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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  December 11, 2013 11:00am-11:31am PST

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... desk... you know what? yogurt.n't you go get some frozen yogurt. i got this. you're so sweet. you got this, right? i do got this. from the shelf, and to your home. starting at $99. abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> sky 7 is over the scene of an officer-involved shooting in san rafael. police caught up with a bank robbery suspect following a high-speed chase from novato. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. we have the breaking news from marin county, major police action underway near the north gate shopping mall in san rafael. sky 7 is over the scene. you can see the police activity at busiest time of the year with holiday shopping. our news reporter is this.
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cornell? >> still a very large police presence here in the neighborhood of san rafael. this is where a bank robbery suspect was shot by police after a five-mile chase. the suspect's silver car is still in the embankment where it crashed into a pole. sky 7 is overhead to give you perspective. it began at the bank of the west in novato, this morning, where a robbery occurred. marin county sheriff deputy was in the neighborhood and happened to see the suspect and gave chase. it all ended here about five miles away. police say the suspect crashed and ran away. we are told he then turned a gun on deputies would fired wounding the man. he was taken to the hospital we do not know the extent of his injuries. we have marin county sheriff deputy and a large contingent of
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san rafael police officer in the neighborhood. this is happening right in front of the north gate shopping center that now is closed, all arteries getting to the shop center, are closed with a lot of confused shopper who want to get in the mall and who do not know what going on. they are asking us and police officers so if you are headed to the northgate shopping center you may want to put off the trip for an hour or two as the investigation unfolds. >> thank you. memorial in san francisco has ended with dignitaries and every day people praising nelson mandela for his impact on bay area and the world. matt keller is at city hall. matt? >> people who attended this morning's civic memorial were hand add card with a picture of nelson mandela and one of, the
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honor the south africa president. >> the message was clear, the memorial service at san francisco city hall was not meant to be somber but uplifting. >> we are here to celebrate the life of an incredible human being. >> the first african-american mayor of san francisco, willie brown, led the service for the former south african president and worldwide leader for human rights. the impact reached the bay area. >> his values are san francisco values. even though they took so much from him he had courage and forgave the very people who put him in prison for more than 27 years in a racially divided south africa. he left his heart open. he changed the world. >> san francisco's impact on mandela's antiapartheid movement was highlighted.
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the deficitment campaign to put political pressure on south africa was carried out on college campuses and city halls in the bay area and also biological leaders at the state capital and credited with leading to nelson mandela's release in prison and an end to apartheid. >> he did not come out bitter and vindictive but came out, let us solve problems and reconcile. >> a south african moved to the united states 20 years ago and traveled self hours with his daughter to be here at the memorial. >> his work is not done. the greatest message from nelson mandela is that we have to embody his life and we have to attempt to do what he did in the best way possible because at this time with all the events happening in the world today we really, really, we could use someone stepping up to the plate and live out his creed in an important way. >> the public is invited to sign
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a book at the mayor's office through friday. >> thank you, matt. a noon rally for mandela will be underway outside oakland city hall at the plaza including the council general of south africa will be attending with a condolence book to sign to be sent to south africa. >> thousands are expected to pay final respects to nelson mandela lying in state the next three days at the government building to pretoria where he was sworn in as south africa's first black president almost 20 years ago. the first several hours were reserved for family and world dignitaries and it was open to the public. and bono was there to honor the peace prize winner. >> new details about a man who provided sign language interpretation on stage at mandela's memorial. the deaf federation of south africa says the man was actually faking it and he was moving his hands but there was no meaning
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at all to the gestures. the south african government is investigating. >> happening right now, the national transportation safety board hearing into the crash of asiana flight 214 at sfo. here is a look inside the hearing in washington, dc. the testimony so far has focused on whether the pilots understood the plane's automatic systems. our news reporter joins us from the newsroom with that and new video of the crash. >> new video and new pictures from inside the cabin, the ntsb hopes after hearing from experts across all aspects of aviation today they will know what went wrong and be able to prevent another deadly crash. >> asiana flight 214 was too slow and too low when it hit the saw wall. you can see in the video it cart wheeled after impact down the runway. we are learning what was going on inside the cockpits before the crash. according to the investigative report released at the start of today's hearing, the first officer told investigators that he called out the plane was
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descending too fast, more than four times in the two minutes before the crash. he didn't say anything more because he says it appears the pilots were correcting the problem. but did the pilots know what was happening? they thought the throttle would keep them from going too slow. experts say they were wrong. >> the issue really, was, there was a misunderstanding on when the auto throttle would wake up and when it was controlling speed. >> no matter issue a boeing engineer says the pilots always need to be paying attention. >> in the case of a final approach we assume that is an area where the crew is actively monitoring the critical flight parameters. there is no more critical parameter than glidepath. >> the pilot was a trainee and the investigative report quotes him saying that he was very concerned and stressed out about landing at sfo. three teen girls were killed in the crash and more then 180 people were hurt. in the new pictures from inside the cabin you can see the trauma they endured.
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ntsb chairman started the hearing by addressing the survivors. >> i know that several of you are viewing these proceedings from san francisco or maybe watching from your homes. we recognize that your lives were forever changed when the crash occurred. >> one victim was killed when she was run over by a fire truck responding to the crash and the assistant deputy chief for the san francisco fire department will testify to that later today. >> katie, thank you. you heard katie talking about ntsb chairman talking about watching the proceedings from san francisco, and one site is at crown plaza hotel in burlingame. the hotel is providing live streaming video of the asiana flight 214 proceedings as you can see. the survivors of the crash remember that hotel well. several of them stayed there during their recovery. contra costa county officials have issued a health advisory for some folks who live near the
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huge fire this morning at a telecommunications warehouse. our reporter is in concord with the health concerns and the investigation. amy hollyfield? >> the situation is improving. there is no more smoke and the health advisory was just lifted moments ago. look behind me, the willing is destroyed leaving employees wondering, do they still have jobs? the fire was huge by the time the firefighters got here at 12:30 this morning. it was burning in a commercial area in a build that did not have an alarm or developing her system and it was unnoticed for a while. >> i am sure it burned for a long-term. i was burning for, yes, quite a while before we got here. firefighters decided it wasn't safe to go in and fought for hours from the outside. they could not save the building which was the location of the company called the all phone
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company of businesses that sold new and recycled phone equipment. >> it is horrible. horrible. the whole building is gone. they are again. i cannot believe it. >> stunned employees gathered on the sidewalk and tried to comfort each other and figure out what to do next. >> i have work god this company about 12 years. >> what will you do now? >> i have no idea. no idea. because of all the phone equipment inside the fire mostly burned plastic, creating a toxic smoke. >> the smoke is pretty nasty and you can somali a struck sense of burning plastic in the air. >> the county has mad issued a health advisory telling people with breting problems to avoid the area and firefighters asked a dialysis center to close for the day. they are investigating the owner and say he was in the middle of being foreclosed on. >> it is my understanding he was going to be in the process of moving out but they were still conducting operations. i believe the building is bank
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owned which is why he is moving out. we are looking into that and seeing if there was anything, anything a result of that. >> investigators went into the building and took the surveillance system interest custody and they will take a look at that. federal agents are here to help with the investigation the at this point they say it is too early to tell whether arson is to blame. the family of six stranded in the cold in the wilderness for two days will be released today after being treated for mild exposure. the man and his girlfriend and their two children and her nephew and niece were rescued yesterday. it is a miracle. the family headed interest a mountain range to play in the snow but their silver jeep wrangler went over an embankment and flipped. authorities say the family survived on water and candy
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bars. they kept warn by burning the spare tire. a signal from her cell phone finally pinpointed the location. >> we found their footprints and we saw the jeep down there and first thing i did was give him a big old hug. >> wow, amazing. the couple are being called heroes by many for doing everything right to keep their family alive including staying near their vehicle. >> employees rate the top five companies to work for and three are right here in the bay area. >> the super model who is making breast feeding glamorous. or is she? a loyal wal-mart customer got banned from the store for life. >> a look at our camera from on top with our meteorologist, mike nicco.
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the top super model is stirring up the mommy wars after she posted a photo on instagram. look at this, showing the 33-year-old nursing her daughter as she gets her nailed and makeup done by three different people. she writes, what would i do without the beauty squad after the 15 hours flying and only three hours of sleep, multi tasking, some moms say they would prefer she kept her opinion to herself and others say, it looks like the most
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regular thing in the world. the have model has said in the past she thinks there should be a worldwide law for mothers to breast feed their babies for six months. >> door career website where employees can dish anonymously about their company have named the best places to work. 15 of the top 50 are in the bay area with three in the top five. bain and company in los angeles is at the top. and twitter, in san francisco, is second of the linkedin, in mountain view is third. east man chemical in tennessee is fourth. facebook was 5th. this was all based on feedback shared by employees. >> devoted wal-mart shopper has been banned from all of the stores for life. joe can tremendously a former pro wrestler made a hobby of price matching at wal-mart and they claim the shopper went too far last week.
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an employee felt threatened when three stopped and told cantrell he could not price match and wal-mart called police and he now faces disorderly conduct charges. he denies threatening the employees. the ban is baffling to cantrell given that wal-mart encourages price mapping on their website. >> what can you say about that? mike nicco is ahead, our meteorologist. >> smooth sailing starting tomorrow in many areas, and more so on friday morning as we get rid of the bitch -- of the big wind chill. we have another "spare the air" day, it is number eight. more on that ahead. >> giant star puts up a big challenge to the public to support batkid and the
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>> it turns out batkid has taken up a challenge by a local player $50,000 match for up to $50,000 can be matched tonight. wish has now raised almost $40,000 but they have to get to $50,000 to add to that total to
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reach the goal so go to our website and click on "see it on tv." come on, two heroes are asking us to step up, right? >> no donations. >> we will do that for miles, right? >> becoming more like baseball weather, that is for sure in the days ahead. >> spring training begins february 14 or around there, around valentine's day, and a couple of months. three months. we will show you what is going on outside. what we are really referring do is that the big chill is almost over. freezing in oakland, hair, moffett field, san jose, livermore,ant, i don't, concord, fairfield, napa, novato, santa rosa and clear lake and 35 in richmond and redwood city and 43 in san francisco, and 37 in half moon bay. no records set or tied this morning, as the mayor mass continues to modify just a little bit each day and here is how dry the air is, live doppler 7 hd shows no radar runs, no clouds outside there. we will look at our temperatures, if you are leaving right now, dress for the
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mid-40's to 50, but half moon bay is 52 and 55 degrees there. we will looks now, at the bay bridge at the east bay hills and we are looking at our high definition camera with mild are highs and poor air quality, again. freezing cold but only in the not bay tonight, and above average highs are coming this week to balance out the cold. you can see the haze great our east bay hills camera as we look back to sutro tower. the poor of the air quality has spread today and it is possible that the north bay and the east bay and the santa clara valleys all 8 have the poor air quality all of us under wood-burning ban, two times we have exceeded standard levels, so we are doing a good job of trying to keep that pollution down. here is how it looks in san jose, today, one of the areas that will be warmer, than it was yesterday by three degrees and 56 in santa rosa and two degrees warmer and san francisco is 54 and concord is 52, one degree warmer and fremont and oakland
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we top out at 53 and 58 degrees again today and that 58 in oakland is one of the warm spots and the warmest is santa cruz at 60 and morgan hill is 57, and everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50's. tonight, notice we will have forecast in the east bay valleys and maybe down around morgan hill but most of san jose will be right above 32 degrees as will the bay shoreline and the coast and also, san francisco, the best chance of freezing conditions tonight where we could threaten the plants, the pets and the pipes, again, is in the north bay valley, that starts at 10:00 and goes until 9:00 tomorrow morning. the two areas of pressure are trail up to the arctic and then straight down east the rockies for the next several days. we have in systems coming our way. jut sightly warmer weather and tomorrow is possibly our ninth "spare the air" day and i will tweet that when i learn at mike
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nicco. we will be up to nearly sitting on thursday and same open friday and 60 degree temperatures all throughout the weekend and into next week.
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several gates at the shopping mall are closed after a bank robbery suspect was shot by mar be county sheriff deputy after pursuit from novato. he is suspected of holding up a bank there. in fact, they are investigating the possibility that this is the same serial bank robber known as the cotton ball banbit year. thank you for joining us. have a
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