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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 3, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. get ready for the deep freeze. a massive polar express plunging south right now. some of the coldest air in 16 years set to take hold, all the way to southern california. sam is tracking the latest. 82 miles per hour. that's how fast that commuter train was going around one of the most dangerous curves on the rails. hard questions right now for the train's engineer. new overnight. a frightening bear attack in this gated neighborhood. the dramatic search after a mother was mauled while walking her dog. authorities are scrambling as bears are taking over parts of florida towns. ♪ and there's beauty in the world ♪ and fairy tale dress for sale. the magical princess gown worn by diana. to meet with presidents and movie stars. on the auction block at this very hour. who will walk away with the most
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famous dress in the world? and good morning, america. so much to get to on this busy tuesday morning. cold weather set to hit even l.a. and phoenix. one of many reasons to welcome sam here right at the start this morning. >> good morning, everybody. >> you made headlines yesterday. you were off yesterday. but you were not resting. we are so excited for you. a big, new adventure for you with your new job at the weather channel. >> after 25 years here, the one thing i can tell you is everybody has been amazing for an opportunity that i have that i never thought i would get a chance to do something like this. and i can't wait to get there. but this place, my home and my heart. and everyone here has been amazing. >> you know, our sadness is only superseded by our happiness for you.
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>> yep. >> you deserve this and so much more, sam. >> a lot of happy tears. not just for today, but for tomorrow. >> uh-oh. >> just so everybody knows. today is not it. we're going -- we're getting extra special ready for tomorrow. >> what is sam known for, the gorgeous laugh. tomorrow, you will see some highlights. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> he's made us laugh. we might cry. you might cry tomorrow. we're going to have a stroll down memory lane for you tomorrow, my friend. >> we're going to hear more about the new job later in the broadcast. right now, let's get to the weather. >> it's the cold air that places that escape the cold air that get through winter without it, are getting ready for it. we're going to show you pictures out of central and southern california. where particularly things like fruit trees need to be prepped for something like this. this is a big drop. some places will go 50 degrees down. there's winter storm warnings, watches and advisories out for 14 to 19 states right now. the number's up to 19. it's been growing every 30 minutes or so. they add states. before we're done with this, and this pocket of cold air
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drops down to the south, there will be 23 or 25 states, half of the country involved in this. it's a bitter cold blast that focuses on the west and moves to the middle of the country. take a look at some of the cities that will be focused in on this cold air. and watch denver go from 49 to 9 degrees. minneapolis all the way down to 3 degrees. dallas gets to 35. l.a., it's more of the nighttime temperatures that are issues there. and they're prepping for all of this cold air. and look how deep this goes. and when you see denver at 2 below. we're not talking wind chills. it's real temperatures. it's about 20 degrees colder than it normally is this time of year. and some of these places in the country haven't seen temperatures like this in 16 years. we're not talking about normal cold air. we're talking about extreme cold air. so get ready for this all the way into the deep south. we'll be talking about it throughout the morning. we'll have the nation's forecast in a minute. josh? robin? george? lara? >> thank you. new information on what caused that deadly train crash in new york. investigators say it was dangerously speeding down the tracks at 82 miles per hour, into a curve, when it flew off the rails. abc's gio benitez is at the
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scene in the bronx for us. good morning, gio. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. right now, the key question for the train's engineer, what exactly was he doing right before that crash that injured more than 60 and killed 4? this morning, investigators are looking closely at the train's excessive speed. 82 miles per hour, nearly three-times the speed permitted through that upcoming turn. >> we have a major train wreck. five cars on their side. multiple victims. >> reporter: sources tell abc news, human error was likely the cause of the crash. investigators are examining the engineer's cell phone to determine if he was distracted. the train had left poughkeepsie in the early morning hours on sunday. just after 7:00 a.m., the train was in the bronx area. the speed limit for trains here is 70 miles per hour. but at the curve where the
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derailment occurred, the speed drops to 30 miles per hour. at 82 miles per hour, with emergency brakes activated seconds before the derailment, the train had no time to slow down. investigators now examining those brakes. >> it was six seconds before everything came to a stop, that the throttle went to idle. >> the train made nine stops before coming to this curve. clearly, the brakes were working a short time before the train came to this curve. >> reporter: overnight, a vigil for the four people who lost their lives. james ferrari, heading to work. as a building supervisor. ahn kisook, heading home from the night shift as a nurse. donna smith, on her way to see her sister's choral performance. and james lovell, that engineer from nbc, taking the early train to help stage the lighting of the rockefeller center christmas tree. >> he was just the best father i could ever ask for. always supportive. >> reporter: this, as the nation's sights turn to other crashes around the world. a crash this july in spain that
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killed 80 people also could be blamed for speeding at a curve. that engineer, texting at the time of the crash. it's too early to know if any of that was going on in this crash. but investigators did say, the brakes had been working all morning long, robin. >> but as you said, the investigation continues. gio, thank you. we're going to washington now. where president obama coming off the white house announcement that the health care website is mostly fixed will make a new push today to get more americans enrolled in insurance. the white house is really racing against the clock now. >> reporter: that's right. and, george, this is a big, new p.r. push beyond just trying to get more people to enroll. the white house is trying to turn public opinion on this by reminding people of what they say are the benefits of the health care law for everybody. things like ending discrimination for people who have pre-existing conditions. and expanding coverage to millions of people who never had health insurance. and there will be a political component to the president's
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message today, and this push that you will see virtually every day for the next three weeks. he's going to be saying and the white house will be saying, the republicans simply have no alternative to this health law. >> you saw the website working at a much higher capacity yesterday. but still, a lot of bugs that could surprise people as they enroll. >> reporter: yes. and one of the biggest problems here, george, is even for those who have managed to navigate through the website or enroll or think they have enrolled, are finding the information has not gotten to the insurers. we talked to a gentleman in georgia yesterday, after two months of trying, got enrolled on the website. but when he called the insurance company to confirm and get his card, he was told they had absolutely no record he had the policy. the white house will not tell us how widespread this problem is. but they acknowledge it's a problem. >> okay, jon karl thank you very much. let's go to josh for the other top stories. >> we're going to begin with an issue affecting millions of americans who shop online. how should items you buy on sites like amazon and ebay be taxed? that question is up in the air,
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after the supreme court refused monday to get involved in a dispute between states and online retailers. states want to force companies to collect sales taxes from you, even if they don't have a physical presence in your state. but now, it is up to congress to come up with a national solution. and rescue crews in washington state hope to resume their search this morning for a mill worker missing since the grain silo you see here collapsed on monday. the worker is believed to be buried under tons of corn. and a dramatic rescue at sea. new video this morning of a man who survived nearly three days underneath a capsized boat in the atlantic. divers stunned to find him alive. this is the view from the diver's camera. >> going on to the main deck. >> reporter: investigating the sinking of a chevron oil boat. they never imagined they would find survivors. >> coming out into the
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passageway. >> reporter: watch as they turn a coroner the water. >> should be walking on the ceiling, yeah? >> reporter: and look closely. >> there's someone alive. he's alive. >> reporter: that's harrison okene. he found an air pocket under his boat after it capsized in heavy seas in nigeria. and he stayed there in the four-square-foot air bubble for nearly four days with no food and no water. only darkness. >> just keep him there. keep him calm. >> reporter: his 11 colleagues drowned. in his air pocket, he could only listen as the boat sank and various sea creatures swim past, all the time, waiting and hoping for a miracle. >> and then we're going to bring you home, okay? >> reporter: and a miracle he found, as the divers gave him air and lifted him to safety. i wouldn't believe it if i hadn't just seen it. the man told his rescuers that he was the cook on that boat. interestingly, his rescuers. those rescue divers do this for a living.
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they said for some reason cooks always find a way to survive. and a bizarre rescue in santa ana, california, to show you. a woman got stuck between two buildings. she was trying to jump from the roof of one commercial building to another when she fell. firefighters managed to pull her out with just minor injuries. and finally, pope francis, apparently had something of a secret night life past outside of the vatican. he's been disguising himself as a regular priest to sneak out and visit the poorest neighborhoods of rome. the vatican won't confirm this. but they confirmed that the pope was, in fact, a nightclub bouncer, once upon a time. >> love him more and more. >> every day, he does get cooler by the day. >> the gentlest bouncer ever. >> the pope's asking you to leave the club. >> along those lines. thanks, josh. now, to the bear scare. a mother out walking her dogs in a gated community in florida, suddenly attacked by a bear. she narrowly escaped with her life.
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authorities scrambling to find the bear. and abc's steve osunsami joins us now from orlando, florida, with the latest on this. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this victim's home is behind me. but about a mile away is bear country. some 2,000 acres of wetlands where the bears live. overnight, wildlife authorities using flashlights in this gated community search to find the bear that attacked this mother and left her with serious injuries. police say the 54-year-old woman was walking her dogs just after 8:00 p.m. when she stepped in front of the bear an it mauled her. she was able to escape with her life and ran to a neighbor's home. paramedics rushed her to this hospital. where she underwent emergency surgery. over the past few years, families here say that they're seeing more bears more often. >> i watched it go into the gauj and get a trash can and walk around the side. >> reporter: last month, another
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bear making itself at home in a family's backyard, digging through their crash. last year, wildlife officials in nearby orlando had to tranquilize this black bear that fell from a tree. then, there was this -- another bear that got too close drew crowds in tampa, just a few months ago. that bear, released back into the wild. as for what happened here last night, authorities say that if it was, indeed, a full-fledged attack, it would be the first in florida's history. the victim this morning, out of surgery and in stable condition. george? >> steve, thanks very much. now, to the health scare spanning both coasts on college campuses. health officials are urging the university of california at santa barbara to suspend events after an outbreak of meningitis, just weeks after a similar outbreak at princeton in new jersey. abc's chief health and medical editor dr. richard besser has the story. >> reporter: this morning, health officials are working to contain an outbreak on the campus of u.c. santa barbara. four students coming down with a
7:13 am
potentially deadly form of the disease meningitis. one student with a case so bad, he needed his legs amputated. >> i hope he's doing well. it's kind of scary because there's that constant fear. >> reporter: students being told to stay away from parties and social events, to keep the outbreaks from spreading. >> rule of thumb, don't share bottles. try to avoid kissing new girls. like -- things like that. just be safe. >> reporter: this, after eight students at princeton, in new jersey, were diagnosed with the same type of meningitis earlier this year. are you worried about the meningitis that's going around? >> yeah. just like getting calls from your parents and relatives, asking about what's going on. it's like, a little bit scary. >> reporter: those infected may feel like they have the flu. fever, headache, body pains. then comes the tell-tale symp m symptom. a stiff neck. without antibiotic treatment, 10% may die. up to 20% who survive, are damaged. they're about to give princeton students a european vaccine that's not approved in the u.s. by special arrangement with the fda. as for ucsb, they've handed out antibiotics to about 500 close
7:14 am
contacts of the four sick undergrads. and they'll give out more today. it's the same disease, meningitis b at each college. cdc says they don't have the same microscopic fingerprint. so, they're not connected. strange at that may seem. but the cdc just told me this morning they're prepared to make the european vaccine available if the situation changes and warrants it. >> that should help. rich, thanks very much. >> okay, george. now, to cyber monday mania. retailers chalking up their biggest online shopping day in history. a blockbuster number of purchases made on smartphones and tablets. rebecca jarvis is here. you gave us a sneak peek. >> who shopped online yesterday? guilty. a record-shattering 131 million americans filling their carts. shopping cyber monday. they spent $2 billion online. sales soaring 20% versus last year. and the biggest trend is going mobile. more of us than ever.
7:15 am
about one-third of everyone who shopped did it from their smartphone or tablet. at walmart, more than half of the cyber monday sales came from mobile devices. 55%. and guess what? a lot of the shopping also came from referrals on facebook and pinterest. people saw what their friends were doing, what they were talking about, and they bought it. >> what was the top seller? >> reporter: we're all buying tablets from our tablets. the biggest seller at amazon was the kindle. that was the number one selling item. the samsung galaxy tablet and apple's ipad and ipad minis dominated purchases. >> okay. it's just getting started. >> the world is changing. it's gone mobile. >> thanks, rebecca, very much. talk about the world changing, lara. >> yeah, no kidding, george. now to all that buzz about drones, sparked by amazon's reveal that the company wants to take package deliveries to new heights. there are a lot of hurdles to jump before this is a reality. but amazon isn't the first to try to change the way you get a
7:16 am
special delivery. forget fedex, u.p.s. and even your trusty, old-fashioned mail carrier. amazon's big announcement to use drones to deliver packages has everyone talking. while they may be the biggest name to take to the sky, other businesses are way ahead. from a mom and pop dry cleaner in philly, promising to dry your suit in the wind. to pizza chain, domino's, offering to fly your pie to you. and though amazon is still not taking to the skies for a few more years, other countries are already trying it out. here in china, a bakery is taking cake delivery to new heights. in australia, they're developing a drone to deliver textbooks to your door. and in south africa, they've found a way to deliver beer to thirsty concertgoers. back here in the states, drones are already being used by real estate agents to take photographs.
7:17 am
and by farmers to manage their crops. but it may be a while before these guys are showing up at our doors. at purdue university, where they're developing the type of drones that amazon would use, they're experiencing turbulence along the way. >> we've crashed the first three times we took off. >> the idea of being able to have your papers delivered to you. you're just sitting here. you don't have to get up. >> oh, no. >> and oh, wow. >> oh. is it going to make it? >> oh, no, i'm actually concerned. >> you'll certainly know it's coming because i could hear it a mile away. >> how are you going to get the paper? >> i'm not. i'm going to wait for it, because, apparently, those blades are sharp. that's a drone we borrowed or they lent from a cinematography company. careful, samuel. >> you're -- your paper, ms.
7:18 am
spencer. >> thank you. >> i'll save this paper for the rest of my life. that's our drone. >> have to land that on the desk. >> thank you. >> when it comes to the desk. >> no. abort mission. abort mission. >> i was concerned. >> very good. but safe landing. you know, we're going to be able to toss to you about seven more times. and we did the math sam. so we figured -- >> so each time we're going to do it differently. >> over the years, you have been here -- how many days did we say? 1,802 days. you have given us 7,208 forecasts, approximately and counting. >> right, right. >> so sam, what were your favorites? >> 5,201. amazing. >> i remember that one. >> it had it all. >> it had it all. >> heat, cold, rain, sunshine. had it all.
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>> lake effect. lake effect. >> and speaking of cold air -- i don't know how that works. but we'll try. it's not just a blast of cold air that moves into the middle of the country. but it's got some snow in it. in some cases, about three feet of snow. we'll start with salt lake city at about 6 1/2 inches of snow. and watch in the mountains. this is a big dump of snow. the really -- something important to talk about this morning is another day of fog, right along the mississippi river valley. some places, the visibility is down to zero. you can't see your hand in front of your face, like that close. that area has to deal with it. in the east coast, while we have the cold air in the country, the east coast has beautifully mild temperatures to talk about. we'll do more of that this morning.
7:20 am
>> if you had to pick a favorite, it might be austin today at about 80 degrees. it is beautiful. >> 7,209, flawless. >> thank you, sir. coming up on "gma," murder mystery at an nfl stadium. and the latest on paul walker's fatal crash.
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if yo[ female announcer ]ack, if you love natural creamers,r you'll love coffee-mate natural bliss. it makes coffee delicious with only four simple ingredients -- milk... cream... sugar... ♪ ...and a touch of flavor. ♪ simply put, it's everything you need for a delicious cup of coffee. coffee-mate natural bliss. coffee's perfect mate. naturally. nestle. good food, good life. good morning. i'm kristen sze. a major search in the idaho wilderness is expected to resume this morning for a silicon valley executive and his family after their single-engine plane disappeared sunday. the private plane took off from bakers city, oregon, where he
7:25 am
spent thanksgiving with family. he was bound for montana to drop off relatives but reported engine trouble over valley county, idaho. smith is the president of a south bay data storage company. he's a veteran pilot who often plies the single beach bonanza. he's meticulous about safety and capable to survive elements. let's check on traffic. we've got gusty winds toppling down trees onto freeways as we head right over to 880 southbound side right at 66th that is blocking a lane and causing some delays as well. eastbound side of 580 at 238 we have an accident that did clear, but if you're heading along in the northbound direction, 238 to 880, we have another accident there involving a big rig. kristen. thank you so much. and
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good morning. it is pretty mild overnight. and we did have some cloud cover. we still have lingering clouds for the better part of the bay area. a look from our mt. tam cam. it's covering the entire stretch of san francisco. our high for today is going to be in the mid to upper 50s as we take a look at my
7:29 am
7:30 am
just to see all of you show the love that you've shown paul. it's going to stay with me forever. i just wanted to say thank you. thank you for coming down here. >> vin diesel. emotional tribute to paul walker, his "fast & furious" co-star. of course killed in that tragic accident over the weekend. as we're getting new surveillance video, you're going to see it right there, that could give some clues to how and why that crash happened. >> and you think of the families that lost someone in that crash. every time you see that video. also ahead, farrah fawcett's long-time love, ryan o'neal, taking the stand in the battle over the andy warhol portrait of the star. hi he says it belongs to him. >> that one continues and continues. and princess diana's fairy tale gown up for sale.
7:31 am
the magical gown she wore to meet mt.s, -- presidents, movie stars. now on the auction block at this hour. >> and at a price. >> that will fetch a pretty penny. or many thousands of them. >> you think? also ahead, cashmere for less. the hot gift of the holidays. but is the less expensive option really worth your money? let's hope so, sammy. our becky worley gets to the bottom of it all. >> that's coming up. but we're going to begin with the mysterious death at the nfl game sunday between the chiefs and the broncos. it happened in the parking lot of arrowhead stadium when a young man collapsed after some sort of struggle. alex perez has the latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, george. this morning, kyle van winkle's family says they don't know why he wasn't in the stadium where they thought he was. this morning, they and so many others are desperate to figure out what went wrong. this morning, kansas city investigators are hunting for answers. kyle van winkle's mysterious death has police and chiefs' fans wondering what exactly happened outside arrowhead
7:32 am
stadium. >> more than anything the fact that it happened so close to us. >> reporter: it was sunday evening. thousands of fans packed inside arrowhead. watching the broncos and chiefs game. suddenly, panic in the parking lot. about 5:20 p.m. sunday, police say they were called to parking lot a, after the owner of a green jeep who was with his son, finds a strange man inside his vehicle. that man, according to police, was 30-year-old van winkle. this man says his relative was there in the parking lot and heard the commotion. >> apparently, a person came out swinging. so, i really don't know what happened after that. >> reporter: the owner of the jeep, police say, confronts van winkle and some sort of struggle ensues. investigators say that's when van winkle collapses. he is rushed to the hospital where he later dies. >> the main thing we're trying to figure out now is just how this person died. >> reporter: but adding to the suspicious death, authorities say initial tests show that van
7:33 am
wi winkles' body showed no signs of trauma. >> they're saying there are no obvious signs as to how he died. doesn't appear to be shot or stabbed or anything. >> reporter: overnight, a glimpse into van winkle's life surfaced. he is a former honor student and worked at a credit union. his father, a detective sergeant for a nearby police department, told "the kansas city star," so much of what i'm seeing makes my son look to be the one to blame. those that know my son know he's not a thief and how good a man he is. the mystery is growing. police releasing all four people who were being questioned. at this point, no suspects in custody. authorities say it will be four to six weeks before toxicology and autopsy results are returned. then, they will determine if charges will be filed in this case. robin? >> wait and see. alex, thank you. now, to the courtroom showdown over the multimillion-dollar portrait of the late farrah fawcett. at issue, who owns the andy warhol painting? her long-time partner, ryan o'neal, taking the stand and saying it's his. nick watt has more.
7:34 am
>> reporter: the time was 1980. and the place, andy warhol's factory. he created two near-identical portraits of farrah fawcett. and 33 years later, ryan o'neal is choking back tears in court, remembering his late love, and fighting to keep one of them. now worth millions. and he says, laden with sentimental value. the painting is mine, o'neal told the court. the university of texas at austin also wants it. claiming it's part of the collection fawcett left to her alma mater. >> they just want expensive art. >> reporter: and it was hanging in fawcett's condo when she died. before o'neal took it. >> he didn't tell anybody what he'd done. >> reporter: o'neal's ek plan nation lies in the tempestuous chapter of his long relationship
7:35 am
with the charlie's angel. it was '97. and they split when she caught him in bed with a 25-year-old. at his malibu beach house, hanging over the bed. o'neal claims he asked fawcett to store the picture at her place. my young friend was uncomfortable with farrah staring at her. he told the court. >> how long have you known about this? >> reporter: the silver screen star of the '70s was a little hard of hearing and forgetful. telling the lawyer, you're throwing a lot of dates at me that confuse me. >> and the jury has to decide if he has a faulty memory. or whether or not what he said was different than what he said earlier. >> reporter: o'neal claims he and fawcett reconciled in 2001. i got diagnosed with cancer. i called her. and it broke the ice. and now, he wants to give this portrait to their son. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. we're going to bring in dan abrams right now. let's talk about o'neal's actions. taking the painting after her death. >> there's a simple legal question here. did this belong to ryan o'neal? andy warhol is dead. farrah fawcett is dead. so, ryan o'neal's credibility becomes crucial. so, everything he did gets scrutinized.
7:36 am
he went in after her death and took the painting. he admits that. what the university is saying is he was squirrelling it away. he was hiding it. no one knew he had it. he said, i wasn't trying to hide it at all. the university said, we only discovered it was at his home after seeing it on a reality show. he says there were no secrets there. >> and the fact there are two paintings. how important is that? >> well, you know, look. the team for ryan o'neal is saying, well, look. they've already got one, in essence. what do they need another one here for? but i think hen the jury thinks about this, they're going to be thinking about, okay, when andy warhol created this, is it possible he was creating one for each of them? why did he create two? o'neal is saying, back when this was created in 1980, it was created for him. and he's the one who had the conversation with andy warhol about creating these. the university is saying, no. andy warhol went directly to farrah fawcett. >> what do you think's going to happen here? >> it's a tough case.
7:37 am
i think o'neal has a bit of an uphill battle, because the university has the other painting because farrah bequeathed all of her artwork to the university. but o'neal's position is, it was never hers to give away. he has the burden to some degree, whether it's his burden or not. i think he has the burden to demonstrate to this jury it belongs to him. >> thank you very much. appreciate that. let's get back over to sam. i don't know why josh and lara are behind you. they want to stay so close to you. >> i know. >> they're just chatting away back there. good grief. let him go. >> the place that everybody has coffee every morning. invariably, people are back and forth behind the weather wall all the time. but focus, if you will, on the actual weather wall. >> there's a fog advisory. fog advisory. >> talking about pictures out of wichita. this is how deep the fog is. it's all the way through the middle of the country. there's warm air sweeping across the country ahead of all of the cold air that's moving in this
7:38 am
week. we have a foggy situation. and in some cases, it's down to zero visibility. like little rock this morning. you can't see too far away from the front of the car in st. louis, or minneapolis. or memphis, or jackson, or shreveport. it was 62 in denver yesterday. not too far away from now, you're about 2 below. it's a huge drop. and it's something to get ready for as the cold air will drop into the country as we get over the next couple of days. today, it's a nice, warm path of air that sweeps across the south. look at atlanta. 61. new orleans, 76. >> i want to alert everybody >> all that weather was brought to you by the u.p.s. store. >> and us. >> josh, lara, robin, george. >> they're like see no evil, hear no evil. those two over there. thanks for that.
7:39 am
coming up, vin diesel's emotional tribute to paul walker. and new surveillance video is revealed overnight. and princess diana's famous dress is up for auction. as we speak. the fairy tale gown she wore for so many famous moments. on sale. gown she wore for so many famous moments. on sale.
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it is 7:43. and we are back, now, with the latest on paul walker's fatal crash. new surveillance video released overnight. and walker's "fast & furious" costar vin diesel going to the scene of the fatal crash to remember his good friend. cecilia vega has the story. >> reporter: overnight, paul walker's costar from those "fast & furious" blockbusters paid a sorrowful tribute to him, showing up at the crash scene. >> if my brother were here right now and he saw all of the love you were bringing here, if he could see for himself, that all of you have shown up to show my brother love. >> reporter: vin diesel getting
7:44 am
emotional as he addressed the crowds outside. >> i just wanted to say thank you. thank you for coming down here and showing that angel up in heaven. >> reporter: and this morning, a new look at the final seconds of that life cut short. you see there in the right corner of this surveillance video, a glimpse of a speeding car. then this, an explosion, followed by billowing smoke. within seconds, people are racing in to rescue walker and the driver. his friend, roger rodas. see the unbelievable explosion one more time. one of walker's childhood friends reportedly attempted to pull his body from the burning car. police had to hold him back. but it was too late. both men were pronounced dead at the scene. 40-year-old walker rose to fame street-racing in "fast & furious." >> he's become an icon by virtue of this role in the "fast & furious" series. his whole career took on an
7:45 am
added energy, by virtue of this franchise. >> reporter: investigators now say walker and his friend were driving very fast. and putting to rest, speculation they might have been drag racing with someone else. police say it appears there was no other car there when they went on that joyride, following a charity event. authorities are looking for more surveillance video like this, for clues. and as that memorial at the crash site grows, walker's family continues to search for answers. >> we lost a spirit. you lost a person that -- he had a way about him. i'm devastated. >> reporter: and walker's 15-year-old daughter, meadow, was also there for that overnight memorial. lara, the results of the autopsy could be released as early as today. >> all right, cecilia. we thank you. and our thoughts are with paul's family. coming up on "gma," a dress fit for a princess. diana's fairy tale gown is up for sale right now on the auction block. and "play of the day." an escalator, a kayak and, well -- you kind of know where this is headed, don't you? go nowhere.
7:46 am
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♪ let it snow, let it snow
7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> anybody have anything going on in their lives? >> what's new? >> no? when i was a kid. big 5 sporting goods, i always wanted to get locked inside overnight to not have to go home. well take a look at what happens if that happens. dude perfect. this comedy troupe, overnight in a sporting goods store. of course, you're minigolfing down an escalator. >> that's fantastic. >> why not? and it goes. again, another look at it. the next one -- what do we have here? the next one? oh, fishing and basketball. i always used to love the fishing stuff in the sporting good store. and it's good. nothing but the bottom of. it was all prologue to this.
7:51 am
because yes, of course, yes. oh, yes. oh, yes. >> you would have done what? >> go. >> don't do it. don't do it. >> do it! do it! >> oh! oh! >> can you repeat your warning, please? >> don't do that at home. ♪ i love it! ♪ thank you grandma for the dolls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ i'm ninja kicking through the halls. ♪ ♪ i love it! ♪ mom's posting pictures on your wall. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
7:52 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. bay area residents are bracing themselves for chilly temperatures this week. a bay area nonprofit group has opened three shelters in santa clara county to give the homeless a warm place to sleep. the shelters will provide 275 beds and shelters in sunnyvale and gilroy. leyla gulen joins us with a closer look at the cool temperatures and traffic update. the cold snap has arrived. as we look from our east bay hills camera towards the golden gate bridge, we have high clouds lingering.
7:57 am
the cold snap will be evident overnight into tomorrow and thursday as well. with a possibility of rain coming friday through the weekend and early part of next week. we have an accident as we take you along 101 heading through san jose. this is a crash involving a couple of vehicles right at the nimitz causing quite the backup as you come away from the ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars. you get a great deal on a new subaru. we'll donate 250 dollars to a choice of charities that benefit your community.
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. on this third day of december. it's time to rock the holidays. our countdown to christmas revs up this morning. we have gifts under $100. from the perfect accessories to the toys we're rolling out for the kids. and wait until you see what the elves have on the sleigh today. and the fabulous fabio is here. in our kitchen, a new twist on an italian favorite. we hope you're hungry. as we say -- >> good morning, america. out there in times square this tuesday morning. we have so much to get to in this jam-packed hour.
8:01 am
we want to start off, sam, you kicked off the morning with real big news. >> talking about your big, new adventure at the weather channel. >> there's no place like this. this will always be my home. but to run to a place that is changing the way we do weather forecasts and to be around weather geeks like me, it's an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. this is my home. >> you didn't want to be around these geeks? >> just weather geeks. >> we're going to talk to you more later. but tell us in two sentences, what is the job? >> we'll do a morning show, starting after the first of the year. and there's every opportunity to cover the weather around the world now. and really talk about -- i think there's never been a time that weather's been more important to us and understanding the weather and how it impacts us. >> and -- you're the boss. >> no. >> i would love to say that. there are many, many, many bosses. and many, many, many -- >> you're a very big cheese. >> i'm just happy to be around
8:02 am
that talented crew. >> we love you. we're so excited for you. >> thank you. >> and we're going to torture you a little bit. today and tomorrow. >> throughout the hour. sam champion/george clooney, an obvious transition. george opening up with some revealing, new comments about his ideal woman. and whether he's already met the love of his life. >> here she is. hello? no? okay. is bargain cashmere worth it? i ask myself all the time. it's that time of year when sweaters are a popular holiday gift. some cashmere goes for as little as $20. we'll find out from becky worley. finding out whether or not the cheap cashmere and the expensive cashmere add up. >> you do know you're married, right? >> love you, honey.
8:03 am
let's get to josh. >> speaking of rising tensions -- between the u.s. and china. this morning, while visiting tokyo, vice president joe biden admitted that the u.s. is, quote, deeply concerned, end quote, about china's new claim to control air space in the south china sea, an important trade route. biden will be meeting with china's president on thursday. and president obama is launching a new campaign today, trying to sell the benefits of his new health care law. it comes just a day after a surge in new visitors to the website. but problems with the site still remain. and a new poll finds that one-third of younger americans don't even know about the law. and new details about that deadly train derailment here in new york on sunday. sources say it was likely caused by human error. the train was traveling some 82 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per-hour zone. the engineer's cell phone is now
8:04 am
being analyzed to determine if he was, in fact, distracted at the time of the trash. drug and alcohol testing has not yet been completed, as well. and a new report card shows that american teens are falling further behind in math. u.s. tenth graders now rank 30th in the world. yes, trailing 29 other countries, in standardized testing. they scored about the same as they did four years ago. more students from other countries improved their scores. and just as the holiday season kicks into very high gear, a serious problem for the nation's christmas tree farmers. they say that root rot is killing trees nationwide. it's a plague that could cost farmers an estimated $300 million in the state of oregon, alone. oregon, the stop state for free protection. the rot said to be caused by a type of mold. and finally, if you're having trouble finding a gift for that guy who has everything -- sammy, look what i did for you. >> what did you do? >> a $62 million tree house. >> i love it.
8:05 am
>> 20,000 square feet. it's being developed by a custom builder master wishmakers in england. the tree house comes with a zip line. >> you need a zip line. >> a pool. >> yeah. >> a river. and a pad for the helicopter, of course. all built around a tree trunk. orks, elves and dwarves are not included. >> is that trunk real? is that a real trunk? >> the trunk is not real. the helicopter is very real. >> i needed an upgrade to my tree house. thank you. >> that will be ready any minute now. sam, you have to give us some weather. >> we do that first. let's get to the boards. one or two things we need to talk about this morning. we're going to start with the cold blast and how it affects the west first. all kinds of folks. southern california to arizona are getting ready for this cold blast. this is going to be the morning temperatures. overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. and many temperatures in that freezing zone and close to it, in an area that has a lot of
8:06 am
produce to take care of. if you're worried about your trips to orlando. heading to disney? going to the beach? maybe miami? you're fine with the cold blast. all of the warm air is coming up from the gulf. there may be clouds and showers. but you're in some of the best shape in the country. quick look at the national map. love how we fly it by. does a little twilt. it does a little -- a twist and a tilt. it's a twilt. >> a twist
8:07 am
>> a twist -- >> and tilt. >> it could be -- >> like this. lara, what's coming up next on "gma"? >> thank you for asking. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." john mayer roaring all about his love. princess diana's fairy tale gown, up for sale right now. and we have great bargains on holiday gifts. if you thought yesterday was big with tory. everything under $100. some good stuff. all that and more. and sam, coming up on "good morning america," here in times square.
8:08 am
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he actually told me that a lot of the foods that i thought were really healthy for me can do damage to the enamel on my teeth. i am a healthy girl, i love salads, i love fruits, and it's not something i want to give up. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel twice a day as my daily toothpaste. pronamel will help protect the enamel from future erosion. it's just so great because all of those foods that i enjoyed so much, i didn't want to give up, and now i can continue to have them. ♪ a little bit right there on george clooney. on the red carpet. with one of his past girlfriends. but "w" magazine asked him the question, so many have wondered about, who was the greatest love of your life? anybody want to guess what the answer was? >> his answer?
8:13 am
or our answer? >> if you want to. >> what was his answer? >> his answer was, i have not met her yet. he also gave some clues to his ideal woman. anybody want to guess on that? >> i'm going to guess, if i had to guess, audrey hepburn. >> i was going to guess grace kelly. >> he calls grace kelly the most beautiful woman he's ever seen. >> well, true. >> but he's still looking. you know who is not looking? john mayer. and he begins "pop news" today. singer john mayer, roaring about his love this morning. revealing some very cozy looks at cover art. this is cover art for the song "who you love," which is a fantastic song. we know who he loves. that's his duetting partner and partner in life, our pal, katy perry. she looks gorgeous.
8:14 am
he said, this is funny, yeah, we look like this pretty much all the time at home. they are a beautiful couple. they are both so talented. also other equally stunning behind-the-scenes shots on "vanity fair's" website, of mayer and perry. it is a wonderful song. a great album. highly recommend it. >> both good friends of the show. isn't it nice to see people find each other like that? >> we love love. get an extra shot. and keep playing this song, too. just a little more. we continue, now. if you can't wait for the first glimpse of rudolph at holiday season, the como park zoo in st. paul, minnesota, has set up reindeer cam. this is a 24/7 web cam recording every moment -- >> every moment? >> every moment. every moment, sam. of its three reindeer. it's been viewed 47,000 times.
8:15 am
the reindeers' names are button, junebug and abbey butts. when the big man comes around, they respond to very different names. >> oh. >> are you saying -- >> i'm not saying anything. i'm just saying, 22 days until christmas. >> those might be the real, official -- >> shh. >> the como park zoo reindeer cam. 24/7, check it out. >> i will watch. and finally, i thought today was a perfect day to introduce you to tippy the squirrel. this is tippy. tippy got his name because of this. >> what was that? >> tippy is foraging for nuts. and then -- >> wait. >> we're not sure why tippy -- >> did it just fall over? >> we're not sure if tippy is tipsy or why. tippy, well -- one more look. one more look, tippy. one more look.
8:16 am
come on, tippy. >> it's so delicious. it's so amazing. oh. >> tippy, how are you doing? well, the problem is cured, apparently. thank you so much. that was for you. >> thank you, tippy. let's turn to princess diana's dress. >> we shall. >> the fairy tale gown is up for sale right now. she wore the gown when she met presidents and movie stars. and abc's lama hasan has more from london. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. yes, one of princess diana's most iconic dresses is going under the hammer in london today. the beautiful ball gown was owned by an american collector who used it to raise money for charity. now, she wants to sell it. it's expected to sell for $130,000. it's one of her favorite fairy tale shimmering ball gowns. adorned with gold sequence, crystals and pearl beads. it also comes with a matching
8:17 am
head band, optional sleeve panels and petticoat. it wasn't made for diana. she bought it off the rack. >> it wasn't specially made for her. she fell in love with this one. >> reporter: diana was photographed numerous times. wearing it to meet with presidents. gracing the red carpet at movie premieres. looking every inch the princess. created by david and elizabeth emanuel -- famous for designing her lavish wedding dress. >> it was an age of innocence. she trusted us. and it was our mission to make her really pleased and proud she had chosen us. >> reporter: the dress is being sold by kerry taylor, the same auction house that sold many of diana's dresses. including this velvet number, known as the john travolta dress. but this dress was special. >> it's fantasia. it sparkles. it glows.
8:18 am
it's every little girl's dream of what a princess should wear. >> reporter: so, just who can bid for this glamorous little number? well, anyone can. if you have the cash to splash, get out your checkbooks and you, too, can look like a princess. if that's what you're into, george. >> notice how she threw it back to you? >> what would you do with that dress if you buy it? >> would you wear it? >> you wouldn't wear it? >> the accent makes it sound so much better. >> double the price. keeping along those lines a little bit. cashmere. cashmere. it is no longer a luxury item out of reach for the budget-conscious. major retailers are offering higher quality woolwear at lower prices. but does the cut in price that you outrate cashmere?
8:19 am
our becky worley is here and lets us know if we're sacrificing luxury for savings. good morning, becky. >> reporter: it's so soft. it makes such a nice gift. but if you've been shopping this holiday season, you've noticed it's gotten a lot lower in price. is the budget cashmere that different from the expensive cashmere? cashmere. so luxurious. so soft. but so expensive. at least it used to always be expensive. >> since 2007, the prices of cashmere have plummeted dramatically. you used to be only find cashmere for $300 or $400. now, you can get it for as low as $50. >> reporter: what gives? why has the cashmere market gone soft? to unravel this mystery, we first need to know -- what is cashmere? >> cashmere is from a very specific animal in a very specific part of an animal. it's from the underbelly of goats. >> reporter: up until about
8:20 am
seven years ago, only the thinnest, longest belly hair from up near the throat of the goats was exported. but when china relaxed exports, they stopped splitting hairs about the type of cashmere being exported. now, some of the cashmere products can be made from the throat, the belly, and from the nether regions of these special goats. but does the budget cashmere have the same luxury qualities? to find out, i need to go shopping. in the store, you can't tell what part of the goat the sweaters are made from. but you do know the price. expensive. from saks. ooh-la-la. $258. marked down to $154. next, mid-range. 100 bucks at ann taylor. and rounding it out with a budget option, uni qlo. wow. 59 bucks. what do the experts think in should i expect to tell?
8:21 am
>> i think less expensive cashmere has propensity to pill. you can see the weave on this one is a tight weave. i would say it's a little plusher. >> reporter: is cashmere finally a budget buy that feels like a luxury? well, the only way to really find out is -- it's a feel test. we have a little game show. let's see. lara, you have $101. >> should we start with the medium? >> let's do the expensive one. robin, you're the expensive one. $154. >> don't -- >> this is the cheaper one. >> okay. all right. robin was right. that one is $154. but the $59 one is right here. >> really? >> and -- >> yeah. >> and the mid-range, you can't tell. >> we all feel this one. >> oh, yeah. >> that's like butter. >> just when you thought you
8:22 am
could afford cashmere -- >> it's $364, marked down from $550. >> wow. >> if it's mid-range, it's not a big deal. but when you get into the -- then. >> i love when you do that. we asked our viewers to weigh in, as well, about the debate with this. we heard from a few. caroline says, if it looks it, i'll wear it. i'll even wear a noncashmere looking sweater. #keepmewarm. and then, rich says, you always get what you pay for. >> we couldn't tell between the middle and the bottom. maybe you know the top-top. but between the middle -- if you can't tell the difference, why are you paying more? >> you get what you pay for. what we're seeing, there are levels of cashmere. there's a middle ground now. >> i think if you get this result. is that felt? it is now.
8:23 am
>> so good. >> i think -- becky worley, ladies and gentlemen. >> my pleasure. >> come here from the west coast more often. very quickly, sammy, you know. it was -- it landed heavily yesterday. a shock for many. but we want you to know, we go through happy tears, as we send you off. we wish you the very best. you are leaving to be the managing editor of the weather channel. and that's a remarkable thing. and we're going to have, again, everybody, a tribute tomorrow. it will be a day of sam, as every day. sam, i know in talking to you about this for a very long time, this is a dream come true and one that you couldn't pass up. >> when i walk these halls, i grew up here.
8:24 am
i know every face in the hall. and in the building. and this will always be my home. i've had the extreme joy that i don't think very many people will ever know of working with your friends and your family. and what happens on this set is incredibly real and natural every morning. and as george pointed out, even my grumpy mornings. >> puts a smiley face on. >> it's what happens here before the show that makes the show. the weather channel is like the holy grail of weather for people. and i have spent my entire life being in love, enamored and fascinated by weather. what they're doing right now is changing the way that we'll all get our weather. whether it's online or on your little device that you carry around all day or on television.
8:25 am
for me to be able to be a part of that, to join everybody i always see in the field, when i'm out there. jim cantore's right there. we're all right there in the field together. to be able to join everybody, the very best in weather, and try to do something that is changing the way america gets their way, better, faster, stronger, all that, i had to try it. >> i know you said you're going to be captain of the team at the weather channel. >> they're an incredible team. i get to be co-captain. everybody who is amazing has got their foot in the weather channel in this business, in weather. i'm just proud to be able to do it. >> you're such a great team player. you have that, sam. and it is hard. it is hard to step out and make a change. and i'm so proud. again, you're setting an example for so many of us that we want to sometimes try something different. it would have been easy to stay. we know you love us and we love you. but to do this, that lets us know that this is what you were meant to do. this is something that's in your heart to do.
8:26 am
>> and every day, i'm going to have you guys -- my show will be on. and i'll have you guys down there. watching you as i'm talking about the weather. and i'll be watching. and you know, i -- i love you guys, more than i can express. >> love you back, sam. >> i don't know if you'll love us tomorrow when the party is here. >> it's going to be a celebration. >> yeah. the most terrific laugh in the business. >> i want that in a laugh track. i have asked for that. >> i have a feeling we might find something for "play of the day" tomorrow. a little "pop news," as well. that tribute coming tomorrow. coming today, gifts for the holiday season. go nowhere.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. sonoma county supervisors are set to meet this morning to appoint a 21-member task force in the wake of the andy lopez shooting. the task force will create a process for an independent citizens review of officers involved in shootings. that is currently handled in part by a grand jury. andy lopez was shot by a sheriff's deputy while carrying a repertoire of an ak-47 back in october. the shooting has drawn protest from the community with leaders pushing towards charges for the officer. the lopez family has filed a civil lawsuit. check out your morning commute with leyla gulen right now. >> we have a stalled vehicle along 80. if you're traveling along the westbound direction at carlton boulevard, you will find it in the center lanes. major backups from highway 4.
8:28 am
for drive time traffic we have high wind advisories for the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. but look at how long it's going to take you on the golden gate headed from the tunnels into san francisco, 16 minutes, kristen. >> leyla,
8:29 am
a winter weather advisory for lake tahoe. up to four inches of snow expected by this afternoon. our highs today for the bay
8:30 am
area, mid to upper 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, chill overnight with freeze warnings that will exte ♪ you're looking at the amazing britney spears. a friend of this show, by the way. her music video, the latest smash single. and today is a huge day for britney fans everywhere. the album is finally out. it's called "britney jean," her eighth studio album. and we were with britney, face-to-face, when she announced her two-year residency at planet hollywood this year. that was a fun morning, by the way. out in the desert. we have one big dancing rave party out in the middle of the desert. it was a lot of fun. and this whole thing for her, that show at planet hollywood, kicks off right after christmas.
8:31 am
>> looking forward to that. also ahead, the great forest whitaker. >> that was amazing. >> new movie, "out of the furnace," can't wait to talk to him. >> i may coax him to reveal it. >> yeah. >> we've been promising it for most of the country. >> yeah. no pressure. and always great having fabio here. >> yes. >> putting a new spin on some italian dishes. >> you don't say. >> really? >> yeah. >> he's got this dish. it's called pasta in a jar. >> really? >> and we will explain what that means a little later. it's delicious. >> it's recovery tuesday, sam. come with me. black friday gone. cyber monday, history.
8:32 am
we have -- >> luxury online retailer, i shop you. i've hit her up for a discount. >> a lot of deals for $100 or less. >> we're about deep discounts. 60% off retail. brand-new sales at noon. >> boy, don't i know it? and they ship it right to your house. >> maybe he wants electronics or a gadget. can you help me out there? >> tech gifts tend to be on the expensive side. this is a way to get in on the tech craze without breaking the bank. not a piece of jewelry. but an iphone case. most of us are inseparable from our phones. kate spade of new york, one of our favorite brands. >> sam likes that. >> it's just $25. a great stocking stuffer. last nights of hanukkah.
8:33 am
looking for something small. >> i found out about, fashion -- a lot of the fashionistas. >> and if you like high-end fashion, what's coming up? what can you afford? >> we have tons of great stuff. we have missoni. we have kate spade. >> i like this one. that's the one i can identify. >> the thing about missoni, the classic zigzags marks you as someone with great taste. sounds like it's out of range. but we have scarves for $65. great for a guy. a girl. >> that's phenomenal. >> that's kind of awesome. >> i want to borrow it. >> and i might -- >> how about the little ones? >> tons of gifts for the little ones. toys all year. but especially at the holidays. we are -- >> oh. >> that's awesome.
8:34 am
>> the balance bike is the hot, new toy for kids. this is a great way to teach kids how to ride a bike. really grows with your kids. and could you ask for a more ringing endorsement. just $67. >> anything an elf likes to play with has to be good. >> how about the guy who has everything? >> or the guy who has everything. >> for the guy who has everything, you look at -- you tend to overthink it. my husband has everything. i try to go crazy. go the opposite direction this year. something classic. a great timeless watch. >> looks like our elf has a watch on now. >> these are from triwa, starting at $69. i dig into my husband's stashes and wear his watches. >> if you guy a man a watch, you can also wear it. >> exactly. >> let's say we buy a scarf, a missoni scarf. and it looks too good.
8:35 am
and you don't want to give it away. are there other things for the colder weather? >> there are. we've been talking affordable cashmere this morning. we have some great cashmere gifts starting at just $29, which is pretty amazing. from portolano. they're gifts that you wouldn't normally buy yourself. this is something more special during the holidays. >> terrific stuff. >> you know who would look great in those gloves? >> who? >> the lovely ginger zee. she would look amazing in those gloves, by the way. by the way, ladies and gentlemen, as i get to take on a new adventure, so does our ginger. ginger's going to be stepping in every day. and let me tell you. there's no one better than our ginger zee. she is -- we are incredibly lucky to have her. and when you see a storm coming, you basically have to get past
8:36 am
ji ginger to get to it. >> thank you, by the way. go online, has all of the information about all of the items you saw today. sammy, wow. we're counting down. how about number 7,205. >> all right. let's get to the boards. thank you, by the way. >> thank you. >> i just lost the missoni scarf. i lost it, america. i'm not even going to try. i'm not going to try to stay the town name. i will say ft. collins. your love lly facebook and twitr pictures to show you what it looks like in america as we start our day. these are some of the cities that will impacted by the cold air. when you see the temperature drops, 70s to the 30s. 60s down to single digits. this is a pocket of cold air. and not just those areas. it's deep into the south. it's all the way into texas. all the way into louisiana. all the way to arizona. all the way to southern california. it's nice and mild today. but get prepared. that cold blast is
8:37 am
all of that weather was brought to you by pronamle. george? >> that was it, sam. >> i'll take it back, sam. time for a preview of our "what would you do?" john quinones gets to the bottom of this one. >> we're back. and it's a disturbing trend. in order to get their boyfriends to propose, some women will fake their pregnancy. they'll buy a positive pregnancy test from a woman who is really expecting a child. then, they try to pass that test off as their own. "what would you do?" if you witnessed the whole thing? would you say anything? and most importantly, would you
8:38 am
tell the boyfriend he's being deceived? >> i have a pregnancy test here for $25. >> reporter: if you saw this transaction. >> we're pregnant. >> reporter: and this deception -- >> "what would you do?" >> one pregnancy test i took this morning, has a positive sign on it, $25. check that out. >> reporter: she's so captivated, she barely looks down. boyfriend's coming in. >> how are you? >> how are you? >> good. >> i have big, big, big news. >> what is it? >> we're pregnant. >> oh, wow. >> here's the test. officially. you don't seem excited. >> well, are you sure these are accurate? >> well, you know what? i have more. i will go take another one, okay? >> reporter: eric is left alone. as they keep to themselves, he becomes desperate for another woman's advice.
8:39 am
>> excuse me, guys. sorry to rupt. i'm freaking out. i need to talk to somebody. my girlfriend just -- is pregnant. she showed me the pregnant test. i should propose, right? that's what you do in this situation, right? >> if you weren't pregnant, you wouldn't get married? >> not right now, no. >> maybe you should go to the doctor. >> you think? >> we're pregnant. >> oh. >> this woman can't look away. >> life-changing. >> reporter: she's fully engaged in the drama. and as soon as jasmine leaves -- >> congratulations. >> thanks. this is, like, so crazy. i don't know if i want to marry her. >> you've got a mess on your hands. >> i guess i'll kind of have to. >> you don't have to. >> reporter: will she tell him why. >> there's a woman that was pregnant. she brought her the test results. >> reporter: now, that's a real positive.
8:40 am
how are you? i'm john quinones. pretty amazing. out of all of the people saw that go down, that was the only person who blew the whistle on the deceptive girlfriend. most folks covered for her, including a man. and tonight, you're not going to believe how he responds. >> said it wasn't their business. >> that's right. >> john, thanks very much. provocative. watch the season premier of "what would you do?" tonight at 10:00 on abc. and coming up, forest whitaker is here live. can't wait to talk to him. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso.
8:41 am
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surely you remember when forest whitaker took home the oscar for playing idi amin in "the last king of scotland." and for his dignified role in lee daniel's "the butler." now, "out of the furnace." . he plays a county sheriff to help christian bale's character find his brother who has disappeared. his whereabouts lead him to people who, let's just say, they live their lives outside of the law. >> generations of people, never come down off that mountain. their breed of justice does not
8:44 am
include us. >> they aren't going to look for rodney? >> you're walking down the wrong road. i say i would handle it. >> please welcome forest whitaker here. i watched this last night. it's a little grity. >> it's pretty intense. >> it's very intense. >> the struggle trying to find a good life in the country, in this little town where there's no opportunities. and i think you start to feel the grit of people just trying to pull themselves out to a better life. >> doing the best they can. and for the most part, doing it within the law. there's a group that's doing it outside. you talk about the intensity. christian bale, his character. and you spent some time on screen with him. how's he? >> he's a great actor. so focused. so dedicated. i really wanted to work with him. this is an amazing opportunity.
8:45 am
the character he plays goes through so many different journeys inned this movie. it's pretty special. >> he surprised me at the end. i'm not going to give it away. i have to leave it at that. but woody harrelson. casey affleck. sam shepard. willem dafoe. >> casey is monstrous. they all did amazing performances. it helps this movie fly. it's a community or a world you haven't seen before. >> we can see you in so many different roles. and i know that lee daniel's "the butler" is being released this time of year. getting oscar buzz. you're getting mentioned for playing the butler. how do you handle it all? >> i've been having a lot of films coming out. i've been promoting those films. and it's exciting when people want to celebrate your work.
8:46 am
and particularly, this movie is important. i think it has a story that's very important. i'm very proud of being involved with it. there's so many great artists in the movie. >> and a film that's out right now that i've seen, "black nativity." you know this man can sing? he went to usc. >> i did. >> and has -- you have a vocal background. >> i started in music, actually. i was studying classical voice. >> opera? >> yeah. i got my first agent in opera, actually. >> go. >> yeah. >> i'll play good cop. that's the bad cop. >> i know. >> you sing on camera, on screen, with jennifer hudson. >> that was crazy. her voice is so amazing. she's amazing. and to get to do a duet with her was a real special thing. that's a great gift for me forever. >> is it true that the kids tell you not to sing at home? >> they can't bear it.
8:47 am
dad, please. even if i'm humming. it's not -- actually, lately, after this movie, i feel like they're opening up just a little bit. >> well, i mean, you have to go on youtube. you can hear in your performance and get the soundtrack. it's not going to happen, josh. it's just not going to happen. we gave it the old college try. forest, all the best to you. and it's a pleasure having you come by. "out of the furnace" opens nationwide on friday. coming up, fabio is here, with a new twist on some great, great italian dishes. come on back.
8:48 am
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8:49 am
pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631. oh, yes. it's time to rock the holidays with some great italian dishes, created by our friend fabio viviani. >> always good to be here.
8:50 am
>> owner of the sienna tavern in chicago. >> i hope you had a great thanksgiving. >> we did. always ready to eat more. i love the concept of pasta served in a very unique way. >> it's a serving vessel. it's called pasta in a jar. you have to shake it. >> you have to shake the jar. >> shake it. >> shaking the pasta. >> here's the way we do it. >> it should be closed before. >> that's it. that's it. that's it. that's fine. here's what we do. we come up. we are trying to come up with creative ways to serve our patrons. we came up with an idea to serve the pasta with a great sauce in the jar. and have the guest at your house or our restaurant, interact with the dish. >> yes. as we just did. >> we cook onion and peppers together. >> just saute.
8:51 am
>> then, some sausage. then, we have a very good, thick tomato sauce. garlic and olive oil. this is what's going to happen now. you get a jar, which is perfect for you, josh. every time you get yelled at, you can grab your jar and go away. and you're still eating. >> he never gets yelled at. >> here's what we do. we get the sauce. and we put the sauce in the jar. >> okay. >> and then, we have the other ingredients. we add the pasta. we add the sausage. we add the basal and >> i assume you have some of these. or you can have them online. >> mason jars. they're really fun to look at and to play with. >> there's a little charm. i like the texture. >> sausage has to be cooked.
8:52 am
>> i don't want to get away without talking about -- you call these the roasted old ladies? >> yeah. growing up in a family where fresh vegetables and fruit was not always available, older vegetables are perfect for roasting because they're sugary, they're sweet. and they come out great in the oven. we roast the vegetables. and we drizzle with parmesan and vinegar. >> does that sound better in italian? >> it always sounds better in italian. >> if i have vegetables in my refrigerator. just roast them? >> roast them. do like we do in the restaurant. we roast them higher. parmesan and balsamic. >> you can get these recipes. i highly recommend you do. they're on the website. on yahoo! fabio, we thank you. pasta in a jar. great idea. we're going to eat and be right back. love it. love it.
8:53 am
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8:56 am
just like this one. more. >> columbus, ohio. i know bill. his kids pulled together 15 coats because they wanted to help others this year. >> thank you. >> collected 24,582 coats so far this year. go to on yahoo! to find out how you can donate. >> thank you. you guys are the best.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. we can expect some chilly days and nights this week. leyla gulen has the bay area forecast and the traffic. leyla. >> thanks, kristen. cloudy and gusty winds for today looking from our camera you can see how cloudy it is. we will have a 10 to 15 degree drop from yesterday. a cold front comes in overnight and brings us freezing temperatures. and then a possibility of rain is expected friday through the early part of next week. we have an accident in palo alto traveling southbound along 101 as you come right before mofette field. and a stalled car also blocking
9:00 am
a lane. kristen. thank you, leyla. join us for the midday news announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, award winning actress claire danes. and the hosts work out with "true blood" star joe manganiello. plus, performing their latest hit "come to me" the googoo dolls. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause] kelly: thank you!


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