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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  December 11, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> our breaking news is from concord where dozens of four fires and lots of equipment are on the scene of a huge blaze at an industrial park that gut add building east of buchanan field airport. amy hollyfield is on the scene with the latest. is the fire still going or is it under control? >> it is under control. it is very smoky. they think they will be here for hours. they don't have a lot of confidence it will stay out there. still putting water on it. 70 firefighters at one point were here. this was huge. look at the video of the fire they had to deal with. they are not sure of exact size but they think they had at left 50,000 square feet burning.
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this is a telephone company that was called the all phone company. they sold new equipment but, also, recycled old stuff. a lot of plastics and wires burned. that is toxic. the firefighters are not too worried. >> not in danger. we are not asking thin to shelter in place unless you have a breathing ail president such as asthma. but the smoke is going straight up right now at this point. there is no residential areas that are close by. >> the call came in at 12:30 and they think it was burning for hours and there were no alarms inside the building. so, it took a while to anyone to realize with was happening and to call 9-1-1. this happened in concord and they kept it from spreading to other businesses. they don't know the cause but firefighters say it could take days before they figure out what
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started the fire. they don't know if it will be safe today to go inside. >> time for a check on the weather. we will see if there are winds that couldbly a factor in spreading the smoke of the. >> it is calm to a couple hundred feet and then the winds are blowing northeast to east it could drift across the east bay hills and into the bay itself but that is very remote possibility with the winds very light this morning. now, the cold conditions are affecting more of us southern santa clara valley, north bay mountains and interior valleys and lake county, all under freezing temperatures until at least 9:00 today. as far as the rest us, the northern part of the santa clara valley look at the coast, the bayshore line and the north bay coast, frosty temperatures and we could get down to 32 degrees. now, the temperatures are warmer than year, and from the low 50's
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at concord and antioch and live more to mid-to-upper 50's for the rest of us. leyla gulen? >> we are riding accident free after starting with a couple of accidents. the crashes have cleared. away bay and check owe the bridges travel along the san mateo bridge moving at top speed and lower on the dumbarton because of the project westbound highway 84, the right shoulder and right lane are going to be closed between marsh road and university avenue and that is going to last until 2:00 p.m. this afternoon causing delays. avoid that and use san mateo this morning. to the north, the bay bridge, everything is clear and the richmond and san rafael headed over to the benicia and cartinez it is looking clear but the exit from crockett it is look slow but no accidents to report. >> south africans continue to by their respects to their beloved former president nelson mandela.
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these are pictures from pretoria where the antiapartheid leader's body lies in state the you can see the casket behind you. >> in the bay area two events are held today in his honor. for more we will go to owes reporter, matt keller, at san francisco city hall. >> the memorial is held this morning at the rotunda inside city hall to remember the life and legacy of nelson mandela. you can see the flags are at half staff here at city hall and all city buildings across san francisco through this sunday as a mark of respect. his body is lying in state in the capital of pretoria where he was sworn in 19 years ago as the first black president. the mayor said san francisco felt the movement created by mandela and he wants to honor the legacy.
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a book for the public to sign is available through this friday in the mayor's office, and the memorial here will start at 8:00 this morning and former mayor willie brown will chair the event and it will be streamed live at >> another memorial will be held today in the east bay in oakland, a rally is underway at plaza running from noon to 1:30 and will include city leaders, live entertainment and an appearance by the counsel general. >> parts of the bay area are thawing out hopefully for the last time, in the south by the national guard armoury has been staying open in the day when it is usually closed. in san jose the city is paying to run the recreational center for longer hours and no one was turn away. there have been seven weather-related deaths because of the cold snap.
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>> happening today half an hour from now the national transportation state before has a hearing to learn why so many things went wrong with asiana flight 214 crash landed at sfo in july. three people were killed and more than 150 injured. a chief pilot is expected to testify on what the airline procedures are. the safety board wants to know if the pilots rely too much on the plane's automatic system. we will have an update from katie marzullo at 5:30 when the hearing is underway. >> police in vallejo are investigating a fail shooting, the second in a day. it happened at 10:30 last night at louisiana street. police searching the area for the shooter with no word on arrests. the other fatal shooting happened yesterday afternoon outside king's supermarket on fairgrounds drive. a man in his 20 was killed. there has been no arrest in that case, either.
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>> two sheriff deputies are recovering from injuries they suffered in a confrontation that left a man dead. the scene is near saratoga early yesterday morning. that is near the headquarters of rooko where a map appeared to be suicidal and he attacked the deputies with a metal object and the officers fired a shot hitting him and he died at the hospital. a gun store owner and a national gun trade group have filed the first lawsuit to keep parts of sunnyvale gun control ordinance from taking affect. 67 percent of sunnyvale voters passed the measure last month and it includes requiring sellers to keep a log of buyers of ammunition for two years and owners to report the theft of a firearm to police within 48 hours. the san jose mercury news reports that the lawsuit claims some provisions of the ordinance conflict with existing laws and
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share customer data with police. the n.r.a. will fire their own lawsuit next week and sunnyvale fills say a san francisco law firm has offered services for free to defend the ordinance against all challenges. >> pg&e says it could take days to figure why a gas line broke and started an underground fire. you can see the flames coming through the cracks in the street after a 4" natural gas line ruptured yesterday morning at golf links road near the zoo. half a dozen homes were evacuated. everyone was let back in after a few hours. two other gas leaks in the bay area are capped this morning, one in brentwood when a construction crew hit a gas line and you can see crews fixing a line at the port of oakland, a construction crew there accidentally knocked over a poll that caused a leak. a well-known youth golf coast is accused molesting boys he was
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teaching. andrew nisbet faces 65 felonies. he was arrested if livermore on saturday. he molested several boys 2009 and 2012. on monday, the northern california section announced nisbet with receive a junior golf leader award, not knowing about arrest. he is held without bail at the jail in dublin. >> san jose has a new top cop with the chief sworn in as city chris moore retired in january. the increase of 11 percent for police officers is to stem the flow of those leaving the department for higher-paying jobs. >> if you are done with the coldwell talk to meteorologist, mike nicco, whether this is the
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last morning? >> we will have one more mostly in the north bay, the last widespread cold event. we have a breeze above the immersion this morning and sausalito and san francisco, down to semi-yes bridge, the other big story, our eighth we we "spare the air" day of the winter season and more of us could have poor air quality, north bay, inland, east bay valleys and the santa clara valley, so beening of wood, again, batching the burning of wood again. so for, we have competed healthy levels. twice. 24 to 42 for i microclimates. low-to-mid 50's by noon through 4:00 with temperatures close to average and a lot of sunshine and less high cloud cover than yesterday. in the low-to-mid 40's the 57k. we will keep the slow remain what trend going: mid-50 to near 60 with high clouds after a
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freeze tomorrow morning in the north by and no freeze on friday morning but temperatures are the same in the afternoon and some of us, more of us, will touch 60 by saturday. leyla gulen? >> we have an accident on the on-ramp to northbound 101 and we not clear what has happened. it could be a two-car crash but it does not appear to affect the main lane northbound and southbound along 101. drive time traffic shows 680 walnut creek to dublin is thin minutes and 101 southbound from santa rosa into san francisco is under an hour at 51 minutes through the santa cruz mountains along highway 17 to los gatos, it is 2 22 minutes. from the north by to san francisco, headed from central san rafael we have extra tail lights but they moving at top speeds over the golden gate bridge, with no problems and nothing to get in your way. >> if you poll finds the american dream is fading as the wealth gap widens.
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more in the bloomberg business report coming up. >> a model injured in thailand by 2004 tsunami comes to san francisco in the name of charity and a mission she is on to help those backed by until disasters. >> iphones could get a new look with a patent granted to apple giving their provide value
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>> covering south bay, pleasanton, and san rafael, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. is the american dream fading as the rich get richer? and chick-fil-a is making changes to the menu. >> jane king is join us from the new york stock exchange with the bloomberg business report. >> jane? >> good morning, eric and kristen. the american dream is fading. the gap is widening between the rich and the poor. a new poll shows 64 percent of americans say the united states for longer offers everyone an equal chance to get ahead. last year richest 10 percent of americans earned half of all united states income and an economist says that is the largest total since 1917. a study says last year was the first time in history women starting out in the workforce earned nearly as much as men but it widens again when they have children. video game companies are
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fighting the relationship between their games and violence in work police. chick-fil-a is eliminating trans fat and removed corn syrup from some products and they still use m.s.g., they are working to reduce sodium. they have been quiet about the changes possibly because some royal customers may think it could affect the flavor of the food. a model would life was forever changed by the 2004 tsunami in thailand came to san francisco as part of the mission to help others. she lost her fiance in the tsunami and was badly injured prompting her to create the happy heart fund a charity that rebuilds schools in disaster areas. >> i was drowning, and i could
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>> she appeared at macy'sdown square yesterday to mark her partnership with a special line of products with a position of each sale going to the happy hearts fund. >> a new filing with the patent office could provide the strongest evidence yet that cupertino-based apple is working on a curve to screen iphones and issued a patent for a way of informationing curved touch screens and this is after the release of the am sung -- samsung galaxy which makes the phone morer go nomic but two actually be for a smart watch to compete with pebbles and samsung's galaxy ear.
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us a curb. >> what is old is new again. winter is still here. old man winter has an icy grip with the temperatures in our neighborhood. leyla gulen, have we heard about any black ice? >> now yet. she watching it. thank you very much. live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is outside this morning and we will talk about temperatures if you are headed into san francisco, everyone pretty much in the low 40's until ferry building downtown at 43 and across the golden gate bridge it is 44. richmond is 36 and mid-30's around san leandro and union city and belmont is 40 but freezing 29 in palo alto and santa clara and 33 in saratoga and we have mid-to-upper 20's throughout the east bay valley and pittsburg on the other side of the ridge is 33 and half moon
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bay is mild at 43. from the east bay hills, the water is calm. on the bay. with a beautiful back respect and milder highs and poor air quality. freezing cold in the north bay and only tonight and's average weekend high temperatures are on the way. today we are getting closer with let 50's in the east bay valleys and concord and antioch and livermore at 52 and same with san rafael and everyone else in the mid-50's to 58 in oakland and santa cruz is near 60 for the warm spot. lows tonight are most of us in the mid-to-upper 30's around bay shore and san francisco is 44 and near freezing in the east bay valley but freezing in the north bay develop with 20 so the freeze warning is in effect for this area from 10:00 tonight until 9:00 tomorrow morning. one more night of protecting the pets, the laboratories and the pipes and yourself. high pressure is double barrel, strong ridge pushing the system
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to the north and it will grab a lot of cold air. it will dump it east of us. we are going to get an offshore wind so we will continue to see milder and milder afternoons and after tomorrow we are going to get a little bit of a cold front and a wind shift so hopefully by friday the "spare the air" days are over and temperatures will warm in the low-to-mid sit this weekend through tuesday and it still looks dry all seven days. >> we are finding out more about the accident at candlestick park on the on-ramp to northbound 101 and we have c.h.p. headed out there right now and not affecting the main lane headed northbound into san francisco it is locking clear southbound as you make it to sfo, it is a quick drive. we also have a construction project that will be with us until 6:00, east 580 from the toll please to canal manufactured we have a couple of lanes blocked and traveling along the westbound direction it looks like it is building as you
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make the move in the westbound direction away from the tolls and interest san rafael. you are actually looking at a good drive out there, as well. this is the drive through san jose northbound along 87 beyond the julian street off ramp with traffic running smoothly and it will not take long to make it in the northbound direction. i see visions of sugar plum fairies. >> do you have a fever? >> nutcracker fever. >> bay area kicks off the holiday extra dis, the nutcracker. you got a special look behind-the-scenes? >> i did, i was feeling nostalgic going back to the studios i was 14 when i last stepped in the studios with a different pair of shoes. this is rehearsal for the
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nutcracker, "waltz of the flowers." last week i got a chance to sit through rehearsals and watch them perfect each step and experienced new and exciting choreography. the san francisco ballet was the first american company ever to stage the nutcracker in 1944. when the costumes and orchestra and scenery come together and there is nothing quite like it. you can see the full story and behind-the-scenes action tonight at 6:00. there are so many variations but there is something uniquely special about the san francisco bali the. >> it taking place in san francisco which is different and unique from any other production in the world. do you miss? >> i wanted to get out this and dance i was misty eyed, i must say. >> ahead, seven things to know
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as you start your day. >> the best changes to work for in 201 and we will tell you which bay area companies made the list. >> you may want to talk to your
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>> blue are just joining us or headed out the door here are seven things to know. breaking news in concord firefighters are on scene of a four alarm fire at buchanan field. mass ticks are still burning although the flames are out. the giant warehouse inside the all phone company is where it is. aim ape will be -- amy hollyfield be back with another update. >> freezing cold again mostly in the interior valleys and the southern santa clara valley and frost around bay shoreline. and a watching trend is on the way for the weekend. >> three, no reports of black ice yet, we have had a couple of pickups with few accidents that have cleared so far and look behind me, the bay bridge toll plaza theres like all is running okay from oakland into san francisco. >> caltran workers are checking for black ice hoping to spot a problem area before commuters find it first.
5:27 am
workers try to sand down stretches where the temperatures drop into the low 30's. >> five, the ntsb hearing on the asiana flight 214 at sfo is about to get underway right now. the board wants did necessity if the pilots were too dependent on the automatic system. 180 were ineurpoed and three teen girls were killed. >> the body of nelson mandela is lying in state where he was sworn in as president. mourners can pay respect for three days. an event is at city hall if san francisco at 8:00, and we will stream it live at abc7 news. >> pope francis has been selected by time magazine as "person of the year." in the first year as leader of the cat catholic church he was choneen -- chosen as the person
5:28 am
with the greatest impact in the world. >> if you take antacids, a you it study by kaiser permanente shows long term use of the medication is linked to invite bin b-12 deficiency. those who took drugs under other brand names for more than two years had 5 percent increase risk lacking vitamin b-12 can increase the chance for nerve damage and more. the only continues at 5:30 with the top stories including the overnight return for the united states for president obama after the visit to south africa. the company he had on air force one. san francisco has one of highest minimum wages in the country and the mayor announced whether he
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abc7 news begins with
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breaking news. our breaking news is in concord with a large fire at a business. blames and heavy smoke have been pouring out for five hours but, finally, they have control and our reporter is this with the latest. amy, any injuries? >> no, everyone is okay. firefighters stayed back it was huge. they are still here and not turning their back on this. it was just too big. they have to keep an eye on that. they think they had at least 50,000 square feet of fire burning when they got here. this was a telephone supply company. it was called the all phone company located in concord. no alarms in the building so four fires think it was burning for a while before they got the call. they have been focused on getting the fire out and keeping it out and they do not know the
5:32 am
cause at this point. we have fought been able to go an the back side to make sure there were no hopeless people against the building with it being as cold as it was. we don't know if that was a possibility or if they were sleeping back there. >> it could take days before they figure out how this started. it may not be safe today for the investigators to go inside the building. part of it has already collapsed. no one has been hurt. firefighter took a defensive mode and fought it from the outside and did not go in. they were able to keep it spreading from any other businesses around this willing. >> in concord to abc7 news. >> another fridge it morning in the bay area with another head of us. >> absolutely. i feel bad for the firefighters and the cold conditions. the winds are calm in concord. at surface you go up above and they coming from the northeast so if you are southwest of
5:33 am
concord in the fire, you may see smoke. from our roof camera, a beautiful picture of the embarcadero and the bay bridge light we will have tons of sunshine and let cloud cover than yesterday and low-to-mid 50's and, remember, another "spare the air" day do not burn the wood. >> good morning, mike, we have a couple stalled cars here and there and we have a new accident on 880, and not too many details on that. as i take a look at construction, we have a project that is going to block the lanes until 2:00 this afternoon so it could slow down the commute if you are headed to the peninsula. westbound highway 84, between marsh road and university avenue, a couple of lanes are blocked and drive time traffic is getting busy over the altamont pass, 580 tracy to dublin is 39 minutes. and 101 is looking clear, as well. >> thank you, this morning the bay area wakes up hopefully we
5:34 am
are getting close to the end of bitter cold but workers checked for black ice in the past two hours hoping to spot areas before the ice forms of the officials tried to put sand down on stretches where the temperatures drop into the low 30's. >> we tried to put just as much to cover for the abrasiveness but not too much that a motorcycle goes down. >> official say when there is a freeze wanting they usually sand the roads headed up to the observatory on mount hamilton which school buses and emergency vehicles use and portions of highways 9 and 35 in santa clara county. >> stay on the cold weather with our weather yap with severe weather alerts and you can download it free at abc7 in the app store or, on google play. >> the national transportation safety board hearing into the asiana flight 214 at sfo got underway moments ago. investigators are expecting to
5:35 am
review a chain mishaps that led to the disaster. katie marzullo is following the hearings. >> we have a picture inside the hearing which is at the ntsb headquarters in washington, dc and a familiar face at the head table and this is ntsb chairman who will kick things off with an opening statement. so far, what she has said is it is going to be a long day. we know we were able to release written testimony from the pilot who was training, would was behind the controls and he will testify later in american that he was, in fact of course worried about making the landing at sfo. along with him others will testify today and representatives from boeing, the airlines and the f.a.a. but not the actually audio but we expect a script of the cockpit recording. the experts want to know why so many things went wrong when the boeing crashed. he questions whether the pilots
5:36 am
relied too much on the plane's automatic system. the plane was too low when it came in for a landing and it hit the seawall. a chief pilot for the company will testify on what the airline teaches their pilots about automatic systems and the visual approach procedure and three teen girls die dug or after the crash one run offer by a fire truck and the file department assistant deputy chief is there, scheduled to testify about that element. this was originally supposed to be a two day hearing, yesterday today but it was delayed year because of weather and now it is just condensed to today and it is expected to last into tonight. san francisco is honoring nelson mandela this morning with a memorial that begins this morning at 8:00 a.m. in the rotunda and we will stream it on our website live.
5:37 am
in south africa the flag draped was society was transported from a military hospital to the capital of pretoria and the body is lying in state at the theater where he was sworn in 19 years ago as the first mack -- black president of south africa. he will be laid to resolution on sunday if his boy had village. >> rebound and the first lady back in the united states after attending the funeral service in johannesburg. they landed at andrews in maryland at 2:30 this morning and former president george w. bush and former first lady laura bush were also on board. >> a woman who is seven months pregnant is speaking out about becoming a target in a string of armed robberies. the latest robbery happened at 9:30 on monday night berkeley. the victim said a man ran up to her, pulled a gun, and demanded her backpack the she said she was pregnant but he didn't care.
5:38 am
>> i was just stunned and shocked it was happening to me. first, just indignation and surprise that this was happening and, then, terror something would happen. >> police believe the suspect may have committed several robberies in the south berkeley and north oakland area on monday morning. they were in this stolen car the look at black 2009 toyota. >> new this morning, san francisco's mayor wants voters to consider raising the city's minimum wage. the mayor put out a statement shortly after returning from a trip to asia saying he would back the ballot initiative that would help the working poor deal with the rising cost of living. his push follows protests across the country by fast food workers who are calling for a $15 an hour minimum wage. san francisco's current $10.55 minimum wage is already highest in the country. >> glass door, the career website where employees share
5:39 am
anonymous company reviews has come out with the latest list of the best polices to work and 15 of the continue 50 places are in the bay area. three are in the top five. the global consulting firm based in los angeles tops the list and twitter headquartered if san francisco came in 2nd and linkedin in mountain view is third, and eastman chemical in tennessee is fourth and facebook was 5th. glass door based the list on feedback shared by united states-based employees oh the past year. the eastman chemical in tennessee is ahead of facebook? wow. >> could be a lot of good reasons. i am surprised we are not in there. >> i am sure you are. mike? >> good morning, everyone. if you are traveling through bart i thought i would look at the temperatures you will be waiting in, below 28 in
5:40 am
dublin/pleasanton and lafayette at 29. if you are along the east bay shore it is milder at fremont at 33 and hair at 36, and 38 in oakland, and mild in san leandro at 42 and headed and san francisco about 43 degrees. temperatures are milder this morning but, still, as we sees freezing cold so bundle up. low-to-mid 50's by noon and we hang out in the low-to-mid fists through 4:00, and we will be in the low-to-mid 40's at 7:00. moving failure, we will keep warming, mid-50 to 60 tomorrow, after freezing cold temperatures tonight in the north bay and mid-50's to 60 on friday with high clouds and sunshine, and total sunshine and near 60 everywhere by saturday. warmer weather is around the corner. have a good one. >> as we take you right back into the nimitz, we have one accident that sounds like it is over to the shoulder, so, for lanes are being blocked and you can see there is no yellow or
5:41 am
red on the map indicating a slow down. southbound 880, you will find cars off to the shoulder and a 15 -- fender bender out there. i-80 westbound from albany to the maze is four minutes the southbound from fremont to san jose is 14 minutes 280 northbound to cupertino is 11 minutes. 47 bart trains are on time, and muni, all running on time. no peckal -- mechanical problems. this is the drive through pleasant hill and into walnut creek and we have a few extra cars becoming more popular drive at this hour, and it doesn't appear to be slowing things down because it is going to take you nine minutes to head from highway 4 to the 24 young. >> next a bipartisan deal reached to avoid another government shut down. what was compromised after two months hammering out a deal. >> east bay toys for to the programs is in trouble and what you can did to
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5:45 am
preventing another government shut down. paul ryan and senator murray brokered the agreement. if approved it raises military and domestic spending to beyond $1 federal the next -- $1 trillion the next two years and undo deep spending cuts from the sequester. the democrats are unhappy it does not extend the unemployment benefits after this month. >> with did more weeks until christmas, the toys for tots need your help. the program needs 100,000 toys but so far only has received 25,000. concord toys for tots realize on marines to collect gifts for children in contra costa county. they only had two civilian volunteers during the government shut down and the slow start put them behind. so if you would like to help we have a link on our website at
5:46 am
the giants are hosting the holiday party at the ballpark for families from homeless shelters at programs in san francisco. 250 children and families are expected to take part and they will be treated to pizza and other activities to celebrate holiday season. santa and lucille are expected to make special appearans. >> talk about a big cat. look at this, a marine got if the catch of a life fishing off a beach this southern california base, jest -- he pulled if a great white shark with a fishing rod on to the beach. at first they thought he took add stingray but by the struggle he figured it was much bigger and by the size of the mouth you can see he was right it is believed the first time a great white was ever caught from a united states beach. i know you are wondering what happened but he did release the shark after his wife took the video and proves that he did
5:47 am
catch it. >> who took the hook out. that is what i want did enjoy. >> someone took out the hook. a local fishermen and crash fishermen are hoping for the warmer weather. >> we started the season can the seas were were choppy and they have trade that for the cold weather. the seas now are calmer and now we get warmer weather without the winds and hopefully the seas will stay calm. it is nothing around chicago and some of that is headed to cleveland with lake effect nothing upstate new york and pennsylvania but most of that stays away from philadelphia and new york and washington, dc, and baltimore. most of the cloud cover is to the south and over the ocean. we are bone dry. beautiful picture of emeryville of the southwestern pan of the
5:48 am
bay bridge and you can see the eastern span, too. milder highs, poor air quality again today, freezing cold in the north bay only tonight, and above average highs are starting this weekend. this is how it will broaden the picture from emeryville to the east bay hill. the air is clean and call and more areas have the potential for poor air quality, north bay, east bay valleys and santa clara valley, the 8th of the winter season has been competing standards for fine particulate matter. low 50's, and antioch is cool and santa cruz is warmest at 60, and morgan hill is veteran and everyone else around 53 to 55. the notices temperature are mid-to-upper 30's and low-to-mid 40's san francisco and the coast and in the north bay, we will see the freezing temperatures and frost in the east by. the freezing temperatures, enif,
5:49 am
from 10:00 tonight through 9:00 tomorrow morning. the jet stream to the north and grabbing all the arctic air. the storm system is so far to the north we will modify this air mass and make it milder each day but we will also keep the rain, the much needed rain out of forecast. by saturday, about sick cross the board and low-to-mid 60's sunday, monday and tuesday. have a great day. it is slow over the altamont pass but everything else is running pretty smoothly. as we take you over to the caldecott tunnel, it looks like construction crews are wrapping this project up, eastbound 24 from highway 13 to the second board of the town until we do not so slowing
5:50 am
involving an overturned we vehicle but it is on the shoulder and not affecting the main line. outside, the bay bridge toll plaza shows cash-paying lanes are loaded up at the moment and the rest of the traffics though, it looks to be smoot coming through the fast track lanes at emeryville into san francisco. >> could you use an extra $7,000 this holiday season? that is how much you could win for fighting hunger in the bay area. click and give where you live on facebook and we will donate a dollar to the feeding america food banks and you will be entered to win $7,000 cash. thing of all the good you could do with that and we will announce the winner december 19th is put it on facebook help us give where you live and spread the wore. >> group of students planning a protest today at one east bay high school and the student
5:51 am
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5:54 am
students in vallejo will protest a decision to change the school's mascot. the city unified school district warns that voting unanimously they would drop the apache mascot at the end of the school year because some believe it is offensive to native americans. others say the name honored the apaches and organizers of the profit say that the feelings of students and alumni were ignored before board members voted. they will ask the school board to rescind the vote. >> youtube is out with the list of top trending videos of the year. guess what? they are commemorting their own spoof video of popular moments. this rewind video was posted after midnight and shows youtube users starring in a smashup with the harlem shake and miley cyrus twerking. more on abc7 .
5:55 am
. >> what does mr. fox say? >> i have never seen that. >> it is with the almostty school set. >> my kids are out. sutro tower over to the east bay hills, this is a backdrop to talk temperatures today. her dancing days because he is doing that thing on the...nice. fremont and oakland are the same. one to three degrees warmer than yesterday and concord and san francisco and san jose. freezing cold through the central valleys but mid-to-upper 50's if you are headed to the south we will hit accident if los angeles not first time since december 2nd. safe travels. >> you cannot deny the dance, my, do not try to resist the dance. as we take you into san francisco we have this three car crash and it is blocking three lanes and, boy, it is causing
5:56 am
delays headed away from hospital curve at chavez so with the free lanes blocked it will slow down the commute. take 380 and we have a buildup of traffic this. back to candlestick on-ramp northbound 101 we have a crash with an overturned vehicle and c.h.p. is on scene. outside, here is this, the driver in 101, away from the nimitz with a few extra cars but you will not be laid headed to san jose airport. >> a big christmas surprise for passengers on a flight is becoming a big hit on youtube. >> check out what canadian airline pulled off. the airline set up a video group in toronto and ontario for passengers to tell san that what they wanted. and then this was a mad dash to buy everything asked for including a toy rain to a big scene tv for mom and dad and watch what happened when passengers got east plane and went to peck up their luggage.
5:57 am
yes, each gift had a tag with their name signed "from santa." the video posted a few day ago is viral with more than 6.5 million hits on youtube. >> i need to travel more. >> that is bryant -- brilliant and trick. >> the bay area is ready to pay try out to nelson mandela coming up at 6:00, the two events taking place today in honor of the lake south african leader. >> flames so fierce in the east bay firefighters say they could not enter the building safely. an update on where the file fight stands now. from washington, dc, the ntsb hearing into the asiana flight 214 crash landing is continuing right now.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> breaking news at 6:00, a large fire breaks out and firefighters can not go in the building. we are on the scene. >> in washington, dc, right now, a hearing looking into the asiana flight 214 crash at sfo is underway. these are pictures from the capitol with revelations expected to be made today. >> new this morning, friends and family and stringers paying their respect to nelson mandela in south africa. here in the bay area, two memorials for the late leader are a few hours away from getting underway. >> thanks for joining us. first, again, frigid temperatures in the bay area but lit at the end of the tunnel. >> another night in the north


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