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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 11, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. they're alive. >> it's a miracle. it really is. >> the family of six, their jeep overturned in the rugged nevada mountains, stranded in minus 20-degree weather. saved in the nick of time after two days. how they survived, this morning. that bone-chilling cold invading almost every state. a snowy commute in chicago right now. and the coldest air over 30 years. ice and snow, no match for this plow near boston as yet another storm targets the northeast. caught on tape. did this police officer go too far after a high-speed chase? lifting his dog through the window to subdue the driver. why the jury watching this video cleared the officer of any wrong-doing. picture this. the world's highest-paid supermodel. a new snapshot gone viral.
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is gisele simply revealing what life is like behind the scenes? or showing off her superlife? good morning. robin has a lot to say about gisele. >> we all do. we're all weighing in. don't put me in the box so soon. lara? josh? ginger? >> good morning to all of you. and president obama arrived home a short time ago, from south africa. you see him getting off air force one right there with the first lady. came back to news of a bipartisan budget deal. could it put an end to government shutdowns? that's the question. and look at the pictures released from the trip on air force one. there's the president and president bush getting ready to have dinner there with their wives. in the conference room of air force one right there. it was a long flight. >> it does look that way. but it was another photograph, a selfie, of the president, with
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the british prime minister and the danish prime minister. that's making headlines this morning. and we're learning the story behind that particular photo and what's captured. >> the photographer speaking out right now. we'll get to that later. let's get right to that miracle in the mountains. a nevada family rescued after missing for two days, stranded and freezing. abc's david wright is in their hometown, lovelock, nevada. good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. we're inside this hospital where the family has spent the night, after that harrowing ordeal. in the ward down the hallway behind me. miraculously, all of them in good condition. >> it's a miracle. it really is. >> reporter: when they finally arrived in the ambulance, safe and sound at last, the hospital staff greeted them with cheers. it all started out as a day to play in the snow. 34-year-old james glanton, his girlfriend, 25-year-old christina macintee, their two
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kids, and their niece and nephew, the children ranging in age from 3 to 10, heading into this picturesque mountain range here in nevada. driving in their silver jeep wrangler, they reportedly drove over an embankment, flipping the car upside-down, stranding them in the middle of nowhere. for two nights, the family survived on water and candy bars, burning one of the jeep's tires to keep warm. they even heated up rocks inside the burning tire, using them to warm the children at night, when temperatures bottomed out at 20 below zero. >> all of the kids were warm. their dad did an excellent job. >> reporter: rescuer chris montes has known this family for 20 years. >> first thing i did was give jay a big old hug. >> reporter: for two days, the search and rescue operation turned up no leads. the family says at night, they could see the helicopters overhead and hear rescue whistles. but they were out of cell phone range, unable to place a call. early tuesday morning, the civil air patrol, part of the air force in lynchburg, virginia, clear across the country, was
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able to locate christina's cell phone signal. that helped pinpoint their location, 30 miles away from where most of the teams had been looking. experts say, the family did everything right to survive. >> one of the most critical thing they did right was to stay with the car. that's your biggest survival resource. one of the biggest factors in surviving is the will to survive. >> reporter: this rescue effort involved pretty much the whole town. 200 people out there searching. all of them celebrating this morning. robin? >> david, thank you very much. we're going to bring in the e.r. physician treating the family, dr. doug vacek of pershing general hospital. in lovelock, nevada. it's so good to see you this morning, doctor. can you tell us the condition of the family this morning? >> the family's doing well this morning, especially considering what they've been through. again, some exposure symptoms and dehydration. but they're doing really well. >> were they able to share with you at all how they were able to
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survive under those conditions for so long? >> they were going to be in the back country. they had very warm clothes with them. the father did a very, very good job of keeping the family calm. keeping everyone together. and did the right thing by staying with the vehicle. and by getting a fire going. the very first thing he knew they were in trouble in the back country. and the fact they had food and water with them also. >> it is amazing, dr. vacek, when you think about how the family, the father in particular, what he did. and the quick thinking, staying close together. from a medical standpoint, were you surprised of the good condition of the family? >> very surprised. the fact they had been out two nights in sub -- minus 10 degree temperatures. i was very surprised. i was at least expecting some frostbite. of course i was expecting possibly even worse. >> and when the family arrived in the e.r. for the first time, what was their condition.
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>> very good. from the very beginning. they had been in an ambulance. they were out a little ways. it took them a little while to get here. they were warmed up. all fingers and toes were fine. everyone was walking, talking, eating and drinking. that's always a very good sign. >> do you have any idea when the family will be released from the hospital, sir? >> we're going to reassess them in the morning make sure that things look as good as it is. and hopefully today they'll go home. >> and did you say they were saying something about christmas, that it was going to be a little extra special this year for them? >> they did say that in deed. they will appreciate it more than they typically would. >> dr. vacek, thank you very much. appreciate it. we wish you all the best. thank you. >> thanks. >> so many people working together like that. and the cell phone, to pick up the ping of the cell phone like that. >> we're glad that they're doing well. >> now to the snow,ize, and freezing cold affecting the country from coast to coast, right now.
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ginger zee is tracking it and has the latest for us. good morning, ginger. >> good morning. so many of us paralyzed by all this winter. not just one day but multiple days on end. and a new shot of cold. i want to go straight to chicago. where a messy commute happening. yesterday, they had sub zero temperatures waking up. temperatures in the teens, and fresh snow. let me tell you, you do not want to be with that thing, with rain, snow, anything. this morning, waking up in the teens. it's going to be a slow one for you in chicago. the rest of the nation, 47 out of 48 states, somewhere below 32 again today. this morning, biting burr, in almost every state in the lower 48. >> bone-chilling cold. >> reporter: from a week-long deep freeze in parts of california -- >> it's been horrible. i didn't think the weather would get this cold in california. >> reporter: to the chilly chicago, enduring some of the coldest air this early since 1978. bursting water mains in south dakota and montana. in iowa, the blowing snow, with gusts up to 40, making it feel like it's 20 below.
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and with the latest punch of winter in the east, up to seven inches of fresh winter wonder. hundreds of schools closed. in massachusetts, this plow ended up crashing into a pond. at dulles airport, the plows were working overtime. over two inches of snow. more than 6,000 flights have been canceled since sunday because of weather. and today, while few will see highs surge above a balmy 32, most feel like keli books tweeting, 11 degrees at grand canyon, that's lose your toe cold. >> so many ways to describe that cold. we'll be doing it tomorrow. new york city slips in the 20s. d.c. in the 20s, too. some of the coldest air we've seen this season. there is some areas warming up. i'll have that in my nation's weather. >> okay, ginger, thanks. we'll go to d.c. where president obama landed early this morning from the memorial service for nelson mandela. he's arriving to the news that lawmakers have reached a budget deal. abc's jonathan karl is at the white house this morning. it's a modest deal. but it would hold off a government shutdown for at least two years.
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>> reporter: a modest deal. but given what we've seen over the past two years, this counts as a major breakthrough in washington. in addition to doing away with the possibility of a government shutdown, it would also undo many of the automatic spending cuts that were scheduled to go into effect in january, including big cuts to defense. what's most striking about the deal is that picture you see right there, how it was announced. paul ryan, one of the top conservatives in washington, and patty murray, one of the most liberal senators. coming together and announcing this deal, but, george, it still has to pass and you'll see people on the left and the right, complaining about this, because, guess what? it's a compromise, and that means neither side got everything they wanted. >> okay. and meanwhile, the president getting some new polls out this morning that show he may have stopped the bleeding from that botched rollout of the obama care website. >> reporter: that's right. take a look at these poll numbers. there are actually several new polls out. all of them still pretty bad for the president. you see his disapproval rating higher than his approval rating. but he has stopped the freefall.
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and the white house hopes that now they have that website pretty much fixed, that the president can begin to see those poll numbers actually go up. right now, at least, they're not going lower. >> just before we came on the air, the white house released the photos from air force one. we're going to show a couple more of them now. maybe to drown out the chatter of that selfie? >> reporter: maybe. but these photos are quite remarkable. you imagine, president bush, former president bush must have been looking at his paintings on that ipad, seeing the two of them together with hillary clinton on air force one, quite a sight. as for the selfie seen around the world, we're learning a little bit more about this. the photographer who took this picture of the selfie, who said a few seconds later, michelle was laughing and enjoying herself, with them. she wasn't actually upset as she looks in that photo. >> jon, thanks very much. let's get the other top stories from josh. >> two events unfolding right now. one in south africa. thousands of mourners there, you see them here lining up, waiting to view the body of nelson mandela.
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as earlier, world leaders bowed and prayed before his casket, draped in south africa's flag, which was delivered this morning to the amphitheater, where, in fact, mandela was once sworn in as the country's first black president. his body will now lie in state for three days before sunday's funeral. also happening right now, and breaking news is the crisis in ukraine escalates. riot police have stormed a camp set up by protesters, who are demanding their president resign. police dismantled barricades and arrested demonstrators, as secretary of state john kerry now says the u.s. is disgusted by this violent crackdown. in fact, the u.s. assistant secretary of state was seen handing out sandwiches. you see that here, to the protesters. here at home, outrage growing at the sentence of a texas judge, one that he gave to a teenager for driving drunk and killing four people in a crash. the judge could have sentenced 16-year-old ethan couch to 20 years in prison.
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instead, he gave couch only probation and therapy, saying the teen would never get the help that he needs while in prison. and there was no winner in last night's truly mega, megamillions drawing. that means the jackpot for friday's drawing, on friday 13th, no less, will be worth some $400 million. and when i win it, i'm going to buy you all this -- an 85-inch l.e.d. television. it will be yours. >> thank you. >> for $40,000 a pop. i'm told that's a bargain. actually, marked down from $45,000. online reviews, having fun with the price tag. one man joked, he was going to pay for his daughter's wedding. but the tv would probably last longer. >> ooh. >> that's hilarious, dad. hilarious. >> yeah, really. >> absolutely.
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>> so, hey, get ready. clear some space in all your family rooms. the tvs are coming. >> people are saving this tape right now. >> yes, they are. we're going to turn to the new head of general motors, mary barra. the first woman ceo of an american car company. her appointment smashing another gender barrier. in so many ways, it's a natural next step for this mother of two, steeped in car culture. her father worked at pontiac. she joined gm as a college intern. rebecca jarvis has her story. >> reporter: this morning, a first for detroit. and an extreme rarity in the business world. i would like to introduce your new ceo -- >> reporter: mary barra who started at general motors 33 years ago, on deck to take its top post this january, the first woman ever to run one of detroit's big three automakers and the most powerful woman in the car business. >> this is truly the next chapter in general motors recovery and turn around history. and i'm very honored to be a part of it. >> reporter: a home-grown
7:14 am
talent, she started in gm in 1980. inspecting grand prixes coming off the assembly line. she was 18. studied engineering. her father a 39-year-old gm veteran was making car fenders and hoods. >> to get where she did and also to be a woman, is very rare. that's why we're paying attention to it today. >> reporter: the car that originally caught barra's eye, this red vintage chevy camaro. her first car. she wanted a 1970s pontiac firebird, but settled for a more practical chevy chevette. today, she drives a cadillac cts, and on the vehicle ends, a corvette. >> i don't want to say i am a super-fast driver but i like cars that go fast. >> reporter: and she distinguished herself in multiple roles at gm. overseeing manufacturing and engineering, developing new cars, even working to relax gm's stuffy dress code as head of hr and earning a reputation as a leader and uniter. >> if general motors is successful, that will rub off on detroit. they'll have a lot of money. they'll be able to support institutions that they used to be able to support that they can't today. >> reporter: this role means
7:15 am
that mary barra, just 1 of 21 female chief executives in the fortune 500. but certainly one of the greatest role models to young women today. >> looking forward to watching her. >> thanks, rebecca. now, to a startling account of what police caught on camera. an officer sending a police dog through a driver's car window. why did a grand jury just clear the officer? abc's steve osunsami has the story. >> reporter: take a look and decide for yourself. did this north carolina police officer go too far? it was halloween night. police at a dwi checkpoint in wilmington, had chased this car down. and driver, johnnie williams, looked like he was giving up, with his hands in the air, when canine officer, stafford brister, lifts his dog through the window. and the dog attacks him violently. police ended up breaking through the passenger side window and dragging the 42-year-old out of the car. >> i didn't do anything forceful against the officers. i did not do anything. >> reporter: prosecutors concerned this was excessive, put the question before a grand jury.
7:16 am
>> this is what i regarded as close enough where the community should be involved. >> reporter: jurors watched this several times and sided with the officer, who this morning is under administrative investigation, but cleared of any wrongdoing. those same jurors, instead, indicted williams. in jail this morning, facing a number of charges, including assault with a deadly weapon on a government official. accused of nearly running over three officers at that checkpoint with his car. >> subject just rammed me head-on. >> reporter: here's police finally getting him to stop by crashing into his vehicle. >> i stopped and i gave up my rights when i tried to hold up my hands. >> reporter: police aren't speaking out on the issue, pending their investigation. but they do tell us this. they had to chase williams for miles, through downtown and into the northern region of the county. his next court appearance is in january. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> that situation, just out of control. we're going to turn, now, to the 6-year-old colorado boy who got suspended for kissing a girl in school on the hand.
7:17 am
did the zero tolerance policy go too far? clayton sandell has the story. >> reporter: 6-year-old hunter yelton, is a thief, the kind that steals kisses. >> i leaned over and kissed her on the hand. >> reporter: that kiss on the hand didn't just get him a slap on the wrist. it got him suspended for a day. and a serious charge on his record. >> i did something wrong. i feel sorry. >> reporter: hunter's mom met with the principal at his canyon city, colorado, school, and she was told her first grader's behavior amounted to sexual harassment. >> this is to the extreme that doesn't need to be taken to a 6-year-old. now, my son is asking questions. what is sex, mommy? it should never be said sex in a sentence with a 6-year-old. >> reporter: hunter admits, he's been in trouble before. suspended for rough-housing. >> we have been working with him with the classroom disruptions. he's been grounded for a while.
7:18 am
>> reporter: but sexual harassment? >> how can you do this? how can you say this about my child? remove sexual harassment. remove it from his record. >> reporter: overnight, the school superintendent said, our schools do not suspend a student for just a kiss on the hand. we have intervened on behalf of a little girl who wants the unwelcome behavior to stop. hunter is now back to school. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> hope that gets under control, too. time, now, for the weather and ginger zee. starting with some warmer temperatures finally coming to the west. >> yes, finally. los angeles has been below average for over a week. we know you're chilly. and, yes, so many of us dealing with this. let's see what's going to happen in the next couple of days. we're going to see 70 degrees-plus, in los angeles, for the first time since december 2nd. it's been over a week since they've seen 70. it's happening today. into the 60s, though, by the end of the week. seattle, staying in the 40s. not that warm. denver, who is so cold for so
7:19 am
long, finally seeing 50. just a little peek. that's all they needed. and a quick look at phoenix in the 70s again.
7:20 am
atlanta's going to end up in the low 50s. but they're still immune down here in miami. i've seen a lot of the maps where it's 82 in miami. people saying, i hate florida. control our jealousy. i'm trying. >> thanks, ginger. we appreciate it. coming up here on "gma," dramatic day in court on the trial of that bride charged with pushing her husband off a cliff. her brother breaks down on the stand. dan and nancy will weigh in live. the $100 million lawsuit against supermodel elle macpherson's husband. is there a conspiracy to cover up his role in a helicopter crash? and a photo making waves this morning. gisele, taking care of her baby and taking care of business. why the pic has turned polar sizing.
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at famous footwear. victory is yours. ♪ [ female announcer ] may your holidays be merry and bright. merry pringles. ♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday good morning. i'm kristen sze. firefighters in concord remain at the scene of a four-alarm fire near buchanan field. investigators say the flames are out now, but plastics are still burning inside the giant warehouse on stanwell avenue inside the old phone company.
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officials say the smoke does not pose a health risk to people in that area. the national transportation safety board is holding a marathon hearing today on july's asiana flight 214 crash at sfo. the panel released an investigative report this morning. it quotes the trainee pilot at the controls as saying he was stressed out and very concerned about the landing before the plane hit a seawall and burst into flames. hopefully on your commute this morning everyone's being safe. let's check in with leyla gulen. >> so far there are just a few fender benders out there. there are pockets of very heavy traffic. in fact, i'm going to take you to hayward where you can see on the nimitz southbound side it's jammed bumper to bumper all the way to the dun barton bridge. looking quite heavy. over the altamont pass 580 to dublin, 37 minutes. leyla, thank you.
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good morning. freezing cold up in the north bay, east bay valleys and a few neighborhoods in the south bay. everybody else in the mid to upper 30s to 43 in san francisco, 46 in half-moon bay. poor ♪ yeah her gift ♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday
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♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see
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♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday ♪ okay. take a look at that photo, creating all kinds of waves this morning. gisele bundchen, posting this snap on instagram. nursing her young daughter while her beauty squad goes to work. we're going to talk about why the candid picture has so many people buzzing this morning. >> on her instagram, so people who follow her know what she's doing. but we'll get into it a lot more because there are both sides. and you can see why some people would be a bit upset. and we're going to turn to the dramatic day in court in the so-called newlywed trial of that bride charged with pushing her husband off a cliff. her 16-year-old brother in tears on the stand. dan and nancy are going to weigh in, live. also, the latest here on this conspiracy theory. we're going inside a $100 million lawsuit against the husband of elle macpherson.
7:31 am
is there a cover-up in his role of what was a fatal helicopter crash. and do you remember the movie "clueless," cher's incredible closet, it looked like it was from the future. now there's a real version just like it. and we'll tell you how you can try it, too. >> not worried about messing up your makeup and the hair. you love these. >> >> this is like when i go to buddha. >> hang in there. we're going to get right to the murder trial out of montana. jordan graham, accused of pushing her husband off a cliff, eight days after getting married. her brother took the stand for the prosecution. we're going to talk to dan and nancy about it. but first, abc's ryan owens has the story. >> end of a long day. we'll hit it again tomorrow. >> reporter: for the first time, the jury saw jordan graham wipe away tears. and they were not for cody johnson. the husband she's accused of
7:32 am
pushing off a cliff, face-first. what made the usually stoic newlywed cry? the sight of her 16-year-old stepbrother breaking down as he testified against her. his sister's attorney asked, are you mad at jordan? not so much anymore. but at first, yes. why? she could have just told us the truth. but she had to keep adding more lies to cover up. the baby-faced michael rutledge told the jury how he helped his big sister search for cody johnson, even hanging up missing posters. all while jordan graham knew exactly where her husband was, at the bottom of that cliff in montana's glacier national park. the teenager was with his sister that july night when she finally pointed to the body. i lost it. i couldn't control my emotions, rutledge told the jury. cody was laying face-down. looked as if he was on top of a rock in the water. a parade of the young couple's
7:33 am
friends testified, his sister's reaction was just the opposite. she didn't seem the least bit upset. prosecutors played several hours of two different interviews graham gave to detectives, days after the crime. they, too, asked why she was so unemotional. graham simply replied, i don't like to cry in front of people. graham has pleaded not guilty and claims the death of her husband of eight days was just an accident. the park ranger testified, he asked jordan graham how she knew where to find her husband's body. he told the jury, she calmly responded, it was a place he wanted to see before he died. prosecutors have been fighting hard to show this jury a piece of cloth they found in the water near johnson's body. they think it was a blindfold put on him before he was pushed. the judge has only let them show pictures of that blindfold, not the blindfold itself. and, george, he will not, at this point, let the prosecutors
7:34 am
use that loaded word, blindfold. >> ryan, thanks very much. let's dig into this with our legal team. abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. nancy grace. from hln. welcome to you both. dan, you said from the start, you think a first-degree murder conviction is out of the question. anything you hear yesterday change that? >> this is the heart of the prosecution's case. this is the strongest evidence the prosecution has. they have her statements, which have, quote/unquote, evolved over time. she lied. no question about it. that's a problem for her. but that doesn't change the fact that i don't see how you get a conviction on first-degree, premeditated murder here. >> nancy, you agree? >> well, of course, i don't agree. and anyone that ever prosecuted a murder trial would know, premeditation under the law can be formed in an instant in the time it takes for you to raise the gun and pull the trigger. in this case, she first told police she didn't know how her
7:35 am
groom got to this point. but then, she's confronted in court with video surveillance, there at glacier, of her driving him in. so, she had to drive him in, push him over by her own words, and then, drive home. we also have a mysterious e-mail that emerges. we turn -- it turns out that this is an e-mail account she creates at her stepfather's home. she writes herself, as if she's her husband's friend and says, call off the search. we were all out joyriding. he decided to go hiking. and he fell. he's dead. bottom line, see ya later. she writes herself this e-mail. and this is in the hours after he's dead. >> nancy says anyone who has tried a case knows about premeditation. they would know, then, the difference between premeditation and intent. nancy's talking about the ability to intend to commit a crime. that can happen in a second. premeditation is premeditated. therefore, it can take time.
7:36 am
it takes time to pre meditate a crime. you can't show up with a gun, point it at someone -- >> that's premeditated. >> there's a difference between premeditation and intent. and what nancy's talking about is intent. that would be second-degree murder, not first-degree murder. >> she drove him there, and she tells police she pushes him from behind with both hands. right. >> and she leaves her husband's body out there to rot and be torn apart by animals, and she starts writing texts to her friends about her zumba class. hello? >> it's premeditated. she still would have had to have planned it. >> she killed him. >> this blindfold, the judge not allowing use of that word. presumably if you could use that word and the jurors believed it, that would be kind of game over. >> look, if they could use it and if the jurors believe there was a blindfold involved, then you have the possibility of premeditation. then you're talking about a different kind of case here. but i don't think they got anything good enough to link that blindfold back to this
7:37 am
case. >> dan, can i ask you one question? >> please. >> did you know this guy was so afraid of heights, he was with his friends on a parking deck, he wouldn't get out of his car to take a picture with the skyline behind it. >> how did she get him -- so, what, she blindfolded him at the bottom and sort of led him up there? and he said, my goodness. look at this. i'm on a mountain. how did this happen again? >> i don't think that's what happened. i think she lured him up there. a local reporter said the newlywed -- >> if he's so afraid of heights. she lures him up there. >> she gets him up there -- >> what, he's blindfolded and he doesn't know he's walking up a hill? >> you know, i'm not going to be distracted with the blindfold. what convinces me is that she drove him there, pushes him over, both hands on his back. this is not self-defense. he's walking away. he falls to his death. she leaves him and starts covering her tracks. in fact, when her 16-year-old brother found the body, she
7:38 am
asked him to lie to police. >> i'm afraid we're not going to solve this one today. thank you, guys, for staking out the positions there. we're going to turn to ginger zee for the weather. >> tender transition. and you know, we've got to start with lake-effect snow. because new york has had almost 30 inches. you're looking at pictures out of pulaski, new york. that's just the beginning of it. this is around watertown. in the next 48 hours, we're looking for more than a foot again. this looks like it will go north of watertown. syracuse, close to four. buffalo, over ten inches. that very cold air, it's coming right over the lake. that arctic chill this morning feels like this. 34 below in fargo. minneapolis, hello to you. it feels like
7:39 am
this weather report is brought to you by keurig. you know i laughed the last couple weeks about playing that game. it could be colder. can't play it. it can't get colder. >> you win. >> thanks, ginger. coming up, $100 million lawsuit against supermodel elle macpherson's billionaire husband. is there a cover-up in his role of a deadly helicopter crash? it was the closet in "clueless." now, there's a real version that you can use to get the perfect fit. real version that you can use to get the perfect fit. give me a second, pete. go. man's second best friend. brew the love. keurig.
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all right. 7:42. we're back with the latest on a $100 million lawsuit against the husband of supermodel elle macpherson. he's being accused of covering up his role in a deadly helicopter crash. and abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: together, they're one of the world's most glamorous power couples. but this morning, supermodel elle macpherson's husband, jeffrey soffer, is in the middle
7:44 am
of a high-stakes legal battle, being sued for $100 million by this woman. daria valdez is the widow of lance valdez, a lawyer, soffer's close friend. he died in a helicopter crash in the bahamas last year. soffer survived that crash with several injuries. and that wrongful death suit claims that soffer wasn't just a passenger. but that he was recklessly flying and controlling it at the time of the crash, without a valid helicopter pilot's license. >> we interviewed david pierce, the pilot. and what he told us was soffer also piloted the aircraft. >> reporter: the lawsuit also claims soffer conspired with the other passengers to conceal the fact he was plying for a primary purpose of avoiding his own personal liability. >> this was a woman that was grieving. she lost her husband at the time. and getting phone calls to provide a release to mr. soffer, it wasn't fair. >> reporter: according to the lawsuit, macpherson called a
7:45 am
friend and said that soffer was annoyed about daria's delay in signing the release. >> soffer stopped calling her and stopped pretty much all contact with her after that release was signed. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, soffer denies all the allegations of wrongdoing contained in the complaint. macpherson had no comment. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, new york. >> as of now, soffer also has no comment. coming up here, the candid picture getting a lot of buzz this morning. gisele bundchen, and life behind the scenes with her beautiful baby girl. >> a lovely photo. saving time for a bo-fer. we'll be right back.
7:46 am
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7:49 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> sometimes you get a bo-fer because i just can't choose. you're going to get an indecisive bo-fer today. we're going to slovenia.
7:50 am
>> a long way for the bo-fer. >> it's soccer. the goalkeeper apparently practices by trying to catch balls shot by a live canon. at first, you're like, that's not that big of a deal. the second one -- you'll notice the goalkeeper, very wisely -- the canon can score as much as they want. that was a good idea to someone in slovenia. >> okay. >> not pictured, the orks just offcamera. it's a bouquet toss at a wedding. i want to assure you. that's not a balcony. that's just a planter. >> that's like a garden? >> yeah. i'm told there was some plant life that didn't survive the fall. have you seen this yet? >> oh, yes. >> oh, yeah. >> just note to self, don't throw it into the planter. "deals & steals."
7:51 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. a san francisco memorial honoring former south african president nelson mandela is set to begin at city hall in just a few minutes. it will be streamed live on our website, another tribute to mandela will be held today in oakland. that memorial runs from noon to 1:30. meteorologist mike nicco has the cold snap, it continues, mike. yeah, definitely does. there's still some freezing temperatures out there especially in the inland valleys, frost possible the next hours around the bay shore. but look at this, sunshine and pretty much mid to upper 50s. accuweather seven-day forecast freezing cold in the north bay
7:57 am
tonight, 60s for highs this weekend. leyla. we have an accident in the east bay traveling westbound on 580 as you come up to greenville. they're trying to move it off the freeway, but as you can see once you pass basco it's a slow drive. westbound 230 middle lanes westbound 230 middle lanes blocked due [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, top it off with coffee-mate... just $2.79 for all kinds of flavors. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and we rev up how we rock your holiday. we start with an epic christmas sweater showdown. this morning, wait until you see what the viewers are sending us. plus, a holiday "deals & steals" spectacular. the great gifts that will arrive, just in time for christmas. ♪ and drumming up. this jam-packed christmas classic, going viral, right now. and we've all been elfed. as we say -- >> good morning, america. [ cheers and applause ] >> you better believe, it's on. it's on. the countdown is on.
8:01 am
one of our favorite holiday traditions. these are the students from broadway dance center. they're decked out in their favorite holiday sweaters. >> their favorites. >> their favorites. yes. that's what we're vying for, ladies and gentlemen, in our anchor holiday sweater showdown. >> is that the golden fruitcake? >> and we've been looking at your crazy sweater snapshots. there's some of them coming in. giving us ideas for our huge challenge on monday. we're getting our sweaters ready. looking for ideas right here. >> george, upstairs -- i heard a sewing machine this morning. >> i'm glad this is here. >> all about the accessories. >> george will not stop. he goes on an on about the contest. >> you know? >> i love the dancing sweaters over here. they're really getting it. >> get in the spirit. keep on sending us your pictures. go to on
8:02 am
yahoo! send us your best crazy holiday sweater photos. >> they're not getting out of the first round. who are we kidding? very nice. they are way too nice. >> thank you, one and all. also, a bit of a talker, thus far this morning. a photo making waves this morning. that is gisele bundchen, posting a snapshot on her instagram account, which i might add, she is not forcing you to look at or follow. multitasking behind, i am told, the scenes. >> candid. >> it is. >> we'll let everybody weigh in. >> it's a talker. also, remember the dream closet from the movie "clueless." ginger, you and i coveted it as kids. i was very young when that came out. it looked like a closet from the future. now, you can have one just like it. it can change the way you dress. and then, we could also change the way you dress.
8:03 am
it's "deals & steals." some spectacular deals for the holidays. >> all coming up. let's get the news first from josh. >> we're going to begin with the fallout from the disastrous obama care rollout. health secretary kathleen sebelius, asking the inspector-general to review how the obama care website was developed. the site, which has cost more than $600 million to this point, has been plagued by errors. sebelius is also creating the job of chief risk officer. to better manage tax payer mo y ny. and in washington. the house and senate leaders have reached a budget deal, to prevent another government shoutdown and to raise military and domestic spending. the deal would cut pensions for federal workers and raise fees for airline travelers. it has to be approved by the house and senate. in south africa, thousands of mourners are turning out to view the body of nelson mandela, lying in state for the next three days.
8:04 am
this comes amid some embarrassing news. the man who provided sign language interpretation on stage for mandela's memorial tuesday was faking it. the deaf federation of south africa says the man was moving his hands. but there was no meaning to his gestures. i'm sure he meant well. i'm sure. an arizona man, meanwhile, has been banned for life from walmart. now, joe cantrell says he is a loyal customer who visits the store twice a day. but he says, he was handcuffed and kicked out after he tried to get a discount, based on a price-matching policy of the stores. however, walmart claims that cantrell threatened a worker. and banned him from ever entering any walmart store worldwide again. more to come there, i'm sure. and a stunning attack caught on camera. i want to tell you, though, the trainer you see here being attacked by a tiger is okay. the tiger latched on and refused to let go. a circus performance in spain.
8:05 am
other workers did come to the trainers rescue, and again, the trainer survived. >> okay. >> okay. finally, "time" magazine has named its person of the year. the honor goes to pope francis. the first south american pope, the first jesuit pope. francis, will be trying to extend the church's outreach particularly towards its treatment and care for the poor. in his general audience at the vatican today, the pope spoke in spanish, calling on, in part, american catholics to, and i quote, open their arms with love and tenderness, end quote. interestingly, our new poll at abc news, finds some 92% of u.s. catholics have a favorable opinion of him. "time" magazine says the pope has become a new voice of conscious. however you feel about this pope, he is certainly, seemingly, turning the church, now, in a brand-new direction. >> and sparks conversation, it seems, almost daily. >> indeed.
8:06 am
and is enjoying, really, unrivaled popularity. >> we got word from the vatican spokesman, who said the pope is not looking to become famous. >> he didn't ask for it. now, let's get some weather from ginger. >> such a wonderful crowd out here on this cold morning. madeline next to me from eastern michigan. mid michigan. i have a hand warmer for you. you have to stay warm. yeah. handing them out. you don't need one because you're going to the bahamas. how do you describe this kind of cold? >> you can't describe it. >> she's going to the bahamas. we're all very jealous. let's look at the forecast. we want to get into what is going to happen here. freeze watches and warnings in parts of the southwest. look at that in california. those are going to start to moderate, as we showed you earlier in the show. and in the northeast, there's no moderating about this. look at the numbers. slipping off after today. we're right around freezing in new york. but dripping into the 20s tomorrow.
8:07 am
>> we're all staying tight to stay warm. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you so much. here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." "pop news" is coming up. we'll talk about baby number three for a very beautiful star. and some men that will drive you crazy. a new calendar, going viral. yeah. gisele's polarizing instagram picture. this one, as josh says, is a talker. and one of our epic "deals & steals" spectacular.
8:08 am
i'm telling you, you do not want to miss tory johnson. she has done it again. and there's more, on "good morning america," live from times square.
8:09 am
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8:11 am
also, the closet of the future. remember this from the movie "clueless"? i can do every line. there's a real version now. you can get a perfect fit every time. in fact, this is cool. we'll be back. >> supercool. remember, walgreens has a great assortment of little somethings, and we're always nearby, so it's easy to get in and out. see you on your lunch break. swing by walgreens for lindt lindor truffles, hallmark cards, and more. plus, get up to 20 dollars in jingle cash on next week's purchase of 30 dollars or more. here at the corner of happy and healthy.
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♪ listen. just listen. ♪ >> an a cappella group. putting a new spin on the classic "a christmas carol's" "little drummer boy." that's ahead.
8:14 am
going viral right now. popping with more than 16 million views on youtube. ♪ >> that's beautiful. >> really beautiful. >> yeah. sharing that on facebook right now. it's funny because when we have video like that and it's audio, and they're telling us to talk, we want you to hear it. >> on twitter, will you just let us hear it? we will let you hear it. let's hear "pop news." >> nice transition, robin. i lover starting with great news. for kate winslet. it's a boy. the oscar-winning actress and her husband, ned rock and roll have a nine-pound little boy. in a hospital in suffox county. the british beauty is a hands-on mom. no housekeeper. no cook. she doesn't want that for her kids. she says, i remember my mom cooking. that's being a parent. and that's what i want to do. many of us don't have a choice in that matter. when you do have a choice, it's
8:15 am
nice to. and i've interviewed her many times. nice lady. congratulations. >> very down to earth. you're going to be happy about this. a lost johnny cash album is set to be released in a couple of months. "i walk the line," robin. it will be called "out among the stars" and comprised of 12 recently discovered studio recordings, never heard until now. some of them, george, are with june carter cash. and also, waylon jennings. the tracks were made in 1981. they were recorded in nashville. they were found by johnny and june's son. last year, he found them. look for that album to drop in march 2014. i know all of us will be downloading that. and finally, for years the fdny have cornered the calendar market. but there's another group that wants to give the man of the
8:16 am
month thing a try. and it's driving the ladies crazy. it's the nyc taxi drivers 2014 calendar. featuring 12 of the most hard-working and good-humored hunks behind the wheel. posing. there, everybody, that is -- that's our cover guy, looking very sexy. striking a pose. i want to thank you and all of your fellow models. do we have any pictures from the calendar? oh, yeah. there's one of them. there's another. one of the men of the month. oh, wow. >> is that february? >> this man, checking his oil. >> these are priceless. >> dip stick. what? the calendar is $14.99. and i love this. all proceeds go to university
8:17 am
house, a nonprofit serving immigrant families. congratulations. the fabulous drivers, who take new yorkers and tourists all over. he's on the clock. >> have to go out there. making a big switch from the taxi drivers to a supermodel. gisele bundchen is stirring up the mommy wars. posting this picture to instagram, while getting her hair, makeup and nails done. paula faris has more for us. hey, paula. >> i have dibs on the calendar. the reviews on mixed for the supermodel's pose in this photo. some say it's a lovely vision of motherhood. others say it promotes an unrealistic image for regular moms. she's the highest-paid model in the world. and quite possibly the most polarizing. gisele bundchen, mother, model and wife of tom brady, had moms buzzing when she posted this photo on instagram, nursing her young daughter, while her team tends to her hair, nails and makeup.
8:18 am
she writes, what would i do without this beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only 3 hours of sleep? >> i think breast-feeding is a very personal thing. it's a very personal choice. and it should be private. for her to put this on instagram is a little outrageous and i think obnoxious. >> reporter: some moms would prefer she keep her opinions to herself. one writing, yes, because all of us moms have a team of people like this and can brag about it. seriously? another liking the message. looks like the most regular thing in the world. sweet. >> i think it's a positive message. she can be a good role model for a lot of the moms that are, you know, going back to work. and are struggling in this country to continue to breast-feed. >> reporter: bundchen becoming a lightning rod for controversy with comments on breast-feeding. once saying, i think there should be a worldwide law that mothers should breast-feed their babies for six months.
8:19 am
on eating during pregnancy, i think a lot of people get pregnant and decide they can turn into garbage disposals. i was mindful about what i ate. and i gained only 30 pounds. and on home births -- it wasn't painful, not even a little bit. the second day, i was walking. i was washing dishes. i was making pancakes in the kitchen. this time, bundchen appears to be not just a model. but a role model for all nursing mothers. all right. we obviously can't relate to gisele's glamourous life. you have to give her credit. nursing your child is a full-time job. i nurse both of mine after work. and consider, she's taking her children on the road with her. we would be talking about something different if she just left them at home? >> that's true. >> good point. >> you have to be due any day? >> three weeks. >> you're beautiful. >> a lot of comments coming in on twitter. let's get to some of them. gina -- how is depicting a day in the life of a breast-feeding mom be a smug mom?
8:20 am
kudos to gisele. and joanne woo. gisele's definition of multitasking is a little different from other breast-feeding moms i know. let's talk to ericka souter about it. she's the editor of " where do you come down? >> the problem is, gisele has a way to make moms feel judges or that she's bragging. no one can really relate to what she's going through. and they're a little jealous. being a mom is one of the hardest jobs you have to do. and she makes it look a little too effortless. >> looks like a lot of effort going on right there. >> not by her. >> by everyone else. >> this is her job. she says, she talks about multitasking. and she's thanking her team for allowing her to be able to nurse her child while she gets ready for her job. her job happens to be different than most people's job. >> how do we get past this? how do we get past we always seem to be judging one another?
8:21 am
and just realizing we're all doing the best we can with what we have. >> one of the ways to look at gisele's picture, this is a positive image of breast-feeding. a lot of women face hurdles when they go back to work. they can't breast-feed. they have to take the pump with them. there's no pumping room. what do you do? so, this is actually a positive representation. and that's a good thing for all mothers. so, if they can get to that point and get over the fact they don't have their own glam squad, they'd be good. >> we'll end on that good point. >> so close. so close. >> great having you here. >> more on "gma live!" let's move on to the closet made famous in "clueless." it was the closet of the future, now, everyone can use it with new technology that lets you try on clothing by being in front of a web cam. it could free you from dressing rooms forever. abc's bianna golodryga has the story. >> reporter: for so many women,
8:22 am
the "clueless" closet was a fantasy come to life. with alicia silverstone as cher and her amazing before-its-time virtual closet. now, nearly two decades later, life is imitating art. it's called swivel, the first virtual try-on system that lets you see how clothes and accessories look in real-time, without hitting the dreaded dressing room. >> it makes shopping easier for women. to remove barriers if you're shopping for products online or in stores. >> reporter: it's the brian child of linda smith, ceo of face cake, who got some of her inspiration from "the jetsons." >> turn on the dress selector. >> the future shopping is here. and now, you're able to interact with products and your own image and see what they would look like. >> reporter: and playing around in this virtual closet is nothing short of magical. different styles, looks, accessories, all without leaving one spot. >> this brings the mall or your favorite store and your favorite brand's products, all together
8:23 am
in one little space for you. >> reporter: the way it works, any store puts its database of clothing and accessories in its system, enabling the customer to try them on using swivel. it's not only limited to clothing and accessories. they also do makeup. this gray color. if i like what i see, i can make it darker or lighter. i'm going to go a little darker. blush and bronzer. i need pink on my cheeks. there we go. and the facial feature recognition system tells where your features are and can apply makeup. i'm digging this red dress. for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> that's supercool. so is this. "deals & steals" rocking the holidays. great accessories you can get under the tree in time for christmas. and the one and only, tory johnson in the house, with all of the deals, the promo codes, the links. you need to go to
8:24 am on yahoo! right now. you know what happens. >> you know the drill, ladies. >> it all runs out. everybody -- the bags last week. >> crazy insanity. that's going to happen today. we have a different setup today. we've buried this among our fun, little christmas balls. first up. grab it, baby. that is from per lo. it's a really gorgeous necklace. >> how does it work? >> just like that. you put it over your head like that. you see the pictures up there. an 18 millimeter round semiprecious gemstone. set in 22 karat gold plating. 36-inch chain. really gorgeous. lots of different styles to choose from. $195. slashed by 78%. $42. >> all men -- calling all men. this is a good gift. >> allen lyle watches. you get a large face for men. and then, the small matching one.
8:25 am
both stainless steel and leather, two different options. four different options, two different types of bands. normally, the pair, $225. slashed by 72%. 64 bucks. >> go no further. >> i love that. i love this, too. last right on the tree. these are really beautiful. there's a big assortment, even beyond just this small assortment up here. you see on your screen. single or stacked. 18 karat gold. you can choose stacked or individual. they start at $42. they're slashed big-times by 78%, down to $9. okay. one little box right here. this is so adorable. oh. yeah. that's -- >> can i take it? >> no. look at all of the big assortment that we have. so many different ones. wait until you hear this deal.
8:26 am
normally 20 bucks. slashed in half, $10. >> can you get a shot over here, please? thank you. >> they're fighting over it. >> and then, last but not at least -- >> they're $10, guys. you can do it. >> buy your own. last but not least, you want to grab that one, lara? >> of course. >> suede body bag. there you go. you are styling, baby. a variety of colors to choose from. adjustable straps. zipper or flap front. this one, slashed by 78%. $65. >> tory johnson has one more deal for you. you have to go to -- where are they getting that? stay with us. more coming up. go to
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. a san francisco memorial honoring former south africa president nelson mandela is taking place right now at city hall. former mayor willie brown is chairing the event that started just a short time ago. mayor ed lee says san francisco has felt the global human rights movement created by mandela. it's streamed live right now on our website. firefighters in concord remain at the scene of a four-alarm overnight fire near buchanan field. this is a live look from sky 7 hd, the smoky charred out building. investigators say the flames are out, but plastics are still burning inside the giant warehouse on stanwell avenue. this is inside the old phone company. let's see how your morning commute is going with leyla gulen. hey, leyla.
8:28 am
hi, kristen. in menlo park we have a truck carrying a load of concrete that lost its load and we have heavy delays. expect some delays for the next couple of hours while they try to mop things up. as we take you into san francisco southbound along 101 at cesar chavez, another accident blocking one lane. kristen. leyla, thanks.
8:29 am
good morning. spare the air, but look, more
8:30 am
people have poor air quality today. north bay, east bay and santa clara valleys. a little warmer today, but ♪ >> there's not a lot to say. >> how many more days of jib-jab? >> i just want to know, what happened to our ears? >> i love it. >> although, look at us. i have to tell you, you guys, all of the the hours of training paid off. ♪ >> robin, come on. ♪ >> big finish. the big finish. just kidding. >> it doesn't finish. it's on a continuous loop. let's look at other moves right now. we have the sweater dancers out there. we kick off our anchor christmas
8:31 am
sweater showdown. there they are in times square, dancing, as well. >> if you think those sweaters are magical, you ain't seen nothing yet. >> tweet us your suggestions for our sweaters. we are competing for the golden fruitcake. >> i want that fruitcake. >> you already are playing to the audience. don't have your sweater on yet. >> in my mind, i'm wearing it now. also coming up, emma thompson here with us live. so looking forward to hearing from her. her spectacular new movie. look at her. a special gift. emma, you can be part of our sweater competition, too. >> big reveal. >> she's ready for the whole thing. >> everybody in the pool. >> emma came to play. you know who always comes to play? that's our good friend, jack hanna. he's here. and he brought some adorable friends with him. >> yeah. >> adorable. >> as long as you're on the right side.
8:32 am
>> as long as you're down spine. >> first, though, we have all of that coming up. we're going to get to "the hollywood reporter's" annual list of the 100 most powerful female movers and shakers. from the stars on the screen to the women who calls the shots behind the scenes. abbie budreau has a look at the titans of tinseltown. >> reporter: box office queen, sandra bullock. >> i am off-structure and i'm drifting. >> reporter: media mogul, oprah. and pop sensation, miley cyrus. ♪ we can't stop >> reporter: what exactly do these three women have in common? they're all part of "the hollywood reporter's" annual list of the 100 most powerful women in entertainment. >> these are the women behind every tv show you watch. every movie you go see. every piece of music you listen to. >> reporter: and topping this prestigious list is anne sweeney, the co-chairman of disney media networks and president of disney abc
8:33 am
television group. it's sweeney's fourth year in a row at number one. >> big successes with the network, with the cable group, with the news division at abc. >> reporter: in the past year, sweeney has supervised a partnership between marvel tv and abc studios and was instrumental in launching disney junior, now in 16 million households. >> anne sweeney is on top of her game. and has retained that perch for a long, long time. >> reporter: any surprises this year? >> we have a 23-year-old actress on our list. jennifer lawrence. she is in the biggest franchise in town, "the hunger games." >> reporter: other impressive females, beyonce, katy perry and taylor swift, coming in at 68. but don't forget about oprah, who's back in the top ten. >> this is a big rise for oprah. she has a great quote in the story where she says, i didn't know. it had been so long since i failed, i forgot what failure felt like. >> reporter: but failure is no option for these hollywood heavyweights.
8:34 am
>> there's a perception that hollywood is very male. women are increasingly ruling hollywood. it's fantastic. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, hollywood. >> anne sweeney looking so beautiful. congratulations to you and all the ladies on the list. now, to another powerful gal. ginger zee is getting a final check of the weather. >> hey, there, lara. you know, our macy's believe campaign is well under way. and for every stamped letter to santa dropped in a macy's believe box, the store will donate $1 to make-a-wish. that's up to $1 million. you have to get a wish list and paper ready, because you can help kids just like 8-year-old tatum, who is bravely battling rapidly-developing cancer. but you wouldn't know it. look at this. she meets her country music star idol, luke bryan, prepping for this year's country christmas special. ♪ >> do it p-girl! ♪ rain makes corn corn makes whisky ♪ ♪ whisky makes my baby so
8:35 am
frisky ♪ >> that smile's so cute. and you can see the entire country christmas on this past friday was national believe day. and more than 50 other children just like tatum that you just saw got their wishes fulfilled. what a great day that was. thanks to macy's/make-a-wish. and keep the letters coming to santa. we have to check the weather. this brave crowd, all bundled up. look at these folks from mississippi. they're saying hello to robin. we're all staying warm out here. we have to get straight to your weather forecast. it does include still some chills. i want to begin, though, with that twitter photo. that fog there, beautiful in illino illinois. i'm sure it wasn't fun to drive through. and mt. rainier, there in washington state. so nice. we love scott up there in komo. that's what's happening in the northwest. portland, today, 38. seattle, milder at 40. reno, 29 for a high. we're becoming more mild. los angeles, you get to 70 today. good for you, l.a.
8:36 am
>> this weather report brought to you by the u.p.s. store. thank you. i've got all these. they are really heated up now. you guys get these. hand warmers. all right. robin? >> taking one for the team again, ginger. thank you. inside here, juliette lewis. earned a best supporting actress oscar nomination in 1992, "cape fear." with the likes of robert de niro, jessica lange. nick nolte. now, 20 years later, there's talk of another possible nod for that woman right there. her latest film, "august: osage county," where she's starring alongside the likes of julia roberts and meryl streep. take a look. >> i know the poetry was good. but i wouldn't have considered
8:37 am
it date material. >> he's not a date. he's my fiance. we're getting married on new year's in miami. and i would love it if you could make it. >> i don't really see that happening. do you? do you? is that right? steve? >> yes, ma'am. >> you ever been married before? >> yes, ma'am, i have. >> more than once? >> three times. three times before this. >> should pretty well have it down by now then. >> we are delighted to have juliette lewis here with us this morning. i watched the film a couple weeks ago. it is so powerful. >> thank you. >> it's something we don't see as much anymore. that kind of drama, based on the play that was such a hit on broadway. >> it's from the brilliant tracy letts. tracy letts is a writer. he, to me, is our generation's tennessee williams in a way. so, he writes these
8:38 am
multifacetted, complicated, really strong women, in particular. and we have this movie. it's about complicated, you know, family dysfunction. all of the good stuff. all of the stuff you look for as an actor. you want to play, you know, really juicy, real stuff. like real life. >> it is real life. especially that scene. it's the holiday season. and there's going to be a lot of families around the table. we have strong moms. >> we were joking, some of the cast, that if anything, you'll leave this movie and go, wow. my family's not that messed up. so -- with that said, you know, there's themes of addiction and alcoholism and sister dynamics. the bossy older sister, the younger sister, trying so hard to please. the dinner table scene, there's something in it for everybody. >> it is. >> there's that awkwardness. and then, of course, it ends in physical violence.
8:39 am
and so, that's always a good time. >> yeah. >> but it's funny. that's what's -- it has everything. >> i love your role. you're the middle sister. >> i'm the youngest. and then, ivy and julia roberts. >> but the role you play, and you were funny about this. julia roberts in the movie. and you are the beautiful sister. >> i'm the one who focuses on her appearance. the pretty sister. and julia does an amazing job because her character is going through a really tough time. and julia didn't want to -- you know, she's not supposed to be dolled up. so, she's really -- it's different, what we've ever seen from her. and this is something you've not seen from me, which is what i always look for. something different. >> that's what we really have grown in watching you over the years. and to know that you just hit this milestone, 40 years old. you're embracing it. and you said that -- i didn't realize, your love for music. >> yeah. >> are you going to do more with
8:40 am
that? >> here's the joke i've been telling people. once you're past your 20s and you're stressing and you don't have time, now, all you've got is time to do the thing you love. i was just talking to a girlfriend. she likes singing but she has three kids. and so, write. song write on the weekend, just to nurture your soul and nurture your love. i was supposed to make music when i was really young. and then i got successful making movies. instead of going, that's it for me. no. i started a rock 'n' roll band when i turned 30. and i basically toured for a good seven years. i've been everywhere you can possibly imagine. it's a big source of pride for me. and i'm going to get back to it. it's been three years. now i'm trying to make movies again. >> we're glad you're making movies. this is a brilliant role for you. and can't wait to hear the music, too, man. rock 'n' roll. >> no. it's for real.
8:41 am
you'll hear about it next year. >> we have to have you back. >> thank you. >> all the best to you. >> thanks for talking to me. >> you got it. "august: osage county" opens christmas day. "august: osage county" opens chin a perfect world every man would look like john stamos. wow! wow! and in a perfect world, what's delicious would be healthy too. wish granted. dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. ♪ dannon.
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♪ ♪ how great is that penguin scene from "mary poppins"? we have our own penguin here to welcome emma thompson, back to "gma."
8:44 am
there he is right there. she stars with tom hanks in the new movie "saving mr. banks." you're laughing. this is all about walt disney -- >> the penguins. i love it. that's very funny. >> now, your -- >> are you guys on something? >> you noticed. >> yeah. christmas is coming. we need all of the help we can get. >> you were delighted by the penguins. but p.l. travers, she would have liked the penguins. >> no. actually, the dancing penguins tipped her over the edge. she was in a stressed out state. she didn't want walt disney to take her beloved "mary poppins" and turn her into a horrid cartoon. she hated cartoons. she hated los angeles. she hated america, american, and walt disney. and that's what it's all about. >> but she did agree to do the film.
8:45 am
she had some money problems. >> she did. >> and she comes over to los angeles to work with walt disney and his team. one great scene with the sherman brothers, who did the score. ♪ room for everyone gather around ♪ how does that sound ♪ ♪ it's possible how does that sound ♪ >> no, no, no. reresponsetible is not a word. >> we made it up. >> well, unmake it up. >> we can see supercalifragilistic. but i've got to say, your hair looks great this morning. >> thank you. my natural blonde. i'm back to it. i have a wonderful hair designer. and she said, do you want to wear a wig? no. >> a lot of energy comes off the top of your head. so she said, will you have a perm? really? a perm? she said, it's not a perm.
8:46 am
it's more like a kink. you'll look like annette bening. and i always thought annette looked fantastic with that kink. and she put the stuff in my hair and i thought, that smells like perm juice. it smells like a perm. it's going up my nose. that was it. i had to live with that do off-set, as well as on. >> you said this was the best role you've ever had but also the scariest? >> it's one of the best, for sure. and certainly one of the scariest because she was so complicated and contradictory. and you never knew what she was going to be like from one minute to the next. normally, you play people that are kind of more consistent. she's a very inconsistent woman. she's pretty nasty a lot of the time in this. you have to see that also, she's a very vulnerable creature, too. >> and she delighted generations of children, yet wasn't much for children herself. >> no, she wasn't. in fact, her own sort of grandchildren didn't much like visiting her. she was very fierce, rather
8:47 am
stern. so, no. absolutely. and she adopted one child. and he felt that she had a very, very warm heart. but she was such a defended person. she found it very difficult to show that affection. >> you've created something of a career now around nannies. you created a nanny. nanny mcphee, which is somewhat the anti-mary poppins. >> she sort of is. people asked me about the connection with mary poppins. she would think that mary poppins is a little bit vain. but i'll tell you what the connection is. the nanny stories, those are the western for women. a stranger comes in from out of town. deals with your difficulties and your laws, particularly your laws. domestic laws are what women have had to traditionally allowed to deal with. we have not been allowed to make laws in the wider world. so, our laws are concerned with our domestic environments. >> and they border and move on. >> that's it. >> you're doing something great.
8:48 am
i'm not going to ask you to sing this morning. you're going to be singing on broadway pretty soon. >> i am. yes, i am. i'm going to do it with bryn terfel, who is an opera singer. and new york philharmonic at the lincoln center. eight performances. i've been working on it since last august. >> cannot wait to see it. do not be scared. it's going to be great. emma thompson, thank you very much. "saving mr. banks" is a disney film that opens this weekend. when we come back, our friend, jack hanna, is here with some of his special friends.
8:49 am
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8:51 am
into it. two female snow leopards here. every time, before this starts. by the way, whatever you do, don't hold them near your face. so, off we go. so, you are -- i'm not going to fumble you. is this pique or parka? i'm not sure which. >> i'm not, either. this is one of the most endangered cats in the entire world. 500 maybe in the himalayas. >> it's not just poachers, it's also local farmers keeping leopards away from livestock. >> this animal can jump 40 feet in one jump. it's magnificent. this cat takes that tail and wraps around him, and keeps him warm, like you would a jacket. >> and big paws, too, that are natural snowshoes. >> natural snowshoes. >> can i keep him? i'm scared to give him away. >> you better give him away. >> right. he might want to eat barbie, the
8:52 am
porcupine. did you get that? >> barbie. i get it. this is -- this is one of the animals that you can't believe exists until you see one up close. >> don't get his quill. these quills, by the way, they're from africa. they're from zimbabwe. they're not all in northern africa and central africa. these kills, are used as weapons in that part of the world. >> how does barbie deploy them? >> they go up like this, like a peacock and rattle their feathers. it's the largest porcupine in the world. >> bush baby? is there a bush baby? these are beautiful. >> bush baby. >> what i love about the bush baby, they carry the infants in the mother's mouth for the first month? >> yes. what are you doing? >> i don't want jack hanna asking what are you doing?
8:53 am
this is when it gets away from you. >> this is a bush baby. nocturnal. these animals in the daytime will get about 50 of them in a ball because they're nocturnal. they're pollinators. they are a beautiful animal. you see those eyes all over the place out there. >> really big and really beautiful. >> j ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru
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and thanks again -- >> they better not take that golden fruitcake. >> from the broadway dance center. >> on thursday, holiday spectacular. and check out those penguins, sending you off. have a great day, everyone.
8:57 am
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8:59 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. it looks like the bay area cold snap is finally about to come to an end. meteorologist mike nicco has details. >> for most of us this morning was the last morning of freezing temperatures. let's focus in on the afternoon real quick. you can see we'll be in the low to mid-50s in many areas, possibly 58 in oakland. it will be freezing cold again tonight in the north bay valleys, in the 20s there, frost in the east bay valleys. everybody else should be pretty much out of it as temperatures mid-30s to low 40s in the bay shore. highs in the 60s this weekend. we have an accident making your drive by the oakland airport northbound along 880. if you're coming up to haggenberger, it's blocking one
9:00 am
lane. we're down to 34 miles per hour. look at that traffic. eight miles it's going to take you 33 minutes to announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the new film, "saving mr. banks," emma thompson. and a winter stupar cold winter day, courtesy of guy fieri. plus, homemade presents from katie brown as we continue "live's holiday gift guide" week. all next on "live." now, here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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