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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  October 9, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. scandal and outrage. benefits for the families of military war dead stopped in the shutdown. the money used by families to meet their fallen heroes and arrange for their funerals blocked. now the shutdown could be poised to hit millions of vets. outbreak. breaking, new details on the salmonella sickness from chicken already stretching over 18 states. cdc medical experts furloughed by the government shutdown, now being brought in to handle it. what you need to know right now. the father of the 9-year-old boy who hopped a flight alone to vegas, comes forth to explain how he slipped away. the boy casing security in advance. and we see the truck he crashed into this police car. oh, yeah. the "baywatch" secret revealed.
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the hoff and the entire cast divulge the hidden clause in their contract that caused real-life drama on the beach. what they needed to do to stay in their swimsuits. and good morning, america. a whole lot to get to this wednesday morning, including big news from the white house. president obama's nomination of skwan january /* janet yellen for the fed. that's coming later today. she will become the first female chief of any major central bank. one of the most important economic policy jobs in the world. we'll talk to jon karl about that. >> see if the senate says. first woman to hold that kind of position. let's get right to the government shutdown and its impact on the families of these american servicemen and women you're seeing. the ultimate sacrifice.
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the so-called death benefits cut off to families of those fallen soldiers. abc's jim avila is in washington with much more on this. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, robin. sick children that can't get into clinical trials. capitol cops working out pay. and now perhaps the biggest rage of the shutdown, fallen military heroes without family death benefits. they paid the ultimate price. but families of the war dead are being asked to suffer even more, due to the government shutdown. at the top of the list of things not working, for now nine days of shutdown, is what the pentagon calls the death gratuity. a $100,000 death payment to families of war dead. they're supposed to receive within three days of the death of their loved one. but that's now held up in political red tape. >> i'm ashamed. i'm embarrassed. all of us should be. >> reporter: since the shutdown began, 17 service members have died. six in afghanistan. the pentagon says, with its workers furloughed, it can't process the paperwork to pay the
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surviving relatives until after the shutdown is over. >> washington may be shut down. but it's still asking people to go to war. >> reporter: the money is used by families to arrange for funerals, fly to dover to greet anywhere fallen heroes' flag-draped coffins. and as immediate life insurance. >> now because a small group of tea party republicans, we say we can't even take care of your family when you die in the service of the country. >> reporter: but republican speaker of the house, john boehner, says that these death benefits should have been paid. just as military salaries continue to be paid, despite the shutdown. >> it's disgraceful, that they're withholding these benefits. >> reporter: a veterans charity called fisher house is helping with short-term funeral and travel needs for families. and the house is expected to pass a stop-gap measure today to fund the pentagon workers needed to process the benefits. but there's more bad news on the horizon. the v.a. says if the shutdown
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continues, nearly 4 million vets won't get their disability checks in november. george? let's get more on the standoff from jon karl at the white house. and consequences really starting to kick in. we saw that in jim avila's piece. nine days into the shutdown, even more dangerous harm could come from a possible default. and that deadline's coming fast. still, we saw yesterday, no breakthrough at all. >> reporter: no breakthrough. in fact, george, it may be getting worse. i mean, you saw a situation where the president came out, spoke for more than an hour. made it very clear that he's not going to give in to what he calls ransom demands by republicans. and an angry speaker of the house said that the president simply has to negotiate on this. saying that, the president -- telling the president this is not the way our government works. it almost seems, george, like the two sides are positioning to place blame after the catastrophe strikes in terms of the debt ceiling. and trying to resolve it. >> the speaker batting back. and the president has called for maybe a short-term resolution.
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the president moving forward today on the nomination of janet yellen to lead the fed. this is going to be history. >> reporter: it sure is. this is the first woman to hold what is arguably the most important economic job in the world. it's something that the white house hopes will reassure the markets amidst all of the turmoil. this is continuity. standing next to her will be ben bernanke, the current fed chairman. she's the vice chairman. she's been confirmed for that job easily in the united states senate. and the white house hopes this will be an easy confirmation. >> it probably will, right? >> reporter: i think so. nothing is that easy anymore in congress. but i think she'll be easily confirmed ultimately. >> jon karl, thanks very much. two, big stories developing right now. the salmonella outbreak in chicken sickening hundreds of people over 18 states. the cdc calling back medical experts furloughed by the government shutdown to handle it. and meanwhile in hawaii, 22 sickened by liver failure by a
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common muscle-building supplement. the fda calling back experts to deal with that. dr. richard besser will be here to talk about more on that. the salmonella outbreak. what's going on here? and what are the symptoms? what can people do? >> this is very concerning. i was talking to cdc about this last night. and this is one of those outbreaks they're worried about. the reason is, the number of people hospitalized by the salmonella is higher than they expect. and the strains of the organism, many are resistant to antibiotics. fever, nausea, cramps, diarrhea. if you're having that within three days of eating chicken, you need to get treated. >> when you see the symptom, don't take it lightly. >> that's right. and you can prevent this by cooking chicken thoroughly. that's critical. >> and you said, not to wash your chicken. >> don't wash your chicken, you'll spray germs around your
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chicken, just cook it thoroughly. >> let's talk about the supplement. liver damage here, rich? >> this the frightening. it's oxy elite pro, the name of the product. the fda just issued a warning of this product. 29 people with hepatitis. 24 of them used this product. 11 people were hospitalized. two had a liver transplant. and one person died. the company stands by their product. but they're recalling it for now. and they're not putting any more on the market. if you have oxy elite pro, don't use it at all. >> good advice. before we were fortunate to get you at abc news, you worked at the cdc and these outbreaks that we're seeing with salmonella. i know the fda is involved with the supplement. how has the government shutdown affected them both? >> in a big way. i think we are all at great risk here. the cdc can call people back to assist in a national emergency. their job is to look for them in the first place. and they're not able to do that. they called back ten people that worked on this. the fda has called back people to help with the supplement issue. we're at risk until they get back up to staff.
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>> that's something we have to keep in mind. that's the effect it has. far-reaching. all right, rich, thanks so much. >> yes. let's turn to josh with the other top developing stories right now. good morning, josh. >> we're going to begin with a developing story. a natural gas pipeline that exploded in northwest oklahoma. it was a blast to big, the flames could be seen at least 70 miles away. nearby homes have been evacuated. no injuries have been reported thus far. while the cause of the explosion is now under investigation. and if you use natural gas to heat your home, you might want to get ready to pay more this winter. the government is predicting a 13% price increase. the average bill for the season will approach $700 or so. electricity prices are also expected to rise. but only slightly. an undercover police detective has now been arrested in connection with that road rage incident between bikers a an suv here in new york city. video evidence is said to show the detective a ten-year veteran
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of the nypd, kicking the suv and punching the back window of that vehicle, before fleeing the scene. overseas, meanwhile, a new diplomatic gesture may be coming from iran. "the wall street journal" reports the iranians are about to offer a new set of limits on their own nuclear program and will agree to more thorough inspections. only in the u.s. agrees to scale back its economic sanctions. a street protest over high rent nearly turned deadly in brazil. you see it here, with a van protesters were pushing over explodes. that ball of flames. four people were injured. but they are expected to be okay. and a long-time tradition in sports may be gone for good. at least if one state gets its way. authorities in kentucky have now ordered high school teams to stop shaking hands with each other after games. they say too many fights, in fact, have broken out. you may recall two mascots got into a brawl at a kentucky basketball game of recent.
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shaking hands has apparently become too dangerous. it says that coaches that ignore this order, could be disciplined. in related news, up is down. and finally, a life-saving balancing act caught on camera. sam champion, take note. >> yes. >> you see the seal? >> yes, i do. >> balancing on the nose of that great white shark. >> whoa. move your tail. >> seconds later, the seal swam to safety. that is one seal that need not the talons of sam champion. >> this close to being an hors d'oeuvre. >> this close. >> great photo. >> life of razor-thin margins, to be sure. >> what a great photo. >> thanks, josh. new details on the 9-year-old boy who hopped a flight from minneapolis to las vegas. the man who claims to be the boy's father has come forward to explain how the boy slipped away. and abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: he's too young to be charged with a crime.
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but the 9-year-old boy who snuck on an airplane last week, was on court on tuesday. a clark county judge ruled he should return to his family in minneapolis. he's been in protective custody in las vegas since last thursday. overnight, the man claiming to be his father is speaking out. >> we didn't know our son went up to the airport, got past the security check. got on the plane. we didn't know that. we're not mind readers. >> reporter: the man who was a bus driver said his son took out the garbage last week and never came home. >> we thought he was at a friend's house. >> reporter: his parents claim they tried to get him help for his behavioral problems. authorities say the boy hopped a train to the airport thursday, alone, bypassing three layers of security. the tsa insists he did receive a security screening. authorities believe he had been casing out security for some time and was familiar with the airport because his mother works there. "the star tribune" reports that the mother had nothing to do
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with her son's airport stunt. this isn't the first time he stirred up trouble. authorities in minnesota says the child has a history of stealing cars. just two days before his cross-country trip, he stole this delivery truck and crashed it into this police car. >> we're not bad parents. i love my son. i want my son home. >> reporter: this morning, he will be flying home where local child services will be reviewing his case. robin and george? >> i'll bet they will. thank you. the story, now, of the little girl battling leukemia. and the fight over just how to treat her. an appeals court ruling her hospital can force the 10-year-old to get life-saving chemotherapy against her amish parents' wishes. they will be back in court this morning. alex perez has the story. >> reporter: this morning, a battle of modern medicine versus amish values is back in court. a 10-year-old sarah hershberger's parents took her off chemotherapy in june. choosing to treat her leukemia
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with herbal remedies instead. but last tuesday, an ohio appeals court ruled that her hospital could overrule her parents' vision. and a ruling this morning will give a hospital in akron temporary custody of the girl. hershberger's father spoke to us by phone in washington. >> our belief is, the natural stuff will do just as much as what that does. if it's god's will. >> reporter: but the court ruled on october 1st, the child's parents' beliefs can't outweigh the state's right to protect the girl. the judge is saying in the ruling, while we respect the wishes of the parents and believe them to be honest and sincere, we are unwilling to adhere to the wishes of the parents. the hershbergers' daughter had been in chemotherapy for months. but her father abruptly stopped the treatment. the tumors were shrinking. >> if we did chemotherapy, and he would die, she would suffer
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more than if we would do it this way and she could would have to do that. >> reporter: doctors say without treatment, the girl could die within a year. but with chemotherapy, she has an 85% chance of survival. experts say the judge's decision to side with the hospital could set a legal precedent for how parents decide their children's medical care. >> when you're talking about life and death, and the real possibility that the treatment will save the child, then things can change. >> reporter: for "good morning america," alex perez, abc news, chicago. >> uncertain when the chemotherapy will resume. >> 85% chance of survival. seems like the judge made a wise decision. we'll get the latest now for kerry kennedy on trial for driving while drugged. more than a year after she was pulled over for wreaking havoc on a highway, the daughter of robert kennedy was in court again yesterday, when the judge set a date for jury selection. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: kerry kennedy was all-smiles when she walked out of court tuesday. confidently telling reporters -- >> looking forward to trial.
7:15 am
>> reporter: a judge set a trial date for kennedy's drugged driving case. police say the 54-year-old daughter of robert f. kennedy swerved into a tractor trailer in july 2012 and fled the scene. >> she had no control of the car. she almost hit about five cars before she got off at the exit. >> reporter: following the accident, she said she mistakenly took the powerful sleeping drug ambien with her coffee that morning, instead of her thyroid medication. >> i want to apologize to the driver of the truck, who i apparently hit. and to all those i endangered. i remember getting on the highway. and then, i have no memory until i was stopped at a traffic light and a police officer was at my car door. >> reporter: police say the ex-wife of new york's governor, andrew cuomo, was slumped over her wheel, when officers found her off a new york highway, charging her with driving while impaired. she has pleaded not guilty. >> i think she's frustrated
7:16 am
about the fact that the case has dragged on this long. she's anxious to put this behind her. she's anxious to have her day in court and have it tried. >> reporter: in may, a judge dismissed the case, letting jurors decide whether she took the ambien mistakenly. jurors get that chance when the trial begins in january. gio benitez, abc news, new york. we move to a break in the mystery surrounding the winner of a multi million lottery jackpot almost three years after those winning numbers were drawn. a new person has come forward that may help investigators unravel this mystery. abc's linsey davis has that story for us. >> reporter: this morning, iowa prosecutors may be about to hit pay dirt when it comes to solving the mystery of a $16.5 million lottery jackpot, that nearly three years later, has gone unpaid. the breakthrough came after investigators offered immunity to a canadian man, in exchange for information about just who bought this winning ticket in a
7:17 am
des moines gas station back in 2010. >> someone has the ticket. the iowa lottery wants to give away the money. >> reporter: for an entire year, lottery officials only new one thing for sure. someone had won. they just didn't know who. and then, just before the deadline, new york attorney crawford shaw came forward. >> ladies and gentlemen, we have the winning ticket. >> reporter: shaw was claiming the prize on behalf of an anonymous trust. stunningly, just days later, he backed out. and the prize was forfeited, baffling officials. >> the question is, what the hell is going on here? >> reporter: lotto officials scoured security video, looking for clues, anything about who really bought the winning ticket. but the mystery remained unsolved, leading law enforcement to open a criminal investigation. >> it appears to me, on the face of it, the criminal acts have been committed, with respect to people claiming to be the rightful owner, who haven't.
7:18 am
and it's attempted fraud. >> reporter: as you can imagine, a lot of people have come forward, alleging the winning ticket was stolen from them. based on the rules, it's now too late for a payout. but lotto officials says this serves as an important reminder for people to sign their lottery ticket so there's no question as to whom the ticket belongs. if i had signed mine, we wouldn't be in this mess now. >> there you go. >> and you wouldn't be here right now. >> that's right. >> thanks a lot. let's get to the weather and sam champion. a tornado in florida? >> yeah. it started as a waterspout and moves onshore and becomes a tornado. this is the kind of thing we're watching as a low moves up the coastline. if your question today is why isn't my weather perfect fall weather, we're going to show you why. because just about every place in the country it is. in tampa, this is the origin. you have a spin-off shore. that creates the waterspout. moves onshore. the air force base, doesn't do a lot of damage. and then that low curves upment coastline. and sitting right there in norfolk, look at this. the spread of rain just in
7:19 am
coastal areas. everyone else in the country is having a really, really great fall day. fall-like weather, moving in. look at the numbers. we have six states, almost seven states, under frost and freeze advisories. wednesday low temperatures, 38 in binghamton. 37 in burlington. feel like you got a little chill there? you're absolutely right. it's the coastal areas we're going to talk about how much rain falls here in the carolinas. that does move into new jersey, new york, and long island a little bit. look at the rest of the nation. practically perfect.
7:20 am
>> > that list of sunniest cities, brought to you by pacific coast life insurance. and we're going to talk western storm in the next half hour. >> it does include the pacific coast. thank you, sam. coming up on "gma," the surprise move by the defense in the case of the seattle husband on trial for killing his wife seven years ago. also ahead, the high school spanish teacher under fire for provocative modeling photos surfacing online. should she keep her job right now? "baywatch" secret revealed. the cast reunited. and now, sharing the secret
7:21 am
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the driver at about 1:40 in the morning. firefighters had to cut off the top of the minivan to get the victim out. chp officers noticed the vehicle when it drove past a construction site with a front tire so flat they heard the rim rubbing against the road. the man hit the center divide, crossed over all lanes of freeway before rolling down the embankment. leyla's been following this all morning long. indeed i have, eric. as we take you right over to that crash this is where we have the sigalert in effect until further notice. westbound 80 central offramp is closed. as we take you across the peninsula into east palo alto, a six-car crash northbound 101 at embark dero.
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♪ you know the music. who could forget those suits? there they are, the cast of "baywatch," right there. >> and get running shots at some point. absolutely. >> i didn't know there were words to the song. >> of course you wouldn't, josh. >> did you know the secret clause in their contract? we're all going to learn it. >> still, i think it's pam anderson in slow-mo running down the beach. >> that's all you saw? >> that was genius. that show became a hit just from that. >> that and somebody playing it on a recorder. >> what day is it?
7:31 am
humpday, yeah! also, should a decision that you make in college, should it cost you your job now? the texas teacher under fire for racy modeling photos that has become a bit of a distraction for her students. what the school district is saying right now. >> distraction for america, now, as well. should sports stars, role models, whether we like it or not. so many kids endorse junk food? the jury's out on that topic. lots weighing in via social media. dan abrams. bringing us all of that, coming up. >> he'll tell us how he feels. no questions asked there. actress, designer and mom, katie holmes is here. i'm looking forward to catching up with her. we're going to begin with the latest on that seattle man on trial for murdering his wife, more than seven years after she was killed. david pietz chose not to testify in his own defense. so, the jury will start hearing closing arguments today. abc's neal karlinsky is tracking the case.
7:32 am
>> the defendant is declining to take the stand in his own defense? >> that's correct, your honor. >> reporter: not only will david pietz not be testifying in his own defense, his attorneys' actions, putting on only two witnesses would seem to take that they don't believe prosecutors have proven their case. haven't proven that pietz strangled his wife, nicole, and dumped her body in the woods. their main point that she may have had a drug problem. a theory they've explored as a possible explanation for her murder. her former doctor testified that nicole was prescribed large numbers of painkillers because of severe back pain and that she was concerned about nicole's past substance abuse. >> she was not to use more than eight a day. >> was that because of your concerns about addiction? >> addiction and her medical problem. >> reporter: prosecutors pounced. pointing out the doctor's statements that nicole was so concerned about her own past abuse, she wanted fewer drugs. >> there was no withdrawal. there was no drug-seeking behavior.
7:33 am
>> in fact, there was never any sign that you saw in her that she was relapsing in any way other than the fact that she was getting all these prescriptions correct? >> that is correct. >> reporter: prosecutors revealed their final piece of circumstantial evidence. a tennis bracelet that nicole used to wear, which authorities say david pietz had said vanished along with his wife in 2006. a former co-worker testified that pietz showed her that very bracelet in the hopes of selling it. >> i had actually taken the bracelet and put it around my wrist. he started laughing. and he goes, oh, my gosh. that's so weird. i looked up and said, what? he said, you're wearing my dead wife's bracelet. >> reporter: she called police about the bracelet. is it enough? weeks of testimony about mistresses, lies, descriptions of a man caught in a marriage he wanted out of. through it all, david pietz has maintained his innocence. closing arguments are scheduled to begin later this morning. for "good morning america," neal
7:34 am
karlinsky, abc news, seattle. let's talk to abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams about this. only two witnesses called by the defense. no testimony by the defendant. false confidence? >> this is not a surprise to me. this case is about forcing the prosecution to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. i'm actually even a little surprised the defense is pursuing this -- the dead woman was taking drugs and maybe this was sort of drug-related, et cetera. so, i'm even surprised they're presenting evidence about that. this is a case that took the prosecutors a long time, many, many years, to bring. why? because they didn't feel they had enough evidence. they got a couple of new developments with regard to new technology, et cetera, that allowed them to bring this case. this is not an easy case. >> one piece of physical evidence, this tennis bracelet. >> that's always been one of the most important pieces of evidence for prosecutors. it shows that he lied. he said that that bracelet disappeared. and then, lo and behold, not
7:35 am
only did it not disappear, not only did he not forget about it, there he is. and you see a witness testifying about the fact he's trying to appraise it. and figure out how much is this diamond bracelet worth? one of the keys to the prosecution's case here, is showing he wasn't being truthful. >> that will be the thrust of the closing argument? >> a good part of it, in addition to dna, cell phone records, et cetera. they have to piece together this puzzle. i think their concern is going to be that the jurors will think, yeah, he could have done this. yeah. i definitely have suspicions that he did this. but do we have proof beyond a reasonable doubt? >> dan abrams, thanks very much. >> okay, there, guys. now, to the texas high school teacher under fire for her racy modeling pictures in college. the 21-year-old posing for "playboy" before she took her teaching job. the school district is keeping quiet so far. but students and parents have both been speaking out. abc's ryan owens has that story.
7:36 am
>> what are you majoring in over there? >> spanish. going to be a spanish teacher. >> reporter: mission accomplished. 21-year-old christina cole deweese is a spanish teacher at this high school. for now. >> are you videotaping me? >> reporter: some students search for their new teacher online. and a series of "playboy" promotional videos popped up. >> what are your hobbies, christy? >> hunting. >> really? >> yeah. >> you really hunt? >> yeah, i shot me a buck last year. >> reporter: students couldn't believe their eyes. >> they said that she used to do "playboy." and i just said, oh. i was shocked. >> reporter: some told their parents. >> i think it would be more distracting for the boys. they wouldn't see the teacher as a role model. like these supposed to be. >> reporter: students and parents who kept searching could easily find out that new teacher was a "playboy" coed of the week in december of 2010,
7:37 am
and promoted to coed of the month three months later. she's featured as a cyber girl at abc news spoke to deweese on the phone. she told us, she's been fashion modeling since she was 17. she refuses to say more until the district decides what happens to her job. but she wanted to assure parents, she did the modeling to pay for expenses during college. and stopped more than a year before she took a teaching job. the school district will not say a word, except -- this is a personnel matter. and it will not be discussed. plenty of her students do not want her fired. >> she's not provocative. she's not anything. she's a really good teacher. >> reporter: deweese hasn't been back in the classroom since her secret got out. and it's not clear if she ever will return. what is clear, she's already taught her students one valuable lesson -- once something is online, it's there forever. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. sam's over there, caliente.
7:38 am
>> she's a lovely lady, but the truth of the matter is, when you put something out there, it's out there. and you can't -- i don't necessarily believe that's wrong. with all that, that's for later in the show. the jury's out. later in the show. let's get to the winter storm watches and warnings that are in western colorado right now. josh took exception that most of the country is looking good during the day today. there is a western storm. let's talk about it. there's the area of low pressure that drives into northern and central california. with it, it's a very wet system. it's been dry in southern california for a long time, since july. now, the opportunity to bring in that rain, bring in wind and snow, in higher elevations. that's why the warnings are out in western colorado. and strong, strong, strong winds. you know, just to the south of that, from vegas to phoenix today. that's the big storm system affecting most of the west. here's the smaller one that affects mostly coastal areas in the east. everyone else around you is having a great day. because of that low, from new york city, which will pick up rain in the next 48 hours, to salisbury, maryland, elizabeth
7:39 am
city, norfolk, virginia, into the carolinas, >> this is what i mea this is what i meant by most of the nation's having a great day today. all that weather was brought to you by the university of phoenix. >> a lot of evidence there. coming up, the "baywatch" secret revealed. the secret clause in their contracts that caused real-life drama on the beach. and should some of the world's famous sports stars, role models to so many, promote fast food? and are they being unfairly singled out? "the jury's out" in our next half hour. everyone has their own way of doing things.
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7:43 am
we are back, now, at 7:43, with that "baywatch" secret revealed. the hoff and the rest of the cast reuniting and spilling on the hidden clause in their contracts. abc's cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: it was the show famous for rock-hard bodies. and who could forget those bathing suits? now, some cast members are spilling secrets in a reunion on "entertainment tonight," saying they had to look that good
7:44 am
because a weight clause in their contracts prohibited them from gaining or losing more than five pounds. >> you kind of didn't have a choice. you have to be in shape. >> it was in my contract. >> i did not have that. >> i never had one. >> i did. >> reporter: but nicole eggert confesses that along with the slow-motion runs on the beach, there was some real-life drama. >> yeah. >> i think she got competitive and more women were going for that look. and wanted to be the hottest and the sexiest. >> just cattiness of who got more air play. or who booked this magazine. who did this photo shoot? >> reporter: so, friends on-screen? off-screen? >> i think there was cattiness. >> you're not the kind of person i need to waste my energy on. >> reporter: as for a "baywatch" star, so famous for her curves. >> pamela.
7:45 am
she doesn't when i worked with her. >> reporter: and it comes back to the sexy swimsuits. and, yes, they got smaller over the years. how did you keep it on? >> we had plenty of moments where it didn't really stay on. it had a really low back. one little slip. and that shoulder came off, you know what happens when the shoulder comes off. it happened a lot. >> reporter: when it comes to those weight clauses and contracts, hollywood insiders say, welcome to tinseltown. >> it's hardly any surprise in a show that featured people in their bathing suits, every episode, that people were required to keep in a certain weight and in a certain shape. >> reporter: it turns out, life in that very tiny piece of red spandex wasn't always so rosie. >> the secrets, you can see more of the "baywatch" reunion tonight on "e.t." and one of the most famous couples, kris and bruce jenner,
7:46 am
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> thank you. >> that was for you, denise. "play of the day." telekinesis, what if it was real? moving thoughts or objects with your mind. >> it's not? >> on "gma live!" we stumbled upon a real gem. a woman in a coffee shop, seeming to be upset. you see them set this up. it's just a frank. and it is a wonderful one. take a look. >> oh, my god. >> i'm sorry. >> you just ruined all of my stuff. >> i'll get a napkin. clean it up. >> there's coffee inside of my -- just get away from me.
7:51 am
>> the reaction. >> just get away from me. >> oh, my god. >> that's great. >> it's entirely a promotion for the remake of the classic "carrie." it's debuting in theaters on october 18th. very well done. katy perry, coming up next.
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. both sides in the b.a.r.t. contract talks return to the bargaining table in oakland this morning. there is 40 hours remaining before the 60-day cooling off period ends. if no deal is reached by tomorrow night at midnight, workers could be on strike as early as friday morning. right now, leyla gulen checks out our forecast as well as the traffic situation. leyla. kristen, all that talk about snow. here is the payoff. here's a look from our lake tahoe camera. you can see in sierra we're now receiving some snow. here in the bay area a much different picture. we're looking at dry conditions
7:57 am
and warmer closer to the weekend. in traffic we have this sigalert westbound 580 offramp shut down due to an earlier fatality. still very heavy backups. we also have this hit-and-run, [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great deals the easy way. you do enough flying around. that's why we give you real big club card deals. this week, load up on your favorite coke products. 12 packs are $2.77 each. $16.99 for 150 ounced up on your favorite coke products. tide is $16.99 for 150 ounces. that's under 20 cents a load. and oikos greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:00 am
♪ it started with a whisper good morning, america. the clock says it's 8:00 a.m., which means panda fever. these adorable cubs need to be named. and this morning, we kick off the election, coast-to-coast. be a part of panda history. and katies time two. actress, designer, star, katie holmes, live. and get ready to "roar." katy perry's third finalists revealed in our national high school contest, as we countdown with two, huge concert events. only on -- >> "good morning america." >> all of those students in
8:01 am
sparks, west virginia. and look at them. the power this morning. >> and we heart you right back with that kind of spirit. the spanish spring submission. let's take a little look at what they submitted. they really have a very powerful message that so many people need to hear. got katy perry's attention. she is a big fan. and she's the one that's going to pick the winner. and she will perform live at the winning school, here on "gma," october 25th. >> that's going to be terrific. >> hard to choose. >> thank you for getting up. also this morning, so many kids, for better or worse, idolize professional athletes. calling those athletes out for endorsing fast food. a lot of parents talking. dan abrams will be talking about it. we hope everybody's okay.
8:02 am
honestly, we do. they are no doubt one of america's favorite reality tv couples. and the news came out yesterday that kris and bruce are going to be spending some time apart. we're just hoping that everybody's okay and everybody's happy. >> they are doing just fine. and we're going to switch gears a little bit. go inside the corset diet. a lot of women saying that wearing a corset, and i'm not saying that we're not wearing one right now. i'm definitely not. they believe it's helped them slim down. the question is, is it comfortable? probably not. is it safe? >> it's a little uncomfortable. >> you condition firm? >> it's not con -- i'm sorry. go ahead. >> i was praying for that. i was trying to get you there. >> you put that out there. and hooked a big one. >> there's the water horse. let's get some news. >> we're going to begin with breaking news out of central pennsylvania this morning.
8:03 am
a greyhound bus heading from new york city to ohio has crashed this morning. it slammed into the back of a tractor-trailer. and it shut down a part of the very busy interstate 80. bad news here. one person has been killed. 40 passengers are injured. we have no word on what may have led to the crash, as updates do become available. we'll have them for you this morning. new outrage stemming from the government shutdown in washington. families of fallen u.s. service members are being denied military death benefits. 17 service members died since the shutdown began. because of furloughed workers, the pentagon says it cannot process the paperwork to honor that ultimate sacrifice. the house is expected to approve funding today in the hopes of restoring those benefits. and both sides refuse to budge in the government shutdown. everyone from customs agents to cdc workers to food inspectors have been sidelined. but bbc news found that the
8:04 am
house gym on capitol hill, where lawmakers work out and swim in the heated pool, has remained open throughout. and for the first time in history, the nation's most powerful money manager could be a woman. president obama expected to nominate janet yellen today, to serve as head of the federal reserve. she currently serves as the vice chair. in san francisco, the body of a missing hospital patient has been found, in the stairway of a hospital where she was missing. lynn spaulding disappeared from her room nearly three weeks ago, setting off an intense search. the hospital is not saying how it lost track of her or why it took so long to find her in that stairwell. and a former california school district accountant is being counted with embezzlement. she was allegedly caught on video, stuffing lunch money into her bra.
8:05 am
prosecutors say she made off with nearly $2 million over eight years. >> wow. >> fill in the blanks for yourselves. and finally, a little boy, any parent can be proud of. 7-year-old nate from boise. family planning a birthday party for him, when he had an idea. he went on facebook and asked his family and friends not to bring him presents. instead, he asked for shoes. and not for himself. but to donate to local foster children. fair to say, take a look. an overwhelming response. collected more than 150 pairs of shoes. >> how old is he? >> donations still coming in. 7 years old. 7 years wise. 7 years wonderful. that's a great kid, nate. and, boy, i'll tell you what. there's more shoes coming your way. >> i think so. and talk about going from one extreme to another with the first story. it's that time of year again. christmas is coming. have you been naughty or nice? sammy, have you been nice enough to get an aston martin, vanquish
8:06 am
valante? >> i believe i have. >> someone that wants to spend $150,000, that's one of the gifts you can order from the neiman marcus catalog. how about a high-tech, your own drive-in theater in your own backyard. huge screen. every bell and whistle. >> and it covers the grounds. >> yes, it does. >> do you have the catalog? >> i saw it a minute ago. this comes out of the ground. >> and for $2 million, george, things to keep in mind for ali, $2 million, a trip that takes you deep into africa, to find out where the 25 carat rough cut diamond you get started its journey. then, you go to london to see the crown jewels. meet with the ceo of debeers and forevermark. and you get to cut and polish your diamond to perfection. >> what do you think? >> how do they come up with
8:07 am
that? >> i don't know. but it's fun to read. here's another story we thought was interesting. apparently not -- apparently moviemaking is not the only gift in the stepielberg family. his kids have a band. and jay z just signed the duo, in which big bro plays all of the instruments. and sasha handles vocals. they released their first e.p. in the summer. and sasha reportedly has just sold a pilot, "girls without boys" to abc. >> a lot going on. >> yeah. and finally, what will spritz think of next? how about spraying your kitchen with the first if you spritz your snack drawer, it will repel your snacking
8:08 am
courage. i believe it smells like a skunk. there is the inventor. she is holding a skunk. it would indicate. and she says on the website, i never imagined this smell could help me stay thin. that's "pop news." >> you can't make this stuff up, lara. >> suddenly, the corset seems like a good idea. >> it's real, george. give us real weather. >> i don't know. i just done know. when you name your product stinks. when you name it stink. i don't know. good morning, everybody. take a look at gorgeous faces in times square everywhere. from there, all the way around to beautiful fall foliage. it may be time to harvest the patch here at broadway farms. the corn is looking great. let's get to the pictures. st. louis live. a beautiful shot, just to show you what it looks like outside. that's an earth cam shot. we love them because they're all over the place. here's a three-day warm-up.
8:09 am
and the numbers working their way. part of the east coast is going to be under clouds for the next 48 hours. a little cool air. and a little bit of moisture. and in comes warmer air to take care of that. chicago, st. louis, you're a part of that. and in comes, on the west coast, this low. this is a stormy situation. not as powerful as the last low. but it's doing the same, similar things, just not as much snow. a lot of rain. a lot of cold air. we're going to change the temperatures in the southwest. and in some
8:10 am
>> get on back up here. yeah. we're going back decide -- where are we going? >> to see lara. >> very well done. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." going inside the corset diet. how women saying using a corset has helped them slim down. could there be some safety risks? and so much "roar" and spirit this morning. we have your high school selected by katy perry. we're coming down to the final five. and another katie is roaring on in. actress, designer, superstar, katie holmes is with us, live. all that and more coming up on "good morning america," here in times square. married to morty kaufman.
8:11 am
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8:14 am
look at those students right there at spanish springs right there. ♪ i got the eye of the tiger ♪ ♪ a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ >> lots of singers there at spanish springs, in sparks, nevada. our katy perry concert contest. and we're going to have more with them this morning. time for our wednesday feature "the jury's out." dan abrams gives us his take on
8:15 am
the most provocative items. >> a new study from yale university, calls out pro athletes, from peyton manning, to lebron james, to serena williams, for making big bucks corrupting us and our kids, by showing foods from oreos, mcdonald's, to name a few. we're going to whine about which foods they're endorsing, rather than not buying the ones we don't like. and exactly -- define what is healthy. is pizza really bad for you? what if you're eating salads at mcdonald's. are we only going to let them promote fruits and veggies? >> why is dan talking like this. >> my take. >> we're going to rename it. >> yeah. >> no one's passing a law on this. they can call them out on it. >> i think it's a parents' job to regulate what your kids eat.
8:16 am
if they want to -- >> the whole focus of this study was to highlight -- they wanted to name them by name and call out the particular products that they were promoting. and saying, this is bad. oreo cookies are bad. >> would you love social responsibility? are they worshiped by young people? yes. can i get a tight shot on three, please. if i were to say, eat your oreo. >> together. >> really, there's -- they're sports figures. they should kind of -- >> i don't have a problem with them promoting alcohol, either, by the way. >> really? >> be able to do whatever you -- >> the liberty. next up, with twitter going public, we learn their seven-person board has no women. multibillion dollar pension fund has an answer. they want the government to force public companies to have at least three women on their boards. without it, they say the numbers move too slowly. time to do something like that
8:17 am
here. i'm well aware, women on these boards, not just good policy, good for business. i don't think we need the government requiring it. we need shareholders demanding it. >> yeah. >> no government action? >> don't tread on us. >> what if it moves too slowly? what if in the bottom line, we tried this. we suggested it. we had targets and they're not being met. it's just not happening. >> it's a shareholder movement. when is the government going to step in, it's going to be unmanageable. >> on this one, we have twitter. >> in agreement again. >> i think it should be a matter of public ridicule. they don't have women on their boards and we won't buy their stock. >> companies have the right to choose the best candidates on their positions. this should be guided by merit and talent and nothing else. this one we can agree there's real disagreement. moms -- >> okay. >> agree that there's some
8:18 am
disagreement. moms, are now defending hooters, as a family-friendly restaurant because they have crayons, high-chairs and kid menus. one mom wrote, the outfits are a shtick, like going to disney world. hooters really has kids meals? i pretend like i don't know. today's special is grilled cheese. am i being a fudy duddy for bringing your kid to a place that's known for its nonchicken-related breasts? >> when did they start marketing to moms? >> they have a kids menu. they view themselves as a family-friendly restaurant. >> a smart business practice for them, if it works. >> it's a hard sell. [ talking at once ] >> i don't think the average person think that's a family restaurant. >> well, we did a poll on it. >> okay. >> go ahead. >> how about that?
8:19 am
numbers. what poll, is hooters an appropriate place to bring kids. 25% say yes. 75% say no. >> i'm surprised by the 25%. >> the marketing to mom isn't going so well yet. >> no. the 25%, i'll bet you most of those people have been there. >> have they? >> i don't know. got to wrap it up. too much agreement this time. i have to find other controversials. >> we agree we like the voice. >> it's the delivery that matters, right? who cares what i'm saying? as long as i say it. >> love this segment. also on "the heat index" today. we talked about it earlier. the corset diet. stars have squeezed into uncomfortable garments to help them lose weight. is wearing a corset worth it? abc's abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: some women will try anything to squeeze into those skinny jeans. but tlatest extreme slimming
8:20 am
trend has nothing to do with cutting carbs or exercise. >> this is a miracle. >> reporter: many hoping to find the same miracle as miranda in "sex and the city." or going back in time, and strapping on a corset. >> my corset's tight. >> reporter: diane gonzales has turned to corset training after striking out on multiple diets. >> what are you hoping for? >> a tiny little waist. >> reporter: under the supervision of dr. allen sinclair, diane hopes to go from a 26 to a 23-inch waist, which her doctor says is possible. he says some of his patients have lost up to six inches. >> this is a remarkable way to train your waist to be smaller. >> reporter: dr. sinclair says compressing the bottom ribs, up and in, makes the space between your ribs and hips look smaller. and the possible side-effects of such discomfort, may even make you eat less. however the intrepid reporter, i
8:21 am
had to find out myself. i guess i'll give this a shot and see how tight it feels. and while most women are not going to the extremes of victoria era women, so tight their organs were rearranged, some doctors are not convinced it is the best idea. >> the latest in a gimmicky, trendy phase. >> reporter: it is very, very, very tight. >> reporter: dr. sinclair recommends wearing it three to five hours a day to start. and work your way up to 12 hours. but for me, the best part was taking it off. oh. oh, yeah. that feels good. for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> looked like torture. >> it did. >> there's not much you can say after that. >> i like the stink spray. >> that's the possibility. >> i would go with the stink spray. >> i'm with you, lara.
8:22 am
we had so many submissions in our incredible katy perry "roar" contest. high schools across the country accepted the superstar's challenge to make their own video to her huge hit, "roar." we've seen really creative videos. katy narrowed them down to five. we're going to meet the third finalists at spanish springs high school, in sparks, nevada. meet the tv magic maestros of spanish springs high. these budding media mavins bring breaking news to their high school. and katy perry's challenge was the biggest assignment yet. >> we've seen competitions. and we wanted to stand out. >> reporter: they crafted a story line, pulling three teenage issues from the headlines. bullying, cheating and family problems. hoping their roar would resonate
8:23 am
on a national level. >> we have real-life situations that people can identify with. >> reporter: amy wagner, jordan owens, and sam roubush were cast as the female leads. >> the song about "roar," shows yo uh can have girl power. >> any teenager can overcome problems that are in our video. >> reporter: after hundreds of hours of planning -- all of the spanish springs cougars got involved. they got a plane donated to film their roars. >> this school has never had this type of spirit and energy. i mean, today, you can almost hear it buzzing. >> reporter: will their teenage anthem be enough to send katy to their school? >> we love you, katy. >> reporter: lights, cameras, "roar." ♪ i used to bite my tongue and hold my breath ♪ ♪ scared to rock the boat and make a mess ♪ ♪ so, i sat quietly agreed politely ♪ ♪ i guess that i forgot i had a choice ♪ ♪ i let you push me
8:24 am
past the breaking point ♪ ♪ i stood for nothing so, i fell for everything ♪ ♪ you held me down but i got up ♪ ♪ already brushing off the dust ♪ ♪ you hear my voice you hear that sound ♪ ♪ like thunder gonna shake the ground ♪ ♪ you held me down but i got up ♪ ♪ get ready 'cause i've had enough ♪ ♪ i see it all i see it now ♪ ♪ i got the eye of the tiger ♪ ♪ a fighter dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ louder, louder than a lion ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ i got the eye of the tiger ♪ ♪ a fighter
8:25 am
dancing through the fire ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ ♪ louder, louder than a lion ♪ ♪ 'cause i am a champion and you're gonna hear me roar ♪ >> continuing. those students from spanish springs high. we're going to talk to two of the makers of the video. executive producer, cole anderson. and co-producer, sydney schroeder. you have to know. you have to share this for all of your friends. we are impressed. i mean, that is just -- sydney, explain the three story lines, sydney. explain why you decided to profile those three images and those three issues that you all are going through. >> well, we really wanted to show the high school problems and how cruel high school can be. and that girls can, you know, get that self-improvement.
8:26 am
and stand up for high school and be the best they can be. >> you really put it on display so beautifully. and, cole, we were impressed. you had a plane donated to get the aerial shots? how did you pull that off, cole? >> the plane was crazy. i mean, we had, you know, a huge outreach program with the community. we had local community member donate a plane to fly over and get the shots. >> oh. >> we love you, sparks. you did fantastic. >> you have like 15 seconds. katy perry is watching. give us your biggest pitch. why should she select you? >> i think she should select us because we've taken the absolute most high, most effort, and we have the best students.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. officials at san francisco general hospital are planning a news conference this morning to talk about the discovery of a woman's body inside the facility. a reliable source tells abc 7 news the body was 57-year-old lynn spalding, a patient who was last seen 18 days ago. the city medical examiner has yet to confirm the identity of the body found in a rarely used stairwell around the fourth floor of the hospital yesterday morning. investigators are also looking at surveillance video to determine what happened. spalding disappeared from s.f. general on september 21st, two days after being admitted for an infection. your commute this morning, where's the toughest? let's check in with leyla gulen. >> still bringing trouble to richmond where a sigalert is still blocking off the central
8:28 am
avenue off ramp of 80. those are to ease up through berkeley. we also have this accident involving two vehicles southbound along 680 at olympic boulevard as you come out of pleasant hill and into walnut creek. one lane blocked causing major backups. kristen. leyla, thank you. don't go away, leyla will b
8:29 am
35 degrees in lake tahoe. take a look at that. it's now snowing in the sierra.
8:30 am
that's going to last until the late evening hours. highs around the bay in the lower 70s, upper 6 0z. ♪ take a look. who could forget those two faces. i still submit that these are two people in panda suits. but, no. they are adorable panda twins at zoo atlanta. look. right now, they are cub "a" and cub "b." because of the traditional waiting time between naming. so, the time comes. robin roberts. >> they're surviving cubs? >> yes. >> they're so beautiful. and so cute. and today, a huge day. huge day for them. >> they will be named. they don't have names yet. matt gutman has been following their story all along. and he wants to bring you the
8:31 am
choices. >> reporter: it's time america has panda-monium, 2013. here's your five choices. meilun and mei haun. option three. theeian lunn and teeian le. option four, lan teeian and bishui. and option dave, da lan and xau lan. the voting is open now. >> please, go to our website, on yahoo! and cast your vote right now. those two little guys be named. >> if we were to go inside from this beautiful, crisp morning, you would see the lovely hayden panettiere. we haven't seen her since the white house correspondents' dinner. hanging with hayden. a new sneak-peek of "nashville."
8:32 am
>> you dropped a name right there. i hear the skinny mic is going to make an appearance. in that segment with hayden. now that katie holmes, the actress and designer becoming the first face of bobby brown cosmetics a year ago. she's here with the first bobby brown celebrity collaboration. bobby and katie. first, i want to catch up here. katie holmes. wonderful to see you again. look at that big smile. and we have bobby over there. and we're going to talk to them in a moment. and also, the makeup lessons. let's catch up a little bit. >> yes. >> you have so much going on in fashion. you're not quitting your day job, either. involved with a lot of movies, as well. how do you keep it all in balance? >> it's exciting to work with wonderful people. i love working with bobby. i love working with john. i love working with the people at alterna.
8:33 am
it's been wonderful since it's breast cancer awareness month, that everyone can be involved together. and you know, i'm glad that we're getting to it this week. i'm on my way to south africa next week to start a film. >> with meryl streep. >> tell us a little about that. i'm really excited. it's a film is directing. meryl streep and jeff bridges. a beautiful story. i'll leave it at that. >> you leave us wanting more. i love that. i'm glad you're doing that. you were busy on fashion week. who are you wearing? who are you wearing? >> i'm wearing yang jacket and shirt. and you know, i do this with my dear friend, jeanine. and she inspires me. and we have a good time doing it. we had a great time this year at fashion week. we did a show at this gallery close to my apartment in chelsea. neat.
8:34 am
>> we do see you out and about so much. >> can't keep me in. >> we don't want to. but how has it been? what's the best part of being here in new york and being on your own this time in your life? what's the best part of it? >> you know, i've always loved new york. especially this time of year because it's still warm. and you get to -- just walking around and being inspired by people. and you know, it's great to see you last week. and that amazing luncheon. there's so many wonderful people in this city. and they're right here. right here. and so, you can -- two hours of having lunch with people. and you're filled with so many ideas. >> you make yourself very approachable. let's take a little walk, shall we? >> please. >> over here. and this has been a wonderful partnership you have talked about, bobby. and how much working together you don't look at her as a celebrity face. but more of a partner. >> a partner. and katie's a real working mom.
8:35 am
>> like you. >> and for all of us, we need all of the help we can get. >> john? >> i have been working with katie. but i also have been doing these ladies. a number of deals. now -- >> we have to show the before. there's the before. and we have to say that all of these lovely ladies are also breast cancer survivors, wearing the pink. >> what do you think, bobby? >> for any woman to feel good, it's really important. and moisturizer. concealer is number one. when you are tired, when you feel tired, you don't want to look tired. corrective concealer and mascara, the secret. >> we hate it when people say, oh, you look tired. >> yes. >> a nice, pink blush. all the girls got amazing pink blush. >> the proceeds --
8:36 am
>> $10 goes to breast cancer foundation. >> it certainly does. you look beautiful. >> we have -- her daughter and i had to argue with her. i loved her big fro. she made me make it smaller. i made that. >> sea level. let's move on. we have the before picture. the before picture. and now, after. >> the great thing here, instead of -- people go through chemotherapy, their hair changes dramatically. so, now, i cut her hair so that it's easy and smooth again. you know, it gets all crazy. >> beautiful. and bobby? >> an important thing when women are tired or getting better from an illness, moisturizer. you need to really plump the skin. and again, blush.
8:37 am
pink blush makes every woman pretty. >> and now, our final beautiful model. before. and spin her around. oh, my goodness. >> wow. >> again, we were coloring hair at 5:00 a.m. and it's always a great time to do things. and using the products, we have gotten each of the hair moist. and that's kind of crucial. to have good conditioned hair, you're going to look great. >> and eyebrows. i want to point out that her eyebrows, in order to fill them in. eye shadow works the best. and eye shadow to define the eyes. and just definition makes every woman beautiful. >> bobby and john, thank you so much. and these beautiful, beautiful women have all gone through breast cancer. and you're not survivors. you're thrivers. and appreciate that very much.
8:38 am
>> the moment your hair starts growing in, throw away the wig because it's your face is always more important. >> you are -- >> don't wear the wig once your hair starts growing. >> katie, you really aligned yourself with wonderful people, haven't you? >> yes, thank you. and i love working with them. i love worked with bobby. and having opportunities to get to know these three women. it's so inspiring. and you're beautiful all on the inside. you're glowing. >> we love to say they're not makeovers, they're makeup lessons. accentuating what's there. >> about being your best self. >> bobby, john, katie, wonderful to see you. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. sam? sam? >> hey. wait until you see what i've got here, as well. a brand-new show starting thursday night on abc. let me just get it right. it's "once upon a time in wonderland."
8:39 am
sophie lowe and michael are here. sophie, you play alice in this, right? tell me about what happens. what's the twist on this? it's not just the regular story. it's a present-day, a past-day twist on this, right? >> a new twist on the fairly tale. and on alice herself. she's, like, a woman now. and she's strong. and she can kick butt. but it was really fun to play. >> in this, you remember, michael, you're a huge part of the show now. she remembers a time that is real. but people are trying to tell her that it's not real. it's another time. >> yes. >> how do you get her there? >> i break in and get her out. that's most of it. she does the hard work. i would give her a bit of a bump. >> is this scary? is it happy? which one? what is it? >> it's scary parts. and there's very happy parts. it has really every point because it's a love story.
8:40 am
that's the main thing. but there's also action. >> it's scary. >> do we have the accents throughout? do you take an american accent in the show? >> we keep our accents. >> you do? i love them. i could stand here and talk to you all day. i can understand them. you can understand them, too. you were to speed up, it would be trouble for me. but, yeah. i got it all. i'm excited about it because it looks like a fantastic show. and by the way, you're going see it. it starts thursday, tomorrow night at 8:00, 7:00 central, here on abc. tomorrow. you guys. a looks very exciting. "once upon a time in wonderlands." let's get to the boards. we'll start with a shot of new york city. i may need you to say something in a marvelous accent just to make it work out well. new york city. and coconut grove, florida. when there's waterspout, it makes for interesting pictures. i'm sorry for the areas shaded in red and purple, you're not
8:41 am
getting a beautiful fall day today. you're going to get clouds and rain and coastal flooding until the low moves out of the way. 48 hours of trouble for you. elsewhere in the country, a western storm and most everyone is looking good >> can we just point out that you guys are the biggest thing going. your show starts tomorrow night. you have a billboard up in times square. "once upon a time in wonderland." the series premiere october 10th. every thursday at 8:00, 7:00 central, here on the abc. there's a lot of giant mushrooms around you guys. that's a wonderful thing. look indoors. there's hayden
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
so happy to be back. 8:44 on "good morning america." and let's get into abc's hit show, "nashville." it's back. and so is hayden panettiere. before we talk, here is a sneak peek at tonight's brand-new episode. >> this is so crazy. just running into juliette
8:45 am
barnes at the office. i still can't believe we're on the same label. >> and neither can i. >> it was such an honor singing your song the other night. it was terrifying with you standing right there and all. but a real honor. >> i would imagine it takes some of the pressure off to sing someone else's hits. kind of like karaoke. >> it must be so much fun to deliver lines like that. >> it is. it is. and this season, it's even more fun because the chick kind of deserves it. this season, i'm not going after somebody who doesn't deserve it. rayna is so beloved by not only fans of the show, but all of the characters in the show. hello and welcome. >> thank you. hello. >> sam champion is standing by. very excited. i do want to get into this gal we just saw on fcamera. her name is layla.
8:46 am
tell us about that dynamic. >> we talked about it that there's going to be someone nipping at your heels. and this girl, it's like dealing with a new juliette barnes who comes in. and she actually sings a lot of juliette's songs. and calls it a classic. a classic? you got to be kidding me. so, everything's just -- you know, it's kind of like a role reversal. >> i'm sure it is. what a double-edged sword. look at what you do to connie britton's poor character. and you have taste of your own medicine. what's happening with juliette's love life? >> luckily for her, she has time. and frankly, we've all made a few mistakes. safely can say. but there's going to be romance. that's what happens with juliette. who am i making out with now?
8:47 am
are they cute? are they hot? >> everyone on your show is cute. that's the best part. >> if you even think about it, casting somebody i'm not attractive to, we have a problem. they go through me. >> i love it. multitasking. you're a country music fan in real life. how about a little game. come over to our set. >> uh-oh. >> "nashville" name that song. hosted by -- >> i'm so nervous. look at this. >> you're going down. >> how are you? >> i swear i said -- oh. oh, yeah. >> it's that time. >> this morning, i said, please tell me i'm going to be able to see over this podium. please tell me you're not going to embarrass me and i'm not going to need to call for an apple box. >> we learned a bit about hayden. i want to learn about our lovely contestants. but sadly, we're already out of time. we're going to move on to the game. okay? >> all right. >> based on the country music sensation. i'm going to play a little bit
8:48 am
of a song. >> you're going to sing? >> you know you don't want that at all. here we go. you buzz in when you know the song. first, a song that, well, gives men something to think about. >> oh. ♪ right now >> hayden? >> i got it. carrie underwood. >> judges? >> that is correct. >> see that light. see that light? >> number two. >> hayden, out to an early lead. next up, the title of this song -- >> my button doesn't work. >> it's my girls. >> they also have their version. >> it's the quick, little arms. they don't have places to go.
8:49 am
>> i've never seen competition like this. >> they're so good. they sang happy birthday to me in the park. and finally, a song some might call mesmerizing. ♪ the way you kissed me >> wait a minute. >> really, guys? i don't know. >> come on, guys. >> this just in -- that's hayden. that's hayden. >> this is true. you don't know the name of the song? >> i can't even -- >> hayden's character -- >> "hypnotizing." and juliette, when she's not making out with somebody, will be singing that in tonight's episode. there's the trophy. we'll be right back.
8:50 am
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8:52 am
look at that moment yesterday. 4 hours ago, lara jumped into the pool, with diana nyad, kicking off that 48-hour swim. we're now exactly halfway through. lara, you have fantastic form there in the pool. >> thank you. >> diana nyad. can we go live to the pool. there it is right now. 24 hours and 4 minutes in. going strong. >> she's gone for 24 hours.
8:53 am
i wouldn't -- if you go 12 on, 12 off, you're still remarkable. >> i know. wonderful how people have been coming down and showing their support. getting in the lane next to her. and you will see her get out of the pool tomorrow. she'll complete the 48 hours. yeah. right here about 8:40. >> a lot more details at on yahoo! you can help, too.
8:54 am
8:55 am
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we jumped over the hump today. >> we did. humpday. >>, as well as "deals and steals."
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. a change in the weather is coming. and traffic delays continue on some bay area roads. leyla gulen has the forecast and the commute update. leyla. yes, as we take a look right now from mt. tamalpias you can see those clouds. it will be partly cloudy and cooler today. as we look at my accuweather seven-day forecast, it will warm up come this weekend. now, as we talk about some traffic the sigalert in richmond has finally canceled. this is along the westbound portion of 80, central avenue offramp has reopened but stays very slow as you continue your drive into berkeley. also this accident southbound side of 680 causing delays. kristen. leyla, thank you.
9:00 am
join us for midday news today at 11:00. have a great day. announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the series, gnash that,, hayden panettiere. and star of the drama, "the white queen," max irons. plus, your comments and questions on another edition of the "inbox." all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael yo! [cheers and applause] ♪ -- strahan! [cheers and applause] kelly: thank you! [applause]


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