jury reached a decision in the case against 22-year-old monday -- montano, and were trieding to by separate juries, and peter's verdict lab announced. >> we will re-cap the prime time emmy award nominations. >> but, first, a story only on abc7 news, a surge in crime hits the most popular tourist areas of the bay area. what is behind the increase? >> a look at the gray start to the day and the golden gate bridge covered in fog.
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>> check out walnut walnut creet sunny. three degrees warmer in santa rosa and ten degrees warmer in treatment today. the east bay valley shows everyone in the mid-to-upper 50's right now with concord at 54 and livermore at 55 and everyone in the 50's, so we are
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off to a cool start. it is quiet across the entire state and the warming trend is moving up from palm springs at 111 and fresno near triple digits and 88 in tahoe and 66 in monterey. leyla gulen? >> we have an overturned big rig east 80 at the transition where we find this ever-- overturned big rig causing a delay. outside we go and here is san jose, where by contrast, it is clear along 101 coming away from 880 with no crashes and it is 16 minutes to make the commute up to the san jose airport. >> thank you, leyla gulen at 6:41. a story only from abc7 news, san francisco police are warping -- warning tourists at fisherman wharf to watch out for your cell
6:42 am
phones with thieves preying on the tourists grabbing cell phones off the table. officers made 13 arrests so far this month alone. >> ahead, the son of former penn coax -- coach sandusky is trying to distance himself from his father. >> and we will go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> who is going home with emmy gold? we will veto cap
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>> covering antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> the series "house of cards" is making history. >> the first nod for a program delivered online. >> it has been dominated for best drama along with others. >> breaking bad. downton abbey. game of thrones. homeland. house of cards. madmen. >> the prime time emmy award nominations were announced in
6:46 am
north hollywood this morning. here are lead actor nominees in drama. hugh bornville and jeff daniels, and john hamm, damian lewis, and kevin spacey. actress is connie britton and claire dane, michelle dock credit and elisabeth moss and kerry washington and robin wright is also on the list. >> son of former penn state jerriry -- jerry sandusky wants to change his name. he filed papers in court to change his name along with the names of his wife and four children. he was expected to be a defense witness until the trial and he told investigators he also had
6:47 am
been abused. sandusky is serving 30 do 60 years in prison and is pursuing appeals. >> celebrations are underway around the world celebrating the hive of mandela the former south africa president who is 95 today. people break out in song in honor of mandela's birthday. in san francisco, a celebration of life service was held at grace cathedral. he remains hospitalized fighting a long infection for more than a month. his condition is said to be improving. >> it is 6:47. retailers are chasing the baby fashion trend as the big royal birth in london is getting closer. >> families are planning on spending less back do school season this year. jane, good morning at the new york stock exchange. >> after spending on new things last year the national retail federation believes consumers will spend 8 percent less this
6:48 am
back-to-school shopping season but other surveys say different. they find that 80 percent of consumers will adjust their spending because of the economy. fewer people plan to shop for electronics but will look for bag ons on stylish clothes. they say that fewer college students will live in dorms and more will live at home but those who are in dorms will be spending for bedding and microwaves. the biggest names are out there looking for bargains. >> the stocks are gaining momentum with weekly numbers hitting a two month low and the fed chairman back on him hill and based on what he said yesterday investors or optimistic. hoots is giving the logo a makeover. after 30 years, they are getting
6:49 am
a new look and the pain says the news comes as they trouble to standout among growing competition including twin peaks and tilted kilt. and british reports that the royal couple will use a very special stroller, which has given 57 percent hike in their sales after the duchess was pictured with one. >> there are three days left until the aids walk san francisco on sunday in golden gate park and we are a major sponsor. to register you can call or text
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292929. you can see yourselves on the jumbo tron which will be live stream at >> can't wait to see. we will be out this. we have been bugging you about the weather. >> i will be out there, also. my son will be with me until he has another mission trip. we will have a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's so it will be changeable weather. right now, radar and satellite is cloudy but for the east bay valleys, especially around concord and walnut creek, we do have sfo arrival delays at 37 minutes so check out the flight tracker. and we have bay breezes that will be faster than yesterday and they probably will not affect the bridges at 12:00 to
6:51 am
9:00 when we will get the southwest winds at 15- to 25-knots and from mount tamalpais you can see the sunshine above and the cloud cover to the east and it will be brighter early today with the warmest days ahead of us, over the week, so get plenty of liquids in you for the weekend warriors with a lot such screen. isolated storm is possible next week. we will keep an eye on that. and thicker clouds but they are low and because of that they will retreat quicker so temperatures will be around five degrees warmer-than-average in livermore and napa is 85 at two degrees warmer, and we will hit 68 in san francisco on the money in san jose and redwood city and 83 and 81, close to average. you can see the cloud cover never makes it to around concord or walnut creek but it makes it to livermore and by 10:00 it is out of the inland valley and by noon off the bay and then we will see sunshine develop along
6:52 am
the coast this afternoon. temperatures are in the south bay and mostly in the low-to-mid 80's but upper 80's in los gatos and mid-70's to near 80 degrees on the peninsula and low-to-mid 60's loan the coast and near 70 in downtown south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and napa is the warmest at 85 and from 73 in berkeley to 81 in castro valley and fremont and it will be hot in the east bay valley at low-to-mid 90's but we are in the 50's now and we will be in the 50's, again, tonight. the seven-day outlook shows mid-to-upper 90's this weekend and low-to-mid 80's around the bay and low-to-mid 60's at the coast. leyla gulen? >> we have a couple citizens both involving big rigs. as we take you on the peninsula on 101 traveling in the northbound direction, this accident involving a fedex truck is pushed to the shoulder. it is causing a bit slowing as you make the drive over to sfo. as we take you to the east bay we have been reporting an overturned big rig on the ramp
6:53 am
to eastbound 80 so the ramp is blocked. because of our abc7 news waze app they are reporting a your accident with the fire department on scene. can you track with the exclusive waze app by joining our group to share all of our traffic stories and information to get you going on the road. no word yet when this is going to cheer but you can use willow avenue. >> ahead, seven things to know before you go.
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>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know. one, breaking news, oakland police are investigating a shooting that left an 8-year-old girl dead, two children and a woman wounded. they are in stable condition. it happened at a home on wilson avenue at 11:15.
6:55 am
his do not have suspected. >> two, oakland police want your help in identifying vandals caught on camera in violent protests after the george zimmerman verdict. police want to see any pictures or video you could have of other crimes being committed during the protests. >> there is a special session of the u.c. board of regents to confirm janet napolitano. the protest is planned outside the meeting at noon over her role in immigration policies when she was secretary homeland security. >> four, breaking news in texas, a union pacific train derails west of dallas-ft. worth with two people injured. the plane was headed from tuscon to dallas. >> state and federal security experts are in san francisco to test the newest antitheft features designed to stop the stole were smartphone waves trying to get an theant theft features to theft them. >> six, we are off to a cool spot.
6:56 am
novato is coolest at 52. up to 58 in mountain view and san jose. cloud cover is over san francisco and this is going to move an hour quicker today and that will lead to temperatures and 81 in the north bay and south bay and 95 in the east bay valley and 70 around san francisco and 81 in fremont and palo alto and 62 at coast to 68 in cloudy san francisco this afternoon. >> seven, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza at ten or 15 minute wait to get from the maze and toward the toll. eastbound 80 is blocked because of an overturned big rig and the wazers say the current traffic is not affected.
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good morning, america. dangerous and deadly heat wave. summer sizzling in 22 states right now, as temperatures are breaking records. and parts of the west facing a wall of fire right now, as thousands are forced from their homes overnight. new this morning. trayvon martin's parents speak out for the first time since george zimmerman was found not guilty. what they say about the verdict now. and what they wish the jurors knew about their son. hey, i'm cory. >> breaking overnight, new video revealed of "glee" star cory monteith in his final days. his message to a young fan about staying out of trouble, as one of his closest friends now speaks out in an abc news exclusive. and inside robin's incredible night. the sports world's biggest superstars and a thunderous standing ovation to honor her, with the arthur ashe award.


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