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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 2, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking new details on the fatal train crash in new york city. cranes righting the cars overnight. black box recovered. dozens of holiday shoppers injured and trapped. the focus on speed and the brakes right now. new overnight. health scare at 30,000 feet. a packed plane. passengers exposed to a potentially deadly disease mid flight over texas. masks given out. the plane swarmed by paramedics. telling everyone to get checked for tuberculosis. investigators reveal that speed was a factor in the death of "fast & furious" star paul walker. the rare porsche so difficult to handle, even professional drivers called it scary hollywood stars mourning at the scene. ♪ oh my god and hello, future. amazon unveils its jaw-dropping way to deliver packages to the
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front door. with a drone. but on this cyber monday morning, the big savings start right here with our biggest "deals & steals" ever on "gma". we do say good morning, america. we hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. and your eyes were not deceiving you. that's right. amazon saying they are looking at drones to deliver our packages. the future is now. >> yes. >> made me think of "the jetsons." >> it does, it does. we can't offer a drone today. but we can offer tory johnson's huge "deals & steals" event. she'll be here all morning long. we have the biggest bargains ever for your holiday gift list. you have to order right away.
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>> we'll have that a little bit later. we're going to start with our top story this morning. the latest on the massive trail derailment in new york. this is a live scene at the disaster scene outside the bronx. cranes have begun to lift the cars back onto the tracks. gio benitez is on the scene. good morning, gio. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. there you see it, cranes are hard at work right now, and so are investigators. abc news has learned that investigators will know today how fast this train was going and whether those brakes worked. overnight, cranes turned over the locomotive of the derailed train. the rest of it waiting to be lifted. the ntsb tweeting these photos of investigators retrieving the important black boxes. the data in each may show what led to the disaster that injured more than 60 and killed four. the dead i.d'd as 59-year-old james ferrari, 54-year-old donna smith,
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35-year-old kisook ahn, and 58-year-old james lovell, going to work on the rockefeller christmas tree special in new york city. >> by the time i looked up, it was completely going off its track. >> i felt i was going to die, to be honest. >> reporter: this picture reportedly shows passengers standing inside a flipped-over car. and this new video shows the scene of the metro north crash from a passing train. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened but why it happened. >> reporter: investigators haven't said why the train derailed. the train's engineer, william rockefeller jr., pictured here, reportedly said he applied the brakes but they didn't work. rockefeller is reportedly a 20-year vet twreran with a clea disciplinary record. the train left poughkeepsie for new york's grand terminal at 5:54 a.m. sunday. nearly an hour and a half later, at 7:20, as the train reached this curve, the massive derailment.
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ryan kelly survived the crash, fracturing his hand. >> everyone around you, were they okay? >> everyone around me was all right, except one woman pinned between two seats. >> reporter: this accident happened in nearly the same spot where a freight train derailed months ago in july. police commissioner ray kelly assuring commuters investigators will find answers. for people who use the train every day, what do you say to them? >> the systems are safe. just based on sheer volume, sometimes accidents happen. in terms of the specific cause here, that's going to have to be determined by a full investigation. >> reporter: and we've learned investigators will be here for at least a week. today they'll interview the engineer to see what he says about what happened. by the way, sadly, these are the first deaths in metro north's 31-year history, robin. >> tragic. gio. thank you very much. we're thinking of the families that are affected.
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including our friends at nbc suffering the loss. >> gentleman that worked on the "today" show. we're thinking of them this morning. we're going to turn to the dangerous health scare in the air. when a passenger from austin to phoenix was found to have a health condition after the plane took off. abc's jim avila is at reagan international airport with the latest. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning, george. you can add this to the list of things you don't want to hear on your next flight. passengers, upon deplaning, get a tuberculosis test. everything seemed normal as usairways express flight 2846 took off saturday afternoon from austin texas. once in the air, a frightening development. the tsa notifying the airline that a passenger on board had been put on the no-fly list because of a medical condition. the rest of the 74 passengers and crew members, potentially at risk. we spoke to one of those passengers overnight.
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>> as we were taxiing, a stewardess came down the aisle. she had a mask. she instructed this gentleman to put the mask on. >> reporter: this morning, it's believed that the condition was tuberculosis. throw usairways won't confirm. >> the warning that came from the cdc did not occur until after the flight departed. the passenger didn't have a red flag in their reservation system or any warning there. >> reporter: when the plane landed in phoenix two hours later, paramedics and police swarmed. passengers were told to get a tb test and follow up with the cdc. >> the fireman said he has tuberculosis, he's contagious, you must see physicians immediately and be tested in three months' time. >> reporter: tb is a bacterial infection of the lungs that is contagious and sometimes deadly, but the cdc say, even if it was tb, exposure to other passengers would be unlikely. now the big question remains,
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why didn't the cdc warn the tsa before the passenger got on the plane? we hope to find out more about that today. george? >> okay, jim, thanks very much. >> many are wondering about that. now to new details this morning on the deaths of "fast & furious" star paul walker and his friend, killed in a fiery car accident over the weekend. investigators are working to determine the cause of the wreck. cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: he's the speed demon who rose to fame in the "fast & furious" blockbusters. now this real-life twist that all too closely mirrors the movies he made. >> we have confirmed two d.o.a. >> reporter: this morning, new details in the joy ride that ended in a fiery crash, taking actor paul walker's life. the driver, walker's friend, roger rodas, was a pro racer with championship titles to his name. not his first time driving a car like this. >> right. >> that's why i'm shocked. he's driven cars faster than this.
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>> reporter: a porsche carrera gt, that can hit speeds up to 240 miles an hour. reportedly being sold for more than $300,000. and so difficult to handle, even professional drivers called it scary. on saturday, both men attended a toy drive and car show for walker's charity, reach out worldwide. here's walker with the porsche in one of the last known videos of the 40-year-old star. >> they pulled out of the parking lot slow. >> reporter: jim thorp spoke to both men just before they rode off. the crash happened in a business park just a few blocks away, minutes after they left. what was the last thing you heard paul say? >> hey, i'll be right back in five minutes. those were the last words i heard. >> reporter: they struck a tree and a pole. both men pronounced dead on the scene. the mangled car unrecognizable. the pole, bent in two. "fast & furious" co-star, tyrese gibson among the throngs of mourners who visited the scene,
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leaving in tears. >> it's been awhile since i've been behind the wheel of one of these. >> reporter: he was on a break from filming "fast & furious 7." production is now reportedly delayed. >> the real question is, how long they're going to take to figure out the direction of the film and to make everyone comfortable with coming back to work. >> reporter: he has another movie scheduled for release in two weeks. he plays a father trying to save his baby daughter during hurricane katrina. >> i'm at st. mary's hospital, i have a baby that needs rescued. >> reporter: and he leaves behind his 15-year-old daughter, meadow. this is the scene where he crashed and die, robin. >> i know they're going to continue to look into it. thank you. now to josh with the morning's other top stories. a homicide investigation outside an nfl stadium. in the parking lot of the broncos/chiefs game in kansas city yesterday. police say, when a man and his son walked to their jeep in the parking lot, they found a stranger sitting inside the vehicle. the man and the stranger got into a fight. when the stranger tried to run
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away, he's said to have collapsed unconscious on the ground. an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death. police questioning witnesses. no arrests have been made. freezing rain is being blamed for this massive pileup. you see here in massachusetts. 65 cars and trucks in all. 40 people were injured, two of them seriously. overnight, crews removed the wreckage of a police helicopter that crashed into a busy pub in scotland, killing nine people. police are worried more victims could be buried in the rubble. vice president biden arrives in asia this morning. hoping to ease rising tensions with china. his first stop, tokyo, which has defied china's new air defense zone. china wants all planes flying over a disputed island chain to identify themselves, a move criticized by the u.s. and developing story this morning, violence erupting in the ukraine. 300,000 people took to the
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streets in the capital. you see some of it here, furious that the president has rejected a trade deal with europe. wherein while, back in this country, a bizarre crime raising some security concerns in seattle. police say that a man stole that 132-foot ferry. you see there on sunday. he jumped a security fence. s.w.a.t. teams swarmed the boat. they finally took him into custody. you see that here, after a two-hour standoff. and finally, money doesn't really fall from the sky until, of course, it does. apparently, it helps if a choir ski skins "let it snow," as they did in the mall of america. as $1,0001 bills began falling from the fourth floor. it turns out it was a guy throwing cash off said fourth floor. and the video posted on youtube, he said he was just trying to spread holiday cheer. police, however, not so much. they've charged him with disorderly conduct. they've banned him from the mall
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for one year. he had stamped the dollar bills with his youtube address. a publicity stunt. >> oh, oh. >> it's not always a good idea to throw $1,000 in the air in a crowded mall. >> not exactly. >> okay, josh, thanks. the latest on the obama care website. white house now claims it has been fixed, working smoothly 90% of the time, but will consumers find that to be true. so much at stake for president obama and millions of americans seeking health insurance. and abc's jon karl has all of the latest from the white house. good morning, jon. >> reporter: the white house is not quite declaring mission accomplished. they say they've finally achieved their first goal, getting the website improved to the point where most people can use it to pick out health insurance. after two months of system crashes and error messages, the white house says is working for the vast majority of people who try to use it. in a report filled with colorful
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charts and graphs. the white house uses to measure its success. some 400 software bugs and hardware problems have been fixed. the website can now handle 50,000 users at a time, 800,000 a day. it's now accessible 90% of the time, up from just 40% in october. the man in charge of the website reboot, gave his bottom line in a conference call with reporters. >> on december 1st is night and day from where it was on october 1st. >> reporter: independent experts say there's little doubt the website is working better. >> for the most part, users can now log in, search for different plans relevant to them. >> reporter: but the fixes have not been tested with heavy traffic. the white house is being cautious, delaying a big marketing push to get people to enroll and advising people to visit the site during off-peak times to avoid delays. some critics say little has been done to address security concerns.
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>> the security of the site and the private information does not meet even the minimal standards of the private sector. and that concerns me. >> reporter: while it's much easier for people to register on the website and pick out health plans, insurance companies say there is still a big problem with the last step in the process, actually buying your health insurance. it's because the government computer system is having a hard time communicating and transferring information over to the computer systems for the insurance companies. in other words, george, it's not quite fixed yet, but it's vastly improved. >> and there will be a big surge in december. thanks very much. now to the eye-opening news from amazon. it could be the future key to avoiding the holiday shopping madness. the company revealed amazon primary. drones that could be delivering your packages within a half hour after you place your order. rebecca jarvis has the latest on this cybermonday. >> reporter: call it survival of the fittest at the hunger games
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of shopping. women brawling then getting tasered. merchandise flying through the crowds. an unruly shopper tackled by police. if this isn't your idea of a good time, check out amazon prime air. a new way to shop from the comfort of your home with a little help from a flying drone. yes, a drone, delivering gifts right to your door in under 30 minutes. ceo jeff bezos unveiled prime air on cbs' "60 minutes." >> we can carry objects up to 5 pounds which covers 86% of the items that we deliver. it could be a 10 mile radius from a fulfillment center. >> reporter: amazon says the drones are ready to go. but they still need approval from the faa. so it could be awhile before this idea gets off the ground. until then, you'll have to shop the old-fashioned way, online. "today," cybermonday, expected to be the biggest since the
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phrase was coined eight years ago. >> this day is the single all rightest commerce day around. it's so important for the retailers to be competitive. that they really do get out of our way to get our attention. >> reporter: some of the biggest bargains, amazon offering a new deal every ten minutes. then sitewide discounts, 50% off at old navy, 40% off at including 50% off at old navy, 40% off at h&m and 20% off at macy's and kohls. and at, $150 off an ipad. the biggest sellers this weekend were tablets and tvs. today, it's all about apparel. americans are expected to drop close to $2 billion online today. if you're getting in the game, don't forget many best deals require a coupon code. and you can check out, for a list of coupon codes. it will probably take a few days, still, robin and george, before you get what you buy. >> and we have "deals & steals" coming up later. thank you so much. this football game.
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>> wow! >> one for the ages. >> wow! wow! you'll forgive me. i'm actually understating the "wow" factor of this game. saturday, if you watched it, lucky you. if you didn't, sorry. we'll show it to you again. one of the most anticipated matchups in the sport. auburn/alabama, the iron bowl. auburn pulling a wild upset to a game, an end that left fans staring at television screens. wondering if they actually saw what they just saw. it is simply one of the most astounding plays in college football history. >> all right. here we go. no. it does not have the leg. chris davis takes it in the back of the end zone. he'll run to it the 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 45, there goes davis! oh, my gosh! >> davis is going to run it all the way back. auburn's going to win the football game. auburn's going to win the football game! >> reporter: watch again. no time remaining, the score
7:18 am
tied in saturday's iron bowl between auburn and unbeaten alabama. chris davis returns a missed field goal 109 yards for a touchdown. >> holy cow! >> reporter: and the win. knocking number one alabama out of the cat bird seat and all but ending their chances of winning a third consecutive national tight. >> auburn slays goliath at home. a team that's won 3 of the last 4 national championships. a team that was number one in the nation this year. so much nfl talent across the board. >> reporter: headlines in their shared state proclaiming auburn miracle. auburn shocks 'bama. believe it. starting alabama kicker cade foster, benched for the final kick, received a deluge of death threats and profanity-laced attacks on twitter after missing three earlier kicking attempts. this morning, foster's teammates gathering as one tweeting we win and lose as a team. and, we are all human. twitter trolls cannot stop this from what -- taking its place.
7:19 am
this is one of the great plays you'll ever see in the sport's history. rod bramlett. the auburn radio voice there. remember him two weeks go? this was the same team that caught that hail mary pass two weeks ago. >> war eagle. >> war eagle. >> thank you, josh. >> that energy, i don't know how to top it. let's talk about weather. if we had a hurricane to talk about, it would be just as excited. my goodness. we have a new winter storm. 12 states under some sort of winter storm advisory. or warning. i'm showing you them here. and how much snow and where does it fall? i'm going to leave you with that. some of the mountain areas get up to two feet. great for skiers. not so great for driving around on the road. your local forecast coming up in 30 seconds.
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and coming up on "gma," startling new allegations in the case of the newlywed charged with pushing her husband off a
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for realsies, ryan is a total hottie mchotterson. totesies. trouble understanding others on the phone [ male announcer ] in honor of the important things you do, due to a hearing loss? get the new lg g2 free this cyber monday visit or call 877-805-5845. only at good morning. i'm kristen sze. oakland teen sasha is heading back to school this morning three and a half weeks after an attack that left the teen with severe leg burns. the 18-year-old identified neither as male nor female was
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asleep riding on an a.c. transit bus last month when another teen set the teen's skirt on fire. looking forward to getting back to work on the high school magazine. the morning commute, back after a holiday weekend and it's tough, leyla. >> it is. we have an injury accident in san mateo that's now a sigalert. if you're on eastbound and westbound side of highway 92, those ramps to el camino are going to be shut down until further notice. we'll let you know when that does reopen. as you take a look at 101, this five-car crash is now pulled over to the shoulder at
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welcome back. could you hear the fog horns blowing? look at this from behind me at the explore camera. we are warmer today across the bay area than yesterday. 66 degrees in concord. 65 in napa. 64 along the coast in santa cruz. but that cold snap is coming overnight and into the rest of the week with a
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♪ we're safe and sound good morning, america. look at tory johnson, our "gma" elves. getting ready to bring you megamonday. you don't know what is inside the bags, but you're going to like it. great gifts for everyone this morning. fantastic jewelry. and a final tasty deal. it's deejay monday, too, with dj kiss here. revving up all of the deals. ♪ >> those elves? >> there's santa helpers and then there's elves. also ahead, the ultimate test of survival. how did this 36-year-old last 6 days, no food, no water, no one coming to help. >> december miracle for you.
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coming up, shocking testimony from nigella lawson's ex-husband. the billionaire now backtracking on some of his stunning accusations about nigella's alleged drug use. >> pretty explosive. then we have a consumer alert on this cybermonday. why the designer bag you're buying online could be a sophisticated fake. how to not get fooled. first, the latest on the montana newlywed facing trial for pushing her husband off a cliff eight days after their wedding. prosecutors prepared to show potentially explosive evidence and abc's ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: with just a week to go before her murder trial begins, montana newlywed jordan graham may have new allegations to defend against. prosecutors have asked the judge to allow them to introduce evidence that the 22-year-old talked about killing her mother and stepdad just a month before authorities say she did murder her husband, cody johnson. a mere eight days after their wedding.
7:32 am
♪ everyone wants a safe place to fall ♪ >> reporter: fbi agents say graham pushed her blindfolded husband face first off a cliff in glacier natural park in july because she didn't love him anymore. >> did you mean to push your husband off a cliff? >> reporter: she's pleaded not guilty. her attorneys say it was an accident. that the newlyweds were fighting an graham pushed him away in self-defense. prosecutors hope by introducing evidence she allegedly wanted other members of her family dead, the jury will get to know what they say is the real jordan graham. >> the key is discrediting her statement and background and statements about other potential harm to people. >> reporter: prosecutors are asking to introduce evidence that graham made up abuse allegations against people she dated before johnson. the judge has not ruled on the admissibility of either yet. jordan graham remains free on bond. staying at the home of her mother and stepdad, the very
7:33 am
people prosecutors say she talked about killing. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. let's get more on this from dan abrams. so much to talk about here. first of all, the idea that she may have threatened to kill her mother and stepfather. can they get that into evidence? >> very, very unlikely that that would come in. you weigh the prejudicial impact of something like this against how probative it would be and the presidential impact would be so great. if she takes the stand, i expect she will, if she makes a comment like i never would think of hurting anyone. i would never think of -- >> that opens the door. >> then they could say, ah-ha. we want to discredit that statement. but without that, that's going to be very lard. they have a better shot of getting in the evidence that she had made up allegations against past boyfriends. that could be tough as well. >> the evidence of a blindfold just mind-boggling. >> it also fundamentally changes
7:34 am
the case. because up to sort of a few weeks ago, this steams like a case of, did she push him from behind, did she push him from the front, et cetera. if this wasn't about pushing at all? if this was about someone being blindfolded on top of a mountain, then pushed? that's a fundamentally different theory. we don't know if they're going to pursue that. they want to remain consistent in what they believe happened here. >> all this make a plea deal less likely? >> yeah. i think the prosecutors don't trust her at all. they don't think this was -- it seems that they don't think this was a little altercation. if they believe this is premeditated, i don't think they can reach a deal at all. certainly, when we first heard, it seemed like a plea case to me. >> thank you, dan. now to the incredible story of survival. a man trapped in a car, deep in a ravine for six days, no food or water. somehow managing to stay alive and be reunited with his family.
7:35 am
clayton sandell has his amazing story. >> reporter: this morning, richard custer is in a colorado springs hospital, battered and bruised. finally able to talk about his ultimate test of survival. >> i thought i was in a dream. >> reporter: the 36-year-old's speech still garbled from that fateful day in mid-october when he was riding in a truck driven by his friend. it was his daughter's 13th birthday. >> i called her before her birthday so i could tell her happy birthday and be the first one to tell her. >> reporter: then the unthinkable. the truck went out of control, crashing down a ravine. moore was killed. custer trapped. >> i remember telling myself i can't move, i can't get out of this truck. >> reporter: for six frigid days and nights, no food, no water, and no one coming to help. many details of how he survived, he says, he can't remember. >> i stuck my arm out the big hole in the back of the truck and was yelling for help.
7:36 am
>> reporter: with hope fading, miraculously a highway worker finally spots the truck six days after the crash. >> he was just in pieces. one leg was still left. it looked so bad. >> reporter: custer lost both legs. he knows he's lucky. >> i think god has a plan for me. i'm pretty sure that's why i lived. >> reporter: his mother considers the day he was rescued, october 17th, his new birthday. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> what a spirit. time now for the weather. in for sam, ginger. kind of mild here, not the case everywhere. >> not the case out west. the coldest air of the season for places like las vegas, southern california, you're about to get real chilly. let me show you. and we're going to be warmer. yeah, it's our turn. not that warm. i don't want to get anybody too excited. that arctic blast coming down. look at numbers in las vegas, dropped to 40. this is a high temperature on
7:37 am
thursday. it will feel like the 30s. los angeles into the mid and upper 50s for highs. and denver, goes from 60 today, to a high of 9 on thursday. the east, mild. 50 in philadelphia. 47, but look what happens. the next four days, we're staying this way. atlanta, 70 again. raleigh, same thing by the end >> this weather report brought to you by big lots. coming up, i'll show you more about what is happening out west with that big storm. >> all right. thank you, ginger zee. coming up, stunning testimony from nigella lawson's ex-husband. is he perhaps taking back his
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welcome back. it's 7:42. we continue with the latest on the explosive testimony of nigella lawson's ex-husband. he had allege her using drugs. now h she changing his story in her turn on the witness stand is soon. lama hasan has the latest. >> reporter: good morning to you. a billionaire backtrack. millionaire mogul charles sachi saying he hasn't seen any evidence of her taking drugs. >> excuse me. >> guys, come on. >>. >> reporter: his friday testimony coming as a shock after a judge previously read aloud an e-mail he sent to
7:43 am
nigella accusing her of being hi-gella. he called the e-mail a mistake on the stand. i was just being nasty. this is not a pleasant e-mail. but i was very, very upset. her two former assistants are on trial for embezzling more than $1 million from the couple. the sisters have pled not guilty, saying nigella allowed the spending. >> i like the aum people with a food. >> reporter: but their trial is unveiling new details about the couple's crumbled relationship. >> been very quiet about the issues that have transpired so far. allegations of drug use and abuse against her. at some point, she has to talk and people have to make that decision. do i believe her? >> reporter: in his emotionally charged testimony, he revealed, i adore nigella now.
7:44 am
i adore nigella and am absolutely heart broken to have lost her. he says he was trying to get her attention. i was not gripping, strangling, or throttling her. i was holding her head by the neck to make her focus. can we be clear? as for his relationship with nigella now, he says she told him, i'm happy because i don't feel as though i have to ask for a pass to do what i want any longer. all eyes will be on nigella this wednesday, when she's expected to testify, battling to clear her name and tell her side of the story. she'll return to abc in the new year as a judge of "the taste." lara? >> we thank you. coming up, it's "gma" megamond. big "deals & steals" ahead.
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7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> just arranging. make sure that i -- >> fluff it. fluff it. there you go. >> not the first time i've fluffed a pillow. ron burgundy, thank you for existing. you make this job a whole lot easier. as will ferrell, in character, coanchor kx news on saturday. take a look. >> how are you. >> i'm amber shots. >> and i'm ron burgundy. thanks for joining us tonight. along with santa's visit, families can enjoy wagon rides,
7:50 am
carolling and s'mores. you look lovely. >> thank you. you, too. >> are you married? >> no. >> well i am. so don't get any ideas. i have never seen fighting if a hockey match before. >> no, me neither. >> he stayed in character the whole time. great weekends for ron burgundy. take a look. you can see him here, at the canadian olympic curling trials on sunday in winnipeg. lending newfound occurringing expertise. working the telestrater. however regrettably. and doing it all wearing a kilt, i might add. because, why not. >> he's working this hard. >> he is really working this hard. >> i'll say this. every time we do this, and we're probably going to do it for two more weeks, i want to see the movie more. and also, our "deals &
7:51 am
steals." the biggest ever. where are the hottest stars on earth coming in december? >> "good morning america." "good morning america." all you have to do is sit here and say, "good morning america." >> we're talking bradley, ben, jussen, julia, britney, steve, kristen, paul. >> your old friend, ron burgundy. >> all december, it's "good morning america"'s all-star holiday party. >> keep it classy, "gma." cut d, unlocking the true beauty of the diamond. for over 90 years, we have continued to perfect this diamond. [ female announcer ] now kay jewelers brings you tolkowsky ideal cut diamonds -- from the family that invented the ideal cut. at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. from our family... to the beginning of yours. yes! yes! yes? ♪ every kiss begins with kay
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. this morning san francisco police are reviewing surveillance video to try to identify the person who shot and killed a man to steal his video game console. the unit was advertised for sale online. and when the seller met up with the would-be buyer yesterday, he was shot. the killer then took off with the video game system. leyla gulen has your bay area forecast. >> dense fog and low clouds through much of the bay area. you can see how it's cascading over the mountains. what we do have is a cold snap that is on its way bringing possible showers overnight. we do have a problem though in
7:57 am
san mateo. it is a confirmed fatality. a pedestrian was killed along el camino. 280 off ramp is going to be shut down until further notice. as we take you into san jose northbound 101, an accident there blocking a lane. very slow traffic making it in the northbound direction. kristen. >> leyla, th we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's the ultimate sale on the bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality. the sleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. for two days only, queen mattresses start at just $599.99. and save 50% on limited edition innovation or memory foam series beds. plus special financing.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and are you ready for megamonday? tory johnson and our "gma" elves here with the biggest "deals & steals" to kick off the holiday season. get out your gift lists. from jewelry to gadgets and a jaw-dropping final deal, you do not want to miss this. and get ready to duck the halls. >> merry christmas and happy new year. >> "duck dynasty" heats up our "gma" kitchen. miss kay and the entire clan here cooking, as we say -- >> good morning, america. look at this wonderful monday morning crowd. first monday in december. so glad when they come to join us.
8:01 am
oh, the pig tails. >> so cute. >> oh. >> here inside, we have dj kiss with us, spinning everyone into our megamonday. tory johnson and her elves, as you put it, josh. great gifts. we're about to reveal. our biggest "deals & steals" >> we've been giving clues all morning long. let's not waste any time. let's get right to tory. >> it's flash deal time right here on "gma." so for our very first flash deal, we need the help from little girls. girls, come on in here. wait until you see these cuties. so all of these cuties here. come on in here. all of them are wearing dresses from forever princess. this is the me and dolly collection. so the girls and their dolls are matching. a huge assortment to choose from. for your girls, 4 to 12 and their 18-inch dolls. huge deal. you ready for this one?
8:02 am
very big savings. so the two pieces, starting at $79. slashed by 70%. 24 bucks worth our flash deal. at on yahoo!. >> you can't beat that. that is a perfect, perfect gift. >> i'm going to have to bring home one of each. >> thanks, tory. >> that's on you. >> that's a great deal. >> and more to come. more to come. and more on this as well. consumer alert on cyber monday. could this designer bag you're buying online be counterfeit? i have to -- in full disclosure, i have no idea. you could totally dupe me. so this is good for all of us. it is easy to dupe those easily duped. >> becky worley with smart tips. and then, wow. a new mom causing so much buzz after she posted a picture of her almost, so close to flat belly. this was three days after she gave birth. >> that cannot be true. >> george, you say that.
8:03 am
you won't believe what she has to say. >> i'm sure that's right. first to josh with the news right now. we're going to begin here with the latest on the train derailment in new york city early yesterday morning. investigators say they'll know by today just how fast the commuter train was going and whether the brakes, in fact, failed as the operator claims they did as it made the pass close to the harlem river. four people were killed. in the accident. while some two dozen others remain hospitalized. three of those killed were ejected from the train. among the victims, a man heading to rockefeller center to work on the christmas tree lighting. our thoughts and prayers with all their families. new details about the crash that killed "fast & furious" actor paul walker. he was riding in the porsche with friend and former roger rodas,.
8:04 am
word this morning that dental records will be needed to positively identify the bodies. producers do plan to release walker's upcoming film, entitled "hours" later this month as scheduled. saying that's what he would have wanted. a health scare for passengers on a u.s. airways flight from austin to phoenix. those passengers told to get a tb shot stat. once the plane was in the air, the tsa note fied the airline that a passenger on the flight may have had tuberculosis. it's unclear how he was allowed to board the plane in the first place. health experts say exposure to other passengers was unlikely. so there's that. and there's this. new criticism for the mayor of toronto, who, of course, admitted to smoking crack. among other things. rob ford, you may remember. he caused yet another ruckus at the buffalo bills football game, it was played in toronto yesterday. there he is, sitting in a seat,
8:05 am
not his own. just some fan's. a seat he allegedly stole. he blocked the aisle with his posse. and this, a news gift that just keeps on giving. and this weekend, the hunger games sequel raked in another $110 million. also, "frozen" posted the biggest opening weekend for a disney animated feature since "the lion king." looking good is the new kid in the disney class. and two thumbs up from stephanopoulos. >> both girls. >> i can't count how many thumbs were up. but many. many up. finally, by the way, you think crocodiles would have been the biggest threat in the making of this film. but the camera used to make it, by park rangers trying to spy on crocodiles in australia. those crocs have a buddy. a sea gull that took the camera on a 70-mile journey.
8:06 am
>> that is hhysterical. >> tried to break it open to get the food out. you can imagine -- you can imagine his dismay. or her dismay. we don't know yet. when the said camera did not contain lunch. but yes, meanwhile, yes, that's -- >> i love the closeup. >> that closeup. that was a selfie. now that's a selfie. >> hard to top that in "pop news." that's coming up in minutes. first to ginger and the weather. >> good morning. we're out with the beautiful crowd enjoying a nice monday morning in manhattan. look at this. it's your birthday today. how old are you, ashley? >> 8. >> and this. this is her little sister, ava. having a good time, ava? >> say yes. >> she does. you just can't see it. let's get to the forecast. i want to start with something serious that's happening in the middle of the country. oklahoma city, wichita. ore other places have very low visibility. you may have issues in the area shaded in grey. and we want to give you an idea of what is happening in the southeast.
8:07 am
we've been so cool. we'll stay more mild. at t >> hey, these folks here from wisconsin say it's downright balmy in new york city. let's go in to lara now. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu" --
8:08 am
cameras rolling on "fifty shades of grey." the author revealing the first pictures from the set. and the new mom selfie creating the fire storm online. george has thoughts on this one. she posted a picture of herself she says three days after her baby was born. >> that's three days after her baby? >> that's what she says. she said she was amazed how fast her body bounced back. and why the designer bags you buy online could be fake. all that and more coming up on "good morning america." tory johnson with amazing deals & steals. don't go anywhere.
8:09 am
♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ get the family to strike a pose, ♪ ♪ and show off your brand new clothes! ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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8:14 am
look at lara go. >> go, lara. >> corbin and robin. who is going to grab sam? cheryl got him. >> oh, yeah. wait a minute. wait a minute, george. >> here's josh running away. and amber got me. that's right. i had a lot of fun with her. it was great. >> full disclosure, george and i get together and say, let's not save any time at the end so we don't have to dance. >> we tried. it didn't work. >> we tried hard. didn't work this year. i'm glad it didn't. >> i trampled half the studio. here thae they come. run. fight or flight. it was amazing. >> that derek hough. he just flung me around. oh, hello. on that note, "pop news" everybody. happy monday to you. we begin with bradley cooper. he brought two dates to a private screening of his new movie. "american hustle." his girlfriend and his mom. but he's only living with one of those ladies. his mama. the handsome 38-year-old actor has been bunking with his mom since the death of his dad two years ago.
8:15 am
he says the family is incredibly close. it's helped them both get through this difficult time. he says his mom is supercool so it makes it easy. >> that makes him really cool, too. >> it sure does. >> by the way, so will that movie. can't wait. >> american hustle. absolutely. hey, phil collins fans. do we have it? ♪ no, i, i don't mind >> no, i don't mind telling you this, people. the famous drummer and vocalist is considering a comeback. he hasn't performed live since 2010. his last full-length album was in 2002. but phil collins now says, he is in fact, considering playing some shows again. perhaps even with genesis. >> oh, wow. >> that would be cool. >> phil's son, simon, says his dad has been writing new songs.
8:16 am
as a monster phil collins fan, i'm so excited. >> you heard it first in "pop news." >> that would be amazing. >> it was like this is is the story -- my angst-filled teenage years. phil, thank you. and my angst-filled 40s will be helped so much if you come back. and finally, everybody, in "pop news." shooting for "fifty shades of grey" started in vancouver. e.l. james summed it up in one word. action. on instagram. speaking of action, we got the see actor jam mooi dornan in action, serving tea to his leading lady, dakota johnson. there will be two versions of the movie. one is suggestive. one is right in your face in terms of -- >> an r or nc-17? >> i think that's probably what it means. r and nc-17.
8:17 am
>> a lot of anticipation. a lot of buildup. >> from lara. >> i didn't say where it was coming from, josh. >> i am simply here for you. >> and we're glad that you are. thank you, lara. now to the post pregnancy snapshot creating buzz and backlash online. the new mom posting the picture of herself just three days, three days after giving birth, showing off her flat tummy. now some are saying she's sending the wrong message to other women. bianna golodryga has the story. >> reporter: even the most fit moms know how hard it is to shed those extra pounds post baby. and while jaws dropped after seeing royal mom kate middleton baring her sculpted abs just three months after birth, this norweigian fitness blogger posted this picture tree days after giving birth. >> during the pregnancy, people told me that my body would never be the same. i wanted to show everybody that that's not entirely true.
8:18 am
>> reporter: 26-year-old caroline has the biggest fitness blog in norway. she posted this picture with the caption i feel so empty because she missed her baby bump. she says she was amazed how fast her body bounced back. after gaining 22 pounds. >> right after birth, like, three minutes after, i felt like myself again. >> reporter: now, this picture started a fire storm online. one woman writing, this can't be true. one says it's inconceivable that we are from the same species. >> we have to put this all on a spectrum and realize, we should applaud the women who look great. but we shouldn't bash the women that can't achieve that. >> reporter: this isn't the first time a post baby pic has started an uproar. maria, mother of three, found herself playing defense after catching heat from moms for this picture with the caption, what's your excuse?
8:19 am
>> she was very much in your face. she meant it as a poemotivation tool and was insulting. >> reporter: she says the purpose of the picture wasn't to be cruel. >> i think all women should be proud of themselves regardless of how they look after labor. >> really? so, she -- caroline apparently worked out five or six times a week until she was 25 weeks pregnant. she said she didn't want to insult anybody else. this is her body and what happened to her. >> that was the best reaction shot ever. >> i always think with the adage that it takes nine, ten months to carry a baby. it should take that long the lose the extra weight. and then some. >> or nine minutes. >> or nine minutes. >> i have a friend that looks just like that after she has kids. every time. >> every time? we don't want to meet her. >> she has been delivering babies for ten years. she said she's never seen a case like this before.
8:20 am
>> i was skeptical. i'm not going to call her a liar. the picture doesn't lie. it's very rare. >> it's very rare. >> probably the kind of woman that never had a pimple in her life. >> that's not what most breast-feeding bras look like, fyi. >> we're going to move on. a consumer alert. so many of us going online today. should be aware of scam websites. selling fake designer goods. our tech watchdog, becky worley, is here to talk about it. fake handbags? >> if you're going online to find a great discount on a designer handbag, be careful. there's a fist -- sophisticated new wave of counterfeiters out there who are selling the -- making them sound like the real deal. they're fakes. they could put a dent in your designer wallet. designer handbags can cost thousands of dollars. but outlets offer big discounts.
8:21 am
so in this day and age, it makes sense you would find them online. i searched for michael kors. louis vuitton and prada. i find official-looking sites. the right logo. the artwork is professional. on this outlet page, they explain why the discounts are so good. i buy bags from four of the sites. plus, i find a supposed coach bag at a discount on amazon. >> fake. >> reporter: valerie runs the authentic foundation. she says online sites are more sophisticated. many of them are faked up with the same artwork, the same logos, the same pictures of the products. >> that is the secret of counterfeiting. >> reporter: this louis vuitton bag, $208. fake. this $85 michael kors bag, fake. this $228 coach bag takes the cake.
8:22 am
one of the reasons i thought it was real, one, i got it on two, it was expensive. >> but becky, that's what's happening. good counterfeits are becoming more expensive online. >> reporter: we contacted the designers. they all say the only way to ensure you're getting the real thing online is to buy directly from their websites. and amazon says they monitor their merchants and demand authenticity. but with discount sites like gilt and blue that legitimately sell bags at a discount, it's confusing. >> some tips. look at the websites carefully. >> reporter: valerie says there are almost always grammatical errors on counterfeit sites. see this.
8:23 am
and this. and if you with any questions, kindly contact us. what? click on the contact or support button and if they're wonky, that's a red flag. one of the sites asked for my birth date. >> your birth date? >> my thought was they're going to try to steal my identity. there are sites that sell legitimate bags, like xwrks i-- gilt and blue fly. you have to be careful. these are all, all fakes. >> you can tell now that you're holding them. of course, online, they show the real thing. this one says $1300. no way. >> i'm pretty sure that is plastic. >> this one cost $100. that one, $200. >> and the detail says here, it's official. this is a coach purse. it just goes on and on. >> they're trying to reel you in. >> thank you. >> great to have you back. let's get the real ones now.
8:24 am
all right, hi, george. we're ready to begin megamonday, biggest "deals & steals" event ever. so excited. . >> right now, by the way, log on. on yahoo! promo code ring. this stuff going fast. >> we have help. these are charity watches. for every watch you wear, you're impacting lives from charities. big fan of justin bieber, giuliana rancic. so great for men and women. regularly $40. these are sliced by 52%. 19 bucks. >> thank you very much. >> next one in. >> this is something you want. it's from key ingredient. it's a digital recipe reader. you can load all of your recipes wirelessly. normally big bucks. $150. this one slashed by 50%. 75 bucks.
8:25 am
for all your recipes. >> cannot afford to cook without it. >> come on in. >> all right. i've got one of these on myself. these are diamond and sterling initial pendants. set in sterling silver. beautiful diamonds. all of the initials that you want to choose from. the kardashians and taylor swift are huge fans. these are slashed by 64%. 68 bucks. >> logon now. >> they just keep coming. >> anyone on your list loves popcorn. popcorn. two sets to be able to choose from. everyone gets the chocolate salted caramel. and then frosted ginger bread or white chocolate. slashed in half, 27 bucks for the popcorn. >> i have to tell you. that gingerbread, so good. >> so good. >> last but not least. this is a brand we both love. you're wearing one of their
8:26 am
pieces today. rustic cuff. >> i love it, too. >> you love it, too, exactly. they brought back two favorites for us. metallic leather wrap bracelets and these are brand-new. this one has your initials on it. you have these, which are fabulous. stainless steel bracelets. and the mesh. you get the layered look. really beautiful. all adjustable. regularly, they start at $72 depending on what you choose. slashed by 56% to 81%. >> you get both of them? >> you get both of them. >> more coming. >> details plus bonus online deals. >> yeah, online. >> more coming. >> more deals. more steals.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. happening today, a controversial planned parenthood clinic is set to open in san mateo county. it's located in north fair oaks at the site of a former restaurant. neighbors have been circulating a petition against the clinic saying it will negatively impact nearby businesses and properties. the clinic will offer primary health care, reproductive services and abortions. some leaders are concerned about potential protests. leyla gulen has the latest in your commute. that's right, kristen. as i take you into san mateo, we have this problem. a confirmed fatality, a pedestrian was fatally struck along el camino royale. and the ramps have reopened. we also have this report of a
8:28 am
possible water main break that's causing water and mud to go on to the roadway northbound 101 in san jose. kristen.
8:29 am
sunshine and crisp conditions for lake tahoe. 30 degree right now under very sunny skies. here at home it's nothing but fog. that will burn off later today though. we are looking at a little bit warmer temperatures than yesterday, but a cold snap is
8:30 am
coming into the bay area starting tonight with temperatures going to be in the freezing territory for midweek. ♪ money money money [ cheers and applause ] it's gotta be a big monday in dj kiss is here. getting everybody going. it's a megamonday. however chilly. it's great to be here. >> a lot more megamonday deals. >> oh, look, look. >> i was downstairs. >> and our special guest star, robin roberts. >> i was downstairs. >> oh, robby, i was wondering where you were. >> she won the big walk-on. >> i took the steps. the biggest "deals & steals" event of the year. tory johnson is here. flash deals. gone on, take it.
8:31 am
>> you came up here because you heard we had handbags. these are the real deal. as you can see here. they come in six colors. all of these, plus black. genuine leather. hold it, grab it. they're so superfabulous. beautiful pocket tops inside and outside and an encredible deal. regularly, if you went to the stores, $425. >> whoa. >> today only, for "gma" viewers, these are slashed big-time. $79. 81% off. an amazing deal. and we have another deal. you have your beautiful handbag. send you out to din person ready to see this deal? roll it on in. one of dpam viewers' favorites
8:32 am
is omaha steaks. we have two separate deals. karen does not come with this deal for you. but, there are two enormous selections to be able to choose from. depending on if you like sirloin, burgers, boneless chicken breasts. or if you prefer sirloin, pork chops, poe dtatoespotatoes. depending on what you want. normal normally, they start at $150. which doesn't seem bad for all this food. these are slashed big-time. by 75%. $39 each. $39. >> these are huge. [ cheers and applause ] >> omaha sateaks. >> i remember a year ago. this is a huge fan favorite here. >> huge fan favorite. this is is the company that all the viewers ask. it's great for men, women, your
8:33 am
boss, a neighbor, a friend. or yourself. >> so many deals this morning. so we have saved -- there are some, as well. we'll have some exclusive online deals. >> yes. all day today. >> all day today. >> are we doing "gma" live? jt >> i don't know. every half hour, we're putting up new deal. on yahoo! is where you want to be. >> this stuff goes and goes and goes. >> good stuff. we model our hand bags and dive in, let's get another look at the nation's weather, ginger zee in for sam. >> hey, hey, guys. i didn't get my jacket. i had to run down here so quickly. where are you from, casey? >> columbus, georgia. let's check out the forecast. i want to bring you through a changing week. we have the pacific northwest
8:34 am
storm. other things. the graphics. denver, 60 today. remember, big changing to come. they'll dip into the teens by the end of the week. look at the mild air. not for long, my friends. it's changing. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and then friday. those are high temperatures. 50 in phoenix, 46 in las vegas. only 15 in denver. the look across the nation right there. the big change if >> this weather report brought to you by pronamel. i'm going to go get a jacket.
8:35 am
josh, right in to you. >> we have taken care of everyone today. everybody at home can logon. you know, our lovely studio audience is left out. >> they've been here all morning since 6:00. something special for them. elves, this is your last chance to come in and do your duties. you have gift for everybody. you at home benefit from the "deals & steals" on the website, or t tory johnson putting the fun in mondays. it was a magical television moment. ten years ago, ryan sutter proposed to trista renn. remember it.
8:36 am
it was quite a wedding. take a look. >> by the authority vested in me by the state of california, i now pronounce you husband and wife. will you please kiss your pride? >> i remember. they now have two beautiful children. live happily in colorado. trista has just written a beautiful new book. happily ever after, the life-changing power of a grateful heart. so good to see you again. >> thank you, you, too. >> i saw you two years ago. you and ripe, living happily ever after. tell us about your lives. >> it's about our kids. maxwell and blakesly. all about the colorado lifestyle. being active. celebrating family. being together as push as possible. ryan is still a firefighter at
8:37 am
the vail fire department. but i'm a stay at home and work mom. >> i follow you on twitter. >> and same. >> tell people. because you're living with a grateful heart. you're talking about how grateful you are. there's something row do at the end of each day that you share online. >> yeah, i started my -- i tweet my hash tag faith part of day or parts of day every day. it's a way for me to reflect on the positives, the little things that happened throughout the day. to end the day on a positive note and to know that the next day, i need the be aware of the good things. the little things that are happening. i think that gratitude is so important. i mean, you know. we have talked about this. i feel like when you're in the rough patches of your life, it's
8:38 am
helped me to lift me up in the hard times. and when you're in the high times, it keeps you grounded. yes, it has stores from my life. but it's stories from others, ryan, my friend and family, strangers. jenny mccarthy allowed me to share a story. also happily ever actions. >> tell people about that. i love that. it's about being active about putting it into action. not just saying these things but doing things. actions. >> right. my first chapter is called a conscious choice. i think you need to actively choose optimism to live a petter life. my happily every options are things you can take from every chapter. whether it's being a parent or your relationship with your
8:39 am
partner, extended family, friends. one of my favorite tips is appreciation jars. if you want to give to a teacher, for example, for christmas. putting a little note from each of the students about what you appreciate about them and keeping them in the jar, giving it to the teacher at the end of the year. so, any way, little tips throughout the book about how you can incorporate. >> and you have talked about the highs and the lows and how to do that. we asked people their questions. the number one question, we saw you get married on television. we have seen this reality series. and you're not the norm. you're the exception. and people want to know what made it -- why was it different with you and ryan. when others have not been able to have that ever lasting love? >> i think it's interesting. i can't speak to the other relationships. i think if you compare the bachelor and bachelorette to real world, it's probably not
8:40 am
that different in how many relgs ships do you go through before you find the one that you want to spend the rest of your life with. we just lucky or personally, i think that someone was watching out for me, that we just had all the components. trust, honest ty, respect, love, commitment, friendship, humor. >> the timing was right for both of you. to see you and your beautiful children when i was out there. are we seeing the vow renewal? >> actually, yes. we'll be renewing the vows on abc. they're doing four speshls. they're calling it juan-uary because juan pablo is the next bachelor. >> it's a lovely read.
8:41 am
thank you. so nglad you're doing well. coming up, speaking of happy. kirstie alley is here to talk about her return to tv. you look so scholarly. are those my glasses? are those my ♪ getting cozy. ♪ shopping for gifts online. ♪ the perfect way to get into the spirit any time. ♪ ♪ hello ♪ that's my kind of holiday. we provide the exact individualization that your body needs. it's the ultimate sale on the bed clinically proven to improve sleep quality. the sleep number bed. once you experience it, there's no going back. for two days only, queen mattresses start at just $599.99. and save 50% on limited edition innovation or memory foam series beds. plus special financing.
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♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ get the family to strike a pose, ♪ ♪ and show off your brand new clothes! ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. always so fun when our
8:44 am
friend kirstie alley is here. shooe she's returning to tv in a new sitcom. new show, called "kirstie." it's on tv land. tell us about it. >> i play a broadway star. i like the play characters i'm never going to be. i play a huge broadway star that's been really fame for 25 years. i'm selfish. i have an assistant, rheaperlman and a driver, michael richards. we're a family. this guy comes into my life, he was hi kid. i gave him up for adoption 25 years ago. his adoptive parents died. which is always funny in a sitcom. they've -- they're deceased. he comes to find me. he's not exactly what i would have thought my son would be any
8:45 am
way. >> and hilarity ensues. >> it's hilarious. >> i know it is. i have seen it. i wanted to tell you what a joy sit to see you, but also tv legends, rhea perlman, michael richards from "seinfeld." what what is it like with the three of you on the set? >> it's a dream. rhea and i said let's do a series together after our kids are grown up. we made up a show, not quite this show. and then michael, i had never had an opportunity to work with. there's though one like michael. you can't say, oh, get me someone like michael richards. there is no one like michael richards. >> single. one of a kind. physical comedy. >> when we got who we wanted, it was shocking. >> it's like the yankees. depending on what kind of a fan you are. my point is, this is the best of
8:46 am
the best in terms of actors. i can't imagine what it must be like behind the scenes for you all. >> it's tragic. it's fun. but, you foe, i have to say, sometimes you're -- we all admire each other. sometimes i'm watching rhea or michael or eric, watching them work, i'm jealous. between the two of them, they own an emmy store. eric peterson is the only broadway bona fide star. he's just playing a kid. not a broadway star. we get all of our tips about broadway from him. >> i love when you do the characters. >> i love auntie kinds of characters. >> you're the best. we're so happy to have you back in sitcom tv. >> thank you, me, too. >> will you come visit?
8:47 am
keep the tweets coming. >> i do like to tweet you. you tweet instantly. which tells me that you're as insane as i am. you're on twitter 24/7. >> i live with it. >> i think when you sleep with your husband, you're having sex, i love you baby, oh, kirstie's tweeting. >> go to go. got to go. it premieres wednesday night on tvland. coming up, "duck dynasty "in our kitchen.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're joined by the entire brood. the "duck dynasty" brood has joined us. all here to help cook some of the robertson family favorite dishes. from a brand-new cookbook. miss kay's duck commander
8:50 am
kitchen. welcome to you all. we're starting with duck and dressing. if you're going to cook one thing really well, i suppose it is the duction. what are we looking at? >> saute the vegetables. butter or olive oil. whatever. we have the saute that goes in here. the broth is the key. we want to keep this wet. you want to beat those eggs? >>. >> with the seasons. salt and pepper. >> and little pet milk. because richness. we have to have it all rich. weir not losing weight on this meal. and then you put the duck on top and the duck on top and the duck on top and the duck on top. then, you get down here, what do we have? >> beautiful brown duck. crispy brown kuk. cornbread. kay, come with me. willie, you have an armadillo egg recipe to die for.
8:51 am
>> this only has sausage, bacon, and cream cheese. >> for those of us watching our waistline. >> she's got the cream cheese. you wrap it up, kind of like an armadillo. >> when i saw the armadillo, i was like, are we really making armadillo? >> you never know. >> that's the egg. >> you can put -- >> wrap it with bacon. that will hold it in to cook it. >> into the oven? >> i grill them. i get the bacon crispy. get them smoky and then put them in the oven. >> look at them. they're all chris prispy.
8:52 am
>> you working over here? >> our custard. egg yolks, sugar, milk, and butter. in if you didn't get enough fat from the other things. there's two kups of butter in this and two cups of sugar. >> you have the bananas cut up. what is that? >> lemon juice. you dip them in there so they don't turn brown. key trick. >> meanwhile, you get the vanilla wafers down. the custard underfooet. >> and layer it up. >> layering, layering, layering. >> no oven. >> don't cook this. don't listen to me. everything else is cooking. another dessert, at least it's colored like a dessert. what do we have here? cranberries? >> it's a salad. cranberry salad. >> you want the cheesy bread rig
8:53 am
here. bacon on top of french bread with a little bit of butter and olive oil and garlic. >> we have a lot of stuff to talk about. we have the book. it's in stores now. we have duck the halls, also. the robertson family christmas cd. you can sing along while you're cocking. or, perhaps, you can let them do a little singing. because it's also the duck dynasty christmas special. december 11th, a & e. what are you going to be doing? thank everybody. the brood is here. we'll be right back.
8:54 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. let's check in with leyla gulen with your bay area forecast. >> all right. much of the bay area under this low lying fog here from our mount tam cam. we're not experiencing any precipitation, but a cold snap will be visiting us into midweek. make sure to bundle up. take you to the roads, we have a sigalert still in effect. we do have an update though. it was a pedestrian who was fatally hit by a vehicle the eastbound side of 92 at el camino. that has reopened. as we take a live look outside, show you the san mateo bridge where the westbound transition is still shut down and we are backed up bumper-to-bumper traffic coming away from the nimitz. kristen. leyla, thank you.
9:00 am
join us for our midday news today at 11:00 announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, taking on a new musical role in the sound of music, true blood star stephen moyer. and a performance by sheryl crow. plus your questions and comments from the inbox. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ ]


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