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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 2, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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. good afternoon. >> abc 7 news has just learned a 21-year-old man is now under arrest for a san francisco murder that appears to have been over a playstation oi. >> the victim was a college student who went to meet the person he had struck a deal with online. >> vic has the story. >> reporter: earlier today we knew that police had detained a
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young bay view man in connection with this murder. just a little whilinge ing ago, confirmed they had arrested 21-year-old ronnie collins, charged with murder and attempted robbery. he was shot as he sat in his car sunday afternoon. investigators say the 22-year-old had sold his playstation 4 online and went to hudson avenue to get money from the buyer. that's when everything went wrong. >> he didn't want to pay for it and my son maybe was demanding his money. so he shot him. >> reporter: the killer ran off without the gaming console. a source close to the investigation tells abc 7 news that his girlfriend was with him but unharmed. he was a student at santa monica city college, home for the thanksgiving break and was supposed to return yesterday evening. he was the youngest among two
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siblings. >> that's my baby child. i can't tell you how much i loved him. >> reporter: when he was 13, he won a certificate of honor from a group that mentored young people. he's the one receiving the award from 49er great ronnie lott. then the mayor congratulated the recipients. >> whether in school, the community, it was an honor that the mayor bestowed on them for their being good students. i'm going to miss him. he's generally a nice boy. everybody friendly with him, he's friendly with everybody. >> reporter: his father says his son was a good young man who had a good future. vic lee, abc 7 news. and breaking news from the northwest where a search is
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underway in a remote part of central idaho for five passengers who were aboard a small plane that went missing yesterday. that plane is registered out of san jose. the single engine beach bonanza took off from baker city, oregon bound for butte, montana. but the pilot radioed controllers to report that the plane had engine problems and had to make an emergency landing at a landing strip in idaho. that's when thes lost contact. we'll continue to monitor developments on air and breaking news continues on twitter, follow us @abc 7 news bay area. sasha fleischman headed back to class today for the first time since being released from the hospital last week. sasha is recovering from first and second degree leg burns. her skirt was set on fire on board a bus. sas sasha's mother says the teen
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will be driven to school and will only take the bus with friends. >> they have been through a tremendous horrific thing and the healing is still going to be going on for months to come. >> the boy accused of setting sasha's skirt on fire, 16-year-old richard thomas, has been charged as an adult with a hate crime. but sasha has said thomas should be charged as a juvenile. >> the pilot guarding the oil tanker when it crashed in 2007 will not be sailing again anytime soon. mercury news says the judge it is missed the lawsuit which south sought to get his license back. he served ten months in prison after investigators found he was impaired by prescription drugs when it happened. the ruptured tanker remember leaked 53,000 gallons of oil into the bay. temperatures are about to
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drop considerably. >> things are changing rather dramatically. spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> after this long stretch of mild weather, finally getting winter weather. increasing clouds right now and well to our north is an area of rain up around you're reek came and points southward. we're not likely to get much if any rainfall out of the system, though it is going to be the big change in our weather will be the sharp drop in temperatures. now, it starts with a freeze watch tuesday night into wednesday morning for most of the north bay and strait and delta. during that period of time, we expect subfreezing temperatures and there is the possibility of damage to sensitive plants or exposed pets. the foll the following night, the freeze watch expands and gets colder. subfreezing temperatures and increased risk of hypothermia. that's for people and for pets. so let's take a look at our
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projected temperature low temperature range for the next three mornings. inland, bay and coastal locations. so tomorrow morning, temperatures drop into the upper 30s in the coldest inland location. but wednesday and thursday morning, temperatures will drop into the low to mid-20s. that is a really, really cold range of temperatures for the bay area. and even around the bay, we'll see low 30s perhaps even subfreezing temperature its in some bay side locations. mid-30s on the coast. it will be a cold few days ahead. >> and because of those frosty temperatures, shelters throughout the bay area are opening their doors this week ready to accommodate those who don't have a place to stay warm at night. ehc life builders will open three in the south bay beginning a 6:00 this evening. they're expecting to fill 275 beds at locations in san jose, sunnyvale and gilroy. those who stay will also receive meals and a warm shower. beds are available on a first come first serve basis. a pedestrian was hit and killed by two cars on el camino
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royal roy royale. it happened under the highway 92 overpass. a man because trying to cross when he was hit by a car and then another one. the driver of the second car didn't stop, but police located the vehicle a short time later. both drivers are now cooperating with authorities. the accident closed the street and the ramps to 92 for a couple of hours during the morning commute. victim's identity has not yet been released. still ahead on abc 7 news, the health scare in the air. >> i was really close with my son. i'm devastated. it comes in waves. >> actor paul walker's father talks about his son's impact on others as investigators look into the fiery crash that killed the actor and his friend. and new at 4:30 -- >> reporter: we're start to go learn more about yesterday's deadly train derailment here in
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new york city. i'm marci gonzalez at the scene with the latest. >> and we're taking questions on twitter. you can contact michael at abc 7. >> and outside, we go to san jose, highway 87 between 280 and 101. it's cyber monday. maybe they're all inside ordering things on their computer because traffic doesn't look too bad.
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[s[man] no one told her,right?a. [son]hi! [mom screams]
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dozens of passengers who were on a flight from austin, texas to phoenix, arizona were exposed to a contagious health condition. a passenger aboard us airways express was not supposed to be flying saturday afternoon because he'd just been diagnosed with tuberculosis. but the airlines did not get that message until after the plane had taken off. once airborne, a flight attendant told a. the man to wear a mask and when the plane landed, it was met by emergency crews who gave everyone a warning. >> the fireman said he has tuberculos tuberculosis, he's contagious, you must see your physicians immediately and you must be tested in three months time. >> it's a bacterial infection of the lungs. it can be deadly. centers for disease control says it's unlikely the other 74 passengers and crew would havee. cyber monday is turning out to be a day of mobile madness. consumers are shifting their online buying to their mobile
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devices. >> david is outside santana row with a look at the latest numbers for us. >> reporter: well, retailers no longer are looking at shoppers in two distinct categories, those who shop at malls and those who shop online. because smartphones and tablets are having a profound impact on cyber monday sales. every seethe has deals with some running as high a 50%. and with the seconds ticking down, retailers are hoping a little pressure will motivate customers to snap up those deals. >> if you're a pure play website only or brick and mortar only, you're limited in options. so as retailers call it, omni channel retailers is the trend. >> reporter: online sales are up almost 19% compared to last year. and the number of users shopping on mobile devices as shot up 62% over last year. but if you look at the fine print, some online retailers are stretching cyber monday until wednesday. in fact analysts say cyber monday actually started before
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thanksgiving. and smart shoppers found the same door buster deals available at stores on black friday were offered online, as well. so the line is blurring where the best deals are. as cyber weekend orders come in, the process of packing and shipping goes into high gear. this is video provided by ship wire, a global fulfillment service for a wide range of websites. >> at the end of the day, they don't know that we exist. we're just here to make sure that the brands that we power have a great customer relationship. >> reporter: and that means reliability and fast response as the online orders come in. >> we typically perform 99 pn 9 accuracy rate and we're managing this from places like this where we're really trying to keep all of the hiccups to a very minimum. >> reporter: david louie, abc 7 news.
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we'll pulled the sales together for you. just go to and look under seen on tv. cyber monday happens to be fedex's busiest day of the year. the company expects to move more than 22 million packages today. during this first week of december, fedex predicts it would ship more than 85 million packages, an increase of 13% over last year. u.s. customs officials have seized nearly 700 domain names in an international operation targeting counterfeiters called project cyber monday. nearly 300 alone were in the u.s.. common articles sold on the sites include sports jerseys, shoes and electronics. federal officials say counter fitters take advantage of the holiday spirit of shoppers flooding the market with bogus deals. well, apple is getting into social media and amazon tests out an incredible new delivery method. >> emily tank has a look at the of a tafter the bell report.
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>> well, apple is buying social media analytic firm topsy labs. according to the wall street journal, apple paid more than $200 million for the company. packages may soon be arriving on your doorstep in a unique way. the company ceo jeff bezos says they're testing a delivery service which would use drones to deliver packages to customers. but the idea still has red tape. today the faa says it currently doesn't allow computerized drones as envisioned by amazon. web retailers lost on the tax front today. the u.s. supreme court ruled to keep a new york law intact forcing internet retailers to collect sales tax from its customers even if the company does not operate in a facility in that state. stocks falling today as spending over the thanksgiving holiday
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fell for the first time since 2009. bloomberg entex also falling, as well. and beyonce was the most searched person this year on microsoft's bing. she topped kim kardashian. woman dominated the searches this year. dan, carolyn, back to you. >> emily, thanks so much. are those delivery drones unbelievable? well, facebook thinks it has come up with a polite way to avoid the posts from your friends that you're not interested in reading. the social network will soon allow years to unfollow friends whose comments and updates they want to remove from their news feed. it will replace the current hide all button. the unfollow button will let users block content they don't want to see from their friends without going as far as
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defriending them. your friends will not know that you have hit that unfollow button. the option will be available fe. a new planned parent hood clinic is scheduled to open tomorrow but protesters spent the even picketing opposing the opening. demonstrators accuse the operators of a shoddy safety record and allowing young girls to receive abortions. now a 12-year-old is, if she has an older boyfriend, they can quietly come here and get an abortion. >> we provide services for everybody. we provide primary care and preventive health care services prinlly. >> this clinic will not perform any surgical a abortions but will offer a drug to terminate pregnancies. despite the protests, the owner says he's committed to keeping the clinic open. i hope you had a lovely holiday weekend with friends and family. we're going from bohemian weather to buffalo weather.
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>> finally we're getting some cold temperatures. >> and very cold. we went from one extreme to the other. what's coming our way could be called a deep freeze. here live doppler 7s thickeningt a batch of moisture to our north. rainfall, that is up around eureka. it's drifting southward and eastward. so moving in our direction, but it's not the chance of rain that's the beg deal here, it's the chance of sharply dropping temperatures. in the sierra, snow is on the way. beginning midnight tonight until 4:00, snow above 6,000 feet could accumulate 3 to 6 inches. but back here in the bay area, we're concerned about the deep freeze coming our way. here is a live view from the rooftop camera. we're currently looking at mild condition, temperatures right now in the upper 50s in san francisco and oakland, 61 at red wood city, 59 san jose. 55 half moon bay.
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another live view of the beautiful sky on the over the bay and san francisco. temperatures are in the low 60s at santa rosa, mo mo more. still mild in some spots. how about this view just before sunset, a slight, slight chance of some showers tonight. but not very widespread and not very heavy. colder pattern for the rest of the week and we'll have a freeze watch in effect beginning tuesday night. here is a look at the satellite image. a cold front bringing a few showers ahead of it and very, very cold air behind it. so just a slight chance tonight we may see a shower or two. but again, the big changes much colder weather behind the front that will drop our temperatures in the bay area well below freezing wednesday morning to thursday morning. this shows the front moving through tonight, clearing and cooler for tomorrow afternoon. so we'll have mainly sunny skies tomorrow.
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then during the overnight hour, we'll see quite a change. we'll use santa rowssa as a wayf illustrating the low temperature range over the next 7 days. in santa rosa, for wednesday morning, we expect a low of 29. thursday morning, a low of 24. temperatures bounce back up to about 30 as a low on friday morning. and then the next few mornings, saturday through monday, low temperatures will whoever right arou hover right around the freezing mark. that's indicative of the range we can expect. overnight tonight, generally low temperatures in the mid upper to 40s. maybe a shower or two. tomorrow, partly to mainly sunny skies. breezy at the coast. high temperatures ranging from low to mid-50s for the entire bay area. here is the 7 day forecast. high temperature range remains pretty much right around or just above 50 degrees for the rest of the week and we have a chance of some rain or showers coming in on friday, maybe a break on saturday and a chance of rain again on sunday and monday.
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so finally a winter pattern establishing itself. >> a long time coming. up next, we're learning new details about the car, the fiery crash that killed fast and furio furious actor paul walker and his friend. and begging or selling? why one young girl is being told the first option is okay. ♪ shopping for gifts online.
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investigators are trying to determine what caused the fiery crash that killed actor paul walker and a friend over the weekend. >> the memorial at the crash scene just continues to grow. police say the neighborhood where the accident happened is known to attract street racers. here's reaction from walker's father speaking for the first time about his son's tragic death. >> reporter: it's one of the last known videos of paul walker next to the red porsche carriere are a gt that would later burst into flames taking his life in this crash. the actor's father says the country lost a special spirit. >> i knew he lived me. it went both ways.
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and i always told him that. always gave him a kiss. >> reporter: the star of the fast and furious franchise was . and speed was a factor in saturday's crash that left the sports car unrecognizable, but they haven't determined how fast the car was going or what forced it on spin out of control slicing this pole in half. walker was a passenger this the vehicle. his friend, roger godas, was behind the wheel. both were trapped. >> still traumatized by it. he saw two of his friends die. >> reporter: over the weekend, fellow actors joined fans who continue to visit the crash site. walker was in the area for a charity toy drive to help typhoon victims in the philippines.
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friends say the down to earth actor wanted to spend his life helping others. >> glad to say last time i was with help, we had a great, great talk about how he wanted to spend more time with his daughter, plan, things he wanted to do. >> reporter: walker's daughter is just 15. he was in the middle of film fast and furious 7 and it's unknown what will happen with that fille. another movie hours is due out later this month. abc news, los angeles. "good morning america" sam champion is leaving. abc news announced today that champion is moving on to the weather channel. appearing as a host and serving his managing editor, he's been part of abc news for 25 years. ginger zee will take over weather responsibilities at gma and across abc news. champion's last day on gma will be this wednesday. abc anchor robin roberts is among the people on barbara walters ten most fascinating people of 2013. >> others on that list include
4:27 pm
the star of duck dynasty, pope francis, britain's royal prince george. >> also diana nyad, edward snowden, and singer miley cyrus. >> this will be walter's last most fascinating special because she is retiring next year. she is going to reveal her number one most fascinating peck on wednesday december 18. so be sure to tune in. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, deadly speed. investigators reveal what the black boxes recovered following that train derailment in new york show. >> plus a man survives six days trapped in a car with no food, no water. how he managed to call for help. and later the message for parents of students tonight after this fight at hercules after this fight at hercules high was c peos of using toothpaste to clean a denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.99% of odor causing bacteria
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the national transportation safety board has wrapped up its fist full day of investigation into the fatal train derailment in new york. four died, dozens others were injured when the train jumped the rails. investigators are looking into weather human error was behind this wreck. data recorder boxes shed light today on just how fast that train was going while taking a sharp curve. marci gonzalez has the latest from the accident scene in the bronx. >> reporter: piecing together answers in yesterday's deadly
4:31 pm
train derailment in new york city. >> from the event recorders it shows that the train was traveling at approximately 82 miles per hour as it went into a 30 mile-per-hour curve. >> reporter: ntsb investigators gathering new details from the train's operator william rockefeller jr. and from the two black box data recorders salvaged from the wreckage. those seven passenger train cars lifted upright by cranes today just a part of the ongoing work here at the scene in the bronx where the metro north train heading from poughkeepsie to manhattan careened off the tracks yesterday morning. injuring more than 60 passengers. >> i thought i'm going to die. to be honest. >> reporter: and killing four others. 59-year-old james ferrari, 54-year-old donna smith, 35-year-old, and a 58-year-old jim lavelle, a lighting expert who was on his way to work on the rockefeller center christmas tree. >> i'll remember him as having
4:32 pm
dig nnity and determination and being a wonderful father, friend and neighbor. >> reporter: this is the first deadly train derailment in metro north's history. investigators vowing to filed out exactly why this happened in hopes it will also be the last. and as the investigation continues here, we're also told investigators are looking at the train operator's cell phone to see if he made any calls or sent any text messages around the time of the derailment. marci gonzalez, abc news in the bronx, new york. a colorado man is recovering after surviving six days trapped in a car. richard coaster lost both his legs in the crash. the truck he was riding in suddenly lost control on a colorado highway and crashed 30 feet down a ravine. his friend in the driver's seat was killed. this crash trapped him, he was badly injured. he did everything he could to
4:33 pm
call for help. >> stuck my arm out the big hole in the back of the truck and was yelling for help. >> a highway worker finally spotted the truck six days after the crash and found richard still alive. the obama administration says its health care website is now running glitch free after undergoing aparound the clock overhaul over the weekend. the white house offered specifics today on what change to keep from crashing or sending out error mess answer. technicians fixed spots. the website can now handle 50,000 users at a time. >> we've made significant progress in improving and achieving a system that runs smoothly for the vast majority of consumers. >> republicans still aren't sold. the white house says it is working to improve the site and it isn't done yet. the administration is delaying a
4:34 pm
big push to get people enrolled until it's certain the technical glitches are a thing of the past. overseas for a moment. benjamin netanyahu has met with the pope for the first time ever. netanyahu and pope francis met privately at the vatican for about 25 minutes today to discuss peace talks, iran and possible visit by the pope to jerusal jerusalem. netanyahu gave pope francis a book about the spanish inquisition written by his late father. in october, netanyahu was at the center of a diplomatic embarrassment when israel announced the two would meet but it turned out the meeting had not yet been scheduled to take place. same-sex couples in hawaii are tying the knot after a new law legalizing gay marriage went into effect today. six couple the were among the first to exchange vows shortly after midnight. the marriage laws allows couples to register for a license and they be married on the very same day. it is a practice that is popular
4:35 pm
with tourists in the estate fsta short time. hawaii is the 16th state to allow same-sex marriage. president obama announced a new $100 million initiative today to help find a cure for hiv. the president made the announcement at the white house to mark world aids day which was yesterday. the money will go to the national institutes of health. the president says the u.s. should be at the forefront of discoveries to eliminate hi vice president or put it into remission without requiring life long therapy. >> those of who you lived through it remember all too well the fear and the stigma and how hard people with hiv had to fight to be seen or heard or to be treated with basic compassion. >> the white house also marked world aids day by hanging a giant red ribbon between columns. president obama announced the u.s. has surs passed the goal he set last year to support 6 million people around the globe in getting access to antiretroviral drugs. a new epidemic of sorts is
4:36 pm
being reported in america, a growing number of twins. nearly half babies born to mothers who use advanced fertility aids were multiple births. twins have higher risk of prematurity and serious health problems. new guidelines encourage doctors and patients to consider implanting just a single embryo. coming up next, stay classy. >> you look lovely tonight. >> thank you, you, too. >> are you married? >> no. >> well, i am. so don't get any ideas. >> that's ron burgundy's weekend newscast. the experience up next. and today 7 on your side, still taking your questions on twitter and facebook so you can contact me at finney abc 7. and on twitter @mfinney. i'll answer questions here live in just a little bit.
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and looking at the western sky, a few clouds but a beautiful sunset. we might have showers coming our way and i'll tell you all about that in just a moment. outside once again, the folks on the left-hand side of your screen should have stayed home to do cyber shopping because they're stuck in slow traffic on the skyway. not too bad the other direction. abc
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welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at this is great. one news team in bismarck held
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it together pretty well when a guest host sat down at the anchor guest. >> i'm amber shots. >> and i'm ron burgundy. thanks for joining us tonight. >> movember. >> i'm fond of those. >> i was wondering about that. >> yes. >> how long did it take to grow that bad boy? >> this about 20 minutes. >> will ferrell repriced his anchorman role delivering real life news during a saturday night new cast. he's promoting his upcoming sequel anchorman two. his co-anchor says working with him exceeded her expectations. >> he was so kind and nice to everyone. and it was funny because during the commercial breaks he would talk as will and at one point he was like have you been running the teleprompters this whole time? and i'm like, yeah. this is a small market. i run the teleprompter, too. and he's like i'm really impressed by that.
4:41 pm
>> he was supposed to bid good-bye with his catch which i phrase and he missed the cu efleflcue. but he is fgun funny. a few clouds in the sky. the sun is set. up to our north, an area of rainfall. and where he may get a couple showers out of this system moving through the bay area tonight. but the big change coming our way is the deep freeze. we have a freeze watch in effect for a good portion of the north bay and delta. tuesday night into wednesday morning, we'll see subfreezing temperature its across this area. possibility of damage to sensitive plants and to exposed pets. so complete keep -- exposed pipes, as well. so keep that in mind as the cold weather is on its way. tomorrow estate wide, unsettled
4:42 pm
winter like weather. snow in the central sierra. rain moving down into the interior southern parts of the state. and it will be cooling down here in the bay area, as well. we'll have partly cloudy to mainly sunny skies in the afternoon after a chance of some overnight showers. highs tomorrow only in the mid-50s across most of the bay area. and here is your event planner for a big event tomorrow, abc 7 give where you live food drive continues. feeding hungry families in the bay area in conjunction with the food banks. i'll be reporting live from the food bank efforts, food drive efforts. and around 5:00 or so, it will be chilly, temperature about 55 degrees at 5:00 and dropping in to the 40s later in the evening. sun will set at 4:51, so support the food drive efforts. >> says the man with the ron
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burgundy mustache. doing good could make you $7,000 richer and of course you get to help people. go to the abc 7 news facebook page and take the pledge to give where you live. >> with each pledge, we'll donate $1 in your honor to the bay area feeding america feed banks up to $75,000. >> and every will be entered to win $7,000 in cash. the winner is announced december 19. so spread the love and help us give where you live. still ahead, a young girl trying to raise money for new braces is told she can't do it her way, so why is she told that bh begging is okay? plus how one man's effort to spread holiday cheer got him in trouble with the police. and the holiday shopping frenzy in full swing. when do stores start honoring pr
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4:45 pm
4:46 pm
a portland girl learned the hard way just how tough life can be for small business owners. madison needs braces and she
4:47 pm
wanted to help her dad with the $5,000 or the done dis bilough . she wanted to sell garland, but a private security guard told her to leave because she didn't have a permit to set up shop. the city agreed. she did offer a legal alternative, begging. which is protected under free speech laws. >> people next to me had big signs that said got pot. they're raising money for pot. i don't want to beg. it's just -- i would rather work for something than beg. >> merchants at the market say they are in favor of changing the rules to make an exception for children. after hearing about madison's story, people have been reaching out to her with dozens of orders for her mistletoe. >> good for her. a minnesota man decided to give holiday cheer to shoppers at the mall of america on black friday. but his efforts got him a citation for disorderly conduct.
4:48 pm
kate raddis talks with the man who wanted to spread cheer by throwing hundreds of dollars of cash into the crowd. >> reporter: when he came up with the idea to throw money, a lot of money, to shoppers at the mall of america, he didn't anticipate the response. >> i thought i got to do something funny. i at least have some fun with it. and a lot of people enjoyed it. >> reporter: after a rough year losing his business and going true divorce, he wanted to make others holidays a little brighter. >> i saw the commercial on tv where the guy was so money glued, the money flying off of him. and i thought -- that's write got the idea. >> reporter: he decided to give away $1,000. the little money he had left. >> my last effort to pay it forward. i'm losing everything, might as well have my last little thrill.
4:49 pm
>> reporter: he decided to throw the bills as the choir was singing appropriately let it snow. >> there was a guy in front of me on the escalator, he was yelling fake, fake money. and i'd reach in my next pocket, show to him and say no, it's real money. >> reporter: he was cited for disorderly conduct. he'll have a court date and face a fine. he says it was worth it. >> everyone can laugh about it. everyone is having fun. i think that's what this is all about. i think life is about having fun and just following your heart. well, mall of america spokes american said this is the first time anyone has ever thrown cash out like that. they say he disrupted the performs answer as you can see there and could have caused a serious situation, what if people had started running over each other. he said he never meant to hurt anyone. >> i'm sure people below were happy. michael finney is here answering questions you sent him by facebook, twitter and e-mail. the first one comes from diana
4:50 pm
who asks, i'm positioning about buying a new dishwasher and service plan with it. what will happen with the service plan if the store goes out of business? >> a great question. it depends on who is actually offering the service plan. often the store will have their own or they may be selling a third party service plan. you need to check that out. if it's a third party plan, you're looking for a major family, perhaps one of the warranties that is based here in san francisco is square trade. that might be one. there are others. you need to check that out. and then indeed you could end up losing all your money if either one goes out of business. >> nanette asks i went to best buy friday night, made a purchase and asked if they would price match. the lady at the register said sorry, no price matching will b the sales. is this correct? >> it is. i've heard a lot about this over the last few days. best buy did this, so did many, many others.
4:51 pm
but you're not hearing about them as much because that's why it is just so big. and they don't want to have to offer all their tvs for 98 bucks or something. other people do a door buster sbeshlt, they have five or ten and that's all they have for sale there, they don't want to do their entire stock. it's understandable. >> that makes accepts. this one from amy. i have a $10 bill that is torn in half and my bank will not take it. is there anything else i can do? >> you can. first of all, i'm kind of surprised they didn't take it. two, how did it get torn in half. that's a different matter. three, yes, the treasury department has a bureau called the department of engraving is what i think it is. i did a whole story on these guys. do you remember that? >> yeah. >> you put it back together, accepted to th send to them, they figure out if it's real and is it enough there which is 51% is what you need and then they give you the money. now, the deal is you can't need the money quickly. it takes about 6 or 8 months.
4:52 pm
they literally put it together. we had one where the money was burned and they put it back together. >> thanks. up next, this fight at a school involving a transgender student is the focus of a special meeting tonight. we'll have the message from the school board. and then new at 5:00, new information on our breaking news we're learning more about the missing plane out of san jose carrying a family. you'll hear from the sheriff involved in the search which is going on now in idaho. also the b.a.r.t. commute, also the b.a.r.t. commute, why so me, if hey breathing's, also the b.a.r.t. commute, why so know the feeling?and chronia and chronic bronchitis. spiriva is a once-daily inhaled copd maintenance treatment that helps open my obstructed airways for a full 24 hours. spiriva helps me breathe easier. spiriva handihaler tiotropium bromide inhalation powder does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. tell your doctor if you have kidney problems,
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glaucoma, trouble urinating, or an enlarged prostate. these may worsen with spiriva. discustop taking spiriva andke, seek immediate medical helpgd if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives, vision changes or eye pain, or problems passing urine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd. spiriva helps me breathe better. does breathing with copd weigh you down? don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva.
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bullying takes center stage a little more than an hour from now. >> a fight on the hercules high
4:56 pm
school campus is drawing all the attention. >> reporter: this meeting is set to begin at 6:30 tonight. the school district already has a zero tolerance policy will when it comes to bullying and fights on campus, but officials admit that policy has not the been completely effective. now, this meeting grew out of an incident last month at hercules high school where a transgender student who had been bullied ended up in a brutal fight with tli gi three girls on campus. no one was seriously hurt, but the incident prompted district officials to schedule this meeting to take a closer look at what they can do to prevent such fights and the bullying that fuels them going forward. >> that ignited the issue and we felt like we better step in now as a board and give direction as policymakers so they know we're serious. we can't have a bunch of lawyers
4:57 pm
coming and suing us every day all day around our failure to make our school safe. >> reporter: educators say the anti-bullying conversation really needs to start along before the students reach middle and high school where the incidents can be a lot more serious. even life threatening. tonight at the meeting, they will go over the policies and programs in place, talk about how to improve those and probably get an earful from parents and students here in this community about what they are seeing on these campuses. in richmond, lori anthony, abc 7 news. wildlife rangers in australia have solved the mystery of a missing video camera after it recorded the unusual feast in action. >> watch this. is this really amazing footage. the camera recorded after it was stolen by a bird. the sea eagle carried the camera about 70 miles before dropping. >> the bird even poses for a selfie at the end here. pretty cool. the camera was originally set up
4:58 pm
to record crocodiles and the rangers say they plan to bolt it down from now on so something like this doesn't happen again. >> just getting in on social media probably. document the trip. that is all for now. thanks for watching. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with breaking news. that's right, and that breaking news a search for a plane out of san jose, a family on board when the plane disappeared in heavy snow in idaho. >>. >> meantime weather here fog and sun in the bay area. and all sun in santa cruise. but g santa cruz. but it's all about to change. >> and we'll go from comfortable to very cold. i'll let you know where a freeze watch is going up and when coming up. and back to school for bay area teenager burned on a bus. it is a big step. good evening, everyone.
4:59 pm
that breaking news we are learning more details now on the breaking news we first brought you on abc 7 news at 4:00 on the single engine plane that has gone missing in central idaho with a family of five on board. that plane is registered to a san jose man 51-year-old dale t. smith. he's the president of a south bay company called sear yell tech. smith's plane took off from baker city, oregon yesterday afternoon bound for butte, montana. but somewhere in valley county idaho, smith called for air traffic control reporting engine problems and asked to land his beach bonanza at a remote air strip in the middle of the idaho wilderness. that plane and its occupants have not been seen or heard from since. they are probably traveling as a family for trags gihanksgiving. crews are searching in the back country. >> we have searchers on the ground in atvs, two army national guard helicopters up
5:00 pm
today that tried to get in and search but are hampered by bad weather, who visibility. and had to pull out. >> the local say arrive's office says smith had gone to visit his father in oregon as i said for thanksgiving. he was flying to drop off relatives when the plane encountered problems maintaining altitude. and from the website flight aware, the dotted blue line shows the flight path filed for smith's trip. the solid green line tracks the location until it loses contact somewhere over idaho. and again, the search continues. after an unusually warm thanksgiving weekend, warm enough to sun on the beach even, it is now it time to find your cold weather gear. you're looking at a live view from our mount tam cam right now. you can see just a gorgeous sunset under way. but things are changing. >> let's go to sandy patel who is on the roof of the building. very different up there in the next day or two. >> it is going to be definitely


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