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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 24, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking right now, an out-of-control fire at this natural gas platform in the gulf of mexico. now erupting off louisiana, after a blowout on the rig sent workers fleeing. a rush to put out the fire now and turn off the gas. happening now -- queen elizabeth sees the heir to her throne for the first time at kensington palace. the royal couple spending the first night without a nanny, after showing off baby cambridge to the world. new details on how they will raise their son. another sexting scandal rocks the political career of anthony weiner. new calls this morning for him to end his bid to become mayor of new york, after the new messages are revealed. his wife stands by his side. >> i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and caught on tape. this spectacular cliff collapse at a famous tourist destination.
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30,000 tons of rock crashing down on the beach as people below run for their lives. and good morning, america. you know, let's take another look at that charming moment. so much fun yesterday afternoon. will and kate introduced baby cambridge to the world. boy, they got all of the little touches just right. little car seat in the back driving home. will says he's thankful his son has kate's looks. and, lara, what a fun day you had. >> it was absolutely remarkable to be there. thousands of us gathered in the rain, and then, the sun, for the moment. and will later apologized for keeping all of us waiting so long. i dear say, will, no need to apologize. >> exactly. >> and we're now just getting word on how the future king has
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a very special visitor this morning. let's get right out to abc's amy robach who is outside kensington palace in london, with the very latest. good morning, amy. >> good morning,everyone. come of visitors here this morning at kensington palace, first the queen, her first great grandson today. spending about 30 minutes with the royal family and then uncle prince harry also got to spend some time with his new nephew. it's been a tremendous day for the newest heir to the throne. this morning, abc news has learned that kate and william, seen in the streets of london with their new prince, spent the first night out of the hospital without a nanny. the duke and duchess want to bond with their new son alone. their homecoming came after the couple's much-anticipated departure from st. mary's hospital. where they showed the world for the first time, their 8-pound, 6-ounce boy.
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>> he's got a good set of lungs. that's for sure. >> reporter: the couple looked relaxed and happy, as they hinted at their son's overdue arrival. for royal watchers, the moment was very similar to the one 31 years ago, when prince charles and princess diana introduced prince william to the world. but there were some differences. william told reporters he's a modern dad. he's already changed a diaper. >> i have done that already. >> he did the first nappy already. >> it was good. >> reporter: and then, there was the baby's mode of departure. back in 1982, william rode home on princess diana's lap. british law now requires newborns to exit hospitals in car seats. william, followed rules installing the car seat himself. earlier in the day, first-time grandparents, carole and michael middleton, saw their grandson for the first time. >> he's absolutely beautiful. they're both doing really well. they're so thrilled.
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>> reporter: and prince charles paid a visit, as well. >> lovely. >> reporter: it's believed aunt pippa, kate's sister, was waiting to greet the new family of three when they arrived home. and just an hour ago, the baby's great grandmother, the queen, stopped by to visit the new heir to the throne. the historic meeting marked one more milestone for this young family of royals. right now, we're still waiting for the other big news to break in this story and that, of course s the name of baby cambridge. we have been told that we could hear it as soon as today. right now if you ask british bookies they'll tell you the top two contenders is george and james. back to you. >> i love the idea the baby has no idea the stir he's creating all over the world. great reporting there. but now, we're going to turn to the shocking revelations shaking up the new york mayor's race one more time.
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anthony weiner claimed to be a changed man after he resigned congress in the wake of a sectioning scandal. but the sexting did not stop. in a news conference late yesterday, weiner said that wouldn't force him out of the mayor's race in new york. and jeff zeleny is here with all of the details. and jeff, his wife there to back him up. but three of his opponents and two major newspapers saying, enough is enough. >> that's right, george. it was quite an extraordinary scene. it was a real human drama when his wife stepped forward to deliver a public testimonial in hopes of stopping her husband from another political free-fall. >> i have said that other texts and photos were likely to come out, and today, they have. >> reporter: the scene was familiar. anthony weiner, back in front of a microphone, admitting involvement in another sexting scandal. >> there's no question that what i did was wrong. >> reporter: what's different, though, is that he's no longer a congressman. he's running for mayor of new york city. and this time, his wife, huma, hillary clinton's former aide, is standing by his side. and speaking out.
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>> you'll have to bear with me, i'm very nervous. i wrote down what i wanted to say. i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and as we said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> reporter: his fall from grace was extraordinary. a congressman with national prominence, forced to resign two years ago, for sending sexually explicit messages to women. and, now, tuesday's revelations could spell new trouble for his candidacy. he acknowledges sending messages for a year after he resigned from congress. the e-mail messages were explicit and x-rated. i hear liberal girls are very, uh, accommodating of others. his rivals and others are calling for him to leave the race. but huma is defending her man and his candidacy. >> it was not an easy choice in any way. but i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. and i do very strongly believe that is between us. >> reporter: and he is asking for, yet, another chance.
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>> let me just reiterate to my wife, how sorry i am that i did these things. and how sorry i am to the people that got these messages. >> and jeff, weiner was in the thick of the race before the new revelations. whether voters are going to give him a third chance, in addition to a second. but this seemed to surprise even those closest to the campaign. >> reporter: it did. and it surprised those closest to the family. a couple of friends close to the family said that huma was shocked and saddened by this. you could see that look on her face yesterday when she came out there. the biggest problem is the timeline of this. this happened six months after their son was born. the son was born in december of 2011. this texting was going on until june 2012. that is the key sticking point that really hurts this family. >> jeff, thanks very much. let's go to josh and more of the news, including that oil rig disaster. >> yeah, and it's getting worse there in the gulf of mexico. going to begin there. breaking news from the gulf. fire erupting on a natural gas
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rig, roughly 55 miles off the louisiana coast. there was a blowout on the rig tuesday. you can actually see the smoke there billowing from the resulting fire. the good news, all 44 workers have been safely evacuated. but overnight, gas was pouring out of control into the gulf. crews are still trying to figure out how to fight this fire. and they're not sure yet what ignited the gas in the first place. meanwhile, the largest municipal bankruptcy case gets under way in a federal courtroom in detroit today. the city, $18 billion in debt. and it wants to cut health care and pension payments to its workers and retirees. but those workers are suing, claiming state law protects them. now, the outcome could set a precedent for dozens of other cities and states struggling to meet their pension obligations. getting the mail delivered to your door could now be a thing of the past, at least if a
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new proposal in congress is approved. the plan would phase out door-to-door mail delivery in favor of curbside delivery. it will save postal service billions of dollars each year. but critics warn it will cost jobs and will place new burdens on the elderly and the disabled. and pope francis' visits to brazil's most important shrine today will be more security. as some 200,000 people are flocking to the small town where he is celebrating mass today, security on high alert after a homemade bomb was found in a public bathroom on sunday. and after monday's security nightmare, when his driver took a wrong turn, trapping the motorcade with hardly any security in sight. the pope it has now been announced, will not ride in an open-air car in rio today as had been planned. and on wall street today, apple stock rose some 4% overnight after the company reported better-than-expected profits, thanks to record iphone sales. but it's not all good news for the company. ipad sales are said to be
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dropping. and finally, a quiet walk on the beach turned into something quite different for folks on the northern coast of france. we actually showed it to you at the top of the show. they heard a rumble. and then take a look. who knew? that an entire cliff was collapsing. broad daylight. not a special effect, although it could be. an estimated 30,000 tons of rock crashing on to the sand. i guess as i'm known to say, thankfully, no one was hurt. everyone, really impressed. really, really. >> it just crumbled. >> crumbled. >> right away. okay. elizabeth? now, to that mysterious stomach bug that's been spreading. the cdc says it's spreading and affecting people in eight states right now, sickening more than 250 and sending at least 10 people to the hospital. abc news chief health and medical editor, dr. richard besser, is here with details. and what do we know about this bug? how is it different?
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>> cdc really has their hands full with this one. cypress 4 is the name of the bug. it's unusual. it tends to be found in the tropics. it's had some outbreaks in the past from raspberries and basil. it's not spread person to person. it's been seen in eight states. the most cases have been seen in iowa, texas and nebraska. but it's hard to pick up. so, there's probably a lot more of this disease out there. >> and what are the symptoms? and how is it different from a normal stomach virus? >> well, you know, in addition to watery diarrhea, you could have cramping, bloating, fatigue and weight loss. but if you don't take care of this, the symptoms can last more than a month and they can come and go. it's not like your typical bug. >> should people go to the doctor right away if they have the symptoms? >> if you've had them more than a few days, you want to go to your doctor. but you have to tell them you have heard about this outbreak because there are special tests that have to be done. if they diagnose it properly,
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there's an antibiotic to take care of those symptoms. but the cdc has to find a connection between these people. and so far, they haven't figured out what links all these people together. that's what they're doing. >> all right. dr. rich besser. we'll have more on that as it develops. >> sure. we're going to turn now to the fallout from those pictures showing the capture of boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. the cop who released the stunning photos is given desk duty. as the department investigates. and this morning, his sons are defending him. abc's pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: murphy, flanked by his two sons, declined to speak after being told by his bosses not to. but his sons had a lot to say. they back him completely. >> my dad made stands -- an amazing stand against what we all saw was an injustice to the city. >> i feel it was the right choice for him to make. i believe he did the right thing. >> reporter: the right thing was to release these photographs, showing a bloodied dzhokhar tsarnaev right before his surrender.
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the police sniper locked in on his forehead. the pictures to counter this "rolling stone" cover, which critics say made tsarnaev look like a rock star. >> everyone had every right to be furious with it. i myself was very furious. >> reporter: the fury and the aftermath of a bombing that killed three and wounded more than 170 others, including some who lost limbs. before releasing the photos, murphy even talked it over with his sons. >> a few hours before he decided to go to the media, he said to me, this could be huge. this could help a lot of people. you have to do what you have to do. >> reporter: sergeant murphy has no regrets. we asked his lawyer if he would do it again. >> without question. this is a man of principle. >> reporter: his resolve has been fueled by overwhelming support from fellow officers and many of the victims. >> he's gotten tearful phone calls. he's met the young man the first time he stood after losing both legs. to have his picture taken with
7:14 am
sergeant murphy. and nothing could mean more to him than that. and that's why he did it. >> reporter: for sergeant murphy, this is personal. his family is hoping for the best. but they say he'll live with the consequences, elizabeth? >> all right, pierre, thanks so much. now, to the trial of notorious boston mob boss whitey bulger and the mysterious and suspicious death of a potential witness. his body turned up by the side of the road. and we could know later today just how he died. abc's ron claiborne has the story. >> reporter: the mystery continues to swirl. how did stephen rakes die? increasingly, it appears that rakes, who was set to testify against former boston mob boss james "whitey" bulger may have been killed, not a suicide as first thought. >> the circumstances are obviously very suspicious. given the timing, happening as it did here, in the midst of the trial. >> reporter: rakes' body was found a week ago, in a boston suburb, far from his home. no wallet. no i.d. his car missing. but he had no signs of trauma. and an autopsy was inconclusive.
7:15 am
investigators now say it appears his body was dumped where it was found. and are themselves calling his death suspicious. rakes had been expected to testify about how he says bulger extorted him into selling him his south boston liquor store 30 years ago. but last week, prosecutors decided not to call rakes to the stand, which would seem to take any incentive to silent him. at the bulger trial tuesday, more fireworks. as the key prosecution witness admitted mobster stephen flemmi came under intense cross-examination, by bulger's defense lawyer, who was trying to shake him from his testimony that he personally saw bulger kill several people, including deborah hussey, flemmi's stepdaughter, to keep her quiet. >> the worse criminal conduct in the history of this city. >> reporter: the prosecution is expected to rest by the end of this week. for "good morning america," ron claiborne, abc news, new york.
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and now, we turn to the new drug scandal rocking baseball. former mvp ryan braun has been suspended for the rest of the season. alex rodriguez of the yankees could soon be slapped with an even stiffer penalty. and abc's paula faris has more on what this means for the game's biggest stars. >> reporter: ryan braun may be just the first to fall from grace. >> i hope that ryan braun is forever remembered as the most despicable liar in the history of baseball. >> reporter: sources tell abc's sister network, espn, that alex rodriguez is among roughly 20 major leaguers who may soon face suspension. they're being investigated for violating the league's drug policy. the movement in the investigation comes after braun was suspended for the remainder of the season for using banned substances. just last year, after failing a drug test, the all-star looked
7:17 am
into the camera and lied. >> if i had done this intentionally or unintentionally, i'd be the first one to step up and say, i did it. >> reporter: but this week, braun finally fessed up. saying, i realize now that i have made some mistakes. i am willing to accept the consequences of those actions. some players we spoke to believe that those found violating the drug policy should be punished more severely. >> he got caught and still making $100 million. >> reporter: if a-rod is found guilty, both the punishment and the backlash could be even worse. because, according to espn, major league baseball allegedly has even more evidence against him than they did braun. >> they want to know, did he actually tamper with witnesses? did he try to have any documents destroyed? >> reporter: and when it comes to a-rod, espn is using the words lifetime ban.
7:18 am
that's how much evidence the league has on him. but there's a chance he could accept a plea deal, which he denied as recently last weekend. our sources close to the situation, says major league baseball in the final stages of their investigation for everyone involved. >> paula, thanks very much. this could be huge. sam, another huge thing. severe storms in kansas. >> because it finally means there's a movement of cooler, dry air that a lot of people have been waiting for. get a little sunshine, less humidity. no chance of storms. that's a good thing. look at what we had to go through to get that. get that storm moving through places like tulsa, also in wichita. four-inch hail reported there. a lot of -- some folks when we say tennis ball-size hail, you put a tennis ball down and take a picture of it. and we can show you exactly what we mean. here's the front. as it's on the move, the cooler, drier air in the afternoon. it's much better in new york. boston, as well. detroit, you're already into it. so, it's kind of a nice thing. is this dorian? it's tropical depression number
7:19 am
four. it's way off the coast of africa. the only thing i'm going to say is that, by monday, the forecast has it in an arm's reach of puerto rico. there's a lot of dry air that could affect this storm and pull it together. not keep it together. we'll watch it. good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast.
7:20 am
you can already see some patchy fog giving way to sunshine, which will dominate our afternoon, even out at the coast. milder nights with morning marine layer clouds will become the norm as our temperatures are pretty close to average through the extended. today, 70 in san francisco, 57 in oakland, 81 san jose, 28 santa rosa, but near 90 in the east bay valleys. most of our temperatures back in the 50s >> hot and dry in the desert southwest. but in the four corner states, there's a real chance for strong storms this afternoon. >> okay, thanks very much, sam. coming up on "good morning america" -- a shocking day in court for the tennessee man accused of killing his wife. he might soon be back in the family mansion. also, brand-new trouble for former child star amanda bynes. why she's now being held for a mental health evaluation. we have the shocking 911 call. and we saw this in "play of the day" yesterday. two divers being almost swallowed by a couple of humpback whales. it's gone viral. what they have to say about it. we'll hear from them. i just saw hugh jackman in the elevator.
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custody. they broke in to reed's indoor range on duane avenue this morning. they took two rifles and five handg handguns. range owner jim tells abc7 news his alarm system alerted police who arrived as suspects were getting into their car. there was a short chase before police made the arrests. some of the weapons were thrown out of the car during the pursuit but all the weapons taken from the store have been recovered. leyla has the wednesday morning commute. in san jose, we have this accident along northbound 85 coming up to camden avenue. it's involving three vehicles blocking one lane. we have bumper-to-bumper traffic there making your drive over to highway 17. quick look at our drive time traffic, 580, 41 minutes out of tracy to dublin, 42 minutes on highway 4 from antioch to concord. eric? >> when we come
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good morning. i want's a little cooler outside, not quite as much humidity out there as there was yesterday. temperatures running in the 50s to low 60s in most areas, a little warmer around antioch and 65, mountain view, 63. you can see the sunshine trying to break through the clouds. temperatures about 1 to 6 degrees warmer than
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♪ wild thing we showed you those humpback whales yesterday, "play of the day." look at them. that's a little too close to comfort. two massive humpback whales right there. and this morning, we're going to hear from the drivers themselves about this dramatic experience. there they are. looking forward to that. just incredible. as we say good morning, america. >> terrifying all over again. >> you told the story. and i was in london. and i was like, really? it's real. robin's off today. and elizabeth vargas is here. and brand-new trouble for amanda bynes. the former child star was involved in a mysterious fire. we have the 911 call. also coming up, the stunning press conference late tuesday. anthony weiner's wife standing
7:31 am
by and supporting him after his second major sexting scandal. so many wonder why she continues to stand by her man. something of a stunning transformation. look at nicole. you might know her better as snooki. you might not recognize her. that is -- she lost 50 pounds. >> 50 pounds? >> she's like four feet tall. she might only be 50 pounds. but it's really astounding, the difference, in the look. >> yeah. >> or that young woman. >> going fast on the treadmill. >> all to that shortly. we begin with the controversy brewing in tennessee. the accused killer now fighting to move back into the family mansion where he allegedly shot and killed his wife earlier this year. abc's gio benitez is here with the details. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. randy maiden seemed to have it all. a successful wife, a child, a
7:32 am
mansion. one day, police say he became his wife's killer. now, new controversy in the town. will he move back into the crime scene in this morning, randy is one step closer to living in the same mansion where authorities say he murdered his wife. the 42-year-old is accused of shooting and killing his wife, rachel, at that tennessee home. a judge saying monday, he could go back to living there. randy was unemployed. 34-year-old rachel was an orthodontist, the breadwinner. that's why this week, her mom faced her allege killer in court. filing suit to stop him from using any money in the couple's joint account. she says she wants to save the cash for the maiden's 2-year-old daughter, natalie. >> i want natalie to have a chance. you know, for him to be held accountable and responsible for his actions. >> reporter: police say the child was home during the murder. >> i'm really worried about her emotionally. she has a lot of questions. >> reporter: rachel maidens was
7:33 am
gunned down in late april. when police arrived they only found her body wrapped in a blanket with gunshot wounds. a note reportedly found expressing regret for what happened. the unhurt child was found alone. police launched a massive manhunt for randy maidens, who hours later, turned himself in. now, he's fighting two, separate cases. his mother-in-law's wrongful death suit and the criminal murder charge. abc news has learned prosecutors will try to keep maidens from living at that mansion. >> there is an outstanding order that is still in effect in the criminal case that prevents mr. maidens from returning to that home, unless the brent wood police department are notified 24 hours in advance. and unless he is accompanied by his attorney. >> reporter: overnight, rachel maidens' family told abc news, there are just no words that can adequately express the grief we field. losing rachel is still too painful. and maidens has pleaded not
7:34 am
guilty. he's out on bond. police don't have a motive. following his arrest, investigators found $87,000 in cash in his trunk. police believe he would have used that money to get away. elizabeth? >> thanks so much. and joining us now, abc news chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. there's a lot of evidence for premeditation. >> not just the money. you almost have what are confession notes from him. what may have been suicide notes left in the house. the authorities believe he was going to cover up the scene. her body was found in a blanket. then, he decided maybe to commit suicide. that didn't happen. she was shot ten times. mostly in the back. possibly with two, separate weapons. the authorities have a lot of evidence here. why did the judge reduce bond? that was reduced to $750,000. that's when he was released. that's when the controversy
7:35 am
started whether he was going to live in the house, et cetera. you're entitled to bail or bond, generally. murder tends to be a little different. but i'm not really clear as to why that bond was reduced to the point where he's now out. >> and did the judge give a rationale for that? it is an unusual ruling. >> it is. we'll have to see exactly what happens now, with regard to whether he's allowed to go back and live in that house. he is presumed to be innocent. and bail and bond is not intended to punish someone. it's intended to make sure they show up. murder tends to be different. even as an innocent man, can he live at the crime scene? the court is saying he can. >> all right. stay tuned. turning now to amanda bynes. ordered to psych ya the resting after starting a fire in a neighbor's driveway. abbie boudreau with more on what
7:36 am
amanda bynes is doing. >> what's on fire? it's a small piece of cloth. and it a gasoline tank. >> reporter: the former child star, witnesses say, set fire to this driveway on monday night. >> i saw this girl laying down with her left pant leg on fire. when i look at her, amanda bynes. she was, like, really frantic. like, she wanted to get out of there. and she's like, my dog has been burned. >> reporter: he says bynes tried hailing a cab to get away. >> i was like, don't take her. i don't know what's going on with her at all. do not let her in the car. >> reporter: deputies responded to the scene and talked to bynes. but did not charge her with a crime. >> it determined that she met the criteria of 5150. >> that's a psychiatric hold. the patients can be taken
7:37 am
involuntarily from where they are and put in a setting where they are evaluated by special t specialists in a hospital. psychiatrists and a multidisciplinary team will evaluate her. >> reporter: bynes was on a mental health hold where she can be observed up to 72 hours. the "hairspray" actress has been in and out of court. sparking hair-raising headlines with her colorful wigs and bizarre behavior. >> i think amanda has been in the public so long, that there's a twisted part of her that thinks this attention is good. >> reporter: even taking to twitter. calling miley cyrus ugly and jenny mccarthy an old lady. >> this could be a catalyst for significant change in her life. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> let's hope howard bragman is right right there. let's get weather from sam. >> we're going to look at
7:38 am
western fires. the problem is spreading. now, into wyoming. fires in that area, about 1,700 acres going there. last week, when the big headline were all of the fires, there's more fires this week. now, 23 large uncontained fires are burning in the west. it's because of the baking heat and not much getting in the way. boise, 98 degrees. salt lake city, 95. little chance of getting moisture in the areas that need it, even though we're getting the monsoon to the south. and right where you would expect it, in the coastline areas. 70, in san francisco, what you would expect this time of year. oklahoma city, roaring thunderstorms this morning. the front barely drops south of you. you're into the zone for today and tomorrow. dall good morning. i'm mike nicco. more sunshine, more warmth today. look at the inland areas of the east bay, 87 to 93. around the bay, 72 to 82. even some sunshine at the coast,
7:39 am
63 to 70 into san francisco. >> all that weather was brought to you by soda stream. very nice around the great lakes. and even into the northeast. later on today, big difference tomorrow. coming up, we're going to hear from the divers who came so close to being swallowed by humpback whales. and beyonce's fight with a fan. really, a fan. how she managed to keep singing with her hair caught in a fan. what makes the sleep number store different?
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♪ wild thing back, now, at 7:42. and we showed you this amazing video yesterday's "play of the day." a close encounter with two divers were almost swallowed whole by humpback whales off the coast of california near l.a. the divers are speaking about their wild expedition. abc's neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: a picture-perfect day out off the california coast. sean and francis were between scuba dives, snorkeling, hoping to get pictures of humpback whales in the distance, about a quarter mile away. >> i was trying to catch some flukes or tails or whatever. >> reporter: but there are signs that trouble is coming. the whales are feeding. you see the tails breeching. signs that it's meal time.
7:44 am
and the sardines that they're chasing near the surface are trying to escape. >> they rushed the surface. and the first thing that came to mind, was there's a predator that's chasing them. >> the drivers are swarmed by the panicking sardines. they're right in the middle of a whale's dinner plate. >> suddenly, these whales just popped up. right out of the water ten feet from the boat. >> reporter: close call isn't a strong enough description. stanback and antigua were feet from being swallowed alive. humpback whales can weigh up to 40 tons and could easily swallow the diver's whole. marine biologists say they're not interested in people. but accidents have happened before. >> what happened there, that's like getting struck by lightning. it's a 1 in a million chance. >> reporter: the whales did not miss a beat and could be seen chasing their dinner back out to sea. a whale of a story no one would
7:45 am
believe if they didn't have the video to prove it. >> it would be a whale tale without the evidence. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, los angeles. >> sam was filling us in -- >> they open their mouths. they take in everything. and they filter out the water and swallow the tasty morsels. >> you will be a tasty morsel. >> and you can hear the panicking sardines, get out of the way. >> exactly. >> really. i learn so much. everybody, coming up on "good morning america," stunning moments when the wife of former congressman anthony weiner stood by his side during his latest sexting scandal. so many wondering this morning why she continues to do so. just freeze it. freeze it right away. freeze. young women are sacrificing so much today not giving a thought to their own satisfaction. doll, you're sacrificing seamless color
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7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day."
7:50 am
>> lara, just back from jolly ole -- after being there an hour and a half. technically. everybody knows this, right? you're on the plane. you're going. you want to stay awake and you can't. something happened to steve cullum. take a look. just minding his own business. there he is, taking it in. when his seatmate -- whom he didn't know. >> get out. >> yeah, no. had no idea. yeah. since he's filming it. don't know this person next to me. just enough room to -- >> look at that, though. >> he keeps trying to edge her off. get us to the end. he frees himself. and off to the other side she goes. she didn't know that guy,
7:51 am
either. steve, you're a good man. you're a very -- >> he's not that nice of a guy. he showed her video to the whole world. >> i love that. >> if that was you, come on back. hugh jackman. go nowhere. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] bring your personal style to life. get $5 off gallon-size valspar signature and duramax paint at lowe's. ♪ shield...sneeze...swish ♪ this back to school, there's a new routine ♪ [ female announcer ] kleenex tissues with sneeze shield are now thicker and more absorbent. in this lab demo, they help stop moisture better than the leading competitors.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. alameda hishls plan to distribute rabies information after a girl was bitten by a bat that flew into the zoo. it was captured and confirmed to have rabies. the girl is on medication and is expected to make a full recovery. mike has the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. more sunshine, warm weather, no threat of rain. near 90 in the east bay valleys. it will be about the same tomorrow and friday, slightly cool they are weekend. leyla? mike, a multiple-vehicle
7:57 am
accident on 280 southbound into san bruno, blocking one lane, leaving us with backup out of daly city. this accident in the east bay along westbound 80 at central avenue, one lane blocked with heavy backups before
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] hello to everybody out there in times square this morning. very happy crowd on this wednesday. and robin off today. great to have elizabeth vargas here. lara back from london. when you guys flew in very, very early this morning. but it was worth it. hugh jackman. >> thank you. i have the best lighting in show business. this is about as good as it gets. >> that's a contract requirement. >> right. thanks, sam. >> you look fantastic. >> the weather today, everybody. it's going to be fantastic. just go out and have a great time. on friday, the weather's terrible. go to the movies. >> and see "wolverine." >> i mean --
8:01 am
how was the weather in london, by the way? >> it was pouring rain and very warm. and joyful for the baby. so happy to be. >> and you have a monarch-to-be. congratulations. >> yeah. >> the commonwealth will continue. >> yes. >> very nice. he has a name. king something or other. >> king lebron? >> you do not look like you were eating 6,000 calories a day. >> it's correct. >> seriously. >> it's like -- maybe 5,000. but i'm one of those annoying people, my wife hates it. i eat and eat and can't put on weight. >> you work out a lot. >> three hours. >> i didn't work out at all. it's an australian thing. >> little vegemite and you're all set. >> exactly. there it is.
8:02 am
three hours a day. >> your strict workouts routine. >> right. >> anybody can -- >> really? >> don't do this. >> please, don't make us do this. >> sam, come here. >> no. >> by the way -- >> you two figure it out. >> yeah. i'm going to talk about the royal baby again. the queen and prince harry have visited. we have a closer look at how will and kate handled all that pressure, just one day after the duchess giving birth. >> she walked down the stairs in heels. and this sent twitter a-twitter, if you will. it was remarkable. also, a stunning moment here in new york city yesterday. the press conference with the wife of former congressman, anthony weiner. huma abedin coming to his defense, taking to the microphone. so many people are wondering why she did that this morning. also this morning, we're going to look at nicole polizzi. you may remember her as snooki.
8:03 am
this is an entirely different-looking young lady, by the way. and she said it's more than just the outside she changed. >> good for her. we have a packed hour. let's get to josh. >> we're going to start with breaking news from moscow. russia has granted whistleblower edward snowden to leave the airport and stay in the country where he applied for asylum. members of congress are going to vote on whether to stop the agency from collecting information without a warrant. the other big story this morning, in the gulf of mexico, a natural gas well burning out of control, 55 miles off the coast of louisiana. thankfully, all of the workers on the rig have been safely evacuated. crews are considering how to best fight this fire and plug the leak. and former congressman anthony weiner is facing new backlash over his latest sexting schedule. "the new york times" and "the
8:04 am
new york daily news," are calling for weiner to drop out of the race for mayor. his he admitted to sending explicit text messages a year after he resigned. he vowed to stay in the race. but local papers aren't giving him much of a break. they will plaster humiliating headlines across their front pages. even including the online name he reportedly used. and a mystery stomach bug has spread to eight states. stretching from wisconsin to connecticut. 250 people have been sickened thus far. ten had to be hospitalized. the cdc says the infection which causes flu-like symptoms, may be linked to a food born illness, coming from imported produce. a wild ride for tourists on a hot air balloon in europe. it crashed into the lake. it dragged across the water. the 11 people inside managed to get out. they were able to swim to shore,
8:05 am
just moments before the heavy wind that blew the balloon into oncoming traffic. you see there. two people suffered minor injuries. speaking of disasters, if sailing is on your agenda this vacation season, here is exactly how not to do it. a guy in norway, overestimated the height of that bridge. >> no, no. >> yes, yes, yes. yes, yes. you'll notice the boat behind him was able to turn just in time. the mast is gone. valuable lesson for captains and everyone. just avoid the bridges. that's a big mess. >> thank you, josh. >> you're welcome, lara. welcome back, lara. >> thank you so much. a little "pop news" for you. we're going to begin with beyonce. we talked about it earlier in the show. she has some of the most loyal fans on earth. and this weekend, one of her fans fainted when the superstar went down to hug him. just went out.
8:06 am
and on monday in montreal -- yeah. we're not joking. and then, there was this. monday, montreal, a different kind of fan took over her hair. wouldn't let go. always the consummate professional, though. see that fan behind her? her hair is wrapped in it. totally stuck. she never stopped singing "halo." even as crew members are cutting her hair out of the fan. that cannot feel good. and yet, she never lost pitch. wow. >> amazing. >> i like it. a gamer. i like it. >> that video, very viral this morning. you'll be hearing about that if you go online, guaranteed. and good news for christy turlington, just timeless. one of the beauties of the '80s and '90s. posing for among other things, calvin klein. at 44, she's not letting anything get between her and her calvins.
8:07 am
her first campaign back in '88. and looks just as beautiful today as she did back then. in the current issue of "harper's bazaar," she's not entirely comfortable posing in underwear. and you have to get over that. you look pretty fine doing it. >> amazing. >> and a lovely person. congratulations. and finally, this is an interesting study. what do mick jagger and robert de niro have in common with taylor swift? besides widely successful careers. they're all at golden ages in their lives. according to a new study from the london school of economics, we're our happiest at the age of 23, and then again at 69. those are the two happiest ages of your life. the study surveyed over 23,000 people. and found that 23 is that wonderful time of hope and optimism about the future. while our happiness does decline in mid-50s, by 69, we're once
8:08 am
again happy because we learned to have less regret about life. and for that, mick jagger can get some satisfaction. >> life lessons. let's get some weather from sam. >> hello, lake tahoe. we were just a minute too early. it's your birthday. tell me your name. >> danielle. >> nice to see you. it's your birthday, too? tell me your name. >> joyce. >> where are you from? >> wisconsin. >> happy birthday. thank you for spending it with us this morning. a little kentucky, as well. it feels so much better. it's not as oppressive and steamy and gross as it has been for days and days. let's get to the boards. that's a little bit of fresh air. i'm sorry but it might be. we're going to start with a live shot at the dallas/ft. worth area. just to talk about the break of the heat and how it doesn't get into texas. this is going to stay north. the front doesn't ever get down. midland, abilene, dallas,
8:09 am
san antonio, lubbock, loredo. you're in for a warm time period without a little relief that comes to the north. here, starting today into tomorrow, we're gorgeous, la good morning. i'm abc7 news meteorologist mike nicco with your bay area microclimate forecast. you can already see some patchy fog giving way to sunshine, which will dominate our afternoon, even out at the coast. milder nights with morning marine layer clouds will become the norm as our temperatures are pretty close to average through the extended. today, 70 in san francisco, 57 in oakland, 81 san jose, 28 santa rosa, but near 90 in the east bay valleys. most of our temperatures back in the 50s >> don't get me on tv. get that beautiful face on tv. good morning. where are you from? >> i'm from new jersey. >> all right. i wanted to make sure some folks got on television this morning. lara? >> great job. many great faces out there, sam.
8:10 am
here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." the wife of former congressman, anthony weiner, coming to his defense. and so many asking why this morning. and plus, nicole polizzi/snooki's stunning transformation. how she lost the weight and changed her whole life. and then, we have low-cost ways to improve your home with a little paint. "improve this." we're going to show you how. all that and more. oh, hugh jackman, that's how much more. live, working out, here with me, on "good morning america." stay with us. this is anne. she just graduated and got a freelance gig. it's not going very well. so she's coming to the new samsung experience shop at best buy to find all the galaxy devices she needs. and get personalized demos. which means less of this... ow! you shocked me!
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8:15 am
[ cheers and applause ] another life lesson from lara. >> yes. >> many, many more to come. first, though, we must get to our "heat index." these, being the top stories trending this morning, beginning with -- you're hearing the trumpets, it must mean the newest royal. settling in at home and meeting his extended family. amy robach, my friend from the rain and sun, today at kensington palace. with more on the newest royal family. amy, tell us all. >> you know what? it's been a very busy day here. wish you could be here at kensington palace. first, we had the queen visited baby cambridge a short while ago. and now, we understand that prince harry got to meet the
8:16 am
little buy and the beaming parents, as well. relearned a short time ago, before 1:00 here, the duke, duchess and baby cambridge have just left kensington palace. and interestingly enough, william was driving. much like we saw him do yesterday, shortly after introducing his new son to the world. duchess kate made her much-anticipated debut, introducing the future monarch to the entire world. >> coming out of the hospital, a day after you've given birth for any mother is an immense amount of responsibility. >> 24 hours postpartum, you have raging hormones. you have surging endorphins. you're emotional. getting out of bed alone is an incredible task. >> reporter: with the tiny prince, bundled in his arms, william shared his joy. >> he's got a good pair of lungs on him. that's for sure. he's a big boy. he's quite heavy. we're still working on a name. we'll have that as soon as we can. first time we've seen him, really. the proper chance to catch up. very emotional.
8:17 am
>> reporter: and new mom, kate, couldn't agree more. >> very emotional. i think an exciting time for any parent. know what the feeling feels like. >> very special. >> reporter: the appearance happened on the same steps of st. mary's hospital, where prince william emerged 31 years ago. and kate wore a polka-dot dress reminiscent of the one princess diana wore in 1981. >> diana said when she stepped out on the steps with william, she was so overwhelmed, so nervous, that when they actually got into the car and drove around the corner, she burst into tears. >> reporter: kate's blue frock is a one of a kind, made by designer, jenny packham. william was very comfortable. when prince charles debuted with william, he handed the baby to diana. >> the moment kate handing the boy over to william was such a significant moment. she was saying both of us are parents. that's the way they're going to go forth.
8:18 am
>> reporter: and then, prince william surprised everyone, when he strapped the baby into a car seat and drove away himself at the wheel. a very hands-on beginning. happily ever after. and that jenny packham dress, all eyes on kate when she walked on with her brand-new baby. and not surprisingly, the jenny packham website crashed shortly after it was discovered that was the designer. also, if you were looking at baby cambridge, his shawl was made by k.a. hunt and son. many of the royal babies have worn shawls similar to his, including prince william. his fashion will be of great interest to mothers and fathers all around the world. we're waiting for the day when we don't have to call him baby cambridge. we need a name. >> that will be soon. waiting for that. thank you, amy. next up, what could be the ultimate stand by your man moment. huma abedin, close aide to
8:19 am
hillary clinton, wife of anthony weiner, says she loves her husband. linsey davis with more on that decision. this was her first press conference ever. >> reporter: she said she was nervous. and she had written some notes to read from. and this morning, abc news has the learned from a source inside of her circle of friends that people are shocked she is digging in. and telling her, this is no longer a good idea. but for now, she continues to play the role of the good wife. the woman who once kept her private life private, now going very public. it's the ultimate case of stand by your man. >> anthony's made some horrible mistakes. but i believe that's between us and in our marriage. >> reporter: huma abedin, not just standing alongside, but standing in defense of her husband, disgraced former congressman, anthony weiner, on the same day he admitted he was involved in another sexting incident, as recently as last summer. >> i said other texts and photos were likely to come out. and today, they have.
8:20 am
>> reporter: weiner, who is running for mayor of new york city, spoke out in response to a gossip website's posting of texts that he allegedly shared with a 22-year-old woman. they were apparently sent months ago, after weiner resigned from congress in 2011, in the wake of a similar scandal. >> i made the decision that it was worth staying in this marriage. that was a decision i made for me, for our son and for our family. i love him. i have forgiven him. i believe in him. and as we have said from the beginning, we are moving forward. >> reporter: abedin's comments igniting a firestorm on twitter. countless women expressing outrage and curiosity why she's chosen to forgive weiner so many times. >> powerful women in particular take men back because they know it's hard to find a man who is not going to do something that is going to disappoint. and they want to keep their family stable.
8:21 am
>> reporter: in the past, abedin's admitted she sought relationship advice from long-time friend and boss, hillary clinton, a woman who knows a thing or two about public scandal. while she won't divulge those conversations, many wonder if her reasons for staying are politically motivated. >> it's as if she was saying, i'm the one that's most hurt by this. i've gotten past it. maybe you should, too. >> the screen shots of the messages alleged to be from weiner date back to last august. he was reportedly using the handle, carlos danger. his wife seems resolute the scandal that ends his congressional career doesn't need to end his run for mayor. she is saying, i gave him a second chance. she is hoping new yorkers will give him a second chance. >> the past, that's worked for politicians. but we don't know on this one yet. that's asking a lot. turning to a very different story now, burning up "the heat index." snooki's transformation.
8:22 am
she got famous as a fast-talking hard-partying cast member of "the jersey shore." now, she has a new look. dropping weight, her nickname and drinking. abc's abbie boudreau find out why she did it. >> you're peeing? >> all of the bathrooms were taken. >> reporter: ever since she exploded on the tv reality scene on "jersey shore," four years ago. nicole polizzi's star has been on the rise. now, 25. the pint-sized media mogul, who is about to begin filming the new season of her show, "snooki and jwoww" is embracing a new passion, fitness. >> three, four. >> reporter: how much have you lost? >> probably 50 pounds. it took five months to see results. now, i'm at a steady 96. that's normal for my height. i'm 4'9". at this point, i don't want to lose weight. but i want to gain muscle because lorenzo keeps giving heavier.
8:23 am
>> reporter: lorenzo is her 9-month-old son. did lorenzo inspire you to get healthy and fit? >> when i had lorenzo, i was like, i have to get in the film. i hardly drink anymore. all of the pounds i gained was from drinking. i eat a lot of chicken and vegetables. >> reporter: it's like where did snooki go? >> snooki's gone. nicole's here. >> reporter: did you have plastic surgery? >> absolutely not. i've never been under the knife. i never had anesthesia. i feel like the fact that people kept saying i had plastic surgery, i look perfect, right? if i have plastic surgery, i'm going to get boobs done. having a baby, your boobs fill up with milk and they deflate and they're just hanging there. but i'm never going to touch my face. i look like i'm 12 anyway. >> reporter: nicole credits her new body to trainer anthony michael, who she works out with four to five times a week. a rigorous mix of weights, strength training and cardio. >> a perfect weight for her height. >> reporter: she says he looks like a fifth grader and that's
8:24 am
how she should look. >> i'm the size of a fifth grader. >> reporter: she may be the size of a fifth grader. but don't mess with her when it comes to working out. can we stop? >> no. >> reporter: you like how you look right now? >> yeah. i feel healthy. i like everything. and i feel great about myself. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, new jersey. >> congratulations to her. >> yes. >> keep it up. up next, look. five have become six. hugh jackman here. "the wolverine" opens in theaters this friday. >> it's great to be on the desk. the panel. >> good to have you back. >> yeah. >> i like this. very good. >> you know, once upon a time, comic-con was for the hard-core. really, the genre, the comic
8:25 am
book movie genre has seemed to thrust it into the mainstream. and you just returned there. it's where actors go to be rock stars. exactly. >> there's nothing like it on the planet. and i read that bryan cranston got around by wearing a bryan cranston mask. and walked up on stage and took off the bryan cranston mask. i should have walked around in full costume because i saw -- i saw 50 people that look more like me than me. >> how many wolverines were there? >> so many. and i'm sure if i walked in, they would have gone -- it is incredible. it's a great thing. i've been going there for many years. and i've never experienced anything like it. >> i remember talking to you with the first "wolverine," way back when. this is a character, that your eyes sparkle when you talk about. what is it about this movie? this character? this genre? >> i would be say lying if i said that i chose that role.
8:26 am
it was my first job in america. but i happened to find this character that is eternally fascinating to me. he's cool. he's in every way an actors' dream. it's a lot of action. >> there's a little romance. something for everyone. >> more romance than this one. i haven't told my wife about yet. >> it will be fine. >> actually, my kids are starting to admit that it's cool. >> oh, good. you finally made it. >> i said, what did you think of the movie? awesome. >> it opens this friday. very excited for it nationwide. coming up, more hugh jackman. secrets to the workout. >> you ready?
8:27 am
good morning. i'm eric thomas. an update to this morning's breaking news from santa clara where three gun store burglary suspects are now in custody. police say they broke into reed's indoor range on duane avenue this morning taking two rifles and five hand gunns. range owner jim reed tells abc7 news his alarm system alerted police who arrived as the suspects were getting into their car. there was a short chase before police made the arrests. some of the weapons were thrown out of the suspects' car during the pursuit, but all the weapons taken from the gun store have been recovered. midweek commute with leyla gulen. >> we have this one accident that is in the clearing stages but it's left was heavy backups coming all the way out of daly city. in the east bay we have this wreck northbound 13 at broadway terrace that's blocking one lane
8:28 am
with heavy bumper-to-bumper traffic coming up on highway 24. eric? >> thank you very much. when we come
8:29 am
at 8:29, high for today around the bay, 7 santa cruz, sunshine, a beach day out there, 65, cooler at half moon bay. as we move inland, 75 degrees in oakland. north bay 85 degrees in napa. we're going to be a toasty 92 degrees in antioch. here's a look at our seven-day
8:30 am
forecast. we'll see a warm-up today and tomorrow with a cooldown for the weekend. now back to "good morning [ cheers and applause ] great crowd here in times square this morning. hugh jackman is here. and elizabeth and lara are not out here right this second. they are getting changed, getting ready. >> a costume change. >> a costume change. >> but we have a lot going on. >> this is a workout. >> hugh's going to have some secrets for you. also, a real internet sensation. we have the woman behind the honest toddler twitter feed today. she's going to reveal how her daughter inspired her to want to tweet like a toddler. and by the way, it may be the easiest way -- look at elizabeth vargas in that workout outfit. >> it may be the easiest way to make your home brighten up a little bit. if you're going to do a
8:31 am
do-it-yourself project, it may be easier than it seems. we're going to show you simple ways. lara has it all, to transform your house, dramatically, but easily. in "improve this." >> "improve this." first, look at the two of you. >> i love how quickly that changed. we will do anything that you ask us to do. here we are. you can see from the posters that hugh's workout routine from "wolverine," it kind of worked. >> a little bit. >> best shape ever. what did it take hugh to get in wolverine shape? we have the answer right here. hugh's with us with her trainer, david king. >> that's the man. >> thanks for sharing these tips. these are tips we can incorporate into our workout. and hopefully get a little of that situation. >> anyone can do it. and this is the best trainer i've ever worked with. you're in great hands here. >> how long have you been working with hugh?
8:32 am
>> and every day? is this a daily thing? five days a week? >> yes. it's a pretty consistent thing. over the last three years, we've been doing training every, single day. sometimes two. sometimes three times per day. >> three times a day. >> this is the nicest i've ever seen him. i never see him smile or be this kind or nice. >> you've admitted, you're not a giant fan of working out. >> people say all the time, within three months, you're going to get addicted to it. it's been 13 years. i'm still complaining every morning. >> i'm still waiting for that to kick in. >> i do love the feeling. there's nothing better than when you finish. unfortunately, if you get that physique, there's going to be pain involved. >> will you take time off? >> absolutely. >> allow yourself to recover. >> life is about balance. >> i love to hear your tips and tricks. can we get started with that? >> absolutely. we're going to demonstrate the exercises, first of all. >> yeah.
8:33 am
let's get into it. >> go, lara. >> go, lara. >> okay. >> simple bench press. >> yeah. we're going to look for a bench press on the first movement. >> do i do this with my legs like this? okay. >> lean back. >> okay. here? okay. hi, america. good morning. >> bring it up like that. >> yeah. >> down to your chest. >> all the way down? touch it? >> how are you feeling, lara? >> thanks for asking. i feel very relaxed. >> three down. and then, flex? >> yeah. just slow negative. you're looking for a three-second decent and raise. >> i have to say, when you slow
8:34 am
it down -- >> you feel it more. >> even though there's no weights on this, i would cry. >> we normally use a slight incline on the bench because it gets more of the chest, as opposed to the shoulder and the triceps. >> you need a female wolverine? >> yes. >> i'm going to keep going. any other tips we can give our audience on this particular workout? >> this particular movement, it's good to have do a varied resistance and light sets. we have two more exercises. and not a lot of time. can you do the next one? >> and he does. >> i get it. okay. >> we're doing a different exercise. >> on this exercise, we're going to demonstrate the dead lift. that's a great compound
8:35 am
movement. we're going to have a couple people demonstrating. you're going to go in front of the bar here. >> in front? >> in front. that's it. >> you're going to grip it shoulder-length apart. and get the hips down, as if you're doing a squat. head and chest up so you're looking forward. >> what is this working out? >> the supper back and the lower back. keep your head and chest up high. and pull the shoulders back. absolutely. it's like a big squat. >> thank you, eddie. >> the producers did say that both of you guys can actually lift some serious weights. >> yeah. >> we'll do this the rest of the show. >> how many do you do this? >> i have, in pounds, about 430. >> about 500 pounds.
8:36 am
>> about 500 pounds. >> we'll work on that. but first, sam, are you going to get on spandex today? >> i couldn't get into the spandex. it took too much time. or i'd be right there. one or two things we want to share with you. how about the pictures you send in? every morning, we get a picture of what's going on around america. brush storms around the area yesterday. from wichita to oklahoma city. and those storms have been tough, even early this morning. they'll continue with heavy rain, dallas, jackson and the deep south. one place that's absolutely gorgeous, anywhere from here to the great lakes is gorgeous. spokane, when you're 96 and 98 in portland. 70 in san francisco today. and elsewhere on the west coast. you look wonderful. you look thin.
8:37 am
good morning. i'm mike nicco. more sunshine, more warmth today. look at the inland areas of the east bay, 87 to 93. around the bay, 72 to 82. even some sunshine at the coast, 63 to 70 into san francisco. >> all that weather was brought to you by chevrolet. oh, josh? josh and dice. >> yes. i waited a long time to hear that. josh and dice, yes. i'm here with the diceman. we and my boys in college, we knew every word to every bit. somewhat controversial comedian, andrew dice clay. once described himself as vile. but his co-star of "blue jasmine" said, he was a beautiful teddy bear that didn't swear once. >> i didn't. you have two of them. sally hawkins and cate blanchett. so excited about the movie. so excited. >> it's a woody allen movie. it's called "blue jasmine."
8:38 am
you and woody, how did you manage? >> my manager said he wanted to meet me. i thought he was kidding. from all of the writer/directors that woody allen wanted to meet me. >> how was the meeting? >> the meeting was amazing. i read two pages. i said, i could do it other ways. and he said, it was perfect. i said, i guess i'll see you on the set. it's an incredible film to be with someone like cate blanchett. and work with academy award winners. sally hawkins, golden globe. i feel very humbled by that experience. it's not like the standup comedy i'm used to doing. i'm out in vegas. and doing a lot of concerts. my podcast, rolling with dice and wheels is number 23 in the world.
8:39 am
>> you're doing that, then. it's something of a collaborative effort. >> it's incredible. >> we have a clip. you're fighting with your ex-wife. her sister who is something like bernie madoff's wife is coming to stay with her. here's what your character has to say about that. take a look. >> all of that money, she wanted nothing to do with you. now that she's broke, she's moving in. >> she's not just broke. she's all screwed up. and it's [ bleep ] none of your business. she's family. >> she stole our money. don't you understand? we were all set. that was our chance in life. >> for the last time, augie. he was the crook. what to you know about finance? >> don't tell me that. she's married to a guy for years. up to -- phony real estate and bank deals, you want to tell me she knew nothing about it?
8:40 am
>> comfortable character. do you find any similarities? >> what? >> you find any similarities to you and augie? >> you know what? i was just glad i got to play a more dramatic role, something i haven't done yet. i really didn't expect this kind of attention. i wanted to do a great job for woody allen. >> you did. a phenomenal movie. andrew dice clay. "blue jasmine" opens this friday. as you mentioned, currently performing at the hard rock in las vegas. the new documentary coming out with the producer from "entourage." very exciting project. >> like i said, he started this whole thing by putting me on "entourage." >> about a year back. thank you so much. coming up here, the mom behind the online sensation, the honest toddler. here, live. go nowhere.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
the honest toddler took twitter by storm with its funny
8:44 am
right on the edge of snarky takes on what it takes to raise little kids. 250,000 followers later, a brand-new book is out. "the honest toddler: a child's guide to parenting." and we're going to meet the mom behind it all. after this on the phenomenon she created. for months, it was one of the biggest mysteries. who was behind the twitter sensation, honest toddler? the wildly popular twitter feed that offers out of the mouths of babes pearls of wisdom. the mystery toddler's take on friends. just did the math on sharing. no. it's hard to learn gentle hands in a world full of people who neat hitting. how about food? recipe. step on a raisin in your bare feet. eat raisin, enjoy. toddler tip. if you don't like a meal, slowly push the rim of the plate with one finger until it falls off the table. just like college and pants, potty training isn't for everyone. as it turns out, there is an adult behind these precocious tweets.
8:45 am
her name is bunmi laditan. and no surprise, she's a mom herself with plenty of toddler experience. and now, her own book. and she joins us right now. i love the tweets. >> thank you. >> great to have you here. where did the idea come from? >> it came from life with my own toddler. she was 2 at the time. and just came from babyhood to crazy from the underworld toddlerhood. and i was going crazy. i couldn't afford therapy. so, i started a twitter account. >> a cheap form of therapy, i guess. now, we see you have a new little baby, as well, right over here. you weren't afraid to go through it again. >> i forgot. i forgot what happens. >> and how do you think, the honest toddler is going to tweet about the little sibling? >> i don't know. i call it infant/sibling disease. that's how honest toddler refers to having a new baby. with some jealousy. probably recruitment against me. >> another honest toddler coming. let's play a game.
8:46 am
toddler knows best. let's put you in situations and see what the honest toddler would say about it. first one is, you're in the grocery store. 5:30 p.m. the store is packed with shoppers. the child throws herself on the floor. starts to scream and throws everything everywhere. what honest toddler would probably say, putting orange cones around the fallen child. and then, sprinkling gumdrops while singing disney music as loud as possible. >> a talented toddler, as well. picky eater, your child does not eat vegetables. what would honest toddler say? >> not my own advice. honest toddler would say, there hasn't been much testing to prove that vegetables are truly food. and we should leave it alone. >> and sleeping in the big bed. we know what this is like. probably loves to climb in with mom and dad. what would honest toddler suggest? >> honest suggests getting a large outdoor tamp trampoline
8:47 am
and everyone sleeping under the stars. >> big news from london. we now have the royal baby. what advice does honest toddler have for the new royal parents? >> honest toddler prepared a statement. and i have it here. i can translate this. i know how. the official statement is -- you look rich. please adopt me. >> the honest toddler is very honest on that one. thanks. the book is fantastic. get it in stores right now. when we come back, quick tips for improving your home with a little paint.
8:48 am
8:49 am
here comes lara spencer. quick-change artist. it's time for "improve this." one of our favorite segments on the show, where we do lots of diys. and we have one of my favorite people. >> mary mcdonald. if you're doing this, that means
8:50 am
the best homes and best apartments are doing this. let's find out about it. >> a lot of people ask me for design advice. when i'm looking for inspiration, this is who i turn to. mary mcdonald has a wonderful book out. incredibly luxurious. there are things you can do simply in your own home that can give you that look. one of your tricks, i've noticed, has always been with paint. we wanted to show you how to improve this. we start with a wall. this is such a wonderful idea. it makes a one-of-a-kind statement on one wall. can you explain what this is and how you did it? >> this is a silhouette technique. you can use any picture you want. i happened to buy this on >> we created a larger version of that. how did you do that? >> i blew it up. you can use kinko's. you cut it out, trace it and paint it. what i did here that makes it
8:51 am
modern and fresh and young. the background color is a dark color. and the silhouette is white. >> they're two, great colors. i love the two together. it looks summary. and beachy. >> we've taken stencils into a modern way. >> depends what you do. fend depends on the color. depends on how you use it. >> once you conquer a wall, it's easier to do something that's more substantial. >> mary uses antiques. what's your feeling about antiques versus painted furniture. >> actually, it's easy to paint a piece of furniture that's a piece of junk you have in a light color. and there's two fun techniques. this is painting the inside red. it's a fun way to take a brown piece of furniture. >> the inside of the drawers are green. that's a cute touch. and my very favorite.
8:52 am
and this is mary mcdonald signature look. that's a chevron stripe on a floor. i know you do patterns. but what's the tip to achieve this look? >> i did something simple. it's a zigzag. we cut out a stencil. and i pulled in the colors to tie in with the wall. to make it easier, you want to choose straight lines. things not super complicated. i do really complicated ones. but this is a simple way to get impact. >> you can go online. if you look at painted floor, chevron floor, mary mcdonald floor. you can get instructions. all you need is great paint. tell people the paint you liked to use. >> i use valspar. >> do you like it a lot? >> i use flat paint and do a water-based sealer over it. >> i would be worried about doing the floor. if you seal it, this will last, right? >> i do some of the biggest homes in america. >> and i like it when the paint gets a little worn. >> that's another look. >> mary mcdonald.
8:53 am
check out the look. that's the room that made me fall in love. that's the room in her book. everybody see more of her tips on how to change a room with just a little paint, patterns, incredible. go to on yahoo! >> thank you. >> lovely. bravo, your new show. >> "property envy." >> "property envy." we envy all of your properties. we'll be right back, everybody, with "good morning america."
8:54 am
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8:56 am
we had a lot going on today. >> oh, my goodness. >> i've been out there doing bench presses. tomorrow, "deals & steals." selena gomez, party in the park on friday. >> thank you for watching abc.
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good morning. i'm eric thomas. the san francisco giants meet with president obama on monday. they'll attend a white house ceremony saluting their world series sweep of the detroit tight national weather service october, the second time the president will honor the giants at the white house. he did the same thing two years ago following the giants world series victory over the texas rangers in 2010. here's leyla with the commute and forecast. it is going to be a warmer one today, eric. definitely more sunshine, 81 the high in san jose. along the peninsula, 70 degrees in san francisco and the north bay, 82 degrees in santa rosa. we start moving inland, that's where it will be toasty at 92ings degrees. here ools my accuweather seven-day forecast. with a warm-up tomorrow, it cools off by the weekend. as we take a look at our drive, heading into the east bay, eastbound side of 580 started off as a stall. it turned into a crash at santa
9:00 am
rita road leaving us with a backup in both directions. slow westbound. join us for announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new movie, "the wolverine," award-winning actor hugh jackman. and the cast of rodgers & hammerstein's "cinderella" joins us for a broadway on "live" week. ll next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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