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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 8, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm katie marzullo in for carolyn tyler on this sunday. it is 5:00 a.m. we will start you off with a quick look at the weather. the cold snap continues. good morning, katie. >> good morning. we have a spare-the-air day and a freeze warning until 9:00 this morning. temperatures dropping below freezing in many north bay neighborhoods. in the mid-30s in san francisco. we still have a way to go until sunrise. more 20s and 30s, even mid-30s at the coast. by noontime another raw afternoon. the winds will be lighter today. low to mid-50s and 40s by noontime. by the afternoon still as much
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as 10 degrees below afternoon. we are looking at another freeze warning tonight into monday morning and possibly into tuesday. the good news is that our afternoon highs will be warming up day-to-day. details on that in a few minutes. katie. >> that sounds good. thank you. in the south by officials are working to save lives as the temperature drops low enough to create life-threatening conditions. at least four deaths have occurred this week throughout santa clara county. but to get people off the streets and into shelters is making a difference. we report from a san jose shelter protecting more than 200 cold snap refugees. >> in addition to all of the beds, they had to bring in mats to handle the people that will need a place out of the coal. about 225 are expected at had shelter in san jose. >> i have people out there who are freezing and i worry about them because i don't want nobody to pass away like it has been the last couple of days. >> four homeless men froze to
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death in santa clara county this week, even though there was enough space at local shelters. >> it was a very sad week for us as homeless service providers that four people died on the street, particularly since we opened the cold weather shelters on sunday and there is capacity available for the homeless right now. >> teams of service workers visited railroad tracks and other places homeless people are known to stay, trying to coax them into the shelter. but many prefer their familiar surroundings outdoors. >> it worries me a lot that people aren't going to come in. i don't know if people realize exactly how dangerous it is outside for them right now. >> the recent deaths have prompted santa clara county residents to donate clothes and blankets and cash to prevent any more loss of life. >> that should be happen. no. in san jose, such a rich city, you can't have people dying outside. that's not okay. >> shelters are bracing for more frigid nights. in san jose, john alston, abc7
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news. >> a homeless man was found dead in dublin and authorities say it could be another death due to cold in the bay area. his body was found on valley parkway. an autopsy to determine the exact cause of death is scheduled for tomorrow. if exposure did cuss his death, he would be the fifth person in the bay area to die in the frigid temperatures over the past two weeks. there's a lot of snow in the sierra this morning. the placer county town got a good dusting. and check out the snow from heavenly mountain resorts. city carries got three feet of new snow from the storm. all are offering limited operations but are still waiting until they get more snow. the temperature drop in central valley is threatening lemons and other citrus crops. the lemons on the outside could be in jeopardy. they even use a helicopters as a
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flying wind machine to force warm air closer to the ground. stay on top of the weather with our weather appleton. download it for free at the palo alto veteran who was held in north korea for more than a month is back in california this morning at a family home in santa cruz. merrill newman thed at sfo yesterday to plenty of fanfare. here is lisa amin gulezian with more. [applause] >> reporter: he held on to the ones he missed most while being detained in north korea. after traveling some 24 hours, he's finally back in the bay area. >> it's been a great homecoming. i'm tired, but ready to be with my family. >> the 85-year-old was a man of few words while at san francisco enter in the airport. >> what's the first thing you are going to do when you make it back through your door?
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>> i think probably take my shoes off. >> after leaving sfo the newman family came here to their second home in santa cruz. it's a house they have owned for decades. once inside they have been relaxing and spending time together. this is a photo taken of merrill and his wife leigh having lunch. they aren't returning to their house yety yellow ribbons were tied as a symbol for his safe return. vice president biden had this to say. >> there's a piece of good news. they never should have had it in the first place. >> the north korean government accused newman of committing war crimes and the media released this video of new minnesota allegedly confessing to those crimes. the news outlet said his apology, his age and medical condition, led to his relief. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news.
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at least six americans have been detained since twine, including kenneth by, who has been held in north korea for more than a year. he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor after he was accused of plotting to overthrow the government. we are learning this morning the cause of a two-alarm fire that damaged an apartment building building in almeda. it happened on san jose avenue. fire officials say the cause was a faulty power cord in a second floor bedroom. the displaced residents be being helped by the red cross. the aerial search for a missing bay area family has been called off at least for now. dale and his family disappeared from a flight from oregon to california sunday. the snow and bad weather is expected over the next few disand it's unknown when or if an aerial search will resume. >> this week hearings on the flight that crashed in
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san francisco will begin. it will focus on pilot awareness, emergency response and cabin safety. we are learning more this morning about major league baseball and san jose's effort to bring the a's to the south bay. there will be commissioner bud selig wrote a letter to the a's owner in june denying their bid to go south. that letter came to court friday in a federal court filings. the giants claim san jose as part of their territory. this morning superstar collin caber neck is get egg ready for this week's game at capped he will stick but earlier this week he was spreading cheer to families with sick children and scoring touchdowns at the ronald mcdonald house. carolyn tyler captured that special moment. >> reporter: he was dressed in red and appearing like st. nick but it wasn't st. nick, it was kaepernick. >> you see how purehearted kids
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are. >> the 49er quarterback paid a surprise visit to san francisco's ronald mcdonald's house and gave them an x-box 1. the husband is a home away from home whose families whose children are receiving treatment at the nearby ucf hospital. ronald and his two kids and wife are staying here free of charge while 16--month-old flynn undergoes surgery. >> it's been wonderful. i have the kids here. we couldn't have done it without these people. we really couldn't. >> more than 4,000 families have lived at the ronald mcdonald's house. >> we come from as far away as hawaii and maui. we don't have many family here to help us out, but the ronald mcdonald is the best family for us. >> and now colin kaepernick is part of that family. he's behind mcdonald's x-box 1 promotion and used it to lift the spirits of stress out parents and worried children.
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he says he remembers at a kid having people look out for him. >> it's another way to give back and help families. >> another ronald mcdonald house is being built in san francisco that will triple the size of this ten bedroom home. his appearance might help. >> it will bring attention to the campaign and we hope people hear about it and look into third hearts to donate to the house. >> happy holidays. >> in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc7 news. several san francisco undercover blitz officers will be at tonight's niners game against seattle dressed as seahawks fans. the 49ers seahawks series is einvolving into a bitter rivalry. the police chief said there will be more detoy fans today than there had been at any other game. behave yourself out there fans, today. you will need to bundle up too. >> yeah, usually we need help in keeping our temperature up but with 37 in oakland it is cool
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out there. more 20s in the north bay. freeze warning and another chilly day, a look at whether or not we will see more rain. but the temperatures are going to warm up. it may take all week. your forecast is coming up. >> thanks, lisa. also up next, batkid returns. his visit to san francisco in the spirit of helping others. and the story you will need to see if you are an expectant mother or you know someone who
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enroll now at mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait. and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. >> the world is reflecting upon and honoring the life of former south african president nelson mandela. "this week" features four people
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who knew him personally. a former ambassador, a former holes center, a former biographer and a former officer who oversaw their first democratic elections in 1994. don't miss "this week" coming up with george stephanopoulos right here at 8:00 on abc7. former presidents will attend tuesday's massive memorial service in south africa. this as family and friends pay tribute to south africa's national hero. here's byron pits. >> it represents the rain dough of this country. he was the last. >> reporter: nelson mandela would be laid to rest in grand style. tuesday a mel oracle service like the world has never seen. some 95,000 people packed inside the fnb stadium. wednesday through friday the former president will lie in state in the legislative
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capital. next sunday he will be lid it rest in the small village of his boyhood near the cape. those closest to mandelacy they will miss the closest things. the closest friend and lawyer remembers his friend's consideration even at the hospital these last months. he sid george make sure you take the jacket with you, don't leave it behind. for a man who was critical, to be concerned about my jacket, says something about this minnesota. in the last several months a number things were made public. to what to do with his mope to where he should be buried. but since his death the family has thrown a united spoken front, speaking with one voice. >> san francisco will host a
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memorial to honor him and flags will fly half staff until next sunday. there's a meat recall. 2600 pounds of pujudo whole bone less hams shipped by ontario foods of canada. routine tests showed listeria in 54 boxes. they are dated november 14th and 15 the. it's in the package called gold." this is a stressful time for college students with college exams and holidays looming ahead. to the rescue. check out a session with a certified therapy dog provided by the san francisco spca. staying a study break helps releave stress and taking brick with a dog is even better. it can decrease your heart right and blood pressure and give you a general sense of well-being. batkid returns to
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san francisco. it happened yesterday. he was giving back to those who mid-his dream come true. the five-year-old led participants in a 5k run. part of the make aish foundation annual brave the bay fundraiser. another part of the fundraiser, yep, a dip in the chilly bay. >> oh, man, it's cold. so cold. such a great cause. they just keeping turning it down and it gets colder every year but the energy is great. >> abc7 weekend anchor ama daetz hosted yesterday's event. happening today, the second annual contribute fest on san francisco's historic waterfront. the crab festival hails crab season at the maritime festival park. you can watch the boats unload their crabs, tickets are $45 and
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there will be demonstrations by chefs and demonstrations. winetisting from almost wineries is included. if an expectant mom is on your holiday shopping list you my be considering buying a stroller and you will want to consider safety. consumer reports has partnered exclusively with 7 on your side's michael finney to reveal what you need to know before you buy one. >> he was just the greatest baby. he really was. i mean, i know everyone says that about their own children, but he was smart and he was funny. he was the best thing that ever happened to me. >> the 7-month-old bobby's parents never thought it will be dangerous to put him down for a nap in a stroller but then a horrible accident. >> he was stuck in the stroller and they took him to a hospital. from there he's gone. >> the stroller, with a design
5:18 am
similar to this one, was deemed dangerous and had to be resulted in 2010 after bobby's death. the problem? the size of the space between the tray and the seat. >> the opening was large enough to allow a child's unharnessed torso to slide through but not the head so the child could get caught and get straining he would. bobby was not strapped in. strollers should be safe even if the child is unharnessed. the consumer reports tests have found several strollers in the past years that pose a similar strangulation risk. there has been a result. but the recall doesn't mean the strollers are completely off the market. >> we lies went on taking's list and bought two similar strollers of that been recalled. >> in checking for a stroller check the recommendations. those strollers perform well in consumer reports safety test.
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whatever stroll are you use, consumer reports said always be sure to use the harn necessary to strap in your child. >> bobby's parents are suing the manufacture over the accident. if you already have a stroller and you want to clerk out the recall list, go to our website there we have information on 7 on your side. it is 5:19. lisa keeping track of the cold snap. >> it has been an stepped period. we still have not only tonight for another freeze warning and monday morning and possibly into tuesday. >> all right. >> so the cold snap still very much in control. but we are looking at a quiet start. live doppler 7hd where the high clouds off the coast not doing too much to insulate us. usually that radiational cooling with the clear sky really cools us off. that's what's happening despite the higher clouds offshore. the air mass is just this cold and we are looking at the freeze warning for the next four hours, except for san francisco.
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although san francisco dropping into the upper 30s right now and many 20s in the north bay. it's even in the low 30s at the coastline. so another nip by start from our sutro camera. today, this afternoon, it's the north bay that will see the poorest air quality with the high pressure. a lid on the atmosphere and very little mixing. yesterday we had quite a breeze. low 30s oakland, redwood city at freezing. san jose just above. and below freezing in los gatos with half moon bay checking in at 37 degrees. from our roof camera, it's still out there and here are the 20s. plenty of them from santa rosa and napa. upper 20s novato. by this time tomorrow we could see the numbers drop into the mid-30s. yesterday we had much milder temperatures in the 40s. milder, that's relative, right? so we are much, much cooler. it's going to take probably until the middle of the week or
5:21 am
the end of the week before we get out of those freezing morning low temperatures. i'll show you that in a moment. as we get going through the afternoon, plenty of sunshine. another chilly day today. a few 50s, mainly in the 40s. and a warming trend by monday. you will notice a difference out there. we are looking at the air quality with very little mixing in the north bay. hazy out there. elsewhere a. >> better but no woodburning throughout the by today. our satellite and radar composite, much of the nation gripped in a huge cold spell and the west coast in particular with high pressure building in. that cool, northerly flow continues to pump that cool air from canada down into the bay area. so the morning lows, 20s and 30s this morning along the coast and around the bay. then by tomorrow look at that, even chillier. tuesday not much of a difference. it is going to take until toward the end of the week for the lows to modify.
5:22 am
middle part of the week for the ties. 50 in oakland today, 49 in san jose with upper 40s in morgan hill, as well as half moon bay. the northeast winds 5 to 10 miles an hour. the spare the air day today and the accuweather seven-day forecast. the chilly start, low to mid-50s, though, by some areas around the bay even tomorrow. tuesday and wednesday a little milder and the overnight lows come up with afternoon high of 60s. and very slight chance of showers into friday. abc weather news has a great resource for you to follow. follow us on twitter. the latest weather conditions, rain or shine, video forecasts, spare the air alerts, power outage info and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. >> get out extra layers of sweaters, blankets, hats, mittens. >> thanks. >> coming to the bay area this week, the event bringing do
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the bay area's biggest parade was in oakland yesterday. more than 20 high school bands kicked off the holiday children's paw rid. people lined the street and the city center to lake merritt to watch the fun highlights included. children's characters like curious george and garfield, tap
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dancing trees and, of course, santa claus. there will be dozens of santa's circulating in san francisco next weekend. it's the santa claus adventure. each year santas visit children during the holiday season to bring christmas cheer and drink christmas cheer. santa began in den mark in the 1870s. we are teaming up with the local food banks. you can help. with each pledge we will donate one dollars in your honor to feeding the america's food banks up to $75. your good deed could be rewarded. everyone entered will win $7,000 cash. spread the love and help us give where you live. much more news coming up on abc7 morning news. up next, when you are traveling, find out what to city away from
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to avoid getting sick over the holidays. and the bay area company paving the which to help people with hearing loss.
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everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop! to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist lisa argen. >> just a quick look because it's so cold. you already know that. this is how cold we are now. in the 20s in the north bay and novato. look at livermore.
5:30 am
30. freezing in fremont and san francisco has dipped into the upper 30s. 31 los gatos. we are looking at the chilly numbers. the freeze warning until 9:00. we will see clear conditions but with lighter winds. itit is a spare-the-air day tod. mostly sunny conditions. will the sunshine warm us up? not really. tomorrow despite the freeze work we will be warming. i will let you know the rest of accuweather forecast in a few minutes. kitty. >> thank you. as cold as necessary the bay area, it is much worse in other parts of the country. roads are treacherous. snow in downtown dallas, texas. powerlines down and flights could be candles with more to come. here's chuck severson. >> at least 16 people have died in the severe freeze gripping much of the u.s. many of the winter storm victims died on slick roads, including the driver of a pickup truck this hit a patch of ice on this bridge in louisville, texas. the car spun out of control and
5:31 am
flipped over the guardrail into the wet below. rescue crews braved freezing temperatures to get to the car. only 17-degree temperature. they had to get try suits on and get down there and lift it up. >> road crews spent hours trying to get a handle on the storm that turned from rain to sleet and snow and some places block ice, forcing considers to slow down. backing up traffic for miles and flipping over trucks. code condition so treacherous people were walking instead of driving to work. >> unlike the back roads and in the neighborhoods, it's really bad because nobody was driving. >> powerlines snapped from oklahoma to texas in the freezing weather, leaving tens of thousands without power. and more than 3,000 passengers were forced to camp out at the dallas fort worth international airport after 400 flights were cancelled. forecasters say the icy system is barreling into the mid-atlantic and virginia where the storm has a potential to be a historic ice event. as for the rest of the country, record lows saturday night.
5:32 am
a new storm brewing in the northwest. chuck severson, abc news, new york. >> california central valley is also getting their share of cold weather. sanger woke up to snow yesterday. they are only 375 feet above sea level. and it brought good snow for skiers. 65 million people will take to the skies this month in the u.s. alone and along with their travelers they will be carrying on third germs. here's abc news reporter gerald wright with how to avoid the airport bugs. >> one. busiest times of the year also happens to be cold and flu season. travelers are higher at risk. more than 20% more likely to catch something. although not necessarily on the plane itself. the cabin air is cleaner than you will find in most office buildings because it's circulated through hospital
5:33 am
grade felters. but airports are jermyl my environments. it includes the row in front of you, the row behind you, and all of these areas here. the tray table, the seat pocket. anywhere that's likely to have caught a fees. the airport, with those crowded ticket counters, tsa checkpoints and food courts is an even bigger petri dish for disease. no air filters there but plenty of coughs and sneezes. >> the best way to stay healthy is to keep your hands clean and for traveling that's a sanitizer. >> a single sneeze can produce 30,000 drop less than can spread about sparse six feet. not anyone's idea of spreading holiday cheer, david wright, abc news, los angeles. >> the health exchange is sharing data with insurance agents without consumers consent. the consumer reports said the agent provided personal information to the agent when
5:34 am
they just researched information online. the consumers didn't complete an application and did not ask to be contacted. tens of thousands of consumers are affected. there is hopeful news on the blood cancer front. blood therapy is making a major progress against limb fem ma and will you keep yeah. it alters a gene that attacks cancer and returned to the patient. of more than 120 in the study, 24 had complete remission aft treatment. by some estimates, more than three quarters of people with hearing loss don't do anything about it. now an east bay start-up is trying to do something about that by making hearing aids draw in thecally cheaper and easier to get. abc7 news reporter jonathan bloom has the story you will only see on abc7 news. >> tyrone has spent hours in rooms like this one wearing head bones and lessening to faint tones made by a big machine. >> i have been wearing hearing aids since in elementary school. >> that might be one were the last times he does this because
5:35 am
it isn't a hearing clinic, it's a start-up this you can order online and set up at home. >> we plan to offer an alternative to what's out there. >> he knows all about what is out there. he found the the company that created lyric, the tiny hearing aid you wear all the time. now a new device, i-hear that costs a few hundred dollars instead of a few of several thousands. >> making it more affordable. >> you plug into a website. early test subjects say they like it a lot better than the big ones. >> i hear the fluorescent lights, i here the computers, i hear your watch, i hear everything. >> the parts inside the device are incredibly small. under the microscope you see on the screen the image of the circuit so tiny it's about the advertise of a grain of dirt under your fingernail. >> everything is done under a microscope. >> tis steady hands and tweezers to put it together. there's nothing cheap about it.
5:36 am
they keep the costs low by cutting the hearing clinic out of the equation which doesn't sit well with everyone. >> there's a chance they could have a tumor or something else wrong. >> he said he wishes they would leave the ear exam to a professional. but for tyrone, price is king. >> i'm one of those guys this grew up in a working poor family and we couldn't afford hearing aids. so i'm excited to the fact this is going to be something your average consumer can already. >> in san leandro, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. coming up, a treatment once reserved for superstars is being used to treat air loss. but is it a fad or a real fit? why your own blood could be the key. taking a live look outside this morning. this is the view from our hd roof cam. san francisco u see the bay bridge and the bay lights. gorgeous but it is still cold. 39 degrees right now. lisa argen will let you know how
5:37 am
much it is going to warm up in the forecast in just a few to thoseworried...ited... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at
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5:40 am
there like a christmas tree during the holiday season. the lights are twinkling but it will be another chilly one. a lot like yesterday but less wind. you are still looking at temperatures only in the upper 40s. lease arming will fill you in on the details where you live coming up in her forecast in a few minutes. meantime pal law rich plasma or php has grown as way of speed healing. now there is a new possibility. using it to promote hair growth. we explain. >> terry lee is in her 60s. she's kept in great shape but the last several years she noticed a change she's been unable to control. the steady loss of her hair. >> i notice a tremendous change, even using the top always and lotions and potions, it was just getting increasingly thinner. >> after trying products, she decide today undergo a new and unproven treatment derived from her own body.
5:41 am
at revive med spa in milbrae, the doctor takes a sample of her blood and spins it in the centrifuge to extract plately rich plasma or prp. >> what we are hoping for with the prp is to provide the patient with their own growth factors from their platelets and they will stimulate hair growth and decrease the loss of hair. >> after removing the concentrated plasma, the doctor injects it directly into her scalp. she said she's used the technique to treat both men and women with early signs of success. >> particularly when we cull the female or male pattern baldness which is the front of the hair or the front of the head or the crown. those are the areas that i've seen the greatest success with. >> interest in prp has accelerated in recent years from its use in sports medicine, including the treatment of tiger woods knee injury, to the use as a facial filler. some believe it releases growth factors similar to stem their
5:42 am
similar to therapy. but the bench gets for hair loss are still being debated. san francisco dermatologist said there is only been minimal research with one small european study finding an apparent benefit. >> but there aren't any controlled long-term clinical trials on the use of this as a stand alone treatment for hair loss. >> the doctor said the visual results have been encouraging. these before and after photos of male patience show an apparent thicken of the hair in front and crown. while they were not confirmed by a clinical hair count, the patients believe they are seeing benefits. >> after about a week or two i noticed the areas on my temple tharpe getting bier started to not seem so thin. >> but keep in mind, it's not cheap. costs range from about $900 for a single treatment to $2,500 for a set of three treatments. >> that was carolyn johnson reporting.
5:43 am
prp is being used in conjunction with some hair transplant procedures but there's no long-term research proving it works. lisa is here. >> the freeze work for everywhere but san francisco. even san francisco dropped into the upper 30s. 37 at the airport. and 37 the exploratorium. you see the holiday lights there. we will look for more sunshine today when we warm up. and what about our rainfall? we will talk about that when we return. >> and stanford has done it again manhandling arizona state in the partly to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage.
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[niece]okay! [uncle]okay? [niece]one,two three,four,five,six,seven,eight! [uncle laughing] okay,we go the other way,okay? [niece]one,two,three,four,five, six,seven! [uncle laughs]there's ten spaces,you want to try again? [uncle]yeah? >> here's the vantage punt from our camera. you can't see the sky conditions or anything like that but the twinkling lights are pretty. all you need to know is it is cold north bay. temperatures in the 20s. but perhaps by now people are start to go get used to that. have we acclimated the bay area? >> thursday morning napa was 19.
5:46 am
a little ways to go from there. but upper 20s in the north bay. mid-20s tomorrow morning because that's going to be the colder morning with the freeze warning. right now we are looking it he cold temperatures all over the bay once again. live doppler 7hd pick up some higher clouds. yesterday half moon bay managed 52 degrees. gilroy 56. the warm spots. everywhere else we were in the 40s the once again today, below average and temperatures coming out of the 40s. a look from our sutro tower right now. nice and clear from 39 in san francisco to 33 in oakland. 31 redwood city. san jose just above freezing. loss got toes in the low 30s. at our coast it's 37. so roof camera lit up nicely here. we are looking at more upper 20s in the north by. so probably into the mid-20s. the sun comes up at 7:13 in santa rosa. won't be until after 8:00 that you see numbers reach the
5:47 am
freezing mark there. 27 novato, 31 by the delta and concord and livermore at 30 this morning. we are looking at still this air mass, this cold, cold air ms. over the bay area. today with the numbers just near 50 degrees, this column is where we should be. oakland should see about 57. 7 degrees below average there. look at napa and san jose. as much as 13 degrees below average. you should be sitting in the low 60s for this time of year. even redwood city was twelve degrees shy of your average. still plenty of upper 40s and just a few 50s around the bay. the sun sets at 4:51. the shortest day of the year, we around even there yet. we will be looking at the typical winter time air today with the is it fair to say the air. even despite the sunny conditions today. with the higher winds and high pressure capping the atmosphere. not a lot of mixes in the partulate matter that comes from
5:48 am
burning wood traps accumulating by the ground and this so zone layer increasing today. therefore no burning with the spare the air. air quality in the north bay kind of hazy. elsewhere medium air quality throughout thedy today. with the higher clouds offshore, this is a weak weather system that continues to skirt the coast. it will miss us. as a result, cold high pressure. the northerly winds continuing to come town from can da -- come down from canada, gripping the coast. they saw snow in yosemite. 34 for a high. it's sticking around for a while. 47 in fresno. upper 50s in southern california. 50 today in oakland with 49 in the livermore valley. look for 48 at the coast. lighter winds around the bay. and over at candlestick, chilly, chilly, chilly. sunny skies, though. good game today with the upper 40s. the accuweather seven-day forecast, the freezing mornings,
5:49 am
milder averages through the middle of the week with sunny skies and the slight chance the system is going to split by the end of the week. probably no rain there at all. but numbers continue to get milder. i think that snowpack is going to stick around for a while in the mountains. >> thank you, lisa. cool. in sports, the raiders and 49ers are both in action today. at 10:00 today they play the new york jets and at 1:25 a big one at candlestick park. the seahawks battle the 49ers. meanwhile stanford is headed to the rose bowl following a victory against arizona. there they will face-off against michigan. here's the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. we kickoff with the partly pac-e game. the stanford hosting the sun devils. as sit with the 7-0 at home. second play from scrimmage. tyler gaffney bounces outside.
5:50 am
he's gone. 69 yards. longest touchdown of the season for sanford. 7-0 like that. sun devils not happy. how would they respond? their first possession, foster goes 51 yards. longest run of the year byas state and longest run allowed by stanford. ty montgomery gumry. 21-7 stanford. everything is coming up roses are for the cardinals. in the second fourth goal. give any's third td of the game. 28-7 stuff ford. fourth and goal for asu fourth quarter. they are stopped. 38-14, the final. they win their second consecutive pac-12 titler and headed to pasadena for the 100th rose bowl game on january 1st. >> two really good teams. a tough game. bottom line is we have to make big plays. we could use probably the play of the game. a 99-yard touchdown game.
5:51 am
>> unreal. to have the opportunity to be out here, you can't even explain it. i love being out here with the stanford guys. this is why i came back. being on this stage is why you come back. >> all right. big 10 championship. ohio at this time and michigan. buckeyes win and go to the national championship. connor cook. keith gets behind the coverage. nobody is going to catch him. 72-yard touchdown. 10-to 7, supporty. supporty now up 17. braxton, second rushing you have it down, 24-17 buckeyes. sparts with the ball late. trying to run out the clock. the 26-yard touchdown. and sparty ends ohio state's nation leading 24 game win streak. michigan state will go to the rose bowl to face stanford. famous james winston and one win away. example vin benjamin, the
5:52 am
touchdown. 14-0. williams, 12-yard run. get out of my way, muscles his way in. the perfect pass. 14-yard touchdown. winston threw for 330 yards and 3tds. sfu improves 19-0 begins duke. cruising to the win. 12-0 on the year and they will play for the national title in the bcs championship game. on after6th. opponent to be determined, but most likely auburn. after a 27-point come back against toronto the warriors got blown out friday night in houston. marc jackson looking for 48 minutes of intensity in memphis last night. they lost nine straight in memphis. they sid nine is enough. first convert, warriors in transition. bogus behind the back to barns. he throws it down. warriors up 7. moving the ball, trayvon green. to thompson. buries the three. clay led the warriors with 30. golden state pulls away in the second half. steph curry coast coast.
5:53 am
step-around melee one. curry, 15 assists. warriors up 72-53. david lee chipped in 23. ten in the second half, the jumper. warriors up by 21 and they cruise to a 108-82 victory. 49ers in seattle at the stick. raiders in new york to face the jets. all those highlights tonight at 5:00. see you then. i'm mike sure minnesota. have a great day. >> up next, one of the most festive which is to get to point a to point b in the by area. it's y
5:54 am
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>> here are the winning numbers from lift night's power ball draw. >> nobody correctly picked all six numbers. jackpot grows to $122 million. and your super lotto plus results. numbers there on your screen. >> another opportunity today to catch some holiday cheer while riding the rails. caltran's holiday train will beet is you up in san francisco at 4:00 in the afternoon. it will make nine stops between the peninsula and south which. as you see the train is decorated with thousands of
5:57 am
lights so it's beautiful and it's doing a beautiful thing, collecting toys for toys for tots. grab a gift and get on board. next at six, cold snap in the by area. what one city is doing to get homeless people out of harm's way. and the homecoming for a bay area veteran who is finally back with family after being held in north korea.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm katie marzullo in for carolyn tyler on this sunday. it is 6:00 a.m. we will start off with a quick first look at the weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> another freezing cold morning until about 9:00 when the temperatures begin to come out of the 20s and 30s. so as we take you through the morning hours, we will be down into the mid-20s. that sun comes up at 7:13. we are in the upper 20s from novato, napa and santa rosa. san francisco at 39 right now. our coast in in the mid-30s. right through 7:00 very little change. by noontime low to mid-40s. by the afternoon maybe some areas could hit around 50, but overall once again we will be at


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