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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 1, 2013 4:00am-5:01am PST

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good morning, america. this morning -- breaking overnight. hollywood tragedy. fast and furious actor paul walker killed in a high-speed car crash while riding in a porsche outside of los angeles. what police are saying about how it all happened. the fantastic finish. some are calling it the greatest game in all of college football history, auburn stunning alabama in the game's final seconds. this morning, both teams weighing in on an instant classic. call for freedom. the white house urging north korea to release an american army veteran held as a war criminal, this as his family finally gets an update on his
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health after a month in captivity. and flying high. more than 60 female sky divers take the plunge. amazing video of a jump that landed them in the record books. and good morning, everyone. let's get straight to the breaking news out of hollywood this morning. >> paul walker one of the stars of the fast furious movies dead in a car crash. walker was a passenger in a porsche that collided with a pole and caught fire. he was attending a charity event to benefit typhoon victims in the philippines. we have team coverage beginning with cecilia vega. >> reporter: look when this cra
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happened, the fire was so big they couldn't put it out. overnight, i it was a joyride that ended in this. >> l.a. 156 we're on scene, we have one car fully engulfed. >> reporter: this video obtained exclusively by abc news still engulfed in flames. >> two people dead. one of them is paul walker. >> we heard the crash. we heard the explosion. and we got up here as quick as we could. >> reporter: the crash left the mangled car unrecognizable. the red porsche wrapped around the tree. according to walker's friend, the passenger inside was actor paul walker and the driver wa
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walker's friend roger rhodas. >> this was just a tragic accident that happened on a joyride. >> reporter: investors said it appeared that the driver lost control before hitting this tree in a quiet business park. >> paul wanted to go for a ride. >> reporter: the 40-year-old actor rose to fame behind fast cars in street races in the popular fast and furious movies. on sunday, he attended his charity toy drive to help victims of last month's victims of typhoon in the philippines. as the investigation as to what happens goes on, so does the shock of an actor famous for his love of cars on and off screen. the sad irony of what happened out here is lost on no one.
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hollywood is simply stunned. the person behind the wheel was a professional driver. bianna, why they crashed this morning is under investigation. >> cecilia, our thanks to you. hugely successful fast and furious movie series featured car crashes. abc's chris connolly is in los angeles with more on his career. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. a career that began back in the '08s on television. paul walker's name and his obvious on-screen appeal has been synonymous with the fast and furious movies. a main stay of the fast and furious franchise. paul walker was a foot to the floor phenomenon.
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starring alongside brian o'connor. put in all kind of thrill scenarios. perfect vehicle for his can-do charm and that appealing grin. born in glendale, california, walker modeled as a child. and he showed up on "who's the boss." and charles in charge and the big screen he would be in seen in late '90s movies, like varsity blues. fast and furious made him a star. >> how was that one. >> reporter: as news of his death spread saturday night, stars took to social media to pay tribute to his memory. vin diesel, brother, i will miss you very much.
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i have absolutely speechless. heaven has gained a new angel. rest in peace. at the time of his death, walker was raising funds for his charity. he leaves behind a daughter, meadow. paul walker died on saturday in a car accident in santa cla rita, california, he was 40 years old. hollywood often finds interesting roles for its best-looking roles for them to play. if dan? >> we should say, abc news will continue to cover this story especially as we wait the results of the invest gagts. the white house calling on north korea to free an u.s. army veteran being held as a war criminal. this as his family gets an update on his health. abc's jeff zeleny is covering the story from the white house.
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>> reporter: good morning, dan. it's turned into a nightmare for this american war veteran in north korea. the white house is weighing in for the first time. urging north korea to release a u.s. veteran of the korean war, held for nearly five weeks. a retired california finance executive and grandfather was an a sightseeing trip to north korea was he detained on october 26th. he appeared this weekend. he apologized for what he called hostile act. >> on this trip, i can understand that in u.s. and western countries there is misleading information and propaganda. >> reporter: the new images of newman prompted a new rebuke from the obama administration. given newman's advanced age and health conditions, we urge the dprk to release mr. newman so he
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may return home and reunite with his family. the united states has no official diplomatic relations with north korea, but swedish embassy officials visited newman on saturday, they said he's alive and receiving his medication. the newman family implored the north korean government to take into account his health and his age and as an act of humanitarian compassion allow him to depart immediately for home. now, there's optimism for his release, given his apparent treatment so far and reality of how serious this captivity is. another american also accused has been held for more than a year. the state department and the white house warning again to u.s. citizens not to travel to north korea. dan and bianna. >> jeff, our thanks to you. this is a crucial weekend for the obama administration on another front the deadline has come and gone for fixing the
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disastrous >> how is it going, let's bring in george stephanopoulos. so, how it's going? >> the white house is going to release new numbers this morning. it's meeting the goals. it will work for 08% of the users. it's capable of handling 50,000 people at the same time on the website. 800,000 a day, with less than a second to load a page, so those are the numbers right now. the white house knows it has to continue to work overtime. as they face these new deadlines for the end of the year to get new enrollment for obama care. >> george, how high are the stakes to get it right for the president? >> it defines the president's legacy. especiallies heading into the final three years of his second term, not much prospect to gain much more on the legislative
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front. he has to make this work. he has to fight all of these efforts to dismantle it. >> if he doesn't make this one website work, his whole agenda for his second term hangs in the balance? >> there's so little else he can get done. he'll still be president. on the legislative front, this is the big achievement. this is what has to work. >> we're seeing it already have an impact on immigration. so, this is a big weekend for the president. >> really big. george is going to have a big show this morning. with the latest on the obama's website fix and much on that's coming up later this morning on "this week." right here on abc. let's turn to ron claiborne with the morning's other top stories. >> hello, bianna golodryga and dan harris. that deadly helicopter crash in scotland, rescue crews are
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combing through a pub searching for survivors. the roof of the crowded glasgow pub collapsed. new details are emerging from that plane crash in a remote area of alaska, a mother, a passenger on that plane made a desperate cell phone car for help her baby was injured, she walked a mile in snow to lead authorities to the site of the crash. and overnight a tremendous explosion destroyed a home in grandview, texas, authorities are at the scene and still investigating what caused the explosion. witnesses across the dallas/ft. worth said it felt like an earthquake and sounded like a bomb. no word if there are any
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injuries. on the heel of black friday, shoppers took their local mom and pop shops to celebrate small business saturday. the first family out doing a little holiday shopping of their own at a local bookstore. >> what did you buy. >> a long list. some outstanding books. every book for every age group. from 5 until 52. >> some of the books included the kite runner, harold and purple crayon, favorite of dan. >> oh, yeah. the plots twist at the end of that is amazing. moving quickly overseas, prince william spent part of his kweekd trying out motorcycles. the heir to throne zwas all
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smiles as he checked out the new model of that bike. he was riding motorbikes since he was a younger man. no word on kate feels like that. a mini bike for jake? >> oh, sure. >>. finally, back at the states. in wisconsin, they blew up ten-foot papier mache that's not a turkey. same turkey being blown up on tape. they were used a mortar round to do it. the dealership had to clear it with homeland security. >> kind of harsh. >> a little harsh disturbing
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video there for some people. >> thank you, ron. we're going to turn to a fantastic finish to one of the most memorable college football games ever. it was an unbelievable last-second length of the field touchdown run by an auburn tiger knocking powerhouse number one alabama from the ranks of the unbeaten and ending the crimson tide's chances of winning a third consecutive national title. abc's rob nelson is here with the latest on this great story. >> reporter: if you're a college football fan and this is probably all you have been talking or tweeting about since last night, the alabama/auburn is always an intense matchup. the comeback gave an electrifying moment in recent sports history. it was a jaw-dropping final play, an upset to end all upsets.
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a stunner that rocked the college football world and elevated an already-epic battle into an instant classic. one second left on the clock. the auburn tigers topped their rival alabama in this year's iron bowl, by running back a missed field goal. the wild ending capped off a journey of blocked field goals to end zone bombs. auburn shattered alabama's chance for a third consecutive national title and now have positioned themselves for a chance at college football's big trophy. >> not only do you have this wild finish you also have sports history being made, really, with auburn upsetting alabama, maybe one of the great teams of all time. >> within seconds of the win, droves of fans rushed the field and pandemonium ensued.
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celebrities chiming in. pop star justin timberlake tweeted, that is one of the best football games i've ever seen. what a wild ending! the auburn fans captured the excitement from inside the stadium. and this friendly rivalry, pure hysteria! they're having fun. it has been a season of miracles for the auburn tigers and their new head coach. a year ago, 3-9, now they're 11-1. later today, new college football rankings will be released with alabama likely to fall from the top spot. auburn will head to atlanta next weekend to take on missouri in the s.e.c. title game. dan? >> rob, thanks. have different feat, this one at altitude. check this out. dozens of women jumping out of mraenls setting a new world record for sky diving.
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abc's linzie janis here. >> reporter: the age range from 23 to 50. the moment is finally here. on a crisp arizona saturday, diving their way into the record books. >> it's a vertical diving. >> reporter: they're upside down. taking a leap of faith aimed at setting a new world record for the largest all-female formation of its kind. >> we exit the airplane in a core graph fashion. >> reporter: the drop from 18,000 feet. the timing, crucial. >> we have about 40 seconds working time. maybe a little less. >> reporter: all while hurdling to the earth at 165 miles per hour. 95 women, trying out for just 63
4:18 am
spots. >> the rush comes from not exactly a fear of sky diving but more of an excitement of being together as a group. >> reporter: it's done from 13,000 feet. these women were diving from 18,000 feet. requiring them to take oxygen in the 5,000. they described the task as difficult. >> the video is mesmerizing. >> i think i know where they got the inpresentation. a year and a half ago ginger and i did our own sky ging ginger. >> let's go ahead and start with some inspiring weather or maybe
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not if you were trying to ski grand canyon, because you couldn't. that was cloud. folks trying to see it couldn't. believe me, there's a big change coming in the weather, half first day of meet logical day of weather. the disruptive pattern starts here, in the pacific northwest, especially later today and early tomorrow, for seattle and portland, heavy rains at times. five states under some sort of winter weather advisory watch or warning. when we're talking rain, just east of seattle and portland, the numbers in the five-plus range. that's problematic. the foothills get very, very wet. some travel disruptions possible. in the northeast, looks better than when we went into the holiday. parts of new england and into
4:20 am
western new york might see a little freezing rain mix. western massachusetts has a advisory. you go back to the west, indianapolis is relatively mild at 47. leave you with a look at what's happening in the southwest. if you're traveling to or from them. los angeles, 72. that's a look at the big picture. >> ron, let's get ready to play or at least see --
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♪ sunset sunday >> oh, goodness that's nice. >> i need a recording of that. >> i like your outfit, ginger. >> i can hear dogs howling in the distance. >> washington from kimberly. this is choice "b." this is wildwood, new jersey. and oklahoma. >> okay. >> and finally, meredith from santa barbara, california. meredith went to valparaiso, my alma mater. >> that gives her leg up. >> abc or d. vote right now. in the next half-hour, we announce the winner. > . >> okay, i think i know which
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one i'm going with. coming up on "good morning america" -- suburban murder shocker, two years after a student buried alive, his best friend turns himself into the police. why his lawyer said his client didn't do it. stepping out. sasha obama becoming a fashion trendsetter. now, the shiny silver shoes making a splash. and one more time for one direction. an encore performance from the red-hot boy band. "good morning america" concert in central park. >> sara is already hyperventilating. ♪ you don't know you're beautiful ♪
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screening saves lives. it could really save your life. as we're remembering paul walker this morning, the star of the fast and the furious, fans and friends still reeling from his sudden death overnight. good morning, america. >> it's sunday, december 1st. the future of walker's next film now apparently in limbo. ron claiborne has more on that story along with the final check of the stories. good morning, everyone. an outpouring of tributes this morning for actor paul walker, killed overnight in a fiery car crash, he was a passenger in a friend's porsche when it crashed into a tree and burst into flames. the twisted remains of the car seen here in this video obtained exclusively by abc news, walker and the driver of the are both
4:31 am
dead. the 40-year-old actor was working on the seventh installment of the series of movie "fast and furious." the white house is calling on north korea to free an 85-year-old u.s. army veteran being held in that country as a war criminal, the white house saying they're deeply concerned about him. on saturday, north korean state media released a video showing merrill newman's apology. and with the passing of the november 30th deadline, self-imposed deadline to fix the embattled obama care website,, officials say that the site is finally performing well. up to 50,000 users can now logon at the same time with fewer errors being reported. the boston red sox's beard, one is worth a lot of money.
4:32 am
david ortiz's trimmings were put up for auction. it was sold for over $11,000. >> what? >> that's a science experiment. ron, thank you. turning now to the story of two teenagers so close people said they were like brothers. then one of them was killed, buried alive in fact, now two years later, officials have charged his best friend with murder. >> reporter: this morning, 21-year-old thomas, seen here in a high school photo sits behind bars accused of murdering his own best friend. underhill's death shocked a quiet long island community. the graduating senior disappeared that november. days later, police found his beaten body in a marsh behind an
4:33 am
elementary school. the case went cold. >> because of evidence basically. >> reporter: police say that he turned himself in just days ago when he learned he would be indicted. but a former class mate said that he could not have killed underhill. >> they were extremely close. they were inseparable. they always laughed together. >> reporter: investigators suspected murder from the beginning. because underhill's body was found covered with a woodboard, two sticks lodged in his mouth. >> this murder is -- has a lot to do with passion and rage. two key components to this. it's highly personal. and it's overkill. >> reporter: mysteriously, underhill left this year book message. to all my friends i'm so glad for the times we had together.
4:34 am
to everyone else, i hate you all. police haven't released a motive or many details. but the defense attorney said in a statement, thomas liming didn't commit a crime. for "good morning america," gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> such a bizarre story. our thanks to gio. time now for a check of the weather and back over to ginger. >> not all sunsets onnen this sunday. cleveland, an ice in the forefront. thank you for sending that in, ryan. kevin took this sunrise at the capit capitol. florida, 78 for miami. 76 for orlando. dry in atlanta. plenty of sunshine at 55. birmingham warming up there. and then, i mentioned that big storm in the northwest, how much
4:35 am
snow and where it will produce snow. there are six states that are in some winter watch or warning. extended into north dakota. as we begin that first date of meet row logical winter. look at how cool it gets. 6 for billings. denver drops from 52 today to 16 on wednesday. this stuff is going to extend into parts of california, l.a., san diego is going to get considerably cooler. not too bad for the northwest. that's the big picture. >> look at all of the votes. i swear they get bigger and
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bigger. i put them up last night and today. with almost 200 votes, the winner is "d," from santa barbara, meredith garofalo. she's starting at our affiliate kyte. congratulations. >> you need an assistant now, ginger. >> she's been tallying those votes all morning. ron, would you like the job? >> recount. recount. coming up on the show -- the song that you didn't get to see. a performance from one direction's concert just for you. gisele bundchen passing off beauty secrets to baby. how she's teaching her daughter who's not even 1 to stay in shape. you got to be kidding me. that's coming up in "pop news."
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someone else stealing the limelight in this photo. how cute is that. >> pretty cute. >> i think the little bundchen is doing downward dog, though. okay, i don't want to fight for two days in a row. sasha obama is following in her mother's foot steps president at 12 years old she's already being hailed a fashion icon. the shoes are a must-have item. is shoes just got over $50. i think bianna has that sweater. i would love that sweater. this panda sweater is also a fashion hit, these doc martins.
4:42 am
at this rate, her selling rate will rival kate middleton. >> i have been wearing that panda sweater for years. >> that was a reindeer, i thought. >> oh, my gosh, ron, mute. finally there's a hero war raging. one starring the rock and the other kellan lutz. the kellan lutz has just been renamed in an effort to distinguish itself from its competit competitor. new trailer has also been released giving us another glims of kellan lutz. >> that is a meteorological term. speaking of our in-house
4:43 am
herculean abs, dan harris. >> i think i'm going to buy that unicorn sweater for christmas. >> that sweater accentuates these abs. >> as visualize dan in that sweater we're going to go to break. coming up on "good morning america" -- exclusive. get this, one direction performance. can't get enough of them from their concert last week, it's making fans go absolutely wild. keep it here. ♪ ♪ shop the adam levine collection, exclusively at kmart.
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sorry, i didn't know we're on television. thank you for abc news. thank you for watching "good morning america." we'll see you next weekend. the regular team is back this week.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, december 1st. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hello, december. good morning. we looking at live doppler 7hd. right now no problems. we aren't even picking up any fog. we will see a little develop by the delta, otherwise it's off again to a sunny and warm afternoon. but before we get there we are in the upper 30s in parts of the north bay, upper 40s around the bay. coastline in the mid-40s right now. we had all the fog yesterday. by noontime plenty of sunshine. low to mid-60s, yes, in december and into the low 70s around the bay today with


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