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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 22, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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duchess of cambridge is in a london hospital right now and she is in labor. live report from london coming up. >> only on abc 7 news, video of the coast guard taking a sailboat captain into custody. ahead, the reason he's under arrest. new details this morning on a crash at sfo. we are learning the fire vehicle that hit and killed a passenger was missing a new piece of high-tech equipment. good morning on this monday, 6:00. thanks for joining us. >> we start with that breaking news from london. the so-called great kate wait is almost over. that will make a great song title. duchess of cambridge went into labor overnight. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning from a very excited london. this is the baby we have all been waiting for. double playes of cambridge has been in labor for seven hours. i don't want on put any pressure
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on her but there are already great expectations for a baby that will one day lead 16 countries. ever since the wedding, the clock has been ticking. duchess of cambridge became the world's most watched expectant mother. the press focused less on her pace and more on her bump. as it grew kate was elegant, graceful, even smashing. now she is about to give birth to a royal princess or prince who will make history. for the first time kate and william's child, whether boy or girl, will become the future monarch. changed by the grandma. >> she was keen to see the monar monarchy moved with the times. this child, whether boy or girl, it wouldn't matter. a girl will be queen. >> kate and william are considered the most modern couple. kate is having a malbirth. they have chosen not to know the
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baby's sex. kate is giving birth in st. mary's. the same hospital where 31 years ago the mother-in-law she never met introduced the world to william. nation cheered the official announcement, a letter posted to the palace gates. that tradition will continue with the new baby. kate will bring glamour to royal motherhood that has not been seen since diana. alongside are a digs, william and kate are securing the monarchy's future. huge popularity will only grow as they begin the family they always wanted. >> huge popularity in this country. i think we will see the love and support from monarchy soar after the baby is born. >> reporter: here's a slice of how the world will celebrate. canada will light up niagara fall. pink or blue depending on the gend gender. church bells. personal pave rat. estimated 3 million bottles of
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champagne will be purchased in the uk alone. safe to say this country will be very, very happy. back to you. >> all right. bubbly, i imagine. before you get away i know the baby will be third in line to the throne. could you in a nutshell tell us how that succession works? >> yes. actually, i have studied this. i have made sure i can answer this question. the queen is obviously the monarch. when she dies prince charles will become the next monarch. when he dies his son prince william becomes the monarch. and now prince william's daughter or son, regardless of the gender, will become the next monarch. that means uncle harry, fun uncle harry, is being bumped down to number four. >> all right. thank you very much. keep us updated on the birth. stay with abc 7 maas for continuing coverage of the royal baby watch. 6:30, live to abc 7 news reporter for an update. "good morning america" live from
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london. that's right after the abc 7 morning news. london fog. we are seeing bay area fog here this morning. >> fun uncle harry. when do you think they will let him baby-sit? p ever. yes. we have fog here. it is mainly around 400 5shgs 00 feet. lot of us, you can see the reporting stations unlimited. you start to drive up in elevation you will definitely run into it. moist this morning and humidity. translate into possibility of an isolated thunderstorm the next 12 to 48 hours. start off gray around the bay. next 12 hours, 56 degrees at 7:00. we will see the low clouds return to the coast. high clouds take over. 68 at monoon. inland we start off just mainly gray. mid 50s. high clouds by man at 74. this is where we see the biggest drop in temperatures. very comfortable 76 during the evening hours. now that the coast we are going to be socked in with low and
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high clouds for the bert part of the day. starting off in the mid 50s. hang out in the upper 50s to low 60s from noon all the way to 7:00. that's your next 12 hours at the coast. >> yes. so far we are seeing a few crashes out will. luckily it is not causing any delays. heading along southbound 60, three-car crash in the center divider we are seeing slowing along our usual areas. certainly highway 4, coming out of antioch, pittsburgh, 10 to 13 miles per hour. very slow as you make it in the westbound direction. altima pass will take you an hour to get from tracy right into dublin. take a look at the drive time traffic across our bridges. san mateo bridge, westbound 12 minutes. 11 minutes heading along the dunbarton. outside we go. let's take a look at what's happening out there at wall mutt creek. we see a few extra cars. it is still just a nine-minute commute to make your drive to the junction with highway 24. >> thank you. developing news now involving a pursuit at sea. sailboat captain is in custody
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while the coast guard tries to figure out why he tries to run instead of letting a team onboard to check his papers. >> reporter: yes. the boat is here at the coast guard station. it is right behind me. and authorities plan to search it again today. they are looking for any clues as to why this captain tried to avoid authorities. here he is. being taken into custody last night. this is about five hours after he caught the attention of the coast guard. officials on routine patrol noticed the boat didn't have any flags or markings. it is unusual. they tried to board the vessel. he said no. they had to chase him for a while and then tried again. >> first we came alongside with our guns drawn. passenger basically said, you know, i will be compliant. put your vests away. we went onboard.
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>> they say there was an altercation onboard. that's the word they used to describe it. they didn't go into my more details. we saw an injury above his eye. we are told he did receive care for that wound. he has been identified as john mccormack. they have no idea why he refused to stop. why he wanted to get away from the coast guard. hoping to get all of that figured out today. at this point no charge have been filed. they hope to make a decision today on what, if anything, to charge him with. >> new details now in the crash of sfo. airport officials have purchased heat sensing equipment that experts say might have prevented the death of a 16-year-old asiana airline crash. he was covered with fire retardant foam when hit by at least one of the airport's fire riggs. shortly after asiana 214 crash
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order july 6. the san francisco chronicle reports the older model vehicle that hit her did not have forward looking infrared technology now required by federal law. other riggs and sfo are equipped with that technology. >> this morning highway patrol is investigating an accident that ended with the death of a good samaritan. it happened early yesterday morning on southbound 280 near the wood side road off ramp and investigators say a black honda rear end ad toyota. a third carthen stopped and the driver got out to help. and was hit as he crossed the freeway. man is identified it is a 33-year-old man from redwood city. the driver of the black honda was arrested for felony dui. would people were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. east palo alto police are look for a gunman in a fatal shooting. police found 30-year-old lucas rodriguez shot to death in a car saturday. witnesses recorded a man running from the scene. investigators have no motive or full description on the suspect.
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definitely looks a lot like june gloom out there this morning. as far as what's going on temperaturewise we are in the upper 50s. all throughout the inland area to east bay, brentwood at 60. you can see that's the case just about everywhere. 60 at fairfield. 61 in mountain view for warm spot. fremont, san jose, san carlos. 59. hayward, livermore, napa. all the temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday by 1 to 4 degrees. because of the extra humidity that's coming in from the storms to our south. look prosecuting the roof cam, san francisco and oakland one of the few areas warmer today. most of bus 2 to 4 degrees cooler with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. a few 80s into the east bay. and south bay. we will talk about those chances of thunderstorms coming up. let's get a check of the
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traffic. >> we are getting youes to san pablo, a report after pyre burning off to the side of eastbound 80. appears that's now out. we are seeing a little bit of slowing will. making your drive in the westbound direction as you head into east richmond. rest of the drive picks up as you head through berkeley. also looks like 580 as you come into emeryville. moving along at top speed. where it is not too tough is on the bay bridge toll plaza. a look at where the metering lights have been turn order. a report of stalled car blocking a couple of the tolls there. it could be even causing more slowing as we make the drive out of emeryville and into san francisco. >> thanks. 6:10. >> pope plan sis is going home. francis is going home. he gets ready for a visit to his native con tin zblept new details on the next iphone. feature apple is reportedly testing out as it gets ready to take the wraps off the next
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version of the popular gadgets. before we go to break, another live picture from london wrought side of st. mary's hospital where kate middleton, duchess of cambridge is in labor. the royal baby watch continues.
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this is a view of the east bay as we watch the sunrise this morning. we see the low clouds and fog mike has been telling us. he will fill us in on iffing forecast coming up in a few minutes. pope plan sis is on his way to his home continent in south america. his first international trip since his inauguration. he departed rome this morning. he is headed to brazil where he will preside over the roman catholic church's world youth day festival. more than a million catholics are expected to flock to rewroe to celebrate mass with pope francis who is expected to be in brazil for one week. >> president obama will kick off a series of speeches over the next several weeks addressing the nation's economy. the president is expected to talk about revitalizing the housing industry and expanding manufacturing and affordable health care and education. he's also expected to promote the economic benefits of an immigration overhaul. the speeches come ahead of key budget deadlines in the fall and
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including the start of a new fiscal year in october. new survey finds companies are hiring more thanks to a brighter economic outlook. nearly 33% pet added jobs. highest percentage in two years. 39% expect to hire more over the next six months. survey finds that companies are optimistic about the future with nearly 75% forecasting economic growth of 2.1% or more over the next year. this morning apple is trying to figure out who hacked into its developer's site. possibly gaining access to the personal information of people who use it. the company sent its developers an e-mail over the weekend and informing them of the intrusion. it happened on thursday. apple tried to reassure them the personal information was encrypted. the developer's site has been offline the last lee days and company says it is updating the server software and will be building databases before it goes back online. also from apple this morning the company is testing a new larger screen for its iphones.
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this morning's edition of the "wall street journal" reports apple's asking its suppliers for prototype smartphone screens larger than four inches. that's the current size of iphone screens. it is still not clear the prototypes will make their way to the market. the next version of the aye phone is likely to be unveiled sometime this year. 6:16 now. watch abc live stream now available here in the bay area. abc 7 is the first local station and abc is the first broadcast network to bring you a live stream of your local news and all of your favorite abc tv shows. now you never have to miss a minute of the news and the shows you love. watch abc allows to you bring abc 7 along with you wherever you wait and want to be. it is a personal new benefit brought to you by abc, comcast, charter communications and at&t at no eye digsal cost. enter your tv provider account information to log in and get the watch abc live stream or
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search. >> you could if you want top have a little fun have mike up on your apple device or whatever device, smartphone device, have them on your big screen as well. >> that would be fun. wouldn't it? total weather geek. >> if i'm tracking thunderstorms later today that would be even better. how about that? a look and show you what's going on. live doppler 7 hd. right now p. tuned in down to the south. you can see los angeles, santa barbara, bakersfield and that area getting a little bit of wet weath weather. whole area getting wet now. will's yellows showing up there. no oranges and reds. hopefully the flash flood sing being kept to a minimum as these are light to moderate showers. possibility see from northwest corner of air all the way through metro metro and high country, high desert there. we have the possibility of flash flooding. all the way through about 10:00
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this evening. now some of this you can see rotation could come our way next 12 to 48 hours. now with that said here are the high clouds and making for a beautiful sunrise this morning. sandwiched between the high clouds and low clouds you can see mt. diablo there from the east bay hills camera. all right. let's fwaung our forecast. you can see we have low clouds. that's what most of us seeing now and high clouds by lunch. isolated thunderstorm possible next 48 hours. very isolated. mid and upper level moisture. not the greatest setup for thunderstorms. but there is a possibility out there. and once we get past the next 48 hours, summer is coming back. close to average wednesday all the way through and the weekend talking with friends over the weekend. they are talking about most normal summer we have had and seems like 6, 7 years with not so much cooler than average. not so much hotter than average. every once in a while we get that way. as far as towing the line are been close. low to mid 80s. morgan hill, gilroy. mid to upper 70s the rest of the
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south bay. upper 60s, milbrae, san mateo. out of the coast, gray all day with upper 50s to near 60 degrees. 64 in downtown. sausalito and struggling to get to 60s and north bay beaches. mid to upper 70s, more sunshine. we will go from 66 in richmond to about 75 in fremont. north and south across the -- south bay or east bay shores. quite a difference in temperature p mid 80s. tomorrow coolest day in the forecast. temperatures well below average with another chance of a thunderstorm. then that chance moves on and wednesday all the way lou sunday summerlike. have a good one. >> all right. we have a report of an accident that's blocking the lanes. past the toll plaza along the toll bridge. blocking one lane. looking at very slow conditions as we make the drive away from the tolls and picks up as you inch a little closer to treasure island.
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as we take you along 280 in the northbound direction, we have a report of a carver us is a mountain lion out there. blocking one lane. rather unfortunate. not appearing to be causing any slowing along the roads. looking clear. except for 101, patch there slowing down. 42 miles per hour. you approach the nimitz. rest of the 101 freeway and 280 moving along pretty well. look at the mass transit. everything running on time. looking clear and live outside we go. here is the picture of the drive. this is in san jose. empty conditions will. top speeds. >> thanks. 6:20 now. >> ohio community finds itself at the center of a grisly crime. new details emerge being the bodies found in cleveland. reason investigators fear there could be more victims. >> stepping out for a good cause. millions ofne. i'm diana perez. the boys used double miles from their capital one venture card
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good morning, everyone. live look at traffic in the east bay. 680. walnut creek area. you can see the volume has picked up. we will see if there is a reason for this backup, or just the am of cars on the road coming up. $2.5 million has been raised in san francisco to help in the fight against hiv and aids.
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25,000 walkers took to golden gate park yesterday for the 2013 aids walk. abc 7 is a proud sponsor of the event. you can see right will our very own anchor dan ashley and seeing it -- 19th year in a row. funds raised from the event been pit the san francisco aids foundation and 28 bay area organizations a that provide hiv services. thanks for all of you for participating in all -- stop big to say hi to us. >> what do you think they will be talking about on "good morning america" this morning? >> i don't know. is there something about a royal stork. >> let's check in with john to find out exactly what's going on. >> reporter: royal contractions. reportedly royal contractions, who knows.
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hoi they are going plum crazy. royal baby watch. the boon or bane of our existence. the morning programs for the better part after month. it appears to be coming to an ends. the duchess of cambridge reportedly admitted st. mary's hospital in london. live coverage throughout the morning as will you. we are going to have more on the birth. n woe will be wrought side buckingham palace. we have senior medical expert dr. jennifer ashton here, ob-gyn, who i can tell will you not be a part of the actual delivery. however, having delivered more than a thousand of those little suckers, she is the expert and has a lot to get to there. there's other news. who are we kidding? we are all turning our eyes on the future heir to that throne. when we have one we will be telling you about it on "good
6:26 am
morning america." >> yes. josh, people are also watching charles and camilla. they are nowhere near the hospital. >> yeah. you know, it is interesting. in fact, not only will's family but kate as as well. far nhung all over england. perhaps this was -- maybe it snuck up on them. we are looking at all different sorts of areas including the one that last nature was pull moon and there is belief that perhaps it acts on amniotic fluids, the tide. again, i am so far out of my depth. you should my crew now. i should stop speaking now. let's just say we are going to have a baby at some point. >> stand in the dad's corner, you and me now. thank you very much. talk to you later. 6:26 is our time. following breaking news from san francisco. coming up at 6:30, trio of robbers entering a home overnight and quick escape they
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ride to make once police got there. look at live doppler 7. tracking thunderstorms down to our south. chance of those moving our way the next 12 to 48 hours. we will talk about it. taking a look at the bay bridge. lights are on. we have one crash reported. should be on its way. just past the to
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good morning. 6:30 this morning. you are looking at live picture from london. st. mary's hospital. lindo wing where security is tight. as kate middleton, the duchess of cambridge, entered overnight with will. she is in labor. ready to deliver their first baby who will be third in line to the lone. talk about this all day along with everyone around the world. thanks for joining us. >> right now we are going to talk about what affects us the most. foggy out will and moist. >> yeah. definitely have low clouds. good morning, everybody. humidity is up a little bit. you should notice it when you step outside.
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cloud cover, we have it everywhere. you know where our plight tracker is. abc at the bottom. great start. that's what we are doing now. around the bay. 56 degrees. your day planner, next 12 hours, low clouds eventually shift away to high clouds. i don't think we will get rid of all the low clouds. sunny spots at noon. and 68 degrees. we should have below average temperatures with high clouds and sunshine at 72. mild 68 by 7:00. day planner, mainly gray this morning. we will trance toygs high clouds by noon and mid 70s. not as warm as it yesterday. 82 degrees. high clouds at 76 degrees during the evening hours. look like cloud cover the entire day at the coast. mid 50s no. low 60s for most of the afternoon. let's get a check of the morning commute. here is leyla. >> we have a report of a crash on the bridge. traveling along the westbound direction past the toll. over to the right-hand side which is good news. little slow and go traffic there as you get into the westbound
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direction. once you head past the toll it clears up quite significantly. we take you right into solano county. leisure town road. overturned vehicle will. month delays. good news. however, we are tracking this hopefully no injuries are involved. let's go outside live now to our walnut creek camera. eric, commenting on how slow this drive is. you know what, we have a report of a stalled bus partially blocking a lane. that could definitely have an impact on traffic. so far it appears about 15-minute commute heading away from highway 4. over to you. >> thank you. breaking news afrom across the pond. world is focused on a london hospital after the duchess of cambridge went in to labor overnight. the latest on how things are progressing. >> reporter: kate is in labor. royal spokesman says things are progressing as normal. we have a live look at st. mary's hospital. kate is giving birth in the same
6:33 am
private wing where princess diana had both princes will and harry. had slipped through a side entrance just before 10:00 last night. eluding media. official announcement of the birth will be placed on an easel in front of buckingham palace. the palace will send out an e-mail minesing the royal baby's birth. announcement will include the baby's sex, weight but not the name. speaking of the name, there are major bets being placed on what the royal baby will be named if it is a girl, the top three names are alexandra, charlotte, and elizabeth. apparently people are wagering a lot of money for these names. if it is a boy, george, james and henry. >> the royal family are not like politicians. they serve for life. this little baby is looking forward -- will have to live up to a life of extraordinary duty along with any privilege it may
6:34 am
enjoy. >> there is already talk about who the baby's god parents will be. the couple's siblings, prince harry and pipa are said to be front-runners. royal experts say following in the british royal tradition, this baby will have several god parents in and out of the royal circle. william has six godparents ranging from a former king of greece, two close friends of his mother. the royal baby will hopscotch over uncle prince harry as the heir to the throne. so i say prince harry gets out of line, he doesn't get to be king. so the least they can do is name him a godfather. >> that may very well be the case. thanks so much. "gma" will be live from london. live updates for you throughout the day and online any time at you can get instant updates by
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following us on twitter. 6:34. breaking news this morning out of san francisco where police are investigating a home invasion. it happened at a home in the bay view district near 3rd street. two men and a woman dressed in black forced their way to the home around midnight. neighbors heard a struggle and called police. one of the suspects jumped out after window but broke his leg. police say say they found a hand gone him. about the other two suspects got a way. the victim suffered a stab wound. new details about the fatal shoot-out in san francisco's tenderloin. the man that died has been identified as 24-year-old mel gadoi of san francisco. he was killed when two groups of men fired at each other saturday night. a man who lives in a meesh apartment building said bullets were flying everywhere. >> i counted 15 shots. ridiculous. like the old west.
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>> police say that the shooter is in custody. another man hit by flying bull sets in critical condition. police are looking for several people who ran away. the district attorney's office will be taking a closer look at the limousine fire on the san mateo bridge that killed five women. the san mateo county d.a.'s office will be looking how to move forward now that the investigation into the may fire is complete. according to our media accident mercury news, orville brown was on his cell phone fighting with his estranged wife just before the fire. his wife said he had the music turned up. abc 7 news learned the limo driver has a criminal history including cocaine charges and driving with a suspended license. from ohio this morning, a cleveland man suspected in the deaths of three women found wrapped in trash is expected to face charges today. 35-year-old registered sex offender michael madison was taken into custody over the weekend. after the bodies were found near
6:37 am
his home in a partially abandoned neighborhood. police and fbi spent the weekend searching 40 abandoned houses for more bodies but turned up nothing. happening now closer to home, firefighters working to contain the massive mountain fire in southern california are getting help from mother nature. increased humidity and more than an inch of rain over the weekend helped crews fighting the fire west of palm springs. so far that fire has burned more than 27,000 acres and destroyed a dozen homes and outbuildings. evacuation orders for thousands of people in the surrounding communities were lifted yesterday. sailboat captain tries to escape from the coast guard. video you will only see on abc 7 news. >> coming up first the disruptions here at home and around the world, sending the price you pay for gasoline higher. >> is there any fog out there had morning? let's take a look. >> what do you think? does that qualify? >> i think, yes, that picture from the golden gate bridge right now qualifies as fog.
6:38 am
we will check in with
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we are back at 6:40. a look at the game time forecast. 7:15, first pitch. partly sunny and 61. mostly cloudy. 58 by the end of the week. visibility most of us are doing pine in the lower levels. we have that hour and 13-minute plight. above. here is the way it looks from the east bay. few areas warmer than yesterday.
6:41 am
oakland, san francisco, not by much. general trend is 2 to 4 degrees cooler than yesterday. most of the storms are down to our south right now. here's where they are going to stay. slight chance of isolated storm coming our way. i think the best chances as we head into the afternoon hours in the sierra near yosemite. >> all right. san jose, we have a new accident involving a couple of cars. this is northbound along 101. you can see it is causing quit a bit of slowing as you come away from the 280 split. i can show you the picture of the overturned accident i was telling you about. west bound 80. we can drive right in. there's the overturned vehicle and thanks we can track our traffic and go to the google play or app store. let's go outside to golden gate bridge. we will take a look. you can barely see it. make sure you use low beams and not high beams. drive slow and cautious. >> leyla, thanks a lot.
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6:41. if you have to fill up on gas you have to dig deeper your into your pockets. national average for a gallon is $3.6737 that's up 18 cents since the beginning of the month. california average is $4.03. bay area average $4.08 a gallon. drivers can expect to see higher gas price force the rest of the summer. experts say unrest in egypt and production disruptions in the u.s. and other countries are pushing up the price of crude oil and gasoline. >> it is 6:42. the world is awaiting an heir to the throne. not our throne. ahead we will update the royal baby watch for you. >> a long time since we had a throne. ahead live to bloomberg at the new york stock exchange. >> coming up, video you will see only on abc 7 news. sailboat captain taken into custody. reason
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good morning. live picture ear from london. st. mary's hospital. that's the lindo wing with police officers outside guarding. kate and will, duchess of cambridge is in labor. inside that hospital right now. royal baby watch is about to hit that climax. baby is about to come. we will keep you posted on all the latest developments. announcing the big news coming
6:46 am
up. >> boy or girl. we will let you know. we have this developing news involving a purchase suit at sea. this morning a sailboat captain is in coast guard custody. >> we have video you will seen only on abc 7 news. >> reporter: let me tell you the vote. it is here at the coast guard station. sausalito. officials are hoping to find clues on there today when they search it again. as to why this captain wanted to get away from authorities. they will decide today what charges, if any, he will face. here's the video that we have being taken into custody last night. this was after a heavily armed team boarded his boat. and then took him in. they had spent several hours tailing him throughout the bay and past the golden gate bridge. this all started around 4:00. when a crew on routine noticed that his both didn't have a flag or any markings. it is unusual. they raid to board his boat. he said no in they finally came
6:47 am
along with their guns drawn. >> most part really he was compliant. altercation, with the -- you know, put him into custody. arrest him. >> reporter: they didn't find any weapons or drugs onboard the boat that says it is called a for tune. that's what it says the boat. they don't know why he fled from authorities. why he wanted to get away and they are hoping to get that figured out. they have identified him as john mccormick and not released his age. or his hometown but they are hoping to learn more about him today. 6:47. >> great kate wait continues. we are already banking on a big business from the royal baby. chipotle may be offering more menu choices.
6:48 am
>> reporter: hi. good morning. well, we are waiting details of the royal heir. but the retailers are already counting on a big financial boost for the royal baby. already got one. to bring a lot of zwroy the british economy. retail research much estimated the baby fever may pour up to $380 million into the british economy. that's thanks to sales of things like baby souvenirs, drink purchases for parties celebrating the birth. here in the u.s. market will be back to normal by the summer of 2015. two economistses at that time federal reserve bank at kansas city to define normal as average over the past 20 years. we are waiting a report for home sales. existing home sales so we will get another check of the house market here today. ahead of that, quiet trade. dow, nasdaq, looks like this. mixed day so far.
6:49 am
mcdonald's, disappointing second quarter profit. and sales. economic weakness, different result for the rest of the year. and in spite of the attempt to arack consumers to less expensive items like the dollar menu. shares of mcdonald's are under pressure here this morning. if you have gotten stuck, decide what to order at chipotle, there may be a reason. they say you can order 65,000 possible menu combinations. the folks over at business insider apparently has a lot of time on their hands. they took a closer look at this. they say when you factor in all of the different brown rice options and different bean options, will are more than 655,000 different combinations. that's more than ten times what they initially estimated. >> like the rest of us sat at home figuring out the numbers. >> yes. >> other numbers. you cared a lot about this.
6:50 am
>> good morning, everybody. we are going to start with live doppler 7. i have it down to the south. you can see the areas getting wet weather. this is what helped the pyre fighters down there. this low, you can see it rotating. counterclockwise spin to the west now. chunk of energy will break off and come our way the next 12 to 48 hours. until then there's more storm. also develop down to the south. that's why this whole area you see in green of the high desert over towards vegas, towards northwest corner of arizona, all under a flash flood watch. hopefully we don't have a repeat of what we saw yesterday. the next 12 to 48 hours, isolated thunderstorm is possible. elevated no rain not much coming out of that. maybe we will see a boeflt light mink and and may not see anything. possible built there. winds along the bay. also into the delta. 1:00. 9:00. 15 to 25 knots. that's where it is going to be. breeze write today or most
6:51 am
breeze write. in the valley, 59. hills, 57. just about everybody in the south bay, upper 50s to low 60. same thing in newark. 56 as you are coming in to fran. this is the way it looks in downtown san francisco. the clouds are pretty low at least in san francisco. morning clouds giving way to afternoon high clouds. isolated thunderstorm next 48 hours. then looks like normal weather is coming back for wednesday through sunday. mid to upper 70s for most of the south bay. cloudy all day in santa cruz. we are going to have 70 degree weather. low to mid 70s. upper 50s to low 60s with hardly any sunshine at the coast today. mid to upper 60s downtown. south san francisco and sausalito. mid to upper 70s through the north bay valley.
6:52 am
60 degrees. 66 to richmond to 75 in fremont. quite a spread north and south. we will have mid to upper 80s for most of the east bay valleys. this morning step outside. humid. tomorrow about the same thing. temperatures will be warmer in the 60s. afternoon temperatures will be coolest tomorrow. last threat of a thunderstorm and then back to normal wednesday through sunday. have a great day. >> all right. couple of accidents causing quite the slowdown. heading into san jose along 101, northbound direction, you will find this. it is over to the shoulder. take a look at had a. that's where we have this incident. 15 miles per hour going to be your top speed there. and take a look at this. you are seeing heavy backups just before you reach the split. best alternate there would be king road. we take you right into solano county. overturned vehicle. now blocking two lanes as you make your drive westbound along 80. leisure town road. that's where you will find it. you can take midway road and
6:53 am
that connects to you the 505. that will get you back down to 80. you will be on your way way. a look wrought side now. live pictures along 101. coming away from 880. once you pass that crash looks like everything clears up out there. you want another smart solution for your commute. go to abc 7 right no and you can drive away with brand new smart card. we will announce a lucky winner friday, august 2. right here on abc 7 morning news. be smart and enter now. >> 6:53. lot of our viewers are smart out there. >> all of them. >> good luck. >> ahead, seven things to know
6:54 am
we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america." here are seven things to know before you go. number one, breaking news out of
6:55 am
london. world is getting ready to meet the royal heir. kate middleton is in labor at st. mary's hospital in the same wing where princess diana gave birth to princes wiiaan harry. the baby will be third to the throne bumping harry to number four. number would, developing news out of sausalito where a sailboat captain is in hot water after leave leading the coast guard on a slow chase. the sailboat was unmarked and john mccormack refused to let authorities come onboard. he was chased by the coast guard for several hours and eventually taken into custody. number three, police are muching for two suspects that got away following a home invasion robbery in san francisco's bay view district. police say lee suspects forced their way into a home around midnight. one suspect was taken into custody after breaking his leg. is an plan airport officials purchased heat sensing equipment that experts say might have prevented the death of a 16-year-old passenger killed by a fire rig. the chronicle reports that the older model rig that hit did not have the forward looking
6:56 am
infrared technology now required by practical law. $2.5 million. that's the preliminary tally for 25,000 walkers who took part in the 2013 aids walk at golden gate park yesterday. abc 7 a proud sponsor of the event. mum six, cloudy start this morning. no organized areas of rain right now. we have delays of one hour and 13 minutes into sfo. look at downtown san francisco. you can see all the clouds hanging around. we will be partly sunny this afternoon. 57 at the coast. 90 inland. number seven, look at the bay bridge toll plaza. busy conditions out there. ten minutes at least to get to you through the tolls. we have this crash involving a big rig off to the shoulder and causing enough slowing to head away from 1286/80 split. >> leyla, thank you very much. abc 7 news continues online and twitter and all your mobile device. >> that's where you get the latest information on the royal baby. "good morning america" will will have a lot more
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking right now, the duchess of cambridge in labor. kate middleton secretly admitted to st. mary's in london. prince william by her side. arriving by car, with no police escort. our team is live in london with the latest on kate's condition. and breaking overnight -- flash flood emergency. high waves in backyards became raging rivers in just minutes in the southwest. dozens of drivers trapped by an inch of rain in a half hour. these teens capturing it all on their cell phones. dangerous plunge. the woman who dove off this bridge in her car in the chesapeake bay shares her incredible story. how she managed to escape and swim to safety. yes, all eyes on that london hospital this morning waiting for the official announcement that will make history.


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