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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 8, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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r about any conditions such as kidney, liver, or bleeding problems. xarelto® is not for patients with artificial heart valves. jim changed his routine. ask your doctor about xarelto®. once a day xarelto® means no regular blood monitoring -- no known dietary restrictions. for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit a couple lanes open now but massive back sup just huge here.
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you can see cars are just jammed up here. heading eastbound on 92. >> this the last thing you need f you're waiting for someone going back to the east bay or planning to make the commute yourself going to take a long time for this to unfold. >> you can see car just covered in fire retardant. 1 eastbound lane was lobing closed but with foam retardant on the freeway, that caused more lanes to shut down. we have two lanes of traffic moving through now. your alternatives, dunbarton bridge or the bay bridge. >> you can see oncoming traffic will be affected by this. it's light as they slowly let cars come through. traffic heading back to san mateo moving at the limit at this hour. it's heavy throughout, traffic this afternoon. if you want to follow
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digitally you can down load our waze traffic app that is available for free. we'll keep you posted throughout the hour. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil. >> i'm carolyn johnson we want to talk about the strong typhoon that slammed into central philippines we've got dramatic video of the rescue efforts. >> after two barges collided here, dozens had to be pulled from water this, storm killed at least four people, it's forced hundreds of thousands from their homes, and knocked out power. communication lines down, creating major challenges for relief organizations like the red cross. >> information is important. no leads to how many people will need food and the condition in the centers.
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>> this did move quickly. >> spencer christian is here with the storm. >> it's massive and dangerous. this is where the storm was yesterday. it was about to slam into east central philippines moving through and back out now into the south china sea. it made land fall as a category 5, now it's a category 4 with winds at 145, gusts 175 miles per hour this, is the projected path expected to make land fall tomorrow morning as a category 3 storm along the coast of vietnam and then, muching inland over next 24 hours, and weaken to a tropical storm by sunday morning. still a dangerous, powerful storm, we'll keep tracking the storm for you.
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larry? >> thank you. nearly half a million philippino americans live in the bay area, relief groups are asking for help, they want to see donations pouring in. the filipino channel in redwood city is broadcasting the reaction back to manila. the channel has a foundation asking people to donate money. there is going to be a relief drive this sunday from 10:00 a.m until 2:00 p.m taking place at rnc motor cars in san bruin crow the event organized by project pearls. we have more information on abc7 under see it on tv. >> following breaking news out of lake county. a wildfire is now just 15% contained. it's burning east of highway 29 at cantwell ranch road. the fire is
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burning in mostly brush. right now no, homes are threatened. >> right now, former santa clara county supervisor is in court for his sentencing. in march pleading guilty to a dozen charges involving misuse of public funds. prosecutors pursuing a year in jail and wrapped things up the defense has begun arguments, sh and today, testifying he could help other gambling addicts through community service. you can follow all breaking news with us on twitter. >> students at baybeck high school wore skirts today in honor of a student lit on fire. faculty and staff are joining in wear a skirt for sasha day. he was wearing a skirt monday night, investigators say a 16-year-old richard thomas lit
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that skirt on fire. police say he did said he did it because he's homophobic. >> everyone is upset. sasha's closest friends are upset. but it's obviously something we've never had to deal with before. it's pretty bizarre. >> fleeshman is recovering in a can fran burn center. thomas is a student at oakland high school, today, students there tied ribbons along bus stop poles to show support. >> details about the mysterious google barge docked at treasure island. documents reveal it will feature giant sails and move around from port to port. abc7 news reporterly lillian kim is live.
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>> reporter: this is an ah-ha moment. >> they went to check out the google charge, and they're excited after seeing artist renderings. >> it's going to have wings on it. >> like sail boats in the sea. right? >> reporter: relative humidities say when done, the barge will be a quote, unprecedented structure. flank bid sails, reminiscent of fish fins the structure will be moored in san francisco bay for a month at a time to be used as an interactive space. the proposed locations include several san francisco piers, angel island, redwood city, and historical national park. the barge may also travel to other west coast ports. but as to when, is anyone's guess. >> the work seems to be a stand still. we're not sure what is going on we don't know if there are
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permit issues but there is no, no sign yet on when this might appear. >> deepening the mystery more. you can bet these guys will be clamoring to be among the first to check it out. >> i think it might be cool. like when apple first opened a store. a different concept. vey futuristic. it's pushing the edge. airports around the nation observed a moment of silence today to honor the tsa officer killed by a gunman at los angeles international airport. operations halted at 9:20 a.m at that time friday a gunman killed the agent and wounded three other people, police shot the suspect who remains in the hospital. the tsa will hold a memorial service for hernandez on november 12th. a bay area search continues for a missing 77-year-old man considered at risk. police say this man edward moore suffers
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from dementia and diabetes. he was last seen wearing a green shirt, white socks and sandals. police say he walked from a home in north hayward yesterday afternoon. it's possible he may be on the way to east oakland. a new ordinance takes affect, san francisco authorities would be unable to take a person in custody soly on immigration status unless there is a prior conviction for murder, sexual assault, trafficking or assault with a deadly weapon. police say this will encourage undocumented immigrants to report crimes without fear of deportation. a similar state law takes affect in january. on monday a number of events are taking place to commemorate veteran's day. >> one is offering medical care and mental health services >> so many young vet drans
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coming back there is a foush get va services into colleague colleges and universities. >> just someone to talk tochlt sometimes, that is all you need. but they enroll students into the va program from there. >> now, only four universities in the nation have veterans affairs programs on campus. san francisco state opened a veteran's center and let students with military experience socialize and get services. several dozen low income veterans got help today to get them back into the work force, donating suits to 50 vet translooking for work. organizers hope the clothes will help open doors for better job opportunities. st. anthony's celebrated two laws passed to help veterans get food and housing assistance. still ahead a discount airliner, spirit taking advantage of bullying drama. new ads to lure customers. a weather mishap. snow made for a rough morning but it
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wasn't mother nature's fault. >> then, security changes in san francisco general hospital today. a missing woman was found dead a few weeks ago in a stairwell. >> now, breaking news, pardon me this, is the skyway. you're looking at a heavy approach on the left side of the screen. now switching over to san mateo bridge. you can see the approach to the bridge. traffic on the righthand side, flames there, jammed up. just two lanes open following a car fire. we'll keep monitoring this for you throughout the newscast.
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the obama administration announced a rule for insurers requiring covered treatment for mental health problems. mental health care is required under the new affordable care act. president obama says he wishes he can fix the problems himself, including the web site but says once problems are ironed out critics of obamacare may change their tune.. >> i know it's controversy. there is going to be only so much support on that on a bipartisan basis. until it's working really well, then they're going to stop calling it obamacare. >> the president called for more government spending on major
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infrom a structure projects. the comments came as the governor released strong hiring numbers for the month of october. >> checking business news now a big pay day for black berry's new ceo. arriving soon, on board texting. >> cory johnson joins us with today's after the bell report. hi, cory. >> yes. good afternoon. well as you just reported job numbers gave a big boost today. the dow jones pushed to an all-time high, sending s and p to the biggest gain in three weeks your bloomberg silicon valley rising today, notably across the market. now, big changes coming to microsoft according to people familiar with the matter. if nokia executive is named next ceo he is considering a push to make office programs more central to the microsoft smart phone and tablet offerings. it's traditionally tied everything back to windows
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now, on board texting could be next. just a week after the faa changed it's policy allowing devices to be used in all phases of air travel, in flight wi-fi provider go go says plans will anow passengers to text while in the air, offered in airlines already equipped with the network. tough times on the console video game business a cording to npd group, the industry made just $13.3 billion in sales last year. but this is just ahead of the launch of new play stations and microsoft x box. turning around to struggling smart phone maker will be no doubt a tough, big job for john chen he's going to have a big pay package to do it. he will get $3 million in salary and likely bonuses as well as restricted stock, valued at $85 million.
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from bloomberg studios i'm cory johnson with bloomberg west. >> thank you. >> have a good weekend. a new ad campaign by spirit airlines catching attention the ad shows a man wearing a helmet in miami dolphins color was headline "don't be bully bid high fares" the tag line is fly incognito. the offensive lineman ritchie incognito suspended this week over bullying allegations. jonathan martin expected to meet with a special investigator next week. >> waking up to snow isn't unusual in wisconsin but nothing like this. >> residents came upon a section of grand avenue covered in snow. snow wasn't in the forecast. there wasn't snow anywhere else in the town. >> turns out the snow came from the overnight snow making on a nearby ski hill, spread by strong wind gusts. it won't have been such a big deal but police
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say slippery conditions were responsible for seven crashes on that stretch of roadway.. >> i thought maybe they're making a movie or something. >> that is crazy. >> i was stranded in wisconsin in a blizzard one day longer inintended to stay. my host made me dinner and another bottle of red wine. i was okay with being stranded. >> okay. does that have anything to do with the weather? >> nothing at all. looking at live doppler seven hd -- >> i thought you were -- >> my stories are good anywhere. live doppler seven shows sunny skies around the bay area. another mild day. just unbelievable, approaching mid-november. how about this view, blue skies from our roof top camera here going to have temperature readings 62 in san
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francisco, 66 in oakland. and mid-60s at san jose, upper 50s half moon bay. another live view in golden gate bridge. it's spectacular and beautiful. temperatures now low 70s at santa rosa and napa. mid 70s in fairfield and livermore, here is another view, a beautiful day around the bay. forecast features clear skies overnight. satellite radar shows high pressure still dominating our weather picture, continuing to do so throughout the weekend. no big changes coming this weekend but as we set our maps in motion we'll see what is coming our way overnight starting at 7:00 this evening, patches of low clouds near the coastline. by sunday, but still a mainly sunny day inland and around the bay sunday. but looking further into the forecast we'll see late sunday, monday, cold front is approaching. it's a weak front
4:20 pm
won't contain much moisture moving inland we probably won't get rainfall out of this. rain chances evaporating but there may be a sprinkle or two in the northern most part of the viewing area. tuesday looks like a sunny day. overnight, clear, temperatures mid to upper 40s tomorrow, low to mid-70s in the south bay. mid-60s on the coast. downtown 67 degrees tomorrow, mid-70s up in the north bay valleys, low 70s on much of the east bay. low to mid seven owes inland east bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. more clouds on monday, veteran's day. slight chance of early morning sprinkle tuesday, then clearing out warming up for much of the week. i'll think of more stories. >> oh, boy. >> exciting. >> thank you, spencer. >> spencer is stranded. look at this. next is bacon the new old spice? the new personal hygiene product
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that i can't wait to try. >> and new at 4:30 you've heard of mean girls but how about mean moms? what one mother
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some people love bacon. >> releasing bacon scented deodorant. designed for people who quote, sweat like a pig. >> doesn't this sound yummy? >> it promises all day meat-scented protection. hunters tell me this is safe to wear. >> do you see a lot of women buying this? >> no. no. >> guys love bacon. you know? >> oh, please we can tell you power bacon does not contain pork. it's 100% kosher and vegetarian. >> i may try it on the set next week. >> we'll see how many dogs follow you down here. come on. >> the of the popular reality
4:25 pm
show that helps americans live the dream of growing small businesses. >> two business women are on the panel of potential investors. we go into the shark tank. >> the sharks are back. biting into million dollar deals, and each other >> the level of intensity goes up this year. >> reporter: 10,000 entrepreneurs applied, hoping for this rare chance to partner with six business investors. >> some people this season. >> reporter: television, pick pitches last minutes but in reality, each pitch can take an hour to film. >> how far behind are we? >> the crew often tapes 11 pitches in a day. for the first time there are two female sharks in the tank. >> we shop for our families we buy this stuff. we're going
4:26 pm
to help the entrepreneurs we're smart. we know what works and what doesn't. >> i think they might think we're kinder to them. >> reporter: when they take a look at entrepreneurs bookkeeping. >> peopling for wrot to tell you they owe $1 million in taxes. or the wife owns the company. >> reporter: we can see a softer side to the sharks. it turns out they have dinner together. >> if i drink the wine mark cuban ordered i'd go blind. >> i have boxes from college i'll drinking from. to me that, is aged wine. >> reporter: it's sink or swim or every entrepreneur that dives in. >> if you can make it in the shark tank, you can make it anywhere. >> there will be a special shark tank crossover "the neighbors" tonight on abc7. >> they're going to want to get
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in on that bacon deodorant. >> perhaps not >> ground floor. >> security changes after mistakes in the case of a missing hospital patient. >> also, what police did to keep a father from trying to save his stepson from a house fire. to those to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607.
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abc7 news learned there has been a shake up in the san francisco sheriff's department. >> this after lynn spalding was missing 17 days after being found dead. >> reporter: first we're learning that federal investigators have been at the hospital all week, conducting their own independent probe. they're from a regulatory agency that controls the funding of medicare and medicaid. money that is given to hospitals and they have the authority to find and shut down hospitals if they find problem that's aren't later fixed now back to shake up, we're told
4:31 pm
that it does not involve any dismrdi dismrdi dismrin -- discipline or firings. >> it may look good on paper. >> reporter: hank harris, the lawyer for the family, is not appeased by the shake up of the reassign manies on the heels of the sheriff's news conpresence this week he apologized for his department's slow, shabby search for the 57-year-old woman. spalding's body found october 8th in a locked stairwell, 17 days after she disappeared from her room. at wednesday's briefing mirkarimi promised to make a thorough review of security. >> this will include a review of resources needed to provide appropriate, 24-7 law enforcement services. >> we learned today that four people have been transferred out of the hospital security unit. a civilian dispatcher, two senior sheriff deputy asks one sargeant
4:32 pm
venl the unit will be under command of a captain. two additional lieutenants, two sargeants to complement three others still there. two new senior deputies. the hospital security unit comprised of 28 deputies and institutional officers zil a total of 31 debs harris says this is just changing personnel. not reform. >> you don't change the proeto call. if you don't have people to make sure they do their jobs. it's no different than before. the shake up is more for looks than it is, i think, in of any real substance. >> reporter: the sheriff's office tells us there will be more staff changes next week. secretary of state john kerry down playing reports a deal with iran is
4:33 pm
kerry insists there is no deal, yet. >> i want to emphasize there are still very important issues on the table. that are unresolved. it's important for those to be properly addressed. >> two senior administration officials say emerging deal would ease sanctions on iran if it stops enriching uranium to 20% purity. officials say would it call for iran to destroy a stockpile. a missouri man considering a lawsuit after he was daysed after trying to save his stepson from a house fire, police used a stun gun to stop ryan miller after he tried to rescue his 3-year-old stepson, riley. officers felt it was too dangerous to let anyone go in.
4:34 pm
witnesses say miller daysed three times, then handcuffd and thrown if the back of a police car. the boy's body was found 12 to 15 feet from the front door. >> how could they be so heartless? they just sit around and waited for the fire department? what kind of police officer won't try to save a 3-year-old burning in a house? >> officials say a firefighter tried to enter but was forced back because of the heat. police in chicago looking for a group of criminals pulling off what is known as a flash mob robbery the group hit three sporting goods stores this week, walking in and fleef a rush, dragging racks of clothes and merchandise behind them. there have been no arrests so far. stores offering a $5,000 reward for information. >> a group of mothers in florida being called out for taking delight in making fun of other
4:35 pm
people's children including premature baby babies. a woman says the group was cop yeeg pictures of children then posting cruel criticisms wrote. one mom wrote you cannot fix ugly z ugly baby thread. why can't you live near me so we can do this over cocktails? >> the things these mothers said was the most horrific things very ever seen. being a mom. and knowing that they're moms. >> she and another mom started copying and pasting on their own walls one mother responded this is facebook, not the salem witch hunt this, is a free country. i was laughing because it was funny. thanks for comments. next. those moms have now deactivate their
4:36 pm
mike rice sat down with robin roberts for a conversation airing tonight on 2020 saying the acts of verbal and physical abuse of players caught on tape during practice were unacceptable, sad, and embarrassing. that abuse included gay slurs. the impact of his behavior hit home when visiting with members of a gay student group. >> the girl says you're no better than a bully. you help perpetuate that ugly stereo type that we're lesser, softer, this, that. that was a hard lesson learned. for sure. >> robin roberts interview with mike rice airs tonight and you can see it here at 10:00 on abc7. >> coming up next on abc7 news at 4:00 halloween leftovers. sweet treats given out today at oakland zoo. >> 11 city wants to add 500 more
4:37 pm
spots for the disabled. >> i'm spencer christian. from our east bay hills camera, bright skies and mild conditions this may carry us into the weekend. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> taking a look at traffic right now this, is our camera in emeryville. looking at mcarthur maze, you can see cars heading east. just jam packed and not too much better on the righthand side of the screen.
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a popular sand castle competition has been cancelled last month because of the government shut down. local architects and construction workers will join 20 schools, this year's theme is masterpieces in sand. more than half money raise from theed contest goes towards leap, the youth arts add voe as kasy organization. >> halloween is over, but leftovers goring to good use in oakland. >> this is a perfect use. take a look. animals getting sweet treats thanks to thousands of left over pumpkins >> truck loads have been arriving at the zoo this week. not only for feeting but used for food containers, puzzles and toys. >> look at the tiger bobbing for
4:41 pm
pumpkins here. >> they love it. >> that is a big boy. >> yes. glad the pumpkin, not my arm. >> should be great weather for sand castle competition. great weather for a while we have it today here is a look at live doppler seven hd. sunny skies, mild to warm condition as cross the bay area once again, today. taking a look at national weather picture, sunny and dry conditions, apart from showers over the great lakes and clouds, scattered showers down along central gulf coast and up into pacific northwest. but otherwise, great travel weather, great outdoor weather. and up and down the state of california tomorrow, sunny skies, and mild to warm conditions once again, high temperatures in mid 70s in chico and sacramento. low 70s down in l.a. in desert palm springs, high of 84 tomorrow, on the coast, central coast, 64. here in the bay area, another
4:42 pm
mild day as well, sunny skies tomorrow. looking for highs into mid-60s along the coast. upper # 60s to low 70s along the bay and inland conditions in north bay inland south bay, highs low to mid-70s, and how about sunday, at candle stick park? niners home to take on panthers game time is 1:05. sunny skies and mild, temperatures about 67 degrees at the beginning of the games. lovely day for football. lovely weekend coming our way. nothing changing until monday. >> okay. good deal. thank you. >> still ahead, people camped out early hoping to get a helping hand for the holidays. >> new tools testified from the boston bombing victims. >> kitchen appliance shopping at costco? i came up with consumer reports
4:43 pm
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families are signing up to qualify for a free holiday meal. abc7 news has the story now from san jose. >> people started standing in line here at sacred heart community center at 3:00 yesterday afternoon the register for holiday food boxes and toys for xhachls people kept coming overnight dozens stretched down the block, and around the corner. daylight gave a view of the growing line the need for help became obvious. >> i don't make enough. i want the family to have the best food. i stand here every year. >> once inside, more than 150 volunteers were busy registering clients they get a purple ticket to pick up food and toys a record number of food boxes were given last year. 5600 kids
4:47 pm
received christmas toys this year, improving job market being overwhelmed by skyrocketing rents. organizers are planning on another busy holiday season. >> they're having to choose between essentials one of the reasons is that we never want people to choose to not feed children or stretch too far. >> thousand, charity has one frozen turkey and two week tz take in donations before they hand out food boxes. >> we sing praises to sacred heart and other that's donate to the community. and it helps me so much to have something this traditional for thanksgiving dinner. >> reporter: if you'd like to help go to our web site. you'll find a link to the web site, and
4:48 pm
you can find out how you can donate. in san jose, matt keller abc7 news. >> would you believe terrell owens back with 49ers? it happens on sunday he will be at candle stick park. on hand to celebrate one of the top ten niner moments at candle stick. selected as fourth greatest moment ever at the stadium. it's in the final year. owenss played 129 games traded to philly in 2004 following a dispute with a front office. main who lost his leg in boston bombings is taking recovery further yeshg hitting slopes. he is one of several victims going on an all-expensive paid trip to a colorado ski resort. yesterday fitted for this seat allowing him to ski, shifting speed and direction with hips. his second
4:49 pm
leg scheduled for surgery in january. he's planning to hit slopes in december. to get this well from a rhode island woman, heather received a new prosthetic leg allowing her to don her favorite heels. she had a conventional prosthetic but this leg better resembles her own leg and she says she used to wear heels every day before the bombing. >> nice. >> going to costco for everything from food to, supplies and what i call my special eggnog that is now available.. >> i don't know if i want to know about that. >> you do. you do. >> the retailer offering professional ranges promising to save thousands of dollars. so we're wondering if they can take the heat in the kitchen. >> i want to test eggnog. >> you do. you do.
4:50 pm
>> different story. >> consumer reports puts pro-style ranges to the test including some from costco, costing thousands less than models elsewhere. >> reporter: lots of us have a big appetite for pro-style ranges they can give plenty of cooking capability, but, they can cost $5,000 and more. there are less expensive options. consumer reports takes a look at two. this 30 inch for $2,000, this 36-inch for $3,000. consumer reports pitted them against big names. like wolf and viking. >> we do all sorts of things boiling water to simmering sauces. we bake cookies and broiled burgers. >> reporter: testers lgs assess
4:51 pm
look and feel of the ranges from finish, iconic red knobs on the wolf and greats over burners. costco nxr ranges skipped on some of the features 30 inch range lacked continuous greats. and 30 inch one will likely catch lots of food and be difficult to clean. and only mediocre when it comes to performance. >> even big names like wolf, thr and viking and thermador didn't perform well enough for consumer reports to recommend. >> consumer reports did find a few to recommend this, 36 inch kitchen aid the pro styles are expensive. this one goes for about $6,000. ouch. you can save by getting a regular gas or electric range. consumer reports tests found many performed better than pro-style and come with lots of
4:52 pm
same features you may have your eyes on. consumer reports recommends a kitchen aid kdrs 505 xss. starting at $2,000. it's a gas range with continuous cast iron greats and five burners. a double oven. sweet unit. >> coming up next, san francisco considers adding hundreds more handicapped parking spots. >> how the city plans to deal with people who abuse spaces. >> coming up a bay area fraternity suspended after warnings about breaking rules are ignored z running amuck. money people spend on their yards, then thi
4:53 pm
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dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. too delicious to be so nutritious. ♪ dannon. to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. more blue handicapped spaces could be coming soon to san
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francisco. >> they're asking for a 70% increase among other changes. >> we're live at city hall to explain. heather? >> this begs the question are there not enough spaces or too many people misusing and abusing placards? >> reporter: drivers say there are not enough handicapped blue parking zones in san francisco. >> you can't find parking whether handicapped or not. >> right now, placard holders can park free, with no time limit at blue zones and regular meters. misuse is rampant. there are 23 regular spaces on this block in chinatown. this afternoon, 19 of them were filled with cars with hand handicapped placards there is a medical center but a woman who works in a building and does not want to be identified says she didn't think it's patients because those cars are there all
4:57 pm
day. >> i want to be chairitable. but, the fact is that there is not enough parking. and no enforcement. >> reporter: a committee will be asking for 470 new blue zones to improve enforcement, increase dmv oversight after provals, put reasonable time limits for the parking and remove meter exemption. the economy member says recommendations include asking the dmv to link members to a photo of the >> if they know something is wrong, write away. >> a legislature would go for changes at the state level.
4:58 pm
>> thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00 >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> philippines heading back to the storm. >> bay area fraternity suspended after warnings about dangerous drinking and hazing. >> and run amuck, money people spend on their yards just to see this happen again. >> some of you have a long holiday weekend we'll check out the forecast coming up. new video of the massive, deadly typhoon that hit the philippines. thanks for joining us, i'm cheryl jennings. >> this storm is one of the strong wrest to make land fall on the planet. probably the strongest to hit philippines.
4:59 pm
san francisco bay area is home to nearly half a million philippinos. many are worried frantically about loved ones overseas. take a look. a house engulfed by flames. flights cancelled and electricity is off in areas. workers try to restore power. we know that at least four people are dead, and three quarters of a million people evacuated. that is almost the population of san francisco. now, the country may have dodged a bullet appears to have avoided a major disaster, remarkable when considering size and strength of the storm. abc7 news is in the newsroom and begins our coverage. >> what i've heard from philippino americans is that they believe this time, the government was really preparing for this typhoon. still, it's too early to know extent of the damage.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: the filipino channel reported back to manila on how the bay area was reacted. information how to help was posted on their channel. their foundation presented relief following other typhoons and earthquakes. typhoon yolanda caused hundreds of thousands to leave homes, many under shelters. casualties are expected to be high. >> things not yet safe for our members to come out to hand out real 11 goods. >> two years ago another organization collected items for survivors of the 2007 typhoon. today, another campaign from 10:00-2:00. >> we need survival items. canned goods. dry noodles. rice. baby food


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