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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 31, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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by ambulance that could be connected to a fight at a nearby bar. this is not affecting traffic. we are working to get more information do bring you an update when details are available. >> this morning, the oakland city council approves two new tactics to curb violence especially during protests. will abc7 news reporter katie marzullo has details. >> it was after 1:00 o'clock a.m. the oakland city council passed an ordinance allowing police to question table a demonstrator call with "tool of violence." it could be a hammer or bicycle lock that we saw people using to shatter windows at the protest of the george zimmerman verdict. a waiter was hit in the face with a hammer during the protest. the ordinance which prevents damage and injuries passed 5-0 but not all council members were
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present and some abstained. the ordinance was defended until 1:00 o'clock this morning. >> the only thing we understand is force. that is a reality in oakland. we have to overcome that. hopefully we can overcome the problem but this is a tough love and take hard action. i wish i would not have to do this but we have to enforce the law and rules. >> the afl-cio is against the ordinance calling the tools of violence too broad and one asked if a group of plumbers or carpenters is walking down the set with work tools are they in violation of the law. the city council passed another controversial item this morning regarding security cameras. more open that in 30 minutes. >> latest on efforts to avert a second bart strike. both sides will be back at 9 bargaining table but they cannot
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agree on how much progress they are making. matt keller has more from the pack. matt? >> union leaders are going to start negotiations at 9:00 this morning with a strike dead line looming on sunday night. both sides say they think a deal could be done by then but you would not think that how they talk to reporters. bart has made significant movement but the offer is from july 19. >> doubling our salary proposal, slashing the medical proposal if half, i would disagree we are getting nowhere. this is real movement offering a fair deal. >> the increase results in either a net zero or something less for our members. that is not an 8 percent pay increase. >> with the sunday deadline now is when people are making alternate commuting times.
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the number of overall computers is projected to jump ten percent with many on vacation during the first strike, only the governor can order a cooling off period if no deal is made. >> army private bradley manning faces 136 years in prison during the sentencing phase this morning. a judge found the man guilty of 20 charges including espionage but acquitted of aiding the enemy which would mean life in prison. he could testify about his plan to expose military wrongdoing by sending classified information to wikileaks. east bay resident daniel ellsberg located the pentagon papers decades ago showing how the u.s. government lied about the vietnam war. >> the free press and democracy
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dodged a bullet today when aiding the enemy charge was drop but they are still under attack. >> former c.i.a. director says manning hurt national security. a few dozen people rallied in support of manning in san francisco yesterday. they say he is a whistleblower not a criminal. >> a former special education teacher in antioch has been charged with physically abusing young autistic students. there was a warrant issued for her arrest after accusing six boys and girls between the ages of five and seven. in april three families filed a complaint against her and the school district. the "contra costa times" reports the prosecutor says school workers say they all her knee a child in the chest, pin others to the ground and pinch a child and is scheduled to enter a plea august 12. >> police believe that social media played a role in the
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capture of a suspected thief. our media partner, the san jose mercury news reporting a man turned himself in after police posted messages on twitter and facebook asking for the help to find him by the public. he is accused in a string of thefts the past few weeks including stealing credit cards from a woman and cell phone. >> the man suspected killing two women at a san francisco jewelry mart will be arraigned today facing murder everyone whats in the deaths of 25-year-old woman and a 51-year-old. he shot and stabbed the women at the jewelry mart july 12 in a dispute over the price of an item. he surrendered to police. >> a vigil is held tonight for an oakland toddler now missing for three weeks. the 21-month-old daphne webb was reported july 10. the father said daphne
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disappeared when he ran into a store. witnesses say they saw a woman walking with a girl matching daphne's description that day. today's vigil is scheduled for 6:30 in oakland. >> developing news exterminators will be at a good will warehouse checking out reports that bedbugs were found there over the weekend. it is impacting the warehouse at mission and 11th street in san francisco. they say they have been forced to destroy hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of donated goods and 80 percent of the funding comes from the sale of donated items and it is believed the bedbugs came from such donations. amy hollyfield will have an update next half hour. >> familiar face run to public office after special election in the south bay. former san jose city council member captured 55 percent of the vote last night to win a seat on the santa clara board of supervisors. chavez devotes alvarado in the run off to replace disgraced
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former supervisor george shirakawa. >> we kept talking about this community. we kept believing this community was worth not only fighting for but creating a place where we are proud we were part of when we were there. right? >> shirakawa left office in march after being accused of corruption and pled guilty to charges of misusing campaign funds. >> did you say groundhog day? >> it seems like that, the forecast theme is the same with minor tweaks. a lot of the smoke from the fires in the north stayed to the north but some were still around yesterday made for the hazy afternoon. we will have another one today but notice the air quality will be moderate and it will not trigger a "spare the air" day. now, mountain view is 60, the warm spot and much else is in
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the mid-to-upper 50's. 58 in fremont and san jose and los gatos and oakland and san carlos, 57, and 56 in san francisco, and hayward, 55 in concord, fairfield, san ramon and, also, livermore. the next 12 hours, a few misty moments otherwise it is a gray start mid-to-upper 50's and mostly sunny but for the coast where it will be sunny today and near 70 at noon and 62 around the bay and 56 at the coast and we will top out around 4:00 with 80 and haze is likely at the bay and cool to comfortable at 7:00 from 356 at the coast and 64 around the bay and 72 inland with clouds coming back into the bay. enjoy the day and we will find out how the commute is. >> good morning, mike. we have closings because of a gas leak to mountain view. it is right off of 101 and 85 in the area of charleston, independence and san antonio road. we will see crews out there
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until further notice and they put traffic control to affect. as we take you to the east bay at highway 24 at the split to county line with contra costa county, we are going to see a couple of areas blocked until 5:00 a.m. and this drive on the san mateo bridge you can see in the westbound direction the tail lights are moving to foster city with clear conditions and eastbound traffic is not giving us any problems. >> our time is 4:39. a new move for certain flights landing at sfo as a result of the asiana flight 214 and how it could delay your next flight. >> lots of questions of a controversial new club in san jose. ahead, a representative tells us what will really go on behind closed doors. now america's money report. >> goodgood morning, new numbers approve of a surging house market, the highest level in seven years, including miami up 14 percent and phoenix and las
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vegas up 20 percent. fruit and vegetable prices could climb 10 percent because of soggy summer weather in the south. fields and orchards are drowning in areas that saw the rainfall 20 percent higher than remain noal. many apartments are here to say according to "usa today" and not just in new york, microunits as small as 220 square' are built in chicago, and denver and austin. one guy says it is not exactly for every
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>> covering daly city, dublin, los gatos and all bay area this is abc7 news. >> side-by-side landings are now off limits for foreign airlines flying into for which could lead to more flight delays. it is common practice landing listen side each other but now the f.a.a. says that foreign carriers must come in one at a time weeks after the deadly
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asiana flight 214 change. a commercial airline pilot yesterday said the new rule cuts the numbers of flights landing in an hour from 60 to 45. >> we are not making on time departures and people are not connecting and people will go to another airline so that is where it will be difficult to balance between safe and logical. >> the f.a.a. release as statement saying it hasn't seen any significant flight delays sin the change and sfo says the 90-minute delays were due in part because of weather. >> the council general of the republic of korea is thanking those involved in saving so many lives during the asiana flight 214 at sfo. he says that the three lives were lost, it could have been a bigger tragedy. members of the san francisco police and fire department, american red cross, and salvation army, and representatives from san francisco general hospital, and mills peninsula, will be attending the luncheon near union square.
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the city of richmond has a new plan to help home owner whose owe more on their hopes than they are worth with the help of legal advisors, officials sent home to 32 learneds offering to buy underwater mortgages at current market rates to help more than 600 homeowners refinance a new loan with a new rate. lenders have until august 13th to accept the offers. if they den the city could try to seize the meths. >> there is tremendous legal authority for richmond, if necessary, and only if necessary, to do in the public interest to condemn underwater loans through the use of imminent domain. >> the california mortgage lenders association tells use if the city goes ahead with the plan, lenders may be less likely to lend money in richmond. >> transient in newark is arrested for petty theft anything but petty to a seven-year-old girl. a neighbor donated this replacement rainbow colored whirligig to the gill after police say a 23-year-old man
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stole hers from the family front yard two months ago. the girl has autism and the lawn ornament was the favorite toy. he told them he sold the lawn decoration to another man for $5 and he has written a letter of apology to the family. >> for the first time we hear from the people behind san jose's new controversial bikini bar. the lawyers say they don't know what all the fuss is about. we plain what will really be going on behind the blacked out glass doors the signs up and job seekers are here and downtown san jose's only gentleman's club is open. >> i am excited. heather is glad gold club will be a bikini bar. nudity is not an option. it was not voluntary choice there is a ban against it. but the dancers will strip down to their bikinis and offer lap dances.
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>> lap dancing is allowed, touching of the dancers is fought allowed, everything will be on the up and up. >> the city council man doesn't believe it. he wants more regulations on touching, kissing, and alcohol. >> strip clubs, bikini clubs have a uniquely adverse impact on crime in the community. >> this is a bikini bar that should have in more restrictions than hooters. >> the only bikini bar if town is a.j.'s but it is in an industrial area where neighbors don't mind them. >> over all years i have never had issues. >> committee will hear the list of regulations on august 7 that will also be the public's first chance to comment on the gold club. in san jose, for abc7 news. >> the trouble private ambulance company that senators santa clara county has avoid another
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contract violation. on monday, rural metro paid millions in past due bills to local fire departments and county dispatchers days before it with have prepared the contract. the arizona based ambulance provider miss add critical bond payment and city officials are meeting with the c.e.o. to ensure service to the two million residents is not affected as rural metro struggles financially. >> sonoma county officials are urging residents to limit their water use today. today and tomorrow residents in santa rosa and sonoma are told to a void projects like watering their lawn or filling swimming pools. there is work on a 36" water main for 27 hours to make it stronger in earthquakes. residents will not lose water service during the shutdown. >> it has not been swimming weather but for the have hardy. >> unless you have a heater thing on the roof that heats the water for you, that would help.
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90's let alone 100's to make you run to the pool. it is mostly cloud cover out there but a little drizzle at the coast and mist hanging around but as far as fog, i don't see any. there will be flight arrival delays in sfo. the cloud are above the golden gate but they will lower through the morning and sit on the deck. right now it is clear from marin county into san francisco. smoky sunshine and a cool breeze today. it will look like yesterday. cloudy and mist and cool tonight. the nights are getting cooler and seeing more dew on the grass. that means we have reached the peak of the summer sun and
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getting back now losing a minute and a half each day of sunshine. warmer as we head into and through the weekend. now, the clouds are having a hard time to get to concord in the south bay and make a late run the next hour or two and by 9:00 or 10:00 the east bay and south bay are clear of the clouds but we have to wait until noon and then we will be mostly sunny and holes vetoing in the cloud cover, maybe not so many as yesterday. now, temperatures in the south bay are 79 in san jose, low-to-mid 80's around los gatos and gilroy and stubborn in santa cruz at 70 with the sunshine and the rest of the santa clara valley mid-to-upper 70's. mid-70's for most neighbors and san mateo north and mid-to-upper 60. the warm pot is half moon bay. and sauce sleet at 67. and mid-70's for most of the north bay valley and near 60 at the beaches. loan the east bay shore like
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yesterday, berkeley and oakland in the upper 60's because of late sunshine and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70's and inland low to mid-80's but nothing too uncomfortable. as we were what up the set with the blue jays very nice day but take your sunscreen at 63 at 12:35. 69 at 3:30. today is warmer than yesterday but we will drop down on thursday and add two to four degrees on friday and hold steady on friday and closer to average on sunday, monday, and tuesday. >> in hayward, we have construction that will be lasting until 5:00 a.m. this morning and it is blocking almost all of the lanes, southbound, along 880 the between 238 to a street we will see crews and make sure you slow for the cone zones. 580 from tracy to dublin is 24 minutes. highway 4 from antioch to concord is 16-minute drive and 101 southbound from san rafael to thety is 16-minute commute.
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outside, speaking of which, from santa benicia to central san rafael we are looking at headlights that are quiet and still, the top speeds out there. for the commuters, drive the smart way at, you could drive away with a brand new smart car on friday august 2. just a couple more days to enter. be smart. enter now. >> coming up, a special day of fun at a bay area amusement park for families who serve. >> you will see what happens when you
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>> welcome back, the grand opening of the new san jose earthquake stadium is being delayed after construction crews hit unexpected roadblocks. the stadium is being built west
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of san jose airports on coleman avenue. crews have run into tough conditions including water-filled underground vaults and steel beams and concrete and munitions from a former factory at the site. the stadium should be open for the second half of next season for theers. >> there will be international champions cup a match between two top european soccer teams. the english team faces an italian team at 8:00. crews have been transforming the grounds from a baseball diamond to a soccer field. crews had to rush to convert the field after the giants game on sunday and the next play at home on monday, so the grounds keepers have more time to convert the field for baseball. >> the families of fallen military we heroes will have fund at six flags. 23 military gold star wives and 62 children will attend a free event known as snowflake day. it is named after a national
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charity that cares for children of fallen service men and women and a special picnic is held for the guests and will include visits by the animals and cartoon characters. >> if you are headed there, how is the weather? >> to matter where you go, it will not be too hot. temperatures will be one or two degrees warmer than yesterday but santa rosa goes from 72 to fix and we are losing a minute and 47 seconds a day of sunshine but you still have 14 hours of sun. high clouds and threat of wet weather moving to the north and the jet extreme is moving the storms away from us. we could have a shower around tahoe but by the afternoon it will be sunny and 79. 87 in sacramento, and 1306 in palm springs and cooler-than-average in los angeles at 74. >> we have a closing in mountain view because of gas leak work
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and pg&e is closing down charleston road between independence avenue and san antonio road lasting until further notice but no word when that will re-open. it sounds like it is a complicated project. as we look at our mass transit, basketball, caltrain, muni, all on time. the bay bridge toll plaza is looking busy with the cash-paying lanes loading up and making the drive in the westbound direction from emeryville and i don't know if folks are practicing the early commute in anticipation of bart strike but it is looking busy. eric and kristen? >> thank you, leyla gulen. >> unique footage of raiders training catch. >> and google glass is being used for a viewpoint of what he does, putting and running a kickoff and most intriguing is
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the interaction with players and coaches including this one where he is called "doctor evil." >> shaked head. glasses. the european accent, like dr. evil. dr. evil. >> that is from a bond movie. >> he has posted this on youtube. >> is he developing an app for it? >> good punting. >> next at 5:00, making the city safer or is it an invasion of privacy? will surveillance video be expanded in oakland? >> a blow for bay area taxi
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is wednesday at 5:00. thanks for joining us. >> check on the weather forecast. not going to be swimming weather? >> the kind of weather we have been having. mike? >> our weather pat end is stuck in neutral. it is having a hard time getting traction. look, it is dry. there is drizzle at the coast and a little bit of mists but, today, get ready for hazy sunshine again this afternoon. temperatures are below average. inland we go from 74 at petaluma to 84 headed to antioch and around the bay, 65 in south san francisco to 76 headed to fremont and mountain view and at the coast in san francisco we will have 60 to 65 degrees with the clouds


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