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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  September 15, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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good morning, america. this morning, new images of the emergency evacuations in h the flood zone. >> i have never been in an evacuation. it feels kind of scary. >> the biggest helicopter rescue operation since hurricane katrina. an aerial drone capturing images of the raging waters forcing so many from their homes. >> it's unbelievable. i have never seen this much water anywhere. they're rescuing animals, too. from stranded pets to farm animals. look at this horse floated out on an inner tube. we're on the front lines with people going to amazing lengths to help creatures who cannot help themselves. also breaking overnight. a shootout in times square.
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cops open fire on a man and two innocent bystanders are hit by bullets. what led to this wild scene in the cross roads of the world. sfwrmpblts and deejays if diapers. they can't walk or talk but these toddlers are learning how to spin. ♪ i'm gonna get you baby it is a very busy sunday morning. let's get straight to it. straight to the colorado flood zone. there was more rain overnight. the forecast is calling for another round of precip today. the scale of the rescue operation this morning is staggering. hundreds of people, many of them children, plucked from their homes by choppers. meteorologist ginger zee is on the ground. ginger, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you, dan. i have to tell you.
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yesterday i told you about the rivers feet above their record stage. i'm standing on one or what is the runoff from one. the south platte river, still about an hour away. a bunch of wild life popping up. more to come. green is flash flood watch. red is a warning. from new mexico up through northeastern colorado, an absolute mess with widespread rain on the way. this flooding still writing history. colorado consumed. again. >> it's just devastating. >> reporter: drama on high as the unyielding waters force hundreds of rescues. >> i think what we have is the greatest number of americans rescued by helicopters since hurricane katrina. >> reporter: up to four inches of rain, laden in hail,
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smothering aurora. four people dead. 600 unaccounted for. >> i have never seen this much water anywhere. >> reporter: at least 7,000 people evacuated from their homes. 85 students strapped by the flood waters. the south platte river overflowing at an alarming rate. look at this time lapse. floodwaters devouring the farmland in less than a half hour. piles of dirt lined up to protect tiffany thompson's home. her girls and pups makes the escape just in time. >> i have never been in an evacuation. it feels scary. >> reporter: neighbors mary ann and joseph, in disbelief. a har hour ago, you were there and it was dry. >> we were walking around the house and it was dry. >> reporter: homes piercing
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homes. roads obliterated. families holding on together. you saw the time lapse. it was like yesterday we were watching it rise before our eyes. it will happen again today. the forecast, the numbers not looking good for a lot of places that don't need this rain. another 1 to 2 inches if you're in the purple area. it will dry out eventually. this moves out and by tuesday, dryer air moving in. a westerly flow sttrying to tak over. i'll be coming back with the fashion's weather. for now, back to the studio. >> thank you, ginger. president obama signed an emergency declaration ordering extra federal aid to colorado. the intense operation now involving a massive effort by the air national guard. on the phone with us is
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lieutenant mitch utterback. this is being described as the biggest air rescue since hurricane katrina. how is it going? >> those are my words from yesterday. that's just the national guard. i'm lieutenant colonel. >> my afollow juice. lieutenant colonel, thank you so much for joining us. how is the rescue operation going? >> right now, the rescue operation concluded at about 2:00 this morning. the last troops out moving people and sup pplies around go their heads on pillows at 2:00. the helicopter pilots will be waking up now. we'll have a briefing with the incident management team at 7:00. the pilots will brief at 7:30. >> 600 unaccounted for, 7,000
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evacuated. thank you so much. best of luck for you. >> h thank you for letting everybody know what we have going on out here. we appreciate it. >> a unique and dramatic perspecti perspective. a local company in colorado sent up a small drone and captured the flood. the camera flieds smoothly over scenes of utter chaos. roads that have become rivers. and rivers so high they almost touch the bottom of brijs. you can see neighborhoods swallowed by mud. you can also see rescue and emergency teams surveying the damage. and then, this camera hoverers low, right over the water itself, angry and brown. take a look at images like this. and this.
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you can really get a sense from these shots of the sheer destructive power of the current. indelible images of a disaster that will leave a lasting mark. usually we get chopper footage. this is right over the water. >> as we often see amidst tragedies come acts of kindness and courage. clayton sandell is in gr erk eley with incredible rescue stories. >> reporter: like so many colorado neighborhood this is morning this one is covered if a layer of water. the floods rose so quickly here, it was nearly impossible to get your animals out. that rescue job fell to a group of modern day cowboys. when so much is lost, heroes emerge in the most unexpected places. >> come on, henry.
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>> reporter: across colorado, coming together, to help those that can't help themselves. >> there are eight people back there. two people out there with them. >> reporter: in this community, countless livestock left trapped overnight. >> we just started grabs horses. >> reporter: this-year-old was stranded for 24 hour ifs freezing flood waters up to his haunchs. the rescuers using found inner tubes to tow him to high ground. his saviors refusing to leave his side. >> i'm happy right here. >> reporter: this morning, he's alive and stable. everyone pitches in. >> i went in the barn to catch the horse, and i could hear the goat. >> reporter: sheriff's deputy dan perusek began his search friday night. >> i grabbed them and their safe, too. >> reporter: we were there, saturday, as he and his neighbors rescued 18 steeds.
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along with an assortment of llamas, donkey, and cattle. time after time returning with more. >> i don't have kids. but i have animals. i love animals. i know i helped a family out that looked like they were going to have to leave their animals behind. >> reporter: and without so much as a cowboy's tip of the hat, he was off again, determined to save as many as he could. >> somebody's got to give them a fighting chance, too. >> reporter: all of those horses and animals that you saw have been taken to shelters. we just found some cats out here. there are hundreds of animals still out there waiting to be rescued. dan? >> so much more left to be done. thank you, clayton. we want to move to the jersey shore. an and abc news exclusive. governor chris christie touring the damage after the infer know damaged parts of the boardwalk just rebuilt after superstorm sandy. the governor spoke to abc's gio
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benitez about the fire and whether it was intentionally set. >> reporter: as investigators comb through the rubble, chris christie says he'll get the boardwalk back to normal. just a few days ago, you said you wanted to throw up when you saw what was happening here. what is going through your mind right now. >> now it's like, okay, it's time to get back to work. >> reporter: but what started the fire? the fire is considered suspicious. as many as 15 atf agents are on the scene, searching for clues. the fire destroyed 30 buildings. and so much of the boardwalk just we built following superstorm sandy. christie tells us he doesn't know what caused the massive blaze. you want to know what happened right away as soon as you can. >> whatever the cause is, we'll let law enforcement and
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insurance companies deal with that. >> reporter: so many people expressed such sadness over what happened here. what is your message to everyone watching this? >> first of all, to thank people from around the country and the world who have sent messages to us. kind of disbelief and sadness. we appreciate their support and prars. they should be playing for these folks. they have been through a hell of a lot in the last ten months. we appreciate that folks care about the state. it's because of these people. they're great, caring, compassion nal fat, warm people. they appreciate the help coming from around the country and the world. especially all the prayers. >> reporter: for "good morning america," gio benitez, seaside heights. we have another abc news exclusive this morning. president obama defending his policy on syria. >> critics have called his handling of this happhazard and
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me andering. the interview will be on "this week" later on. george is here with us. >> good normorning, guys. >> he's saying it's not looking smooth but the outcome is what matters. >> he believes the deal vindicates this approach. what a perilous month this has been. since the chemical weapons massacre on august 21st, he has seemed to go for a strike, pulled back, gone to congress, and gets saved by the russian president, who has not been a great friend of the president so far. i present all of the challenges to the president. he fights back hard. >> you mentioned the russian president. many saying he's been repeatedly outmaneuvered by the russian president. first, with the last-minute plan, and two days late we are the dig op ed in the new york times. >> he has to be careful right now. he needs the russians. he needs president putin to implement the deal on the other
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hand, he doesn't fully trust president putin. he's confronting him, challenging. he's also heading for this big showdown in congress right now. the president very strong there as well. >> a potential government shutdown next month. >> only three weeks away. >> thank you, george. you can see all of george's exclusive interview with president obama later this morning on "this week." a lot of other news overnight. let's get the latest from ron claiborne. >> we have the breaking news from overnight. gunshots fired at one of new york city's most popular tourst destinations. linzie janis is in times square. >> reporter: it's back to normal this morning. last night, a crazy scene in times square. police officers swarmed and shot at man, hitting two bystanders instead. at around 9:30 p.m., a man
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reportedly was acting wildly. onlookers called him quote deranged, as he pretended to point a gup at police in the area. cell phone video shows new york city cops chasing the 35-year-old on the corner of 42nd street and 8th avenue. he began to run through the intersection. they were able to stop him. >> get back. even get back! >> reporter: police say when the suspect appeared to have a gun drawn -- [ gunshots ] >> reporter: -- they fired. missing him and hitting two bystanders. >> ats a proximately 9:30 this evening, two passer byes were shot by police officers accidentally as the officers were trying to subdue an emotionally disturbed person. >> reporter: the suspect was taken into custody after they shot him with a taser.
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the 54-year-old shot in the knee and a 35-year-old grazed by a bullet. the suspect is in the hospital being treated as an emotionally disturbed person. >> thank you, linzie. investigators will be back on the scene of a greyhound bus crash in ohio. 35 people were hurt yesterday when the bus went off of interstate 75 early saturday morning. none of the injuries is considered life-threatening. the driver had some kind of medical incident, said witnesses, and that led to the crash. he's recovering now in the hospital this morning. and some bad news this morning. the powerball ticket you bought, it wasn't a winner. the next drawing is wednesday night, es matted to be $400 million. and disgraced celebrity cook
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paula deen got a warm welcome when she made her first public appearance in months. she was a headliner at a cooking show in houston texas. she was dropped by the food network and lost endorsement deals after she acknowledged in a trial that she used racist slurs in the past. >> i've said all along that the one place i would want to make my first step back out was texas. [ cheers and applause ] >> a judge has dismissed the lawsuit field against her that led to the scandal. finally, college football is a big deal for millions of fans. 90,000 people, a record crowd on hand when ucla played nebraska. it seems it was too much excitement for this little guy. we'll show him here. look at this. right there in the middle of the sea of blue, apparently the
4:17 am
cheering was a little bit too loud for him. we're learning that he was upset because he bet on nebraska. a piece of advice, double down next weekend. go with the cornhuskers. >> or that he bought a powerball ticket. >> or he thought he was going to the ballet, not a football game. >> i doubt that. time for a check of the weather and become out to ginger zee in fort morgan, colorado. hey, ginger. >> hey, there. this mess in colorado, our headline. we have a hurricane we need to check in on. that's hurricane ingrid. affecting parts of south mexico. this area, 5 inches or so of rain. they're going to get more. in some places, they expect two feet. it's a mexican landfall tomorrow morning. could be up to a category 2 when it does that. it will start to drift off. that's the path. not going to affect u.s.
4:18 am
directly. however, southern texas, south texas, excuse me, brownsville, corpus christi, still some rough surf. 9-foot seas. you'll' some flooding at the coast. we have rain, too. kansas city, scattered showers. the northeast, if you're doing anything outdoors from atlanta all the way up to boston, what a beautiful sunday. and way to wrap your weekend.
4:19 am
>> you know, yesterday, when it started raining, people starting looking up here in colorado and just in disbelief. i can't believe it's still happening. today, widespread rain. i'll detail how much falls here in the next half hour. dan and bianna? >> so terrible to hear that the rain is not ending for them. now to the most famous beauty pageant on the planet. it's back home in atlantic city. a brand-new miss america will will be crowd tonight right here on abc. a new breed of contestants is emerging. interesting contestant this is year. >> the pageant is in its 93rd year. this time around, it promises a more modern twist. is there that's miss america, 1945. >> reporter: this is not your mother's miss america pageant.
4:20 am
with coop tes tants like the bow-slinging, camo-wearing, tatto tattoo-touting miss america. >> the serenity prayer. women have tattoos. this is 013. they can win. >> reporter: teresa vail is a new kind of beauty queen. the first to support ink and the army national guard sergeant is only the second member of the military to compete. >> i break stereo types every day. being a soldier and a beauty queen. >> reporter: she'll take the stage tonight as the miss america pageant returns to atlantic city for the first time since 2006. facing off against more traditional contestants like miss florida. but even miranda jones is breaking through barriers, showing just how tough a beauty
4:21 am
queen can be. >> that really hurt. >> reporter: she painfully tore her acl on thursday. in a preliminary talent routine. in a moment that will be revealed tonight, she makes an incredible return to the stage the same day. just two unique stories among the 53 contestants bringing the crowning glory of miss america back to new jersey with a spectacular new spin and perhaps a bit more drama. and jones actually went on to win the preliminary talent contest and vail taught herself to sing opera when she learned archery wasn't allowed in the competition. it will be interesting to watch those two and the rest of the ladies tonight. >> that is a lot of ink she has. we wish them all the best. don't miss a special edition of "20/20," the road to miss
4:22 am
america, with "gma's" lara spencer tonight at 8:00 eastern followed by miss america 2014 at 9:00, held if our backyard in new jersey. coming up on "good morning america" on this football sunday, you fefr know who might be sitting next to you in the stands. the undercover sting. and straight out of the hipster hot zone in brooklyn, deejay classes for people who wear diapers. and fit for a king. lebron james weds his long-time girlfriend. where was it and who was on the guest list? what we know about the three-day party. did somebody just...? impossible. ♪ yes.
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♪ nice, now put that one up. >> well, it turns out you're never too young to deejay. the class for babies that turned them into spinmeisters. what parents and kids are saying about the talent. >> sara haines went over there to check it out. with us there a no twerking rule? >> no twerking. you have to stay upright. you don't want whatever is up to come down. >> that's true. good morning, america. i'm bianna golodryga. >> and i'm dan harris. this is september 15th. this video involves two dogs and a trick involving a cheerio.
4:31 am
we'll have that in "pop news" as well. we begin this half hour with fans heading out the football games on this sunday. they know the harsh reality. sometimes the tackling is not just down on the field. >> fighting in the stands is getting out of control. sbrees i increasingly, it's captured on youtube. neal consider lynn ski has more on the story. >> reporter: it's sunday. it's september. and that can only mean one thing. >> it's game time. >> reporter: football. but at too many games, that's also meant this. >> get back, now! >> reporter: violence. fan versus fan. all over youtube. often brutal. and often just because someone is cheering for the wrong team. >> everybody likes to root to their team. but we're tired of the violence. >> reporter: the nfl is tired of it, too. and wants people to know it's doing something about it. today in seattle, while the game is in motion, the seahawks have
4:32 am
arranged for undercover police to be in the stands, working a sting as creative as it is unusual. they'll be dressed in the visiting team's colors, acting as bait and a deter rent. >> plain clothes officers wearing opposition jerseys. people don't know where the police are. when they don't, they're more likely to be on thiz best behavior. >> reporter: fans being disruptive or on scene can be kicked out and forced to take a four-hour online course before being able to buy a ticket. fans fed up with the violence welcomed the fresh idea. >> there are knuckle heads out there. they're going the make sure the nuk knuckleheads pay for what they
4:33 am
do. >> reporter: for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. we're going to get a didn't take now and get out to colorado and check the weather once again with ginger zee, in the middle of the flood zone in fort morgan. good morning to you again. >> we're here on this road. it is washing over so fast. it's chewing away at the land as we go. something to keep note of in new mexico today. they're under flash flood watches and warnings. we have video from there. albuquerque, record rain, 1.25 inches yesterday. a constant flow. you'll see more rain in new mexico. don't go around road blocks. in aurora, i was guyed to the radar. this storm would not move. another storm that dromed in some places south of denver, 6 inches. and the hail on top of it, an inch or two deep at times.
4:34 am
we wanted to show one photo. look at this beautiful shot. the woman gets reunited with her puppie puppies. we loved that. we hope so many more of those stories happen. tuesday, we finally see this dry out. today is no good. it is monday into tuesday when things start the dry out. the jet stream moving in ate wille differently. a new storm in the pacific northwest. rainfall going to move. we'll go to the east coast and give you an idea of what to expect. the fall-like pattern is settling in. the numbers are at or below average for a lot of folks from new york city, to boston, d.c. included, too.
4:35 am
>> this weather report brought to you by neutrogena. we're going to stay out here covering all of colorado through the next 24 hours. dan and bianna? >> ginger, thanks to you. now we're going to get another check of the headlines with ron claiborne. >> hi, again, bianna and dan. in the news, president obama defends his handling of the syria crisis. he made the comments in an exclusive interview coming up on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. he says he's pleased with syria agreeing to give up chemical weapons. and chris christie, promising help for the people who were victims of the boardwalk fire. he says there are 15 million will be made available to the businesses. a texas roller coaster is back open for the first time since a deadly accident in july
4:36 am
when a woman fell 75 feet to her death. six flags has installed in restraints. a frightening thought. chocolate prices are going up. the price of cocoa butter going up because of high demands. a ton of chocolate will now cost you $7,000. >> are you going to loan me the money? >> thank you, ron. coming up on "gma," the toddler deejay class. and lebron james bringing his talents to married life. the big man's bash. who was on the guest list for this three-day affair. and a rock star's pricey pad. jon bon jovi slashing the price of his penthouse in soho new york. we'll give you a close look
4:37 am
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i hope not, because alcohol can lead you to say things and do things you that you really wish you hadn't. isn't this what you're supposed to say? i know. so if any of your buddies ever pressure you to take a drink, just tell them you promised your dad you wouldn't. i'd do anything to keep you safe. ok. i will. i hope this is working. i promise. i love you too dad. they really do hear you. brian? yea? so start the conversation even before they're teenagers. good idea. for tips on what to say visit a message from the substance abuse and mental health services administration. some parents are concerned with the development of language and motor skills, others want to make sure their toddlers are learning how to be hip at an
4:41 am
early age. >> hence the images on your screen. deejay lass for your babies. in brock lynne. did you wear a fedora for the story? >> i did. my hipster jeans. i live if brooklyn. it's not jus that. >> you come by it honestly. >> when you think of terrible 2s, and 3s as well we don't think of disco house and hip hop. now we can. courtesy of baby deejay school. what do you get when you take this and add this? the next david guetta? not so fast. meet the baby deejays. this eight-week program gets toddlers up singing and dancing. ♪ but it's the deejay equipment that amps up this high-wattage class. >> nice, now put that one up. my friend's son ryder was interested when i showed him me
4:42 am
deej deejaying. he was into it. ♪ i'm gonna get you baby >> reporter: and so, baby deejay school was born. >> i thought it was creative and fun. >> a baby deejay class, who would have thought we would be going to that? >> e enjoyed he could touch it. it was interactive. >> reporter: what does baby deejaying bring to the mixing board? >> motor development and social interaction with parents. it's valuable. >> now you talk to people about deejaying, that's a concept of it being hip. this is about saying deejaying is something little kids do. it's something you do with your family. >> reporter: some little ones were not so hip to the beat. >> she didn't take to it. unfortunately. she loves music. i thing when it's a little loud and a lot of people around, you get this reaction. >> kids are very good at finding
4:43 am
activities appropriate for br they are. >> reporter: one thing i do know, the grownups were definitely having fun. right now, chazzs available only in brooklyn for to thes a few months old to 3 years old. she's hoping to eventually go nationwide. it was an overdose of cuteness. >> should have invited jake. >> i didn't know how this would go. i wanted to test it first. >> boldly going where no other correspondent would go. the biebs and the boxer. what was the pop superstar doing with floyd mayweather jr. in the championship fight last night? we'll tell you straight ahead in "pop news." ♪ the only thing we have to fear is... fear itself.
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♪ all right, time for "pop news." and back with the buzz, sara haines. >> how to you make more than $41 million in one night? it's easy if you're floyd mayweather jr. he beat his opponent last night at the mgm grand. how did he do it? maybe justin bieber was his secret weapon. he escorted him into the ring last night. who is buying the drinks in that company? >> i think he's underage, isn't he? it's a wedding fit for a king. lebron james married high school sweetheart savannah prinson last night. >> his head is hitting the
4:49 am
ceiling. >> a problem you may not have had. oh, my gosh, it just went south. i'm so sorry, dan. >> she went there. >> i mean, she's not wrong. but still. >> well, dwyane wade showed off his look with girlfriend gabrielle union. >> he's laughing on the outside and crying on the inside. >> beyonce and jay-z performed hair hit crazy in love. it was an elaborate three-day event. guests apparently treated to a fare well brumpnch this morning. if you want to live like a rock star, jon bon jovi just caught the asking price of hirz place in soho. it was $42 million.
4:50 am
now it's just $39.2 million. >> ron's writing a check. >> you get five booed rooms, including ing a master suite. can you imagine these places exist, by the way? >> it's nice we're talking about average, everyday americans. >> pop news for the 1%. i thing it's totally okay for me to introduce this video. a golden retriever in dumb blond territory. this is a year old, but people can't get enough of sophie and max. max brought his "a" game. sophie, each cheerio seems to come as a complete and utter surprise. well, at one point, the owner, by the way, says, come on,
4:51 am
you've got this. this one's yours. >> and? >> every time. that one was almost a get. dan, you were supposed to bring the cheerios for me to try this trick. i guess you didn't get the memo. >> no, no, no. i played the game with ron before. doesn't go well. i'm too short to get the cheerio up to. >> oh, i'm so sorry, dan. >> it's okay. i'll recover. we'll be right back with more "gma." keep it here. >> you're tall. >> i know. >> you're such a big boy.
4:52 am
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where teams compete to make the right decisions about safe food preparations. our challenge in this round -- read and follow package cooking instructions, and use a food thermometer. let's see how our teams are doing so far -- team 1? we just got 100 points. we separated our raw food from our cooked food. team 2? we got a 100-point green card for proper hand washing before our meal prep. referee: we've reached a critical safety point in the challenge. okay, team 1, let's check this out. uh-oh, not a safe internal temperature
4:55 am
for those hamburgers. that puts everyone at high risk for food-borne illness. you get a red card -- undercooked. always read and follow the package cooking instructions and use a food thermometer. let's see how our winning team cooked it safe and avoided problems. well, i just kept focus on the four food safety steps -- clean, separate, cook, and chill. and we followed the package cooking instructions and took the temperature. can you cook it safe? and that's going to do it for "gma" on this sunday morning. anybody? >> does something look odd? >> don't drink coffee as a child. >> thanks for watching "gma." we're always online at on yahoo!. we'll have much more later this morning.
4:56 am
here we go. i like this better. on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. including his exclusive interview with the president. thank you for joining us. >> it was uncomfortable to read with me on the floor? >> we have to be serious sometimes. see you later, bye. >> bye. >> bye, america.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 15th. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist frances dinglasan, who is in for lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. here's a live view from the roof camera. you see the flags blowing out there. we are starting out a little breezy. fairly mild in the upper 50s to near 60 degrees. in oakland currently we will come down a few more degrees in the next couple hours before sunrise. here's what you can expect today. we have fog that will develop possibly near the coast and in some of the north bay valleys it will be breezy once again. temperatures


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