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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 6, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00. thank you for joining us. ought winter coat of yours, probably getting more work this week than all year long. >> hopefully, the proper accessories because it is another freezing one if you are at bart station this morning in the east bay. dublin and pleasanton, 26 degrees right now. we are subfreezing in concord at 31 and lafayette, same, and walnut creek is 32 and fremont is 34 and hayward is 35, and san leandro and oakland, 37. coming into san francisco, about 41. we will warm nicely today. but just like the rest of us, the temperatures are going to
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run below average. upper 40's to low 50's with increasing clouds this afternoon. it will be dry during the daylight hours. now, the friday morning commute. >> good morning, it is very light and we have 27 bart trains that are running on time but if you are going to be skipping the mass transit and taking to the cars you are looking clear on highway four from antioch to pittsburg and concord with the top speeds there but 680 is clear. at the 24 interchange, you are looking at a great job. mass transit, everything is running on time and bart and muni and caltrain, no problems out there and a look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza where it is wide open with a few cars trickling in from the east bay into san francisco.
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marzullo have been talking to folks about the freezing temperatures. >> it is cold i'm freezing i. it is 33 because my weather app told me that. but there is a freeze warning until 9:00 a.m. and i am not crazy. also, people are taking precautions we have been telling people about covering things up, so as you look at the video in west san jose, the home of our colleague, big draping over all of the plants and shrubs and trees, and the only thing not covered is frosty the snowman who is in his element. for humans who drive, a different kind of prep work. >> i leave the house 10 minutes early to remain what up the car and see out my window. the heater doesn't work until i get here and i pull up it works but that doesn't work. bundle up and i'm here.
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she works at starbucks which opens at 4:30. not a good time to have a short commute. not if there is not enough time for the heater to kick in and she says they brew extra hot coffee during the winter down here. we have major power outage in the north bay, and this is in benicia, three separate outages there affecting more than 4,000 customers starting a half an hour ago. it is tough to go without power at 38 degrees at the moment in benicia and right now pg&e is working to fix the problem but no word when it will be restore ed. exposed pipes are vulnerable to piping because of the freezing temperatures. ensure your pipes are okay by
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covering them. outdoor pipes need to be properly insulated to protect them from freezing. >> in santa rosa, they are trying to keep 850 animals warm including 13 giraffes. 200 animals need extra heat and shelter and some do fine in freezing temperatures but others prefer to be inside out of the cold. >> two hummingbirds are playing in the frozen fountain yesterday. we got this as the birds took a sip of ice cold water. we want to see your pictures at >> in the central valley, farmers are working to protect the citrus crops. one of the tools the growers have are peach pits. though light them on fire and
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place them around the orchard and it fights against cold night air and protects the crops. the sited stress -- citrus injury is worth $2 billion. >> there is a cold swath of area from texas to detroit. schools and businesses are closing because of slick conditions. crews in arkansas and missouri are working to restore power knocked out by the wintery storm. for the latest open our weather changes you can download the weather app katie was talking about. it will give you severe weather alerts, radar and hourly temperature forecast and it is free at abc7 >> the south african government is preferring funeral ceremonies for nelson mandela who died at the age of 1995. people are flocking to his home all night. the current president zum. a just stopped by.
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the united nations paused for a moment of silence following word of his death. we this were words of tribute from president obama. >> we will not likely see the likes of nelson mandela again. it falls to us as best we can to follow the example he set. >> memorial grew outside the embassy in washington with ten official days of mourning. people are sharing their memories of nelson mandela on our facebook payment -- page. >> now if san rafael the red cross is helping six people displaced by a house fire find shell december that break out on a home before 3:00 this morning. a dog and two turtles inside the home were okays as well, this morning. >> the police are investigating the fatal shooting of a 22-year-old man found lying on
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the street. police have identified the victim and released this photo of him. according to investigators, officers found rodriguez suffering from a wound if vallejo yesterday. he died at the hospital. police are asking anyone with information about the shooting or the gunnen ma, to give them a call. >> a vigil is held in vallejo for 26-year-old man shot to death last friday at an apartment complex. he was found dead after police got reports of gunshots on carolina street at apartments. this is no motive or suspect description. the vigil is at 5:30. >> the district attorney says a hunter who started the rim fire is likely to face federal charges. he made the announcement on the when, the unidentified huntedder let a campfire in august in the national forest and the flames created the 402 square mile rim
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fire, the third largest if state history. he says the federal prosecutions privately have told him about the pending charges. however, the united states attorney in sacramento has "no comment." >> if you feeling freezing this morning, you are not alone. many of us are. everyone but san francisco is in the freeze warning until 9:00 so keep the pets in. keep the plants covered not 9:00. keep yourself bundled up. the valley has hard freeze warning with temperatures are below 24 or 25 degrees for several hours. this is how it looks from the tower this morning. in the east it will be cooler. be prepared for that. our spread is biggest this morning at 22 to 39 degrees inland valleys to san francisco. we will wake up to sunshine and we will have plenty of it through noon at 46 to 50.
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in the afternoon, we have light showers at 40 to 46 and through tomorrow morning we will have our best chance of snow, 2" to 6" above 2,500' in the bay area. and tomorrow, money 40's if we are lucky and freezing cold temperatures on sunday and monday morning and the temperatures in the afternoon are in the upper 40's to low 50's below average again. our traffic is quiet on the road as we look at highway four you can see the top speed in the westbound direction 580 in the westbound direction is 27 minutes. antioch to concord is 15 minutes. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. we have this event happening over the weekend a holiday train is back for the weekend only
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from san francisco to santa clara, the holiday train is going to be decorated with 60,000 lights traveling between the two areas so you can come out and see it and it collects toys for underserved children. it is a great event. you can find out more information by going to our website. >> our time is 5:10. there could be a lot more holiday parties this season, the bloomberg business report is next. >> a high-tech feature on a new baby bouncy chair is generating talk. >> the admitted crack smoking mayor of toronto rob ford spread his questionable charm south of the canadian border with sharp words he has for
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>> covering benicia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good friday morning at 5:13, the $291 million mega millions jackpot is the largest in two years. officials redesigned the drawing with bigger jackpots to compete with powerball, but still you have to match six numbers. >> 32 nations commodity beating in the world cup hope for luck.
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a lottery is held to determine the eight groups of four in next summer's first round in brazil. the field includes five time world cup champion brazil, defending champion, spain, and the united states. the 90 minute ceremony is televised to 190 countries. you can watch it on espn2, our sister network. >> the holiday party could be a good one. >> people on getting important public benefits may have been hacked. >> from the new york stock exchange we explain more in the friday morning business report. >> good morning, we are talking about prepaid cars that government uses to pay unemployment, food stamp benefits. some of them may have been hacked. j.p. morgan chase says that personal data on 500,000 of the cards could have been compromised. the bank says they have credit monitoring services. the four day weekend sounds good, right, but for movies,
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thursday is the new friday. hollywood studio is squeezing in an extra day support weekend box office reports this year by adding thursday tickets sales and opening policemens a day early. according to data, 14 films had sales with 50 million screens on thursday night. as for trading, futures are higher but in 15 minutes we get a positively jobs report and that is the big one this time, so it could go a long way helping to determine how much more stimulus, if any, the fed will continue providing for the economy. next monday could be a big on-line shopping day, and other retailers are trotting out bargains for "green monday." last year, the monday after cyber monday ended up being the third big of the on-line shopping day of the year. >> the holiday party could be more gun this year with business leaders appearing more subsequent rouse. the owner of a steakhouse says hot dates like to thursdays
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before christmas were backed up with reservations by last year and they back to having opening bars. >> and embattled toronto mayor is criticizeing president obama. mayor ford denouncing president obama's health care law telling sports radio show that the affordable care act is too expensive despite the fact that canada prides itself in a government run h care system and says as a person i like president obama. i don't like his policies. >> some parents are sounding off after a new baby bouncy seat has an ipad holder. the toy company released this video showing how it works. the toy company is selling the seat for $80 and says it offers play and learning at finger tips of the baby but some parents are
5:17 am
disgusted. customer reviews say the contraption has to be one of the worst ideas for baby products. what do you think? you can join the conversation on >> i could write a whole blog because i have so much to say about that but we don't have the time now. >> in a word? >> i thought you were going with the brrr word. >> that works. i put the picture of 23 degrees but can you beat that? >> i got a tweet, 20 degrees in north livermore! here is live doppler 7 hd, it is clear. it is sitting on top of mt. st. helena so when the storm comes in it will be the first to see it and it will have snow in it, too.
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38 now, and 37 in west portal the cool spot around san francisco and coming in through the ferry building and across the golden gate bridge 41 and the financial district is 40. same in belmont. freezing cold in appeal -- in palo alto. close to freezing from pittsburg at 27. 25 in petaluma. 26 right now in american canyon. richmond is a warmer spot at 38 degrees. from mount tamalpais, it will be sunny, chilly, dry, rain and snow. freezing cold on sunday and monday. possibly even on tuesday morning. highs today are no different than the last couple of days, upper 40's to 50's, an increase in high clouds from north to south in the afternoon. by 6:00 tomorrow morning, moment of the wet weather is over. temperatures are going to stay up in our lower elevations in the mid-30's to mid-40's around oak and san francisco.
5:19 am
at noon, you can see coming in by 7:00 scattered light showers, with the air super dry, so the rain is going to have to make its way through the layer of dry air. after the 7:00 hour, it will. the heavy of the rain coming in with the front and santa rosa and vallejo at 10:00 through the part of the bay, midnight, through the south bay, 1:00 o'clock to 2:00 and scattered light showers account cold of the air is afterred this system or we would see snow levels down even below 2,000 feet but most of the snow is going to fall before 2,500 feet. tomorrow we have increasing sun. east bay hills, anywhere from 2" to 4" above 2,500 feet and we could get up to 6" on mount hamilton and it will be, looking beautiful tomorrow. cold not your thing? that is not your seven-day outlook: temperatures are below average until at least wednesday
5:20 am
and thursday with money 50's and even a 60 in the forecast. have a great day. be safe. >> good morning, everyone, 59:20, we have an issue which is a stalled car with debris in the lanes southbound at 880, so watch out for that and everything is running on time. we do not have any slow downs and the drive from castro valley is clear. 580 across the richmond-san rafael bridge is seven minutes. along the dumbarton, it is 11 minutes. we had reports of black ice yesterday. with the freezing temperatures, be careful. you do not want to spin out. caltran is on the scene making sure everyone is safe. >> coming through walnut creek from pleasant hill a few extra cars are out there and busy away from highway 4 to the 24 junction. there are no accidents.
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it will only take fine minutes. kristen and eric? >> ahead, seven things to know use start director day. >> the grinch steals more than christmas in one neighborhood. >> a big change
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welcome back at 5:24. he are seven things you need to know: number one, the freezing cold temperatures are still taking over all of our neighborhoods this morning but for san francisco. that will continue through 9:00 and coming up in the seven-day forecast, i will give you an update on the rain and snow around the bay. >> the frosty weather is causing pipes to break if the northeast bay, with a large water pipe breaking causing this water to gush in the avenue. it flooded several buildings in the area. >> south africa government is preparing funeral ceremonies for former president nelson mandela who died on thursday at age 95. south africans including current president zuma gathered out of the his home. his body left the home and headed to a military morgue in
5:25 am
the capital of pretoria. >> there was a fire at a home with a dog and two turtles saved. >> an better alert for a 14-year-old take were by her boyfriend in washington state. elizabeth romero was seen getting into her boyfriend's green ford escape and the two are headed to mexico and could pass through california. >> there is a new will can pain to get more young adults help rolled in health insurance, giving the get of health is aimed at parents and grandparents who have to buy gifts for young people for the holidays. >> the bay bridge toll plaza shows it is friday lite but we are seeing a buildup of congestion over the usual spots but, again, the black ice and freezing temperatures could make for a slick commute. >> first, today, for twitter, the social network has named a woman to their board.
5:26 am
former chief executive is joining twitter board immediately. she oversaw the financial times and will bring more old media experience to the blogging service. twitter faced criticism for not having women on the before. facebook lacks female board members when it went public in may of 2012. two william now sit on the facebook board including cfo sandburg. >> an amazing animal rescue underway in miles per hour after to men saw a photo circulating on facebook showing two deer trapped on ice. they stranded quarter mile from shore on the partly frozen lake. people on facebook asked why no one was helping so doug and jane came to the rescue using their craft to reach the dee and the animals could not stand up because the ice was so slim so the men tied them up with rope and towed them to shore.
5:27 am
>> this morning, philadelphia police are accepting for the grinches caught on video stealing victims decorations. it happened last week two daze before thanksgiving. a woman is take decorations from a home in south philadelphia. an hour later, the woman comes back and this time with a man and the duo take off with several more decorations. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories. happening right now a power outage leaving thousands in the dark and in the cold in the north bay. we have the restoration efforts. >> san jose state spends to student protests [ female announcer ] i like to mix things up a bit with grands mini pot pies. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits.
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news, it is 5:29. a cold one again, thanks for joining us. >> maybe some forecast on the windshield. we know it is cold outside. i told my kid to push a blanket or something on on the windshield at night to keep off the frost. 30 in livermore. 27 in san ramon. 31 in concord. mid-to-upper 30's throughout the bay shore. 42 is the warm spot in san francisco. chilled sun for the better part of the early hours and high clouds will hang around and 48 to 52 degrees. well below average. >> we have closures in the mountains because of snow. if you are leashing the bay area this weekend and headed out to the mountains in the sierra, we do have highway 120 through the pass is going to be closed until further notice. to the north, we had the closure, highway 108 from strawberry closed until further
5:31 am
notice and the area highways you may want to bring some chains because that is a requirement. >> freezing temperatures take their trillion and now thousands of east bay residents without power. amy hollyfield is in benicia with all of the details. aim -- amy? >> a tough morning to be without power or heat and we have two power outages. a rough morning for 3,600, nearly 3,700 customers who have in power. according to pg&e it is because of damage to an underground cable. crews hope to restore power for 1,500 of the customers in the next hour. that is just an estimate, though, and they have not said when they think that everyone will have their lights back on.
5:32 am
>> thank you. the frigid both is causing pipes to burst in the north by and east bay, a large main burst in martinez before 10:00 last night causing water to gush down martinez avenue and through the neighborhood. crews shut off the water but not before it flooded the buildings nearby. >> the annual lighting of the me concert moan at the summit of mount diabolo has been relocated because of the possibility of ice and snow and now held in concord on the cal state campus. pearl harbor survivors will we relay a message at 4:45. each year since 1964, they have done this once a year to honor the victims of pearl harbor. >> anyone that thawed out yesterday is likely frozen again this morning. in danville you can see the ice and it will probably thank you
5:33 am
out and maybe freeze again. how is the freezing cold affecting you? send us your photos and videos to you can also tweet them to abc7 news bay area. >> the south african president zuma announced mel mel will have -- nelson mandela will have a state burial december 17th. he died at 95 yesterday. now to washington, dc for that story. >> the south african president also said that sunday is a day of prayer and reflection. many in south africa were asleep last night when word came that their beloveed leader was gone. >> this morning, the world is mourning the loss of an icon. >> outside, they sanged and danced all night outside nelson mandela's hope.
5:34 am
>> celebrate what he has achieved and given us. >> the body was moved to a military hospital hours after he died at home. the tributes pour in for the man who defeated the brutally racist apartheid system. amens are paying respect from indiana, to harlem, new york, to brooklyn. >> in washington, dc, people gathered at nelson mandela statute out of the south african embassy. >> it and a sense of my boys can have the opportunity to do a lot more things. >> president obama attended a hanukah reception at the white house, remembered delaware -- nelson mandela as a champion. >> a moral giant who embodied the dignity and courage and hope and sought to bring about justice that only in south africa but inspiring millions around the world. >> millions remain moved by the long walk to freedom. imprisoned for 27 years he bill a global symbol of the fight against apartheid.
5:35 am
from his cell he rallied millions against racism and injustice. in in knew the government under heavy pressure at home and from around the world, released mandela and began disman telling apartheid. >> never again shall it be that this will have the oppression of one by another. >> there will be a memorial at a 95,000 stadium. president obama will attend. >> hearts are heavy around the world and the bay area where the antiapartheid movement took center stage conclude as ago. mel knell visited in 1990 giving a speech in front of 58,000 people who came to see him at the oakland coliseum. he just was released from prison four months earlier after being in prison 27 years. a state senator was on stage with mandela.
5:36 am
show was mayor of berkeley one of few cities in the world that sanctioned south africa. >> that was a moment of shear joy for the entire community. i think the coliseum was full every seat, standing room only celebrating this extraordinary human spirit. >> in 1985, 10,000 students at u.k. berkeley boycotted classes. and the follow year california was the largest government in the united states to require divestments of investments related to south africa. >> people are sharing memories on our facebook page. you can eastbound -- leave your thoughts, too. >> san jose state is addressing what called a hate crime against a black student. the university has appoint add retired superior court judge to led the investigation of what happened. we the judge will recommend ways to ensure that san jose state is
5:37 am
a welcoming community. protesters have demand action from the leaders after claims that white students tore -- tormented their black roommate. athree richmond teens are accused of raping two girls after getting them drunk they passed out. the assault was on friday at a park in richmond. the suspects, one 15, and two that were 17, supplied the alcohol. the girls, 14 and 17 woke up the next day and felt they had been sexually assault asked told their families who called police. >> the gene testing company will stop offering test results related to health because of a warning letter from the f.d.a. considering the kits "medical devices." they land to review the health
5:38 am
the company will still offer gene data to customers but will not interpret what the data could mean. the labor department released the latest jobs report with the unemployment rate dipping to 7 percent in november down from the october 7.3 percent which makes it a five year low in the unemployment rate. employers added 203,000 jobs and economists say the who could get a jolt and signal that the job market could be gathering momentum. >> the cold has been gathering momentum. mike? >> the cold is winning right now. i got a tweet say, where is global warming? you will have something like this, and, in fact, it is almost winter. we will have some type of weather like this once this a while. look at the snow out over the ocean, along the coast, higher
5:39 am
elevations from see at to pot land headed to medford and you know you have a cold system coming our way. today is a day to prepare again for the rain and snow that is coming in overnight and the evening. it is a good 12 to 14 hours away. freezing cold but san francisco, this morning, by noon, hanging out in the mid-40's to around 50 degrees with sunshine and we will have high clouds in the afternoon and we will hold around 50 and dug the 7:00 hour light showers develop. the showers will change to snow at 2,000 feet and 2" to 6" possible. tomorrow the highs are mid-40's and freezing cold sunday and monday withize only in the 40's again. >> a new accident 50 of 101 in san jose not of san jose airport. it look like we have a couple cars that were tangled up but not quite clear whether it is
5:40 am
blocking any lanes and it does not seem to affect 101. at the altamont pass it is show at 34 miles per hour headed in from tracy and down to 30 miles per hour the closer you are to vasco road and this is how long it will take to get in the westbound direction, 35 minutes from tracy to dublin and highway 4 is building and 101, still clear, from san rafael to san francisco under 20 minutes and out, here is the san mateo bridge from hayward to foster city at 12 minutes to the peninsula. kristen and eric? >> the bitter cold is the least of the worries for east bay neighbors. next the danger coming from a come plant that forced them to shelter in place. >> a jumbo jet flying sideways and what the pilot did at the last minute preventing a
5:41 am
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covering santa rosa, san jose, berkeley and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> the flight from you know where, the crew of this 777 diverted after they tried, twice, to land if a heavy crosswind in england. you can see the plane almost sideways into the wind coming in for a landing.
5:44 am
moments before touching down, the pilot aborts and lifts off again. this is the second time they did it the finally, the pilot gave up and air traffic controllers deferred them to gatwick airport 150 miles away. the 112 passengers on board were understandably shaken but no one was hurt. >> this morning, an advisory to shelter to place is over after a clear -- after a chlorine square in pittsburg after a warning was issued. residents were told to stay indoor until the advisory was lifted. it took several hours to empty a contaminated tank. officials say the gas can cause severe injuries to the lungs. it was closed after releases that started yesterday but the general manager says yesterday's threat was unrelated. >> a center serving girls living
5:45 am
in public housing is asking for your help. vandals break into the after school academy the weekend before thanksgiving day shattering five windows. that is not the worst part. >> they took a water hose and stuck the hose inside the busted window and started to sat right our floors with water. the freezing weather has turned the water interest ice making the floor buckle. the broken windows make it too chilly for the constitutes -- students to learn. please call the school if you can help fix the ones and water damage. >> this is a head shaker. two teens in trouble after trying to steal part of the wrecked porsche tied to paul walker's death of the witnesses say they saw a teen taking part of the car east tow truck when it stopped at a light. 40-year-old walker and a friend were killed on saturday when the car crashed at high speed. an 18-year-old is in custody and another has greed to surrender.
5:46 am
>> sketch's army general would led the ouster of mohammed morsi is the winner of time magazine's people choice of "person of the year," beating out miley cyrus and turkey's prime minister. this was massive support by voters in egypts two million votes cast on the web site and open twitter. the editor's pick for "person of the year," will be later this month. it will be interesting to see where miley cyrus ranks with the editors. marissa mayer was on the short list, too, from yahoo. >> cold outside. >> yeah. >> how would miley dress this weekend in the bay area? >> good morning, coming up on 5: 47. a lost dry air over the top of
5:47 am
us. no need to worry about wet weather during the day. on the peninsula, temperatures are warmer than yesterday. we still freezing. we are 32 in foster city and redwood city. pale appeal is -- palo alto is 29. san mateo is 36. coups the -- across the bay we are 37 in oakland. 33 in san jose and 30 in los gatos. mid-20's in the north bay. frosty cold at 31 in concord. 41 is the warmest in san francisco. mount tamalpais is clear. a dry day today. the sun will be taken away high by mt. diablos. rain and snow tonight. our highs are ten degrees cooler-than-average, upper 40's to low 50's.
5:48 am
you need the coat again today. mid-30's for mid-40's tonight so most of us what falls below 2,000 feet is in the form of rain. by noon, we are seeing the high clouds roll in. by 5:00, you can see the scattered light showers developing when the winds come east ocean. they will be light because the air is dry. by 7:00, it will hit the ground. the front is in the north board of inquiry 10:00 for the steady rain. at 11:00 it is moving through the part of the bay and through 2:00 it moves through the south bay. by 4:00, it is gone. the cold of the air is coming in after the moisture leaves. above 2,500', 2" to 4" of snow is possible and the east baylies could get a cutting and up to 6 itch of snow around monterey in your mountains.
5:49 am
the seven-day forecast shows temperatures stuck in the 40's for highs. after the weekend, on monday and tuesday, we will be in the 50's and back to average wednesday and thursday. >> 47 bart trains are on time. north of the san jose airport there is a problem with lanes blocked can several c.h.p. units are headed to the scene of the accident. we do have the possibility of black ice across our roads especially on the bridges and overpasses because the cool air is able to affect both the top and the bottom of the bridges and overpasses allowing for quicker freezing. be careful and never slam on your brakes if you feel you hit black ice of the take your foot off the accelerator, and try to keep your steering wheel straight. here is a look at the drive
5:50 am
coming from emeryville to san francisco, the cash-paying lanes are loaded up and the fast track lanes are smooth. looking to the bay bridge you can see the traffic and the tail lits are building as you make it over to treasure island. >> this holiday, we are teaming up with feeding america food banks and you can help. go to facebook and take the pledge "give where you live." we will donate a dollar in your honor to the bay area feeding america food banks up to $75,000. your goaded to be -- good deed could be rewarded. the winner is announced on december 19. spread the love and help us "give where you live." >> amazon will launch a new delivery service next week for groceries. all signs point to amazon fresh becoming available next tuesday. the service lets shoppers order
5:51 am
groceries and get delivery the same day or next day. amazon fresh faces competition from google and safe way and wal-mart which offer delivery services. >> when babies eat usually you see more food on their hands and the high chair. parents try to stop them but maybe they ship. >> back for an encore, a new mission that batkid is on when he returns to san francisco. >> give the get of health, a new push to get people to "gift" health insurance this holiday
5:52 am
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>> brace yourself san francisco for the run of batkid. he is back. batkid or the mild mannered miles scott, five years old cancer survivor, will reunite with the san francisco police chief with a fundraiser for make-a-wish foundation so others can have their wishes come true. alma is hosting the event. >> miles will lead a walk so please join him. it will be cold. but not as cold as this morning. >> absolutely. not as cold as this morning. we will have temperatures that will rebound tonight and be cold over the weekend.
5:55 am
mid-to-upper 40's at candlestick and the kickoff is 4:00. dress accordingly. live doppler 7 hd shows i is quiet right now, the snow is in oregan but it will cross the border, and temperatures are in the low-to-mid 50's in monterey and upper 50's headed to the south and check out winter storm want no fought only chico but all of the safer area with 3 to 7" of snow and possibly 10" in areas. the sooner you get out today the better off you are. >> we will talk about which roads are closed in the sierra. for the weekend, highway 120 is closed until further notice through the pass and further to the north we have this closure of highway 1308 from strawberry to the pass. we have requirements for chains on the other highways unless you have four wheel drive or snow tires, that will help.
5:56 am
mass transit, all running on time. ace train one is early and three just left stockton. if you coming through northeast northbound 280 away from 17 there are a few extra consider -- cars. >> pregnant women with depression have a higher percentage of passing the depression to their unborn children. a survey asked women of their mental health when 26 weeks pregnant. m.r.i.'s showed abnormal wiring in the brains of babies born to mothers with depression. >> a study says new parents should encourage toddlers or let them play with their food. it has to do with learning. the more messy toddler is, the more he or she could be lending. researches at the university of iowa studied 70, 16-month-old children and found babies would play with the food the most were best able to match the word to the correct food.
5:57 am
all of that smashing and throwing of the food helps babies explore with their senses. researchers call it "active learning." >> new this morning, fire chases six people from their homes on the peninsula. we will show you the new video in the newsroom overnight. >> remembering knoll knell and we -- nelson mandela and we will show you the new tributes as people mourn the south african leader. >> later, how does tree music sound, the new offering about to be released from a popular music
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. another morning and another day of freezing cold temperatures. this is a picture of traffic in walnut creek. it is cold there. in the east bay, mike nicco is tracking the cold and the
6:00 am
possibility of snow in the forecast. >> remembering nelson mandela, the revered south african leader is being mounted in the bay area and around the world. we are learning new details of the ten day mourn period underway. >> breaking news, half a dozen people are out of their homes after an early morning fire. who is reaching out to help them. >> thank you for joining us at 6:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> we have a light at the end of the tunnel, no quit so cold as it was, two to five degrees warmer around the bay and one or two in the east bay, but, city, chilly in the north bay at zero to three degrees cooler than yesterday with 22 in napa and 25 in novato and the upper 20's around concord and san ramon and 30 in antioch and livermore and the mid-to-upper 30's from san jose up both bay shorelines to oakland and 42 i


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