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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 2, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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transit bus make as big step days after leaving the hospital. >> developing now in new york city, if you video showing the seen of a deadly train derailment. we are at crash site with what may have gone wrong on the rails >> good morning, everyone. a four day weekend ends today. thanks for jointing us. >> we are waking up to changes in the both department. leyla gulen? what is happening? >> good morning, everyone, strong offshore flow is going to warm things up for us today and that will change when we hit the p.m. hours into the evening. a look from our camera, mostlying for this morning, nudging itself along the coastline and over across the east bay area and what we do have, though; a lack of precipitation in our forecast. what we will have, is a major
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cold front coming in that will bring in freezing temperatures over the next few days. from our exploritorium to the bay bridge you can see lingering fog moving across the water. that is also going to bring our temperatures to 49 degrees in san francisco and oakland is 42 degrees and 44 in los gatos and 48 at half moon bay. as we talk about the next few days, cooler tomorrow, windy, too, and freezing temperatures by midweek. now the traffic. we have issues with muni. we have delays and i will talk about that in a moment but first we have a hit-and-run in daly city, northbound at 280 so watch out for that. it could possibly be blocking one lane. bart is on time but muni number 971, 48 and 28, we have delays. so check your schedules before you head out. caltrain is everything else on
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time. outside, it will be the bay bridge toll plaza with plenty of traffic. certainly the althoughs of fog. use your low beams. it will take you ten minutes away from the maze into san francisco. >> the east bay teen set on fire on board an act -- a.c. transit bus will take a big step forward with details now on that story. >> back-to-school for the first time since suring second- and third-degree burns. now, trying on a new role: the 18-year-old sasha fleischman sat down with us after getting home from the hospital and says very exciting about returning to school the thursday story have brought attention to the issue of gender identity. sasha fleischman was born a male but does not identify as male or female. the high school teen your is
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facing the idea of life in the public eye. >> we hope to inform people about...agender, that is one of self issues. some are gender fluid, their gender changes on a day-to-day basis or, whatever, and... >> sasha fleischman's legs were burned when a 16-year-old set sasha fleischman's skirt on fire on the bus last month. the 16-year-old has been charged as an adult. expect to see sasha fleischman walking slowly with leg bandages on but you can bet saab sash will wear a skirt. he does not like pants and karls skirts "comfortable" and a big part of who sasha fleischman is.
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to steal a new video game system. the victim was found yesterday afternoon shot several times inside his car near bay shore boulevard. he arranged to sell his video game system. during a meeting a few blocks away the buyer shot him and took off with the gaming console the victim died later at san francisco general hospital. stay with morning news and nick smith has moran on the story coming up in 30 minutes. >> bart unions plan to file a lawsuit after the transit board voted to approve the tentative contract minus a disputed clause a story we first reported on friday. contract section 4.8 would give workers up to six weeks paid family medical leave but part said though never meant to agree to that and voted to approve the $67 million deal only if that cause was removed. the unions are putting together a legal challenge.
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the complaint will be called "attack on collective bargaining." the sonoma county supervisors will consider a number of possible actions to memorialize a 13-year-old boy shot and killed by a sheriff deputy in october. andy lopez carried a toy require fell that the sheriff mistook for a real one. the shooting generated a wave anger and protests from the community. santa rosa press democrat reports that a possible action they could take up tonight is the creation of a park bearing his name in the neighborhood where he grew up and died. >> a parking lot that floods frequently in mill valley is closed because of high tides expected so they shut down the park-'n-ride. dozens of vehicles were flooded when a king tide swept over the low-lying areas. >> in new york city, investigators remain at scene of a deadly train derailment in the
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bronx. this photo shows the inside of the train car with the car flipped open its side. four people died in the crash and this morning we are learning new details on what may have went wrong. we are joined from the crash scene. >> good morning, matt, we have learned that as part of the probe of crash investigators have confiscated the cell phone of the train operator, they want to know if he was distracted before the crash. so far there is no sign there was a human error. >> this morning, a search for answers after a deadly commuter train derailment in new york city. four people were killed. more than 60 everyone hurt. >> it was like a movie scene. >> investigators recovered the black boxes in good condition. they will look at the track, the equipment, the signals, and the operator. >> our myths -- mission is to nod why it happened. for the 100 passengers it was a
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nightmare. 5:54 a.m. the train is headed to grand central and at 7:20, traveling southbound the train approaches a large curve and jumps the track and train cars roll and windows pop out and passengers are thrown from their seats. >> everyone was lend out and people were flying back-and-forth. >> on a work day fully occupied it would be tremendous disaster. >> also, authorities identified the victims including 54-year-old father of four, a lighting expert who was headed into manhattan to work on the rockefeller christmas tree. >> i remember him as having dig neither -- dignity and determination and a wonderful father, friend and neighbor. >> also killed 54-year-old donna myth active in girl scouts and with her church. >> donna was wonderful. kind. neighborly. friendly. >> passengers described the
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train as speeding at the curve. it is not clear how fast the train was going but investigators will know the speed today. >> right now, we will turn our attention to the weather and mike nicco and leyla gulen. >> good morning, enjoy the day while it lasts because it will get down right freezing for much of the week. as we look at the storm system that is coming in from the pacific northwest it is bringing a mass cold air over northern california that will touch down later tonight and into tomorrow possibly bringing precipitation but, mostly, it will be a dry system and freeze temperatures for the forth bay and along the coast. the seven-day forecast is ahead but this morning, you will notice we have plenty of fog in the bay area and that is affecting half moon bay and at
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sfo but there are no flight delays. as we hook at our wind, it is light, and it will ramp up to 20 miles per hour later this afternoon and increasing to 40 miles per hour overnight. what you need to know, the next 12 hours, starting off chilly and it warms up and it will be warmer than it was yesterday and it really will cool off tonight with increasing clouds and fog again. our traffic shows we have two accidents on the roads, the first is in san jose and this is if you are traveling along 237, you will notice this headed in the westbound direction, it is an accident blocking one lane and you do notice some eastbound traffic headed into milpitas and the nimitz. along westbound 4 headed away from concord to martinez that is where we have this accident blocking one lane a car versus a
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deer causing delays as you head in the westbound direction away from 680. outside, a look at san jose again 87 northbound beyond the julian street off-ramp traffic is smooth. a health scare in the sky, the airline passengers told they should get a tuberculosis shot. >> hundreds of dollars fall down on visitors at the busiest maul -- malls in america. >> ladies, would you believe this woman just gave birth four days ago? there is on-line criticism
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:13. hope you had a great thanksgiving welcome. downtown san francisco with fog, a finger of fog, hanging over
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us. it is going to lift and well have cool temperatures. leyla gulen will have all the details coming up. >> airline passengers flying during the busy thanksgiving travel weekend could have been exposed to tuberculosis. the scare started saturday night on a flight between austin and phoenix. when the flight landed paramedics boarded the plane and removed a passenger. other passengers say they were advised to get a tuberculosis shot. u.s. air wears will not confirm the medical condition facing the passenger removed. >> black friday numbers are not what was hoped for. consumes spent a total of $57.4 billion between thursday and sunday in stores and online down 3 percent from last year. broken down by individual shoppers, each consumer spent $407 this holiday weekend down
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from $40023 last year. a retail analyst says aggressive promotion before thanksgiving day may have taken some sales away from the black friday welcome. >> this morning, a minnesota man is revealing what led to the decision to throw money, a lot of money, to shoppers at the mall of america on black friday. he says he had a rough year and went through a divorce, lost his business, he decided to give away what little he had, $1,000, hoping good karma would come back around. >> my last effort, i thought, i will pay it failure, i cannot keep up with my bills and i am losing everything, might as well have the last thrill. >> he decided to throw the bills as the choir was sing promptly "let it snow," and said he knew he would get in trouble but he was cited for disorderly conduct and will have a court dated and face a fine. he said it was worth it. >> there is a possibility new feature for the photo sharing
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instagram. several sources say instagram is working on a messaging feature. experts say a holiday launch makes sense because this is the business of the time if photo sharing and social media and says thanksgiving was the busiest day ever in the app's history but the company is notary lease specific figures. this morning a norwegian soccer players wife is expressing out rage for posting a picture of her photo four daze after giving birth. it shows the mother taking a selfie and showing off her want board stomach. she says she gave birth to her daughter last week. she a health and fits in writer. bloggers are saying this is provocative. here is another picture showing the mother when she was pregnant. so, what do you think? you can sound off on our
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facebook page. >> was she nine months in that picture? >> it doesn't look it. >> how do you follow that? >> it is hard to believe. >> i better suck it in for the next report. if i feign get the smelling salts. >> we will have foggy weather with a cool down. we can bulk up with the sweaters later this evening and into tomorrow for the rest of the week. live doppler 7 hd shows for precipitation in the forecast today. a slight chance possibly overnight but, really, not too many or too much of a chance. from mount tamalpais you can see the morning light is rising over the east bay hills. it is gorgeous. it is clear. but the lingering finger of fog moving across the north bay to san francisco shows fog and that is what we will have later on,
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as well. tonight and into tomorrow, the fog coming in overnight and increasing clouds will subside by tomorrow afternoon and then we will have just the solid air mass, the freezing air mass that will be with us for much of the week. what is happening is the low trough is coming in over the pacific northwest and making its way across washington, oregon, and into northern california. that is what will bring freezing temperatures for much of the bay area. you can see the moisture is going to affect the sierra so we have a policy of snow showers. what is happening in our own neighborhood, our highs today, mostly sunshine and 64 in santa cruz and 66 in los gatos and 66 in san jose, and we will be in the mid-to-lower 60's in 62 in san mateo.
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62 in san francisco. dress for mid-60's in the north bay and 64 in santa rosa. and 65 in calistoga. in the east pay, it will be lower to mid-60's as we push inland and 64 degrees in brentwood and almost 70 in livermore. lows overnight are cold. get out the socks and the warm blankets. 39 degrees is going to be the low for santa rosa overnight in the upper to mid-40's for the rest of bay area. possibility of showers for parts of the bay area overnight into tuesday and wednesday through friday and that is where you will see the dramatic temperature change at ten degrees difference if not more for all of the bay area and 50 degrees on thursday inland and 52 around the bay and 52 loan the coast we have a couple of proverbs in the traffic
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department. we have an den along highway four in the westbound direction involving a deer. we had slowing behind it and one lane is blocked. traveling along 580 is going to be a bear. look at that, 20 miles per hour speeds are the top speeds and it increases ever-so-slightly headed into livermore and pleasanton but on the brakes the expire stretch and one hour in tracy to dublin. this is the bay bridge toll plaza with the metering lights on under a fog advisory. there is activity happening in a little bit. kristen and matt? >> did you feel them? not one but did minor earthquakes jolted the south bay overnight. where the shaking could be felt. >> first, though, anticipation, the bay area movie about recycling and ways to fine out if it is chosen to take part in
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leyla gulen will have the forecast in a little bit. the cost of buying all gifts and 12 days of christmas song is going up. here is the breakdown: all 364 items reached throughout the song you pay $114,000 this holiday season. that is up 6.9 percent from a year ago. according to the christmas price index the price of nine ladies dancing is up 20 percent to $7,500. ten lords leaping costs $5,200, a 10 percent increase. the price of swans stayed the same at $1,000 each. >> bay area children and families who are mailing the holiday list to santa can expect a response from st. nick because of volunteers. today is the letters to santa program a 101 year tradition where workers and volunteers answer letters. you can fulfill a wish by adopting a letter bringing the
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wrapped gift back to the same location and paying for postage to mail the present. the gift will then be shipped to the letter writing with a run address "operation santa north pole." kids are working to february packing the last of 200,000 christmas meals for typhoon haiyan victims. they partnered with blue oaks church spending the weekend packing 22,000 meals of rice, soy, vitamins and vegetable blend and hope to have the meals sent before christmas. >> filmmakers of a movie shot in west oakland will find out if they are chosen for the sundance film fest veil about those who survive by recycling trash. poor urban planning turned a thriving african american neighborhood into a poor and
6:26 am
desperate landscape. >> the only news continues at 6:30 with the top stories. >> including new details on a weekend death of actor paul walker and what investigators say was a fatter and how the bay area is remembering the "fast and furious" star. >> the sale of a video gaming system turns deadly. >> in the weather center, looking at the fog as we look at the tower to the east bay you can see the morning lights are rising and fog is going to affect our commute this only but the cool down is the big story
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. it is december 2en. monday. a look at embarcadero san francisco across the bay. it is gorgeous. it is foggy. it will be cold. >> cold out there. we have spots with fog.
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>> we will check with leyla gulen here for mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone. our live doppler 7 hd shows we are tracking fog moving from the north bay through san francisco to the east bay. no prescription however, just a few high clouds. what a gorgeous sight. this is from the camera the morning light with the sun starting to rise and the high clouds are going to be evidence with mostly sunshine and thing for will burn off later this morning and the next three days expect the temperatures dropping continue degrees. a significant drop around the bay area. 58 inland and 56 at the bay and 52 along the coast tomorrow. with the temperatures going down wednesday and thursday and the full seven-day forecast is ahead in a little bit. as folks head back to work after the long holiday, this is
6:31 am
affecting the nimitz, northbound 8980 at 262, michigan boulevard, watch out for that. you can see the traffic is slowing well in both directions and not a problem. eastbound 92 we have this accident reported and we have some slowing on both sides of 92 from foster city to 101 so watch out for that. this is a picture of san francisco southbound along 101 a few extra tail lights but plenty of sunshine and the poll of fog when you get to the golden gate bridge. >> developing news, san francisco police are looking for a killer and issuing a strong warning to all after a plan was be woulded and shot to delegate by someone he was trying to meet to sell an electronic gaming device. nick? >> good morning, we are working to confirm the type of gaming
6:32 am
system that is in question. police are being tightlipped about theness because they believe it could compromise their investigation if they release too much information. this is what we know: police say the victim was found yesterday afternoon shot several times inside his car near a bay shore boulevard. he had aned, online, to sell the video gaming system. during a face-to-face meeting a few blocks away the buyer shot him several times and took off with the gaming console. the victim died at san francisco general hospital. police remind much to be careful about where you an to meet potential buyers. >> meet in an area where the possibility of this time of type of crime is less likely to occur and we suggest police station lobbies in san francisco are open 24/7 and are always officers there. >> investigators of hoping
6:33 am
witnesses will scale with tips and they are checking to see if the security cameras in area or surveillance video can identify a suspect and they are asking you pay particular attention to where you meet potential buyers. >> new this morning from the south bay, a pair of minor earthquakes rattled the gilroy area in santa clara county. here is what our graph shows, the first earthquake hit at 1:35 and was 2.5. a second larger earthquake hit at 2:05 that was 3.2 earthquake. they separate earthquakes with different were by centers. there are no reports of damage. >> oakland police are investigating the 84th homicide of the year the a man in his 20 was shot and killed last 10:00 while standing in front of a home when he was hit in the head the he died at the
6:34 am
scene. the shooter drove away if -- in a green car. >> in vallejo the boy who fell in a creek and was under water for about ten minutes is expected to make a full recovery. this happened on saturday. the fire department paramedic juneed into the nasty pond scum and desperately searched for the 2-year-old after several tries, then, finally found the boy and pulled him from the water. >> he was sucked under the cull cullvert you the road. i could barely see the white t-shirt. >> the paramedic jayson went to work reviving the child and it worked. the chances of making a full recovery look really good and thes for material grandmother was about to tie a safety rope
6:35 am
on him but he was in the water. >> police are warning people to were what out at a.t.m. after several thefts the latest happening yesterday at a bank of america. the victim failed to end a transaction and noticed a man withdrawing money as she walked away. he shoved her aside and continued to take cash as she came back and told him to stop. police say this is the second such incident at that bank. there was another a.t.m. theft at a bank admiral lane. today, planned parenthood clinic will open in san mateo county located in north fair oaks at the shiite -- site of a former resident this neighbors say will impact the rot values. the clinic will offer reproduction services and medical procedures. >> an 85-year-old palo alto man
6:36 am
held in north korea trained in anticommunist guerilla unit in the korean war. he is posing here with members of the unit. north korea released this video on friday night, allegedly apologizing for helping the guerillas. it is believe he may have been detain while trying to help members of the former unit get families out of north korea and the not koreans were likely aware of his hand in the war. he could be considered a "prisoner of war." >> california lawmakers are starting with a pay raise, a 5.3 percent salary increase. the salaries go from $90,000 a year to $95,000. the pay of the governor goes $165,000 to $174,000. a dozen legislatures will not make the raise because they just
6:37 am
increased taxes. >> what the bay area teen who was set on fire on a transit bus is doing today after leaving the hospital. >> a city spent $3 million on new parking meters and the rope it now is ripping them up. >> traffic on the san mateo bridge -- it shows traffic is back to work. we have nog. we have a cold snap.
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the clouds are cascading over the north bay hills and we do have mostly fog to start. santa rosa is 39. 34 in napa. 41 in concord. chilly in gilroy at 39. we do have clouds that will increase overnight and they will dissipate by tuesday afternoon. you can see how thick it gets with the cold front coming that will bring a chance of snow showers in the sierra and the seven-day forecast is coming up in a little bit. we have problems ahead if you headed to the road, it will be
6:41 am
busy. we were used to the roads that were empty for thanksgiving day but that has ended. the off-ramp of 92 is blocked pause of this accident. we see some westbound slowing, however, as you continue there and as we take you to oakland, northbound, 8 80, another stalled vehicle, a big rig, causing major backups over to the maze. san francisco is removing 6,500 high-tech meters to be replaced with higher together parking meters. the city spent $3 million installing the new meters part of a pilot project and now the san francisco chronicle report as citywide upgrates calls to newer meters with big bigger screens. there is a $650,000 credit for the old meters from the contractors and the new meters
6:42 am
will be installed in march. >> has a new way to get you your order faster than ever. it involves robots. that is next. >> new information on the weekend death of palm walker and what the actor may have been doing moments before the crash that claimed his life and how the bay area is remembering the movie star but, first, back to normal, the step that the east bay teen set on fire aboard a a.c. transit bus is taking days after leaving
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>> covering walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> today, the east bay teen least with second- and third-degree buns after being set on fire on a a.c. transit bus will take a big step forward in his recovery. here are the details. amy? >> a big day for sasha fleischman. the high school senior will return to school and you can bet he will probably be wearing a skirt. sasha fleischman sat down to us after getting out of the hospital in time for thanksgiving day. he cannot walk fast because of leg buns and has to be careful not to fall, or trip but he says it is time to get back to class. >> i missed, and this will sound
6:46 am
silly, i missed school. i missed going to class and i missed being with my friendsry day. >> sasha fleischman was born a buy and was named luke but doesn't identify as male or female and likes do wear skirts. a 16-year-old boy set that skirt on fire on an a.c. transit bus a month ago and his legs were burned. that 16-year-old has arrested and everyone whatted as an adult in this case. sasha fleischman plans to keep on wearing skirts calling them comfortable and a big part of his identity. >> new this morning in the last ten minutes we learned investigators in southern california are now looking into the possibility actor paul walker was in the middle of a high speed race with another vehicle right before the deadly crash that claimed his life. this is according to .
6:47 am
speed was a factor in the collision that killed the 40-year-old walker and a friend. the porsche hit a light pole and exploded in a fireball on saturday in the los angeles county community. people tried to pull the men from the burning vehicle but the flames were too intense. this photo and one of the last photos taken of him before the deadly crash. he was attending a fundraiser for the victims of typhoon haiyan. in the bay areas candles burned in milpitas to honor his memory. a local car club organized a vigil at the milpitas square shopping center 100 feet attending. >> a new warning if you drink a lost energy drinks, researchers used m.r.i. to image the hearts of 18 young adults before and after downing an energy drink and they caused the heart to squeeze harder although there
6:48 am
was no change in the heart rate or blood pressure. more studies are needed to study the health effects of caffeine. >> trading is underway on wall street journal at 6:48. the big board shows over 16,000 mark but the dow is down 51 points. amazon and wal-mart are ready for cyber monday the busiest day of the year with sals predicted to reach close to $2 billion today and one in five shoppers will shop on a smartphone or tablet. overall spending for the black friday weekend is down 3 percent the first drop since 2009. >> amazon is testing delivery packages using drones. this is video of how the service works, delivering packans up to five pounds to customers living
6:49 am
in a certain area. amazon hopes to have the project up and running in a few years. >> good thing they are not in action in the bay area because you could not see much because of thing for. >> prices going down, stocks doing down, temperatures are going down. >> matt, you have dusted off the long johns? >> long dusted off they are in the rotation. >> we do have a warmer day ahead of us today so enjoy it while it lasts. we will have a cold snap from the pacific northwest that will settle into the way area over the next couple of days. right now, mostly fog for the forecast this morning and no presip just high clouds and low cloud cover as well, cascade, over the north bay hills. looking to the east bay, morning lights and sunrise now is just starting to look over the east
6:50 am
by hills and watch out when you head to the roads and be careful because visibility is an issue if you are headed through novato at zero miles. half a mile visibility in santa rosa and quarter-mile visibility in half moon bay and you are good for the rest of the bay area but three-quarters of a mile at sfo but no flight delays. that is the good news. we have a cold snap coming in to the bay area because of the massive cool air coming from alaska and british columbia now settling over the pack northwest in washington and oregon. that is bringing temperatures down to the 20's and the 30's so major temperature drop there. it will continue to move into northern california and over the bay area the next couple of days. tonight, we will have a blustery condition at 4 miles per hour winds are expected and that will dissipate into tuesday morning and tuesday afternoon leaving us just with cold air. the highs today lou california,
6:51 am
53 degrees in eureka, and 53 in tahoe, and 75 in los angeles and plenty 6 sunshine in southern california and speaking of lake tahoe, there will be the possibility of snow showers later today and overnight, and we will have up to 4" of snow for the sierra. chilly overnight with increasing clouds and fog creeping in over the bay area and that will subside but that will leave us with mid-to-upper 40's for the bay area. for monday into tuesday, possibility of showers, very slight chance but mostly cool, really, cold temperatures, headed into hid week with a freeze warning issued we later today. >> as we head to the traffic department, we will talk about our roads. we have a couple of problems including a stalled big rig causing heavy backup headed northbound along the nimitz at 7th street away from 980 you
6:52 am
will notice the break lights. in san jose, this accident blocking lane southbound 101, but check out the northbound traffic from 280/680 split to the nimitz, bumper to bumper. outside, this is going to be the drive headed into central san rafael to san francisco a little bit hazy and it does not appear that fog is daysing any -- is causing any problems but at the town knelt, want out because fog is greeting you headed into san francisco. >> the holiday season is here and abc7 news is teeing up with our local feeding america food bank. you can go to our facebook page and take a hedge to -- take a pledge to give where you live. we will donate a dollar for each pledge and someone will win
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$7,000 cash with the winner announced december 19. spread the love. "give where you live." we return in 6
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he are seven things for know before you go. san francisco police are looking at surveillance video to identify the person would shot and killed a man trying to steal his video game console which was advertised for sale online and when the seller met with the would be buyer, three was shot several times. the killer took off, then, with the gaming console the. >> oakland team sasha fleischman is headed back-to-school this morning, 3 1/2 weeks after a 16-year-old society sasha fleischman's skirt on fire. it was a hate crime. sasha fleischman is recovering from second- and third-degree bumps and the team is looking forward to seeing friends in berkeley at high school.
6:55 am
>> officials tell abc they have confiscated the sell phone of the train operator involved if a deadly train derailmentment. four were killed and 60 were hurt. investigators will hook at his call and text history to see if he was using the phone before the doesn't. >> president obama's faces a critical test as americans unable to sign up give the troubled site soot shot. people will try to beat the december 23rd deadline for coverage by john 1. >> cyber monday so shoppers will scour the web for deals with up to half off on electronics and clothing and 90 percent of working americans plan toship while they are -- to shop while they are at work. >> the fog is swallowing the bay bridge and it will burn off later today and warm up comes at noon and 4:00 p.m. this afternoon, at 68 degrees inland
6:56 am
and 66 around the bay and 68 away the coast before a cold snap rips the bay area starting overnight. >> here is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we have another we point of all the fog making the drive from the maze out to san francisco and as we go to our map we have a five car pileup headed northbound along 101 you will see this blocking a couple of lanes and it is causing heave delays coming away from the 280 extension. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and we will see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking new details on the fatal train crash in new york city. cranes righting the cars overnight. black box recovered. dozens of holiday shoppers injured and trapped. the focus on speed and the brakes right now. new overnight. health scare at 30,000 feet. a packed plane. passengers exposed to a potentially deadly disease mid flight over texas. masks given out. the plane swarmed by paramedics. telling everyone to get checked for tuberculosis. investigators reveal that speed was a factor in the death of "fast & furious" star paul walker. the rare porsche so difficult to handle, even professional drivers called it scary hollywood stars mourning at the scene. ♪ oh my god and hello, future. amazon unveils its jaw-dropping


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