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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  KGO  November 19, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> thank you, leyla gulen. the bay area is waking up to something it hasn't had in two months. the rain. it will be significant and potentially dangerous. amy hollyfield is in the north bay where it is a wet commute. amy? >> yes, kristen, we are dealing with a heavy drizzle. we drove here from the east bay. it was dry until he bit marin county. then we started noticing the drizzle. it is not a ahead rain but it is wet. the c.h.p. is worried about what this will mean for the roads especially highway 101. there is a lost construction going on in the north bay especially between santa rosa and marin county and they say there is little room for error. >> we will be bringing up a last oil and fluids from the roadway so it will be extra slick. we want give people heads up to give yourself extra time.
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>> the c.h.p. says you need to be careful out there this morning. slow down. don't forget your rain jacket or umbrella. >> you can track the storms with the most powerful weather radar live doppler 7 hd where you can install the weather app downloading it by free to droid or iphone app. >> new details in the deadly tornadoes in the midwest. two storm-related deaths in michigan raised the total number from the storms to eight. the national weather service says two tornadoes that hit two illinois towns had an ef4 rating with winds from 165 to 200 miles per hour. 500 homes were damaged or destroyed if washington, illinois, with in word on when people can return because the city is still without power. the chicago tribune reports that
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200 tornado warnings issued in northern illinois since 1986, more than half were issued on sunday. >> in the philippines, the airport in tacloban is highlighting the progress being made in the relief effort. the airport was destroyed november 8 but now is a relief hub. planes are able to evacuate people from the area while dozens of eight l aid -- dozens of aid flights are avenue l -- are arrive each day. a total of $104,000 was raised yesterday by kgo and the red cross which will go directly to the philippines to help with the clean up and recovery efforts. thank you so much to our viewers for your support and donations. >> in sonoma county, investigators are at a resort in guerneville after a man's body was found. the russian river fire
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protection district is saying little but it is confirmed there was a deceased person found but not where. officers were recalled to the resort on first and church streets around 11:30 last night for a domestic dispute the an hour and a half later the deceased person was found. we waiting for an update to i you more information. >> tesla wants to settle questions about the safety of their vehicles once and for all and is asking the federal government to investigate recent fires in the electric cars. katie marzullo has the story from our newsroom. katie? >> the federal government is on it. the national highway traffic administration has announced it is investigating fires in tesla model s electric cars affecting 13,000 cars sold in the united states with three instances the batteries have caught fire after the car hit debris in the road or crash. no one was hurt in the fires. the agency says it wants to
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examine risk from the undercarriage getting hit. the battery is below the passenger compartment and protected by a metal shield. elon musk asked the government to investigate and saying there have been hundreds of thousands of gasoline fires in cars sin the middle -- model s went into production. it is easy to assume that the tesla model s and, perhaps, electric cars in general, have a greater propensity to cash fire than gasoline fires when nothing could be further from the truth. the investigation could load to a recall but no decision on that has been made. also, you will remember last week, three employees were hurt by hot metal at the tesla factory in fremont. osha calls that an "industrial accident." >> the c.h.p. is investigating a possible d.u.i. a crash in concord involving a pickup truck
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carrying hazardous materials. around 9:00 last night it collided with a car in front of concord sam's club. 3 people including a child were seriously injured and a dog was dangerren away by animal control. the from you was carrying pool chemicals released vapors and required clean up by a hazardous materials team the immediate area was closed down for precaution but now is open. >> new details of a deadly accident on i-880. a former oakland radar is among the victims. thomas howard died after the car went airborne killing another driver and injuried a third. his vehicle was going more than 100 miles per hour at 1:00 o'clock in the morning when it hit the back of a northbound big rig. the bmw was airborne flying over the center divider, glancing off an oncoming chevrolet and smashing directly into a long da crv. howard and the driver of the honda both died at the scene.
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[ inaudible ] >> we were going to a comedy show and that is last i heard from him. >> he was a good man. we got bad news in the morning. >> the c.h.p. investigation is ongoing. speed was a major factor but they have not ruled out the possibility of a vehicle malfunction. they are waiting results of blood alcohol tests. >> this morning, hayward police continue to search for the person who gunned down a 17-year-old boy. witnesses heard several shots around 3:30 yesterday afternoon but police got there they found the teen critically injured near a baseball diamond. he was rushed to the hospital but died a short time later. police have been interviewing several witnesses we say they hear the shooting. >> hayward school officials are reassuring parents after a 5th grade student was caught walking the halls holding a knife. police say the knife was taken from a faculty lounge. officials met with dozens of
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parents. one suffered a small cut when he knocked the knife from the boy's hand. the ten-year-old did not threaten anyone and said he was tired of being bullied. >> recently there have been people hitting people and stuff like that. >> the boy is under a psychiatric hold. police previously placed him under a psychiatric hold last year but have not said why. >> it is 4:37 and more on the rain when and where it will be. >> the bulk of the wet weather is to the north and the entire system is sliding south during the morning and early afternoon. if you are headed to the sierra you can see the snow developing with the levels as let as they will get this morning as the warm air comes in, the snow levels are going to rise up around 7,500' and south lake tahoe it is 41 and life rain. as far as what is going on, when
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you step outside if it is not wet it is warmer from 4 to 16 degrees remain wary than yesterday. 47 in wood side and palo alto is 49 and foster city is 50 and belmont and san mateo, at 53. the warm spot is san bruno at 55 and all of us in the low-to-mid 60's until los gatos and san ramon at 48 degrees. the best chance of light rain, steady lit rain, in the north bay through 7:00 and it will spread south through the noon hour. 4:00 all of us are getting light rain and that will continue during the evening hours. the most difficult commute as far as the wet weather is going to be the evening commute if you are down south in the morning, though, you will be dry law most of the morning commute. now the traffic. leyla gulen? >> so far we do not have reports of accidents. we had a couple of crashes earlier this morning. those have cleared. right now, we do have mostly
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construction. in oakland, if you are traveling 880 in the northbound direction up to 16th avenue to broadway, you will have lanes that are going to be blocked off and that will last until approximately 5:00 this morning. southbound side we are looking at a little bit of slow and go traffic but, really, that is spectator slowing and it is dry in oakland right new. as we look at our drive time traffic highway 4 from antioch to hercules is 29 minutes and 80 westbound from four to the maze is 16 minutes and 87 northbound from 85 to the san jose airport we are under ten minutes. we have amy hollyfield with the drive along 101 headed into central san rafael and it has moisture on the roads and you want to slow down and drive carefully. >> big brother can soon be watching in oakland and next, the meeting that will spark fierce delay over a city surveillance video program. >> the administration says one
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thing about the obamacare rollout and a new poll on the political damage. >> tracking the storm hitting the bay area, the green you can see is mostly in the north bay but mike says it will spread all over the bay
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covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, it is 4:42. a picture of downtown san francisco as seen from the rooftop. rain is not yet here. maybe some drizzle but the rain will come and is now in the north bay. meteorologist, mike nicco, will tell you how it will affect your day and commute. if you take any pictures of the storm, we want do see them. send your photos and videos to we will share some of them on air and online.
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>> opponents of oakland's plan to build a high-tech surveillance center will protest tonight before the city council which approved plans to build a $10 million domain awareness center in june. it will serve as a hundred for surveillance video in place at the port of oakland. opponents say other cameras could be added which would enable law enforcement to conduct widespread surveillance of people without a warrant. the project is funded by homeland security and will be jointly run by the oakland police department. >> palo alto is moving ahead with a plan to equip officers with body cameras, the city council voted to buy the devices initially nine officers will test the cameras similar to what you are look at, primarily used by motorcycle officers. the cameras are part of $305,000 contract to replace aging dash cameras in the patrol cars. >> president obama's approval rating is hitting new record lows partly because of obamacare according to the
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washington post/abc news poll poll and is now at 42 percent down 13 points this year. 55 percent disaproven of the job he is doing, a record high if the presidency. 2-1, americans disapprove of the handling of the rollout and opposition to the affordable care act is at all-time high at 57 percent. >> happening today, a federal jury in silicon valley will decide how were samsung should pay apple for copying the iphone and ipad too closely. apple is demanding $380 million in damages. sam suck says it -- samsung says it owes only $52 million for copying items in the older products. an early judge ordered $1 billion but the judge threw it out and convene add new trial on 13 of the 26 devices covered in the lawsuit. >> a santa cruz boy and his puppy are an international
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sensation, photos and videos of the two napping have captured the hearts of people all over the world. our reporter has the story from santa cruz. aone-year-old beau and the nine week old puppy have been napping since he was brought home from the spca two weeks ago. his mom says the puppy initiated it and says the new pet is super cuddly and needs to be with someone at all times. >> theo wants to be as close as he can be to beau. it is sweet. >> jessica captured images of the naps on the iphone and posted them on mommy blog and instagram, the photos quickly went viral and the three have been featured on national media and international news organizations have also picked up the story. >> part of the attraction that is drawing people to the photos is the innocence they both
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exude. it is a blessing and reassuring and everything that the world needs. >> the photos have captured the attention of literally agents, and jessica is working with one to release a book about the puppy and thing do next winter with proceeds finding to the spc a. >> she has an artistic eye to capture the tenderness. it is great. >> the models were vote by -- were pretty go, too. mike has rain. >> it could be a nice day to lay around and do nothing. if you have to get out right now we are getting a break in the north bay with live doppler 7 hd picking up scattered and light radar run -- returns south the next batch is moving on the
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marin county the next hour and this will move south and is being buffetted by the wind which is blowing in from the south and the south wind will keep the temperatures mild when the rain rolls in. you can see san francisco all the way over to oakland and emeryville and berkeley it is quiet as far as the wet weather the by 7:00, though, we will have light rain. mild breeze is the number one forecast. wet weather all the way through tomorrow. you have a 24 to 48 hour window of wet weather. then the pattern shifts to the dry and warmer-than-average sun filled stream we have had for the better part of the fall. we are in the upper 50's to low 60's and everyone is getting rain. if you do not have the rain now, especially in the south bay, you
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will have it during the afternoon and evening commute. tonight, the light rain becomes little less in some areas but it will still be around so you will wake up to slick streets tomorrow morning. they will be wet for everyone in the commute. it will be mild with upper 40's to mid-50's. how is this playing out? the bulk of the system is headed to the north and the winds are coming in from the west cross that front that is why we. have at least 48 hours of wet weather. rain starting to move in in the heart of the by at lunch. down into the south bay after that. the heaviest rain will move in at evening rush hour and move over through tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning the best rain is before 7:00 and is in the not by spreading to the south. by the evening hours, the dry push begins and we will have a scattered shower possible through thursday morning.
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that is it. most of us will get quarter to-an inch and possibly three quarters in the santa cruz mountains and 1.5" across the north by the seven-day forecast shows by thursday the sun is breaking out and the temperatures are warming and through the weekend, it will be above average hitting 70 inland. leyla gulen? >> we are looking at dry conditions in san jose, though, we have areas of construction. northbound and southbound highway 87 has a project around until 5:00. with all lanes closed. the nimitz approaching to 87 is slow. detours are in place. 580 from tracy to dublin is 25 minutes. highway 4, westbound from antioch to concord is 15 minutes. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is only 16 minutes. we are seeing drizzle falling in some areas.
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slow down the speed because the oil collects on the road causing slick conditions. be careful. in walnut creek, traveling along southbound 680 away from highway 4 to the 24 junction everyone is moving at top speed and it will take you six or seven minutes to get there. >> new passenger planes can almost fly themselves but that may not be so good with a new report saying a lot of pilots need to go back-to-school. >> who can forget this performance by miley cyrus that put the word "twerking" on the map but another word has been picked "word of the year." >> i am trying to forget. now tracking a storm that is hitting the bay area and mike nicco is tracking the wettest conditions.
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morning on this tuesday, with rain moving into the bay area. we will tell you when and where coming up. >> am done smith returns to court to face d.u.i. charges. he was arrested for d.u.i. and marijuana possession after smashing his car into a tree in september. a previous d.u.i. charge in 2012 was reduced to reckless driving after the september incident, smith issued a public apology and promised it would not happen again. the 49er c.e.o. said that the all pro live backer would seek treatment at an inpatient facility. >> and now, bricks will be part of fan walk leading to the new stadium raising money to get their own custom bricks raising
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so much machine they donating the left over $793 to the family of brian stow who is the giants fan beating outside of dodgers stadium in 2012. >> miley, despite your memorable performance, twerking did not win as "word of the year." what word did win? you get the picture, here is a clue "sophie" that sums up our culture going up 17,000 percent since last year so we declare this sophie day, just take a selfie picture of yourself. selfie is being done by everyone there. >> katie marzullo tweets and your arms may be too short but you can do yours, i did mine, it is posted on twitter, and we
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want to see yours, as well. >> you can make a lot of money inventing a device that allows you to extend your arms and take a selfie. >> as seen on tv. now a look if you are traveling today, especially north of 80 you will run into rain and maybe a little bit of snow but it is not really going to make it down to where most of us drive. if you are headed to the area you may want to make the change. temperatures are 58 in sacramento and 48 in tahoe and 51 in monterey and mid-to-upper 60's with clouds around san diego and los angeles and 76 in palm spring. the in three days in tahoe, rain at 47 degrees, a very warm system. snow will mix in thursday, maybe an inch of accumulation at lake level. look at sunshine: it will melt
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whatever falls and sticks on friday which is sunny and 41. leyla gulen? >> i found slowing for you headed into san francisco and this because of a project that will be watching up at action, as well, but, certainly, it is causing a bottleneck headed into san francisco. northbound 101 teen silver and vermont street, coming up to the 280 extension and it dissipates as you continue the drive up to the central freeway. before you get there, 280 is looking clear and if you need to make the drive over to the extension it is not too bad. we have road closures in the city because of the convention at the moscone center that will last through friday. howard street is closed between 3rd and 4th and will re-open after friday. >> it is 4:56. this morning, beauty products company origin is recalling one of their face creams after scoffing mold in it. the recall involves the mega
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mushroom soothing face cream. the mold could increase the risk of infection for some people including those with compromised skin or who wear certain contact lens if it got in their eyes. origins says that no other products were affected. you can return the face cream for a full refund. >> a new report that says the features that allow the ails to fly themselves are eroding piloting skills, with pilots so rely at on computers and automation they are getting rusty on flying an aircraft. they may also become confused when the auto pilot does not behave the way they expect making crashes more likely. they recommend better training for pilots to fly. they are looking at a problem with automation as a cause of the asiana flight 214 back in july. >> after a long dry spell the first big rain is moving to the bay area and we are tracking the rain and how it is affecting the
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commute. >> an arrest leads to claims of police brutality and what those involved plan to do now. >> the vote could bring major changes to parking in one e
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on tuesday at 5:00. thank you very much for joining us on this wet day. >> we will find out where and when we will need the umbrellas. mike? >> we all need the umbrella at some point. the question is, when? where is it raining now? the latest update is right there


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