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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 9, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. frozen over. deadly deep freeze across the country leading to massive car pileups from new york to milwaukee to dallas. tens of thousands stranded in their cars for more than a day. locked in airport terminals for more than 72 hours. big snow on the way east right now. the heartfelt good-bye. four american presidents on their way at this hour to south africa to celebrate nelson mandela's life as millions take to the street to remember madiba. under arrest. the adventure for inspiring "127 hours" famous for cutting off his own arm when trapped by a giant boulder, arron ralston behind bars this morning.
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and one-hit wonder, the teen so famous for her brand-new song and the new tune she wants everyone singing around to right now -- >> you guessed it. we're thinking other days of the week. maybe wednesday, tuesday, saturday. hope you had a good weekend, everybody. it is already a very difficult commute this morning across the northeast. snow, ice, rain, taking hold. almost a foot of snow fell fast in some parts. this is the eagles/lions game. at some point, you could barely see the field. >> that's good. that's good visibility. >> look at the fans. boy, it did not seem like a lot of fun there. >> oh!
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snow and ice, literally everywhere. the guy heading to lambeau field in green bay. look at that situation. the airports also miserable. the flight delays right now. more than 1,000 flights canceled. today, 2,800 were canceled sunday. dfw was a nightmare among one of them. this is the way it looked much of the weekend. ice rinks stopping cars, trucks in their tracks. and a new storm is on the way. and you know who is smack dab in the middle of it all. our ginger zee in hartford, connecticut. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. good morning, robin. this is the issue. we have freezing drizzle falling. that means when we put this infrared -- i have my handy-dandy infrared thermometer. i put the laser to the ground. it's warmer up there than it is down here. subfreezing, 26.9 degrees. this is what happens. to the roads, your sidewalks. we've left this out for about an hour. look at the sheen on there. you can see how the freezing rain makes for a thin coat of ice and very dangerous conditions on the roads.
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let me get you straight to what it has looked like from the southern plains to the northeast. this picture representative of what happens when that ice hits, covers the trees, the power lines. this is in arkansas. man, most of our nation has dealt with this big storm and many to come. look at this. the pink, that is not good stuff. more than two-thirds of the nation having problems with ice this morning. check it out. frozen nightmare. from texas through the northeast. >> wow. the whole thing is shut down. >> reporter: check out these sheets of ice flying off that building in texas. watch what it does to the car below. just outside manhattan, deadly black ice leaving a wreck of mangled vehicles, sending at least 40 to the hospital. swerving on the pennsylvania turnpike ended in dozens of crashes and that killer pileup outside austin, texas. >> she said she came around the corner and saw the cars were in
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an accident in front of her. she swerved and went airborne on to the hill. >> reporter: chilling scenes out of wisconsin. in arizona, hundreds of folks stranded overnight in their vehicles. including this cross-country team. >> we took a lot of the blankets that were in our charter bus. we spent a lot of our time taking care of the people around us. >> reporter: the streets near dallas, ice enough for street hockey. as more than a half foot of snow fell, the gridiron looking more like an ice skating rink. as philly hosted detroit. a charlie brown-like moment as the lions' kicker slips in the snow. and i've got to tell you, there's another storm on the way. that's right. for the mid-atlantic and northeast tomorrow, snow. i'll tell you how much coming up. as we saw, thousands of motorists stranded on roads across the country, david dougherty and his wife and 2-year-old child were on their way to the dallas ft. worth airport when they got stuck on
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the ice on interstate 20 for 26 hours. we have their story. >> i have been sitting in the same spot. i have not moved one foot from exit 380 in 11 hours. it's actually pretty much completely impassable. it's -- i would say at least two inches of ice. completely across the entire road. it's unreal. i mean, i'm actually a truck driver. i've been driving roads for 18 years. i have never seen it ever just at a complete standstill. there's a lady that works for iwx motorfreight. she's literally taking her own food with her and heating it up with her truck with a microwave and going from car to car, telling all of the -- trying to give what little bit of food and water she has just for the stranded motorists. i've tried calling the police department. everybody. i can't get anyone to answer the phone. they're saying we're sorry.
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we're aware of the problem. we're working on it. >> doing the best they can. >> thanks to our dallas station wsaa for that. they've been mighty busy. the ice and snow has had a major impact on air travel. as you can imagine. thousands of flights grounded all across the storm zone. with dallas the hardest hit. the airport there filled with stranded and frustrated flyers who spent the weekend living inside the terminals. that's where clayton sandell is this morning. good morning, clayton. >> reporter: good morning, robin. about 650 passengers are waking up in the terminal here in dallas. already about 400 flights canceled here this morning. and nationwide, the travel nightmares spreading. already about 1,200 flights canceled and that number could go up. this morning, an icy stranglehold on air travel. >> attention military vets. >> reporter: the dallas-ft. worth airport paralyzed for four days by freezing rain. becoming a new home for thousands of stuck, frustrated
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travelers, many grounded here since thursday night. >> a lot of people are really tired. they're fed up with waiting around. >> reporter: 4,000 people slept on cots friday evening. 2,000 overnighted on saturday. sara and javier are stranded with a 3-year-old and a baby. hopefully get out of here tomorrow? >> hopefully. >> reporter: at least 2,700 flights were canceled sunday. headaches rippling to airports east and west. the flight aware misery map had travelers seeing red as delays and cancellations piled up. for these track athletes, a delay in portland meant missing school. >> i'm not going to complain. i'm happy. >> reporter: in minneapolis-st. paul, before any plane can take off, another delay, to shower in de-icing fluid. in philly, passenger seth wilson could barely see the planes outside. inside, he couldn't see the end of the customer service line either. then there's tom wagner.
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during a layover in houston, he fell asleep in the back of an express jet plane. and somehow, got locked inside. >> i woke up. and, uh -- the lights were out. i was like, what's going on? >> reporter: express jet says it's investigating. not everybody here in dallas was forced to sleep on a cot. there was a qantas flight forced back to the gate on friday. passengers were given the option to stay on the plane. the airline offered free entertainment, movies, and food. it was kind of like camping out on a 747, robin? >> sure it was, clayton. just like it. a weekend like that, you better pack a lot of patience. >> no question. try to make the best of it. we turn to south africa. and the events celebrating the life of nelson mandela. 91 world leaders including four american presidents attending tomorrow's memorial service. president obama and the first lady are flying there today, joined on air force one by president george w. bush. abc's chief foreign
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correspondent, terry moran, from pretoria. good morning, terry. >> reporter: this is a huge week for this country and people around the world. south africa is saying a long and beautifully affectionate farewell to the man that just about everybody here calls tata, father. candles and flowers at nelson mandela's house. a people's spontaneous tribute. at the south african parliament, in cape town, a special session begins this morning to honor mandela. at the fnb stadium where mandela made his last public appearance at the 2010 world cup, 91 world leaders are expected to join 90,000 ordinary south africans in a massive and historic memorial tomorrow. ♪ over the weekend, churches filled with songs and prayer in memory and gratitude for mandela's life. ♪ nelson mandela nelson mandela
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>> reporter: but to grasp the true measure of what he means to south africa, listen to the children of this land. >> he's the one who fought for our freedom. >> reporter: mandela, who in his 27 years in prison was denied the chance to raise his own children, reached out to kids here when he was president and as an elder statesman with a special flair and joy. because of him, they dream big here now. what do you want to be when you grow up? >> i want to be a lawyer. >> reporter: a lawyer. excellent. >> i want to be a pilot. >> reporter: a pilot. i want to be a police. >> reporter: police? a nation transformed. mandela's body will lie in state right back there in the union building. the center of government. once the center of apartheid's oppression. and this week, the site of the ultimate honor for the man who brought down apartheid. and, terry, that service tomorrow as you mentioned, a a massive memorial service.
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more than 90,000 people will be there, 90 world leaders. a massive security challenge, too. >> reporter: huge challenge for this country, george. we're already seeing signs that it is beginning -- the preparations for road closures. and the skies over johannesburg restricted air space. beginning tonight. we're seeing increased police presence on the roads, choppers in the sky. one big concern they've got is turnout. that stadium holds 95,000 people. they're expecting far more to show up. they're rapidly trying to find overflow areas. there could be some chaos tomorrow. although as one official said, we just can't turn people away. >> they want to be there. terry moran, thanks very much. let's get today's other top stories from josh. we're going to begin with new details about the crash of asiana airlines flight 214 in san francisco in july. three people were killed. "the wall street journal" is reporting that investigators believe the pilots were confused about the plane's automated system and relied too heavily on computers.
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"the san francisco chronicle" reports that fire commanders on the scene did not have air disaster training. one crash survivor was run over by a fire truck. and changes are being made after the deadly train derailment here in new york last week. radar guns will be used to monitor speed and new technology is being installed to automatically apply emergency brakes if the train does not slow down before the massive curve in question here. two senators are calling for cameras on all trains nationwide to be pointed at engineers. a showdown is looming today with the world watching after this stunning scene. some half a million people in ukraine descending on the capital and in so doing toppling a statue. of former soviet leader vladimir lennon. they're demanding their president resign. the government is deploying riot police today, demanding protesters leave city hall. and for the first time in
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nearly a half century, a race riot has erupted in singapore. four workers attacked police there, overturning cars and setting this ambulance on fire. they're furious over the death of an indian worker there. also caught on camera, a massive brawl between rival soccer fans at this game in brazil. it is now raising concerns about security at the world cup coming next summer. police fired rubber bullets. a medical helicopter had to land on the field to transport the wounded. meanwhile, here at home, demolition of a portion of the iconic houston astrodome under way. hard to believe. crews took down three giant towers in seconds. all the concrete will be now be recycled. and a historic feat yesterday in the nfl. matt praytor. of the denver broncos. he did it at altitude. no matter. tom dempsey, the former saints
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kicker is no longer the holder of the longest field goal in history. 64 yards. even more remarkable, however, he did it in 14 degree weather. he basically kicked a boulder, 64 yards in the air. but that looked easy compared to everything else that was happening in the nfl yesterday. ginger talked about the snow in philadelphia. take a look at what calvin johnson, the lions wideout -- >> i told you. the video we showed you earlier. that's when the weather actually died down. this was right when the game began. helmet full of snow. he held on. but it was philly, baltimore, it was pittsburgh. it was washington, d.c. it was everywhere. >> football at its finest. >> foot at its finest. a lot of people talking about real football. i have to be honest, i'm sort of a sucker for the forward pass. there was also that to take into account. >> didn't see a lot of that. all right, josh, thank you so much. we move on now in the shocking shooting on a college campus. a student months away from graduating, allegedly gunned
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down by a campus cop. the honor student was stopped for driving erratically and speeding. the incident is now under investigation. and abc's john muller has that story for us. >> he made a huge impact and -- on so many lives here. >> reporter: this morning, students at the university of incarnate word stunned by the loss of a classmate. >> cameron was the sweetest, kindest, gentlest person. so compassionate. >> reporter: on sunday, hundreds gathered together to remember 23-year-old honor student robert cameron redus, including his mother, seen here. the college senior was killed in a shooting, allegedly by a university police officer. >> boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. six shots. >> reporter: the alamo heights police department reported that the incident occurred off campus around 2:00 a.m. friday when the police corporal stopped
7:16 am
reduce for driving erratically at a high rate of speed. a struggle ensued between the suspect driver and the police officer. >> he is not an aggressive person at all. the story doesn't make sense to any of us. >> reporter: according to the police, during the struggle, officer carter shot the unarmed redus four to six times. he was pronounced dead at the scene. his family said we are understandably devastated by the death of our dear son cameron. we ask for your prayers as we deal with our tragic loss. the university confirmed carter is on paid administrative leave while the investigation continues. over the course of carter's eight years in law enforcement, he's held nine jobs, according to "the san antonio express." abc news was unable to reach carter for comment. for"good morning america," john muller, abc news, new york. >> thanks to john for that. we get the latest on jameis winston. the star quarterback and has heisman trophy favorite, he's speaking out for the first time since being cleared of sexual assault allegations last week. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: for the first time, weeks after sexual assault accusations against the star quarterback were made public, 19-year-old jameis winston spoke
7:17 am
out after helping fsu win the big acc championship game against duke. >> we came together. everybody had my back. >> reporter: the accuser, another fsu student, told police almost a year ago that winston sexually assaulted her. after she went drinking with friends. winston's attorney says it was consensual. and just this thursday, prosecutors said no charges would be filed. >> we do not file a charge if we do not feel like we have sufficient evidence to make the charge. >> reporter: already named the acc's player of the year, winston said head coach jimbo fisher stood by him during the investigation. >> how much did that trust from your head coach help you? >> i love him. i love him. that's how you have a successful team. we're trying to make history. we gotta keep going. >> what did you learn during the months of the investigation? >> i gotta get more mature. i gotta get better in everything i do. >> reporter: today is the deadline for heisman ballots. now that he's free and clear of
7:18 am
any criminal charges, is he a shoo-in? >> you could almost say he's the heisman trophy winner, even though this won't be announced until next weekend, this is going to be a landslide. >> reporter: even with no charges, on the fourth question saturday night, winston was done talking. >> and jameis, how come you decided not to talk during the process and on thursday? >> reporter: pulled away by media handlers there. now, fsu, the number one team in college football will play at the bcs national championship against auburn next month. the heisman finalists will be announced tonight at 6:00 p.m. eastern on her sister network, espn. >> i guess we'll find out if christine brennan is right. >> it will be landslide. your vote? >> yeah. back to ginger zee. the new snow coming our way tonight? tomorrow? >> yes. we have to get through the slick roads of this morning. and then yes, another storm. let me get straight to it. to show you what you're going to expect here.
7:19 am
this is tonight through early tomorrow, and it's going to be up to a half foot of snow in some places. we're getting blast after blast of winter. look at that 4 for d.c. one of the models, almost 2 1/2 for new york city itself. and behind it, yeah, it stays cold. look at all of that cold air, even colder than we have been, slipping below freezing for most of the week. in new york city. washington, d.c. staying right there. thursday, 29. your local forecast coming up.
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>> there is one warm spot on the map. it's florida. i'll tell you if they stay that way in the next half hour. back to the studio. >> thank you, ginger. coming up, a break in the case in the search for a missing teenager in new hampshire. missing more than two months. why she may be in grave danger. and the bride accused of pushing her husband off a cliff eight days after their wedding. her trial set to start this morning. and also skiing champ bode miller heading to court today. what he wants for his baby boy.
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and bradley cooper in curlers. the star hustling up quite a performance. we'll talk to him live just ahead. >> he still looks good. tell me i bring out the best in you. ♪ that you're thankful. ♪ that it won't be the same without me. tell me you love me. even if you say it every day. just tell me. [ female announcer ] everyone you love has something they need to hear this holiday. tell them with a hallmark card.
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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday good morning. i'm eric thomas. the cold snap continues with napa expected to be one of the coldest places around the bay this morning. all 55 beds are filled at the emergency shelter set up at the napa county fairgrounds. that shelter will close in about
7:25 am
half an hour at 8:00 this morning and reopen tonight at 5:00. in santa clara county four deaths are being attributed to the cold snap. meanwhile 1400 flights are canceled nationwide today and several hundred more delayed. and sfo impacts flights arriving from dallas involving american airlines. check on the commute now with leyla. >> all right. i have some good news in bay point. we have a sigalert that has canceled. let's go to sky 7 hd where we do have all lanes now reopened. this is a live picture. westbound side of highway 4 at bailey road. it was a five-car crash. the bad news though is that it is causing massive backups still. we have at least one hour to get you from antioch into concord. eric. leyla, thank you very much. when we come back,
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this is the way it looks from the roof cam this morning. breeze in san francisco mid to upper 30s. we have some windchills out there. feels like the 20z. we're about six to 11 degrees cooler, that's one of the big stories today. the other is the poor air quality. no burning of wood
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♪ i dreamed a dream of time gone by ♪ who can forget that moment? susan boyle stunning simon cowell, winning a worldwide audience with her amazing voice. something new now. she's reveal her doctor diagnosed her with asperger's. she says she has a sense of relief. >> she says she has a better undering of things that she's been feeling. see that video. doesn't it bring you back? we have the trial of the newlywed bride, accused of pushing her husband of eight days off a cliff. the key evidence from both sides. champion skier, bode miller, competed this week end. he's headed back to court as he gets emotional about the battle for his baby son. he speaks about it for the first
7:31 am
time. a custody fight that continues to brew here. and the new bouncy baby seat. it's get something much backlash. hi some are calling it one of the worst baby products ever. a brand-new development in the search for a new hampshire teenager missing for more than two months. a new lead. a mysterious letter from the girl to her parent. linsey davis is tracking the story. >> reporter: we spoke exclusively with abbey hernandez's mother last night. she never gave up home. this letter gave her an norls amount of hope. she says he sees abbey in her dreams and doesn't want to wake up because that's when this nightmare returns. it's been two months since the hernandez family has seen their youngest daughter, 15-year-old abgail. >> we're concerned for her safety. she has somebody helping her whether that be a friend or what
7:32 am
we fear is a foe. >> reporter: the case was initially considered a runaway. but took a turn when the mother received a letter from abigail on november 6th. authorities are not releasing details about it. they believe she is in grave danger. one fbi special agent saying it could be a situation like the young women tortured and he would captive. >> i want to see you again. >> reporter: in her first interview, zenya hernandez says she has new hope that her daughter is alive. >> it was numbing for the first three weeks. four weeks. and then, i received the letter. it was like exhilarating. i wept from constantly thinking what could have happened and going through every theory and case scenario in my head, like nonstop. to like, okay, there's hope. >> reporter: the fbi is hoping for another communication from
7:33 am
abigail. >> i'm playi ipraying a miracle happens. >> reporter: this is the last nope photo of abby. the day she vanished. >> a lot of people say i'm living the worst thing i parent can live through. it is very hard. but i'm relieved every day that we don't have bad news. >> reporter: abby's mother says the best way for her to cope is to keep searching. >> i'll never stop looking. i'll never lose hope. >> reporter: according to the fbi, the letter has not produced any viable leads as to abby's whereabouts. they have not released information about the letter because they fear copy cats. if abby is listening, they want her to know they haven't given up on her case. to the high-profile murder trial getting under way in montana. jordan graham, accused of pushes
7:34 am
her husband off a cliff eight days after getting married. ryan owens has the story. >> reporter: only two people know what happened atop this montana cliff late that july night. one of them, cody johnson, is dead. and this morning, the other, his new bride, jordan graham, goes on trial for murder. >> the prosecution, i think, has a tough hurdle in this case. she'll get a presumption of n innocence because she's a pretty white woman. >> reporter: they say she fell out of love just eight days after her wedding. in the final pretrial filings, kros cuters plan to tell the skrurry graham pushed mr. johnson in the back with both hands. mr. johnson fell face first to his death. the government plans to call 39 witnesses, including experts to detail evidence found at glacier
7:35 am
national park. like a piece of clothe near diopson's body. authorities believe graham blindfolded her husband before he fell 200 feet to his death. prosecutors accused graham of an elaborate coverup. they plan to show the jury text messages and e-mails they claim she sent herself from a fake account to throw authorities off her trail. >> the prosecution basically saying she was lying. because she was lying, therefore, she's a murder. >> reporter: fwragraham pleaded guilty. her defense team hopes to keep her free admitting her story change over time but that the situation was self-defense. they were arguing when the newlyweds struggles. he grabbed her and she fought
7:36 am
back. this morning, jury selection begin. will they decide she's a calculating killer or a innocent young bride. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, missoula, montana. >> more from dan abrams. now it will get started. what do you expect opening statements from both sides? >> the prosecution is going to say, her story doesn't make sense. they'll focus on what she did afterwards. they have a lot of evidence that she was engaged in a coverup. she wasn't telling the truth, et cetera. they'll point out specifics. some of the text messages. an hour and a half after her husband died, she's texting about dance moves. the defense will try to put the police on trial. they're going to say they have not gibb accurate accounts of what she said. they'll foe downs legal standard a lot. you're talking about the intent
7:37 am
to kill somebody. for first or second-degree murder, you need a level of intent. it can't have just been that she was defending herself, pushing back. and the prosecution has the burden of proof when it comes to that. >> and no eyewitness. that has to be dafifficult for e prosecution. >> it will make it very hard. you heard there, the discussion about the possibility that there was a blindfold involved. without an eyewitness, where there was just the two of them there, with just some level of physical evidence associated with the blindfold. i think first-degree murder, very, very hard for prosecutors to prove here. that's why. pau because there were no witnesses. >> even though she's been inconsistent? >> that will likely lead to a conviction of something. but likely the lesser charges. >> thank you, dan. sfwlnc time for the weather again.
7:38 am
back out to ginger zee in hartford, connecticut. >> making myself into an expert this morning. the top of my extreme team hood. that's a glaze. a nice ice that is happening here in connecticut. it's below freezing here. not that much warmer in phoenix. so few are immune to this winter snap across the country. the southwest, freeze watches in lace. morning temperatures you're looking at now. tomorrow morning, colder in some spots. yes, orlando, we know you're two degrees shy of a record. you'll stay that way. warm until midweek. then a little bit cooler in the
7:39 am
>> this weather report brought to you by pacific life. i want to see how thick i can get the ice on the hood. robin and george? >> you're just in your element so to speak out there. >> intrepid. >> still smiling. amazing. coming up, bode miller opening up about his brutal cross-country custody battle. and the new high-tech seat for new borns featuring a built-in ipad. it's got a lot of parents rattled. >> oh, i got it. >> you got it? lways talks about the deal he and mom made with me when i was ten. he said, "you get the grades to go to college -- and we'll help out with the school of your choice." well, i got the grades and, with dad's planning and a lot of hard work, i'm graduating today with a degree in marine biology. i'm so thankful and excited about the future. [ male announcer ] for strategies on how to help your family achieve financial success, visit
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and we're back now at 7:43 with olympic ski champion bode
7:44 am
miller headed back into court today in the bitter cust did i battle over their 9-month-old son. he's saying he doesn't want to take the child away from his mother. >> reporter: fresh off a second place finer over the weekend. >> he's pouring it own down here. >> reporter: olympic gold medalist bode miller finds himself back in a new york courtroom today. he's seeking joint custody of his son with the boy's mother, sara, who moved to new york last year when she was seven months pregnant, claiming miller want nothing to do with the boy. over the week end, miller vented to the boston globe saying, it's tough when the other party in the matter wants to make things as absolutely difficult as possible, which has been the case here. and has no regard for truth or any of the other stuff, which is just unfortunate. he took to twitter, showing a picture of his daughter, with his son, saying she's supersad her brother is not here to celebrate with us the.
7:45 am
custody battle has been so contentious that the two can't agree on the boy's name. mckenna naming him samuel. bode calls him nate. >> it's been very contentious. the mother and father of this child both have the kid's interests at heart. it's just that they have different visions of what that interest is. >> reporter: miller, one of the most successful zmeers u.s. history has just two months before he begins competing in the winter on limp, and hopes to have the custody battle resolved by then. for "good morning america," paula story all around. and coming up, carrie underwood taking on the kriters of her live performance of the sound of music. and "play of the day." a bo-fer. past time in norway. what could be better?
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right then, here's "the play
7:50 am
of the day." >> all right. here we go. bo-fer. haven't had a bo-fer in ahil. >> you rose expectations. >> i apologize. let me lower those. it's this fella in norway. his name is espil. he's got a lot of time on his hands. >> that's pretty. >> this, he calls, first of all, the most beautiful handstand in history. it's also arguably the most terrifying. >> oh my gosh. >> oh. >> you'll notice. with no net. no net. no -- 2,000 feet in the paper no harness. >> i'm feeling sick just looking at that. >> so once he's done with that, georges, by the way. he didn't have to get down off the mountain. he decided to do this. let's see this. he decided that he was going to bike back down those hills, yeah, backwards. >> backwards?
7:51 am
>> same guy. >> oh, come on. >> george, would i lie to you? same guy. >> is this when you tell us not the try this at home? >> yeah. apparently, you can try it in norway. coming up, garth brooks, bradley cooper, tom hanks, et al. go nowhere. [ male announcer ] even well-planned holidays can wind up at the corner of "stockings are stuffed" and "quick -- duck!" luckily, walgreens is always nearby, so it's easy to get in and out for extra stocking stuffers... or anything else you might suddenly need. stop by walgreens anytime for hershey's kisses chocolates, gift cards, and more. plus get up to 20 dollars in jingle cash on next week's purchase of 30 dollars or more. here at the corner of happy and healthy.
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. the baseball writers association announced this morning retired manager tony la russa is one of five people elected to the hall of fame in cooperstown. he managed the oakland a's and st. louis cardinals to three world championships. not exactly baseball weather today, mike. no. we played over the weekend, at least my kid did. sat in the cold and watched him play. temperature 19 in novato to 39 in san ramon. another freeze warning tonight.
7:57 am
leyla. we have heavy backups. 44 minutes now to get to between antioch and concord due to this now-canceled sigalert at bailly road. still lots of red. plenty of brake lights. this crash at
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. getting ready to hustle. pradly cooper turns back time in a had the new role. and this morning, he explains those curlers. right here. live. tom hanks transforms into the man who brought mary poppins to life. now the superstar reveals how he's dealing with a very personal challenge. and garth brooks takes over times square. the song you have never heard him sing. only here. as we say -- ♪ good morning america i am so happy right now. garth brooks being here.
8:01 am
who is that? i'm not quite sure. it's santa and his helpers. because it's difficult sometimes to get that just right photo. with santa. and so we have a great crowd that's joining us inside. a little bit rainy outside. >> brought the kids today. >> we have garth brooks, who is coming by this morning. you heard a little bit from him. bradley cooper. tom hanks, also ahead. >> name-dropper. >> i had no idea we had a working fireplace at "good morning america." roast some chest nuts. carrie underwood did a live "sound of music" thursday night. got a lot of critics. taking on her performance. she's speaking out now. >> unfortunate. the chances taken. you have the applaud them. >> hear hear. also a high-tech baby seat that features an ipad. what every toddler needs, the
8:02 am
ability to launch a space shuttle. a lot of paurrents upset. experts weighing in. this has all the makings of a talker. >> is that why i saw richard besser lurking? we were talking about how this is one of the biggest challenges of the year. snapping that perfect picture for your holiday card. the dos and don'ts you need to know. no matching flannel, people. no matching flannel. >> tip number one. amy. thank you. let's get some news from josh. we begin with a brutal monday commute for all of you. millions of americans from dallas all the way to new england. slick roads. icy roads blamed for this 20-car pileup just north of new york city. dozens of people had to be rushed to the hospital. and this one, 50 cars and trucks colliding on a pennsylvania highway on sunday. one man was killed there. meanwhile, in texas. we saw this earlier.
8:03 am
sheets of ice flying off buildings. crashing in this case into a car in the street below. families left stranded on one icy highway for more than 24 hours. and at the airports. from coast to coast. almost 4,000 flights have been canceled. just since yesterday. and ginger will be along to pile on in just a moment. and breaking overseas, riot police being deployed to control tens of thousands of protesters who occupied and tried to block government buildings in the ukraine, demanding that the president resign there. the government is threatening harsh tactics in protesters don't back down. and the man who inspired the film 127 hours is waking up in a denver jail this morning. james franco played that man, aron ralston in the film. ralston famously cut off his forearm when trapped by a boulder. he was arrested on domestic
8:04 am
abuse charges over the weekend. he's due in court today. and thousands of fans paid tribute to "fast & furious kts star paul walker a week oofr he died in a fiery crash. many of the mourners drove there this their sports cars in honor of walker and his friend. in business news, gas prices on the rise again. a new survey finds the prices rose slightly this the last two weeks. and may, in fact, keep rising in the coming days. thanks largely to oil prices, which have in fact posted their biggest gaines since summer. thank you, oil prices. and finally, if you want to bo happy, just put the cell phone down. that is the result of a study from kent state university. it found that college student who is constantly text and talk on the phone are not as happy as the peers who don't. a study, in fact, found a link between excessive cell phone use and increased anxiety.
8:05 am
i gotta say. friday afternoon, i didn't have a charger. best friday i've had in a long time. i stopped. i smelled roses. i watched grass grow. it was amazing. >> it is. >> you did that in december. >> for the last time for three months. >> that's it. okay. let's get some weather from ginger zee. hey, ginger. >> i don't think i could ever do the no phone thing. i think that's way out of my element. speaking of in it, we're seeing the effects of freezing rain and the wintry mix. we heard about interstate 91 shut down in connecticut. we have to show you what is happening south of us. locally, over one inch of rain. anywhere from birmingham to atlanta included. we wanted to tell you about the cold. almost the entire nation this morning is around or just above freezing. look at the forecast across the nation. minneapolis, that's the high
8:06 am
today of 0. >> so remember, this was set up about two hours ago. you see the icicles here in hartford. the freezing drizzle. that's what happens to the roads. that's why we're hearing about accidents already. please drive safe and bungle up this morning. here's a look at what's ahead on "good morning america"'s morning menu.
8:07 am
the stroller fit for a future king. i guess we should call it a pram. superstar carrie underwood sounding off to all the critics of her "sound of music" live performance. why a lot of parents are rattled over a bouncy baby seat with a high-tech twist. coming up on "gma" right here in times square. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
excuse me, robin. i have to bust some cluster. coming up, carrie underwood firing back at critics. today, also, bradley cooper here. garth brooks here. tom hanks, mostly here. superstars, go nowhere.
8:11 am
8:12 am
that's for heidi? [ guy ] oh, yeah. oh, no. she's gonna love it, right? [ all ] no. she will not. four words: he. went. to. jared. jared? jared. trust us. now, step away from the jersey and nobody gets hurt. [ female announcer ] jared, the galleria of jewelry has a large selection of tag heuer swiss timepieces -- including a new aquaracer, sophisticated, thin and elegant. the perfect gift... i love it! [ female announcer ] ...from an almost-perfect guy, that's why he went to jared. ♪ it's saturday we're gonna part all night ♪ this is youtube sensation yet again, rebecca black's brand-new smash khit called saturday. because the last one was friday.
8:13 am
it rockets to fame. breakout song that day bued on saturday. already has -- you can't make this stuff up. already has over 8 million views since it was posted. >> whoa. >> it is the top trending video on youtube right now. that is what is popping online. >> how did friday go? i can't remember. >> you're so -- >> don't remind us. >> hum a few bars. >> very nice. very nice, amy robach. let's talk about fancy wheels. our favorite regal rider, kate middleton spotted pushi ining pe george around in a pram fit for a king. it else is for a whopping $2300. >> look at that suspension. >> better. >> it must ride beautifully. this is a royal set of wheels. quen elizabeth ii and princess
8:14 am
diana once enjoyed time in a silver cross pram as well. the company reportedly has much more affordable models. >> was that a running think? >> we'll find out. we'll bring that to you next. last night, the kennedy center honored beloved stars. billy joel, carlos santana, and actress shirley maclaine. one of the stars of the show was michelle oh bah ma for some observers. absolutely ravishing in a flowing teal gown as she accompanied president obama. another big fashion win for the first lady. also during the star-studded ceremony, country music star garth brooks gave a toast to joel. he'll be with us live. >> i can't wait for it. i had no idea that teal was green. >> it's between blue and green. >> bluish green.
8:15 am
>> yeah, bluish green. >> you didn't know? >> green. >> that is green. that is teal. >> i like what you're wearing. this is different for you. like it. like it. >> the holiday feel. >> let's get a closeup. >> let's not. >> sorry. this one's for you, josh. we know how much you love animal cuteness. right? it's making us smile this morning. we have seen dogs and cats bringing on the cold weather with onesies. but as it turn out, horses can wear them, too. look at that. plenty of patterns and colors to choose from for your horse. adding up to a viral sensation perfect for winter. look at that. >> that's a tissue. >> aw. >> a polka dot. look how cute he looks. >> how do you get that on a horse? >> how do you get that on a horse? >> very carefully. >> they don't want to wear that. >> that's why it looked like it
8:16 am
did with its head over the stall. >> thank you, amy. we move on to carrie underwood firing back at the criticism over her live tv special. chris connelly has the story. ♪ doe, a deer, a female deer >> reporter: she gave it her all. but did he put the doh in do re mi. her work boosted the televised mule call to a follow every rainbow rating of 18 million viewers. leading "saturday night live" to stir up a spoof. ♪ clean and bright >> reporter: but elsewhere, on social media, some greeted her performance with a hater-ade shower. >> you brush him aside the way you do all of them. >> reporter: critics included kym karath from the original
8:17 am
film. this one showed a picture of a board. ♪ these are a few of my favorite things ♪ >> reporter: it can't be easy for anyone to be compared to the iconic jewelry andrews. for that matter, haters gonna hate. underwood fired back. plain and simple, mean people need jesus. they will be in my prayers tonight, citing a biblical verse, urging raersd to rid themselves of malice, envy, and slander. >> she was probably curious of what people thought of it. >> reporter: she got a lot of love as well, from cameron diaz, who tweeted, you did an amazing job, and from anna kendrick, yes, girlers bust out that belt again. maybe she will. who would have the fortitude the take on maria von trapp -- and
8:18 am
axl rose. for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> gotta stand up for herself. >> absolutely. it's not easy to do something different. take on an iconic role. >> and fighting meanness with kindness. she just silenced her critics. >> i like the idea of doing different. and it was good to see kristen wiig on snl. the latest high-tech twist on bouncy seats. newborns and babies can hop along while checking in on an ipad. abbie boudreau has the story. >> reporter: toy giant fisher-price is in the hot seat after unveiling a new taken to traditional bouncy seat. this high-tech newborn to toddler activity seat features a built-in ipad and it has parents
8:19 am
rattled and up in arms. some calling it the worst baby product ever. >> a lot of parents are upset because it just feels like they're taking technology too far and introducing it too early. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, fisher-price tells us we know the apptivity seat is not for everyone. the app times out after ten minutes. it's not an always-on feature. for parents who choose to opt out, the toy bar features a built-in peer ror. this is not the first high tech product geared for babies. there's the apptivity gym made by fisher-price and the two in one ipotty, which is not. while these products may not be from everyone, some parents are sold. >> this could be the answer a lot of overtired moms and dads are looking for.
8:20 am
>> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> we asked a lot of people what they thought. kind of joef womening online and twitter. most people were against it. as opposed to actually talking to them is this my kid has every gadget. adrianne tweeted, i do not like this. parents need to be interact piv. let's bring in richard besser. you agree? >> i do. there are reasons this is not a good idea. the baby's brain is developing at incredibly rapid pace. it needs interaction with people. babies need to see faces. see how living creatures are responding to what they're doing. we know from experience of children and television that the more time they get there, the slower their language develops. >> what about ten minutes here
8:21 am
or there? the mommy wants to take a shower? >> busy parent. it does come down to moms more than dads. what do you do during that time. there are things you can do. that's when your child needs to learn, how do i entertain myself? you build kreecreativity. you can put plastic mixes cups on the floor outside the shower. they develop skills. how do i have fun on my own? >> doe we have wooden blocks? >> that's how we examine children. i give them blocks to see how they do wit. >> what are the guidelines? nothing under 2? >> the academy of pediatrics s discourages any screen time.
8:22 am
the other thing is not just for your child, but they discourage it as background for you. they find that when -- as a parent, you have that on, you're not interacting with your child. >> good point, rich. thanks. well, it is the most daunting task of the holiday season. getting your kids to sit style for the christmas card portrait. it doesn't have to be all bad. we have invaluable advice. here's paula faris. >> reporter: taking that flawless family photo is not always a perfect process. >> impossible. >> reporter: with websites like, people share their holiday portraits groan awry. the crying baby on santa's lap. or the uncomfortable matching outfits. what tipypically goes wrong? >> tempers.
8:23 am
>> impatience. >> i'm hungry. i'm thirsty. >> reporter: but lindsay snyder says taking the first pic could be a click away. tip number one have fun. >> avoid the word cheese and smile. resort to saying, monkey sounds. then you get a photo where everybody is smiling and laughing. >> reporter: tip two. coordinate, but don't match. >> the second they're matching, it will be dated. >> monkey! >> reporter: tip number three, if it's a family photo, make sure you're actually in it. >> without that, they might not know who the card is coming from. your kids want to see what you look like. they want to see what mom and dad were like. >>. >> reporter: yaeeah, mom looked good back in the day. and finally, don't be afraid to
8:24 am
use holiday props. such as my 9 months pregnant belly. my kids got on n on the action to show you our gift. >> i destroyed every pregnant picture of myself. you took one for the team. >> is everybody having a good time here? we talked about having fun. how important it is. probably the single most important tip happens before you show up to the photo shoot. make sure you are well rested. and well-fed. if you have children, bring snacks. it is so important. >> there's a reason all of those things are important. as us moms know to bring sacks in and distracting toys. how many photos can you expect to take before you find the perfect one? >> you just need one. i would expect between 100 and 150. a lot of times, the best ones are the candids in between the staged photos. >> the ones where the kids are crying, reaching out, those are the ones you love forever. sometimes the messups are the ones that live on and you put on
8:25 am
the refrigerator. >> they tell the best stories about your beautiful, chaotic life. >> how long were you there with your kids? >> a couple of hours. but we were there for the entire story. the photographer just engaging. don't laugh kids. do anything but. when you say don't laugh, they do. they have a good time. >> i'm n i'm not going to sit on santa's lap. >> we invite you to send in your funny holiday photos. coming up, bradley cooper is here live to talk about. >> hey! >> his new movie, "american hustle." go nowhere. good photo bomb. where are the hottest stars coming on planet effort? good morning, america. all you have to do is sit here and say, good morning, america. >> we're talking bradley, ben, justin, julia, brittany, steve,
8:26 am
kristin, paul, tom. >> oh, my gosh. >> even -- >> it's your old friend, ron burgundy. >> all december, it's "good morning america's" all-star holiday party.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. the cold snap continues with napa expected to be among the coldest places around the bay area this morning. all 55 beds were filled overnight at the emergency shelter set up at the napa county fairgrounds. the shelter was set to close a half hour ago and reopen tonight at 5:00. and santa clara county at least four deaths are being attributed to the cold snap. and more than 1,400 flights nationwide are canceled today because of bad weather elsewhere. at sfo the biggest impact is on flights between the bay area and dallas involving american airlines. right now let's check on the morning commute with leyla gulen. yes. we had reports of black ice across our roadways earlier this morning. we do have a couple accidents to get to. the first one is northbound along 101 in san jose.
8:28 am
as you can see lots of backup. at least one lane blocked due to a four-car crash. then the mission boulevard onramp to northbound 880 it's a car that overturned. kristen. leyla, thank you. how much longer this c
8:29 am
good morning. still freezing cold in many areas. look at san jose, 29, santa rosa, novato and nap pa, 23. this is the way it looks from our roof cam. the wind is blowing so there's a
8:30 am
bit of a windchill. not enough wind for the bay area air quality management district. they issued another spare the ♪ who is that happeninging out with santa over there? it's garth brooks. >> he loves kids. >> he does. we love having him here today. also, a lot of people getting their picture taken thanks to classic kids photography for the great santa photo. we have a lot coming up this half hour. >> jam-packed half hour. one of hollywood's biggest stars, bradley cooper is here live. and tom hanks. he's playing walt disney in the new movie, "saving mr. banks." talk about how he tackled that role and how he's dealing with a personal challenge right now. the countdown to the new season of "downton abbey" is on.
8:31 am
>> as josh would say, go nowhere tomorrow. speaking of josh. >> sit down everybody. oscar nominated director david o. russell has done it again pulling together the people from the fighter and silver linings playbook all for "american hustle." it's a cast generating the big heat and rightfully so. it's a phenomenal movie. to that end, bradley cooper plays an fbi agent who kons to con artists into working for him. he's good enough to be here. >> thank you for having me. >> part of the sting of the 1970s. what are people going to be seeing here? >> that is the backdrop. what the story rekofls around. it's about the characters. why david wanted to make the movie, to investigate the soulful, complicated, you know,
8:32 am
not black or white characters but gray and who have a lot of heart and are trying to reinvent themselves. >> a lot of blur lired lines he. who is conning, who the being conned? >> i don't like that you're in jail while he's going free. i don't like any of that. i want to help you. all the razzle-dazzle that that he does is not real. it's fake. who you are is who you are. you and god. you and your soul. that's what i see in you. tell me you didn't feel it the first time we saw each other. am i crazy? i don't think so. i'm not supposed to be talking like this. i don't care. i'll break the rules. i want to help you. i like you. i like you. i like you. >> so good. so good. here's what i like about it. without context, you might be thinking you're watching the bad
8:33 am
guy there. you're watching the good guy there. david was here. david o. russell, the director. he said how much fun he had watching you and your cast mates disappear into these very gray characters. what was richie like for you? >> i miss him. it was so true. we were doing a q and a a few weeks ago. they're all unrecognizable. richie is an adolescent child. he's if way over his head. he always wants to be around the cool kids. this heavy-set guy played by christian bale. >> amy said the most charming character she's run up against, even with the combover. >> it's the sexiest christian bale has ever been. >> a lot of trust here with david and the stable of actors. what is it like for you,
8:34 am
personally, again, you get the team back together again after all the success of "silver linings playbook." great to work with him again? >> it is. everybody signed on without him having written the script jet. he pitched it all to every actor. for me personally, i feel like i w have been working with him for three years straight. we were in proes production of "silver linings playbook" when we were prepping american hustle. >> you mentioned working on a david o. russell film. you said it would scary or could be? >> there's no net. whatever you had prepared for at the day, be ready to throw it out the window. whatever is going to happen will be fresh and new. he's rewriting while the camera is rolling. it's the most communal experience i have ever had. everybody is right there together. >> and i like the collaboration and -- as evidenced, you and he sat down to talk about something
8:35 am
that i hadn't seen seasons my mother called me home in the third grade, i think back in 1980. the hair. and you -- i love about it is that you guys decided it wouldn't just be how his hair was that richie decided, your character was making the decision to have -- >> to curl his hair. yeah. >> what was it like? in this day and age, we see shots of the movie being filmed. the first thing we saw was -- >> coming out of the trailer with the curlers on. this time, i was in for three hours every day. sitting under those old heat lamp things. half of my head being singed. gender revenge here. >> jen and amy were like, gone. it took awhile for me, jeremy, and christian. >> fantastic film. >> they're like fabian, who is fabian?
8:36 am
>> google. congratulations. best of luck. terrific movie. go see it. it's "american hustle." nationwide next friday, december 20th. time f time for one last check of the weather. ginger zee in hartford, connecticut. >> here i am with the freezing drizzle. you didn't tell me bradley cooper was there. i werth geeked out until i knew he was in the studio and i missed him. we start in denver, kmgh. it has been so cold. for so many days. and the ice coming off that satellite there. and then you have washington, d.c. they had the icing that branch, unfortunately, falling into, she told me later, their porch. and bursting pipes. a lot of folks having way cold teens. portland, seattle. seattle may see a few flurries. then the storm we were taling
8:37 am
you about that is coming through the mid-atlantic and northeast. anot >> this weather report brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelry. i'm going to bring you back an icicle or two. >> thank you, ginger. i cowl use one right now. guess what? we have the stars of a new miniseries that challenges five cowboy and five cowgirls to break and train a wild mustang in four months and compete in mustang million for a chance to win the big prize. bobby kerr and his side kick, poncho, are here with us this
8:38 am
morning. poncho is sitting in the car. this is something that we were able to see firsthand right here live and we now know that bobby was able to train him to do this. bobby, i wouldn't believe it if i wasn't sitting here. how did you do this? mgts got a good horse. lots of patience. lots of repetition. i would work him. he came and rested if the car. he got used to liking it. >> what will people love about the show the most? >> they'll love the journey we do with a wild horse. it's an amazing journey. >> you won last year. what is jour secret. you have to know something. you're a horse whisperer. >> the secret is a lot of work. lots of time an dedication. when you're not working with them, you're living with them. i take him everywhere i go. >> i thing he needs a oneis ie, josh. we had horses with ones iies
8:39 am
earlier. mustang millionaire. produced by our sister company, 66 media. up next, music legend garth brooks is here live.
8:40 am
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i cannot think of a better way to start a new week. we're thrilled to be joined by the number one selling music artist in the last 20 years, mr. garth brooks. a very rare interview. and no applause sign. that's from the heart. he's just released a brand-new eight-disc box set, "blame it on my roots." i debuts at number one on the billboard country charts. you can get it all across the country at walmarts. it's been too long. >> you look great. healthy. amen. >> yes. that's the truth. you were great last night in the toast to billy joel. that had to be a special time. >> it was fun. any time they honor one of your heroes and you get a chance to be part of it, that's a great honor in itself. billy had a great night. he deserved it. and all five of the entries that went in, you never can argue with those choices.
8:43 am
because they are the greatest of the greatest. >> you do honor a lot of the greats in the box set. these are people that really influenced you. >> i love this. it's all about the things that made my music. people might think, garth brooks. well, we were talking about george strait. ♪ they call him the fireman ♪ that's my name i get to play all those things i grew up on. the stuff that people don't know. like my mom's influence on me. ♪ sitting in the morning sun ♪ now i'll be sitting when the evening comes ♪ i'm the last of six kids, right. so in our house you had everything from -- ♪ ♪ de, de, de, de, de, de you had simon & garfunkel. everybody you can imagine from cat stevens, growing up in the '70s with the classic rock. guys like seger. >> bob seger.
8:44 am
>> the whole -- ♪ seems like yesterday, it was long ago ♪ ♪ she was a love and she was the queen of my night ♪ ♪ there in the darkness with the radio playing low now ♪ it just goes on. you get to play all your favorite stuff. >> ladies and gentlemen, do you understand what -- what we are witnessing right here? that is you. that is the essence of you. people have seen it in the last few years in las vegas. a one-man show, you and your guitar. >> yes, very naked. very -- you're just out there with you and your guitar. you depend on the people to take care of you. they have my whole career. vegas was a love-fest. a wonderful place to play. >> now you bring the boys in the band? >> we are. my one-man show at the wynn is over. but they've allowed me to keep the room as my laboratory kind of thing. i'm going to take the band and let them experience the room. >> it's great playing las vegas. the crowds that come out there.
8:45 am
i've been out there. now you know, when you -- getting the boys back together. >> yes. >> and playing like this, it leads to speculation. could you possibly be going back on the road again? >> i would love to. at 52, i'm worried that it's the wheelchair and walker tour kind of thing. but we'll see. i would love to fire it up. it's a decision our family has to make. i think we'll make, i think, between me and you, i think we'll make an announcement very soon. >> really? if you want to, you can do it right now. no, that's all right. >> you know what? >> what? >> since it's you and since we have had a history forever. let's announce it. >> all right. okay. >> we're going on a world tour, 2014, it begins. >> oh! >> i can't think of a better way. i can't believe i just did that, but you're a doll. >> totally unscripted. we didn't know you were going to do that. you are going out on tour? >> let's announce it now. we're going to talk to radio the next week. coming up at the end of the week.
8:46 am
want to tell them and celebrate with them because it sure feels good to throw your hat back f i the ring. >> why now? why now? >> our baby's a senior in high school. we've talked about it. all my babies are fine with it. and miss yearwood is fine with it. i get to to what i love to do, play music. get to be with the person i want to be with. that is miss yearwood. and my children are up and going. i'm a phone call dad. hey, dad, i love you, can i borrow some money? that's where i'm at. i feel lucky to have three healthy children. they're getting ready to step off into their own paths in the world. >> you earned a lot of respect from people. people always thought, he'll come back sooner. you were adamant about being there for your girls. >> if you have babies, there's nothing better. no offense to music. no offense to anything on this planet. there's nothing better than being a dad. my time off for them was for me,
8:47 am
not for them. >> 2014. we can't wait. >> i can't believe i just did that. you're the bomb. i love you. >> that's you. you're so authentic. can you play more? >> sure. sure. let's go, um -- ♪ i will sail my vessel till the river runs dry ♪ ♪ like a bird upon the wind these waters are my sky ♪ ♪ i'll never reach my destination if i never try ♪ ♪ so i will sail my vessel nil the river runs dry ♪ oh. >> thank you, garth. >> i love you. very, very much. so beautiful. >> you are -- >> inside and out. >> "blame it on my roots." it's on sale at walmarts nationwide. thank you. for always -- you don't change a bit. >> you're always a doll. >> love that about you. >> got tom hanks coming up. he plays the man who brought mary poppins to life.
8:48 am
great show. come on back. i can't believe you did th ♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ get the family to strike a pose, ♪ ♪ and show off your brand new clothes! ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
8:49 am
♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday
8:50 am
♪ that a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ♪ julie andrews in "mary poppins," the all-time disney classic. now the story is being told in a new movie, called "saving mr. banks." tom hanks played disney in the movie and talks about what goes on behind the scenes. ♪ >> reporter: "mary poppins" is the classic that almost never happened. walt disney's daughters were begging him to make the movie. but the character's creator, as we see in "saving mr. banks" was rather difficult. >> p.l. travers, right here in
8:51 am
my office. after all these years. almost 20 of them. >> yes. >> it took him 20 years to get the rights from the crotchety old bat. she didn't like him. >> reporter: she didn't like americans. >> she didn't like americans. didn't like cartoons. didn't like walt disney. i think that brought disney up short. he was used to getting his own way. >> reporter: this is the tale of the lengths walt went to to get his own way. >> welcome to the magic kingdom. >> is it all like this? >> yep. isn't it wonderful? >> do you always get everything you want, walter? >> pretty much. >> reporter: your wife must be glad you got rid of the mustache. >> oh, my lord, yes. i have had three jobs in a row with substantial facial hair. she puts up with a lot. what can i tell you? >> reporter: something he has to deal with, type ii diabetes. is that from gaining weight,
8:52 am
losing weight? for roles over the year. >> no, it's from a lifetime of eating horribly. >> reporter: really? about how about this for a professional challenge. the first person to play walt disney on film. >> well, yeah. >> reporter: daunting? >> oh, god, yeah, absolutely. >> reporter: in a movie shot here in burbank and made by a company that still bears disney's name. hanks can handle it. it's a pleasure. >> very nice talking to you. >> reporter: appreciate your time. >> cannot wait to see "saving mr. banks." a rolling open. electrotheters this friday. then every friday december 20th. we'll be right bac
8:53 am
ed lg mego ken e 's
8:54 am
8:55 am
it's been a great week, everybody. i'm out of here. how do you go beyond what garth just did? >> hard to. thanks again to bradley cooper as well. a big day tomorrow on "good morning america." the whole cast of "downton abbey" will be here, too. thank you, santa. >> boy, what a day.
8:56 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. there seems to be no break in the current bay area cold snap, it will come at some point. let's ask mike when. >> could be later this week. that's for sure. we have that stagnant air causing poor air quality. all of us under a spare the air, no burning of wood unless you want to pay a hefty fine. highs in the 47 to 52 degree range. well below average. tonight's temperatures in the 20s and 30s once again. a freeze warning everywhere except san francisco. slightly warmer ea day starting tomorrow. leyla. along with the freezing temperatures we had a caller call into the station saying there's black ice in burlingame. farther down the peninsula we have one accident blocking
9:00 am
southbound 101 at marsh road and it is causing some heavy backups approaching highway 84. northbound side starting to thin out. >> it's "live with kelly and michael." busy tyle busy tyler perry. and from the classic television comedy "murphy brown," faith ford. also joining kelly at the co-host desk is mark consuelos. plus the perfect gift for your perfect gal as we kick off the week, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] ♪ i can lift you up >> hi.


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