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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  July 26, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 5:00. thanks for starting your day with us. >> today is the cool down headed into the weekend. >> did you have drizzle and windshield? >> and i just got the car wash messing everything up. >> meteorologist mike nicco, what is going on?
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>> you have to let me know when you are going to do that because i will let you know if we will have a mist. now, here is a look at the golden gate bridge, and the cloud cover is not here yet but it is going to get here as we head through the morning from marin, and that is a colleaguer spots. 82 to 90 inland and 82 in the south bay to 90 east bay and below average around the bay from 68 to 78 in the north bay and cool breeze and lack of sunshine keeps the cost at 58 to 65 in san francisco. now, leyla gulen has been tracking the accidents this morning. >> a lost accidents. we have a brand new accident in oakland. slow down, everyone! on the until its at 14th, a car and a big rig blocking a lane. i will show you that in a little
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bit but i have this updated car fire blocking one lane westbound 580 before you reach 205 and you can see the slowing it is causing. we have this sig-alert in affect until further notice along the southbound sonoma boulevard to eastbound then transition road and you can use redwood to connect but the northbound on-ramp is open an overturned tractor trailer leaking fuel that can cause slowing and delays from american canyon road. we have this overturned vehicle northbound 880 at highway 92 on the shoulder. kristen? >> a 15-year-old girl is safe this morning after surviving a horrific ordeal. authorities say two men held her as a sex slave and forced her to work on a marijuana growing operation. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has news on the charges. >> the men are facing drug
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charges but one is the use of a minor in a drug operation and the criminal complaint alleges, the kidnapping, rape, and torture of a 15-year-old and there are indications there could have been other victims. federal agents uncovered a large growing operation north of the bay area in lake county 22 greenhouses, they found a thousand marijuana plants mostly 6' tall and they found 22 weapons. agents found sexual bond average equipment, a homemade wooden rack presumably used to immobilize a person and 4' long toolbox with air holes and investigators have found a 15-year-old who disappeared from los angeles area in april. she says she was kept in the box for up to three days at a time forced into sexual acts and helping trim the marijuana plants. under arrest are ryan baletto who was found in a trailer at the grow site and patrick pearmain who was found at a
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sacramento motel with the teen girl. in the mix, was ryan baletto's girlfriend who have five children together including a seven-month-old baby. the woman and the kids found at his lake port home along with 17 more guns and a gun safe and in the safe was human hair. >> new this morning the man accused of kidnapping three women and keeping them captive in his cleveland home for more than ten years faces a final pre-trial hearing today. it comes a day after his attorneys and the prosecution entered into a plea negotiation which would keep him from the death penalty. he pleaded not guilty to nearly 1,000 counts kidnapping, rape, and other crimes. the women escaped to freedom in may. >> developing news, fremont police are still looking for a home invasion suspect who escaped after they thought he bear indicatedded himself in a family home. s.w.a.t. team went door-to-door
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looking for the man. the suspect broke into the home at 6:00, pepper spraying the woman when she opened the door. her husband rushed to the door. he and the suspect struggled. the latest on the seven this morning from abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield at 5:30. >> san jose firefighters responded to a terrible accident that destroy add car and trapped a driver. firefighters tweeted out these photographs and the car lost control and crashed into not one but two trees. it happened before midnight on center road. the driver had to be cut from the car. no word, yet, on the driver's condition. >> an update on a story from abc about a 62-year-old woman found dead if an apartment. her body was found on wednesday morning. police officially thought she was a homicide victim but now have back off that conclusion saying they do not know what killed her.
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autopsy findings are not available for a few weeks. >> napa police chased to men that ended near a vineyard and arrested two men. they are vetting whether they were involved in a kidnapping. police received a call two men put a third man in the trunk of a car after a fight. the 40-year-old man was injured after jumping from the trunk of the moving car and the vehicle the officer's stopped was traveling with an open trunk. >> police are looking for the person who spray painted racist graffiti outside an african-american family's home. police believe it happened yesterday morning or late when night. racist slurs and symbols were drawn on the family garage door and drive. sidewalks were also spray painted and shrugs were found burned. police say they are putting every available resource into finding the person responsible for the vandalism. >> this morning, a san francisco teen described by police as the ringleader of a retail theft
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ring is under arrest. the 19-year-old was taken into today in los angeles county and transported to the bay area yesterday. he is accused of leading burglaries at malls and stores over two months. more than $100,000 in stole goods were recorded. in each case, police say a group of three to ten suspects entered the store with empty shopping bags, stocked up, and took off without paying. >> we have learned a technical error led to a county-wide evacuation order being issued during a gas leak in alamo. the alert was supposed to be only for residents in the neighborhood wheres gas line ruptured but it went to the entire county. the county says family which runs the alert sell upgraded the software without telling the contra costa county officials. fema said they notified the county and the county said steps are being taken to make sure it does not happen again.
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>> if you detect rotten egg smell in redwood city it could be peg venting gas at jefferson avenue as part of a safety work relocating a gas main on walnut street. the pg&e service will continue as normal. concerned residents should call. >> it is now time to check with mike nicco and a look at the weather forecast. it is calm outside. the flag on the pier has been unfurled more lately so the freeze is easier to deal the trees and rag wood and ozone is low, and grass is moderate and u.v. index is very high so that is something you need to worry about if you are outside today getting sun bun. here is how it looks from mount tamalpais, the sun is coming up
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and the last star in the sky is holding on right now. 7:00 is the day planner for 12 hours, and that is in the mid-to-upper 50's with clouds. it is variable. not everyone is cloudy but not everyone is cher, either. brighter by noon for all of us but at the coast and 58 to 72 is 9 spread and at 4:00, our microclimates are not so wide as yesterday and it will not be as warm, 60 at the coast and 84 inland, and comfortable everywhere at 7:00. our temperatures are dropping today, which will continue through the weekend. a couple of degrees by the time you know it, on sunday and monday we are below average. leyla gulen? >> we do have a few things going on this morning, a sig-alert in the north bay and another report of an overturned vehicle and this accident involving a big rig and a car and they just moved to the shoulder, southbound 880 at oakland at 16th avenue down to 56 miles
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per hour. we notice on on the the map it was stop-and-go track. 880 at highway 92 an overturned vehicle on the shoulder but it is causing spectator slowing as you move from 92. this is a sig-alert involving an overturned tractor trailer, to eastbound 37, that will be shut down this will further notice. >> thank you so much, leyla gulen, at 5:10. facebook is yanking a free netflix offer. >> the photo raising questions of the man at the controls of the speeding train as it ran off the track in spain. >> the new allegations against the mayor of san diego and the new pressure on him to
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>> covering novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> a neighborhood in east san jose has mosquitoes that have tested positive for west nile virus. there will be ground fogging at 680 and 101 to control the mosquitoes that carry the virus. >> now 300 people have been sickened in several states which is usually found in the tropics.
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it probably spread to the united states through contaminated produce. the symptoms include stomach pain, weight loss and fatigue. you can test for the parasite so see your doctor if you are concerned. the last outbreak like this was in 2005 that got people sick here in california eventually. >> san diego mayor filner's political party is calling on him to resign after seven women have stepped forward claiming they were targets of unwanted sexual advances. the first democratic mayor in 20 years is being asked step down by a vest the central competent last night. four more women told their stories his unwanted advances including groping and inappropriate remarks and they believe there are many more who may have been victims and they want them to come forward. >> this morning, investigators have taken possession of the black box of the train that derailed in spain killing 78 people. chilling video show as train
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racing around a curve at double the speed limit at 110 miles per hour. the train suddenly jumped the tracks and the dead include a woman from virginia. authorities are still waiting to talk to the train engineer who is in the hospital, the 52-year-old reportedly posted a photo lastee of the train speedometer and bragged to friends about the speed. >> new information this morning on what likely caused the nose gear on a southwest airline jet to collapse when it land at la guardia in new york with the nose tilting down in the final four seconds. the landing gear hit the runway first before the two mainlanding gears did opposite of how the planes are supposed to land. >> google is pulling a free netflix promotion and starbuck customers are fattening the bottom lynn. here is jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> detroit could be in bad financial shape but general motors is doing well, outselling
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toyota at 18 new or refreshed vehicles brought into the show rooms transforming the line young into the newest from one of the oldest. starbucks is not just for coffee fans, beefing up the food options adding salad and sandwiches and starting to pay off. foot traffic is picking up helping to boost the profits. good news if you are facebook investor, the shares are surging at 30 percent yesterday after staying mobile ad seas are growing and getting closer to the initial public offering price of $38. google just unveiled the $35 device letting users watch content of the web on the tv's and free netflix but a day after announcing the almost motion the tell is off the table because of overwhelming demand. at the new york stock exchange i am jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> the smell of garlic will be more abundant around gilroy this weekend with the gilroy garlic
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festival begins today on the stinking rose with all things garlic. the efferent is expected to attract more than 100,000 visitors with the festival raising more than $9.5 million for local nonprofit organizations. it is said that half that is spent on gum. >> or breath minute. >> you can count on hot weather down in gilroy for the festival. >> usually. this year it will be more comfortable. it will be in the 80's. we see how the ice cream sales go. >> garlic ice cream...what about garlic fries at the we game. >> it is rare to have both home during the weekend and i will have that forecast ahead. radar and satellite shows low clouds hanging around the coast, the bay, in the north bay, and spilling into the south bay as
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we speak, with mist possible. we will talk about the north bay temperatures, the cool pot is 49. followed by bodega bay at 50 and we have low-to-mid 50's up-and-down 101 until you get to san rafael at 57 and napa and american canyon, 52 and 54. a lost 50's today and the only 60 is brentwood at 64 and lafayette and alameda and san carlos at 57 and newark is 58 with cupertino. san francisco is about 53. this is how it looks from the roof camera, with the low clouds, and our cooling begins today and it doesn't stop until about monday or tuesday. that will bring us the extra clouds and slightly cooler weather and drizzle could be more possible at the coast and we are watching monsoon moisture across southern california and it could float our way, again, on mound and monday. right now i don't have any showers in the forecast. keep an eye out. mid-to-upper 80's for morgan
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hill and gilroy and warmer than the rest of the santa clara valley and upper 70's to low 80's, below average, flirting with 80 from redwood city south and san mateo is 73 and millbrae is 69 and upper 50's to low 60's at the coast and mid-to-upper 60's downtown and south san francisco sausalito and near 80 in the north bay valley and 58 at bodega bay today and 69 in oakland, and 68 in berkeley and everyone else in the 70's along the east bay shoreline and the east bay valley, more comfort here, you will not see the air conditioning, and mid-80's to 90 i am going to the a's first because they start at 7:05. 62 and dropping to 57 and at at end of the game and at
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candlestick for jay-z, temperatures are the same at can so, here is the seven-day forecast, leyla gulen? >> okay, the track this morning has been a happened will all morning starting with a sig-alert through vallejo but now we have this accident that turned into a second accident involving an overturned vehicle and the third one this morning. southbound 880 at 7th we had an early accident right around 16th and that involved a big rig and a car pushing to the shoulder and now we have a report of another vehicle that is overturned, southbound 880 at 7th. we also have this sig-alert in vallejo southbound to eastbound
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37 on ramp and that will be shut down for a time because of an overturned big rig and we have traffic signature that wills at hillcrest off-ramp is now at a red light that is causing delays. you have stop-and-go traffic from antioch to pittsburg. matt in kristen? >> the time is 5:2. seven things to know as you start your day. >> fisherman falls overboard without a life jacket but he stays afloat. >> new social details of
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orange juice...tomato sauce... can cause acid erosion. the enamel starts to wear down. and you can't grow your enamel back. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel. because it helps to strengthen the enamel that you have. and i believe it's doing a good job.
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know, in fremont police are searching for a home invasion suspect who
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escaped during a stand off that lasted several hours. police say the suspect pepper spray add woman when she opened the door to the home on porter street. the suspect has gotten away. >> two men are facing charges for keeping a 15-year-old as a sex safe and forcing her to work on a marijuana farm. a thousand pot plants and weapons and a smile box in which they held and raped the girl. >> three, overnight news, from contra costa county, two people were hurt in a high-speed chase on highway four in martinez. the driver of the toyota crashed when it took the exit at high speed. >> oakland city council members will hold a news conference this morning calling for increased public safety in the wake of the deadly shooting of the 66-year-old judy salamon as she drove if her own car. the vigil for judy salamon was held at her home last night. >> new this morning, the lincoln memorial is closed after someone
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vandalized the national landmark last night. an officer found green paint splattered on the base of president lincoln's statue and the floor. park police are checking surveillance video to see if they can see the vandal. >> brawl cooling trend for the weekend and i will have the newest numbers for the neighborhood in the seven-day forecast. >> seven, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza but it is not friday lite with a sig-alert and three overturned vehicles. more on that to come. >> a fisherman is fine after a dramatic rescue off the coast of new york. he spent 12 hours in the atlantic with no life jacket, and he used his boots to stay afloat. he fell overboard and drifted 40 miles. he joined the coast guard crews searching 780 square miles before finding him. he did suffer hypothermia and a bad sunburn.
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a start-up is taking on google map with an app including all cities and 15 million businesses across the country. rather than just giving directions, it helps people create and share maps of the best polices to go and puts photographs and comments from twitter on the map. the video is from city maps. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. >> including the filthy conditions these animals were subjected to in the east bay. >> and financial difficulty founding for a south bay ambulance provider this may not be able to pay their bills.
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> thanks for ending the week with us, today the cool down begins although you may not notice too much of a difference. >> we have the fog, right? we will check with mike nicco to see what it is doing to the temperatures. >> temperatures are the same or cooler than yesterday. the cooler temperatures are in the inland valleys but the bay is one or two degrees warmer than yesterday so it is subtle. we are looking at visibility and the fog is not so thick as yesterday but it is out there as you can she with the low clouds and fog and mist is possible this morning. inland, from south bay to the east bay, 82 to 90, close to average if not below and below average around the bay 68 to 78 and a cool breeze keeps the coast in the upper 50's to mid-60 at san francisco. the traffic has been busy.
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leyla gulen? >> not a friday lite. in the east bay we are tracking this accident you can see it is causing slowing. we did have an early accident that turned into a second car crash and one of the crashes involved an overturned vehicle. as we go over to vallejo we have a sig-alert an overturned tractor trailer along sonoma boulevard the on-ramp to eastbound 37, the southbound 29 to eastbound 37 ramp and it is also leaking fuel. what is helping is the northbound sonoma boulevard to eastbound 37 and we have this report of a brand new crash a total vehicle spinout westbound 80. very busy, everyone, make sure you slow down the speeds. >> out of contra costa county a high-speed chase involving a suspect and c.h.p. ended in a crash in martinez at 1:00 o'clock a.m. the driver crashed
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when it took the exit too fast. two people were hurt including a passenger who was air lited to a local hospital. the driver was taken by ambulance. according to the c.h.p. the chase began when officers tried to pull the car over for driving recklessly. >> in washington, dc, the lincoln memorial is closed after the discovery that someone van police are checking surveillance video to get a description on the randall. the memorial is closed until the park service cheaps up the paint this morning. >> developing news in fremont, the search continues for a home invasion robber after the pepper spray attack on a resident 12 hours ago and a stand off that lasted into the night. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has more in fremont. >> police are saying they have
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not found the suspect. they put the neighborhood on lockdown throughout the night while they looked. officers searched door-to-door searches and in people's back yesterday but he got away. he knocked on the door of a home in fremont at 6:00 lat night and a woman answered and he pepper sprayed her and her husband rushed to the door and got in a struggle with him. the gun went off. no one was shot. the couple got their two kids out of there. they left the man inside. the police locked down the neighborhood and started their search. they say they did find an assault rifle inside the home but he is gone. here is a description of who they are looking for: skinny 30 year old hispanic man with a long bushy ponytail, a goatee, and tattoos above both eyebrows. he was wearing a black jacket that zipped up the front. he had on a gray t-shirt and blue pants. they have not released
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information about the motive behind the attack but looking into the possibility this family was targeted. >> thank you, two lake county men are facing federal charges accused of keeping a 15-year-old as a sex slave and forced laborer on a pot farm. the 30-year-old ryan baletto and his associate, 25-year-old patrick pearmain are held without bail. they found on the property a thousand pot plants, weapons, and a 4' by 2' box which they held and raped the girl who called authorities. abc7 news reporter katie marzullo will have more on the story including how she made the call at the top of the hour. >> oakland city council members are joining several community members for a media news conference to demand increased public safety in the east oakland neighborhood after the at the same time shooting of 66-year-old judy salamon shot in her car while driving home.
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a vigil was held last night at her home. her older sister spoke to the crowd. >> i am devastated by this stupid waste of a live. >> police are looking at footage from surveillance video in the area hoping that leads them to the killer. a community meeting is held this weekend to talk of a proposal to hire a private security firm to patrol the area. that is something that friends say show favored. >> oakland police say they are prepared for several protesters scheduled by occupy oakland today in the downtown area. this got under way half an hour ago, a proposal to block everything every where, to protest the george zimmerman verdict. police say officers will be on hand to make sure demonstrations are peaceful we to avoid a repeat of violence seen after the george zimmerman verdict. anyone caught committing a crime will be arrested. >> south bay officials putting
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together a backup plan in case the new ambulance company is needed to replace the private ambulance provider and our media partner reports officials brought in rural metro c.e.o. to explain the company's financial distress and they delivered their third warning to the arizona-based company that it is close, very close, to losing its $375 million contract over a series of performance failures. early this month, they missed a $15.5 million bond payment. industry insiders have reported the company has suffered millions in losses and is struggling to pay its bills. >> job seekers in contra costa county are disappointed by a health care call center set up to answer questions of the president's affordable health care act. 7,000 people applied for jobs at the concord call center slated to open in october. the state budget only provided for 180 jobs and half of turning out to be part time. the jobs do not include health
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benefits. training was cut off early. the county supervisor said specifications of the call center jobs are not being met and calls the hiring process a comedy of errors. >> santa cruz police are looking for the person behind graffiti threatening officers. the vandalism was discovered yesterday at bayview elementary school and immediately painted over which threatened the lives of deputy clerk and for our officers. sergeant butch baker was killed on the job in february and his name was mentioned along with santa cruz detective butler. the vandalism is gang-related. >> a man is facing animal neglect charms after police responded to complains about a stench coming from the apartment. the 49-year-old refused to answer the door so police broke in. officers found the two dogs and a cat living this their own filth. police say other obstacles were there.
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>> he was a hoarder. we had to step around garbage and bags blocking the doors and the animals went to the bathroom throughout the house. >> they now in the kay of the animal shelter and will be put up for adoption. he face as fine and six months in jail. the apartment was in such bad shape that it has been condemned. >> still in word on what sparked a brushfire in the another bay. video provided by abe 7 viewer shows the flames up against the chicago highway at the former concord naval station. no homes were burned. 120 acres were burned before the firefighters put it out. we know the cause of the wildfire that burned 43 square miles near palm springs. electrical equipment failure on the private property sparked the flames on july 15. the fire damaged or destroyed
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seven homes in the area and it is still smoldering. >> you may want to sneak out of work early because the afternoon commute could be tough. there are five major events scheduled including giants game at at&t park, a concert at the greek theater, and a's game in oakland. the event is the jay-z and timberlake concert and john usual commuters. >> we have fog and mist and hopefully we do not have that at the games. >> the usual at at&t park with crowds rolling in and the same thing in candlestick, you will need a coat maybe something warmer in mountain view. kristen asked how the temperatures were, compared to
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yesterday and i show you around the bay it is one or two degrees warmer but inland it is cool of the by seven degrees in livermore. in downtown, san francisco and across it, low-to-mid 50's with clouds and mid-to-upper 50's and palo alto is warmer at 60 and 64 in tracy and 58 in santa clara, and union city, and pittsburg and american canyon and richmond is 54 and bell monday 57, and the day plan for the next 12 hours, we have more cloud cover this morning and it is giving up the mist so weapon out for that but the clouds will be mostly sunny and 60's around the bay and 70's inland and we will end up in the 80's inland and 70's around the bay and 60 at the coast so cooler than yesterday. leyla gulen has been tracking the traffic. >> we started off on the wrong toot with a sig-alert if vallejo and we had this, a car that was fully engulfed blocking lanes
5:40 am
and the fire is out but the car is totaled and all lanes have re-opened westbound 580 at grant line road left us with 15 miles per hour speed from tracy. very slow approaching 580. in the altamont pass, though, it starts to clean up and you are 30-minute commute to head into dublin. as we take you to oakland, southbound 880, this cleared east shoulder and it was the second accident in the backup because of an early accident involving a big rig. we have speeds picking up. tonight, use mass transit. that is the best bet. bart and ace and muni, all running on time. >> the only minority juror from the george zimmerman case speaks out and next the emergency she wants to send to the parents of trayvon martin. >> terrifying home invasion and what two young children did when someone broke if their east b
5:41 am
home in the middle of the
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> 13-year-old is hailed a hero for preventing a home invasion
5:44 am
in the daylight. a 22-year-old paroleee broke into a garage and took her brother into the closet and called her mom who called the police. police arrested the man at the scene and his partner is still free. crime in the area is very inbound. >> another juror in the george zimmerman murder trial is speaking out about the controversial aquittal. in an exclusive interview with "good morning america" robin roberts, the juror claims george zimmerman got an with murder but she said the law let the jury no choice but to find him not guilty. >> it is hard for me to sleep or eat because i feel i was forcefully part of trayvon martin's death and i carry him on my back. i'm hurting as much as his mom.
5:45 am
there is no way that any mother should feel that. >> the juror says she struggled to find something to convict george zimmerman of but could not. can you watch more of the interview with the juror from the george zimmerman trial on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> what burn will -- halliburton will plead guilty in connection with the largest oil spill from a drilling platform that killed 11 and spilled five million barrels of crude oil. halliburton destroyed evidence that it ignored recommendations that would have improved safety on the rig. they designed and built the well for b.p. under a deal, they will pay $200,000 fine. >> 49ers quarterback brown is looking for a new agent after finding out he forfeited $2
5:46 am
million from his salary with a clause that paid him $2 million for participating in the 49ers off season workout. he didn't. he trained open his own in texas. brown fired the agent yesterday for not letting him know of the clause. he will make under $1 million this season, a third of what he would have made if he attended the workouts. he jointed for the opening of training camp yesterday and this year all eyes are on kaepernick. last year kaepernick started the season in obscurity as the backup to smith but now he is the leader of the franchise after leading the 49ers to the super bowl last year while earn the trust of the teammates. >> the teammates do not respect you if they do not feel they can come to you and talk to or associate with they will not follow you. my teammates, yes, they are more
5:47 am
comfortable with me. they have more confidence in me now. >> the first pre-season game is in 13 days against the broncos at candlestick park and the raiders begin their training camp this morning in napa. kaepernick has gotten so much media attention. >> he wasn't wearing a miami hat today, that is always good. >> and he was wearing clothes. >> that, too. some people may not mind that. >> jealous, actually. >> can't wait. we have a month, maybe? >> we are talking giants, a's and the concerts. >> a lot happening tomorrow, including timberlake and jay-z
5:48 am
with mist and drizzle along the coast. at the bay shore, watch out for the west wins at 15- to 25-knots and small craft advisory this afternoon from 2:00 until 9:00. right now, we still have 25 -mile-per-hour wind in fairfield that will bring the cooling trend through the weekend. and san rafael is clear with no fog. not on 101. cooling begins today with extra clouds and cool conditions at night and watch the monsoon moisture to the south on sunday, monday, maybe it sneaks up to us. will it kickoff showers in we don't have them in the forecast now but over the weekend, we will make sure nothing changes. >> the upper 70's can low 80's through the south bay and los gatos and gilroy, mid-to-upper 80's and only 72 in santa cruz and 9 in millbrae, and 73 in san
5:49 am
mateo and 80 for the let of the -- rest of the peninsula. mid-to-upper 50's and sausalito. comfortable in the north bay valley and upper 60's and near 60 at your beaches and 69 in oakland and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's throughout the shoreline and mid-80's to low 90's and more comfort in the east bay valley. we will start at 7:05, with the a's and it will be 62 dropping to 57, jacket weather and at at&t park, at 7:15, temperatures are cooler and 59 to 56 and at candlestick, they have more of a wind to deal with than at&t park so bundle up this evening. the seven-day forecast shows we lose one or two degrees tomorrow and sunday and on monday, the temperatures are below average
5:50 am
for a couple of days. we have a new accident on the bay bridge with clear areas if san jose along 101 the usual slowing coming away from the 280/680 split at nimitz it moves along. 280 is clear through cupertino and 85 not too bad through the northbound and southbound direction. to the north, headed in the east bay, 65 miles per hour through fremont northbound and southbound along the nimitz and at the grade you are this good shape along 680 and before you get there traveling between walnut creek and dublin, that is 15 minutes 101 southbound from santa rosa to san francisco 53 minutes and highway 17 from highway one to los gatos is 25 minutes and here is the toll plaza so the cash-paying lanes are loaded up and we could see the metering lights on early but a crash beyond the toll is
5:51 am
blocking one lane. >> for all of the commuters, drive the smart way at and you could drive away with a new smart car. we will announce the winner on friday august 2. be smart. enter now. good luck. >> that was worth waiting for. >> nevada hospital accused patient dumping mentally ill people in california make as decision about their future and what they are doing after finding out it is losing accreditation. >> san francisco's newest millionaire is finally revealed. how he almost lost the powerball fortune. >> amazing video of surfers in santa cruz and how the cameraman
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>> this morning we know the name of san francisco's newest millionaire. he is 43-year-old man and this is where he because the tick it on july 13. the hotel security worker picked five of the six numbers winning $2.6 million. he went back to the grocer in san francisco and said he wanted to double check the numbers before he threw away the ticket which was sitting on a shelf. >> good thing.
5:55 am
we have a camera shut up that shoots the powerball. the garlic gilroy festival will be miled compareed to this time of the year at 84 tomorrow and 80 on sunday. across the grapevine you can see the storms and, say, los angeles and san diego where they will be for today and through the sierra for the better part of the weekend with calmer weather on sunday. storms friday and start and mostly sunny and 81 on sunday. leyla gulen? >>guest: we have a sig-alert on the bay bridge because an accident that a blobbing two lanes, as we look at our other bridges including san mateo and
5:56 am
that is moving fine. and vallejo there is an overturned tractor trailer that is leaking fuel and what is open is the northbound sonoma to eastbound 37, so you can use that and we have delays in both directions and you can connect to 80. a solo vehicle spinout was causing a backup but it is moved to the shoulder. >> close call in novato, a car blasted through the front of a pizza shop before 60 people showed up yesterday afternoon. three people in the car get out safely. the 67-year-old female driver was hospitalized with minor injuries and police are investigating the cause of the crash. a camera was mounted on a somali
5:57 am
-- a small drone over the lake looking at surfers catching waves from their vantage point that was out of reach for anyone that did not have a helicopter and the sea lions are enjoying the warm rock and a night nice view. >> and part of a nation-wide movement. >> suspected marijuana growers behind bars but other stunning crimes were committed that sparked shot in the rural community. >> player, prince harry on prince george speaking out for the first time about
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a teen girl held captive and raped at a marijuana grow operation, this morning we are learning new details about her imprisonment. >> a traffic accident in the south bay traps a driver inside a car. ahead, a firefighter finally got them free. >> more than a year after a storm debut facebook is finally closer to the i.p.o. price. >> 6:00 on this friday. thanks for joining us. >> we have trouble out there on the bay bridge, a sig-alert. >> leyla gulen will talk about that. let's talk with mike nicco about the forecast this morning. >> drizzle and mist. >> so we will combine those and called


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