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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 1, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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. >> next on abc the derailment in new york city. after a commuter train careens off the track. new information and new video emerge on the car crash that killed actor paul walker. what happened moments before and after the wreck. the new law for those who enforce the law all aimed at protecting california's mountain lions. >> i heard this horrible whooshing sound kind of like a plane crash. it was very disturbing, very loud. one of the loudest noises i have ever heard. good evening. thank you for joining us. the crash happened at 5:20 this
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morning pacific time in the section near the bronx near the harlem river. the search for answers is underway. abc marcy gonzalez is live near the scene with the latest. marcy. >> reporter: investigators are still out here. it may be difficult to see, but they are working into the night trying to determine what caused this train to go barrelling off the tracks. seven passenger train cars left scattered. the aftermath of a deadly train derailment in new york city. >> amazing pictures from this horrific scene. >> the metro north train was heading from poughkeepsie new york to grand central terminal in manhattan. rounding a curve here in the bronx at around 7:20 this morning when some of the passengers were suddenly thrown from their seats. >> all of a sudden the train just kind of felt like a little more sideways than it should be, and by the time i looked up, it was completely going off its track, and there was just like the rubble from under the track, like flying at my face. >> the train car skidding. one coming dangerously close to the harlem river.
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two others toppling on to their side, killing at least four people. the force so great at least three of those victims were ejected from the train. dozens of others were hurt. >> we started to make a loud shifting noise, like with the track, and then the next thing i know two people from across the train come flying at me and fell on top of me. i couldn't believe that we were flipping over. >> first responders rushing to the scene. a delicate, difficult effort to save those trapped in the wreckage. sdroo we had to use air bags under the train to remove some of the critically injured. we had to cut some of the people fr from. >> we need to understand not just what happened but why it happened with the intent of prevent it from happening again. >> and at least one person who was on the train said it seemed to be going much faster than usual at the time of the
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derailment. just one of the potential factors investigators are looking into. >> marcy, thank you. cell phone video shows the car in flames. this was on the 580 connector to 24. a woman and three children were inside. firefighters pulled everyone out. a woman who did not want her face shown told us what happened. i pulled over and went and talked to the guys that were working on the car. by the time that i had gotten them in the car, most of the car was on fire. sfroo the car was a 1979 volkswagen bug that had just been restored. one lane of the freeway was closed briefly. no one was hurt in the incident. >> sonoma county supervisors are expected to vote this week on a
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number of possible actions to memorialize a santa rose arrest i don't boy that was shot and killed by a sheriff's deputy in october. 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying an air soft rifle that sonoma county deputy mistook for a real one. the santa rosa county democrat said one possible healing action that supervisors may take on tuesday is to create a park baring lopez's name in the neighborhood where he grew up and died. new at 5:00, a man was arrested on the puget sound today after authorities say he stole a ferry. seattle police say the man stole a victoria clipper high speed ferry this morning that traveled between the port of seattle and vancouver british columbia. he locked himself in the pilot house and left the boat drift about 300 yards into elegant bay. police boarded the ferry and arrested the man on grand theft and piracy charges. they are still trying to figure out exactly how he managed to take the ferry in the first place. authorities are advising residents about a mountain lion
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sighting this morning. the cat was spotted near razorback ridge trail in woodside. that's in the windy hills preserve. residents are being warned not to approach the animals if they see them. those who respond to those sightings, we all need to think twice before they act. a new law goes into effect in january to protect mountain lions that pose no immediate threat to people. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard is live in san mateo county with details. cornell. >> it all begun two years ago -- a year ago, actually, when two mountain lion cubs were shot and killed by game wardens. it prompted a new law, a definite victory for animal rights activists. >> wildlife advocates got together sunday to remember a sad day one year ago when two mountain lion cubs were shot and killed by game wardens after they wandered into a half-moon bay neighborhood and hid under a porch. >> there is better ways of handling this than with a gun.
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>> they were baby cubs, and they weren't pose aing threat. they had wandered into the nand. they were looking for their mother, looking for some food. >> the killing of the cub sparked so much public outrage that prompted senator jerry hill to push forward legislation requiring wardens to use nonlethal alternatives to capture big cats unless they pose an immediate threat to the public. hill's law takes effect next month, but it's already being used by game wardens. >> we have seen it work in san jose, santa cruz, and los angeles where they have already relocated mountain lions that probably would have been killed otherwise. with still li in a state that has lions. that's exciting, and there's a lot of people that feel the same way, and they want to keep these cats around. >> the new law has the support of california's department of fish and wildlife. in san mateo county, cornell
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bernard, abc 7 news. >> newman is essentially being held as a prisoner of war. >> the west contra costa unified school district will discuss how to keep transgender students safe on all of their campuses following a brawl at hercules high school. district officials say they're concerned about bullying. the meeting is set for 6:30 tomorrow at dejahn middle school. up next remembering actor paul walker. friends and colleagues react to his shocking death as new details and images from that deadly crash emerge. and major improvement to health
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what the obama administration says it's done to give visit ovrz a glitch-free experience. >> hi there, everyone. i'm meteorologist lee glancer today. temperatures in the 70s. by wednesday we could be talking about some frooed freeze warnings for the bay area. get ready for a huge drop in
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new details continue to meerj about the fiery car crash that killed "fast and furious" actor paul walker. the sheriff department says speed was a factor in the crash. walker's publicist says he was a passenger in the car driven bring his friend roger rodas.
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both men died. in this video obtained exclusive i feel by abc news shows the fire that engulfed the car. deputies say the red porsche burst into flames when it slammed into a light pole and a tree in the santa clarita valley. walker was 40 years old. fans and fellow actors are remembering walker. his co-star "vin diesel" said brother, i will miss you very much. i am speechless. ludikris says your humble spirit was felt from the start. wherever you blessed your presence, you always left a mark. we were like brothers. >> midnight sunday -- the website debuted two months ago, but has been plagued with technical problems. officials war users could still face slow performance times and error messages. today is world aids day, and locally here in san francisco an
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estimated 600 people gathered at the national aids memorial grove. ceremonies were held to reinforce between the san francisco community's historical significance in the epidemic and the national aids memorial grove at the beacon of hope to the rest of the world. one speaker said the grove is not just a place of reflection. >> we have to use this state as a reminder of the work that is yet to be done. reminder of the role that each and every one of us must play. >> following the ceremony, there was a reading of the names of those engraved in the circle of friends. they are just some of the people who have died of aids. up next, holiday bargain seekers set their sights on the internet. the big expectation that this year's cyber monday will be the most popular and profitable one ever. and taking a live look outside, it looks glorious there, but a big weather change is in store this week. we have the forecast after the
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break. out here is david muir with a look at what's ahead on world news at 5:30. >> coming up here, a horrific end to the holiday on two fronts tonight. the deadly train derailment. cars nearly landing in the river. the passengers rushed to the hospital. how some eggs scaped. then the highway horror. a massive pile-up and n freezing rain. dozens injured. the young hollywood star being
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track says this year's cyber monday could set a new record. on-line sales last year hit $1.5 billion. experts say sales tomorrow could reach closer to $2 billion. this holiday season abc 7 is teaming up with our local feeding america food banks. you can help. go to the abc 7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. with each pledge, we'll donate $1 in your honor to the bay area's feeding america food bank. up to $75,000. and your good deed could be rewarded. everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. the winner will be announced on december 19th, so spread the love and help us give where you live. all right. for a look at what is changing with our weather this week, let's get right to lee. lee. >> i'm telling you, the whole holiday weekend has been stellar, with temperatures in the 60s and also the 70s. lots of clear skies. things are really going to start to change. you're really going to feel it. especially as we get into tuesday, wednesday, and
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thursday. live doppler 7 hd right now showing you some nice clear sky. we have a few high clouds drifting by here and there, but i wanted to pull out and show you what's happening well to the north of us. we're already starting to see some cloud cover here, and this is all in association with the cold front that is going to drop our temperatures, bring cold winds, and also a chance of a few light showers, mainly in the north bay. san jose, a little on the dark side right now, but here's some current readings. san francisco, 64. it's 67 in redwood city. san jose, 62. 55 right now in half-moon bay, and from our roof top cam, you can see that temperatures still holding in the 60s in some locations. santa rosa, 66. we have 58 in napa. fairfield, 59 degrees. livermore, are you at 64 degrees. and a beautiful shot from our cam right now. here's a look at our forecast. cooler tomorrow. i put in a chance of a few light showers. mainly in the north bay.
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i'll show you why in just a moment. cold and windy through the entire week. a freezing warning will more than likely be issued as we head into wednesday morning, thursday morning, and friday morning, so keep that in mind if you have tender plans out there. the wind is going to be a factor too. i saw a lot of people out there putting up their holiday decorations and lights today. make sure they're secure. bring everything out so those big balloon things will end up down the street as we head into tuesday and wednesday. overnight lows, 30s in the north bay. 40s elsewhere. we'll see a few high clouds. maybe not as cold tonight. i want to show you the water vapor imagery because you can get a sense that this is the low, and it is coming straight down and the pool of cold air is just going to settle over the bay area. there is a little bit of moisture associated with this system. most of it will stay to the north of us, about ut we'll go ahead monday, 7:00 in the
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morning. a few clouds for the bay area, but watch as some of this moisture starts to drop to the south. clear lake could see a few showers. by 8:00 tomorrow evening north bay maybe a few showers here and there. but what you are going to notice is this cold air mass, boy, and also the wind is going to pick up. we could have gusts as we head into tuesday and wednesday. los to 40 miles per hour. that is gusts, not sustained winds. and also we'll keep just a chance of a shower in the forecast for the bay area on tuesday as well. highs tomorrow. they come down. 66 for san jose. 63, sunnyvale. peninsula in the 60s. 62 for downtown san francisco. we'll look for 64 for santa rosa. oakland tomorrow, 64 degrees, and inland locations can you check out my accuweather forecast. tomorrow the warmest day. we beens highs only in the low
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50s. >> jeez. >> thursday, possibly even upper 40s. that's when those freeze advisories are going to be issued. >> all right. thank you. >> sure. she's at the game. good game to be at. 9ers victorious. we'll get into all that. hey, a statistician i am not, but i have come up with one certifiable formula. when colin kaepernick throws for more than 150 yards, the 9ers are undefeated this
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on the first play from scrimmage against the rams, colin kaepernick, look to his right. >> kaepernick to vernon davis. up and over the hamstring injury earlier in the season. no longer an issue. hurdle with the game of 20. the drive stalled. second of three field goals. 43 yarders to the upright. 6-0. second quarter on third and 15. kap will connect with bolden for the fifth time on the drive. first down yardage, bolden, team leading nine receptions for 98 yards. next play. gore bowling into the end zone. 13-3 san francisco at the half. i mentioned crabtree getting the start. his first game in six months coming back from a torn achilles.
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in stride from kaepernick. great stiff arm right there. will he finally surrender. the rams 20 yard line. crabtree, two catches, 68 yards. he returns. in the fourth, looking to go airborne again. 17 yards for the touchdown. kap throws for 275. his highest passing total. when the 9ers are 7-0. 23-13. they are now 8-4. cardinals looking to keep pace for the 9ers in the nfc west in philly. working for the eagles. first quarter, arizona product. nick foles to hern. 24 yards for six. 4-3, touchdown passes. 19 on the year. 24-21, eagles. able to avoid a second straight tie. blair walsh with a game-winning 39-yard field goal to beat the bears. if not for a 15-yard face mask penalty on ellison right there. two plays later, it's walt from 57 yards. snap hook.
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no good. chicago gets into position to win it. the coach has him try a 47-yarder on second and seven. pushes it wide right. minnesota has new life. the blair walsh project part two from 34 yards. sequel is better than the original. 23-20 vikings. second meeting in three weeks between the chiefs and broncos. alex smith, 12 yards for anthony pos ano. left-handed snag. kansas city led 21-7, and peyton manning went on a touchdown binge. five in the air. four to eric decker. 35-28 denver. they take over first place in the afc west. a rare 3:00 sunday tip time in sacramento. golden state 5 out of 6. both teams kind of stuck in reverse. from the i can't make this stuff up department, lights out at sleep train arena just before tipoff. when everyone woke up, one-handed flush. the team's best players demarcus
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cousins -- that's too easy. second in the first half. green, good if it goes. and it goes. worried by three at the break. 16-point second half lead. a one-point lead right now straight in the fourth quarter. alex on the rebound. scoring there. tonight at 6:00, reaction from a victorious 9ers locker room, and the massive movement atop the bcs standings. we'll tell you where stanford fits into that. they are moving up. >> thank you, colin. >> the vot
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>> coming up at 6:00, new details about the secret military role of a palo alto man held captive in north korea. a fellow member of the military group and what he said about the mission in the new war. >> they've seeb a huge decline in flyers since 2007. join us for abc 7 news at 6:00. sdmrirchlg the newest baby panda at the smithsonian's national zoo has a new name tonight. meet bao bao, which means treasure or precious "very precious" in ine. more than 123,000 on-line votes were cast to help the zoo figure out what the female cub should be called. she was named today, 100 days after her birth to keep with chinese tradition. she is adorable. all right. that's it for us for abc 7 news
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at 5:00. p thank you for joining us. we will see welcome to "world news." tonight, off the rails. the deadly train accident as this holiday weekend comes to a terrifying end. tonight, federal investigators on the scene. the passengers who escaped. the neighbors who heard it all. >> i was getting ready for church and i heard a loud boom boom boom. >> train cars nearly landing in the river. we're on the scene tonight. and then, the highway horror this sunday. the pileup. more than 70 cars losing control. colliding on an icy highway. dozens rushed to the hospital. abc meteorologist ginger zee on the freezing rain that led to it all. a fallen star. remembering actor paul walker. from child star to "fast & furious." tonight, the last images of him seen alive. and, the voice. perhaps you've seen that incredible play this weekend. but did you hear this voice? >> there goes davis! >> oh my gosh! d


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