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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 24, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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he pushes for re-election. >> wednesday morning at 5:59. thank you for joining us. first up, a look at the weather forecast. mike? >> how about live doppler 7 hd? different from this time yesterday. no radar runs. we have low clouds. the marine laser back. no mid-and-upper level clouds. we get rid of the marine layer we will have a lot sunshine and warmer weather. 7:00, around the bay, 60 degrees with let clouds and mostly sunny by noon and 70 and 72 degrees by 4:00 with warm sunshine and mild in the evening. 66 is the trillion hour planner if the bay and inland, it will be warmer today. a few clouds this morning, and 60 degrees and sunny by noon and hitting the mid-70's and already the upper 80's by 4:00, back to 80 during the evening hours. hopefully you do not need the
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air conditioning. leyla gulen? >> c.h.p. is now responding to this accident in san jose near the san jose airport along the nimitz in the southbound distribution with a car now off to the shoulder but it went down a ditch and it is not blocking any lanes and we are look at top speeds northbound and southbound. this construction property is clearing up as we speak, southbound along 101 between grand avenue and san bruno one lane is blocked so cones are being pick up. we do have to delay on bart in the pittsburg bay point direction and both at pittsburg bay point and sfo so ten minute delays because of a maintenance vehicle. >> developing news, people in east bay neighborhood have an eye on the sky after a rabid bit bit a girl. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has how to protect yourself. >> keep your distance. that is the main thing. there are bats out there and they are important because they eat inseconds like mosquitoes but do you not is to interact
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with them. this is the kind of bat, one bit a teen on saturday while visiting the zoo. she happens to be a zoo volunteer and this is video of the oakland zoo. the alameda county health department tested the animal and found it had rabies and the girl started treatment with medication immediately. the vote says there is an important reminder this this unfortunate incident. >> scenely it is like most wild animals, the bats will leave you alone if you leave them alone. >> the health department is circulating these notices in the neighborhood around the zoo warning people that a rabid bat was pound and there could be others. this was the third rabid bat found in the east bay in a month. >> happening today from the bay area to the east coast, a crackdown begins on interstate 80 with an ambitious safety
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goal, and our news reporter is in berkeley to tell us what drives need to know. amy? >> kristen, the goal is zero to facilities on interstate 80 for a week and not just here in the bay area but from california all the way to new york officers are calling this the i-80 challenge with the idea coming from officials from iowa state patrol and they have the idea when they saw research that showed an increase in deaths during the summer vacation months and when they saw how preventable the deaths are. >> 52 percent of fatalities remain not wearing seatbelts and we looked at those things or iowa looked at the numbers they decided that we could do something about this. >> here are other numbers that got their attention, 27 percent of the deaths are alcohol-related and 22 percent are related to speed, and 4 percent can be blamed on distracted drivers. so, be on your best behave on interstate 80 with the c.h.p.
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crackdown starting today. >> thanks amy. happening today a hearing is scheduled in the lawsuit by a group of african-american sailors against the america's cup race. they claim the golding gate yacht club unfairly rejected the election -- application of their sailing syndicate. the claim was then out of court but an appeals court has re-instated one part of the case. >> if you smell something funny in the air on the peninsula, pg&e will be venting natural gas in san carlos. crews will work near which will -- commercial street venting that will gas smelling like rotten eggs. pg&e will send out calls to people in that area to let them know what is happening which is
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close to el camino. there is a protester over an oklahoma senator that called global warming a "hoax." they will deliver a petition with 50,000 signatures urging google not to support oklahoma senator inhofe trying to raise awareness with google employees. inhofe has called global warming the biggest home ever were operated on the american people and the protest is at 9:00 a.m. >> just released poll shows governor brown support among voters is dipping because he enjoys a majority of support. according to the new field poll his job approve rating is down six points from 57 to 51 percent but they asked voters of next year's election for the governor and 43 percent say they are inclined to re-elect brown in 2014 and 19 percent are undecided. >> new details on the music
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festival in napa. officials say they have to play by a new set of rules. the napa city council have been told another concert series is planned for next month and could expand to two weeks. tickets are on sale and festival organizers owe the city $106,000 and vendors have had bounced checks. the city is looking into placing tighter controls including requiring full payment of city costs in advance. >> from redwood city now video game giant could pay a former employees $11 million or more for helping create the popular john madden football franchise. the man claimed they used the coding and design for the video game in the 1990's after he left the company. and the franchise is worth billions. a federal jury decided in his favor yesterday and a future trial will determine if he should also be excepted for more
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recent versions of the game. >> it is now 6:07. the san mateo union high school will sue to get students advance placement test scores re-instated. the board threw out the scores of 224 students after discovering that they were sitting too close together during the testing. the students were closely supervised and they are confident this was in cheating. patting the test gives students college credit and students are saying retaking the debts could mean lower scores. >> grape growers are facing the usualliest harvests ever, some wineries say it could come three weeks usually for harvest with the warm winter accelerating the growth of the grapes with some showing color already. that is the kind of career we have had. >> it could result in a different wine. >> mike? >> we will talk about temperatures out there starting in the east bay where the
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coolest weather is concord, and dublin at 59 and lafayette at 61. everyone else is in the mid-60's to 67 in brentwood. that is the warm of the compared to everyone elsewhere san jose is at 60 and mountain view is 62 and mid-to-upper 60's like hayward and 54 in novato and santa close and 56 in san francisco the now, how the temperatures are, one to seven degrees cooler so you will notice that when you step outside. this is how it looks from the exploritorium camera to the pot of oakland, we have low amount of tree and ragweed and ozone and mold is slow and u.v. index is very high today. we are beginning is a lot sunshine push our temperatures one to six degrees warmer than yesterday. a last 70's and 80's. enjoy. >> the commute is busy on westbound 37, we also have a stalled 18 wheeler to add to the pain there blocking when lane. you can see we down to the single digits at nine children
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as you approach the island and the rest of the commute until highway 121 is going to be a stop-and-go, mostly stop kind of a drive if you head to the west that is where you will see it picking up. the drive time traffic 580 from address to castro valley is 15 minute commute 101 headed away, and northbound, from 85 to the san jose airport is four minutes and 280 northbound from highway one to san francisco is nine minutes through daly city. outside we go and a picture of the drive right into central san rafael still looking clear. >> a routine rescue goes wrong and ahead what happens moments before a police officer fell to his death from a hill commodity. >> the legal drama facing lance armstrong and who the star says should have then about his doping all along. >> the f.d.a. makes a new ruling of the morning after
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>> covering cure attend, concord, wine country, and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a picture from brazil where pope francis is visiting, with the people waiting to greet the pope. he is there for world youth day. there is a very important
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catholic shrine. he was there in 2007 when low was a cardinals. you can see the greeting he is getting there today right now. >> that will gas well is burning out of control off the louisiana coast after a blowout propertying evacuation of 44 workers. officials have decided to let it burn. it could look dangerous but officials say it is not so bad as the b.p. disaster that hit the gulf of mexico in 2010 and oil rig explosion off the same coast spilled millions of gallons of oil in the gulf of mexico. >> from nevada the investigation continues to find what led a las vegas police officer to fall to his death great a helicopter. the 36-year-old was on a search and recuse mission to save a hiker and he was lowered by helicopter to the hike are but as the two were hoisted up something went wrong and the cop fell from the hoist and died on impact. >> the las vegas police department says the ntsb is
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joining the investigation. the hiker survived. >> new details this morning in the ongoing legal saga of lance armstrong after now saying the former team sponsor hud have known all along that he was doping. armstrong is making the new accusations in a court document filed yesterday which is asking a judge to dismiss a lawsuit accusing armstrong of defrauding the postal service which was his sponsor. armstrong says the postal service should have known all along he was doping because of the years of allegations he faced in the media which he denied until early this year when he confessed in a tv tell all with oprah. >> new this morning a just released government watch dog report shows taxpayers are likely to lose money on the general motors bailout. according to the special inspector general report general motors stock would have to sell for $95 a share for taxpayers to break even and right now the stock is trading at $36.
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the u.s. government pumped in $49.5 billion in 2009 to keep it afloat and now government still owns 14 percent of g.m. stock. also, the f.d.a. has given exclusive marketing rights to the plan "b" morning after pill which will be the only morning after pill available for both over-the-counter sales and to people with under the age of 17. this is after the f.d.a. decision to comply with the federal court order to lit age and sale with some versions over-the-counter if they generic but not to women under 17 for three years. >> the food and drug administration could be a step closer to beening menthol cigarettes which make it harder to -- make it easier to smart folk -- ease are to start
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smoking and more difficult to quit. it is said the best available science demonstrates that menthol have the same health effects at non-menthol. >> to brazil you can see this helicopter ready to listened with pope democrat ready to land and pope francis is ready to land, a very catholic country. he was there as a cardinal a few years ago and his first trip back as the pontiff to brazil. >> now the bay area weather, we have some fog. but it doesn't look like a lot. >> we will have more the next couple of morningings as we go to a more normal weather pattern^. and you can see if radar runs unlike yesterday where we tracked some light showers moving from east to west.
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we are tracking low clouds that are most thick along the coast. there is quarter-mile visibility with 1.75 visibility in santa rosa and everyone else is doing okay. at the golden gate, foggy, and the clouds all the way to the deck and below and all the way to the water. now, it will be partly sunny through the morning hours and especially the closer you are to the court and sunshine everywhere and even the at coast we break out if more sunshine. with milder nights on the way and we transition to dry air and the marine layer will pull in and drop the temperatures. it looks like through the extended, we will be close to average today, and 81 in san jose and average is 84 or 85 so we are below that. most of the neighbors are around 80 and santa clara is 80 and upper 80's if los gatos and gilroy and 90 in morgan hill and
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santa cruz, clouds and 77 degrees. same in san mateo, cooler in milbrae and 72 and 80 for the rest of the peninsula. at coast we have the rays of sunshine break did you the clouds and temperatures will respond in the 60's and near 70 in downtown and low 70's in south san francisco and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley and mid-60's at your beaches and all along the east bay shore, a lot mid-to-upper 70's and closer to the higher elevations union city and fremont and castro valley and hercules and richmond, you will be in the low-to-mid 80's and the warmest weather in the east bay valley upper 80's to low 90's with less humidity today and may not need to run the air conditioning. >> 7:15 to first pitch at the game and partly cloudy and 60 and dropping to 58 under increasing clouds and breezy from time to time. at at&t park this evening. notice the 60's are become less
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prevalent and the morning many layer clouds are more prevalent that will hold us in the 50's. now, the seven-day forecast, tomorrow, possibly the warmest day, but only a couple of degrees warmer than today and a few more on -- degree on saturday will be shaved and same for sunday. no rain in the forecast. >> looking good for the roads, if san jose we have clear conditions, and we are not seeing any accidents but we had one southbound at the nimitz at coleman avenue around san jose airports on the shoulder so it is not slowing anything. 280 headed into cupertino and 101 is in good shape with a spot of slowing between 280/680 split to nimitz and it picks up to 64 miles per hour. away the other parts of the bay, 24 highway, that is looking clear, and we will slow down, though, when you head into the
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tunnel in the 30's. and we have 18 miles per hour along 880 but 680 is looking clear in both directions. here is a look at the drive, this is walnut creek commute, 680 to highway 24, nine minutes gets you there from highway 4. >> right now you are looking at a picture of pope francis in white landing in brazil, a small town in brazil that has special meaning as he is in that country for world youth day. you can see the well wishers with the rain the but it was if that city, that town, where in 2007 as cardinal back then he authored a document calling for change in the roman catholic church but asking people to become missionaries and combat social ills such as corruption and violence. you can see well wishers and people cigaretting hip as he pays a visit again this morning. >> the vatican should ask mike about the profit and they would
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have known about the rain. anthony weiner facing a new sexting scandal. the people announcing the former congressman should quit the race for new york city mayor. >> but, first, the high profile stop the world champion giants will . but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can help make this a great block party. ♪ [ male announcer ] advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis and some eye problems. tell your doctor if you have a heart condition
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>> a picture from brazil where the pope francis is visiting a small town in a popemobile, bullet proof popemobile where there were securities concerns in rio where the driver headed the wrong way but he is cigaretting well wishers as he calls for change. >> back here the giants have another honor to receive for last season's world series championship. that is to meet president obama on monday at the white house during a ceremony saluting their sweep of the detroit tigers last season. it is the second time president obama will honor the giants the at white house. he did the same two years ago after the world series victory in 2010 over the rangers. >> hundreds of thousands of tourist sail to alcatraz to see what life was like for prisoners and now you can taste it. starting august 8 the hyatt in san francisco will offer a chance to taste the flavo of
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alcatraz at the restaurant. the menu is inspired by the last meal ever send on the rock in 1962 including short ribs, meatloaf and spread -- for dessert, fruit bread perioding. >> you can enjoy your favorite abc news cast and tv shows and parts on smartphone or tablet or commuter on demand, a benefit brought to you by abc and comcast and charter. go to for find out how to access this, and then log in and go to watch abc live stream or download the app. >> we will continue our coverage of the royal baby ahead at 6:30
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including a special visitor to kensington palace this morning and what is next for the dukes duchess, and baby cambridge. >> a look from our roof camera, the low clouds, so far, no delays, but we are transitioning to a not arm profit and i will tell you how much more warm is ahead in the forecast. >> i am leyla gulen in the traffic center, with the guantanamo bay metering lights are on and a beautiful sunrise behind us with heavy conditions from emeryville and into san francisco and we have slowing in all the build places and not so usual places.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> 6:29 on this wednesday. well look from our camera on our rooftop and the embarcadero looking at the bay and the bay bridge and the gorgeous golden clouds as giving the tints from the sun, a lovely morning with fog making it more lovely. thanks for joining us. >> looks like a painting.
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those colors are bowl. >> it looks different from yesterday with the upper level clouds releasing their drops. that is not happening. this is a transition back to a more normal pattern with marine layer cloud if the morning. the next 12 hours we start off with clouds and 60 and we will be mostly sunny and 70 at lunch. mid-60's by 7:00 with sun. the next 12 hours inland, we have a few clouds in the north by with fog and it is around 60 and in the upper 70's by noon and mid-to-upper 80's and warmer in the afternoon hours. sunshine and 80 for the evening plans and at the cost we have fog and mid-50's and we will hang out in the low-to-mid 50's with increasing sun this afternoon. leyla gulen? >> we have stop-and-go traffic from tracy to livermore and traveling along westbound 580 you can see red indicated on the map to indicate lots of brake
6:31 am
lights at 25 miles per hour at altamont pass it picks up slightly at 33 miles per hour and a 50-minute drive headed out of tracy to castro valley. the northbound spot i was telling you about we have delays, the pittsburg direction shows 10 or 15-minute delay because of a maintenance vehicle being stuck on the trash but everything else is on time. san jose, along 101 coming away from 880, it was quiet and everything is at top speed. eric and kristen? >> breaking news in santa clara where there has been a robbery at a gun store. abc7 news reporter matt keller is on the scene. matt? >> you can see the damage done by the burglars. the owner is still heren at scene cleaning up. an alarm went off alerting the police to the stop. three burglars took two rifles
6:32 am
and five has handguns. three suspects have been arrests. the security system helped catch the criminals. he says that some of the guns were thrown out of the vehicle but all were recovered. again, he is credit the security system with helping cash the criminals so quickly. he says the guns have been recovered by the santa clara police department and he says they are part of the investigation but he does not expect to get them back any time soon. we are reporting from santa clara for abc7 news. >> developing news from the east bay alameda county health officials plan to distribute rabies information near the oakland zoo after a girl was bitten by a rabid bat. this is video showing the teen volunteer visiting the oakland zoo on saturday when a bat flew in from outside and bit her.
6:33 am
the bat was captured and con firmed to have rabies so girl was immediately placed on medication. he is expected to make a full recovery. it is the third case of rabies this year. also, in oakland, police and crimestoppers are offering $10,000 reward to fine the shooter that killed one and injured another. it happened near 80th avenue at 7:30, and a man died at the scene and the other was taken to the hospital. this is the 55th homicide so far this year compared to 64 at the same time last year. >> in richmond police were called to the city council when protesters disrupted the meeting, and this is video from the facebook page richmond council member and the "contra costa times" reports the protesters screamed through bullhorns bringing city business to a halt. the reason for last night's disruption is not cheer but the council has been dealing with loud demonstrations at the meetings and hate speech at gays. police removed people from the
6:34 am
chambers and more than 100 people much withed the rest of the meeting on monitors in the lobby and in the patio. >> today, google and supervisor from san francisco are slated to show a plan to bring free wi-fi to parks and wreck centers and plazas around the city and google is picking up the tab to be $600s -- $600,000 for two years. >> new details on the an tomorrow weiner sexting scandal. two nor new york city newspapers including "new york times" are calling on the former congressman to take himself out of race the he admitted to sending sexual images last year a year after similar behavior cost him his congressional seat. his wife says that she is standing by him and he hopes voter will do the sail. >> i hope they are willing to give me a second chance. this behavior is behind me and i
6:35 am
have apologized to my wife. >> i although him. i have forgivenly. i believe in him were as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> he has learned his lesson and has 48 days to convince voters before the primary. >> britain's new prince got special visitors this morning, his great grandmother, the queen, and his uncle, rinse harry stopped by the palace for a royal visit. the prince and his parents left the hospital yesterday after kate gave birth on monday and the couple's first son flexed his hand as they walked out together. the parents were happy and relaxed. they said they are still deciding what to name the boy. official photos will be taken in a few weeks and the christening helps down the light but not right away. here is a royal revelation, women are heating up social media talking about the you it baby. amen not so much.
6:36 am
what a surprise! face book mentioned the mentioned by demographic, one is women 25 to 34, and two, women 18- to 24, three, women 35 to 44. do you sense a theme? next, men 18- to 24, and five, women 45 to 54. there were a million royal baby mentions the first hour after the birth. >> i can believe it. a gentleman's club moving into downtown san jose and now neighboring businesses are upset. ahead the fears they sharing with abraham abc7 news. >> bay area city letting some inmates upgrade their time before the are behalves. >> from our roof camera on the embarcadero, looking at the bay and you can see a little fog out
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>> now a look at how beautiful it looks. you can seat sun is shining as it washes over san francisco at the bay bridge on the left and the ferry building. what will happen today with the center sunshine? mid-and upper level clouds and
6:40 am
only morning marine layer pulling back by 10:00 easy, and one to six degrees warmer. the coast will see more sunshine, as well. look how quiet it is as the public of moisture is moving to the north and off to the east. as you head to the sierra, no need to worry about flooding with a stray shower but partly cloudy and 83 at tahoe and mid-90's to low 100's and 67 in monterey. safe travel. >> the story now is just about a few crashes but mostly it is congestion and a couple of stalled cars but as we look right now as our drive time traffic from highway 4 from antioch is 15 minutes and westbound from four to the maze is 16 minutes and 18 minutes 87 northbound to the san jose airport is ten minutes and to the bay bridge toll plaza where the metering lights are on, a beautiful sky and very busy from emeryville to san francisco. and checking out the maze, the macarthur maze, that is what
6:41 am
traffic is like before the toll plaza so it is loading up with the tail lights headed in the when you hit the westbound direction. >> and now if you are convicted of crimes you can pay to stay in a hotel rather than the jail. in fremont, they starting a new pay to stay program at the police detention facility and people convicts of misdemeanors like petty theft or d.u.i. pay to stay at the facility while they seven their time and it costs $45 initially and $150 a day after that. inmates get the same cot and blanket and food as those in jail and need approval from police and a judge. the city hopes to bring if extra money. >> ahead, facebook is getting ready to report earnings, speaking of money, can trading is underway on wall street so if this is the big board the dow is
6:42 am
up 18 points and we will go to the new york stock exchange and jane king in the bloomberg busine
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:44, a picture here from brazil where
6:45 am
the pope is there at the most important catholic shrine in the country praying there. he is also had to deliver a message of change. >> in the bay area a new business is trying to move into downtown san jose over the objections of neighbors and city officials. a gentleman's club is opening in a historic building a few blocks from city hall. downtown san jose has a long-standing ban on adult businesses. neighboring business owners are not happy about the location a line people were there last night to apply for jobs. planning officials considered the club an entertainment venue. >> they are not an adult business curing to the code. they will be covering the appropriate body parts and they have a police department. >> that permit lays out the policies the club must follow including security, alcohol serving, and nudity. no word on when the club will open but the public will have a chance to weigh in when the owners apply for a conditional
6:46 am
use permit tension in the fall. >> in the doping scandal, yankee scarred rodriguez could be in bigger trouble than the brewers' player. espn was told that major league baseball has more evidence against a-rod than it did against brawn and the league is prepared to suspend him for 100 games and there are ruleers it could be as severe as a life-time ban. early this week, brawn was the national league's mvp two years ago was suspended for the seasonnanting to 65 games. >> imagine no longer having your mail delivered. a house of representatives committee will vote on a measure to make that reality. a bill to overhaul the postal service would require people to pick up mail from neighborhood mail boxes no more door-to-door delivery but curb side is available. mail goes into cluster woulds like those in apartment complexes and the postal service
6:47 am
says they lose $15 billion a year on door-to-door delivery but the letter union says this would cost jobs and hurt elderly and shuttin's. >> did you book a summer get away? autumn could be a bet time anyway. >> thank you for the advice. jane king is at the new york stock exchange with that and a preview of facebook earnings. >> jane? >> i love to travel in the fall. the weather is is better. investors will watch facebook, an improvement in mobile revenue which they have struggled since may of last year. the total revenue is expected to grow to $1.62 billion and earnings forecast at 16 cents a share up from 12 cents. they will address the new format and products. stocks show we higher today, tut by were, but it give us a new
6:48 am
report and the dow will close if positive territory and the silicon valley index is trading up quite a bit. look at that, 1.75 percent and apple is the big story for the local index today. now, remember when going to a movie was a lot cheaper this "usa today" says the average ticket price last quarter was a record $8 why 38 and it was just up $8 a year ago largely to blame surcharges. speaking of tickets, plane tickers could be cheaper in the fall. all prices can be up to 30 percent lower than summer air fares including london and fort lauderdale and seattle are cheap right now. >> i relish this story, can you stay uh-ho. a girl slaughtered her brother's
6:49 am
face and body in diaper creep. mom walks in to find her daughter with a tub of the stuff in her hand and her little brother is covered head to toe if that stuff. the excuse? she said she was pretending to apply sunscreen. that is very creative. good for her. bradley looks concerned but when mom asks if he is okay he smiles. the video was posted on youtube and has gotten 250 million view. >> i am sure mother was not thinking of creativity trying to wash that off. >> it does not walk off too well. you have to really rub. >> no diaper rash. >> clean head to to. >> cannot argument about that.
6:50 am
>> that is something you tell your friends, a funny story. that was great. now, we do taught have to worry about wet weather and our live doppler 7 hd shows no radar runs. satellite show as few clouds. we will talk about what is going to happen this afternoon. we have a small craft advisory with wins picking up 15- to 25-knots and everything now is slow in some areas we do not see any measurements in santa rosa and novato because this is no wind and hayward and everyone else less than ten miles per hour and fairfield is 17 so it is not impressive. this is the way it looks from downtown and you can see how clean it is, patchy fog, but not everyone is as clear as downtown san francisco but all the sunshine this afternoon and even developing at the coast. now, with the changing of the air mass we will have milder nights and more marine layer clouds to develop dug the morning hours and our temperatures, while they will fluctuate, they will stay in the
6:51 am
narrow range close to average. while you were sleeping the monsoon flow has pushed to the north and low pressure is dragging up dry air and that is what is bringing us the sunshine and the return to near normal. 84 is the normal if san jose and we are not quite there. warmer weather tomorrow and near 90 to los gatos and morgan hill, and 80 in santa clara, and 49ers open camp today and 72 in millbrae and low 80's for the rest of the peninsula and mid-60's along the coast and you can see that will stretch to the sunset and near 70 in downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 80's through the north bay valley with mid-60's and mid-to-upper 70's along the bay shore and castro valley and hercules and richmond low-to-mid 80's and low 90's getting uncomfortable in the east bay valley. wrapping up the four game series at 6:15 with clouds and 60 we degrees. it will become partly sunny and
6:52 am
even a little bit cloud cover in the 10:00 hour at 58. temperatures climb a couple of degrees tomorrow and we drop a couple more on friday and drop saturday through tuesday, pretty much straight on. leyla gulen? >> we have an accident involving a big rig and it could have taken off. in is along 238 at 580 so we have possibly one lane blocked and slow conditions from castro valley as you head over to the nimitz. now, starting today you could see extra c.h.p. patrol along i-80 so i don't know if a lot people know but there are 2900 miles of i-80 in the bay area all the way to new york. in will last until the end of the month to not experience any fatalities along i-80. they want to drive safely, an increase of c.h.p. patrols could be out there. we will look at this picture, this is the drive across the san mateo bridge and it looks like the clouds are parting and the fog is going away but we have a busy drive as you make the drive
6:53 am
from hair to foster city. eastbound traffic is not too bad. go to right now and you can drive away with a brand new smart car the well announce the lucky win we on fridays august 2en, right here on abc7 morning news is be smart. enter now. two reasons: gas. parking. >> i hear from my friends there is more room than you think. >> ton of leg room. of course it is a two seater so you have a passenger and driver but a lot of leg space, enough for a couple of groceries in the back and you are good. >> hes seven things to know before you go.
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>> as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning america" seven things to know before you go. one, breaking news from santa clara, burglars broke into a bun store stealing two rifles and
6:55 am
five handguns. police arrived as the burglars took off and three were suspected after a short chase and the weapons were all recovered. a teen girl is being treated for rabies after a bat bit her at the oakland zoo. alameda county health officials are warning there could be more rabid bats in the area and never to touch wild animals. it is the third found in the area. >> gentleman's club is moving into downtown san jose and some are protesting. people lined up last night to apply for jobs. no word when the club will open but a hearing is held when they apply for a permit extension in the fall. >> four, from the bay area to new jersey, expect to see more highway what troll officers on interstate 80 starting today called the i-80 challenge and officers will look if drives going too fast, now wearing the seatbelt and anyone would has been drinking in order to save lives. >> five, he doesn't have a name but the new prince has a busy
6:56 am
morning, the queen and his uncle, prince harry stopped by the palace for a visit and the photos of will and kate will be taken in the next few weeks. >> check owe the sunshine in downtown san francisco, warmer today with the warmest weather in the east bay inland neighborhood at 87 to 93 and 72 to 82 around the bay and sunshine at the coast from 63 to 70. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows a sea of cars making the drive from the east bay to san francisco and we do have bat recoverying new from 10 or 15 minutes, and the baypoint lines was expensing the delays after being stuck on the trucks with a maintenance vehicle.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, an out-of-control fire at this natural gas platform in the gulf of mexico. now erupting off louisiana, after a blowout on the rig sent workers fleeing. a rush to put out the fire now and turn off the gas. happening now -- queen elizabeth sees the heir to her throne for the first time at kensington palace. the royal couple spending the first night without a nanny, after showing off baby cambridge to the world. new details on how they will raise their son. another sexting scandal rocks the political career of anthony weiner. new calls this morning for him to end his bid to become mayor of new york, after the new messages are revealed. his wife stands by his side. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and caught on tape. this spectacular cliff collapse


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