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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  November 4, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> another protest march is underway in santa rosa this morning for 13-year-old andy lopez, killed by a sonoma, sheriff deputy. thanks for joining us. >> investigators are reviewing surveillance video as lax. we will tell you what is going on with the shooting free that happened in los angeles on friday. the gunman targeted t.s.a. officers but the motive is still not clear. an officer was killed, two were wounded. now more from los angeles on
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this story. >> paul ciancia arrived at the airport on friday like a regular passenger. we have learned a roommate dropped him off at terminal 3 unaware of the plan. according to the complaint, surveillance video shows ciancia walking up to the check point pulling out an assault rifle and shooting dass officer gerardo hernandez pointblank. the document also says that the gunman walked away but he saw the wounded officer moving, he came back and shot him again, killing him. >> this is the first t.s.a. employee killed in the line of duty. >> the f.b.i. says ciancia shot his way through the terminal wounding two other officers and a teacher, shot in the leg. >> he dragged himself into a closet where he found a sweatshirt which he used as a tourniquet to slow or stop the blood. >> after airport police shot ciancia four times, they found
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the bag which contained five magazines full of ammunition and a hand written note addressed to the t.s.a. saying he hoped to instill fear on your traitorous mind. >> he made a decision to kill multiple t.s.a. employees. >> classmates of where he played the french horn said he was a loaner and a former roommate, not the one who dropped him off at the airport, called him nice. >> he said he was going back to new jersey to work with his dad. >> terminal 3 has re-opened. the alleged gun map remains unresponsive in a hospital room a few miles away with a gunshot wound to the head. if he regains consciousness he could face the death penalty. >> you can keep up with the new developments on the shooting with the we mobile app downloaded for free at >> breaking news from
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connecticut: central connecticut state university is on lockdown over reports a suspicious person on campus who may be armed with a gun. students are being urged to stay inside and away from windows as s.w.a.t. teams swarm the area. police say it doesn't appear there has been a shooting and are not releases details. no injuries are reported. more than 12,000 students attend that university. >> police are investigating an accident after a man was hit by a car this morning. he was walking near south wedgewood road when hit. he was taken to the medical center in walnut creek although we have in word on his condition. investigators expect to release more details later today. >> a person in a motorized wheelchair is dead after being hit by a car. they were in a crosswalk on market street when struck at night. the victim was taken to the
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hospital and pronounced dead. the driver did stay at the scene and is cooperating with investigators. >> a woman charged with running over and killing a menlo park couple walking their dog will be in court this afternoon. she was driving drunk when she hit the singhs. she has had several court appearances canceled. she was arrested last year, as well fox driving under the influence. her family says she has a long history of drug-and-alcohol abuse. >> the man accused of murdering a federal investigator from oakland is in court this morning. 56-year-old randy alana is charged with strangling sandra coke, taking her car and using her debit card. coke was a former girlfriend. her body was found in a park in vacaville. he insists he did not kill her but does not deny being at motel where authorities think coke was killed. he is a career criminal with 17 felony convictions.
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>> bliss are voting the city's 39 the homicide of the year. police say a man was slot and killed yesterday morning on morrison avenue. the victim was taken to the hospital by family members but he did not survive. a suspect was taken into custody two hours later. the victim and suspect knew each other. >> tonight in pleasanton hill, the city council will consider an ordinance to regulate firearms and ammunition sales with stores not located within 150' of a residence, banned from within 500' of a park or certain businesses, and within 1,000' of a daycare center or school. owners and employees have to pass a background check and dealers have to install surveillance video and an alarm system. >> the oakland a's are speak out on a bombshell suggestion that the green and cold consider playing across the bay at the home of the san francisco giants
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next season. abc7 news reporter, amy hollyfield, is at at&t park. >> the a's released a short statement in effect saying that the team is not planning on moving. the idea of a move to at&t park is certainly a talker in this area. san francisco fans are about as proud of their stadium as of their team asking them to share at&t park is pushing it. >> i would say that giants fans want to keep at&t park their own. >> there is something special about just being the giants. >> according to multiple reports major league baseball is thinking about moving oakland a's into at&t park since the a's are struggle to renew the lease. it is not just fans who take issue with this. it is those who have to get around on game day. >> it is a nightmare get manage and out as is.
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to double the capacity, i don't think it is a good idea. >> surprisingly we found fans from both teams who say they can see the positive in this idea. it is no secret the a's are hoping to move to san jose and fans prefer a move to san francisco. >> i don't want them to leave but while they get the ballpark situation take were care of i would like them to stay closer to the bay area so i can see them rather than going all the way to san jose. >> that will cut into the giants' market, as well, given the choice between the two i would lean toward shareing. >> will, consider the economic impact: there are bars and restaurants and even coffee shops around the ballpark that cash in when the giants play at home. our attendance goes way up, that is great for us. to have the a's if they could have the schedule figured out we would love to have the fans.
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>> according to managing pan according to the a's we intend to extend our lease in oakland and look forward to another great season. negotiations over the slow gone up for -- have gone on for six months. major league baseball has to set the schedule so opponents nowhere they are playing and though need to assign the a's to a stadium. the giants have "no comment." >> amy, thank you. what do you think of the idea of the giant and the a's sharing the same ballpark? fans have a lot of strong opinions. go to facebook page at abc7 news and join the conversation. >> still ahead, a major settlement involving a pharmaceutical giant accused of marketing medication to children and the elderly never approved to be used that way. >> missing college student literally trapped between a rock and a hard place the past few
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days. >> obesity is linked to a growing held issue in girls. >> this is the lovely western side of the bay bridge with traffic light and skies are blue.
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back to a top story, another protest is underway in santa rosa as the family of a
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13-year-old shot to death by a sheriff deputy is ready to take legal action. andy lopez was carrying an air rifle that looks like an ak-47 assault rifle when three was shot and killed by a sheriff deputy. wayne? >> as we approach the two week anniversary of the story the protest and the community outrage does not let up. there is a march on santa rosa avenue headed to this location right now, the sonoma county sheriff, a dozen people from a local church protesting the shooting and protesting the treatment of the latino community by the sheriff. there have been many protests and memorials all along. this protest is asking the district attorney to convene a grand jury to indict deputy erick gelhaus for murder. there will be a grand jury after the investigation is complete. there is a second protest today, that is in san francisco. an attorney for the lopez family
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will file a civil rights lawsuit against erick gelhaus and sonoma county for the killing claiming he shot lopez without reasonable cause. the protesters have yet to arrive. they are peaceful group with a police escort, very nice people and have not protested before. this is a different group. they want to keep the case alive and in the news. >> thank you. a new york university student is recovering this morning after being stuck in a 2' gap between an nyu dorm and a garage. the rescue workers had to breakthrough a concrete wall to rescue the 19-year-old student yesterday. he was stuck in the small space no two days. it took an thundershower -- an hour to pull him out. his friends reported him missing on saturday. >> he would probably be dead
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without his friends reporting him missing. >> he looks to be in good health. >> it is not clear how the young man was stuck but investigators thing he may have fallen through a 5th floor when. >> new this morning, health care giant johnson&johnson have agreed to pay $2.2 billion to settlement the largest health care fraud cases in united states history. the attorney general hold are says that settlement resolves criminal and civil investigations over allegations that they marketed three drugs for uses never approved. the claims involve an antipsychotic drug and other products. according to the attorney general, physicians received kickback to promote the drug's use. our mike neat is on the roof, a great place to be to absorb the sunshine. >> absolutely. we have a lot early so that means warmer weather is on the way. on the back half of the
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seven-day forecast, though, it could be a repeat of last weekend and a change next week to possibly warmer weather. >> new details on the nasa design to help us understand the univer
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covering los altos, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> starting today, elementary and middle schools in novato will have security cameras. they are spending $120,000 for
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48 cameras part of an effort to keep students safe and discourage vandalism to school property. the school district installed cameras at the high school last year. >> a new study released says many girls are entering puberty earlier than ever and obesity could have something to do with it. the concern is that early puberty has been linked to higher risk of breast cancer. researchers looked at 1,200 girls in the bay area and those with a higher body mass index started developing breasts before their thinner friends. the biggest age difference is in caucasian girls at the average age of 9.7 years, four months earlier than previously reported, and african-american girls started at 8.8 years old, not much different. the average age for hispanic girls is 9.3 years and 9.7 years for asian girls, all published
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online. >> scientists at nasa are discussing the latest results of the mission to find twins of the planet earth elsewhere in the galaxy. the mission launched in 2009 is the first nasa program capable of finding earth-sized planets in other planet with 833 possible new planets. of those, ten are the size of earth with the potential to have life. some are dense and some are light. they have only studied a quarter of a per sent of the universe so the work is continuing. >> our meteorologist, mike nicco, is on the roof exploring the sky. >> unlike the weekend, it is easy to see. kind of a casual monday weather-wise watching people stroll around and not much of
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umph to their step just enjoy a relaxing day in the sun. you can see on live doppler 7 hd how dry it is with a lack of cloudses and moisture and you can see it all on live doppler 7 hd. it is breezy from time to time with winds around 10 or 15 miles per hour including hayward and mountain view and slow and half moon bay and napa and santa rosa, most of the winds are coming from the north where this exceptionally dry air is originating and why it will be cold again tonight like it was this morning if many areas. we have warmed rapidly and are already 20 or 25 degrees off the morning low with 57 at half moon bay and 59 in fremont and san jose the cool spot and 69 in napa, nine degrees warmer than this time yesterday. in san jose, with the 59, you are awash total sunshine for today and this could be a high cloud from time to time with the warming trend starting today and
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lasts through wednesday and the winds shift again bringing us cooler wednesday thursday and the pattern will shift late this weekend and maybe we will get much needed room but not until next week. from our east bay hills camera the haze is gone and temperatures are responding because of that. look at this, one to four degrees warmer than 24 hours. the high pressure and a twin spawning off of it and move, to oregon bringing us the offshore wind and warmer temperatures so the secret stream is to the north with the storm track staying. 67 in san jose and we may push 70 in gilroy and sunnyvale is 64 and 63 in san mateo to redwood city at 68. at the coast, we will flirt with 60 an area that should make it is sunset, with mid-60's
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downtown and mid-to-upper 60's through the north bay valley and upper 50's through your coastline and 68 in oakland is 9 spread on the shore and upper 60's to 70's with forward getting to 70. tonight, the temperatures are mid-30's inland again to low 40's and rest of us are in the mid-to-upper 40's. about two to four degrees warmer tomorrow with high clouds roaming in on wednesday and two to four degrees warmer. we lose it on thursday with more clouds and onshore winds keep us in the 50's and 60's but much cooler and sunshine on friday and saturday and it could be monday before before we get rain in the forecast. that is the week ahead. well watch it until then and enjoy the warm temperatures and sun. >> shares of blackberry are falling after they confirmed they will abandon plans for a sale. they are struggling in the smartphone market and shares are
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down 17 percent. we learned that the blackberry c.e.o. is stepping down. in a statement released this morning the company announced it will receive $1 billion invest ment from the company that originally struck a deal to acquire the canadian smartphone maker. the c.e.o. will be replaced by a former cheer executive john chen. >> twitter is looking to become a $13 billion company when it goes public with the shares trading on thursday. this morning, twitter raised the price range to between $23 and $25 up from $17 and $20 before. the san francisco-based social media company will sell $70 million shares and raise $1.6 billion but a new poll dampens the help tuesday average showing 36 percent of americans believe twitter shares would be a good investment but 47 percent say bad investment.
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>> coming up next, a pop "katie" mothers of invention,
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coming up, a vacaville baby will get the surgery she needs after a long battle with the insurance company. >> preparations are underway to welcome a big guest on "dancing with the stars" tonight. it is cher who will sing "believe." the remaining seven couples will dance to songs from her long career and she will even be a guest judge. he is in stranger to "dancing with the stars" with her son appearing on season 14 in 2011. catch "dancing with the stars" tonight at 8:00. a little pressure, don't you think? th
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