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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  December 8, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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compared to what we have been having. >> thank you. that does it. we'll see you at 6:00. tonight on "world news," pileup. the deadly deep freeze across much of this country. the black ice, the freezing rain. 30 cars collide in milwaukee. also, the pileup on the pennsylvania turnpike. the deadly storm on the move, and in the south, the airport nightmare. passengers stranded for days, showing us the tiny corner of the airport they now call home. made in russia? the report causing controversy tonight. the pentagon buying helicopters from russia, and we ask, what about the ones made in america? the outrage growing. the heisman hopeful cleared tonight. fresh off his victory on the field and off, what was the question that led this young football star to walk off? and her secret, revealed. that voice, the singer who famously stunned the judges and the world. ♪ i dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪
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>> tonight, susan boyle revealing the answer to a question she always wanted answered. and why it could offer hope for so many others. good evening. and we're glad you're with us on a sunday night. likely watching indoors and warm. unlike the millions of americans who found themselves driving in the middle of a very dangerous ice storm this sunday. a 50-car pileup late today on the pennsylvania turnpike that turned deadly. it wasn't the only one. more than two dozen cars colliding outside milwaukee. a dangerous mix of snow and ice there. all of this part of a major system that had already left its mark on the south. homes, trees still frozen in ice tonight. and in plano, outside dallas, just look and listen to this. ice coming off of a roof. that was something. meanwhile, at the dallas/ft. worth airport tonight, hundreds of stranded passengers spending a second night now sleeping at the terminal. and tonight, that storm is moving fast.
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our extreme weather team on all of it. we begin with rob nelson in a snowy virginia tonight. >> reporter: blinding snow and slick roads are leading to pileup after pileup tonight. in milwaukee, this 30-car crash caused multiple injuries. and on the pennsylvania turnpike, a 50-car wreck killed one driver. >> this is where i have been for the last two or three hours. >> reporter: roadways locked in an icy grip. the snow and ice have been wrecking havoc for days in the south. so much ice on this apartment building roof in texas, it's falling off in sheets. and now, that system is barrelling north. this time lapse video shows just how quickly the storm blanketed roads in pennsylvania. authorities tonight urging drivers to stay off the roads. that hidden danger, black ice, which forms when the temperatures of the pavement is colder than the air above it, causing more than a quarter million crashes every year. and travel by air isn't any easier.
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more than 2,000 flights canceled today, ground stops at the airport in philadelphia and in washington's reagan national. the rush is on to de-ice those planes. even football was tough today. detroit lion reggie bush had to skip the game after injuring himself on the slippery field in philadelphia. for those who did play, it was a challenge. and, of course, all this snow may be pretty to look at, but the big question is this. how will the storm impact that all-important monday morning commute? david? >> that is the big question, rob, thank you. as you point out, this ice storm began in the south and they are still feeling the effects, outdoors and indoors, if you are one of the hundreds stuck in the terminal at the dallas airport tonight. abc's mike boettcher is there with the videos taken by some very frustrated travelers. >> reporter: ice-mageddon, dallas. people still trapped inside the paralyzed dfw airport. the frustration palpable. nicole bell, facing two days of cancellations on her way to atlanta for a wedding. >> we just keep getting delayed.
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a lot of people are super upset. >> i'm this close to starting to begin to be frustrated here. >> reporter: just a few voices of the thousands who have waited here three days for a flight. more than 3,000 sleeping on cots friday night. 2,000 last night. almost half of all flights canceled. nere and his family have been waiting for a flight to london since friday afternoon. >> friday, the line was all the way back there, probably at least 200 yards. >> reporter: airport officials provide what they can. free food and entertainment. doing their best to diffuse tensions. >> doing everything from 2-year-olds to a 65-year-old. >> reporter: but 72 hours after the crippling ice storm began, things are finally looking up. this afternoon, nere and his family are finally confirmed to london. bit by bit, passenger by passenger, dfw airport is slowly getting back to normal. the scene behind me says it all. the lines are getting shorter, and more flights are taking off. david? >> our thanks to mike tonight. what a nightmare there.
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and the massive system behind all of this on the move tonight. we want to bring in meteorologist cecily tynan from philadelphia, wpvi. always great to have you with us. we showed a moment ago that pileup on the pennsylvania turnpike. extremely dangerous tonight across the northeast. >> reporter: certainly is, david. unfortunately, the situation will be getting worse tonight before it gets better. you look around me, you see this blanket of snow. what will happen, with this low pressure moving up the eastern seaboard, it will gradually pull in warmer air. we will get a change over to rain by tomorrow morning. but first, we have to deal with sleet and freezing rain on top of the snow and that will cause a lot of problems. so, this is what to expect additional snow, sleet and freezing rain. we're looking at about two inches in allentown. that could cause a lot of problems on the roads. areas south of philadelphia got 6 to 10 inches of snow. so, this certainly has been an overachieving snowstorm. david? >> as you told me earlier, much of the country going to be very cold the next 24 hours.
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>> reporter: that's exactly right. once the storm system moves out, the focus will be an arctic blast moving in from the northern plains states. fargo, north dakota, these are highs now hovering around zero. in milwaukee, temperatures in the low 20s. pittsburgh, by the middle of the week, temperatures struggling to make it into the upper 20s. hard to believe winter still has 13 days to officially arrive. david? >> feels like it's already here. thank you so much. the weather picture tonight. much more on "good morning america." to south africa now, where more than 50 world leaders will arrive to honor nelson mandela. that number growing. president obama leaving on air force one tomorrow night with the first lady, of course, who met mandela with her daughters. the obamas have invited former president george w. bush and laura bush to travel them. the bushes have said they will. former president clinton and hillary clinton making the trip, as will former president jimmy carter, too. tonight, we learned queen elizabeth, who met mandela a number of times, has asked that her son prince charles attend in her place. and on this sunday in south
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africa, a day of prayer. and word from one of nelson mandela's daughters, during his final days. abc's byron pitts is there. >> reporter: this sunday was soaked in symbolism. the former township, once the epicenter of the anti-apartheid movement. grief and gratitude stretched across generations. he spoke for a nation. >> i'm here today, he fought for our freedom. if it wasn't for him, we wouldn't be here. we wouldn't be having all the things that we have. >> reporter: for nelson mandela's memorial service on tuesday, with world leaders from across the globe in attendance, it will be the largest security effort in south africa since the world cup in 2010. tonight, new details about the life he lived are emerging from those who knew him best. his oldest daughter spoke of mandela's final moments. "i felt him slipping away from me," she said.
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the team of highly-trained medical specialists looking after him had been amazed by him. and for one of the men sentenced to life in prison on robben island with mandela, his old friend told us madiba endured pretty cruelty behind bars. even in prison, blacks were segregated and treated the worse. >> indians and coloreds got long trousers. madiba did not. he had short trousers. indians and coloreds got bread. madiba got bread for the first time after ten years. >> reporter: and not once, his friend added, did nelson mandela ever complain. he persuaded the warden to change the rules. david, i want to show you something before we go. within minutes of mr. mandela's death, a few flowers were placed outside his home. look at it now. in the days to come, there will be more. >> that is for sure. byron pitts tonight. thank you. and some dramatic pictures coming in from overseas, from
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ukraine. hundreds of thousands of people filling the central square there in the capital. angry that their president is now forging closer ties with russia and moving away from the west. a landmark statue of vladimir lenin was toppled over. people taking turns taking aim. and from iran tonight, state tv is reporting that u.n. inspectors have begun their work. it comes after that landmark short-term nuclear agreement. this weekend in washington, meantime, president obama giving the odds of achieving a long-term agreement with iran 50/50 at best. meantime, the pentagon under fire tonight for its decision to buy combat helicopters made in russia. lawmakers on both sides, asking, why not made in america? here tonight, abc's aditi roy. >> reporter: tonight, new questions arise as to why the pentagon chose to spend more than $1 billion on dozens of russian mi-17 helicopters, to support afghan troops, bypassing u.s. manufacturers. the defense department signed the deal more than two years ago and pentagon officials defended the move, citing a 2010 top secret study, which they said
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recommended the russian helicopter as the top choice. but the associated press has obtained excerpts of the study, which said the u.s. manufactured chinook helicopter was the, quote, most cost effective single platform type fleet for the afghan air force over a 20-year period. the russian deal sparking outrage in congress, as lawmakers pressed officials during defense department budget hearings in april. >> with all the tens of billions of dollars we put into afghanistan, this is a tough one to justify. >> reporter: the defense department says the afghan military already trains and uses the russian chopper, while the u.s. chinook would require retraining afghan forces. >> we are trying to provide them as much capability as possible, so that they can, in fact, take responsibility for security. >> reporter: a pentagon spokesman tells abc news the russian helicopter is the only one that could meet our immediate and near-term requirements in afghanistan. the pentagon says it has purchased 63 brand new mi 17s at
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an average cost of about $18 million per aircraft. the last shipment is scheduled to be on the ground by september of 2014. david? >> aditi roy, thank you. it was five years ago this week, the explosive headlines surrounding bernie madoff. and this week, some of his alleged cronies are on trial, now years after investors first learned of that giant scheme. tonight, an interview with madoff, getting attention all over again, after placing some of the blame on his trusting clients themselves. abc's susan saulny tonight. >> reporter: at the federal prison in north carolina where bernard madoff is serving a 150-year sentence, fellow inmates want him to teach an investment class. but he said the prison won't allow it. in a recent interview with "the wall street journal," madoff shared new insight about the massive ponzi scheme he master minded. on wednesday, it will be five years since his arrest. his victims, he said, have themselves to blame.
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"my investors were sophisticated people, smart enough to know what was going on and how money was made. but they still invested with me without any explanations." this comes as five of madoff's ex-employees are facing trial on charges that they knew about the scheme and profited from it. >> he said he felt remorseful, but he didn't spend a lot of time dwelling on the impact of the actual -- the actual ponzi scheme. >> reporter: madoff describes being cut off by his immediate family, who won't talk to him, and said loneliness is the worse consequence of his conviction. susan saulny, abc news, washington. >> our thanks to susan tonight. and this evening, after a big weekend of football, a heisman hopeful celebrating a victory on the field and one in his personal life, as well, after learning he won't be charged with a very serious crime. but when asked about the case, he made it clear he was done answering questions. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: it was an investigation that could have changed his life. an fsu student accusing 19-year-old superstar quarterback jameis winston of
5:43 pm
sexual assault. with his life, career and even the heisman trophy on the line, prosecutors said thursday he would not be charged. and then last night, winston helped fsu win that all-important acc championship against duke and spoke out during a live post-game interview here on abc. >> we came together, everybody had my back. >> reporter: especially, he says, fsu head coach jimbo fisher. >> how much did that trust from your head coach help you? >> i love him. i love him. we got to have that. that is how you have a successful team, that's how you do what we did today. we are trying to make history. we got to keep going. >> reporter: it was a year ago that the accuser told police winston raped her after a night out with friends. winston's attorney says it was consensual sex, and the state attorney said there was not enough evidence to charge him. >> what did you learn during the investigation? >> i learned i got to get more mature. i got to get better at everything i do. >> reporter: after the fourth question, winston was done talking. >> jameis, how come you decided not to talk during the process and on thursday?
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>> reporter: media handlers pulling him away there. and david, those heisman ballots are due back tomorrow. >> making it clear he's done answering questions on this one. gio, thank you. still much more ahead on "world news" this sunday night. you'll remember that voice. ♪ i dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪ >> susan boyle, who dreamed a dream, but all these years, she had a question. tonight, finally answered. and how it could help so many, coming up here. and later this evening, nelson mandela inspired the world, but do you remember the brave boy with hiv that inspired mandela? >> we are normal. we are human beings. we can walk, we can talk. >> so brave. tonight, our journey back. and tonight, the new message from that little boy's mother. when we come back. from that little boy's mother. are you flo? yes. is this the thing you gave my husband? well, yeah, yes. the "name your price" tool.
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her soaring voice, tonight revealing that she's been diagnosed with asperger's syndrome, a form of autism, that she struggled with her entire life, but never knew it until now. here's abc's reena ninan. >> reporter: she was the woman with the voice. ♪ i dreamed of dream of time gone by ♪ ♪ i dream of our life together >> reporter: no one saw coming. quirky and shy, but susan boyle has become a singing sensation, selling 14 million records around the world. and today, for the first time, revealing her doctor diagnosed her with asperger's syndrome. a mild form of autism. in an interview with "the observ observer," boyle says she was told as a child that she suffered brain damage when she did not receive enough oxygen at birth. but she always thought it was something more. those suspicions now confirmed by the asperger's diagnosis she
5:48 pm
received last year, saying, quote, now i have a clearer understanding of what's wrong and i feel relieved and a bit more relaxed about myself. >> somebody who does have asperger's syndrome likely has social awkwardness, perhaps some quirkiness, social anxiety. >> reporter: and more adults are being diagnosed. the 52-year-old singer just releasing her fifth studio album, hopes people will have more compassion for her. the singer saying, quote, i think people will treat me better because they will have a much greater understanding of who i am and why i do the things i do. and susan boyle is doing very well. there's buzz that meryl streep may play her, david, in a movie about her life. >> so much awareness because of her. reena, thank you. the brawl breaking out on the field and the helicopter that had to land in the middle of it all to try to end it. chronic plaque psoriasis so we was also on display, i'd had it. i finally had a serious talk with my dermatologist. this time, he prescribed humira-adalimumab.
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the brawl between fans. people charging at each other, punching and kicking. police firing rubber bull lets into the crowd. a chopper landing on the field to try to end the brawl. a star-studded tribute in washington tonight, at the kennedy center honors. actress shirley maclaine honored for her 60-year career on stage and screen. musicians range from piano man billy joel, rocker carlos santana to jazz great herbie hancock and opera singer martina arroyo. a chicago love story trending tonight. the mascot who scored big time at a chicago bulls game and the cheerleader caught offguard. take a look at this arianna into the groove here, not missing a beat. all of a sudden, the routine changes to this song," marry you" by bruno mars. her boyfriend inside the mascot. a tearful yes in return. when we come back here tonight, so many remembering nelson mandela. tonight, a question. do remember the famous little ha
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finally tonight here, nelson mandela, of course, the man who inspired the world. but you're about to meet the little boy who inspired nelson mandela. it was just more than a decade ago, the world first met little nkosi johnson, the south african boy born with hiv. he'd lost his mother to aids, and at a time when south africa was unwilling to talk about the disease, nkosi bravely stood before the world and did. >> we are normal. we are human beings. we can walk, we can talk. we have needs just like everyone else. we are all the same. thank you. >> reporter: that woman, giving the thumbs-up right there, is the woman who would adopt him, gail johnson. and the two of them together
5:57 pm
would start a shoe-string shelter for mothers with aids and their children. they called it nkosi's haven. >> we're full. this is a small house. it can't fit the other mothers who are hiv. they are dying. >> reporter: it was a year after that the world lost little nkosi. but years later, we decided to travel back to south africa to check in on the mother that adopted him. >> that's the baby daycare center. >> reporter: we found a sprawling village she built in honor of her son. nelson mandela said your son was an icon. >> he was a little war record. >> reporter: a war record. and this weekend, she said she remembers the time her son met mandela. saying, i'll remember mandela for his care for kids. he put the children first, the country first. she's now looking out for others, like little thabiso, who we met. we will never forget what he told us about gail. >> gail loves me so much. >> reporter: she loves you so much? >> yeah. me, too. i love her so much. >> reporter: you love her?
5:58 pm
>> yes. >> reporter: thabiso doesn't have hiv. but his mother does. this feels like home? and while giving us a tour, we met his mother. there's my mother. >> reporter: that's your mom? this is mom. hi. when she arrived here, she was struggling to survive. medication gail had provided brought her back. >> if it was not for her, i couldn't be here. and my children wouldn't be with me. >> reporter: the whole time we were talking to his mom, gail was right there listening. and we asked her what she made of it. >> well, i've got a hell of an extended family. >> reporter: her extended family, she said. tonight, remembering the man who inspired all of them and the boy who inspired mandela. the work of nelson mandela and little nkosi continues in south africa. diane sawyer right back here tomorrow night. good night.
5:59 pm
>> a look at how long the freezing weather with lippinger in the bay area. >> we'll join the search for a shooter going on in the east bay. a new details about a bay area man's living conditions while he was held captive in north korea. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. the cold snap continues as people in the bay area deal with subfreezing temperatures for a fifth night. good evening, i'm ama daetz. let's go right to forecaster spencer christian for a look at how cold it is in the bay area right now. >> it is very chilly. the high temperatures today reached only into the u 40s. nobody hit 50 degrees. clear skies right now, and temperatures will drop sharply overnight. a freeze warning in effect for all of the bay area for the next
6:00 pm
two nights except san francisco, from 10:00 p.m. to 9 al. -- 9:00 a.m. we expect subfreezing temperatures and exposed pipes could burst and there's an increased risk of hypothermia. right now as you're looking live from our exploratorium camera, here's our forecast for lows the next three morning. monday and tuesday morning, lows in the upper 20s around the bay and around freezing on the coast. also relief on wednesday, but just a little less cold, and adding to this, as we look over san francisco from the sutro car -- tower cam, tomorrow is our second "spare the air" day. i'll give you a look at when it might warm up a little, a little later. >> abc7 reporter cornell bernard shows how people are handling the cold. >> once again it is getting very cold here in san francisco. my abc7 weather app says


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