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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  July 30, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> the clocking ticking to another bart strike. what the unions and the age d agency are saying. >> some are explosions at a propane plant in florida. we are lending what happened and where it stands right now this morning. >> 6:00 on this tuesday. thanks for joining us. >> you have below normal temperatures in store today. mike? >> that is the rule, again, temperatures will stay below average as summer has gone somewhere. it is staying for the next couple of days. i don't know why it doesn't like it here. here is the visibility: everyone is seven or greater. five in santa rosa. this is haze but not much fog. it is a gray start. the day planner for the bay is overcast at 56 law 7:00. we will see slow sunshine and mostly sunny and mid-60's by noon, mostly sunny with haze and below average temperatures. in the evening, we will drop
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quickly in the let to mid sick. inland unables, the thick of the clouds are in the north by at 356, and lingering up north while the east bay is clear and it is not summer when the highest temperature is only 80 inland. it will be comfortable in the low 70's during the evening hours and the day planner at the coast has a lot of cloud cover and it will be dry when we get to the noon hour. leyla gulen has the commute. >> we have a report of spilled fuel on the road if you are traveling through chevron way, that is where we have a report of possible fuel that is spilled on the road and we will get extra details. as we continue into american canyon, vallejo, traveling along highway 37, it is starting to slow down and 45 miles per hour as you head in the westbound direction and 80 and clear and at top speeds eastbound and westbound direction. we will have more on the traffic in a little bit but now we go over to kristen and eric.
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>> coming up at 6:02 we have breaking news from san francisco where firefighters put out a two alarm house fire home to a pot grow operation in the visitation valley neighborhood. firefighters discovered a small pot "grow" operation with no one home at the time. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield has an update at 6:30. >> bart negotiations continue today with a possible second transit strike on monday morning. abc7 news reporter matt keller is at the fremont bart station. matt? >>guest: bart trains are running for now. with a strike dead line a few days away, the union members have stepped up their pressure on management. union members interrupted bart general manager while addressing
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the american transportation association in san francisco yesterday. this video was shot by a union member. both sides are making progress in the talks but union leaders say so far, it is just with the smaller issues, the big issues such as salary and pentagon and health care are expected to be discussed today. bart is warning passengers if the unions get the pay increase they demand expect a large fare hike. a passenger we spoke with this morning feels caught up in the middle. >> it is frustrating as a passenger but what is frustrating is the back and forth and one is on vacation, someone is showing up, someone is not showing up. neither side really cares it seems too much about us. i figure i will not accident i -- i will drive. >> if there is progress in the talks they will work pass the august 4 dead hype but they are discussing the possibility of another strike just in case much the major transit companies in
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the bay area are expected to meet today to discuss what they will do if there is another bart strike. >> thank you, matt, and now develop news from florida, the huge propane plant explosion outside orlando. here is amateur video showing the flames 150' in the air. this is from a local neighborhood. the fire now is out. no deaths are reported. but four people are in critical condition this morning. we will have more on the story right here coming up in our 6:30 half hour. >> the richmond city council will discuss a resolution expressing concerns of safety conditions at the chevron refinery. they will decide what to direct staff to determine if dangerous conditions still exist at the refinery a year after a fire this sent more than 15,000 people to hospitals with breathing issues. the city plans to sue chevron for damages.
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"contra costa times" reports they hired the same law firm that represented victims of the pipeline disaster caused by pg&e in san bruno. we could learn of a settlement between j.p. morgan chase and federal regulators. the government accused j.p. morgan chase of manipulating u.s. energy markets and forcing californians to pay more for power. experts estimate that the settlement could be between half billion to $1 billion. >> happening today, the former executive director for sanitation district in marin county is scheduled to make the first court appearance on charges of embezzlement and money laundering. this is bret richards during an interview. he resigned as the his of the sanitation district and then just disaffaired and accused of taking $350,000 housing loan that he never used for housing. rip arrested was arrested in the philippines a few weeks ago and bail is $1 million.
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>> 150 people including several in the bay area now face possible charges in the large of the nation-wide sting to date focused on child sex slavery. we were the only local tv team allowed on the raid with sweeps over three days in hair, oakland and richmond. 76 cities were targeted with the largest number of children, a group of children, were rescued in san francisco. >> celebrities and activists call on california to end the use of solitary confinement in prison. the "los angeles times" reports that an activist and civil rights leaders and comics have all signed a letter sent to the governor brown demanding the end of solitary confinement saying it is "tensions of the same inhumanity practices at abu ghraib and guantanamo bay."
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yesterday, 385 inmates have refused mails over a protest against solitary confinement scheduled to take place today at the state capital. >> the city of livermore is done playing host to the bicycle race in california and will not host next year over demands on city staff and the $125,000 cost. livermore has taken part in each of the last four years but city officials say the benefit to downtown businesses was marginal and some lost money. the tour organizers say livermore has been a great partner and they hope it will return next year after a year off. >> the city of richmond is officing to buy motors to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and will acquire certain underwater mortgages to help refinance but the goal is to help homeowners get mortgages with reduced principle in line with current home values.
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46 percent of all residential mortgage holders are underwater. >> the market for luxury homes is hot. very hot. especially in silicon valley. according to caldwell 181 luxury homes worth more than $1.5 million sold in juan and that compares to 146 a year ago and los altos had the most luxury sales with 43 homes sold and provisions are up 6 percent above the asking price. so, kind of going crazy. >> housing market is hot. weather is not. mike? >> we will hope they are not inversusly proportion am because we will have warmth coming back. its with yucky and ugly but we did find some beauty in the smoke-filled sky with a beautiful picture from a house in marin county with the golden sunset and the reflection on the
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pond behind her or the lake, just gorgeous, thank you, kill. from the sat light yesterday, you can see how gray it is another another with the white clouds the marine layer and smoke is coming from southwest oregon rising on our wind and making the left-hand town through the lower valleys along the coast. it will be here again today and hopefully not quite so bad. now, what is going on as far as temperatures, we will be from 4 to 8 degrees below average and most of us are in the 60's and 70's and a few 80's are possible inland east bay neighborhood. we will look at the nexten days and fine the summer but, first, an update on commute. leyla gulen? >> good morning, looking at highway 37 as you make the drive from vallejo it could get slower with a report of a new crash westbound 37 at 121 and look at the buildup on the map.
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we are moving to the shoulder as far as this accident is concerned so it is not blocking any lanes but it is causing extra slowing at the early hour. in napa we have another accident involving a truck, highway 116 at arnold drive causing delays and lane blockage. now a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights turned on and traffic is heavy but for the car pool lanes and it looks like cash-paying and fast track and everyone is stop-and-go and waiting their turn. >> another popular twitter page is hacked. ahead, who is behind the fake tweets. >> new details on the next iphone that we probably were not supposed to learn. >> angelina and jennifer aniston share more in common than brad pitt with a new connection between the t
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>> covering santa clara, east bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, at 6:13. the golden gate bridge headlight going into san francisco with traffic looking fine but you can see it is cloudy out there this morning and somewhat hazy with poor air quality in oregon and our meteorologist, mike nicco, will talk about the air quality and cool temperatures. >> investigators remain on the
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scene of a head on train collision in switzerland that injured 35 people. it took hours to free the driver of a train from the wreckage. he died. the accident happened near the capital of bern. this is unusual. switzerland train system is considered among the safest in the world. >> if france, authorities have more than doubled the estimated value of the jewelry stolen in a weekend heist at a luxury hotel on the french riviera. a man get away with more than $136 million in democrats -- diamonds and jewels. he stuffed the jewells in a bag and walked off. >> 5-year-old woman is under arrest in washington this morning, suspected of vandalizing the national cathedral with green paint. the church was the third washington, dc, landmark, defaced in five days. similar paint splatters were offed so at the lincoln memorial and on the statuen at national mall. investigators have not said if
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all three cases are related but the paint looks to be a similar color. authorities say the suspect was arrested yesterday near the national cathedral and right now she is charged with defacing property. >> polls showing new york city mayoral candidate anthony weiner is losing support after the revelation he continued to text women racy pictures after he resigned from congress. the loss of support now includes a fellow come back candidate, former new york governor spitzer says he will not vote for anthony weiner after resigning in governor in 2008 after getting caught in a prostitution scandal. he now is running for new york comptroller. >> the twitter feed for news and terrible data company appears to be back to normal, but that is after a twitter hack attack that happen yesterday. hackers managed to tweet links to half dozen images including portable cartoons supporting president bashar al-assad, with
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the syrian army responsible. they targeted twitter feeds for self media companies including cbs, the guardian newspaper, and the financial times. >> new details this morning on the next iphone that appears apple is getting ready to introduce a new low-cost version of the popular gadget that would have a plastic backed cover according to a new human rights group report released yesterday, with labor violations by the company with other details we are learning, the new iphone will be called iphone 5c and will cost around $350. >> a new list with the top earning actresses in hollywood. at the top is angelina. "forbes" magazine reports the actress earned an estimated $33 million between june 2012 and june of 2013 breaking down to $15 million a movie. other stars to make the list are jennifer lawrence earning $26 million if the last year.
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and "twilight star" is third, and jennifer aniston is fourth with $20 million and emma stones rounds it out with $16 million. >> a new rivalry. we encourage you to watch the abc live stream available now in the bay area, a through way to experience programming any time, any where and you can enjoy our newscast and tv shows and sports on the smart phone, tablet, or computer, live and on demand and brought to you by abc, comcast, and charter communications. go to and enter your account information and go to watch abc live stream and download the app. >> you remember in the mid- mid-2000's when julia roberts
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getting $20 million a picture. >> just $15 million a picture. >> what are they going on do? >> we are shedding tears. >> do not shed any tears for us. >> it could happen. it looks the same outside, and we will watch flossie quickly as we can see the doppler over the hawaiian islands picking up the rains that are hang around because of tropical depression with wins down to 35 miles per hour and accelerating away from honolulu at 18 miles per hour. we have a gust of 18 miles per hour in honolulu the fat of -- fastest one. the temperatures are in the mid-70's with dew points in the mid-70's so that is humid for them the now, it is moving away and it will lose steam as it does, also, it has another 12 hours so check your flight that could be affected.
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i will stop the camera, and on the left side you can see the sorns hazy p.m. sunshine and below average today and this haze will make for a colorful sunrise and we will have slow warming for the weekend with temperatures in the south bay at 49 in am lull rock and everyone else in the 50's which is bad day probably in the mid-50's. redwood city is 60 and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50's and calistoga at 50 and bodega at 51. downtown, it is 56 in san francisco and 59 in oakland. the code air is coming around this area high pressure with the clockwise flow and this will sit on us and drop anchor and be disturb an. it will not go away soon so get used to this fall weather outside and mid-to-upper 70's in the south bay and low 80's around los gatos and gilroy and cloudy around santa cruz and 70. mid-to-upper 60's for millbrae,
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and what half at 62, and that is warm spot along the coast and daly city and colma at 59 and upper 60's around downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and low-to-mid 70's through the north bay valley and barely making it to 58 at bodega bay and low-to-mid 70's for the east bay shore and free air conditioning conditions upper 70's to low 80's in the east bay valley. now, a's and blue jays one more time at game two with 57 by end of the game. tomorrow, thursday, almost the same as today, and friday, saturday, and sunday, temperatures are back to where they should be but nothing too extreme in the forecast. leyla gulen? >> the sun was playing around with you and trying to dodge us. at san mateo we have a report of debris in the lanes in the eastbound direction and it does not seem to be causing any slow downs coming from foster city and the rest of the drive from
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the westbound direction from hayward, that is moving along fine. as we take a look at the bay bridge, westbound side, that is loading up at 36 miles per hour and the metering lights are on so it is heavy traffic and the eastbound direction we have construction that will head over to the maze with a few lanes blocked. this crash is finally clearing at old tunnel road blocked because of an overturned vehicle and that is now getting cleared and 24 headed into the the caldecot tunnel is moving along well. >> hillary clinton's lunch with president obama is quite the buzz in washington, dc. she is not done yet. ahead at 6:30 the other high profile meal the former secretary of state has planned today. >> first, back to school savings with "consumer reports" and "7 on your side" telling you where you are more likely to save on my asthma's under control. i don't miss out... you sat out most of our game yesterday!
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>> it is that time of year when thoughts turn from swimming pools and sunscreen to school supplies. >> consumer reports has panned with "7 on your side" to reveal the stores where you could get the best deal for the fall. michael finney is next. >> good morning. i am michael finney. "consumer reports" magazine has done some homework sizing up every day prices to help you find the best bargain. >> for many kids the start of
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school brings the excitement of shopping for school supplies. >> i like school and this place has lots of things. >> where do you get the best prices on all of the supplies? >> stores lure you in with great deals but you is to be careful or you can pay too much for the other items. >> we want dead know which stores had the best every day deals. since secret shoppers were sent to check office depot, target, and wal-mart. the bargains were not always where you would expect. >> you could think office supply store is the best play to go but often it wasn't. >> in fact, staples and office depot tied for the highest pries on most items. store brand two pocket folders cost $1 compared it wal-mart at 4 cents. note becomes? this note book at staples is $6
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and at wal-mart they are $2.7. loss leaf paper of 150 sheets at office depot were $3 and at wal-mart you pay only 82 cents. >> wal-mart has the least expensive prices on most items and in many cases target was behind them. >> shop smart says as a general rule look for the store brands, they can save you 75 percent. shop matter suggests asking for a price match if you see a better deal somewhere else. office depot and staples and target and wal-mart all have price matching policies bring an ad to the store from the local paper or call it up on your smartphone to get the better price. >> we have develop news from florida, a propane plant explosions rocked a series outside orlando with huge flames
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reaching into the sky. ahead, the late night firefight, the damage, and the injuries. >> firefighters got a surprise if san francisco when they responded to a fire
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. 6:30 on tuesday morning. a picture here from mount tamalpais looking at the clouds below. we have low clouds and you can tell from the picture it is hazy. it will be unusually cool again in the bay area. >> thanks for joining us. >> mike nicco has been telling us several times this morning it is cooler. >> that is the recurring themes, below average temperatures. notice the clouds covering the bay area we have 59 minutes for delays at sfo and oakland and san jose are on time. we do not have much fog, just marine layer clouds and haze from the smoke in the wildfires in oregon. the day planner the next 12
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hours away the bay, over crest at 356 through the morning hours and slow sunshine and sunny and mid-60's at noon and 70 during the afternoon and back to jacket weather and 64 at 7:00. the next 12 hours inland we will have our thickest clouds in the north bay and mid-50's where the clouds the longer and sunny in the east bay and 70 and not summer with temperatures ten degrees warmer and 80 at 4:00 and 72 and comfortable in the evening. at the traffic center, leyla gulen? >> it has been very slow and we have had a few accidents here and there and as we take you over the past traveling along 580 in the westbound direction you can see the tail lights and it is very busy. we have a report of debris that fell into the lanes and that is showing a drive from tracy to dublin through livermore you can see how slow it is and it will take you more than 30 minutes. mass transit shows the bright
6:32 am
spot, no delays, all moving along fine. in san jose, here is a look at 280 away from 17, we do have a few more cars out there and we are looking at more traffic building and it is slowing down but as you head away from 101 to cupertino it will be 15 minute drive. eric and kristen? >> breaking news from san francisco where police are joining the investigation into a house fire in visitation valley after firefighters ahead a surprise discovery. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield tells us what the crews found. >> it wasn't just a surprise to firefighters. people living on the street say they had no idea what was going on inside this pink house. firefighters were surprised but when they burst in they realized there was a marijuana grow inside. they had trouble getting in trying to get inside in case people were asleep. the home was very secure,
6:33 am
officially secure for a residential home. when they got inside they realized no one was in there. the home was dedicated to being a marijuana "grow" operation with growing equipment in five rooms and they found plants and faulty wiring. they say the people had bypassed the meter to get their electricity. a woman who live on the street said she had no idea what was going on inside. >> people lived there, they moved out a while back. >> you did not suspect a thing? >> not at all! midnight on tucker avenue in san francisco's visitation valley and firefighters say they do think this was caused by electrical problems. no arrests have been made, and no one was hurt.
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they do not know who this blonds to and they were not able to make arrests. they say a couple dozen plants were pulled out. it was not a huge "grow" operation but several rooms were taken up by the growing operation. >> develop news from florida, investigators are trying to figure the cause of a disasterous series of explosions at a propane plant. it is a miracle no one was killed. eight were injured and four are critical when several propane tags explosioned at blue rhino last night 40 miles negligent of orlando. two dozen people were working in the plant at the time and they are all accounted for. neighbors reported feeling their homes shake up to ten miles away. >> time is running out to avoid a bart strike. both sides return to the bargaining table hoping to reach
6:35 am
a new contract deal before the sunday night deadline. union officials say there was progress on supplemental issues but no progress on the major ticking points of salary and benefits. they say they could budget an beyond the august 4 deadline if they are making headway and the chief negotiator returned to the bargaining table after take time off. other bay area transit agencies are meeting today to discuss contingency plans in the event of another strike. >> happening today, funeral services will be held for an eight-year-old oakland girl shot to death at a sleepover this month. police say the eight-year-old girl was killed after opening the front door at a friend's house july 7. two other children and a grandmother were wounded in the shooting. a 25,000 dollar reward will be offered following arrest. >> happening today, voters in santa clara district two in san jose head to the polls to choose
6:36 am
a new supervisor, former san jose vice mayor chavez is in a special run off election against county water district official alvarado the two top vote getters among seven candidates last month in the special election much the winner fills the vacated seat of former superviseor george shirakawa who resigned over gambling with public funds. a judge is considering a charge linking him to an illegal campaign mailer. shirakawa will be sentenced in the fall. >> accused u.s. military intelligence leaker, bradley manning, has arrived at court in maryland to learn whether he will be convicted of aiding the enemy arrived with a military escort at fort meade where the military judge will announce the verdict shortly. manning is accused of sending 700,000 government documents to the antisecrecy website
6:37 am
wikileaks aiding the enemy being the most serious of 21 counts. he facesent nothing, computer fraud, and theft and faces life in prison without parole. >> hillary clinton will meet with vice president biden today, a day after a private lunch with president obama. the meetings fueling speculation of a clinton presidential run in 2016. the former secretary of state and presidential candidate in 2008 says these are just "grandly" visits. >> mike nicco has been talking about bad air and you can see it has been hazy. we will show you how hazy the skies are getting around the bay area. >> but, first, the mangled metal left behind in the east bay after a large communications tower clapped. what is behind the sudden fall. >> look outside at walnut creek traffic moving just fine and they are getting a little
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>> here is a look at the temperatures inland in the east bay neighborhood, dublin is coolest at 52 and walnut creek and concord are warmer at 56 and lafayette and livermore are 57. you can see 50's everywhere from 56 in san francisco and oakland and san scar lows and fremont and mountain view and san jose at 56. our story today.
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of the temperatures are below average again by four to nine degrees. we are stuck in the 60's and 70's and we will be in the 70's and 80's and near 90. if you travel around the stayed, 81 at tahoe and 74 in los angeles. leyla gulen? >> now we finally getting somewhere with the accident in lucas valley. it sounds look it is at west gate drive so the residential area and all lanes are blocked so if that is major thoroughfare to get to 101, you may have to find another way around it or give yourself extra time this morning and let the work know you could be late. again, it is at lucas valley road and west gate drive and we have report of a brand new accident in the bay bridge toll plaza in a little bit. >> the search is on for vandal believes to have caused the collapse of a radio communication tower in the east bay. you can see tower at the park near danville with police saying it appears someone cut six lines
6:42 am
on the tower causing it to crash to the ground. officials say this is not affecting radio communications because other towers are used. damage is estimated to be more than $1 million. the reason a beauty school may not always pay off. >> the dow is up 49 points and we go to jane king at the new york stock exchange. >> but, first, a look at the bad air quality in the bay area. mike nicco
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell, and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the viewpoint is from emeryville, downtown oakland has hazy skies. it is gray. temperatures are below normal. >> we will talk about the haze now, we could see another round of it in the bay area because of fires burning in oregon making a mess of the skies. we will show you the orange haze clouding oakland last night with the air quality management district saying smoke moving along the california coast is pushed inland by onshore winds and here is a look at what drives on the bridge say with hey levels high today but,
6:46 am
perhaps, not is bad as yesterday. the storm in the hawaii islands has weakened and flossie will bring rain up to 6" to the big island and 2" to the other islands. on hawaii-bound flights were canceled yesterday to the bay area. some would have vacation delayed by a few days others were forced to cancel the trip altogether. >> that is my retirement trip. so, i am really disappointed but i am hoping we can reschedule flights maybe to december and see the whale watching. >> the national weather service says a flash flood watch is in effect until tonight with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour in hawaii. >> if you are going to beauty school to earn extra money, you need to be came. >> home prices are still going on. we go to the new york stock exchange with jane king.
6:47 am
>> good morning, you can make extra money on the side, i understand that. good morning, home prices are up by the most in seven years. how about that? the home price index climbing 12 percent in may compared to a year ago. in san francisco, they are leading the way, in san francisco up 4 percent, more than that, in may, compared to april. on the year, though, san francisco price is up 25 percent. we did see the next best game if las vegas at 23 percent. for the first time prices in denver and dallas have exceeded their 2006 height. back to school sales could be weak at 3.5 percent higher so that is less than any year since 2009 and it includes, of course, apparel and shoes. but overall, the retail sales will rise because of garden
6:48 am
supplies and building materials. now, we are higher across the board and the dow and nasdaq in the green. and the silicon valley index is up half a percent. if you are thinking of going do beauty school for extra money, be careful, a report in the "new york times" says it could result in a lot of ugly debt. "new york times" says hundreds, maybe more, are in serious debt after borrowing to attend beauty school and some of the schools have been shut down after being accused of misusing federal student loan money. >> thanks for the word of caution. we have a new photo of the first giant panda twin born if the united states in a quarter century. the photo posted on facebook shows the twins sleeping. we are told that the 14 day old baby pandas have been grow quick ly and one cub has had a
6:49 am
huge growth spurt and now weighs more than his where by a pound. they could end up weighing 250 pounds. >> they will be the weight of an nfl linebacker in a few months. >> but i put my money on the giant pandas. mike, how is the forecast? >> hazy is the big story from yesterday, below average temperatures and we will see what pans out today. live doppler 7 hd shows it is haziy but not foggy. we still have the hour flight arrival delays into sfo and check out what kim schaefer put on facebook, marin county, from her house, behind her house, a beautiful sunset yesterday and
6:50 am
we hope to get the same today. take the pictures and i will post them on my page. here is the gray from yesterday from the smoke and medford in the southwest corner of oregon with prevailing wind from the northwest and making the left town with the onshore breeze and pushing into the foothills yesterday. so, hazy through the central valley. look at the sunshine down in shows, we are going to have hazy sun and below average temperatures again and colorful sunrise and sunset and a slow warming trend headed to the weekend. here is what is happening today, 78 degrees in san jose, and we will hit the 80's around gilroy and cloudy 70 in santa cruz. mid-to-upper 60's in millbrae and headed to the coast, a few bits of sunshine and 62 at half moon bay and 61 in the sunset is
6:51 am
as warm as it gets with more sunshine downtown and south san francisco and cross over to the golden gate bridge you are at 65 in sausalito and clouds for the better part of today and not a great day for pictures and let to mid-70's through the north bay valley. berkeley and oakland, upper 60's and low-to-mid 70's for the peninsula and the east bay valley, free air conditioning and upper 70's to lower 88. a's and blue jays at the cove at 7:00, and 61 degrees and mostly sunny and cool 57 by the end of game. we will all be in the 50's tonight with drizzle possible at the post. the cooler-than-average air mass is locked in through thursday and we have morning clouds and a warmer air mass is coming in bringing the temperatures become to average for the weekend but nothing out of the ordinary. have a great weekend. this is 580 at livermore avenue
6:52 am
and we are seeing the heavy traffic from tracy to dublin and we have debris in westbound 580 at grant line road and that is slowing the traffic down but most of that traffic is actually through the altamont pass as you make it to livermore, pleasanton and to dublin. as we look at our drive time traffic, traveling along the stretch of 580 at 40 minutes and if you head along 24 from walnut creek to highway 13 that is nine minutes and 680 is clear from highway 4 to walnut creek at ten minutes. you want a smart solution to the commute? go to and you could have a brand new smart car. we will announce the winner on friday, august 2, right here. if you win, the 1.5 million smart car rolled off the belt 11 days ago. >> that proves their popularity. how about driving around the san
6:53 am
francisco hills? in problem? >> not that i have heard. i see a last people doing it. a great car in the city that you can park anywhere that is excellent on gas mileage. >> seven things to know's you
6:54 am
>> as we hand things off to "good morning america" here are seven things to know before you go. one, breaking news from san francisco, where firefighters uncovered a pot growing operation inside a fire in visitation valley, a fire in a home. it broke out before 1:00 o'clock a.m. on tucker avenue. investigators found pot growing equipment in several rooms. >> two, negotiators for bart and the unions return to the bargaining table hoping to reach a new contract deal and avoid another strike. they say they could bargain
6:55 am
beyond the august 4 midnight deadline if they are making headway. >> three a propane gasplant explosion in central florida was likely accidental. the fire chef says it was probably humor equipment error that occurred at the blue rhino plant near orlando. >> four, richmond city leaders have a program to start buying mortgages from certain homeowners underwater because of the mortgage crisis. they hope to refinance the old loans into new loans that reflect current market values and reduce the principle. >> the inaugural immediate world series kicks off in livermore from as far away as japan. it is the same format as little league but played on a bigger diamond. the championship game is mop. >> six, 82 degrees in livermore so not too bad. the big story from emeryville is the clouds giving way to hazy sunshine and temperatures below
6:56 am
average and inland 76 to 82, and coolest along the coast into san francisco at 58 to 64. >> seven, the bay bridge toll plaza is looking packed out there and we had an early accident moved to the shoulder east of the tolls with this accident, as well, along a 80 in the westbound direction and that is in the center divider, and very slow, it starts to loosen up headed into castro valley with slow on the nimitz. >> thank you.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight -- massive explosions at this florida gas plant sends hundreds fleeing. >> did you see that? >> dozens of those propane tanks used on home grills popping like fireworks. all caught on tape. the blast felt miles away. anthony weiner speaks out last night about the new pressure from bill and hillary clinton to drop out of the new york mayor's race. he's still defiant as he slips to the bottom of the polls. real trouble for two big stars of "real housewives." the contentious couple known for lavish spending and their opulent mansion head to federal court charged with mortgage fraud. what they're saying this morning. ♪ i want candy and this morning, warren buffett, the new candy man. the billionaire


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