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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 9, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday good afternoon, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm carolyn johnson. another night of freezing temperatures for parts of the bay area. this icy weather apparently now killed six people. the latest deaths in hayward is believed to be from hypothermia. the coroner has not yet confirmed that. >> it's been so cold, pg&e has seen record breaking demands for gas. the entire bay area,
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excludeing san francisco is in a freeze warning tonight. >> it's quite a cold snap. third night we've had a freeze warning. clear skies across the bay area now, we've had a lot couple days and this morning we've had low temperatures down to 19 degrees in clear lake and novato. very, very cold. and over remainder of the bay area, it was cold as well. san jose, a low of 25, which is a record low for the date in san jose. now, take a look at the freeze warning again, covering all of the bay area except city of san francisco this, is in effect from 10:00 tonight until 9:00 in the morning. look for subfreezing temperatures, lows down near 20 degrees. exposed pipes could burst under the conditions and there is increased risk of hypo therma. a hard freeze is in effect for central valley. a live view now from our camera looking at the
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clear and sunny western sky. 20 inland, wednesday morning cold again, inland lows mid-20s down to about freezing around the bay. by thursday morning we'll see a little bit less cold weather beginning to settle in over the bay area. >> this weather may have proved deadly. authorities trying to determine whether a home ls man died from exposure. >> abc7 news is live now from hayward. >> still very cold out here. this is where police say the body of a man was found yesterday morning. they believe he could be the latest victim of the brutal cold snap this, courtyard is where a passerby made a grim discovery. the body of a homeless man wearing a
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sweat shirt and shorts. police believe he likely died from exposure. >> some he did live in a camp near that area. >> the cold claimed lives of four homeless people. that is why groups are doing all they can to get people into warm shelters >> this is open all day. that means people can stay and keep out of the cold. >> ehc live builders identified hundreds of homeless camps. anna and her little dog are using the shelter but others braving the cold. with his son until they can find permanent housing. >> we can stay warm as long as you don't move. >> more cold weather is on the way. abc7 news.
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>> people trying to stay warm cranked up thermostats. pg&e says gas broke million facility opened friday, helping meet high demand so far without problems. >> we know in realtime what's happening on the system. where you can add more compression, bring more gas through our storage fields and people in the field around the northern part of the state. who are on site, at our critical locations making sure everything functions the way we need it to. >> the rise in gas comes at a cost. they could go up with consumption. amy hollyfield has that story. >> reporter: to cover the story of black ice%yu patch. watch. our van loses traction
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for just a moment. ach put out an alert in both directions have you to watch where you step, too this, slick spot was in pleasant hill. people are bundled up, shivering and shaking their heads. >> length of time was unbelievable. i was born and raised here. >> at gas auto care, car wash is closed this morning. usually it's open at k a.m >> pipes are frozen. those guys are sitting at home. >> they're seeing a dip in customers needing maintenance on cars. >> from when it's freezing people don't want to get out of the houchls fwheer a retirement community here. retirees don't the street sh you don't see them owl out until 12:00 >> frozen pipes mean plumbers are busy. bob says he is racing from customer to customer. >> the pipes being that they're
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freezing they just expand and burst. if there is a crack in them. >> reporter: not cold enough to discourage this group outside in walnut creek. everyone keeps showing up, though weather has been rough on their fingers. >> they're breaking open is what they're doing. they're numb. past weeks have been cold. >> reporter: he says it's important to cover the pipes, put something around them, you can tell plants aren't happy. these flowers not looking good. plants and everyone looking for the cold snap to be over. >> a homeless shelter expected to reach capacity at napa valley exposition again tonight. 55 people slept in frigid temperatures that could be deadly for people sleeping outside the coroner is trying to determine if cold weather killed a man found outside. four deaths
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in santa clara county are confirmed. >> icy conditions turned a highway into a junkyard near new york city. two dozen cars slammed into one another this, crash sent 35 people to the hospital in westchester county. one public works employee says road service felt like a hockey rink. drivers are not the only ones that are hindered by cold and ice. you'll track live doppler seven hd any time you need it. down load it free on google play. >> park in sonoma county remains closed after a family discovered human remains there yesterday.
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investigators called in, more bones found nearby. making a full skeleton. >> the deputy that shot and killed a santa rosa teenager will return to work this week. >> he will report to desk duty, he's been on leave since october 22nd. gelhaus says he thought andy lopez was carrying an ak 47. >> it was an air soft gun painted to look real. >> dozens of protests are saying enough about shuttles to mountain view. they dressed as public safety officers and issued a mock ticket. 200 times in two years. protestors blame google for what it calls city
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eviction crisis. >> most workers seem to take this in stride. some snapped photos with their cell phones. >> we're glad to see prognosis is good for a toddler born with a hole in the heart who underwent surgery at childrens hospital. >> it's a story only on abc7 news. the 14-month-old aria schilling left the hospital today. her fight led to another battle for her parents. abc7 news is at the hospital now with the story. laura? >> reporter: well, the schillings left the hospital here at children's hospital this morning with. aria ahead of schedule. april surgery a life-saving surgery, her parents worry she might not get in time. >> so those are where the tubes
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were. >> the surgery her parents fought hard for her to have is complete. the 16-month-old is on the way home. >> just looks amazing. we're just excited to have her home. to be on the way to the holidays. and back together with the rest of the family. >> reporter: aria was born with a congenital defect. >> they were narrowed to the point we can get concerned that work load is getting large. >> her cardiologist wanted her so far surgery in childrens. but the company refused to pay for it. instead, saying the family should explore alternatives at uc davis. schillings appealed to california department of managed care. >> glad we've stuck to our guns with fighting it. it's the right
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thing to do. and we ended up with the right surgeon. >> reporter: they have advice for other parents. >> if you the best for your child, do what you need tochlt research. there are avenues for you. >> reporter: a spokesman says the schillings had not given permission to speak about this case. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 back home from north korea. a man on why he thinks he was detained and clues during his coerced confessions. >> your chance to own a piece of the stick. you better sit down. it will cost you. >> and at 4:30 the trial of a young bride accused of pushing her husband off a cliff just days after the wedding. >> taking a look at traffic in san jose now this, is guadalupe
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parkway. highway 87 moving smoothly. traffic on the right perhaps heavier for those drivers heading towards 2806789 stay with us.
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korean war veteran from palo alto is now sharing tee tails about the experience. merrill newman returned home saturday during captivity newman read an apology for aiding guerrillas
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during the war. today revealing north koreans wrote it and he tried to convey that while reading it by emphasizing bad grammar. newman says he ran into trouble during his trip when asking if he can meet war veterans saying quote north koreans seemed to have m misinterpreted by curiosity. it's clear north koreans feel more anger about the war than i realized. >> six major silicon valley tech companies calling on the president and congress to curve government surveillance programs. among the companies are google and linkedn, facebook, yahoo and twitter. all companies are publishing an open letter in several u.s. newspapers today, documents leaked by edward snowden revealed the government collected information from millions without knowledge. >> apple introduces new
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technology at ilths its retail stores so look for. that >> those stories and more, cory johnson is here with this afternoon's after the bell report. hi, cory. >> still big news is the tech leaders zoining together. encouraging children to learn to code the event is sponsored by n nonprofit u.s. students rank 21 in science, 26th in math. apple launching new technology around the u.s. the new technology not tracking customers but sends a signal to iphones or ipad that's can pick
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up while in stores if enabling the setting. signal informed what products are looking at as they pass items in stores. and square launching a card reader that showing off the new, allegedly more accurate device. the former head of the accessory division is behind the new design that is 45% thinner. u.s. stocks closing higher today. your bloomberg silicon valley index also raising and perhaps like wasn't enough. facebook considering a sympathize button. according to huffington post it may be developing the sympathize button when like button just
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doesn't apply. from bloomberg world headquarters i'm cory johnson. dan, carolyn, i like and sympathize with you guys, all the way back here in new york. >> thank you very much. >> bay area sports fans can now own a piece of candle stick park history. if you want it, it's not going to be cheap. 49ers put seats on sale about an hour ago. the stick will be demolished next season. proceeds from the sale going to the rec and park department. you'll see them on sale now >> that is a lot. really. >> i will just tell stories about it.
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>> yes. yes. >> it's cold out there >> it is. >> here is live doppler seven hd. clear skies and frigid conditions this morning. we're going to have a repeat of last night. here is a live view from our sutro camera looking north. tomorrow going to be the third spare the air day. no wood burning during spare the air alert. looking towards golden gate, these current temperatures around the bay area. los gatos, 49. now looking from our mount tam camera. 47 in napa. mid 40s
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in novato and livermore, temperatures dropping already. and western sky, forecast are these. freeze warnings again tonight. milder after mid week. it's good news for many of us who don't deal too well with cold. cold air is blanketing state of california. one more cold night coming our way. then, things moderating just a little bit. high pressure in control. no rain in sight. so weather will be nice and pleasant, it's getting very, very dry around the bay area. and just how dry? well, an fran on track to set a new record of the lowest annual
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rainfall total. current record in san flan was set back in 1917. nine inches of rain. so, overnight tonight, clear skies. dry conditions and cold again. lows dropping to 20 in napa. mid-20s inland east bay. and south bachlt around the bay lows upper 20s to around tomorrow, sunny skies. here is the accu-weather forecast. notice overnight, well, we don't have overnight temperatures posted here. they'll moderate. 60 degrees highs inland and around the bay. milder still
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over the weekend. so we need rain. it's bone dry out there. >> thank you. >> doing good this holiday season could make you $7,000 richer. go to abc7 news facebook page and make the pledge to give where you live. >> and the winner will be announced december 17th. >> up next, garth brook's big announcement is something he said he would never do, again. >> and the local kids that will be taking center stage in a major celebration for nelson mandela. no less. >> and taking a look at san mateo bridge. this is the toll plaza a six dr cash pile up shut down 2 eastbound lanes
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explaining why traffic on the left side of the screen is light now. these cars have to make it around that wreck, first. stay with us.
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to those who've been denied ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at
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garth brooks had big secret to share with good morning america this morning. >> well, since it's you, since we've had a history forever, let's announce it. >> okay. okay. >> we're going on a world tour in 2014. >> the 52-year-old was on the morning show to promote his album and tv special. the singer among the best selling album artist of all time. he retired from recording and performing in 2000 before letting the cat out of the bag he first joked it would be a wheelchair and a walker tour kind of thing.
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>> he puts on a fantastic show. result s are in and a popular comedian is number one on forbes list of most overpaid actors. adam sandler makes $15 million a picture, but forbes says he does not always bring in the big money for studios. "that's my boy" only made $13 million world wide. other actor who made the list include catherine heigl, reese witherspoon, nicholas cage and kevin james. >> still to come at 4:00 world ed leaders present and past converging on south africa to pay tribute to nelson mandela. >> an outdoor adventurer whose survival became a major motion picture. >> important tips before you buy head phones you'll want
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♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ get the family to strike a pose, ♪ ♪ and show off your brand new clothes! ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday leaders are making their way towards south africa. >> that includes the president and first lady. abc7 has the
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story. >> this week long farewell is under way in south africa. >> people are holding hands and helping each other. >> the president and first lady departed washington joined by former president george w. bush ask his wife, laura and former secretary of state hillary clinton. this is is where he made his last public appearance one official said the world is coming to south africa. including pope francis, and vips will join 90,000 eager to pay respects to the man who healed a nation and changed history.
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security will be tight and thousands will be on duty. woman says she brought her daughters and granddaughters. >> we could have had a revolution. now we're all living happily together due to mandela. >> there will be a memorial service here in washington at national cathedral on wednesday vice president biden will deliver remarks. >> vice president biden honored nelson mandela's memory by signing a condolence book. wrote through his willingness to forgive he inspired us and challenged us to do better. three decades ago then senator biden travelled to south africa.
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the two men did meet in washington after the release in 19990. >> there will be a civic memorial in san francisco on wednesday. today mayor lee opened a book for the public to sign and ordered flags on city properties be known half staff the day of his burial and later in this newscast. stay with us if you can. you're going to meet the boys choir who will sing during the memorial for mandela in washington, d.c. >> there is new information ahead of public hearings
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tomorrow. investigators expected to reveal pilots misunderstood how the controls punks functioned. >> the law requires dna samples to be taken from all suspects arrested for felonies. american civil liberties union saying the law is un-constitutional. the state claims it helps solve cold cases the u.s. supreme court upheld a current law in maryland >> bob philner was sentenced to 90 days of house arrest and three years probation he faced a potential sentence of three years in prison. philner apologized to victims, family and citizens of san diego,
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serving only nine months as mayor. >> jury selection in a montana murder trial in which a young bride is accused of pushing her husband to his death just days after the wedding. abc7 news is following this case. >> reporter: did she murder her husband by pushing him off the edge? or was it an accident? that is what 12 jurors must decide the 22-year-old's murder trial gets underway inside of this court house. >> the prosecution, i think has a tough hurdle. she will get a preassumption of innocence. >> reporter: prosecutors claim just eight days after the wedding gram graham fell out of love. mr. johnson fell to his death at glacier national park wearing a blind fold. prosecutors believe graham covering the murder up sending
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herself a series of e mails from a fake account. >> the prosecution is going to say the story doesn't make sense, they've got evidence she was engaged in a cover up. >> reporter: graham's defense attorneys claim her 25-year-old husband fell accidentally when she pushed his arm away during an argument. >> she admits she took a deer friend from us. >> reporter: the defense admits graham's story changed but maintains the young bride sin sent. >> the government is expected to call 39 witnesses, including forensic experts. the judge says he hopes to have the trial to the jury in five wilderness adventurer will not face charges the movie "127 hours ou" tells
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the story of aaron hallston he cutoff his arm with a pocketknife. police arrested him after officers say he got into a fight with his girlfriend a spokesperson says the case was dropped. >> there is more still to come on abc7 news at 4:00 including a snow ball fight including university of oregon football players that got ugly in a hurry. >> i'm spencer christian. clear western skies from our camera another cold night coming our way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> the sky is clear but freeways are not. take a look at san francisco skyway. cars on the left side of the screen coming towards you are trying to get on to the bay to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear...
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>> this snow ball fight might land university of oregon football players in hot water the student newspaper posted it on you tube reporting that ducks players organized friday's snow ball fight. a professor confronted the snow ball throwers after pelting his car, and him. police police plan to see if crimes were chitted. i don't know about crimes..
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>> i like to see how snow ball throwers are backing off there. >> the professor looked peeved. >> i would have been, as well. >> no snow, but it's cold enough. >> sure it is. we'd be throwing ice balls at one another. here is live doppler seven, clear skies around the bay area, a freeze warning in effect again tonight for the bay area except san francisco. and in upper mid west. fargo a high of only two degrees. minneapolis, eight degrees so if you think it's cold here, spend a night or two in fargo. highs into 40s and 50s. here in the
4:42 pm
bay area, it will be another day of sunny, cool to chilly afternoon weather. low to mid-50s tomorrow, that will be overnight period valleys will see mid-20s inland east bay and south bay z lows into upper 20 to around 30. a little bit of improving weather >> chilly. >> yes. >> thanks. >> it's a tall order dating women in the big apple. a study says the likelihood a man under 59 is contacted by a manhattan woman online just 1.2%. that site analyzed 50,000 interactions over owe 10 months
4:43 pm
he recommends sherter men should go to jersey city, new jersey. >> i am glad i was 54. >> who is honest anyway? >> yes. >> still head here on abc7 news at 4:00 safety concerns about high chairs. >> a 6-year-old boy on a mission to save nasa. >> take a look at what is ahead world ne >> a big blast of cold and tonight we're going to show what to do if you get stuck in the cold. how long can you keep it running to stay warm?
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princeton university started mass vaccinations of students. to try to prevent meningitis. no
4:47 pm
case has been fatal the b strain of the bacteria is accounted for one third of the u.s. cases of meningitis last year. the vaccine for b strain not licened for general use here. >> concerns over the safety of high chairs and booster seats a child taken to the hospital just about every hour as a result of the injuries between 2003 and 2010. researchers say this study suggests either chair safety restraints were not being used or they were ineffective. they remind parents children should be supervised in chairs. >> u.s. government now owns part of general motors. the government lost $10.5 billion
4:48 pm
but insists rescue is necessary to save a million jobs the government received 61% of the company in exchange for a $50 combrinl bailout during the financial crisis. >> he wants to discover after thor yeaheds and stuff. but first this 6-year-old is on a mission to save nasa. conner jops onsays he wants to be an as nault he learned congress was cutting funding he decided to do something, donating $10.41, followed bhiz piggy bank, now, behind an online petition on the white house web site. >> every response from the white house i need 100,000. i would be sad, nasa is mostly the only space station, like space company i've known. >> he means he needs 100,000
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signatures so far, he has 4,000. so he's got to get to 100,000 december 29th. >> if you or someone you know is a music lover. they can get pricey. >> yes. consumer reports reveal chrg best, michael finney has answers for us >> like most people, she runs near car traffic, bikers and others so she chooses head phones carefully. >> the music distracts you. you may not be hearing anything. >> consumer reports tested nonisolating head phones. one set, ear heros claimed to be the most elite ear piece w a price to match. $150 but testers
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aassessed this set they had the worst sound. >> harsh sounding. >> despite being highest priced, the ear heros were the lowest rated. just six out of 100. >> there are many that have full range audio. >> consumer reports found other head phones performed better in this test. a f.sound important, consumer reports recommends bose, ie 2 phones. they told us our product
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is designed for safety. the user can listen to their device and surroundings we're willing to sacrifice some sound quality for safety. now, if you're looking for head phones to use inside and want noise cancelling ones, you have to spend more money. consumer reports says there is good noise reduction for $300. >> coming up next, a celebrated bay area boys choir taking center stage. i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 a teacher arrested and accused of having sex with a young student. plus, fireball in indonesia. a commuter train crashes into a gas tanker. why dozens of dogs
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are being air lifted out of the bay area. those stories when dan
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a grammy award winning boys choir have been asked to pefsh kwloerm wednesday for nelson mandela. nick smith caught up with the group today. nick? >> you know this is not the first time this group has been invited to perform on a world stage. they're a grammy award winning group performing in front of heads of states and at n.9 countries take a look. i had an opportunity to participate, or watch one rehearsal today the boys, all between 11 and 18 under the final stages of rehearsals for a performance that will have eyes watching. the pacific boys choir, not strangers to the stage are a grammy-award winning group that
4:56 pm
tours abroad but the fact they've been asked to perform at wednesday's memorial service at washington national cathedral is an honor the director kevin fox says is a once in a live time opportunity. >> it's somebody that deserves as much love as we can give him. and that is what he did to everybody no matter who they were. he loved everyone. >> thb a whirl wind tour. they're rehearsing tonight, boarding a plane in the morning then hitting the stage on wednesday. the group will perform a traditional mix of songs. and therefore will be an opportunity to hear them do a song that blue me away. >> we look forward to seeing that at 6:00.
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>> thanks for joining us at 4:00. abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> thank you. ice on the road. just one sign of our continued cold snap tonight. >> i'm sandhya patel. live on the roof of the kgotv broadcast center, icy cold tonight and where freeze warnings are going up. >> charges of child molestation in a school. >> why a group surrounded a pus full of google employees today. >> cold temperatures are hitting those living on the streets very hard officials are investigating what may be the sixth death since the cold snap began.
4:58 pm
>> temperatures have been near, and below freezing. an autopsy will be conducted on a homeless man, imagine, in this cold being dressed like. that he was found dead yesterday morning the low was 34 degrees . the man could be the fifth and sixth victims to die. four others died in santa clara county in less than a week. now, some shelters are reporting every bed filled. looking live now outside from our mount tam camera, pg&e says we're breaking records you are turning up thermostats trying to stay warm. >> reporter: as long as weather outside is frightful, keeping
4:59 pm
warm and delightful inside comes at a price. it's available and requires planning. that is something we usually take for granted. outside, you can bundle up. >> pg&e is making sure there is must have to keep customers warm. that is no small task. demand surpassed a recent record. >> when comparing it's the same customers more usage per customer divided up by residential customers in homes. with commercial customers and electric generators. >> making sure there is gas in the system does require planning
5:00 pm
ahead. the director says he does think about this all of the time. >> we have gases from underground during summer months.. >> of course after bracing for cold, people are bracing for the bill. >> it's difficult to come home at different times of the day and night. so to age when i'm going to be home. so. >> unfortunately during the day. we keep it down to 60. they're not home. then, up to 67 during the night. >> blast it? >> yes. definitely. >> are you worried about the bill? >> absolutely. >> pg&e advice is try your best to conserve. maybe wear


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