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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 10, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:00 on tuesday. we have a bart issue. >> more on that right now from leyla gulen. >> so, what we have now is an update and the power of the main line at daly city station is back on. the issue is at the san francisco yard where the trains are being kept, dublin trains are still trapped in the yard because of the loss of power. dublin to san francisco from east to west the trains can and will be able to get back to dublin and riders can travel east on the yellow or green lines. bart will send trains from dublin to pick up the extra passengers to get them to dublin station a way to get through bart but hopefully the power
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will be back on and you can get the trains off and rolling. >> thank you, leyla gulen. to add insult to injury for the commute if you are driving you have to scrape off the ice again a frozen commute for all of the neighbors but for san francisco with sub-freezing temperatures until 9:00. then no ice and you can take the protection off the plants and let the pets go out for an extend time. i am sure they are stir crazy. highs today are milder by two to four degrees and upper 40's along the coast and mid-50's there and low-to-mid 50's an the bay and inland and extended warming trend on the way but, first, the news of the day with kristen and eric. >> happening right now, world leaders and joyous south africans are gathering in the rain to honor the late nelson mandela. president obama led a delegation that includes former presidents bill clinton, george w. beneficiary, and jimmy carter.
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he eulogized the south african president an hour ago comparing delaware to ghandi and martin luther king and, also, abraham lincoln and recalled how he influenced him decades ago. >> over 30 years ago while still a student i learned of nelson mandela and the struggles taking place if this beautiful land and it stirred something in me. it won't be up to my responsibility to others and myself, and set me on an improbable journey that finds me here today. >> an impressive mix of royalty, statesman and celebrities in attendance with a list running in afghan president karzai to zimbabwe's president. >> in san francisco, firefighters are watching for flareups and keep an eye on the
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folk at a huge trash collection. highway 101 and candlestick park, matt is on the scene. >> the smoke is billowing out. firefighters have breathing apparatus on rotating in and out of the building because of the thick smoke. the san francisco fire department says the bulk of the fire is knocked down but a pile 100 yards of garbage continues to burn first reported at 8 pock -- 8:30 last night it contains basic building material that is generating so much smoke it has been difficult to get crews this there to tear it apart. >> i was advised this should be no hazardous material but the concern to our members is the smoke. that is why we are wearing the
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>> they need to ventilate the building to tear apart the rubbish fire. no shelter in place is ordered but dispatchers report callers are saying the smoke is bothering them if you have health issues at home call for help. around the plant, it has been blocked off with a lot of equipment in street with employees trying to get to work. if you can avoid this area if front of the recology plant, that is your best plan of action. >> the bay area is waking up to another night of sub-freezing temperatures and the prolonged cold snap is creating problems for many and opportunities for some. our reporter is in livermore with more. amy? >> it is so cold, look what we found: snow in the bay area. it is fake. they brought it in, in downtown livermore for holiday over the
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weekend but it is still here and so cold it is not melting. the weather is causing problems for people's pipes. a plumb are said he has been working until midnight the last few nights he getting so many calls from frozen or busted pipes. he is ready for the work load to return to normal. >> it is nice to be busy but it is up for memorial who have these problems and i'm very busy unclogging drains and replacing water heaters. i am okay with the cold smell -- cold spell to go away. >> the weather is tough on those would work outside such as crab fishermen. it is crab season and they are out there in the freezing we weather wear as many layers as possible to keep warm. as a reporter would works outside, i can relate. >> the effort to protect crops
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during the cold snap became an emergency situation for a pilot in the central valley. he lost control while fly the helicopter on sunday night over a sit trace grove. the prop sheared off part of the tail as the pilot made an emergency landing. he wasn't seriously hurt. helicopters are used to protect crops from frost by circulating the air. >> people trying to stay warm could help pg&e set another record for natural gas use today the utility says customers burn 4.9 billion cubic feet of natural gas yesterday breaking a record from 1998. pg&e is businessing for higher demand today. a facility in san ramon is distributing the gas to areas where it is need most. >> we have a both app which is downloaded for free at >> breaking news from overnight, there is no ntsb hearing in washington, dc, today, into the
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crash of asiana flight 214. federal offices are closed because of the weather of the the hearing was supposed to start at 6:00 this morning, but it has been poet pointed because of snow. this is the second time it has been delayed. it was postponed in october because of the government shut down. the ntsb is investigating possible pilot error in the crash that killed three teens and injured 180 passengers back in july. >> new details of the hayward after school aide charged with molesting a student. the 29-year-old mia cummings is accused of having a two-year long sexual relationship with a student starting when he was 12. she was at the catholic school in hayward since 2005 and now is in jail. her sister said she confided long before she was arrested. >> she asked for advise on what to do regarding this young man. she said, i don't want to get him in trouble. what should i do? can you give me advice?
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>> the school declined an interview and police say they do not believe this are any additional victims. cummings is facing eight felony counts of child molestation and is held on $800,000 bond. >> protests are expected in santa rosa over the shooting death of thin-year-old andy lopez by erick gelhaus in october. protesters will demonstrate outside the santa rosa city council meeting and say the independent investigation was a whitewash of the incident. they are calling for changes to eliminate racial profiling by police. investigators say the deputy shot the boy because he was carrying an air rifle that looked like an ak-47. >> both directions of highway one at half moon bay as leyla gulen has mentioned after a fatal accident forced the closure for several hours. police say it was a rollover accident involving a car with
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the 23-year-old killed and another is hospitalized. the cause under investigation. the palo alto city council passed an ordinance requiring new homes built in the city to be ready to charge electric vehicles. appeal appeal city officials -- palo alto says it adds obligate -- only $500 to the cot of a new home compared to $5,000 to retrofit. 110 permits are issued each year and california owns 12,000 pluggin' vehicles and a thousand are sold each month. >> now, the latest from bart. >> our troubles are not over. we do have the power outage that is at the san francisco yard where the trains are being kept. if you need to travel between daly city and dublin, those trains are not running because they cannot get the trains out to send them on their way.
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what bart is doing, they are taking the trains from dublin to san francisco and they will be able to move back-and-forth. if you need to travel eastbound you can use the yellow or the green lines to take you to bay their. this problem is still unresolved and we will tell you when everything comes back on line in a little bit. we have this, a car fire, that was towing a u-haul truck at 164th avenue. that was fully engulfed. c.h.p. units are on the scene with a lane blocked but not impacting traffic. the drive you it castro valley is clear and a look outside, this is going to be the toll plaza into young from san francisco with hardly any cars in the westbound direction. we have freezing temperatures everywhere but pittsburg is close to 33 and brentwood is at freezing.
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to livermore we have mid-to-upper 20's and pleasanton is 129. same in fremont and san jose and los gatos is at 27. and novato and napa and santa rosa in the mid-to-upper 20's and freezing in hayward. and freezing in san carlos and oakland is close at 33 and san francisco is the warm spot at 40. frosty conditions, below average temperatures, possible records through 7:00, and we are flirting with 50 with sunshine at noon and high clouds roll in and then minor warming. high clouds keep us from being so chilly with more low-to-mid 40's than mid-to-upper 30's as we have had. moving forward the high chows hang around as the warm air continues to increase ever so slowly and mid-50's tomorrow and mid-50's to 60 on thursday and also on friday. you going to like this w you could be more likely to become rich than you think, a bloomberg
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business report is next. >> also, why the nation's major banks say your money is a little safer from hackers this morning. >> washington takes a small step toward gun control and the ban that president obama has just signed into law. coldbefore the first sneeze... help prevent with a spray. and use lysol hand soap... for 10x more protection with each wash. this season, help protect your family with lysol. start healthing
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>> covering san rafael, south bay, pleasanton, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning.
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so, the future of baby monitors could be infant clothing. >> people with money may not be in a buying mood this holiday season. we are joined by jane king with the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, low income shopers are trying to watch their dollars, but those making between $100,000 and $250,000 are watching their spending. they are called henrys, high earners not rich yet, and analysts say companies like coach and nordstrom may see a slow down in spending. shrinking bonuses and concern that the party on wall street will not last are behind the pull back in henry spending. you could be likely to be rich than you think but a research center says 20 percent of united states adults become rich for part of their lives. in trading, we have futures putting you at a slightly lower
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start with twitter lower after having the biggest one day gain yesterday on optimism of the social site's new ad products. baby clothes and wearable fitness? there is a "nemo" that records a baby pots position in bed, and breathing, and tran mits the data to your smartphone. the baby's breathing is monitored and it can prevent fatalities and is westernable and cost -- washable and costs $200 for a set of three including the bay station. >> thank you, jane king. >> president obama has extended a ban on mistick weapons that can slip by metal detectors and x-ray machines which would have expired at midnight. the law is weaker than what advocates and democrats hoped to push through but they wanted to require the elastic firearms come with a metal part that can
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cannot be detached signing this picture on air force one on the way to nelson mandela's memorial. >> vice president biden will host relatives of of the connecticut school massacre victims at the white house shy of the anniversary and will announce $100 million program to increase access to mental health services and improve mental health facilities. december 14 of last year, the 24-year-old enter the elementary school and were order fire. 20 children were killed along with six adults. >> the government needs to do more to protect the financial system from cyber attacks in the future according to the treasury secretary. the biggest bank websites were koch mid including bank of america and chase launching traffic overwhelming the sites. regulators say the threat to the financial industry has expanded and they recommend invest money
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to create more secure cloud networks so transactions will be more secure. >> we will get an update on the problems with bart. >> unfortunately we still have the power out in san francisco at daly city. the main power is on but the area that keeps the trains headed from daly city to dublin, power is out. they cannot get the trains on the track to move the passengers along. if you are headed eastbound, you can use the orange or green lines to get into the east way. you can take dublin to san francisco and san francisco back to dublin if you are on that line. it is the trains that are not running at this time at the bullpen. in san francisco and the rest of bay area, along the peninsula, south bay and in the east bay you can see plenty of green on the roads and we are accident-free at this time with
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a couple of car fires and the citizens on high four, that is all clears. >> good morning, everyone, we will start with live doppler 7 hd showing dry air again with a lack of cloud cover and that is why we are freezing cold in many wears. from mount tamalpais it is not bouncing around so much so we do not have the wind do keep the temperatures up. we will have high clouds rolling in, with warm air coming in over the cold, and it creates high clouds so that is a sign there is a warming trend that will continue and we still have a "spare the air" day. no burning of wood. last freeze likely tonight, with widespread freeze and it looks like warm and dry weather through the week and possibly through christmas in two weeks. now, today, compared to year, we are going to be anywhere from one to five degrees warmer most of us in the 50's now, low-to-mid 50's from fair, antioch and 51 to oakland and
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napa and fremont at 55 and a few 40's mostly con pined to the coast and they are few and far between. our best chance of freezing temperatures in the east bay, north bay, and santa clara valley, close around san jose and present and palo alto at 34 and oakland at 40 and san francisco is 42 so we are starting to see moderation of the air mass overnight. tonight, this starts at 10:00 tonight, all of us but for san francisco are under freeze warning through 9:00 and i wanted to jump ahead to show you what will happen tone, temperatures in the north bay, east bay, santa clara valley and all the areas you see highlights in light blue where the freezing temperatures are most likely. whatever you have been doing, do it one more night. yesterday we talked about the transition, the high pressure is bringing us another cold might and it is moving away taking the cold air with it and the mild high over the ocean water is
5:21 am
pushing the jet stream into the arctic and will dump the cold air east of the rockies and we will washington like we did yesterday, three to four degrees with low-to-mid 50's and all in the mid-50's tomorrow and mid-50's to 60 on thursday and friday and upper 50's to low 60's on saturday and check out some of the low-to-mid 60's with temperatures above average this welcome. have a great day. >> ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> also, the mission bieber is on in the philippines. >> a grinch and why local law enforcement agencies are working to re
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no, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicorette mini delivers fast craving relief in just 3 minutes. double your chances of quitting with nicorette mini. whether you are just joining us or headed owe the door here things you need to know. one, we have major bart delays. we have the trains that are stuck at the daly city bullpen. there is no power. any trains that are leaving san francisco to dublin are not going anywhere. the rest of the system is moving fine. if you need to head eastbound what you can do is use the orange or green lines. >> two, developing news firefighters are on the scene of
5:25 am
a fire at a san francisco recycling plant that break out at 8:30 at the recology recycling center near highway 101. it is still spewing a lot smoke. >> freezing cold for the morning commute for most of us. this will last until 9:00. i have a warming trend in the seven-day forecast and well not have to worry about frost on the windshield. >> another day of cold weather and still seeing an increase in pipes breaking because of the bitter cold and they are not the only ones working in the freezing temperatures this morning. the crab fishermen are wearing extra lays to keep warm. >> happening now, mourners and world heards are gathered in a rainy soccer stadium in south africa to remember nelson mandela. president obama described the former antiapartheid leader as the last great liberator of the 20 the century and thinks of how
5:26 am
to apply his less sons to himself as a man and as president. >> breaking overnight, stormy weather in washington, dc, has forced the ntsb to postpone the hearing on the asiana flight 214 at sfo. this the second time the hearing has been postponed. in october it was delayed by the government's financial shut down. now it is a weather shut down. >> thousands in california could fine themselves with no health insurance because of a backlog at the exchange. the governor of california has until december 23rd to process 25,000 applications. a spokesman says that even with the extra staff, they may not get them done in time. >> just tip bobby better is is - justin bieber is in the philippines to help victims of the typhoon haiyan and urges fans to donate money with a goal of raising $1 million for relief
5:27 am
efforts. a contest gifts donor as chance to hang out while he works on the next am bull. storme: -- typhoon haiyan left 6,000 dead. police hope to catch the man who stole presents from a car in benicia. look at this video while he is looking interest a car early yesterday morning. two other car break ins took place and $1,000 in wrapped gifts vanished great one car, intended for families who have children being treated at chin's -- at children's hospital in oakland. >> the morning news continues at 5:30 with the top stories including the deal that could bring brand new homes to the san bruno neighborhood designateed seven years ago.
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>> in south africa in a rainy soccer stadium, memorials and tributes to nelson mandela continue. president obama is there along with other world leaders.
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning at 5:30. >> not ready to put the coats away yet. firsts we will start with traffic and the improving bart situation. >> you will need the jacket if you are standing on a platform. bart service is restored. this is daly city the bullpen that kept the trains, there was a power outage and trains headed
5:31 am
from san francisco to dublin are restored but expect the delays that are around for a little while. muni and ace train and everything else is running on time. our drive time traffic is going to take you 39 minutes westbound and highway 4 from antioch is 26 minutes. an early accident is cleared to the shoulder so that caused quite a bit of a backup. 101 headed southbound through marin county, san rafael to san francisco is quick 16 minutes. if you are coming into san francisco temperatures are three to four degrees milder than yesterday. everyone is in the low-to-mid 40's mid-40 being the ferry building. we are still freezing cold at union city palo alto through the santa clara valley and the east bay valley and the north bay valley. most of us are in the 20's and 30's through 7:00 and the first forecast shows warmer temperatures this afternoon but
5:32 am
high clouds mixing with sunshine and 49 to 53 and low-to-mid 50's bay and inland and a "spare the air" day. a massive international tribute for nelson mandela is underway right now in johannesburg, south africa, and you can see a minister at podium and a joyful crowd dancing in the stadium with president obama and international leaders, past and present, all in the stands. there is bishop abraham speaking next. we go to washington with that report. >> cold and rainy day in johannesburg but the streets are electric. dozens of dignitaries are joining thousands to remember a man who changed the world. they came in drenching rain. tens of thousands singing, dancing, and screaming nelson
5:33 am
mandela's name. viva, nelson mandela. >> the memorial service at stadium in johannesburg, with 94,000 seat soccer facility is where nelson mandela made the final public appearance in 2010. today, a grateful word gathered at stadium to say goodbye. >> remember him for the righteousness which he has done. >> despite the enormous security concerns people streamed into the stadium unchecked by metal detectors, working dignitaries arrived including four united states presidents, obama, public, clinton and carter. president obama honored his legacy. >> nelson mandela taught us the power of action and ideas. the response of of reason and argument, and the reason to study those would you agree with and those who you do not agree.
5:34 am
>> 90 countries glue -- sent in representatives from argentina to being pakistan. memorials large and small to the man who triumphed over apartheid. >> the morning cries but we must celebrate the life of a great leader. >> after today's memorial his body will lie in state for three days before he is buried if his childhood village on sunday. >> san francisco firefighters are getting the upper hand on a recycling plant fire that has been burning near candlestick park since last night. our reporter is at the scene with that story. what is the latest? >> an update last 15 minutes and a firefighter said this fire is 95 percent out and the 5 percent is still putting off a lot of smoke. the fire is in a pile 100 yards
5:35 am
long. recology says there are basic building material where contractors come to dump items like sheet rock and lumber. i asked the firefighter if it was toxic and he said yes there is a lost plastic and metal burning there so they have to wear the breathing an last us. they put on their oxygen tanks and rotate shifts every 20 minutes. no injuries have been reported. we are told shelter in place hat not been ordered but dispatchers report some are saying the smoke is bothering them. if you are having health issues call for help. 9 road on tunnel avenue is blocked off and that includes the bay shore station and you can walk in to get there but you cannot drive your car in. no word on when they hope to have the fire out. reporting in san francisco with
5:36 am
the only news. >> the bitter cold is keeping many people indoors but others have a job outside. that includes plumbers. a plumber we spoke to has seen an increase in pipes breaking that happens when water inside the pipes freezes causing the pipes to expand burst. other people in the cold are crash fishermen who wear as many layers as possible to keep warm on the water. >>the scold blamed for seven deaths in the bay area and the most recent is in hair, a 50-year-old homeless man was found dead near city hall and he was wear only a hooded sweatshirt, shorts and shoes. on friday a man was found dead in dublin and this weekend a man died of the cold from the trailer on the peninsula. four homeless men dayed in santa clara county last week. the effort of trying to stay worm could help pg&e set another record for natural gas use burning 4.9 billion cubic feet
5:37 am
of natural gas yesterday which broke a 1998 record. pg&e is braced for more demand today. a facility in san ramon is distributing gas where it is need most. >> stay on the cold weather with the weather app with severe weather alerts and track live doppler 7 hd and you can download guilty free at abc7 news. >> the snowstorm pounding the east coast is all but shutting down the federal government. over an hour ago all federal employees but for emergency workers were ordinaried to -- ordered to stay home with up to 6" of snow making travel dangerous forcing the ntsb to postpone a hearing into the crab of asiana flight 214 set to begin in an hour and a half. this is the second time it has been delayed. it was postponed in october because of the government shut down. there is in word on when it will be rescheduled. we have learned that the ntsb is
5:38 am
investigating pilot error in the accident that killed three teen girls and injured more than 180 people. the tail section slammed into a seawall as it tried to land at sfo on july 6th causing the crash. >> the meeting to build new homes on ten lots owned by the city and pg&e where a explosion and fire killed 8 and destroyed 32 homes. half of the destroyed homes have been rebuilt. the city council will consider the construction of additional homes in the neighborhood. >> there are doubts about the state of the eastern span of the bay bridge which opened september 2nd. it relies on mittal -- rods and some have snapped. they have been reinforceed but two private engineers have been
5:39 am
critical of the work reviewed the recent safety report and they say hundreds more rods appear vulnerable. they say if the rods fail they could bring down the entire bridge but they stress that is not likely. the state ordered several reviews and investigations to assess the bridge work. >> another morning, another "spare the air" day and when will it end? >> hopefully, soon. we will talk about "spare the air" day and we will see the poorest air quality is in the north bay. the rest of us, air quality should be okay but this means no wood burning. this is the third consecutive. it is frosty in most spots and 22 inland and 38 around san francisco and at noon we will
5:40 am
hang around the mid-40's to into degrees and high clouds will roll in, as warmer weather does, also, low-to-mid 50's in the afternoon and high clouds will keep us in the low-to-mid 50's during the evening hours. moving forward, we warmed yesterday and we will warm a couple of degrees today and tomorrow. thursday we are in the mid-50's to 60 and more of us in the mid-50 to 60 degree range friday and the weekend could be warmer. now an update on the commute. do have you good news? >> i do. bart service now is up and running. first i want you to know there is a report a possible fire in oakland with smoke seen and the fire department is not on the scene yet so we do not have confirmation. now, san francisco, southbound 280 at san jose avenue we have a stalled car with a delay away
5:41 am
from 101 but the rest of the drive is moving fine as you head out of daly city to san francisco is not a problem. daly city had some early power outage issues at the bullpen in daly city so all transit leading san francisco to dublin are stalled and service now is restored but expect some delays. it will be slow to get everyone going and everyone else is running on time, muni and ace not a problem. 87 beyond the off-ramp and traffic is moving smoothly. >> toddler is falling down the road to recover after life saving surgery with a battle getting there. next, only on 7, family's fight and someone finally stepped in to help the. >> federal agents take down a corner have market for drugs.
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bishop abraham speaking at the memorial for nelson mandela. 90 world leaders are there including president obama who delivered 20-minute remarks and talked about nelson mandela's impact on his life. very interesting, today obama shook hands with raul castro. >> headed to the east coast for the super bowl there is a game day tradition you cannot take part in: tailgating which is banned at the super bowl. it is in new jersey, no barbecues or buffet tables before big game and the head of the super bowl committee says this is because of safety concerns and a lack of space there are fewer than 13,000 parking spots for 80,000 fans so those hungy enough to get a parking spas are only allowed to eat and drink in or next to the door and cannot even pull out a
5:46 am
folding chair. >> act would made a sweep of drug dealers in the tenderloin will be back to make more arrests in the future. we were embedded with a tophic force during the sweep fanning out in the tenderloin targeting chronic dealers near the schools. many have face charges before but they go to jail and are back on the streets. this time they face federal charges so a minimum mandatory one-year sentence in federal prison as well as stay away orders. >> we will have arrests if you include their juvenile history they will have been arrested in excess of 50 times. >> the attorney obtained the indictments under a program which forbids drug dealing within a through feet -- a thousand feet of schools. the drug dealers sell openly on the streets. >> toddler whose fight for life led to a health insurance battle
5:47 am
with her parents is recording after heart surgery in oakland. the 16-month-old aria schilling left oakland children's hospital yesterday headed for sacramento and aria schilling's cardiologist wanted her to have the surgery at children's where she had treatment but the insurance company would only pay it if were performed at u.c. davis. the department of managed care ruled in the favor of baby of -- aria schilling. >> there are so many options, do not take no for an answer. >> she was expected to be in the hospital for two or three wees but she was released after six days. >> we want to turn things over to mike nicco and what is on everyone's mind. >> how do i pay my meeting
5:48 am
bills? >> or how to grab a parking spot, one of the 13,000 seats for the super bowl. >> we will have a super bowl but not tailgate. what? >> san francisco, bad news. look at our rainfall so far from january until now, 5.59" with a record for the most dry scan through december -- most dry if you waiting for bart, at concord, fremont, dublin, hayward, freezing cold, and oakland is 33. san lenadro is 39. coming into san francisco, it is 40 degrees. from mount tamalpais, you can see all the way down to the
5:49 am
bridge and it is a nice perspective. high clouds this afternoon. different from year. the "spare the air" hopefully the last one. warm and dry through the weekend. we highlight the warm spots with oakland and fremont and morgan hill and napa, good morning, can cloverdale is around 55 degrees and fairfield and antioch at 51, and a few upper 40's are possible around bodega bay and that is the cool spot the tonight the temperatures are freezing with morgan hill, east bay valley, north bay valley, these areas again, will be under freeze warning with mid-30's to the shore and san francisco is. est at 42. freezing temperatures for the areas will start at 10:00 tonight through 9:00 tomorrow morning. same drill but not so widespread. high pressure is modifying so another cold night and jet
5:50 am
stream is pushing to the east, and we have milder high pressure over the ocean and it is pushing the jet stream and well into the arctic circle and it will dump the cold air east of the rockies and not on top us. look at the moderating temperatures, mid-50's tomorrow, and mid-50's to 60 on thursday into friday and upper 50's to low 60's on saturday and high clouds and sunshine and this weekend, mid-60's everywhere. it will be lice spring. it will be warmer than it has been. leyla gulen? >> spring. we are tracking bart delays. good news is it looks like this was no fire and no smoke, either, when the fire department checked things out. you are able to make the commute through oakland. what is not so safe is black ice near black mountain road north bound through burling game so be came.
5:51 am
we have an accident if you are traveling northbound and southbound direction you want to be extra careful. bart still has delays because of an early power outage at daly city yard and the trains headed from san francisco to dublin going to be on the slow side and everything else, though, is running on time and you are in good shape. here is the drive through central san rafael southbound 101 a few extra tail lights pushing to sauce least through the waldo tunnels and interest san francisco no accidents to report. >> 5:51. a stuffed toy security threat and the t.s.a. nearly called the police over what a cuddly cowboy was carrying. >> the little blue pill that may not be just for men and viagra could provide relief from a condition many women face. >> legalizing marijuana, a new poll reveals california
5:52 am
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>> the oakland unified school district gets an early holiday gift the form of 2,000 donated net book mini computers and a $30,000 grant great safe way. a news event is planned for 1:30 this afternoon with officials thanking safeway and h.p. for the technology and students will jump right in and demonstrate the devices.
5:55 am
net book mini computers are khobars and screens with a when browserrer -- web browseers and are easy to mantos because of cloud storage. >> now mike nicco, who is below freezing? >> in oakland and san francisco, oakland will be one degree cooler but everyone else is one to five degrees warmer as we hit the low-to-mid 40's. washington, baltimore, philadelphia, new york, already delays. hard freeze in the central valley and the high desert early this morning, and this afternoon, low-to-mid 50's through the central valley, and 44 in tahoe, and mostly clouds to the south, low-to-mid 60's. safe traveling. >> we have black ice reported in burlingame at 32 degrees according to mike. if you are traveling northbound 280, watch out for this, black ice is causing accidents, four
5:56 am
vehicles are involved with two lanes blocked at black mountain road. and a report at crystal springs. it could be one and the same. well find out. the drive time traffic, tracy to dublin is 47 minutes and highway 4 is 35 minutes from antioch to concord and 101 is good into san francisco. the san mateo bridge, watch out for black ice because of cooling occurring on the bottom and top. >> viagra could no longer be just for men. women with moderate to severe menstrual cramps had less pain after taking the little blue pill which helps by boosting blood flow to the pelvic region. it treats dysfunction in person but if the findings are confirmed it could be a treatment option for some women. >> the t.s.a. is defending the actions of an airport security
5:57 am
screener in st. louis who seized a miniature toy gun because it looks "too real." this gun was in the cowboy sock monkey holier -- holster. you can see it there. the woman who owned the sock puppet was shocked and embarrassed. in a statement the t.s.a. said copies of fire aways are prohibited in carry on bags. >> world leaders gather in south africa right now to honor the life of the late nelson mandela. the moving tribute to the leader revered around the globe. first, breaking news, the federal hearing into asiana flight 214 that has been post bobbied. and we team up with "consumer reports" to
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> at 6:00, freezing cold across the bay area and here is a picture from san rafael. ahead, mike will tell us which parts of the bay area are waking up to the lowest temperatures. president obama and former president george w. bush arrive to attend the memorial for nelson mandela with a moving tribute president obama paid to the leader. >> the federal hearing into asiana flight 214 crash at sfo scheduled to get underway right now is postponed. we will tell you why. >> good morning at 6:00. we start the morning with bart news. >> service between san francisco and dublin is moving normally now at this hour after passengers faced early morning delays. amy hollyfield has more on what is happening from the east bay. amy? >> kristen, more bart problems. what happened was there


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