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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 9, 2013 2:00am-3:01am PST

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cold weather and icy conditions. tonight the deep freeze causing problems across the nation. good evening. i'm ama dates. let's take a live look outside right now from our roof cam in san francisco. temperatures are already plummeting around the bay. san francisco is the only city safe from below freezing temperatures tonight. in the east bay temperatures had already dropped well below 40 degrees earlier this evening. they will go even lower as the night continues. we have team coverage on the cold snap. we begin with spencer christian with a look at how low the temperatures are going
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to drop overnight. spencer? >> all right. it is possible we will see temperatures certainly down near the 20-degree mark and possibly below 20 in a couple spots. the temperatures are dropping rapidly, and this is the area covered by our freeze warning for the next two nights. virtually the entire bay area except the city of san francisco. sub freezing temperatures and temperatures down into the 20s. we will see the possibility of exposed pipes bursting in this kind of exposure and this kind of cold. as an increased risk of hypothermia. looking toward the bay bridge our prediction for the next two to three mannings -- mornings we will have two mornings in the deep freeze with low 20s the next couple mornings and around freezing on the coast. we will have a little less cold weather on wednesday morning and we have another spare the air day. the air quality is expected to be in the north bay.
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the second consecutive day of a spare the air alert and no wood burning. >> thank you, spencer. the cold weather could be treacherous for the morning commute. our teach coverage continues with sergio. >> ama, this morning the chp spotted black ice on the 24 freeway. here in arinda it is down to theater 6 degrees by midnight it is supposed to drop down to 30 degrees. that is the reason why chp officers are asking morning drivers to be extra careful during the morning commute. the chp is warning morning drivers heading through the tunnel and the bay area to slow down just in case black ice does form. >> since the weather conditions are so cold we are telling people to slow down a little bit, at least five miles to correct whatever happens if you hit the black ice. >> and for those drivers who because of the potentially slick conditions a little safety advice against slamming on the brakes. >> if you let your foot off
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the accelerator and let your car slow to a safer speed your wheels hillary gain -- will regain traction and you will have control of your car. >> at the downtown rink skaters have been down there the last month, but only this weekend they had to wear their winter gloves and hat. >> how are you doing with the cold? >> not well. i don't watch the news and i didn't bring gloves or a jacket. >> or earmuffs. >> this is the first night of the season she brought her daughter to the rink. she met her friend, julie here. julie was layered in clothe she's usually wears skiing. temperatures were a few degrees above freezing and could drop further in the morning. abc7 news. in san francisco the sacramento youth orchestra behaved the cold. some tourists also braved the
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cold, but overall business was slow as many people chose to stay indoors today. hats, scar vies and glove -- scarves and gloves kept people warm. it didn't deter dinner for those on university avenue. it is expected to drop below 20 degrees. lilian kim is there live. lilian? >> ama, we are not there yet. my weather app says 26 degrees right now. the temperatures are falling fast. nap paw's most -- napa's most vulnerable are seeking shelter. tonight it is at full capacity. with every one of its 55 beds taken. scott silva is sleeping in one of them. >> it is better than the alternative. a lot of people are out here because they are living outside. >> napa's homeless are well aware about the danger. word spread of the people who died of hypothermia in santa
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clara county. >> the biggest thing is we heard several people died of it because it was cold and glad we have this place. they are very appreciative. >> it closes at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m. workers expect another full house as long as the cold snap continues. lilian kim, abc7 news. a big concern tonight, citrus. they are working over time to protect the citrus groves. the industry is expected to take a big hit, but the extent of the damage won't be known for weeks. >> it is responsible for snow, freezing rain and sleet in a does -- dozen states. at least 16 deaths are blamed on the bad weather and most icy accidents due to the conditions including a fatal crash on the pennsylvania turnpike that lead to a series of fender benders. and look at this video from fort worth, texas.
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drivers unable to navigate through the icy mess have been forced to stop. the national weather service discouraged driving in the area until at least tomorrow morning. look at this amazing video. so much ice accumulated on this apart meant that it dropped off in sheets slicing into the ground below. no one was injured in the ice avalanche. the cold, icy weather has forced hundreds of flight cancellations. that is on top of those on friday and saturday. there were a handful of cancellations at sfo and mineta. right now there are one to two-hour delays from flights on the east coast. stay on top of the cold weather with the abc7 news weather app. it will give you forecasts and weather alerts download it at vallejo police want to find a person who shot a man sev b times in broad daylight. the man was found in the middle of the street at
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whitney and pomona avenues. two people were arguing near the front entrance of widman elementary school. police found a trail of blood that lead them to the school's playground. police are investigating the discovery of human remains. a human skull was found by man and his two children during a walk in wind cor. windsor. dip -- deputies say skeletal remains were found nearby. we are learning more about the veteran mor captive for mor c than a month. meryl newman is spending time at his home. this photo was provided by the santa cruz sentinal. newman who came back to the u.s. was kept in a comfortable hotel room and not a cell. he was well fed and he said that is not my english when asked about the apology he read from north korea more than a week ago. he said his wife is in control
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of his passport. demonstrators outside the consulate in san francisco. many ukrainians believe an agreement with the european union will open the board with a trade and help to modernize the country. a possible witness is helping in the search for a bay area family missing after their plane crashed in idaho. they were heading from oregon to montana when the pilot reported engine trouble. weekend storms hampered the search for gail smith and his family. a witness says he heard the plane bank and then drop. firefighters cleaned up a huge mess in san francisco tonight. a large tree fell along pine street and blocking all three lanes. nobody was hurt. the tree did damage a pick up truck. the 49ers played their
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last regular season day game at candlestick park. the faithful arrived bright and early to tailgate before the big showdown against seattle. the 49ers have one more game at the stick when they host atlanta in a monday night game. they first moved to candlestick in 1971 and next year they will move to levi stadium in santa clara. mike shumann will have details in sports. and coming up later this hour, the very special guest on the field at today's niners game. the 49ers' new home in santa clara attracted another big event. you can see work coming along at levi stadium. on tuesday the 49ers will announce wrestle mania 31 will come to levi stadium in 2015. it is a flagship event of the wwe. levi stadium will also host the superbowl 2016. still to come, the new button you could soon like on your facebook page. the bay area entertainer honored by president obama.
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and call it the butterfly effect. why some are calling for a ban on butterflies in the city of san francisco. and later the not so incredible, edible egg. the high-tech chef looking to replace the egg with plants.
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santana was one of the artists to receive kennedy center honors. santana is one of a few latinos to receive the top arts award. he started playing the guitar after hearing blues and rock and roll on the radio. his album "super natural" won nine grammies. the honorees are billy joel and actress shirley mcclain. south africans packed houses of worship to celebrate the life of nelson mandela. today's national day of prayer kicked off a series of
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memorials leading up to mandela's burial. president obama and first lady michelle obama will leave for africa tomorrow. they will join former president jimmy carter, bill clinton and george w. bush at a national memorial service on tuesday. back here in the bay area, people began signing a memorial bo memorial book at skyline memorial park in san mateo county. you can sign the book until the end of the month. the cemetery plans to send it to mandela's family in south africa. another book of condolences will be available at san francisco city hall starting tomorrow. thousands paid tribute to "fast and furious" star paul walker at the site he died at the car crash. they added items to an already large memorial in los angeles. local car clubs organized the gathering via the social media. the sheriff estimated 5,000 people attended and some even cruised by the crash site in their own sports cars. you. legal trouble for hiker aaron ralston who was
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portrayed in the movie "127 hours." he will answer domestic violence charges in a denver courtroom after being arrested last night. ralston cutoff his forearm with a pocket knife after getting pinned by a loose boulder. an emergency medical team from stanford is back in the bay area after spending two weeks in the philippines. family and friends were at sfo to welcome them home. doctors and nurses helped treat the victims. they talked about it shortly after they landed. >> our presence makes them feel good and they are grateful for that. i am glad we were there. >> the biggest thing we saw was the philippine people engaged in their own recovery and the massive progress being made every day. >> the stanford team says there is still a lot of work to be done to get local health services back up and running. butterfly rtz latest political target. 9 commission on the environment urging the city to
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ban releasing butterflies at weddings and other celebrations. butterflies are animals to be respected and should not be used as entertainment. monarch butterflyies like these in the wild are the most sought after. >> using them as they were party favors or props, that's what we want to shutdown. >> supporters of the resolution are concerned the released of butterflies reared in captivity could damage native species. new at 11:00, facebook's like button may get some . button.oon from the menlo park-based facebook is thinking of adding the sympathize button. developers liked the idea when it was introduced a a recent hackathon. it acknowledges sadness and loss without liking them. not a lot of people liking the weather right now. spencer christian has the details on that. >> that is for sure.
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we are looking for people to sympathize. clear skies and as we have said throughout the broadcast the temperatures are plul meting. here is a live shot from the rooftop camera and looking toward the trans america building and it is 41 degrees right now in san francisco and 35 in oakland and down to 30 in redwood city and san jose and los gatos and another live view from the east bay camera and looking westward across the bay and temperatures in the 20s in many locations. napa 26 and 28 novato. a degree below freezing at livermore. one more live view looking toward the bay bridge across the street from abc7. we will have freeze warnings the next two nights. a spare the air day as air quality is declining and it will be poorest in the north bay. chilliest days on monday and tuesday before the temperatures start to moderate. here is the pacific satellite
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image and showing the movement of weather systems today. the cold front brought in this massive cold air and it is well south of los angeles. most of the state is clear and chilly and that includes the bay area that is clear and cold. 11:00 tonight overnight, no clouds will be moving through. the temperatures will be dropping. they will come up a little tomorrow afternoon and under sunny skies, but another chilly day with high temperatures barely breaking the 50 degree mark. overnight look for clear skies and frigid conditions. we will see lows down to 21 or lower at napa. 23 at santa rosa and fairfield and livermore. down to 24 at morgan hill. upper 20s right around the bay shoreline. that's unusual. and san francisco will have a low of 36 which is very rare. san francisco's temperature will drop below 40. tomorrow sunny skies in the afternoon and the high temperatures in the south bay. 50 in san jose and 49 santa clara and 51 at los gatos.
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on the peninsula, highs will be around 50 degrees from san mateo to palo alto and chilly on the coast with highs in the upper 40s at half moon bay and pacifica. in and around san francisco look for highs in the upper 40s and the d dalytrict and daly city, 50 degrees downtown san francisco. on the coast, 46 bodega bay and 48 at stinson beach. 52 inland at santa rosa and napa. 51 at oakland and san leandro and the inland east bay will see highs in the upper 40s, 40 i 8 at -- 48 at fairfield and pleasanton. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. certainly in the mornings the temperatures will start to moderate on wednesday and thursday. the clouds will remain with us at least partly cloudy skies. the temperatures will rise up to 60 degrees over the weekend. we will have clouds around and
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a lippingerring chance of -- and a lingering chance of a shower or two. as the temperatures plummet we want to see your cold weather pictures. it was so cold the water in this fountain froze. send your photos to you report at you can tweet them to abc7 news bay area. of course all of the fans were bundled up at the niners game. >> the 49ers will not concede the nfc west title just yet. they denied seattle that pleasure. it was a
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forged out of bravery, sacrifice, and duty. from all corners of the country, a family for life. ♪ but whether they served in lands far away or communities close to home, some of these men and women may face difficult times or even crisis. but sometimes reaching out for help can be the most challenging and worthwhile mission of all. thankfully, friends, family, and communities
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are standing by their service members and veterans now more than ever. ♪ we're all in this together. when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line or military crisis line. during times of crisis, reach out and call. dial 1-800-273-8255 and press 1.
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rivalry on the west coast than the 49ers and the seahawks. seattle is in town and a chance to clinch the title and a bye. the hawks have not won at the stick since 2008 and today it
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stayed the same. lynch, former cal bear pops one to give seattle a 7-6 lead. after a third field goal russell wilson connects. 14-9 seahawks. 49ers go on a 72-yard drive to end the half. he finds vernon davis and 16-14 at the half. frank gore finally busts loose. a great cut back and 51-yard gain. gore had 110 yards on 17 carries. that will set up dawson. fourth field goal of the game. 22 yards and count it. niners' only points of the second half and 19-17 ballgame. still enough time for wilson to throw a desperation hail mary. niners win it 19-17 and ending the seahawks winning streak and keeping their hopes for the nfc west title alive. >> you counted usalready. already. it felt like seattle had our
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number. i think it was a statement game to the world just to let you guys know that this is still our division. until a team takes that from us we will rep it a strong way. >> another edition of vernon's view at 11:35. he went one on one with larry beil. get his take on the win over seattle and making the cover of the game day magazine. we'll take a brief timeout before we check in on the raiders and their struggles in east coast games and stan ready -- stanford will face mich
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♪ down came the rain ♪ and washed the spider out ♪ ♪ out came the sun... - shh. - ♪ and dried up all the rain ♪ ♪ and the itsy-bitsy spider - ♪ climbed up the spout again. ♪ - ( rock music playing ) i love you, daddy. i love you too, sweetheart. - ( laughing ) - ♪ do you believe in magic ♪ ♪ in a young girl's heart? - ♪ how the music can free her... ♪ - hey, it's my girl. ♪ whenever it starts? - ♪ and it's magic... - you know, my daughter? ( announcer speaks ) a message from the foundation for a better life. new york to face the jets and oakland has lost 15 straight games east of the mississippi with today's setback. raider fans will show up no matter what. geno smith hasn't thrown a td pass since october 27th. 10-0 jets. third quarter and down 17. what a throw.
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48 yards. two td's and a pick and raiders down 10, but they couldn't get any closer. he shake about, i don't know, five tackles. jets win it 37-27 and it is 4-9. john fox back on the sideline for denver after having heart surgery. the kicker set an nfl record for the longest field goal, 64 yards. peyton manning had four td passes. sunday night football and they were tied for the lead and they were embarrassed on monday night football. drew brees four td passes and colson to graham and paints the perfect 7-0 at home. tied with the niners at 9-4 for the wild card spot. after winning their second consecutive pac-12 championship last night against arizona state, stanford heads back to pasadena to defend their title in the 100th version of the rose bowl. they had a great test at michigan state who beat ohio
2:30 am
state at the big 10 championship ruining the perfect season and a shot of the bcs national championship. the game is not until january 1st, but david shaw said he is preparing like it is tomorrow. >> they have seen us play and they know how good of a team we are. i have seen them play a couple times. i know how good of a team they are. they come right at you. there is no mystery about it. they are camming at you. our guys put the film on and they will see it. this is a good football team we will play in pasadena. >> to the ice and the sharks are wrapping up a road trip against the wild in minnesota. second period and shaw was scooped up for his 13th of the year. stopped 37 of 38 shots and minnesota then adds some insurance. 3 on 2 and the wicked wrister. 3-1 your final. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino.
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coming up next, vernon's view with vernon davis. get his take on the game against seattle and which teammate he is honored to play with. >> thank you, shu ?ie. still to come, soccer fans are out of control. and that kid is just about everywhere. his special day on the sidelines. and the silicon valley is not just about computers. the new high-tech twist on food. stay with us of the we will be right back after this quick break.
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view. abc7 and vernon davis is teamed up for this nfl season. every week we have access to the nfl star. larry beil did the match up this week and he said it was a
2:35 am
statement game for the 49ers. larry asked what was his statement? >> getting the victory. that is the only reason why we play this game. we play this game to win. we were able to hang in there and keep fighting and come out with the victory. >> this felt like playoff level intensity and given the way the past couple meetings have gone between the 19ers and the seahawks you needed to win this game. >> it was a must win game for us. we couldn't accept nothing less. >> 24r* is a saying, good things come to those who wait. were you not targeted until the last two minutes of the first half and you had two catches. one for an eight or nine-yard game and one for the touchdown. talk me through what it is like when you gn enti an entire half a and you are not getting the ball, but you are running 35, 40-yard streaks down the field. you adapt and you learn to
2:36 am
stay poised and stay patient. i say it all the time. stay poised and stay patient. your time will come. >> talk me through the touchdown play. >> a touchdown play was a crossing route and i was numbogression. progression. kaep dropped back and he saw me in that voided area. put my hands down and made the play. >> the only touchdown of the day. frank gore, a 51-yard run late in the game and still got the wheels approaching age 30. >> he has has the wheels. i tease him all the time saying you getting up there, buddy. frank is just -- not only is he a tremendous football player he is a great guy. every day i go to work looking for frank gore and i know i will be smiling every hour, every minute, every hour just because this guy is there. it is an honor to be side by
2:37 am
side with him as a teammate and as a friend. i look forward to more. >> when i saw york leaving the stadium he was happy, but he said this is nice. but the real game is in january up there in seattle. she thinking nfc championship. is that what you are think ?g. >> i am thinking nfc championship. that's the only way to think. >> are you probably going to have to see them. if you can get that far and if they get that far, they are tough to beat at home. >> they are tough, but it can be done. anything is possible. if you keep that faith and believe, anything is possible. >> as we close out candlestick park here with only one more home game this is number 85 on the cover of the game day program and today's ticket is your likeness on the cover. what are your thoughts as you look at this and think about history at candlestick and the time you have had here?
2:38 am
>> it is definitely an honor and i am appreciative of that. it means a lot to me and the organization. >> do you like this picture of you? >> i think it is awesome. i like it. maybe if it had some flames or something coming back. >> a little fire, like jet propulsion. >> just a little flames. >> we will talk about that for the next cover. >> all right, all right. >> next week the niners play the buccaneers in tampa. we will have another edition of vernon's view. vernon's view on sunday night. and 5-year-old miles scott enjoyed some of today's victory over seattle from the sidelines. he captured hearts around the world as he fought crime along san francisco police. the make a wish foundation made the day possible are to miles who is a cancer survivor. and now amazing video of unports man like behavior. a soccer match was stopped for
2:39 am
more than an hour. the fans punched and kicked each other until police arrived and fired rubber bullets and teargas to contain the crowd you. the fire started 15 minutes into the game. a chopper came in to airlift people out of the stadium. and an indianapolis restaurant had its first shrimp cocktail eating contest. they had to devoure as much of it as they could in eight minutes. local firefighters, police officers and san jose's own joey chestnut. he took home the trophy and the prize after eating a record nine pounds and four ounces of shrimp. still to come, eggs without the chicken? how it is starting here in the bay area. >> save big bucks on your prescription drugs. i'm michael finney and coming up on 7 on on your side, insider secrets that could save you hundreds of dollars.
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>> i'm spencer christian in the accu-weather forecast center, freezing temperatures and i will show you how low temperatures will go in my accu
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♪ hey, hey, hey babies aren't fully developed until at least 39 weeks, which means babies born even a few weeks early can have breathing, feeding, and learning problems. if your pregnancy is healthy, wait for labor to begin on its own. a healthy baby is worth the wait.
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prescription drugs might not be as difficult as you have been lead to believe. 7 on your side's michael finney has the secret. >> medications are expensive. we all know that. or are they? dr. david belk is a patient advocate and says he -- we have been misled jie. more often than not people are paying more for their medications than they need to by paying insurance. >> say that to me again. >> people are paying more for their medications than they need to by using insurance. >> dr. belk has this website, true cot of health care .org dedicated to medical costs and his belief that most of us are overpaying. medications that are still under patent can cost $50 a pill and more. most of us though don't take
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those pills. we take generics and those can cost as little as a dime each. a month's supply cost $3. your co pay is 10. >> the cash price for the medication is less than your insurance co pay. your insurance is not giving you a deal on that medication. >> he says it is a secret that most patients need to get in on. >> i am on five different medications for the blood pressure and cholesterol and things like that. >> he is a retired steelworker and quit using insurance when buying his prescriptions. >> having the insurance helped, but it was always so much higher. so now by not using it, it is actually more reasonable. it is much cheaper, actually. >> how does he do it and how can you? sign up for one or more of the discount drug programs offered by the big retailers of
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medications, wal-mart, costco, safe way, cvs and rit-aid and all offer discount programs. roland says he used to pay more than $150 a year for medications. >> are you spending only $91 a year now? >> right now i am, that's right. >> that's amazing. >> i know that. that's a great thing. >> do you tell your friends about this? >> i have told a few. i have told a few. >> and here is one more tip, buy in bulk. he says have your physician write a prescription for a year's worth of your generic medication. it cost a smidgen more than buying a month's worth. >> there is no need to go and pick up a medication every month you have been on for the last five years and the dose hasn't changed. and it is a lot cheaper not to. >> i have posted every drug program mentioned in this report on our website. look under 7 on your side. i have also linked dr. belk's
2:46 am
website. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >> a bay area start up is looking to invent the incredible edible egg without the egg. the san francisco start up backed by bill gates is the first product is an eggirs free mayonai se sold at the whole foods market. the food tech company is aimed to change the way we eat. there was a welcome delivery of warm coats at saint vincent depaul in san francisco. they were donated as part of the 10th annual coat, and sock give away. this year abc7 is teaming up with the food banks and you can help. good to the abc7 -- go to the abc7 facebook page.
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everyone who takes the pledge will be entered to win $7,000 cash. that winner will be announced on december 19th. it is time to get one last check on the weather pour spencer christian. >> the temperatures have dropped well below freezing in many bay area locations. we have clear skies and we've got cold conditions. these are our projected overnight lows down to 21 at napa and maybe even lower in santa rosa and fairfield and livermore and 24 morgan hill and around the bay shoreline the lows will drop into the upper 20s. statewide tomorrow a sunny, dry, but cold day with the high temperatures barely breaking the 50-degree mark. down south in the l.a. and san diego area. we will see high temperatures reaching into the low 50s in the mildest locations and maybe 51 sat san rafael. 51 in oakland and 51 in morgan hill. upper 40s in the east bay and here is a look at the accu-weather seven-day forecast.
2:48 am
it will be a cold couple mornings ahead and chilly afternoons with high temperatures in the low to mid50s over the next couple days. the temperatures will moderate wednesday and thursday. by the end of the week we will see an increase in clouds and a slight chance of a rain. you can follow all of the weather developments in the bay area at live doppler 7hd and on twitter. plus get video air forecast and spare the air alerts and weather tweets from your favorite weather team. certainly mine. >> all right, thank you so much, spencer. >> and mine. >> yes,y why, yes. shu, what a day around the nfl. >> the 49ers and raiders, a tale of two cities on the gridiron. of course it is sunday and it is time for plays of the day and what a day it was. stick around. sports is next.
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they don't help single moms.
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hi. hi. what happened to our house last year? it flooded. and the water flooded out. yeah. the red cross arranged the hotel for us. they gave me that break, that leverage, to be able to get it together and... take care of them, you know? i feel like we've come full circle. like that! this is how i'll do it. sarah: there you go. seattle and the 49ers to anyone and they take sides. my brother is in seattle and we couldn't even talk today. that's what division rivals are all about. it is a chance to clinch the nfc west and a first round bye with a win over the 49ers. the niners kept the streak in tact. a 12th man flying over candlestick. wow.
2:52 am
second quarter and 6-0 niners. lynch pops out for an 11-yard touch. hawks' quarterback russell wilson connects with luke wilson, no relation. 39 yards and 14-9 seahawks. captor nick's only -- kaepernick's only td of the day. fourth quarter and seattle is up one. niners go to frank gore and a great cut back. 51-yard gain and he had 110 yards and 17 carries and that sets up phil dawson, fourth field goal of the day and 22 yards and you can count it. only points scored in the second half. enough time for one last hay mary from russell wilson and it is picked off. niners win it 19-17. a must win and improving to 9-4 and ending the seahawks' seven seven-game win streak. >> tough to contain. 17 points is a great
2:53 am
accomplishment. it was a great team accomplishment. i thought everyone played well. special teams, defense and offense, great team win. >> the offense plays together. it takes all of the play makers to do something in this game. that get to that nextke are level. >> raiders in new york to face the jets. rookie quarterback geno smith, last td past october 27th. 25 yeerdz here to jeremy curly. third quarter and down 17. threads the needle. he threw for 245 yards and two td's and a pick and raiders down 10. they couldn't get any closer. fourth quarter and chris ivory and are you kidding me? he breaks like five tackles. can somebody knock this guy down? usually means you are giving up. jets win it. raiders fall to 4-9 and lost 15 straight east coast games. today in the nfl a single day record was set with 88 touchdowns. we have a few in our plays of the day.
2:54 am
to cinncinati where dalton threw three touchdowns. he beats andrew lucks and the colts. marvin jones with our catch of the day. peyton manning threw four td's. that's 45 on the year and five short of a single season record held by tom brady. interception of the day courtesey of darrelle revis. he levels robert woods. ball pops into the hands of david. his second of the day. the bucks with a win -- the bucs with a win over the bills. the blizzard and it was a 98-yard kickoff run. return. philly wins the game 34-20. kansas city with a kickoff and punt return with a touchdown ere.ashington. chiefs are now 10-3 with a 45-10 route of the sinking redskins. cardinals keeping pace. john abram with three sacks including that safety and check out this wild finish in
2:55 am
pittsburgh. no time left. at their own 20. some backyard football and everyone involved. down the sideline and for the game winning touchdown. wait, he stepped out of bounds at the 12 yard line. no miracle finish. dolphins win it 34-28. wow, after all of that and not get the win. those are your plays of the day. wow. all right, after winning their second consecutive pac-12 championship against arizona state, stanford is so their way back to pasadena to defend their rose bowl title. they have a great test coming up in michigan state. they beat ohio state in the big 10 championship game yesterday. they ruined the buckeyes' perfect season and a chance to play in the bcs. the game isn't until january 1st, but head coach david shaw is preparing like it tomorrow. >> they have seen us play and they know how good of a team we are. i have seen them play a couple
2:56 am
times. i know how good of a team they are. they come at you. there is no mystery about it. they are coming at you. they play really well and our guys put the film on and they will see it. it is a good football team we will play in pasadena. >> it may be the best bowl match up of the season. finally before winter officially begins, tiger woods hosting his own tournament in thousand oaks at sherwood country club. tiger came into the final round with a two-shot lead over zach johnson. johnson tied on 18 with woods. the approach on the creek and the par 4 and drop zone and goes in and we head to sudden death. tiger needed a five-footer to extend the match. and it rips out. are you kidding me? even swraing is embarrassed for the win. zach johnson steals tiger's trophy in his own event. it is well deserved though with that shot on 18. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. it is official. florida state and auburn will
2:57 am
battle in the national title game in pasadena. you know who i am pulling for. >> we do. >> thank you, shu. i'm ama dates for spencer christian and leigh glaser,
2:58 am
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this morning on "world news now," powerful stormte this morning on "world news now," powerful storm from texas to wisconsin and the northeast. the snow and ice stranded travelers and caused pileup after pileup. >> i was on my phone and next thing i knew i looked up and just swerving through cars. >> airline travel backups today and the risky conditions for rush hour drivers. nation in grief. south africa's memorials for nelson mandela. the remembrances far and wide as president obama and other world leaders head to johannesburg. stunning announcement from singer susan boyle who captivated the world with her humble roots and winning voice. ♪ i dreamed a dream in time gone by ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> private diagnosis and why she's decided to


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