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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 30, 2013 8:00am-9:01am PST

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glad to have you with us at 8:00 a.m. on this saturday morning. a quick look at the weather with lisa argen. good morning, lisa. >> good morning, katie. we are looking at temperatures in the 30s for fairfield, livermore and napa. with that we do have some pretty dense fog. visibility has been reduced to just about nothing from the coast and a quarter mile through salinas and watsonville. elsewhere around the bay san francisco in the upper 40s and by noontime the fog will be gone. it lifts by about 9:00, 10:00. we will have upper 50s and low 60s. by the afternoon we are seeing very mild conditions. it is a spare the air day with temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 today. we will cool off quickly by
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the evening hour. evening hours. we have another mild day before things begin to change. a look at the extended outlook. >> developing news from north korea wherefore the first time we are hearing from the palo alto man who has been held captive. he has been held for more than a month now. ama dates shows us the video posted by the state run news agency. it shows meryl newman reading an apology letter. >> these are the first images of meryl new man since he was detained more than a month ago. it is an apology letter explaining what he did against the north when he fought in the korean war. >> they attacked the communication systems and killed three innocent praters. >> he mastermind espionage and subversive activities against the dpa and in the korean's
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people's arm and ingnaw sint civilians. his wife broke her silence pleading for his released. >> we hope it will be resolved and he can return and be at our table for the holidays. >> what is not clear is who wrote the alleged apology letter. in the past the north korean government is accused of coercing statements from detainees. in the video newman promised to tell the truth about the country if they let him go. a possible indication of his released. >> if i can understand that in u.s. and in western countries there is misleading information and propaganda about tprk. >> abc news contacted the state department to see if it reviewed the video and has anything to say. we reached out to newman's family in the bay area and so far no word from either.
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abc7 news. >> >> new -- new map was on a 10-day trip to north korea, but was removed from the plane when it was about to take off. that was october 26th. his family has had no contact with him since. developing news in alaska. a commercial plane crashed near a remote western village. flight 373 was a singl engine turbo prop success that you 208. the flight went down near its destination which is roughly 470 miles from anchorage. the pilot was killed along with three passengers. one of the passengers, a baby boy. the conditions of the six surviving passengers is not known. they say the troopers and an air ambulance service are assisting those survivors. developing news in africa, a mow -- mow mozambique plane has crashed. the plane crashed at a
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national park near the border with angola. no word there on what went wrong. a major search and rescue operation continues that the hour at a crowded pub in glascow, scotland when a helicopter crashed through the roof. the death toll is continuing to rise and 32 others are in the hospital. we know there were more than a hundred people in the club attending a live music event when the chopper crashed last night. officials say patrons reportedly formed a human chain to pass injured victims out the door. search-and-rescue teams are still searching to make sure everyone is accounted for. all lanes of the dunbar ton bridge are open after a man was killed on the span. the chp shut it down at 11:00 p.m. to investigate the death of a pedestrian who was hit by several vehicles on the westbound side near the toll plaza. investigators say the man reportedly dressed in black had been walking in the lane.
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a north bay police officer made his 100th drunk driving arrest of 2013 this week. >> i officially believe it does save lives and that's one of the main reasons i do the job. >> officer kevin mcdougal received awards from mothers against drunk driving and could receive another this year. he made his 100th dui arrest of the year pulling over a driver who ran a red light. the commanding officer tells us his extra efforts are making a difference. >> it makes our community a lot safer. he has kept a lot of people from being on the street intoxicated and that goes to his level of dedication. >> it is something i like to do and have done a longtime. i think i am pretty good at it. >> he looks for object -- obvious violations and, note this, half of the people he arrests for dui thought they
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were okay to drive. happening today, the shopping focus shifts from big box retailers and major chains to small businesses. mom and pop shops will take part in small business saturday. it is nationwide and here in the bay area. people are encouraged to patronize the localized stores in their neighborhood. it was actually started by american express in 2010 and it received the approval of the small business administration. thousands of shoppers in the bay area hit the big stores for black friday. among the deal seekers, demonstrators were out in force protesting wal-mart. alan wang captured the scene outside the san leandro store. >> about 150 people demonstrated in the southbound lanes of his his -- hisperian many are part of the wal-mart employees demanding
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retaliation. >> we have a legal right to speak out when our employers are not treating us right. >> there is no retaliation here at wal-mart. in fact, we have processes for associates to speak with management. >> i make $8.6 faff and it is hard -- $8.65 and it is hard to pay your bills. >> the average hourly full time wage is over $13 and 401k benefits and health that starts as low as $18 a pay period. we know we offer good, quality jobs. >> you have one minute to reply. >> one minute later several were arrested, but it couldn't stop some of their own sim pa you thighsers from shopping at wal-mart. he had to buy trash bags and paper towels. >> are they going to stop you from going in there and supporting wal-mart? >> i am supporting my kids. i am not supporting the business. >> police reopened the street
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and wal-mart says this store had a steady flow of business throughout black friday. alan wang, abc7 news. 15 people were arrested during a protest at a wal-mart in roseville near sacking is a. 100 protesters were outside this store yesterday, but 15 broke off and marched to a busy intersection and sat down. they were arrested for failing to dispurse. despite a few problems black friday events went smoothly. most shoppers tell us it wasn't as crowded as they expected. analysts say sales are spreading out because they shop on-line or through mobile devices. abm -- ibm benchmark says on-line sales on black friday rose 9% from last year and ebay saw a 35% increase and amazon saw a 25% increase. but for some, the deals didn't turn their heads this year. >> i thought it would be better. you see commercials on tv that
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say flat screen for $100 and i didn't see any of that. i mean, there are good savings in there. >> retailers who opened early on thanksgiving day say they saw relatively big crowds, an indication of what may be a new shopping trend. sales numbers will be released later today. check out this time lapse video showing the hoards of shoppers marching through san francisco's union square. macy's and union square say they have been busy since opening on thursday night at 8:00. cyber monday is two days away and that's where shoppers will go on-line to continue shopping. sales tripled to almost $1.5 billion compared to 2011. this year's figure is expected to be even higher and could be the biggest on record. developing news in the bart negotiations. the two unions that went on strike this summer are set to sue bart. it is over a family medical leave clause which bart claims
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was a mistake in the contract. it would have given workers six weeks paid family leave per year. bart will move the clause before approving the contract. they say the removal is an assault on the collective bargaining process. 8:10 on your saturday morning. boy, this is the most we have seen of any view so far today. >> from oakland to south san francisco and this is a look above from the east bay hills camera where you can see peeks of blue. we have high clouds and low clouds pushing through. be careful as you move about this morning. dense fog especially along the central coast. will another mild afternoon last through the weekend? >> and a stranger's kindness giving a pop warner team a chance to make history. the follow-up to this story. and a special holiday gift for a man in need of a kidney a
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and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. police are investigating a shooting in an apartment complex. it happened on carolina street at the marina heights apartments. investigators won't say what lead to the killing and the victim's identity has not been released. this morning a vallejo shooting suspect is in custody
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after authorities say he made his get away on a boat. th is video from sky 7hd. investigators say the man shot another person near highway 37 yesterday afternoon and then tried to escape on the water. but the u.s. coast guard pulled him over and arrested him. the shooting victim was taken to the hospital. police are looking for a man who robbed a bank of america branch in walnut creek. these are surveillance photos of the shopping center. he went into the bank and passed a note to the teller demanding money. he is described as a white man in his mid20s about 6 feet tall with a thin build and a light brown goatee. happening today, a car wash in oakland will serve as a scholarship fundraiser in memory of a toddler who was shot and killed in west oakland two years ago. he died in 2011. he was shot outside a liquor store on seventh and willow streets when police say two men shot into a crowd because they thought the crowd included rival gaping
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members. proceeds from the noon event will go toward a scholarship fund that will benefit hyrum's sibling. thanks to our viewers including one especially generous viewer the pop warner football team will contend for the championship in orlando, florida next month. wayne freedman has the story. >> how are you doing? >> when the call came for an unexpected team meeting no one expected good news. >> they know we are making a final plea. >> a seemingly impossible one. when we told you about the bay city bulldogs on thanksgiving day it was a story of hope in the middes of -- midst of despair. they are an elite pop warner football team. so good they qualified for the championship in florida. they have their backs against the wall. they needed to raise $40,000 with a go, no go decision this weekend and donations running dry. >> there is no way i can look
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these boys in the eye and tell them we can't go to florida. >> it will be devastating. >> we need to make a little more, a lot more actually. >> $20,000 more? impossible. maybe mott. there was more from that story as he described his frustration when asking for donations. >> they think we are a bunch of teenagers trying to get money. >> what are you? >> we are football players. >> that got to me. >> oh did it ever. zach nelson is the ceo of nexsuite. he made an offer. >> i said let me know the difference of what you need to go. >> after a team prayer the families steady themselves for the bad news. instead they heard the name zach nelson. >> and he is donating $20,000 to the cause. >> with the stroke of a pen 21 teenagers now have a fighting chance for a world championship. >> he is an amazing person to
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do this for kids he doesn't know. >> zach nelson knows them now. one miracle down, one to go. >> bay city bulldogs is coming to florida. who ever is out there, you better watch out. >> wayne freedman, abc news. a happy homecoming last night to welcome home a coast god cuter in alaska the last few months. the crew made it back to base last night and they were deployed for 109 days and patrolling the bering sea and the arctic ocean. during that time they did search and rescue missions and uh trolled the open -- and patrolled the open waters. the massive you eucalyptus tree is now off limits to the public. last week's windstorm toppled the tree just outside of the chalet. it may not be able to get rid of the tree until next week. the spectacle brought outdoesens of people who were
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climbing on it and take pictures and that kind of thing. we have seen a lot of kids doing that. this is probably a better safety bet, but, wow, that is a massive tree. that just goes to show how bad the winds were. hopefully that's not a problem. >> we could use a little wind this morning to mix things up. because of that we are looking at dense fog. the calm winds and the temperatures right around the dew p oi nt have allowed the fog to become a problem. high clouds sweeping through the bay area as well. it is a combination of the cloud cover and a spare the air day this afternoon. here is a look at the clouds and the temperatures are chilly. low 40s from redwood city to mid40s in los gatos. san francisco, the mealedder location at -- the milder location at 49. half moon bay, zero visibility and high above the tower cam. you can see the visibility improves.
8:19 am
we will get a bit of an offshore wind and some of the mixing will scour things out by 10:00. i think by the delta you will stay foggy maybe through the 11:00 hour. 42 in fairfield and napa in the low 40s with 38 in santa rosa. still kind of cool out there. half moon bay zero visibility with the airport at a half mile. and it has been moving around throughout oakland. a thin rib bin -- ribbon across the bay and you get the dense fog. here is a look at san jose and our forecast highlights featuring more sunshine today with the spare the air day once again. the mild pattern lasting through tomorrow, but then we are looking at some big, big changes . drastic weather changes into next week with some freezing mornings wednesday, thursday and friday. so widespread frost on the way. air quality will be the worst in the north bay. elsewhere it will be fair and no burning today due to that
8:20 am
spare the air. we will look for the sunny conditions after these clouds continue to press on through. high pressure has built into california allowing for a slight offshore push and the fair weather and that warmer afternoon today and tomorrow. so we get that heating and the down sloping winds that will be much in the forecast tomorrow and that will allow for temperatures a little warmer than today. high temperatures in the mid60s. a long way to go from where we are right now. upper 60s in oakland and if you are doing any biking around mount diablo it will be mild in the afternoon. upper 60s and maybe a 70 degree temperature. ocean beach and santa cruz today. morgan hill is 70. the accu-weather seven-day forecast looking at temperatures even milder as the ridge builds tomorrow and then it is cooler and a stronger on on shore push on monday. looking at the highs tuesday, wednesday, thursday and the morning lows will be right
8:21 am
around freezing, not only in the north bay, but the front moves through tuesday and wednesday and even on thursday. not much moisture at all with this system. abc7 news is a resource for you to follow for the latest on the bay area conditions rain and shine and get spare the air alerts and weather tweets from are yo favorite weather team. >> it is so easy to enjoy the sunny days we are having, but it is not what we need. thanks, lisa. next, a different kind of window shopping redefining how people shop at
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not about buying the newest digital technology. instead it was about the old analog format. it is a format making a combat. streetlight records in san jose was one of the hundreds of record stores in the country offering special releases of vinyl recordings on record store day. it includes rolling stones and live shows from the 60s and rare sessions with red-hot chilly peppers and a special remix from lady gaga of the but why stand in line for the
8:25 am
albums when people are busting down the doors of the big box retailers ? >> they are in limited supply. people want them. the album is full of art work and it is delightful and it is tangible. it is music you can hold in a way and that makes it i think a more complete experience for a lot of people. >> very cool. sales were up 33% in the first half of the year as many prefer the deep, rich sound to state-of-the-art digital recording. a bay area shopping center is trying to redefine how people shop at the mall. westfield san francisco center teamed up with ebay to set up these digital storefronts. they are not just advertisements. they are 10-foot tablets that lets people browse and purchase it right there on the spot. >> you get to the place where you put in your credit card information and name and address and we push it to your phone so nothing you wouldn't feel safe sharing with the world is not on a display.
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we are coming up on 8:30 and starting this half hour with a quick look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> we had to go way above on top of mount tam to get a better perspective. you can see the view in the distance. this is sutro tower looking at mount tam, but we have plenty of fog below. the temperatures are cool. only in the mid40s from san jose, concord and livermore with 38 in santa rosa.
8:30 am
here is the plan. right up through 9:00 the fog continues to dissipate. it is going to take until 10:00 around the delta and then we will be left with sunshine and a spare the air day today with above normal highs, but big changes in just a few days with perhaps some rain. katie? >> we will be ready. thank you, lisa. a richmond family is especially thankful this holiday season. 41-year-old walker needed a kidney. his aunt who was a perfect match stepped in and gave him one of hers. and now both have a new mission in life. here is lyanne melendez with their story. >> dawanda joseph and her nephew are recovering from a kidney transplant operation. she was the donor and he is the recipient. >> it -- we have been close since he was born. it is my baby. it is the child i didn't birth myself. this is high son. >> reporter: the procedure was done at california pacific medical center the day before
8:31 am
thanksgiving. >> my original color came back. i feel better just like that. >> walker suffered from high blood pressure which damaged his kidneys. for the past three years he has had to undergo dialysis three times a week. when his aunt was identified as a potential donor, both admit they were hesitant. >> you know, i had to check my motives, why was i doing this? >> as bad as i want to be off dialysis, i didn't want to be off that bad to where she was helping me and something happened to her. >> but death and other medical consequences following a kidney donation are extremely rare. for recipients the success rate is high. according to the organ transplant taigs network 90% of those who receive a living donor transplant live for one
8:32 am
year after their surgery. >> we have a mission we have to accomplish and it is this miracle of what we did. >> the successful outcome has given them a new purpose in life. both have vowed to raise organ donation awareness. >> we need bone marrow donors and kidney donors and liver donors. >> it is important to get your name on the list. in the african-american community there are fewer donors. >> walker couldn't eat turkey. instead he was given a roasted turkey hat which he proudly wore for this interview. >> i got a kidney yesterday and got my life back yesterday. that was better than any dry turkey. >> in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc news. >> great to see everyone smiling. we want to say thank you to
8:33 am
stephanial -- stephanie aldridge. she sent us a message telling us about the operation. the problem-plagued health care .gov website appears to be up and running, but key parts will be down for on going maintenance and repairs. president obama and top add straights -- administration officials said it would be function -- functional by the end of the day. they have been working around the clock on hardware and software fixes. but the health and human services department says it will be down again from 10:00 tonight until 3:00 tomorrow morning. that's our time. there is a surging popularity of my little pony cartoon, but not just from little girls. we are talking grown men. they are gefg researchers a never before seen look at how fans behave. hundreds met recently for a regional convention.
8:34 am
>> he is a software engineer and he is also a broney. >> a broney by definition is an adult of my little pony. >> they are hooked on on the cartoon that started in the 1980s. it started three years ago and spread quickly on the internet generating a huge new fan base. bronies held their first california convention in sacramento and hundreds of people attended in cost -- costume. >> we can go to conventions like these and see people dressed up however they want to be. >> you get to go out sometimes and why not? >> reporter: this bronie of h con is a chance to share stories. there is memorabilia and singing pony songs from the series. or they can get their bronie on. they are rebelling against
8:35 am
gender and stereo type. >> people make fun of me, but i don't care. >> it is weird we are watching my little pony. we are teenage guys we shouldn't be doing that. but it doesn't really matter. so what if it is weird? >> research done by the bronies shows there are 12 million bronies in the u.s. alone. the fan page has had four million page views since 2011. it gets a whooping 175,000 views a day. there is also a booming market for pony art. michelle was blown away by the success of the first convention. >> within the first say five hours of the convention we were sold out of half of the most popular line. >> they are also attracting interest from researchers. she is studying them. >> this is the first time that we know of that anyone has begun studying a fandom from the beginning. >> a fandom is a group of
8:36 am
extremely dedicated fans. they found the bulk of the bronies are male age 15 to 30. >> when you talk about bronies and young men who are fans of my little pony which is a little girl's cartoon, the first thing that everyone thinks of is they are gay. that's not what we found. >> very few bronies identified as gay. 85% identified as heterosexual. many turn to the bronie of h dom for a sense of community and comrade re. this from a show that is about friendship and magic. the popularity has grown so much there is a bronie-con and it is planned for april in burlingame. for more go to under see it on tv. still ahead, a bay area woman spends black friday at a shopping mall.
8:37 am
what is the big deal? the international implications from hanging out at a local store. and taking a live look outside at san jose. it is a bright, sunny sky, but it is cold right now. 45 degrees. to those who've been waiting for health insurance... welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at ♪ a tree for me. ♪ a tree for everyone in the family. ♪ ♪ we're shaking up how we deck the halls, ♪ ♪ and trimming trees that are fun for all. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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it is 8:40 on your saturday morning. this is the view from our s to ro tower cam. look at all of that fog. it is moving in and out and moving around. it will be clear and sunny this afternoon. meanwhile, it is beginning to look a lot like christmas in san francisco's union square. for last night's annual tree lighting ceremony. the 83-foot tree is illuminated with 33,000 energy efficient lights and more than 1100 ornaments. macy's has sponsored the tree lighting for 24 years now. san jose's tree is a glow.
8:41 am
christmas in the park kicked off the holiday season downtown. and for the first time it includes displays where dogs and cats will be available for adoption. the sheriff's office called on some of the prisoners to help create the victorian-style set. >> all of this, the trailer and all of the rooms was built by inmates at elmwood. they did the design on the rooms and so we are very, very excited to have live animals there in the park available for adoption. >> christmas in the park along with the skating rink is open from 9:00 a.m. until midnight every day until january 1st. abc7, pier39 and disneyland resort will bring you a special presentation of pier39's tree lighting celebration. you can watch it tomorrow afternoon at 4:30 here on abc7. it is beginning to look a lot like christmas, but not necessarily feel like it depending on where you are. you are going to say freezing, aren't you? >> i am.
8:42 am
we have several mornings where it will be right around freezing. it is chilly, in the upper 40s this san francisco and plenty of fog for some of you. we will talk about when it lifts and what we have for the rest of the weekend and the cold temperatures coming up. >> thanks, lisa. the warriors and thunder play in an over time thriller. to those whoworried...... poked and prodded...
8:43 am
taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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it is 8:44 and this is a live look at san francisco international airport. despite the fog we are seeing here in san francisco, the f.a.a. reporting no delays out of sfo. if you are traveling today and trying to beat the sunday rush this holiday travel weekend, this morning might be a good time. good luck. be safe out there. a san san rafael family spent friday working at the gap. the same where their daughter kylie is one of the models for holiday of changing. lilian kim has this story jie. there are fewer shopping days until christmas. >> she is not used to, woulding in retail, but she is working at the gap to bring attention to her cause. she is donating her paycheck to a nonprofit who helps rebuild war torn region. >> i couldn't think of a better place to be in bridging the gap of peace worldwide. >> her daughter was a new york-based model chosen for
8:46 am
gap's holiday campaign. the company chose kylie in part because of her charity, would. she accompanied her mother to afghanistan and went on on to raise money to build two schools there. the photo shoot kept kylie from going. >> we can't not think of those not living with the best life here in california. >> their work in afghanistan is more critical than ever. u.s. military forces are withdrawing and will be out next year. opium production is said to be increasing. another of peace helps replace the poppies with grapes and other crops. >> turning the guns into shovels and if i put the afghan farmers back to work, impacting over one million farmers and families today, then we can win this war on terrorism from the ground up. >> in addition to afghanistan, roots of peace does work in croatia, vietnam and the west bank. they launched a campaign to raise a million dollars to
8:47 am
finish removing land mines in bethlehem. lilian kim, abc7 news. clock turning to 8:47 right now. what is going on out there? >> we have a lot of fog out there. it moved through oakland and san francisco and you showed us where the flights are getting off no problem and we have a little verga in the clouds. the clouds have moved through the north bay and now the paw since law in the south bay -- peninsula in the south bay. we are on tap for another sunny afternoon. a pretty shot from mount tam where we have the clouds and a bit of clearing there. 49 in san francisco. that's the warmer location. just 45 in san jose. but another 25 degrees of warming today. that's due to high pressure and light winds and we will look forward -- look for this fog to dissipate. but it will allow for the high pressure ridge to stay with us tomorrow as well. another couple days of this
8:48 am
stagnant air mass and we have a spare the air day. we have the fog in san francisco and 42 by the delta. it is tour 4 in concord and good morning, livermore, 45 for you. we do have sun in the south bay. but the high clouds will be pushing through the south bay as well. half mile visibility at the airport and looking at half moon bay where we have a very low visibility. the fog will stay around the water and around the bay and around the delta through about the 10:00 hour. hayward and fremont and the san carlos airport you may still be looking at a few patches of gray. and then everyone will scatter out and feel the sunny afternoon temperatures. san jose right now you can see partly cloudy conditions. the average highs should be about 61 in san jose. much warmer than that today with the spare the air. the air quality will be not great in the north bay. medium around the rest of the bay area. and the mild pattern,
8:49 am
hopefully you haven't gotten too used to it. we are looking at temperatures 10 to 15 degrees below average for much of next week. so there is the band of high clouds. we have high pressure that noses into the west coast and in fact it will build a little tomorrow. we will see temperatures even warmer tomorrow. then after that we have a cold pocket of air that will barrel down along the west coast. it won't have a lot of moisture with it. really probably not going to see any snow -- any accumulating snow in the sierra. maybe just higher elevations. 16 yosemite and 52 in tahoe with mid60s returning for monterey. despite the cool numbers right now and the cloud cover, we are on tap to see another sunny afternoon with temperatures in the upper 60s. 69 in morgan hill and mid60s santa cruz. low 70s tomorrow and then much cooler and stronger on shore push. the cold front moves through monday night into tuesday. that could bring a few light
8:50 am
rain drops. mid50s should do it by the middle of the week. and still a little unsettled and maybe a rain drop and not looking at much at all. still the cool numbers are taking us through the end of the workweek. >> 8 rain drop? 8 -- a rain drop? >> it is barely tipping the bucket. snow in the mountains. that's the bigger headline with the freezing mornings. >> thank you, lisa. in sports next weekend stanford plays arizona state for the pac-12 title. firs they have a big match up against number 2 feef, notre dame. 25, notre dame. there was another buzzer beater in oklahoma city. here is sports director larry beil with the highway lights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. when they played in oakland, he hit a jumper at the buzzer as the warriors stunned oklahoma city. russell westbrook and the thunder paid him back last night in okc.
8:51 am
star power and scores everywhere in this game. they made their presence felt early. russell westbrook to kevin durant for the throw down. westbrook does it himself here off another turnover. former ucla star 14 at the half. hand in the face and that's not enough to stop curry. warriors up by as many as 9. westbrook leading the charge back. he had a season high 34. titans up in the fourth. steph and acrobatic and that is spectacular. they go to over time and curry with one of his five assists here. look at the pass to david leigh. final seconds and ibaka, no. westbrook rips it from jermaine o'neil and gets it back and launches the game inwither with -- game winner with a 10th of a second left. wow. warriors heartbreak. they go down 113-112. an absolutely wild game yesterday afternoon between
8:52 am
san jose state and previously undefeated fresno state. this is an epic shootout. they scored a total of 114 points. there was almost 1400 yards total. spectacular on senior day at spartans stadium. a 31-yard touchdown, 7-0 sparty. just getting started. the play and here is the one handed grab. oh what a snag. this is 75 yards and part of the school record 547th passing yard and no picks. carr threw for 519 and six td's of his own. this one makes it 41-35 bulldogs. they were over a thousand yards and 12td's. on the ground here with the sneak and sparty in the second half gets control of things to win 62-52.
8:53 am
fresno state losing their first game, their bcs dreams are crushed. san jose state at 6-6 are going bowling. to the ice sharks and blues two teams with history and hostility. 35 seconds in and brent burns takes the feed at point blank range. sharks up 1-0. they would team up again a little later here. he puts it right on the tape for burns. sharks were up 4-0, but st. louis comes back. to schwartz and it is 4-3 in the third. burns put it away. there is a hat trick and it is an empty netter and they win this one a score of 6-3. we have college football here on abc7. this afternoon at 5:00 usc and ucla, a battle for l.a. bragging rights. and then lexus after the game. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. >> snow in the forecast.
8:54 am
this is some of the big stuff and it is on the ground in the bay area.
8:55 am
to thosuffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear...
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welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 800-675-2607. numbers from last night's $230 million mega millions draw. 9, 41, 43, 47, 57 and the mega number is 5 and nobody got all six. so tuesday night's jackpot is now estimated to be $257 million. in the north bay, there is snow. in downtown san rafael, it is
8:57 am
part of the san rafael parade of lights and winter wonderland and it was held last night. organizers made 40 tons of snow yesterday morning to create this slippery slope, if you will. it cost $10,000 to do it. sleding and other kids' activities continue until the afternoon. i say kids of all ages, but that's just me. what is the real weather situation? >> it will be sunny later, but right now tons of fog out there. in san francisco you can look here where it is gray. the spare the air alert again today with poor air quality in the north bay. you will be able to see that from many locations up north. the temperatures in the upper 60s in richmond and napa with 67 in san jose. morgan hill about 69. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, we could see low 70s thunderstorm before the ridge goes away for the rest of the week. we will see highs struggling to make it out of the 50s and maybe a few sprinkles midweek. >> i am cold already. thank you, lisa and thank you
8:58 am
for joining us on the abc7 saturday morning news. abc news continues at 4:00 p.m. georgia battles in steat rival rival -- in state rival georgia tech. 22nd ranked ucla and crosstown rival usc at 5:00. that is followed by "after the game" with larry beil and mike shumann. next, third ranked ohio state tries to stay undefeated against michigan at the big house here on abc7. have a great day. to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks...
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the football teams of these two neighboring states, michigan and ohio, have been engaging i


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