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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 25, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. and breaking news. the death toll rising overnight in this massive train disaster. all caught on tape. the cars now mangled and toppled. at least 77 dead. reports that the train may have been going too fast because it was running late. and happening now. pressure mounting for the embattled anthony weiner to drop out of the race for new york's mayor, but he remains defiant. joking about his sexting scandal just last night. reports this morning his new accuser may come forward today. caught on tape by a city bus. the terrifying motorcycle crash that sent the grandson of golf legend jack nicklaus flying through the air and sliding 100 feet on the road. somehow walking away from this wreck. ♪ i just came to say hello and say hello to prince george.
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will and kate, naming their baby boy, two days after he arrived. the name fit for a king. and one sure to make queen elizabeth happy. good morning, america. just two days. >> yeah. >> before the duke and duchess named their brand-new baby boy. william had to wait a whole week until he knew his name. we know at least one of our colleagues, not here, very happy. george knew we were going to give him -- >> he's actually on a national whistle-stop gloating tour. in topeka right now. welcome to the world, george alexander louis. >> such a beautiful name. and one other headline right now. tropical storm dorian has formed in the atlantic. and sam will have news on where
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the impact might be felt here in the u.s. but we're going to turn, right now, to the breaking news, the death toll rising in that massive train disaster in spain. abc's lama hasan joins us now with the very latest. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, josh. stunning new video this morning, showing the deadly moment of impact when the train came off the rails. and this morning, morning the 140 injured are four americans. witness described the train cars flipping and bursting into flames after coming off the tracks. one car ripped apart by the force of the crash. the train was traveling from the capital city of madrid and derailed in northwestern spain, a tourist destination that was preparing to celebrate a popular summer festival, attracting christians from all over the world. the festivities have been canceled. reports this morning say the eight-carriage train carrying 218 passengers was traveling at
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nearly three-times its speed limit on a sharp curve because it was behind schedule. the state rail company says the train did not have any technical problems. and an investigation is under way. robin? >> so many questions. lama, thank you so much. we'll keep everybody up to date on that. but now, to the latest on the anthony weiner sexting scandal. growing calls for the former congressman to drop his bid to become mayor of new york. and this morning, there are reports that his accuser may come forward today. abc's jonathan karl has the latest from washington. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the latest to call for anthony weiner to drop out is a fellow new york democrat who served with him in congress. and says, quote, he needs serious psychiatric help. but weiner is as defiant as ever. anthony weiner was booed at the start of this campaign event wednesday, as new yorkers who may have been ready to forgive him once, have to decide whether
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to forgive him twice. the democratic candidate for new york city mayor, seems to be unfazed by it all. at a debate wednesday night, he offered up a joke, when all of the candidates were asked what social media they prefer to use, facebook or twitter. >> all i can say is don't ask me. >> reporter: weiner's wife, huma abedin, became visibly emotional, as she defended him tuesday, even as he admitted his sexting ways went on long after he resigned from congress and promised that he would never do it again. but new york newspapers have been relentless, mocking him and the carlos danger alter ego, he apparently used when sending explicit messages and photos to young women over the internet. weiner was even sending those messages both before and after he and his wife posed for this "people" magazine exclusive last year. overnight,
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"people" included excerpts from the interview. including this from his wife, calling weiner a caring husband. i have not washed a single piece of clothing ever. anthony does all of our laundry. he makes my tea when i get up in the morning. he's just a loving, caring, thoughtful spouse and partner. back when the scandal first broke, weiner showed us how combative he can be when telling a lie. is it inappropriate for a member of congress to be following young women on their twitter accounts? >> it's really outrageous as the implication is outrageous. this is a twitter hoax. a prank that was done. i'm the victim of it. >> reporter: weiner is defiantly vowing to continue his campaign. and the latest poll actually has him as the front-runner for mayor. but it's a lead that may not need all that much. the poll was taken mostly before the news of the latest scandal broke. now, there are reports today that the woman who was involved
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in these messages is about to go public. perhaps as early as today. >> that's today. all right, jon. thank you so much. we're going to turn to the pond, or head over it, as his royal highness is baby cambridge no more. two days after arriving, he has a name, truly fit for a king. as the duke and duchess of cambridge have dubbed him george alexander louis. abc's amy robach in bucklebury, england, this morning. on the name and so much more. amy, good morning to you. >> reporter: that's right, josh, good morning to you. the guessing game is finally over. the palace, telling abc news, that they like the name. quote, no more, no less, which i believe translates over in america to, it is what it is. we are here in kate's hometown. where the new royal family is beginning their life together without help from a nanny or a midwife. but kate has something even better than that, her mother, carole middleton. his royal highness, prince
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george alexander louis of cambridge. after two days, finally, a name. william and kate beat his parents who took a week to name him. the name a tribute to the queen, whose father was king george and whose middle name is alexandra. she visited yesterday, along with uncle harry and pippa also stopped by. prince william and kate now anxious to spend some alone time with their little boy, george. >> it's a special time. i think any parent would have done. know what this feeling felt like. >> it's very special. >> reporter: william and kate took no time before they headed out to kate's parents house in bucklebury, away from the prying eyes of the media. prince george, getting his first tastes of security of his life to come. the family's home reportedly secured by a perimeter of armed policemen on horseback, with a helicopter standing by. >> so, now, kate's priority and prince william's, too, seems to be some good, old grandma time.
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>> reporter: they're expected to spend three weeks in bucklebury. based on parking restrictions posted near the home. later, william will return to make some ideas about his future. >> the prince, the future king, doesn't get a day more. >> reporter: some people have other ideas. >> they should have named him tyrone. >> reporter: why tyrone? >> it's my name. >> reporter: william and kate have made it clear since their wedding that they intend to do things on their terms. respectful of royal tradition, but real role models for the modern monarchy. certainly there are a lot of diapers ahead in william's near future. and a real chance for this 21st century couple to share parenting duties as hands-on parents. josh, we have obtained, abc news, exclusively, some computer imaging that we worked on all night long to find out what prince george may look like when he gets older. and if we can put the picture up right there. we can tell you that he may have a future in television news.
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>> that's true. very true, amy -- a closer look, makes me think that looked a lot like prince tyrone. prince george, it shall be. amy robach, thank you. >> it has a ring to it. >> as the news cycle continues. >> and george knew to stay away. he knew to stay away. now, to the latest on nsa leaker edward snowden. he has spent a month in limbo at a russian airport. but that may change soon. he may be allowed to leave the airport while russia decides if it will grant him asylum. martha raddatz joins us from washington with much more on all this. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the drama this morning is intense. at any time now, the man the u.s. says has committed espionage, could be free in russia, with massive amounts of secret data in tow. this morning, all eyes are on the moscow airport where fugitive edward snowden is preparing himself for possible release.
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we now know that snowden has started learning russian, for what may be months of freedom, or maybe permanent residence there. we are also learning that after a month of wearing the same clothes, snowden has been given fresh shirts and jeans and a copy of "crime and punishment," so, his lawyer says, he can become familiar with russian literature. it was snowden's handwritten request for temporary asylum that could lead to his freedom. russian immigration officials saying the paperwork is being processed. while the russians saying that he would be watched carefully by russian authorities during his stay. it is the classified material that he is carrying on as many as four computers, that worries u.s. officials. >> unless he got careless and left them in his room, there really is no method that the government or somebody in russia, china or the united states, would have for obtaining the information he possesses. >> reporter: but that remains a major concern of the u.s. and it would certainly not be
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impossible for the russians to steal the information, especially if snowden is released under their watch. edward snowden is seen by some as a hero. but last night, the house defeated legislation that would have blocked the national security agency from collecting phone records of americans. robin? >> all right, martha. okay. now, to weekend "gma" co-anchor bianna golodryga, with the other top stories, right now, including the pope's visit. good morning, everyone. we begin with the pope's historic visit to brazil. and this morning, the biggest security concern yet. up to 1 million people are expected to pack on to a beach in rio today for mass. also today, the pope visits a slum that's been regarded as one of the most dangerous in latin america. abc's alex marquardt is in rio with the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. that's right. that prayer service due to take place right here on brazil's famous copacabana beach. but before then, he is going to visit that slum which has been
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known for its deadly violence and drug gangs. it's because of trips like that one that he's become known as the people's pope, for his modesty, his accessibility, always wading into crowds to hug and kiss admirers. but it really has raised security concerns around here. he has refused to use the bulletproof popemobile. prefrg instead an open jeep. there have been moments like this one, when his driver took a wrong turn and the fiat was mobbed by supporters. it's a momentous trip for the latin american pope. and one that is rife with fears over his security. bianna? >> all right, alex, our thanks to you. alex marquardt in rio. and back in this country, a train derailment shut down the port of tampa this morning. the cargo train jumped the tracks. 15 cars overturned. at least three were leaking ethanol, which is highly flammable. the fire raging out of control on that natural gas rig in the gulf of mexico, could burn for months.
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the fireball has consumed much of the rig which is still leaking the gas that's fueling those flames. engineers could begin digging a relief well as soon as today. and the coast guard has rescued a fisherman off the new york, who spent 12 hours in the open atlantic without a life jacket, using his rubber boots to stay afloat. john aldridge had fallen overboard and drifted 40 miles. but other than a bad sunburn, he's okay. some good news there. and speaking of survival stories. we told you this at the top of the show. watch this car in florida. and the motorcycle that comes crashing into it, sending the bike rider sliding 100 feet. well, it turns out he's the grandson of golf legend jack nicklaus, and a florida state football star. josh, this is what you were talking about earlier. remarkably, he walked away from the crash and is expected to be ready for football season, if you can believe that. and finally, incredible pictures. this is patrick, a 2-year-old boy who lost his hair battling leukemia. well, to show his support, patrick's secret service dad and
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his co-workers all shaved their heads, and so did the man they protect, george h.w. bush. it was almost 60 years ago that mr. bush and his wife, barbara, lost their daughter, robin, to leukemia. he looks good. >> team patrick. >> team patrick. >> i have to say, josh offered to, when i lost my hair, he offered to shave his, too. but we've seen his head. it was nice that you offered. >> we did america a favor. >> america thanks you, robin. thank you. we're going to turn, now, to new developments in the murder case against former new england patriots tight end aaron hernandez. he was in court wednesday, as prosecutors won their plea for more time to build their case against him. this, as hernandez's former coach broke his silence. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> it's a sad day. >> reporter: this morning, patriots head coach, bill belichick, is showing his personal side. speaking out for the first time on aaron hernandez.
7:15 am
>> hernandez, at the 12 yard line. >> having someone in your organization that's involved in a murder investigation is a terrible thing. >> reporter: the patriots reunited at training camp, where hernandez would have been a key player. hernandez, the former patriots tight end stands accused of killing his friend, odin lloyd, in june. hernandez pleaded not guilty. >> a young man lost his life. and his family's suffered a tragic loss. as the coach of the team, you know, i'm primarily responsible for the people that we bring in for the football operations. >> reporter: this, as hernandez faced the judge wednesday, he's accused of murdering lloyd. but hernandez denies all charges. prosecutors now say they need time to collect more evidence, as suspicion grows that he had some involvement in a double-homicide in boston last year. >> there continues to be additional evidence that is being presented and considered by the grand jury. >> reporter: at that same court hearing, abc news has learned
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that officers seized his cousin's cell phone, who shared a home with one of hernandez's alleged accomplices in the lloyd murder. now, the hernandez case is reportedly prompting nfl teams to hire tattoo specialists to look at prospective players, after investigators wonder whether the tats could have been a warning sign that suggest he has ties to gangs. something hernandez denies. head coach belichick hopes for answers. >> learn from this terrible experience, that we will become a better team from the lessons that we learned. >> reporter: and hernandez has been in jail for four weeks. he'll be in there for at least another month. as prosecutors gather more evidence to keep him there without bond. so many questions. >> that will eventually have answers. gio benitez, thank you. of course, robin, it's not all bad news. >> that's right. some positive news for the nfl. rookie jonathan tig willard
7:17 am
hasn't even played a game for the tennessee titans. he signed as a free agent after the draft. but he's already a hero, saving a family from their burning car. and abc's john muller has that story for us. >> reporter: when former clemson linebacker jonathan tig willard hit the road for tennessee titans training camp. he was focused on making tackles on the field, not on saving lives on the freeway. but that's exactly what happened tuesday night when he saw a car in flames. >> the car in front of me started smoking. >> reporter: sherri and her family were on their way to visit her dad when the engine suddenly caught fire. willard pulled up beside her and directed her to pull over. >> once i rushed to the car, i saw that there were three little kids in the backseat. the adrenaline just kicked in. i was just in go mode. i was just going. >> reporter: willard and another man, helped pull the mother, three children and their pet to safety. as flames engulfed the vehicle. >> they are my angels. it was a godsend.
7:18 am
it was a miracle they were there. >> reporter: there was only a charred frame left. >> the whole front end of the car was just about ignited. the tires started popping one by one. it was really scary. >> reporter: they had no idea their hero was also a professional football player. >> my boys are just completely stoked. my oldest plays football. he's really excited. >> reporter: for his part, willard doesn't want to be called a hero. he just wants to play football. >> i feel like god put me in the right place at the right time because he knew that i would find it in my heart to help out. >> reporter: but it's fair to say, he made quite a first impression on his new team. >> just about all of the guys came up to me and just said, you know, thank you. >> reporter: for "good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> such a fine, young man. again, he was on his way to his first training camp. and then, this happened. >> kids rightfully stoked. >> that is something special. when you run to a burning car, not thinking about your own safety, you have something special. >> that's right. >> the adrenaline just kicking in.
7:19 am
>> absolutely. let's talk about dorian, by the way, we got a brand-new tropical storm. let's deal with this. in the pulsating circles of concern, we've got two areas. the tropics are popping early. by the end of august, we'll see several systems out there. we'll watch this for development. i'm not too concerned about that. this one with dorian, moving into drier air. here's the -- and then hopping near puerto rico by the time we get to monday and tuesday of next week. a lot of forecast models think that this thing becomes a player on the eastern seaboard. so, we'll have to watch that one very carefully. here's where severe storms are lighting up today. if you're in the area in red, pay attention to your local abc stations.
7:20 am
>> all of america's weather was brought to you by the alzheimer's association. >> thank you, sir. >> thank you, sam. coming up, the shocking death of the shoe collector. her boyfriend now under arrest. did her obsession cost her her life? and, well, can you go from that on the left to that on the right in just seconds?
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now, from abc 7 news. >> i'm kristen sze. the chase came to an abrupt stop after they crashed the car into a fire hydrant on williams street and orchard avenue at
7:25 am
2:30. police arrested a man enaa woman at the scene. they were taken to the hospital for treatment of nonlife-threatening injuries. police say the car they were riding in was stolen. water to that gushing hydrant has been shut off. the chase started 15 minutes earlier in oakland while police were investigating another call. let's hope there aren't too many crashes on the roadways. >> not too many. we have one accident involving a big rig in the east bay as you make your way out of concord. highway 4 at 242. it's over to the shoulder so it's not blocking lanes. heavy traffic in the westbound direction. here's a look at our drive time traffic. if you are checking inç at highway 4, antioch to concord, six-minute drive. gray here but not
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good morning. half moon bay, half mile visibility. temperatures in the 50s just about everywhere, san jose at 60. low to mid-60s around san ramon, livermoore. temperatures 1 to 5 deg obsessed
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with shoes. they just kind of pop out at me and say, hey, here i am. >> she was so obsessed with shoes, she held a guinness record. but this morning, her boyfriend is under arrest, after she was found dead. was she killed because of that obsession? we'll get into that. as we say good morning, america. george and lara taking time off. great to have josh by my side. and bianna golodryga here, as well. also this morning, a remarkable survival story to bring you. a man rescued after wrestling a giant tuna. he had been clinging to his capsized boat out in the pacific. this morning, he's going to tell us how he survived. you see the tuna right there. >> and held on to the tuna? >> and held on to the tuna.
7:31 am
>> a lot in that story. also, we've seen these diet commercials. and you had to wonder if they were true. the stunning before and after pictures. now, one personal trainer is revealing just how easy it is to fake those pictures. >> no. really? they're doing that? incredible "deals & steals." everything $15 or less just for our "gma" viewers. we're going to begin with the footwear fanatic who ended up a murder victim. a california woman made the guinness book of world records, as robin said, with 15,000-plus shoe-related items. she was featured on reality television. but has now been found dead in her backyard pool. abc's rob nelson is here with much more on the story. good morning to you, rob. >> reporter: good morning, josh. darlene flynn became known for her record-breaking and almost fanatical love of shoes. this morning, police are trying to figure out why her own boyfriend may have been responsible for their death.
7:32 am
>> i am very crazy obsessed with shoes. >> reporter: she led an eccentric life. now, authorities are searching for answers about her mysterious death. >> that kind of stuff doesn't happen out here. >> reporter: 58-year-old darlene flynn reportedly had more than 15,000 shoe-related items de decorating her modest california home. her obsession landing her in the guinness book of world records. and on the reality show "my collection obsession." >> i work 60 to 80 hours a week. and i barely make my house payment. >> reporter: on monday, police found flynn's lifeless body in her backyard pool and have arrested her boyfriend, 29-year-old justin smith, in connection to the alleged murder. smith also appeared with flynn on tlc. >> darlene makes me make her a shoe breakfast. i'll form it into a shoe and
7:33 am
serve it. good morning shoe heart. >> reporter: after a fight, police arrived at the home, discovered the body and saw a shirtless smith running away from the backyard. neighbors said the couple had a rocky past and that tension was sometimes evident on the show. >> darlene and i sometimes argue about her shoes. sometimes i think she gets too many shoes. but i learn to just deal with it. >> he'd be fighting with her. and he'd take off and come back a couple hours later. they just did not get along real well. >> reporter: from reality show fame -- >> they kind of pop out at me. hey, here i am. >> reporter: to the news. >> flynn was found dead in her own swimming pool the other day. >> reporter: police are now left wondering what could have gone so horribly wrong. and smith is set to be arraigned later today. josh? >> thank you for that. we're going to turn to our chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. dan, a volatile relationship. a shirtless boyfriend running
7:34 am
away from the scene. doesn't look good for him. >> when you find a dead body like this in the pool, blunt force trauma, the first thing you want to know, is who did she know? who were closest to her? those are the people you will look at first. then, when you also see her boyfriend running away from the scene without a shirt on. they had to capture him later, following a domestic disturbance in the house, not surprising that he's been arrested. >> we saw a bit of the reality television program they had been on. and we heard him speaking to the fact that there were fights in their recent past. how might the film we have here be used? >> you have to think of this almost like any videotaped evidence that authorities might have in connection with the case. if they can demonstrate some sort of motive. if they can demonstrate a consistency of real problems and violence, for example. again, we don't know if there was violence. the they could on that video, on that show, that would certainly being something they could use
7:35 am
in connection with this trial. if you don't think of it as can they use the reality show video and say, wow, look at all this potential video and audio evidence that they have, they could have something there. >> what's next in the investigation? >> he's going to be arraigned. we're going to learn a little more i think about why the authorities arrested him, apart from the fact he was seen running away from the scene without a shirt on. i think that they're going to have -- they're probably going to present something else. do they have a murder weapon? do they have an idea of how this occurred? et cetera. >> dan abrams, thank you very much. now, to the stunning standoff, man versus tuna. a fisherman at sea, caught battling this huge fish. his boat capsized during the battle. neal karlinsky has the story. >> reporter: what anthony wigman lived through fishing off the coast of honolulu, is like slapstick in "caddyshack" and a horror movie.
7:36 am
he was pulled overboard alone in the middle of the ocean by a 280-pound ahi tuna on the end of his line. >> he jerked the rod out of my hands. and cook off with the line wrapped around my leg. >> reporter: his small boat capsized. wichman was hanging on to the side, trying to get the line untangled from his leg, when he was pulled under 50 feet. >> i told myself this was it. i mean, if he kept pulling me, there was nothing i could do. >> reporter: finally, as he was running out of air, the fish suddenly stopped pulling. he was able to get to the surface. >> luckily, on my waterproof cell phone worked. i called my daughter. and then called 911. >> we're looking for your vessel right now. >> reporter: first responders zero in on his cell phone and find him. >> i see you. you're coming directly towards me. >> we have you in sight. >> people go out of their way to
7:37 am
do something like that was pretty good. >> reporter: his friends went out and found the half-submerged boat. and they found something else, too. the tuna, all 280 pounds of it, still hooked. wichman let his friends keep it and sell it for $1,400. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, los angeles. >> that had "sea rescue" written all over it. >> it's a punch line at that point. >> a miniseries, sam. we need to start, i guess, taking a look at that -- well, throw open the doors and windows, new england. and enjoy this. harp music would be wonderful right about now because it is that refreshing. robin's looking at me, like why harp music? it's the most refreshing thing i can think of. like the bling. >> thank you. >> i don't know. i'm trying. trying to create visual images. wabc, the king of new york to
7:38 am
show you those pictures. 65. we haven't been below 66 degrees in almost a month now. so, look at boston at 62. i'm getting tweets from people saying this is too cool for them. it's more like september weather. it's short-lived. it's a break from all of the heat and humidity you had. there's clouds coming along with it. there might be a shower in the boston area. omaha, wichita, oklahoma city, you're in line for the heavy rain. good morning. we have clouds at the coast and san francisco. that's why you're coolest, 62 to 68. 70 around the bay. 83 in the north bay to near 99 in the east bay >> all that weather was brought to you by the university of phoenix. >> the control room desperately trying to get harp music up
7:39 am
there. thank you, sam. coming up, we've all seen these dramatic before and after photos. one trainer shows us why it's easier than you think to fake them. and the questions so many are asking now after anthony weiner's latest scandal, is sexting really cheating? answer ahead. at university of phoenix we know the value of your education is where it can take you. (now arriving: city hospital) which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (next stop: financial center) let's get to work.
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book now at linsey got the harp.
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>> i did. >> thank you, linsey. >> we're back, coming up on 7:43 now. the personal trainer busting the myth on some of those dramatic weight loss transformation photos. he says you can easily fake those pics. and bianna, you will show us how it's done. >> reporter: say it ain't so. we've seen the before and after photos that shows someone dropping lots of weight. you won't believe how one trainer was able to go from fat to fit, thanks to tricks by good angles and lighting. check it out. too often, they look too good to be true. before and after photos, enticing internet and magazine readers worldwide to join weight loss programs. this photo attracted internet attention. transforming his 205-pound body with no diet, no exercise and no medication. the secret, mostly lighting.
7:44 am
>> i shaved my beard. shaved my chest. got the lighting optimal. >> reporter: his transformation tricks are to prove a point. andrew dixon has been a personal trainer for 11 years. recently transplanted to california. alarmed how heavyweight consumers can be fooled by fake photos hurting legitimate businesses. >> big companies like weight watchers offer support groups that help people stick to their long-term goals. those are mostly reputable. but there are a lot of shady ads out there. >> reporter: 36-year-old dixon demonstrated how he can fool the eye. first, slouching for a before, big-belly photo in average lighting. then, shaving his chest and smearing it with coconut oil. >> shining is important for the after-shot. >> reporter: highlights six-pack abs. same body, different impression. >> if you look at an after picture and the person is younger, tanner, not slouching, if they're leading with their
7:45 am
bellies in the before picture, those photos aren't telling the whole story. weight loss success comes down to diet, exercise and sustainability. and you need a long-term plan. >> people need to be aware that this is a possibility when they're looking at those after-shots. so, buyer beware. >> going back to the adage if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. we were talking about how you can manipulate a photo by your facial expression. >> especially, the before -- we're looking at the after-shot there, with sam. >> the lighting, just right. >> and oil, shaving, and possibility. >> it's called takeaway. takeaway information. coming up, the so-called momagers, mothers going to extremes to make their children famous. and "the play of the day" is the slam dunk. you're going to have to see -- hot shot?
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> here we go. high-flying "play of the day." we're going to return to 2011. the slam dunk champion. blake griffin, kind of burst on to the scene and he goes over the car. he did catch a little grief because he went over the hood of the car. people thinking, you know, if you're going to go over the car, go over the car. but nobody goes over the car, except a young robin roberts. but that's another story for another time. nobody until now. take a look at guy depuis of flight brothers. >> oh. >> gets up and over. that's over the car. >> yeah. >> there is no question that that is over the car.
7:51 am
great in that video, by the way. >> thank you very much. we have lots to get to, including "steals & deals." and hugh jackman joining us here in the studio. and hugh jackman joining us here in the studio. go nowhere. to l buttons. utton siri, do i have any text messages? [ siri ] you have a new message from chad -- "are you wearing my scarf?" ♪ tell me a joke. two iphones walk into a bar. [ male announcer ] the chevrolet sonic. the world's first car available with siri eyes free and hands free integration through your iphone. that's american ingenuity. to find new roads.
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now, from abc 7 news -- >> i'm kristen sze. crews in alamo finished repairs on a natural gas pipeline after working through the night. a construction crew hit the gas line on danville boulevard yesterday morning. police evacuated homes and businesses within 1,000 feet of the spewing gas line. they let everyone back into that area about five hours later. who's seeing the sunshine? let's check in with mike nicco. mike? >> san francisco andç over acrs towards oakland is where most of the low clouds roll to this morning. temperatures in the 90s in the east bay valley, 80s in the north bay and south bay. 68 in san francisco.
7:57 am
today the warmest day of the forecast. we have this accident in the east bay, if you're traveling out of union city and towards fremont we have a crash that's blocking one lane southbound 880 at merry avenue. 28 miles per hour will be your top speed. kristen? >> layla,♪ it started with a wh
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it started with a whisper that's when i kissed her ♪ [ cheers and applause ] look at that great crowd. here with us in times square. we're going to be heading out there shortly. celebrating. we are celebrating, too. all month long. and this week, we're all screaming for ice cream. july is national ice cream month. and our quest for the country's best foods, we have these menus that we brought in, you see right here, from the big dipper cream shop in missoula, montana. >> big sky country. >> and we've selected these top three flavors. haven't we? >> yeah, we have. not seen here, by the way, mango
8:01 am
habanero. they've been practicing this walk-in all morning long. you did terrific. >> thank you. >> that one's for robin. >> and as if this isn't phenomenal enough -- we taste. >> thank you. >> and we love. because that's delicious. >> i've never had. this is mint oreo. it's kind of original. >> and the caramel. >> anytime you put espresso in anything, i'm in. george on the national whistle-stop tour, as he gloats his way through. because he has a future king named after him. he's off. lara eesz lara's off as well. and we have lots to get to on the morning. bianna golodryga in. linsey davis. lovely to have you here. questions about anthony weiner the last couple of days. and the latest round of them, if you will, a question many are asking online.
8:02 am
should sexting be considered cheating? we're going to get into that with an expert this morning. >> is it cheating? it's a good conversation. i think a lot of people have had that talk lately. also, what would it take for you to be the next reality star? could it all hinge on your mom? if your mom was your momager, would you have a better chance of being hugely successful and big in tv or big in entertainment? we're going to talk about that. >> we have seen that happen. and boy, i missed him yesterday. hugh jackman was here yesterday. oh, my goodness. and he'll be back, as well. first, the weekend's co-anchor bianna golodryga with the top stories. good morning, everyone. we're getting dramatic new video showing that train disaster in stain. eight cars derailed and burst into flames. 78 people were killed, five americans among the injured. the train had been running behind schedule.
8:03 am
a massive fire in central indiana, the home was destroyed. no word yet on casualties. and this morning, the fire burning on that natural rig in the gulf of mexico has diminished in size and has stopped leaking. environmental damage is minimal. and security teams protecting pope francis have their hands full in brazil this morning. up to 1 million people is crowding on a beach to celebrate mass with him. and the pope is visiting a slum, notorious for drug gangs at this hour. the senate has struck a deal to lower interest rates on federal student loans limiting how high they can go. loans may be cheaper, you'll be spending more on back to school shopping. school supplies on average will be 7% more expensive from last year.
8:04 am
that includes everything from fancy calculators to post-it notes. and a florida family helped by george zimmerman after a crash last week, has canceled a news conference. zimmerman's lawyer said the family feared blowback that would result from that, with emotions still raw from the zimmerman verdict. the only minority juror from the trial is coming forward, granting an exclusive interview with our robin. it airs tonight on "world news," and "nightline," and of course here, tomorrow morning on "good morning america." and finally, a bear walks into a bar. this is not a -- it actually happened. take a look. in the california rockies. a 300-bound bear sauntered right up to the bar. no one took any notice. the bear just walked back out without incident. beer goggles. maybe it was like 2:00 a.m. they were just saying -- one too many. >> bear goggles. >> didn't seem that unusual. i was waiting for my second round. everything was going well. >> nice enough bear. >> nice enough. friendly enough. >> bought me a round.
8:05 am
>> so much more there. we're going to turn over to linsey davis. >> good to have you in. >> good to be here. 8:04. that means it's time to get it popping, america. we begin with the big kickoff. miley cyrus, keith urban and ryan seacrest, they all joined us last month to tell us about their big i heart radio concert. now, we have our own partnership with heart radio. "gma" will be hosting one of the i heart radio's top deejays each week. here live to spin us hits for our audience in times square and also viewers at home. teaming up for next summer's concert series. i heart radio's talk feature will also give you access to all of your favorite abc news and entertainment programs anytime, anywhere. >> yeah. i miss our deejay fridays. >> they will be back. >> yeah. and now, to a heartwarming -- you're excited about the deejay. >> i am. i love it. >> i think this is my favorite
8:06 am
story of the day. a heartwarming story of rescue and friendship. an animal control officer was called to rescue a barking dog stuck in a ravine. there, to her surprise, she found goldie protecting a 1-month-old kitten. goldie had been nursing to feed the kitten. but the story gets even better. local media caught word of the rescue. and a couple came forward that had lost a similar dog and cat pair several years before. and they adopted goldie and little kate right on the spot. the pair and new owners are doing great. i prepared some follow-up questions. dogs can nurse kittens. and dogs can sometimes even nurse when they're not pregnant. >> you were so ready for us. >> can you book them on the show tomorrow? >> we'll try to get them. we'll try to get goldie on here. and lastly, something we can certainly appreciate here in the mornings for those who need their caffeine fix, check it out. a dutch coffee company hit this
8:07 am
airport in south africa and set up a coffee vending machine for travelers. no coins needed. you just yawn and a cup comes right out. the machine apparently uses facial recognition technology to determine if someone was yawning. tracking about 200 yawns. and with some of the surprised people around here, you could end up with coffee around the clock. of course, the dangerous thing is, yawning is contagious. >> i always wondered why that is. i'm not going to make you answer that question. >> no more follow-ups. >> but it is. it is. >> totally is. >> thank you, linsey. let's kick it outside. >> is he lurking? >> i think he is. >> i wouldn't say lurking. just in the crowd. ladies and gentlemen, there's -- wait. wave those signs. there's an i heart -- from the modads. there's arkansas -- wait. hawaii, virginia. >> green bay. >> green bay. and michigan. >> i love that, too.
8:08 am
let's get to the boards. here's one or two things going on this morning we want to share with you. we're going to start with a picture out of atlanta. but, by the way, folks, it feels great, here in times square. as long as it doesn't shower on us, we'll be okay. in atlanta, they're happy about the dry skies, as well. into the southeast, here's what's happening. the problem with this front, from ft. lauderdale to pensacola, you had your rainiest month and it's been a terrible, wet july. and that rain will continue in that north florida area, south georgia. but the atlanta zone is drier. so is the carolinas. toward the west, we have the cool extreme coastal numbers. but inland numbers are very high.
8:09 am
>> squeeze in. squeeze in. i'm relatively fresh-faced. hey, you guys, let's go inside now and find out from linsey what's going on the rest of the morning. linsey, what's up? >> thank you, sam. here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." the moms doing whatever it takes to make their girls superstars. how far will so-called momagers go to make their daughters famous? plus, we sit down with one of tv's most iconic mothers. the legendary shirley jones sharing a stunning revelation this morning. and "deals & steals." great gifts for 15 bucks or less, only for "gma" viewers. all that, plus hugh jackman coming up live on "gma." stay with us. if you're living with chronic migraine,
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8:14 am
♪ use your debit or credit redcard for an extra 5% off our everyday low prices. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it started with a whisper great crowd outside. it always starts with a whisper, doesn't it? as we get back with "the heat index" here. the top stories trending this morning. and we begin with the fallout from the anthony weiner sexting scandal anew. so many people asking so many questions this morning. some of those, linsey davis, about exactly what is cheating? >> right. and is texting really cheating? and that's what a lot of people are wondering. if you've actually never met the person, as in the case of weiner, where he was just texting an alleged stranger.
8:15 am
that's a question that we're going to get to ultimately. and last night, his wife, huma abedin, not by her husband's side at the event. but in the op-ed for "harper's bazaar," she tried to answer the question why she is still standing by her man. >> we're going to build jobs for people. >> reporter: overnight, anthony weiner, hitting the campaign trail without his wife, huma abedin. but it's huma and her words of forgiveness -- >> i love him. i have forgiven him. >> reporter: -- that now have become for some of us the real story, even overshadowing her husband's mayoral campaign. >> she was way too nice in that thing. he needs to be married to judge judy. >> reporter: from tv. >> would you continue to stand by your man? >> reporter: to the streets of new york. >> i said to myself, seriously? seriously? how can she stand in front of all those people and try to make right of it? >> reporter: and of course, on twitter. women around the country, now
8:16 am
wondering how abedin could forgive weiner for yet another sexting scandal? >> a woman can't win in this situation. if she doesn't show up, she's a disloyal wife. the guy has behaved so badly, that there's nothing for a wife really to do. >> reporter: the other question on so many minds this morning. do explicit e-mails, texts and tweets, like the ones weiner sent, even count as cheating? our expert says the answer is clear. >> whether it is with words, whether it's with your body, and whether it's with your sexuality, it's considered an affair when you are interacting with another human being in secrecy. >> reporter: in an essay for "harper's bazaar," written before weiner's most recent revelation, she says, new yorkers will have to decide for themselves whether or not to give him a second chance. i had to make that same decision for myself, for my son, for our family. and i know in my heart that i made the right one. in an e-mail to supporters, weiner kind of answers why it happened after we assume it had stopped.
8:17 am
he wrote, it was a terrible mistake that i unfortunately returned to during a rough time in our marriage. after a lot of reflection, some professional help and a general reorientation of my life, huma has given me a second chance. >> okay, linsey, some head shaking here in the studio. we want to welcome relationship coach donna barnes. we see a lot of people are asking this question. i can't imagine a lot of people are answering it differently, though. >> except that i think it's a personal choice for everybody. people have open relationships. so, i think the secrecy part is the part that makes it cheating. but there's many different kinds of intimacies. there's emotional intimacy. there's sexual intimacy. there's physical intimacy. so, he was doing the sexual intimacy with someone else, but not the physical or probably not the emotional intimacy. >> the one thing that struck me especially at the press conference, she, huma abedin, does go out of her way to say, essentially, i know many of you think differently, but i've decided to forgive him and move on.
8:18 am
>> personal choice. >> there's some ownership there. >> yeah. and i think the fact they have a child together has a lot more to do with that also. but here's the thing. i mean, as a person, she thinks he's a good human being. and behavior can be changed. and, quite frankly, i think it's a sexual addiction. i think that's a process to change. >> i totally agree with you. i think that there's -- this clearly, to be in a relationship with me, this would have to change. i would have to step out of boundary and say, i'm uncomfortable with this and you need to work on it. >> exactly. >> it's out of bounds. why is it the wife is getting a lot of heat here. and some are saying, why is he put her in this position? running for mayor. and it's just -- >> yeah, and that's the unfortunate part. it sounds like they made that decision a year ago. and this happened a year ago. it's a little inopportune that this came out now. >> it's the second time. it just happened. but also, this isn't just one
8:19 am
that made him leave office. he did it again -- >> that speaks to the addiction. it's like that alcoholic. he's having a hard time the. that's probably the way he found comfort. not appropriate. but looking for comfort. >> and donna barnes, thank you. author of "giving up junk food relationships." terrific stuff. thank you. also burning up the "gma heat index," a new tv show shining a spotlight on so-called momagers. moms determined to turn their daughters into hollywood stars. the tlc special "raising fame," features three mother/daughter teams relocating to l.a., and hoping for that lucky break. and abc's abbie boudreau has the story. ♪ dance and tell the world >> reporter: from britney spears and jessica simpson. ♪ i'm coming for you >> reporter: to justin bieber and the kardashians. >> look at this little crib. >> mom? >> look at this stroller i just got for you.
8:20 am
>> mom, mom. >> reporter: all huge stars. and all have their momagers to thank for launching their careers. and as in jessica's case, her dadager. >> no child should ever become an actor unless they really want it. it has to be the fulfillment of a dream. >> reporter: in tlc's new reality show "raising fame" -- >> my mom wants me to be really famous. >> i really feel like i'm the full package. >> how many pilots have you been out on? none. >> reporter: three momagers going to extremes for their daughters' hollywood dreams. >> have her start bathing in bottled water. and everybody said i was crazy. i'm listening to what they tell me. >> reporter: until the pressure becomes too much for both mom -- >> i can't do this anymore. >> reporter: -- and daughter. >> my childhood was taken from me by this industry. you don't know what's fun because you never get to have it. >> you have a parent that's ambitious and not managing that career properly, there could be a lot of resentment. >> reporter: michelle brown and her 18-year-old daughter, delaney, sat down exclusively with "gma."
8:21 am
>> and to see her go through the struggles to say, you know, you don't look good enough, fix your teeth. >> reporter: delaney's mom has reportedly spent $200,000 to fuel her daughter's career. >> i'm not using my mom. my mom's not making me do this. but that was our choice, together. as mom and daughter, and as best friends that she would be my manager and i would be her artist. ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> wish them all the best. it often doesn't end so well. but again, we wish them all the best. speaking of ending well, however, a high school basketball coach inspired by nba center jason collins. this is a story i was looking forward to bringing you. he was the first openly gay athlete to play in a major american sport. he turned his struggling team into playoff contenders. did this coach. but his biggest battle was being true to himself.
8:22 am
35-year-old anthony nicodemo has been coaching boys' basketball for 16 years. virtually his entire adult life. but when he arrived at saunders high in yonkers, new york, he found a team lost, struggling to find itself. now, the kids are playoff contenders. the kids are like family. >> he's like a mentor. a father figure. we really look up to him. >> he gets very involved in their lives. he keeps them in line. >> reporter: and yet, the biggest obstacle for coach nicodemo was not keeping his team in line or even taking that team to the postseason. >> that was my demon. you know what? i'm supposed to be this guy that's always honest. and i'm not 100% honest. >> reporter: nicodemo had been keeping a secret for years. he's gay. and he needed to be honest with his team and himself. >> the one person you can't con is yourself. and i said to the guys, the story's going to come out tomorrow about me being a gay high school basketball coach. >> reporter: gay coaches in sports are still rare and rarer
8:23 am
still at the high school level. but the kids jumped right in with their support. >> first, the mouths dropped open. but we were talking. >> we started talking. they started applauding him. and he said, do any players want to speak? i was the first to jump up and start speaking for him. >> reporter: and the school is standing by their coach, as well. >> i think it is a learning experience. and i think our students are more accepting. they understand. >> reporter: a leader for his team. and an example for his community. >> i think it's important to break the stereotype. >> keep moving forward on three. one, two, three. >> keep moving forward. >> this generation is something else. just what he said at the end. the students, they're okay. >> yeah. you watch the team. okay. we got your back. >> yeah. >> it's wonderful. and part of being a great leader is teaching people what life will be like. and you'll be interacting with people that are very different from you all of your life. and you need to be loving and
8:24 am
accepting. >> and of yourself. first and foremost. >> congratulations to that coach. feeling good. speaking of feeling good -- >> what are you guys still doing here? >> we have tory johnson. >> "deals & steals" to get to. >> get out of here. >> we're on the way. we're on the way. tory, we're coming. >> everything is less than $15. today, tory is already in times square with the boxes. tory, if you'll lift the first box, i'm sorry we're not there. but get started. >> hi. all right. are we talking to them? are you guys coming over here? they're on their way? all right. we're going to do the deal without them. this is my first time ever without anybody to help me lift the box. first up, and you know all the links and codes and details are at on yahoo! come over here. finally, you're here. >> we had to run. >> all right. i set everything up. i already told everybody they get all of the links and codes at on yahoo!
8:25 am
we're ready for the first one. i love this deal. this company called fit & fresh. you get a bag like this. there's a variety of choices. the bags are like this. and then you get the contents for inside for packing your lunch. it's amazing. you're going to love the price. regularly, $32. slashed by 63%. 15 bucks. okay. are you ready for a melt your heart moment for josh? okay. josh, come here. don't give away a box. no one wants a box. no one wants a box. how about this? invitation consultants, has personalized mugs. we have a little sammy right here for you. normally $15. slashed in half, $7.50. here we go. beautiful initials and pendants. normally $50. slashed by 70%. 15 bucks. >> that's terrific. >> they get the details online. we have to go, baby. >> i love these.
8:26 am
i love these. >> your own case from cellairis. normally 40 bucks. slashed by big amounts. $12.50. here we go. last but not least. finally, make your own backpacks. we have to get all of our kids' names in here. you get to choose. you choose the color. you put the kid's name on it. backpacks in two different sizes, and lunchboxes. starting at $25. slashed in half, $12.50. >> we want to thank all of the companies for providing these deals. again, on yahoo! codes, links, bargains. but guess who is coming up. hugh jackman, ladies and gentlemen. go nowhere.
8:27 am
now from abc 7 news. breaking news from stamford. the university is asking students to change their pass words because of an i.t. breach. the school is not revealing details. but stanford sent a tweet and the chief financial officer e-mailed the entire stanford community. stay with abc 7 news. we'll have updates on the story as they become available. right now the latest on traffic this morning. >> it's looking busy out there. this crash cleared off the freeway which is the good news, northbound along 280 right at 101. however, it has left us with quite the backup, also 101 looking quite busy in and out of san francisco. this crash involving a big rig, it's off to the shoulder northbound 880 at montigue
8:28 am
expressway. we'll
8:29 am
good morning. still tracking fog with live doppler 7 hd. half mile bay, one mile visibility. the reporting stations doing okay. we should have total sunshine and high clouds by about noon today. more cloud cover, a little more sunshine along the coast.
8:30 am
54 at half moon bay at san francisco, 61 in san jose. already 67 in san ramon. we'll be in the 90s [ cheers and applause ] ♪ a little bit of everything we're back with an exclusive world premiere sneak peek at keith urban's brand-new music video for the song "little bit of everything." coming off the album, "fuse." kicking off his light the fuse tour in 2013. to see the whole video, go to on yahoo! he was here a few weeks ago with the gang. he's so excited about that. we say good morning, america. george, lara, off. great to have josh here and linsey. and who is this over here? hey. >> john oliver. >> john. >> i wanted to see the sneak peek.
8:31 am
>> the great correspondent for "the daily show with jon stewart." and this summer, he essentially is jon stewart, has jon is off directing his first feature film. >> thank you very much. it's been a weird summer. >> you've been doing an incredible job. >> wow. >> how are you enjoying the gig? >> it's a lot of fun. thank you very much. isn't morning fun? >> when they approached you to do it, a little -- >> jon called me up. and i'll do anything for him. i'll say yes to anything he asks me to do. there it's hosting the show or running drunk through the streets. i didn't realize what i had taken on. and at that point, my knees started to go a bit wobbly. >> but you're doing it. and you're good. i think because of your standup. and you have premiering on
8:32 am
comedy channel, "four seasons." >> my background is standup. starting friday at 11:00, my standup show is back. it's me introducing great, new, interesting comics. >> you have to have confidence to be a standup comic. >> you have to have fake confidence. we conquered the world with fake confidence. >> what you do on this show is a little topical standup. you take the topics of the day, whatever's going on. >> you make it kind of funny. >> kind of funny? >> i think kind of funny. >> is that a compliment? it's kind of funny. that's your best? you're doing your best. you're like a little jon stewart. you're working with -- it's as funny as you can make it. >> i didn't hear it like that. i meant it like, when you take the news and make it funny. not all news is funny. okay. >> i'm talking to my mother. you did your best job and that's what's important. that's why we're proud of you, in a way.
8:33 am
>> and good for you. what are the topics you're thinking about now, that are kind of funny? >> kind of funny? we're looking at goldman sachs. you're right. that's kind of funny and kind of frustrating. goldman sachs, debacle. we've not wanted this. the summers are usually slow. we had edward snowden, gay marriage, immigration, anthony weiner, that was a gift. some days are easier than others. when anthony weiner happened yesterday, i'm not going to say that was a difficult day to write jokes. >> the royal wedding has been big for you. >> and the subsequent baby. the baby's huge. king george. you should be on your knees. >> king george. you mentioned edward snowden. let's say he's watching right now. >> let's just say that. >> what do we say to edward? >> edward, i hope you're enjoying russia's airport. i hope you're enjoying living on vodka.
8:34 am
i'm amazing he has pigment in his skin left after what he's been doing through. moscow airport. >> i wondered about toblerone. >> the whole business model based on nothing else being available to him. >> borsht. >> and john oliver, thank you so much. >> a pleasure, thank you. thank you very much. >> never going to live that down. >> i don't know what to say. >> it was kind of funny. it is time to get happy, everyone. the legendary shirley jones. has written a brand-new revealing memoir. linsey sat down with the iconic tv mom and oscar-winning actress, who shared her secrets of the shirley partridge days. and i heard some of this. you're not going to believe this. >> there was a little eyebrow raising. if you think shirley jones is just like some of the characters she played, mrs. partridge or marian the librarian, think again. this her autobiography, she gets graphic about past sexual exploits. hers and her first husband's.
8:35 am
♪ hello world there's a song that we're singing ♪ ♪ come on, get happy >> reporter: she was one of tv's most beloved mothers in the '70 "the partridge family." >> i want to make sure your costumes impress tonight. >> reporter: she stole america's heart in classics like "oklahoma." ♪ people will say we're in love ♪ >> reporter: and "the music man." ♪ oh, good night, my love >> reporter: now, the academy award-winning actress is telling all in a new book. "shirley jones, a memoir." what took the most guts to tell? >> well, all of the sexual activity with my husband, jack cassidy. he was my knight in shining armor. he was the love of my life. i was the bread-winner of the family. it was very difficult for him. >> reporter: after six decades
8:36 am
in show business at almost 80 years old, the singer and actress, known for her wholesome roles is opening up about sex with detailed accounts of her affair and subsequent marriage to actor jack cassidy. >> jack dated men and women. he had an affair with cole porter. he told me about this, by the way. i was very aware of all this. but he loved women. >> reporter: she gives a behind-the-scenes look of her array of roles and co-stars, that included burt lancaster, marlon brando, and frank sinatra. favorite co-star? >> gosh, it's hard to say. i loved so many of them. i think burt lancaster. >> reporter: best kisser? >> burt lancaster. that might explain why i liked him so much. >> reporter: but perhaps the most shocking admission of all from the smalltown girl from pennsylvania, who on her very first audition, managed to grab the attention of rogers and hammerstein, is this.
8:37 am
what struck me is when you say, i still sometimes wish i had taken a different path and never gone into showbiz, but followed by dreams of becoming a veterinarian. why? >> i'm a nut about animals. i was given a gift. >> reporter: a book about her life as a vet would have been far less interesting. >> guys, i will never look at mrs. partridge the same. >> my, my, my. >> i was -- i couldn't believe some of the things she said. scandalous. >> we calmed it down for morning tv. >> i know. eyebrows raised over here. time, now, for a final check of the weather with sam. sam? >> good morning, everybody. we are live in times square. and a crowd that just keeps going, by the way. thank you for showing up and saying hi to us this morning. it's -- is that your 30th birthday? happy birthday to you. happy birthday, from the south.
8:38 am
i love the sign. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on this morning we thought we would share with you. we're going to start with your twitter and facebook pictures. it's a great way to give a shoutout to your hometown. good morning, great falls. good morning, dallas. and thank you for sending those pictures. here's what it looks like in the northeast. it is refreshing. it is cool. it is wonderful. but you'll notice, there are some clouds along the coastline. will there be showers on coastal areas? yeah, probably during the day today, all the way up into boston into tonight, with the system spinning off offshore. here's where the thunderstorms are lining up, anywhere shaded in red. that's from amarillo all the way up to the great lakes. keep an eye on your abc stations. good morning. we have clouds at the coast and san francisco. that's why you're coolest, 62 to 68. 70 around the bay. 83 in the north bay to near 99 in the
8:39 am
>> that's our second kiss today. wait. josh, is it you? are you over by the ice cream, josh? >> i am, sammy. get over here. we're doing taste testing as we stand here at the figurative big dipper ice cream stand in times square. july, ice cream month. celebrating america all month long. and why not celebrate our favorite frosty treats around the land this morning. the spotlight turns to big sky country. big dipper ice cream, located in missoula, montana. we tasted some of the flavors this morning. but we have more to sample. mystery flavors. we're going to guess what they are in a bit. first, check out what it is we're trying. >> welcome to big dipper ice cream. >> reporter: it's the place where everyone, we mean everyone, comes to enjoy this delicious sweet treat. >> i come here because it's the best ice cream i've ever had.
8:40 am
>> my favorite flavor is bubble gum. >> reporter: big dipper's been serving up homemade ice cream for almost 20 years. >> big dipper is a popular place to hang out in the summertime. we get good crowds until almost midnight. people just hang around. >> reporter: all 25 flavors made on the premises, from white mint oreo to mango habanero. >> we're lucky to have the big dipper here in missoula. >> charlie, barbie, and the two girls, we met them today, sophie and eileen. it was a mystery flavor. it was a berry flavor. this is huckleberry. there's a little -- there's like a boysen blackberry family here. >> huckleberries are small a blueberry-like berry that we find in montana. >> can we imagine that the family ice cream business is as
8:41 am
good as it seems? >> it is. >> i'll bet. we want to thank you for coming in. it's missoula, montana. it's been delicious. that camera really sneaks up on you. we have lots to get to, including one wolverine. hugh jackman here. don't go away.
8:42 am
8:43 am
so great to have your next guest join us. hugh jackman, clawing his way
8:44 am
back into theaters as "the wolverine." this is the sixth time with the character. actually filming the seventh. >> yeah. >> you've really gotten to know him the last few years. >> yeah. i have to say, i'm enjoying it more than ever. i'm loving it. you get to dive into his character. determines who he is, what he does, what it's like to be 200 or 300 years old, with not so great memories. >> you're 200, 300 years old. never a good idea. >> i'd be tempted. >> to mess with the wolverine. >> good point. >> you put a hit on his daughter. that's right. >> wait. no. you want -- >> i didn't like it. >> oh. >> how did you know there was a pool down there? >> i didn't.
8:45 am
>> thankfully there was. you mention immortality. and this is an intriguing premise. wolverine is immortal. but he's offered the gift of immortality. what's your take on it? if we had a chance to live forever, would we? or wouldn't we? >> i'd probably want a good 24 hours to think about it. i couldn't turn it down flat. it's the quality of life. what's your purpose? and i think that's what he has to find in this movie. >> and it's about making a peace with a rage that's seized in him every movie. i did read where there were some anger issues for you at one point in your life. >> what are you talking about? >> does it help you plug in? i love it. i got my first walkoff. >> you want me to cry? have you had a cry? >> take it across the spectrum.
8:46 am
>> really, i was a hot-tempered kid. i do have a temper if i don't eat at a certain time. i'll be very grumpy. but this is like therapy. honestly, the last 13 years, i've been playing him. and i'm much happier. >> it's a phenomenal role. some fans had great questions for you. >> yeah. >> first, this one comes from steph. she writes, i love your singing voice. you'd you ever do a solo record? >> steph, that's a good question. i did have a go at one once. and it wasn't great. >> maybe we combine wolverine and the singing. >> we could combine and do duets. >> that would be a best-seller. another viewer wants to know, have you ever been in a bar and had someone want to fight wolverine? >> actually, no. i was expecting that. i wondered if there were a few people that would want to pick a fight. >> they're thinking about titanium claws.
8:47 am
>> exactly. my favorite is when i see 6-year-old or 7-year-old kids. they have no idea it's fake. their parents are like, take a photo with him. and they're freaking out. >> terrific. it's the sixth. there's a seventh on the way. "the wolverine." hugh jackman, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. and coming up here, "wolverine" opens friday. spike mendelshon, with all of the fixings, live in times square.
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ cheers and applause ] we're back. he's a celebrity chef and a "top chef." spike mendelsohn is here. and you're going to show us great stuff with steak because it smells amazing here in times square. you just got a brand-new
8:50 am
restaurant open called bearnaise. >> opened a brand-new restaurant. it's a bistro but not a big menu. it's inspired from france. >> what is it about the french bistro? it's my first choice to go to a restaurant. >> it's wholesome and comfortable. and the food is tasty. it's what people want to eat. and they're very used to it. i think bistros are coming back in full force these days. i'm excited about the steak replays. >> we're excited to eat what you're cooking. >> one of the bistro items we have for lunch because i eat steak-free for lunch. we take a steak tartine. it's like an open-faced sandwich. i'm going to spread some of the garlic aoli here. >> it lets you get to the meat and everything. at the top of your mouth,
8:51 am
where everything tastes so good, it's open and available to you. >> and it's less bread. and people don't want such a heavy meal all of the time. use half of the bread. and caramelized onions over here. nice bread. i like to use a compangne french bread. use olive oil. salt and pepper. and here's the money. we're going to slice. oh, yes. >> how beautiful that is. >> do it in slices like that. >> slice as thing as you want and your can. >> you can grill this beforehand. you cool it down. cook it up about medium-rare. and you just layer it. >> killing me. >> if you have leftover steak from the night before, this is a perfect opportunity. we'll take a little salad. season it with salt and pepper. a little arugula on the top of that. >> my favorite. >> vinegar, yes.
8:52 am
some pepper. >> simple and delicious. >> simple and delicious. >> you have lots of flavors and textures going on here. >> i don't like leaving vegetarians out at my steak-free place. we take the portobellos and grill them here. and we grill them. portobellos are very steaky. they have the steak texture. we serve them up with fried brussel sprouts. all you can eat fries. >> amazing. >> go to on yahoo! to get all of the recipes. we'll be right back.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] mr. champion -- really well. >> really, really, really well. >> thanks very much. tomorrow here on "good morning america" in central park, selena gomez. >> it's going to be great. also, your interview with the george zimmerman juror. lots to get to. we hope you join us tomorrow. have a great thursday. we'll see you on friday.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
now from abc 7 news -- good morning, i'm kristen sze. there may be technical difficulties in san mateo county in calls made to safety agencies. it doesn't affect the 911 emergency system. you can still call that. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. mike? >> warmest day in the forecast for of us, especially the east bay valley. mid to upper 90s. that's where it's going to be most uncomfortable. 80s almost everywhere else. 60s along the coast into san francisco. much cooler by sunday. an accident cleared off the freeway in san francisco is still blocking one lane northbound along 280.
9:00 am
it's leaving us with 17 mile per hour speeds. 101 looking quite heavy. this crash northbound 880 just went off the freeway. announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new adventure series "percy jackson," actor stanley tucci. and michael joins the cast of "kinky boots" as we continue our broadway on "live" week. plus, the toy guy is here with the top summer toys for more summer fun. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]


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