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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 26, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> i know the camp has been >> a campsite is up in flames. crews out in force, but they were not able to save the historic site. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama states. dates. nearly 144 acres has burned since last week and it is only 7% con intayed. the fire destroyed at least two dozen buildings and tonight we just learned that a family camp has been destroyed. john alston has been on the fire line and joins us with the latest. john? >> this is going to be heartbreaking for the people who have spent so many years there enjoying this park. a short time ago we hiked about a half mile in to see the devastation and this is video you will see only on
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abc7 news. after more than 90 years it ended like this. the few wool law me camp was burned by the fire. >> about 2:00, 3:00, there was a fire that ran into the berkeley camp. the fire went into the trees and made a remnant of the camp. >> virtually every cabin and camp is gone in a fire that has been impossible to control. >> the fire gets into the trees and it is virtually impossible to stop. the trees here are 100, 150 feet tall. it burns above the ground. >> this is how berkeley camp looked on friday, three days after guests were quickly evacuated. since 1922 generations have adored the get away. they are now wiped out. >> the camp was over overgrown and there was flammables in
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there and of summer camps and fabrics like that. i imagine they would have their hands full. >> before sunsets spot fires burn near the camp and helicopters made repeated water drops until it became too dark. in sonora, more than a hundred people spent the night at the red cross evacuation center. al and sandy valdez brought their camper. >> you just try and laugh with everybody else. it is sad. you never think you are going to be here in this situation and you watch other people on tv that you can't help are in it. then when it hits home, wow. i will be a volunteer. >> and tonight one of the main highways in the yosemite park remains closed. highway 120 here runs right through the fire zone. yosemite though is still open. john alston, abc7 news. >> sad to see that camp go. thank you, john. camp mather posted a facebook message saying the fire spreaded to the edges of the
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camp, but there is minor damage. so far camp tuonga and san jose family camp are safe. firecrews are battling to protect the giant sequoias, the ancient treasures of the park. they are working to save a grove of the parked famed sequoias. three dozen in all in the path of the fire. the huge trees are among the oldest living things on earth and teens are assigned just to them. the fire is also posing a threat to the power and the water supply to the city of san francisco. it is just three miles from the reservoir where the city gets most of its water. the crews made repairs and conducted a damage inspection at a high droa electric power station. the city and buying additional power that is expected to cost more than $1 million. here is a look at the growth of the rim fire. the pink outline shows how large the fire was yesterday. now it has spread to this red outline. and this green line shows you the boundary of yosemite national park. you can see where the fire is burning inside the park.
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you are looking at the rim wildfire in space. this photo was taken and you can see how much smoke was being generated by the fire. look at this photo sent to us by a viewer on a flight over the sierra. you can see just how thick and high the smoke from the rim fire is right now. stay with abc7 news for the fight on the huge fire. there will be an update on the morning news at 4:30 and on-line anytime at, facebook and twit other abc7 news bay area. let's head to abc7 news with a look at what firefighters are facing. >> there was a crazy day today. there were very strong winds and low relative hu and also some very high heat. temperatures by the way in the 90s. you can see the gray shadowing here on live doppler 7hd. this is near yosemite village and where some of the smoke is being seen. we will give you the current
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readings. the humidity is good news and it is up to 40%. the winds are west, southwest at 7 miles per hour. tomorrow near 90. it is going to be another windy day. there were gusts to 35 miles per hour, and there is a chance of dry lightning tuesday andok at our we'll look at our forecast coming up. >> thank you, leigh. new at 11:00, two people took a terrifying plunge after their motorcycle went off the road in los gatos. you can see the bike being pulled up an embankment near the lexington reservoir. highway patrol says the bike tumbled about 20 to 30 feet down the em bankment about 5:00. the two riders suffered minor injuries. a shooting september four people including two children to hospital in oakland. set casings and other evidence covered the pavement near 104th avenue. someone opened fire around 2:20 this afternoon. the victims are all expected to survive. the youngest victims are 8 and 12 years old. union city police are
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trying to solve their community's first two homicides of 2013. two men died after being shot at 11th and d streets after 1:00 this morning. police haven't released description of the person or people believed responsible. new details. surveillance video shows a man being killed. we will not show you the exact moment. 22-year-old ramone garcia was shot to death yesterday afternoon near the city's downtown. this surveillance video shows garcia getting off his bicycle and leaning back against a car. a man runs up to garcia and shoots him in the head. garcia was a father of five. >> i said stay out of trouble, stay out of jail. he said yes, tia. i am gonna do good. i am gonna try to do good this time. i am going to do it for me and my kids. >> family members say garcia and the suspect were arguing at a park. police are studying the surveillance tape in hopes of identifying the suspect. the big closure is just
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three days away. the bay bridge will close beginning late in the evening wednesday, august 28th. it will last up to five full days over the long labor day holiday. the bridge with the new eastern span will re-open by tuesday, september 3rd. there is a lot of work to be done during the five-day closure. contractors will align both ends of the new span with interstate 80 and at yes, sir bough by yen gnaw island. they will install connecting pavement and stripe the new lanes. on the oakland side they will finish the westbound lanes from the toll plaza to the new span. they will demolish the existing eastbound touchdown before inconstructing the new eastern lanes. part of the work got underway this weekend and here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the crews can convert one to a fast track only lane when the new bridge opens. the three toll lanes will we open at 5:00 tomorrow morning. you can see how close the new bay bridge is to opening by checking out cal trans live construction camera on
2:08 am under see it on tv. we also have information on our our -- on how to down loud our app and how to navigate bay area traffic. to find out about the extra services offered during the closure, we will notify our twitter followers as soon as the bridge opens. follow us at abc7 news bay area. it's official. team new zealand will challenge oracle team usa for the the cup. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live at the america's cup park. hi, lilian. >> ama, two sailing power houses will be facing off in less than two weeks. it is not really a surprise, but fans are excited nonetheless. >> it is a clean start. >> em rete's team new zealand faced off against the luna rosa for the final time. in the end the kimi came out ahead as they had for most of the series.
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team new zealand now advances to the premiere event, the america's cup where they will take on the defending champion or cal team usa. they stressed how important it is for them to win. >> one thing my dad told me was never to start a speech with an apology. the only reason we are in san francisco is to take the cup away. >> relations have been tense for quite some time. things got worse in recent weeks when team new zealand accused oracle of cheating after it modified its boats during warm up races. sailing enthusiasts say it will be a good match up. >> i think they will put up a good fight. >> i think oracle has their work cut out for them to be
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sure. but we always have to root for the americans. >> the 34th america's cup begins on september 7th. the best of 17 series is scheduled to take place over two weeks. lilian kim, abc7 news. still to come, a big honor for a bay area hero. why he is getting the medal of honor from president obama. and plus, how much would you pay to keep crying children away from you on your next flight? the airline that is giving you the option. and why tycoon donald trump is being investigated for
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babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks.
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a healthy baby is worth the wait. the east room of the white house tomorrow to be awarded the medal of honor. 33-year-old staff sergeant ty carter learned last month he had been awarded the nation's highest military honor.
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three years ago in afghanistan carter braved enemy fire twice to save a fellow soldier and then found an abandoned radio in the battlefield kill zone and used it to call in support. we talked to carter's dad when he talked about the award. >> this is some bragging rights. as a dad, you don't get that very often. >> there are not a lot of fathers that can claim they have been able to go through this. >> carter will become only the fifth living recipient of the medal of honor awarded for service in iraq and afghanistan. this week marks the anniversary of the 1963 march on washington, d.c. and dr. martin luther king, junior's i have a dream speech. the eyes of the nation will focus on the lincoln memorial on wednesday. president obama will speak at the let freedom ring ceremony on the same steps where dr. king spoke. new at 11:00, abc7 continues its support of theamin taylor family foundation by celebrating a day in the park at camp arroyo in livermore
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this afternoon. our own cheryl jennings, mike nico and william about you are ton joined -- william burton joined a thousand others at the fundraiser. the fundraiser hopes to raise a million dollars to provide free camp and services to kids with life-threatening illnesses and life altering conditions like sophie's place, a mobile unit for music therapy. >> people don't realize that doctors are writing prescriptions on prescription pads for specific therapies in music because they are creating pathways and brain injuries. >> nfl hall of famer steve young founded the forever young foundation and is partnered with the foundation for nearly 25 years. visit for more on camp arroyo. the amazing children it helps and how you can help. >> you might be used to paying extra to check your bags or enjoy a meal when you fly. now an airline will gladly take more of your money so you can sit in a child free zone. scoot is an off shoot of singapore airlines.
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scoot is experimenting with charging a $14 fee to guarantee passengers seats in an area off limits to kids under 12. the airline calls it scoot in silence. smie some big internet outages. they run web services for other companies that affect sites like air b and b and vine. most of the problems were resolved. at the mtv video music awards justin timberlake and n'sync brought down the house with a rendition of "girlfriend." others were taylor swift, one direction, salina gomez. the video music awards were held in brooklyn for the first time. and now for a check on our weather, let's get to leigh glaser. the last full week of august. >> you are right. slow going tomorrow morning thanks to the low clouds and fog.
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live doppler 7hd is picking up on that nicely. you can see the wall of fog just pushing on in and already reducing the visibility around parts of the bay area. i also want to point out some isolated thunderstorms. this is some monsoonal moisture moving up from southern california all the way up toward las vegas. this could possibly even provide a little bit of heat relief for the rim fire tuesday and wednesday. the bad part is while it could pose some heat relief it also could trigger some dry lightning strikes once again something they don't need. here is a look at a gray sky over san francisco. san francisco is 63 and it is 64 in san jose. golden gate bridge, mist and drizzle and pockets of fog. napa is 62 and 62 in concord. here is a look at our forecast. highlights coming up for your workweek. we will go with increasing low clouds and fog. partly cloudy conditions in land and then sunshine after the fog bank
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lifts about midday or so, a little warmer as we head through tuesday and wednesday. lows tonight, the coolest will be in the north bay valley area, santa rosa fest 3. elsewhere temperatures #r* pretty much widespread in the midto upper 50s. lower pressure brought parts of the bay area with a little light rain and sprinkles and mist and drizzle this morning. it has started to push to the north. we will say goodbye to the system and hello high pressure. it will move back toward the west and basically it is going to bring the clear skies and less fog and also help to warm us up a few degrees each day. we start out this evening and i think our forecast animation really is spot on with the low clouds right near the coast. by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow the commute time you will notice most of the clouds are pushing on in. we could experience flight delays in some locations, especially sfo, but you will see by noontime, 1:00, 2:00 it pulls back off the coast. even the coast will see some sunshine as well.
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here is a look at your highs. maybe a few degrees warmer than today. 82, 85 los gatos. the peninsula looks good. afternoon sunshine. 79 redwood city and 77 lot altos. even the cost warms up. downtown san francisco, morning overcast and fog. afternoon sun and 68 degrees. stinson beach 66 and 80 sonoma and napa 82. oakland 74. 75 castro valley and still mild to maybe warm inland with 86 for brentwood and 85 for concord. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, warmer for you on tuesday and wednesday. those days, the warmest of the upcoming workweek, and then we will start to trend things down a little bit on thursday and friday. upper 80s inland. kind of where we should be for this time of year. can't believe it is almost the end of august. >> it is, and a lot of kids are going back to school. tomorrow it is back to school for oakland students. that means alarm clocks are being set earlier and earlier. you can download abc7's free alarm clock smart phone app to
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start your day with live doppler 7hd radar and traffic alerts. advice -- visit apps. shu has your sports news and 9ers are in town. >> and colt mccoy played his best game against the vikings. as a result jim harbaugh said he is the new back up quarterback. reaction from the coach and the player ne sports.
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and it was time to impress with nfl roster cut down from 90 to 75 players on tuesday. colt mccoy restructured his contract from 1.5 million to $63,000 with incentives. to $630,000 with incentives. colin kaepernick connected with patton who is playing for the first time due to a broken finger. 5 yards on the touchdown. 7-0 niners.ccoy saw mccoy saw sd the back up spot.
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rolling here for a first down. after a viking touchdown on the ensuing kickoff. hawkins, not a rookie, but he may have bought himself another week with this kickoff return for a touchdown. unfortunately he was flagged twice on the play for taunting and removing his helmet. haunting jim harbaugh will not tolerate and he let him know. colt mccoy, 11 of 15 and 109 yards and a pick. connecting with john baldwin. my old number back in action. bj daniels impressive last week and scrambles for 20 yards. he might make it on the roster as a third quarterback. that lead to an anthony dixon lead. on fourth and goal and niners win it 34-14 and afterward coach harbaugh was asked if colt mccoy is his new back up quarterback? >> yes, yes he is. i thought he played very well. he has progressed and got -- gotten better every week.
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that's what we are looking for. >> itfelt good. we were going after a good defense. we moved the ball well. we have things to clean up, but i felt like tonight was a good effort. >> pryor will start thursday night against the seahawks. he impressed his coach betweens the bears throwing and running for a touchdown. matt flynn sat out of practice with a sore arm giving pryor a shot. the week one starting quarterback is yet to be decided which gives pryor a real chance to impress on thursday. >> in terms of the playbook and in terms of being a quarterback out there, i am just learning still, you know? don't get me wrong. i can lead. i am just out there getting better and trying to get in sync with the guys. >> we will take a brief timeout before we hit the lincs and we'll explain why tiger woods was
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you. the a's had a chance to gain some ground on the rangers, but the oriels said not so fast my friends. sunny greg in three plus innings of work. there was a two-run smack and eight of the nine starters knocking in three runs. they lost four of five, but they remain two and a halfback. giants hosting pittsburgh in the my -- pirates of a mccovey cove the big guy will get a two r.b.i triple out of the deal. the g-men go on to a 4-0 victory and split the series. ryan vog gel song gets the shutout victory. tiger woods made a run at the
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title and it was in short of sudden death. on 13 he tweaks it again and on the approach he falls to the ground. vol finds the water. he got up and he is not done yet. five under66 and birdie on 16. co leader justin rosa par. just when you thought tiger was done. he sticks his approach and he gets to 10 under. then on 18 he is off the green. putting for birdie and a playoff with adam scott who is in the clubhouse. one rotation short and finishes one back. finally in need of this birdie to force a playoff and he misses. adam scott hangs on to win the barclays with a bogey free 5 under 66. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. coming up, an amateur wins on
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the lpga tour. and much more from the 49ers locker room. i remember those days wondering if you are going to get cut or not. on tuesday cutting down 15 players. still to come, the white house on syria and why they believe the government was behind the chemical attacks. plus, the fraud investigation against donald trump. what he is accused of doing. >> somebody is trying to break into my house. they just broke the window. >> the daring phone call from a brave boy, and the police distacher who helped save -- dispatcher who helped save him.
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, the rim fire in yosemite has burned nearly 225 square
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miles. sadly among those charred hillsides are the ruins of the berkeley tuolamy family camp. the structure built in 1922 burned down this afternoon. three days left until the bay bridge closes down. it will shutdown late wednesday night and stay that way for five full days through the labor day weekend. the closure is to attach the new eastern span to the bridge. a bay area soldier will receive the nation's highest award tomorrow at the white house. staff sergeant ty carter will be presented with the medal of honor by president obama. she being honored for actions above and beyond the call of duty by the taliban in afghanistan in 2009. is the u.s. ready to use military force against syria? that's the question hanging over washington and the mideast tonight. abc news reporter chuck see -- sigh evertson has the latest jie. it may force president obama's hand. a chemical weapons attack on
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women and children in syria with the death toll over 1,000. it may have spurred them to a concession during a visit by the united nations disarmament chief. the assad regime agreed to allow a team inspect the site of the attack. the white house says there is, quote, little doubt a chemical weapon was used. president obama conferred with his national security team on saturday to consider a military response. as u.s. warships in the mediterranean move closer to the syrian coast, some lawmakers are urging the president to use force. >> i hope the president will ask for approval to do something in a way that causes them to understand that we are not going put up with this type of activity. >> chuck hagel says the president is still making up his mind. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options for all contingencies. we have done that. >> a prime possibility cruise missal strikes which can
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pinpoint targets with little explosion sure to forces. the attacks still carry risks. >> in the worst case would be you would bomb the bunker and throw chemical weapons all over the desert. >> a senior u.s. official tells abc news, we do not want to do anything on our own. others must commit resources and political will. u.s. officials are exploring a united nations resolution. abc news, new york. the pope is weighing in on the syria issue. pope francis is urging the international community to increase its effort to end syria's civil war. the pontif told the tens of thousands of people in st. peters square that he is distished by the atrocities -- is disturbed by the atrocities. in san francisco's castro district a community group took on the russian orthodox church. the group gays without borders protested in front of a church on 15th street. they say the russian orthodox church tells its members that
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gays are sinful and will destroy the world. russia has recently enacted anti-galas. protesters today say they wanted to open a dialogue with the church. donald trump faces a lawsuit accusing him of running a phony real estate school that bilked its students. trump university operated six years without a license. they recruited 5,000 students that promised them secrets to becoming rich like trump if they spent up to $35,000. the suit describes trump university as a, quote, bait and switch. >> they were taken and convinced by motivational speakers and videos of trump they didn't get any secrets. they didn't get any mentor ship. they didn't get anything. >> trump responded by tweeting, light weight attorney general eric schneiderman is trying to extort me with a civil lawsuit. two neurosurgeons have resigned their positions at uc davis. the two were found to have
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violated the faculty code of conduct. the surgeons infected brain cancer patients with bowel bacteria in an unsuccessful effort to save their lives. all three infected patients gave their approval for the treatment. a remarkable exchanging between a 12-year-old boy and a 9-1-1 operator. tonight two thieves are in custody because of the courage of the little boy and the steady patience of the woman on the other end of the phone. >> listen closely as 12-year-old deion murdoch dials 9-1-1 alone in his port arthur home. >> 9-1-1, where is the emergency? hello. >> somebody is trying to break into my house. they just broke the window. >> they just broke the window? what room are you in? >> please hurry. >> i am. stay on the phone with me. >> the dispatcher tells deion to go into the closet doing her best to reassure him along the way. police say these two young men break into the house. >> i am going to have to hang
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up because i think they are coming in. please hurry. >> they are. >> they are here. >> they are inside the room now. >> and then chilling silence for a full minute. >> are you there? deion? just stay there. the officers think they will catch the guy, okay? >> when police arrived they saw the two men running from the home. the dispatcher is keeping the child on the line with a loving tone. >> so, is the police officer outside the house? >> yeah, but stay inside the closet. they are trying to find the bad guys, okay? you are doing good. you are doing real good. you are doing perfect. your mom is going to be so proud of you. >> she is actually -- she is the only thing i can think of. >> you thought well. you thought well. you are a very, very smart young man and you did a good thing. >> incredible story. a new study about drugs and addiction. what bay area researchers have learned about cocaine and its affects on the brain. plus, how a doctor's passion for fly fishing lost a
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generation of innovation in the bay area medicine. >> and hi again, everyone. i'm leigh glaser. live doppler 7hd is picking up showers in southern california. it could be a rainy day there. we will look at the accu-w
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francisco links cocaine use to new brain structures that make you want more cocaine. researchers studied mice given cocaine and found they show rapid growth in association with learning and memory. the structures made the mice want to be in the cage that promised more cocaine. the findings show a possible mechanism for how drug use fuels further drug-seeking behavior. silicon valley is known around the globe as a crai dahl of -- cradle of innovation where it can be launched from a garage. now one famous inventor is creating a center for innovation at a hospital. >> the first ones were made by me. >> it has been nearly half a century since this tiny balloon catheter has changed the direction of the invention. but he remembers how it hemmed assemble the -- how it helped assemble the first one. >> i used a fly technique to
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attach the balloon to the catheter. >> he is a self-admitted tinkerer. the kind of guy who likes to get his hands on tools from soapbox derbies to a job as a scrub technician while still in high school. >> a scrub technician is one who hands the instruments to the physician during an operation. as i progressed into high school i came pretty good at it. >> so good he was encouraged as a student to develop an instrument to open closed arteries. >> a light bulb did go off. i pursued it. it, woulded. >> now with roughly 150 patents for dozens of technologies, the 79-year-old is moving from inventor to mentor. directing the newly expanded fogerty institute at el camino hospital. it is an incubator lab for medical start ups. a company with a better and safer way to remove ear wax. >> we have the base unit system that heats up the water
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so patients won't undergo the dizziness that they sometimes undergo during the current procedure. >> as for the criteria, the ideas have to be affordable, practical and enhance patient care. medical degree is optional. >> if it is a physician i show them the door. they go in the operating room and everybody does pretty much what the surgeon tells them to do. they don't tolerate input very well. >> it includes education as well as technology. he is developing a system that allows students to absorb anatomy as if they were flying through the body. >> it is 3-d and layered. >> nine start ups are sharing the 14,000-foot lab facility including five just added this summer. all are encouraged to take risks which he sees as the key to innovation. >> innovation is really a form of insanity.
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you can see other things that people don't see. you often hear thicks that other people -- hear things that other people don't hear and you do things that other people won't do. >> caroline johnson, abc7 news. >> his approach has not gone unnoticed. in 2001 he was inducted into the inventer's hall of fame. this may be my favorite story. we are getting our first look at the newest addition at the national zoo in washington, d.c. it is a giant panda cub. it is almost like it is smiling. the smithsonian provided this picture of the cub born on friday. the cub received a clean bill of health after a quick exam. the tiny panda weighs a little more than four and a half ounces. and now to blee -- leigh glaser for a last check of the weather. >> let's turn our attention to live dop -- doppler 7hd. it is moving inland right now. reduced visibilitys and the golden gate bridge and that is going to mean some flight
2:48 am
delays at sfo. i want to take you to southern california and we have monsoonal moisture. this could also play a part in some of the flight delays in southern california as well. also could pose some lightning threats to the rim fire as we get into tuesday and wednesday. elsewhere around the country, dallas 97 and new orleans some rain there and 84. 94 hot and humid in st. louis. salt lake city will be wet tomorrow and 82 and so will vegas. los angeles, those storms are getting very close to the locale by tomorrow afternoon. 94 fresno and yosemite 93 and monterey 68. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, warmer for us all tuesday and wednesday. back up close to 90 degrees. anto come start to come back down on saturday and sunday. abc7 morning news at 4:30 with another update. >> perfect, thank you, leigh. shu is here with sports and how the niners did today. >> they did very well. they got a look at young players against the vikings
2:49 am
and the one that impressed me was quinten playing for the first time due to a broken
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plays around the league to impress their head coaches before tuesday's first cut down of nfl rosters. the 49ers are hosting the vikings and i was impressed with a few guys on the 90-man roster. colin kaepernick connects and it makes his first start due to a broken finger. they connect again for the five-yard touchdown. a team high four catches and 35 yards. a nice debut for the rookie. he has a few dance steps. colt mccoy took a pay cut from 1.5 million to $630,000 with incentives. he solidifies the back up spot. but he makes his one mistake. he brings it back to the 29. mccoy looked down, but he would bounce back nicely.
2:53 am
ensuing kickoff and the former cal bear not a rookie, but he may have bought himself another week with this 105 kickoff return. unfortunately he was flagged twice on the play for taunting right there. he also removed his helmet and it is something jim harbaugh will not tolerate. he has not made the team yet, but this will help. the pick lead to a 50-yard field goal. he was perfect. two for two on the night. niners lead it 20-7 at the half. vance mcdonald and watch this. leaps over one defender and runs over another and first down. he had two catches. colt mccoy, he was 11 of 15 and connecting with newly acquired john baldwin. that sets up a jewel hampton touchdown run. 27-14 niners. the only quarterback not to play is tolzine. daniels impressive scrambling for 20 yards. he may make the roster as a
2:54 am
third quarterback. it will be interesting. that lead to a touchdown run from one yard out. niners win it 34-14. afterwards colin kaepernick it was impressed with quit 10 patton. -- quintin patton. >> he is a great player. he knows how to get open and knows how to make plays. i am interested to see what he can do for us. he is somebody that is easy to have chemistry with. he knows where the windows are. >> the a's had a chance to gain some ground and the o's said we are going to win the battle. he gave up six runs on eight hits. two home runs in the eighth. right here a two-run jack and knocking in at least one run.thn they remain two and a halfback of texas. the giants hosting pittsburgh. best boat ever in mccovey cove with the pirates of the caribbean.
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sandoval took care of that with a two r.b.i triple. g-men go on to a victory and split the series. pga tour staging their first fed ex cup playoffy vent. the trophy was up for grabs and tiger woods among others made a run at the title, but tiger was an inch short of sudden death. tiger battling back pas swrems all week. he tweaked his back and falls to the ground. big drama. ball finds the water and bogeyed the hole and not done yet. scott is in the clubhouse at 11 under. justin rose to force the playoffs. you can't miss that. just when you thought tiger was done, birdie ticks teen. 16. sticks it. he is now 10 under. on 18 right off the tbreen. putting for birdie and forcing a playoff with adam scott. you hate this.
2:56 am
one rotation short. it forces the playoff and nobody can make it. adam scott hangs on to win it with a bogey-free five under 66. 16-year-old amateur amber coe won it and today she defended her title. she shot a 60 -- 6 under 64 and won it by five strokes at 15 under. five birdies on the front line including this one. check out the touch here. it is her fourth win and professional event, but no cash collected as she is an amateur. she will turn pro as she finishes in new zealand. she is ranked seventh in the world. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> that's incredible. >> isn't that amazing? >> for the 49ers you said tuesday? >> tuesday they cut from 95 to 70 and guys are on pins and needles trying to make it especially rookies trying to fulfill their lifetime dream
2:57 am
of making it to a nfl roster. i was cut and traded and everything in my career so i know what they are feeling. >> abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. thank you for joining us. abc7 news continues now on-line, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with our new abc7 news app. have a g
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this morning on "world news now" -- flames and fears. the monstrous fire that is burning in yosemite park threatening more than property owners and firefighters. >> right now i'm just trying to keep my kids calm and not have them worry too much about what's going on up there. >> why this inferno is so difficult to fight. why it could threaten a big city's water supply. >> alleged use of deadly chemical weapons. the u.n. investigation and who is pushing for american military action. who is suing the donald. serious allegations against the mogul who is accused of making big promises to people who wanted to cash in. >> they didn't get any secrets. they didn't get any mentorship. they didn't get anything. >> the lawsuit, the money at stake and what is next for donald trump. it's monday, august 26th.


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