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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 16, 2013 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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in order to go visit my family, which means a lot to me. >> the people we locate today were patriots. >> dozen civilian killed. even more wounded. >> get around the corner he fired at least 2 or 3 shots. >> right now investigators trying the find out why 34-year-old aaron alexis opened fire at the navy yard in washington, d.c. today and whether he acted alone. >> good evening. >> tonight law enforcement officials continue to investigate a possible second suspect but sources tell abc news the evidence points to just one shooter aaron alexis. >> karen is following the story from the scene. >>reporter: typical monday morning rush hour in washingto washington. turned into chaos. officials said aaron alexis
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34-year-old former navy reserv reservist made his way in building 197 at the navy yard. >> multiple shots fired. multiple people down. >>reporter: police said it was 8:20 am when the first call came in of multiple victims down. alexis made his way threw upper floor of the 5 story be and started somewha somewhating down the atrium walkway to a food court below. >> at least 5 people shot. they are attempting to bring outside. >>reporter: navy yard on lock down for more than 6 hours. survivors were told to hide in place. >> we put chairs and then tables up against the door. >>reporter: tonight the focus turned to a motive. fbi pleaded for the public help with information about alexis. >> no piece of information is too small. we are looking to learn everything we can about his recent movements. contacts and associates. >>reporter: military records show he was in the navy for from may 2,000 7 to january 2011. he was at naval air
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station in ft. worth, texas and he was charged with discharge ago gun in public by police. tonight his family was questioned by the fbi at the home in brooklyn as authorities try to determine what led him to commit such a horrific crim crime. his friends told us they are shocked. >> had he a gun but doesn't mean you are going to shoot people. >>reporter: aaron aelection history a security clearance that allowed him to work at the navy yard. law enforcement officials test us it appears he didn't force his way in. reporting near the navy yard in washington, abc 7 news. >> okay thanks very much, karen. here's closer look at the gunman. 34-year-old brooklyn native recently lived in texas and worked for hp for the navy. >> he bought a shotgun legally in virginia recently but one theory he may have picked up assault rifle and handgun toda today. >> police say he was arrested in 2004 after somewhating out tires at anger fueled blackout
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of some kind. >> his father told seattle police he suffered from ptsd after helping with rescue attempt medley following the september 11 attacks. >> he recently lived behind a buddhist temple in texas where he was there to meditate. we spoke to his brother-in-law who says there were no warning signs. >>reporter: witness describe the chaos that erupted and people tried to get out of the line of fire. >> everyone that was in the cafeteria trying to run. workers coming in the back but i refused i wanted to get out of the building so we all ran to the side of the building where security was and he was outside and he had he a gun drawn. >> we could see him with a rile and raised and aimed at us and fired and hit high on the wall.
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just as we were trying to leave. >>reporter: others ran for safety when fire alarm sounded inside their building. >> incredible. abc news has obtained the name of some of the diseased. innocent victims here michael arnold, sylvia frasier, katie guard, john roger johnson, frank koehler, kenneth foster and vish pendan pendant. range in age from 43 to sfaechlt they were all civilians. rest of the victim names are withheld until family are notified. >> president obama ordered fla flags at all federal facilities at half staff. through friday as tribute to the victims of today navy yard shingt. that includes the flag at the white house. >> and pl with washington on edge because of the shootings white house placed on lock down late today after what sounded like gun fir rang out. turned out the fireworks secret service capturing argue a man for tossing the firecracker over the fence and on to the north lawn at the white house.
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tune in "nightline"at 12:35 for the latest on the navy yard shooting and our reporting continues now on our web site and on twitter at this web sit site. >> p.m. don't hold your breath but tonight there is at least a little progress in the bart talk. l there is a new proposal to consider. allen is in oakland. >>reporter: instead of asking for a 21 percent raise over three years bart 2 biggest 81 say they are willing to take a 13 percent raise and pay more into the pension and medical plans. >> it is a significant reduction in cosby more than 10 million dollars. >> last i heard around 100 million dollars a part. tiny chunk we need to see more movement. >>reporter: the cooling off period runs out october 10. just in case bart says 12 of the manager can keep limited service running but need to l operate the train and union say
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it would be dangerous. today in san francisco governor brown said he will not intervene. >> if they better sit down. it could be a real problem. >>reporter: what are you going to do if they don't. >> i have exercised my power that was the cooling off perio period. >>reporter: without the governor intervention the only way out is to work it out. both sides expected to meet tomorrow morning in oakland, abc 7 news. >> registered sex offender now facing multiple charges for several different crimes committed over the summer from the pens will to the south bay. tonight police are concerned there could be even more cases out there that haven't yet been reported. here's lillian kim. >> investigators say it was suspect fisherman style hat that helped them connect the dot the police say 70-year-old christopher my recall is responsible for string of sex crimes that began in early summer. >> the hat was one of the connections. he's a bald headed older white male so
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there were some similarities already. >> investigators say the first incident was at the barnes & noble in san mateo o. camera captured miller luring a 10-year-old girl into a hallway where he sexually assaulted he her. the second incident happen at burger king in union city where police say miller exposed himself to mother and 3 girls. but it was the third consistent where police say they finally caught up with miller. they arrested him in this parking lot outside wal-mart in mountain view. customer the touched himself in the store. >> i'm glad they caught him. >>reporter: customers relieved to hear about the arrest. >> they must have thought tham they could get away with it for some reason. i don't know why. >>reporter: christopher miller has been charged with only one offense so far. other charges are pending. in the mean time l he's out here at the santa clare county jail on 1 million dollar bail. in san jose, abc 7 news. >> new at 11:00 exploratorium police are asking drivers to stay away from a downtown intersection because of the stand off under way right now.
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man more than 20 feet on the edge of building in sacramento and p.m. up there for several hours. appears to be the same guy who wouldn't get off light pole at the same intersection last friday as we reported. once he came down he was taken to the hospital for mental evaluation. >> oakland a's fans have to about go through metal detector starting this thursday and empty key are cell phone and other items from the pocket. major league baseball doesn't require this type of screening. a's make the call on their own. other fans already undergoing security check before games. >> it took 500 workers struggling for 19 hours but tonight the cruise ship is up right in italy. we can show you a live picture. ship capsize entered january 2012 killing 32 people off the coast of italy. 9 52 foot ship was considered dangerous to the delicate marine life in that
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area. live pictures. it's tuesday morning in italy. it will be search for 2 beds that never recovered. sal vam for parts ultimately but last 19 months the ship has been open the side. first time like that. past may toxic to the future. next on 7 news. dangerous substance that northern california air base and military plan to clean it up may illegal. >> looking to buy a mattress. why it may soon be paying a little extra here in california. >> him if clouds gathering. rain may not be far away. i'll be back with all the details on that appl
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>> air force base outside sacramento was closed but there is a problem. air force left behind radioactive waste and still has not been cleaned up. that has turned in a battle between state health officials and the federal government. media partner at center for investigative reporting have covered the latest on the environmental show down. >> sacramento fire department runs practice drills at the closed air force base. federal government washington pts to turn this listened over to the city but local leaders are worried about radioactive soil nearby. >> i only want what it that is
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we need for our training of our firefighters. surrounding land i know has problem. we don't need to take on the united states government problems and so all we want is what we need for training our firefighters. we don't want responsibility for anything else. >>reporter: the problem is the radioactive soil underneath these tarps. toxic waste comes from radioactive paint used during world war ii to make aircraft the dials glow in the dark. air force wants to bury it in the giant land fill the size of 7 football field 50 feet deep. soil contains a substance the epa says may increase the risk of cancer. congress requires the air force to clean up the toxic waste it's leaving behind. only then can it hand the land off to local. california department of public health says that's not legal. >> department position l about
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that air force will not be able to transfer the site to private or local due to our state law. >>reporter: originally the air force shipped some of the contaminated soil out of state to idaho and colorado. it decided to bury the rest right here. daniel is lecturer on nuclear policy in uc santa cruz and says covering the waste is a violation of california law. >> i had end to draft the legislation that is currently the law in california to how you have to dispose of radioactive waste and the facility at mclellan was not meeting requirements. >>reporter: epa says its up to at the time air force to bury the waste here. >> they think appropriate remedy is safe remedy and remedy that will be okay. >>reporter: the basis on federal land but congressman dated the air force tirnt over to local entity. >> if the situation occurs where they say we won't convey the land that you are i wanted
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in unless you take other land, i'm fully prepared to walk awa away. united states government has to accept that it didn't take very good care of a lot of land on a lot of military bases and we have to be responsible for klingt up like a private party. >> california department of health says it will not aparagraph the transfer of this property unless all the radioactive soil is removed. >> if the air force transfer the property to local entity then we would have to take legal action. >>reporter: even if the air force should manages to transfer ownership of the property the epa says the air force is still responsible for the contaminated soil. >> air force will forever have the mandate from to us make sure that it is maintained. whoever owns it, the air force will not be able to transfer their maintenance obligation. >>reporter: air force refused to comment on camera but did tell center for investigative reporting it believes from the
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air force perspective that land is appropriate for transfer. whether land stays under federal control or passes into local hands daniel has larger concerns. >> if it's if the safe pl on state property it's not safe on federal property. it doesn't know whether title is held in the hands of the air force or of the sacramento fire department. it's radiant. >>reporter: no matter who is in charge of the property the waste land fill will be the first of its kind in california. environmentalist worry that could set a press department for what happens on old military bases across the state. >> you might pay more next time you buy a mattress. a new bill will be signed in law extra fee to help city pay format rest dumped on the street and retailers need to pick up old mattress free of charge when they deliver new ones. >> bandit returned to the bay area i hope introduce the latest work. metallica walked red carpet in san francisco tonight for the premier of
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metallica through the never. not new album but new movie. bites a movie sent on mission and concert footage shot last year. hits theaters september 27th. >> perfect red carpet weather tonight. >> sandhya l and heavy metal fan herself is here. >> oh, yes. it was ideal weather conditions tonight as we show you live doppler 7 hd you can see we have high cloud moving in on top of the low clouds down below just patchy low clouds. sap may te'o coast and out to oakland hayward east bay. pretty good visibility out towards san francisco 58 right now. 51 oakland. 62 redwood city. still low 60's pretty mailed san jose los gatos half moon bay 59 grease. we look toward san francisco really nice view of some of the low clouds coming in and also the high level clouds there. temperatures right now 59 in
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santa rosa. 60's from napa down to novato antioch concord livermore up towards no have the 0pretty comfortable weather and look at the gone shot coyote tower from our roof cam are. forecast turning cooler tomorrow. warmer pattern wednesday thursday. fall arrives on sunday but before fall arrives may seeing drops around here. show the pacific satellite picture. this is really not going to bring us rain. bring about a change in our temperature. drop tomorrow but the cooler day for your tuesday afternoon. morning begins with low and high cloud even possibly mist along the coast then we lack at clearing for most areas but stronger at sea breeze will mean cooler weather for your tuesday afternoon. we go beyond tuesday looking at the week ahead and i keep my eye on this system out of the gulf of alaska. this is what is going to bring us the possibility of some rain by friday late afternoon going into early saturday morning. so we good with slit chance of showers.
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one computer model is going dryer. this one obviously painting a wetter picture. keep you posted. may see the showers before fall actually araves stay tune. tomorrow morning fog low clouds occasional high clouds low 50's to low 60's. weren't to bundle up when you 11 home. cool start for the afternoon mild sunny 80 in antioch. fairfield. 69 oakland. 70 at san mateo o. 76 santa rosa. 57 san francisco. breezy with lingering clouds and a half moon bay 64 degrees and 73 in san jose. accu-weather 7 day forecast temperature will be coming right back up again wednesday thursday warming up that the low 90's by thursday. beach weather upper 60's coast side cooler friday saturday best chance of showers friday afternoon saturday morning don't cancel your plans. just slit chance. >> perfect timing the end of summer. >> that's right. >> all right let's turn our attention now to football. >> yes. larry off and mike is
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here. 49ers. >> they look the worst after beat down in seattle and rai raiders celebrate first win. a'sen cress the lead in the west but trout sends one out west but trout sends one out and details next in sports
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only at safeway. >> cruising toward the second straight title. the lead over the rangers now texas lost the seventh straight today. but the angels drop it on the a's tonight. threw out the first pitch. him if hasn't lost a game in 19 starts. angels score twice in the first. single and hamilton angels on top. more trouble for parker in the fifth. mike doubles to the corner and 4 nothing and 2
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run homer in the eighth. still in the fifth. bases loaded for consolidate hassoun. comes through again. beats the throw home. calhoun with 3 rbi and all for parker who allowed 8 earned runs. 12-1. a's still up sex and a half in the west. well loud and clear last night that the seahawks are the best team in the nfc west. insult to injury frainers williams had breaken ankle, reid with concussion and davis strawnd left hamstring. kaepernick didn't get much help. 13 of 28 last night for 127 yard passin passing. 3 interceptions and lowest ever 20 point quarterback ratings. but he run for 87 yards. but the team had 5 turn overs no touch down downs. coach harbaugh praising his quarterback my today. >> how he competed with field made plays. most of our play
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we made on offense. the most productive we had on offense. >> raiders first game of the soap and total team effort. no problem running against this. racking up 2 26 yards on the ground. mcfad ep bust loose for 129. can run that's the offensive lean. >> goes on and continues to improve. we'll gel as a group up front and continue to get better but any time you rush for 2 26 yards but know we have a good job for you. >> monday night football. steelers and changing of the guard central. third quarter. dalton over the middle to bernard and he does the rest 27 yard touch down. second of the night. bengals im paragraph 1-1 with a victory. steelers fall to o and 2. final round of the bmw championship and putting for birdie on 17. sex
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under 65. wins the championship by 2 strokes. heading that the time event fedex cup play off with 30 players vague for 10 million dollars. sports report brought to you by river rock casino. as i said earlier frainers bounce back but ugly loss >> it was. talking about his quarterback. >> didn't feel like it. >> maybe ear ridging from how loud it was. >> there you go. >> thanks. >> special delivery in monterey county. >> next on 7 news. story behind this
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wake up weatherth hoe clouds and high clouds. we go partly cloudy cool start. 50's, 60's and we are here in the morning. >> okay sandhya thanks very much. >> paramedic from monterey
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county professional training to work during very special moment for his family. >> cool. this picture from santa cruz family was the baby nathan george. >> couldn't wait for his parents to get to the hospital in santa cruz. before making entrance in the world. parents pulled in a school parking lot. >> that's where nathan delivered his son in front of this how that. >> knew what he was could go as well. >> that's true. that's this edition of 7 news. >> i'm carolyn johnson. news continues on line and mobile device at our 7 news app. that's a good point. that's a good point. >> see you tomorrow
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