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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 22, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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and online at any time. you can get instant updates by following us on witnesser. can't tell thank you baby's gender but we can tell you the forecast. >> we have low clouds. also have high clouds coming in. we are going to replace one for the other as we head throughout the afternoon. high clouds eventually could bring us a chance of a horm. not during the day. had a would be more mitt into tomorrow. take a look at the partly cloudy for today. high clouds inland during the afternoon hours. 78 to 90 degrees. 78 in the south bay to north day. around the bay from 64 in san francisco to 69. and oakland to about 76 as you head into the south bay. as the coast and san francisco we will have 64. under mainly cloudy conditions. a look at the traffic. monday morning. how is it going? >> pretty well. it is quite out there. month crashes to report. some construction. san francisco, we had this connector blocked off million
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6:00 a.m. this morning. westbound 80 to north and southbound 101 connectors. we are looking at volume building there. make the drive in the westbound direction. we continue eastbound along 80, bay bridge, anchorage to metering lights. that will last million 6:00 a.m. as well. speaking of bridges, let's go to the san mateo bridge. a very hazy picture out there. cars making a drive through foster city. taillights heading along the westbound direction. foggy out there. you may want to be a little careful. >> we have breaking news out of san francisco this morning where police are investigating an overnight home invasion. it happened at a home in the bay view. police say would men and a woman all dressed in black forced their way into the home around mid might. neighbors heard a struggle and called police. one of the suspects jumped out of the window to get away but broke his leg. police say they found a handgun on him. two other suspects got away.
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victim suffered stab wounds but is expected to recover. developing news. sailboat captain is facing charges this morning after leading the coast guard on a slow speed chase from sausalito to the pacific ocean. john mccormack was taken into custody just after 9:00 last night. authorities say his sailboat initially caught the coast guard's attention because it had no flags flying or markings of any kind. coast guard officials say they ride to board the boat to investigate. mccormack refused. >> what was said and without regard -- made it clear he doesn't want us onboard. >> heavily armed coast guard official were finally able to intercept the boat near the golden gate bridge after chasing it for several hours. municipal governments across the country will be carefully watching what goes on in a south bay courtroom today. a judge in san jose will begin hearing a challenge to the measure b pension reforms voters
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overwhelmingly approved a year ago. the reforms for safe $20 million a year in pension payments work verse on pay out of their own pockets. the mercury news reports as lawyers for the police and pyre union argue that 50 years of case law prevent city governments from cutting pensions for their workers. testimony will take a week. a decision is months away. >> new details on the fatal shoot-out in san francisco's tenderloin. the man that died has been identified as 24-year-old mel gadoi of is an plan. police say he was killed when would groups of men fired at each other saturday night. a man who lived in a meesh apartment building said shots were flying everywhere. >> i started counting. i counted 15 shots. ridiculous. it is like the old west. >> police say that the shooter is in custody. another man hit by flying bullets is in critical condition. police are looking for several people that ran away.
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san mateo county d.a.'s office will be taking a closer look at the limousine fire on the san mateo bridge that killed five women. the office will be looking at how to move forward now that the investigation into the fire is complete. according to the media partner, mercury news, the driver was on his cell phone fighting with his estranged wife just before the fire. his wife says he had the music turned up so the limo passengers couldn't hear them arguing. we learned the limo driver has a criminal history including cocaine charges and driving with a suspicious license. the charges date back more than a decade. we tried to contact brown and his lawyer for a comment. neither has returned our calls. there was a head-on collision involving a van with boy skoyts. the van slammed head-on into a pickup truck that rear ended another vehicle on highway 20. east of ukiah. the 55-year-old driver of the van was killed. his 14-year-old son was flown to
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children's hospital oakland with major injuries. four fellow scouts were also hurt. the troop is based in auburn. today the president of the oakland chapter of the naacp will call on the justice department to file civil rights charges against george zimmerman. george sr. says it is up to washington to get justice for florida teen trayvon martin. about 200 people rallying in san jose last might to make the same demand they marched to the federal building on south 1st street. one one protester delayed a light rail train while she stood in front of it. last weekend a jury acquitted zimmerman of murder charges in martin's shooting death. champion driver from the central valley remains in serious condition this morning. after crashing at the cfair ground. peter murphy was moving up on his sprint car saturday night's main event.
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the two cars collided and murphy's car rolled over. it took about 30 minutes for crews to cut him out of the car. murphy was airlifted to the medical center in walnut creek. firefighters working to contain that massive mountain fire in southern california are getting help from mother mate. increased humidity and more than an inch of rain over the weekend helped crews fighting the fire west of palm springs. so far the fire has burned more than 27,000 acres and destroyed a dozen homes and outbuildings. the evacuation orders for thousands of people in the surrounding communities were lifted yesterday. the fire is now 68% contained. 4:36. getting out the door this morning. what will you encounter. let's check in with mike. >> encounter more humidity here. you will notice when you step outside not overly oppressive but a little bit different outside you notice that's what it is. visibility, everybody doing okay. even though we have marine layer clouds and pretty low down to the ground. they are around 700, 600 feet.
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driving around higher elevations you will drive up into that cloud cover. notice a lot of us, same as yesterday. not up to four degrees warmer thanks to that humidity. keeping the temperatures up at night. right now we are 60 at livermore and mountain view for the warm spots. san jose, 59. 58 in fremont. also in san ramon and oakland, 56 in concord. 55 san francisco. 54 in move at owe. 56 in napa. as far as day planner for today we are going to start off great. then we will transition by moon from low clouds that will pull back to the coast to high clouds and notice through the afternoon into the evening we will have high clouds and sunshine. isolated chance of a thunderstorm possible as we head lou the evening hours. a check of the traffic. >> all right. we start with some more construction, heading right into the san mateo county line along northbound 280 to highway 84. that's where we will have one lane blocked. going west until 8:00 a.m. this morning. taking a look at the drive time traffic 101, heading into sfo
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from san francisco. going to be an 1-minute commute. 880 more. it is going to be 16 minutes and 1011 northbound from 58 to the san jose airport, 13-minute commute. live look at that 101 freeway as we come away from 880 and you can see quick out there. not seeing delays, no crash tows report. no construction in this particular area. looks like you are going to be on time. new details about the bodies found in an ohio neighborhood. next why investigators fear there could be more victims of a serial killer. >> is toyota libel for a defect that caused some of its vehicles to accelerate out of control? the bay area family watching closely as a lawsuit heads to trial today. stepping out for a good cause. highlights of this year's aids walk is an plan including how many millions it raised. first, here is this morning's america's money report. >> good morning.
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landmark case involving toyota starts today. death of a 66-year-old woman. her family says toyota is libel for her death because her 2006 camry accelerated for 1100 miles per hour before she crashed. toyota says there was no defect on that woman's vehicle. president obama begins a series of speeches about the economy on wednesday. the white house says over the next several weeks mr. obama will address new ideas on bolstering the middle class and will include steps he will take without congressional approval. it was the conjuring topping a week of the box office haunted house littler brought in $41
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good morning. 4:41. royal baby is on the way. you are looking at live pictures of the london hospital war kate
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and william arrived about six hours ago. you can see the security outside of the lindo wing. that's exactly where prince william himself was born. yes. she is in labor. latest update from the palace. progressing normally. month inducing right now. we will definitely keep you posted. ohio man suspected in the deaths of lee women found wrapped in trash bags is expected to face charges today. three five-year-old registered sec offender was taken into custody over the weekend after the bodies were found near his home in cleveland. police and fbi spent the weekend searching about 40 ayman donned houses for more bodies. what they didn't find. police feared madison may have been influenced by serial killer an hone soul, a cleveland man for murdering 11 women. first wrongful death lawsuit against toyota involving seven acceleration begins today. it is a landmark case that could sway the outcome of scores of other cases that may follow.
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>> reporter: family members say he was afraid to drive fast. when her camera accelerated speeds up to 100 miles per hour, she did everything she could to slow down. after swerving to avoid other cars, she died after she struck a telephone pole and a tree. her case is the first wrongful death lawsuit to go to trial. month matter which way it goes, the outcome is going to be huge. >> if it goes to verdict, then it will become a landmark in terms of how other cases are processed by the court. and by the plaintiffs and toyota. >> reporter: toyota initially blamed cases of sudden acceleration on sticky gas pedals. and driver error. the family says toyota cut corners by neglecting to install to override the accelerator which is now included in cars made after 2011. in a statement toyota said that we are confident the evidence
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will show a brake overside system would not have prevented this accident and there was month defect in the vehicle. plaintiffs in 08 other similar cases against toyota will be polling the trial. part of class action lawsuit. her lexus suddenly accelerated to speeds of up to 90 miles per hour three years ago. ended up crashing into a car in front of her. >> many years into this right now. and -- yet, they have still not publicly acknowledged that there they are responsibling and accountable. that's a travesty. >> reporter: the trial against toyota is expected to last would months. 4:44. $2.5 million has been raised to help in the fight against hiv-aids. 25,000 walkers took the golden gate park yesterday for the 2013 aids walk in san francisco. abc 7 is proud sponsor of the event which was emcee'd by dan
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ashley for the 19th year in a row. many who came out for the event say that a lot of progress has been made, the fight against hiv and aids is far from over. >> i'm here to support my brother who passed away in 1995. here every year. every year we plug along until nobody has to anymore. >> funds raised from the event benefit the san francisco aids foundation and 28 bay area organizations that provide hiv services. we had a lot of veteran walkers out will because people were all bundled up in layers. san francisco, golden gate park, typical. great. >> nice to see all those folks. sad part is usually they were there because they lost somebody. that motivated them -- some of them, 27 years in a row. >> yeah. lot of people at the gold crown. lot of money. that's good work, folks. >> congratulations. >> weather like that yesterday? what do you think? >> definitely. yeah. again, golden gate park, cloudy,
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misty, drizzly this morning. take a look at what's going on down to the south. i want on show you this real quick. this is why it feels more humid this morning. why we have that threat of a storm. we talked about this last week. keeping an eye on it. promised you an update this morning. here it is. this is mainly rotating more towards the west than it is to the north. area of low pressure right here. and it is pulling and once it gets out over the ocean, that small chug of energy is riding a little more north. so i believe that some of this will coming our way as we head towards the afternoon and evening hours. it did dump heavy rain. we saw the flooding in vague and as we had flooding in arizona. potential of flooding in the desert. that kind of -- interesting. watch out the next 36 to 48 hours. we will keep an eye on it. isolated thunderstorm is possible. during that time primary. something unusual porous to watch. mid to upper 70s through most of the south bay. low to mid 80s today. 68 in santa cruz. across the board we are going to
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be about 2 to 4 degrees cooler than yesterday because of the extra cloud cover. upper 60s, milbrae, san mateo. pretty much mid 70s for the rest of the peninsula. if you are heading out to the coast cloudy day. all day with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. driz local start to let up just a little bit. during the afternoon hours. downtown, 64. south san francisco about 68. same thing in sausalito. you will see the high clouds coming in later than everybody else. near 68. heading to the east bay shoreline we have 66 in richmond. cool spot. stuck in the upper 60s, berkeley, oakland. the rest of us should be able to escape it and get into the low and mid 70s. east bay valley, mid 80s and 90 in brentwood and livermore. nice. still got games going on today. at&t park. the threat of a very isolated thunderstorm. random almost. temperature 61. first pitch reds are in town. dropping down to 58 degrees. temperatures tonight won't be
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quite as mild. you see the threat of a thunderstorm. lot of upper 50s to low 60s. let's take a look at the 7-day forecast. another chance tomorrow. i think the chance really starts to wame wednesday it is a triggering mechanism moves away. slightly warmer than average weather the rest of the week. to the weekend. have a great day. >> we take a look at our commute and things are moving along pretty well. we have a construction project that could slow down a little bit. southbound side of 80 between industrial parkway to whipple road. lee lanes taken away. that is going to last until 6:00 a.m. this morning. we take a look at the drive time traffic. still looking empty out there. 26 minutes. we will get to the westbound direction. highway 4 from antioch to concord. 15-minute commute. southbound along 101 from san rafael to san francisco under 20 minutes. as we go outside live as we take a peek at this drive. wall mutt creek commute, 680, clear out will. we are not seeing too many cars. get right over to the junction
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with highway 24. i can tell thank you bay bridge is looking just a little bit busy now. cash pay lanes are loading up. may be a smart idea if you get an early start. you want another mart solution for your commute go to abc 7 right now. and you can drive away with a brand-new smartcar. we will announce the lucky winner right here on abc 7 morning news. be smart and enter now. i took a test drive. and it is a fun car to drive. >> fun and you don't spend a lot of monday i don't gas. such a great idea. >> smart and fun. >> exactly. >> how much better can you get? >> thanks so much. certainly smarter than having to pay a lot for gas. unfortunately most of us in that position this morning. because we are going to have to dig even deeper into our pockets with gas costs rising. national average is $3.67 a gallon now. up 18 cents since the beginning of the month. average is $4.03. in the bay area, higher, $4.08 a
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gallon. expect to see higher gas price it is rest of the summer. unrest in egypt. it is pushing up the price of crude oil and gas lean. b.a.r.t. is showing off a model of its new train car in oakland this morning. tomorrow b.a.r.t. riders will get their chance to peek inside. until now b.a.r.t. only released photographs and sketches of what the new car will look like. riders take a walk through the model train car from tomorrow afternoon through the end of the week. they can also weigh in and fill out a quick survey to let b.a.r.t. know what they think of the new design. strong earthquakes rock china and new zealand. coming up new video of the damage they caused. >> also counting calories. new study questions whether posting fast food calories really does much good. >> starting your day off with hearty breakfast.
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welcome back. the death toll is climb thing
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morning from a strong shallow earthquake that struck in western china. the latest mums from the associated press are 56 people killed. chinese media putting that number at 75 this morning. more than 400 others were injured when a 6.6 earthquake struck yesterday. it was followed by several aftershocks. including one that measured 5.6. people say homes and buildings really shook for about a minute. this morning mud and rocks blocked the main road into the region. slowing the efforts of rescue workers. chinese red cross are shipping supplies to the region. damage something buildings, buckling roads, and knocking goods off grocery shelves yesterday. the epicenter was 35 miles south of wellington in the cook strait. month deaths or serious injuries reported there. your phone may be helping hackers commit a crime against you. the new york times says cyber criminals are figuring out how
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to take advantage of a play in sim cards found in most smart phones. they are the chips in the handset that store phone numbers and other information. the flaw allows outsiders to get into the card and key. they sandy text message that launches a virus and gives them control over your phone's mobile systems. experts estimate 750 million phones may be vulnerable to such attacks. 4:54 now. driving in. looking a little dreamy out there with the low clouds. >> yeah. see low clouds over the golden gate bridge now. look at the golden gate camera. interestingly enough the two areas i think temperatures may rise a little bit today are san francisco. 64. oakland, 69. both of the temperatures below average. concord drops down to 58. fremont to the 75. same thing in san jose. 78. santa rosa drops four degrees down to 77 degrees. you can see the thunderstorms stretching from arizona, nevada, right across our neighborhoods once again. already some high clouds
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starting to roll in to our neighborhoods. best chance of showers during the afternoon hours will be down to the south and over the high country, yosemite, 95. tahoe, no more record high temperatures. 87. monterey, cloudy and 64. >> all right. we have drainage forces in east bay. traveling eastbound side of 508. that's where you find construction crews between greenville and north flynn road. that's where it will be three lanes blocked off until 9:00 a.m. this morning. altima pass. drive out of tracy. before you reach the end of the pass and into livermore and out towards pleasanton. 30-minute commute. have you this construction project on the lower deck of the bay bridge from the anchorage to the metering lights. these are -- lanes blocked million 6:00 a.m. and as we take a look at the toll plaza now, cash pay lanes are starting to load up a little bit. you see a couple of cars there making their stops to make that drive into san francisco. >> thanks.
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new report out this morning says big flat screen televisions loved by americans are posing an even bigger danger to our kids. research muchers look at emergency room records between 1990 and 2011 and found a number of kids hurt by falling tvs went up 125% during that time. that's about 17,000 kids a year or one child every 30 minutes. hospital records show mostly head, mecke and leg injuries. the report is in the august issue of pediatrics. new study suggests that breakfast really is the most for meal of the day. especially for your heart. research muchers at harvard followed 26,000 men over 16 years. they found that men that skipped breck past had a 27% higher risk of coronary heart disease compared to men who did not skip. it was also linked with a higher incidence of type 2 diabetes. eating just before bedtime was also associated with a 55% higher chance of heart disease. the study is publish medical the american journal of clinical nutrition. many people enjoying mexican
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hotspots on their food. research muchers are warning of their health risks. analysts apartment university of nevada, las vegas, discovered several brands of imported hot sauce from mexico and south america contain unsafe levels of lead. lead poisoning can affect every organ in your body. new study showing people are ignoring calories in fast food. even after being shown a calorie count before they order. research muchers at carnegie melon university surveyed 1900 people in two mcdonald's restaurants in new york. customers who were given calorie counts of main menu items before they went in actually ordered higher calorie meals than people who did not have the information. one-third of people surveyed ordered meals of at least 1,000 calories.ers think they may i more the calories pilinging on they order. >> okay. 4:57. royal wait is on. it won't be porch longer.
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you are looking live at st. mary's hospital in london where kate middleton is in labor. inside of the lindo wing. a strange sight in san francisco bay. coast guard in purchase suit after sailing boat. we are live with new details about the machine at the helm. >> missing high-tech device. questions being asked as to whether it might have prevented a pyre break from hitting and killing a
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5:00 a.m. this monday morning. >> breaking news is out of britain. eyes around the world are train order a london hospital now


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