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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 11, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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ng with copd weigh you down? don't wait to ask your doctor about spiriva. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil >> a novato bank rbry suspect led police on a chase that ended in san rafael. he was shot and wounded by a sheriff's deputy >> police believe the man could be the same robber holding up local banks. this has been going on for months. cornell bernard is live with more. cornell? >> yes. we have just learned the
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suspect will recover. his wounds not life threatening. he has just reopened the traffic. we're here at terra linda in san rafael. this is where it happened. police trying to determine if the suspect is the same brazen robber known as the cotton ball bandit. >> i saw they're going fast. i knew they won't make it around the corner here. >> jamie was going to work when she witnessed a high-speed chase sheriff deputies pursuing a bank robbery suspect driving a silver saturn then crashed into a pole. >> suspect got out and run. he was armed with a handgun and confronted officers he was shot. and has been taken to the hospital. >> so i just started walking towards wells fargo. and then, that is when i heard the gunshots. there are four shots. >> the deputies were not hurt. sky seven was over the bank of
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the west after it was robbed by the armed suspect around 9:30 a.m . police believe it could be the same man robbing banks across marin for the last year, known as cotton ball bandit he's been seen on surveillance video wearing a cap, sometimes has a white ball on it. the wells fargo branch was robbed by the cotton ball bandit in october. >> we think it might have been the same guy. because his every couple weeks, wednesday, in the morning same time >> police can't say if it's the same man. the fbi is joining the investigation. in san rafael, abc7 news. >> in san yoema county assistant sheriff tells abc7 news there is no indication the deputy was violating any policies in the shooting death of a 13-year-old boy this, is according to her
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internal investigation. he shot and killed andy lopez in october. the boy carrying an air soft rifle. into possible criminal charges against gelhaus. >> for the first time today investigators showed surveillance video of the deadly crash during the national transportation safety board's hearing today in washington, d.c. we learned the pilot thought auto pilot was on. vic lee monitored the hearings and is in the newsroom with more on what is revealed. >> that is still going on in washington the systems of the boeing 777, also, impact flight controls
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might have had on pilot ability to operate planes you'll recall the asiana crew had difficulties toggling between the manual and auto pilot controls whit made its final approach. asiana flight 214 was too slow, too low when hitting the sea wall. you can see in this video just released, the boeing 777 spun out of control. aviation experts, representatives from asiana and those involved in the response testified at the hearing. asiana officials insisted their pilots, including one landing flight 214 were well trained. >> captain lee is a well experienced pilot. >> an investigation concluded he was very concerned about the landing. the airport automatic landing aides, the guide slope
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were out of service this was his first time landing the jet at sfo. the chief pilot says he has confidence in lee. >> they shouldn't feel about the concern about the pilot to land in san francisco without the glide slope indication. >> i do not have any concerns. >> reports said captain lee told investigators he was unfamiliar with the 777 auto flight system, prompting a response from this chief pilot. >> we expect pilots to use a level of auto mags that is appropriate to the circumstance. >> the report from investigators released today the documents that, is, reveal that not one, but two fire rigs ran over the passenger. we'll have more on that on abc7 news at 5:00. the
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national transportation safety board will analyze what was heard today and at some point, come up with full report. vic lee, abc7 news. >> thank you, see you at 5:00 >> and weather, a record fifth winter spare the air alert issued for tomorrow. >> our cold snap is letting up. spencer christian is here now with an accuweather update for us. >> here is live doppler seven. we have clear skies and a cool condition in this late afternoon. right now, we're looking at 24-hour temperature change indictive of this milder pattern coming our way. temperatures about 4 to 7 degrees milder than this hour, yesterday. so that indicates the cold snap is winding down but it hasn't left us we have a freeze warning in affect for north bay valleys and mountains and interior valleys. that is from 10:00 p.m to 9:00 a.m . looking for low temperatures dropping into upper 20s to low
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30s exposed pipes could burst. here is the risk of hypothermia. now, looking live from our east bay hills camera over the bay, a haze today, a little bit of haze tomorrow, air quality will be poor in the santa clara valley. and medium at best over the bay area our fifth spare the air alert. remember, no wood burning permitted under the law. larry and carolyn? >> thank you. >> an early morning plastics fire in a telephone supply company caused a nearly 11-hour health advisory. heavy smell of burning plastic at all phone company led officials to warn people to avoid that area. >> he worked for the company about 12 years. >> what are you going to do now? >> no idea. no idea. i can't believe it. >> fire officials tell us the companies in the midst of a
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foreclosure and a bank has taken control of the building. investigators say it's too soon to tell whether arson may have been involved. >> there is a reversal to report by state safety officials over the death of an elevator company at 49ers new levis stadium. the 63-year-old on the right killed in june when struck by a counter weight at the bottom of an elevator shaft. cal osha issue theed the elevators worth $18,000. investigators initially found no fault with the company in october. the company tells abc7 news it will contest the fine. >> we're learning more information about that pg&e pipe that leaked and burned natural gas for several hours yesterday. pg&e has since remove that had pipe, turning equipment over to a third party for inspection. nick smith is live in oakland with latest on
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>> reporter: we now know it's in the steel elbow bend of the pipe system. shaped like an elbow that, is where that crack was what we don't know is what caused the leak, what caused the fire. had this view shows orange flames across the intersection. the blaze forced immediate evacuation of homes and prompted workers to order others to shelter in place. the cruise worked more than three hours to put out fires. pg&e says the gas distribution lines are plastic and steel. just before noon, crews were able to stop the fire by capping the lines but today, residents near the leak remain uneasy. >> they're there almost half the night. they're there this morning drilling. what is going
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on? what are you drilling for? >> reporter: crews are completing temporary work, digging up old pipes and replacing them with pipes like this. pg&e expects to have the investigation completed in about 30 days. in oakland abc7 news. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 serious emergency in space what. nasa may have to do about it now. >> plus, stepping up to the plate a giants player wants to help the next bat kid make good on a dream. but have you to help since time is running out. >> michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook and will be here live to answer them, you can contact michael on finney and on twitter, m finney. >> taking a look at traffic on the san mateo bridge, it's hazy out there traffic is heavy on both directions, really but it's moving. stay with us.
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a cooling system on international space station has been shut down. that means modules are now closed off. a space walk may be required to get the valve working again. nasa says it would co-take weeks to fix the problem. the international space station is
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celebrating its 15th anniversary this week. >> two members of a nevada family stranded in the wilderness two days are now out of the hospital. she, her boyfriend and four children were rescued yesterday. their suv flipped over in a canyon northeast of reno. they survived temperatures dipping to minus 20 by burning a spare tire to stay warm. >> just mild exposure and die high duration. they're not going to have long lasting problems associated with this. it's amazing. >> their knowledge is being prepared for being out and having supplies available to them is what worked to their advantage. >> they are expected to stay in the hospital a bit longer. the family called rescuers valent
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and expressed thanks. >> facebook gets included into s and p. s spotify offering a new free service. >> reporter: facebook will be added to s & p 100 indexes next week. spotify going free on mobile announcing users no longer have to pay 10ses today access play lists and pick artists they're listening to while on mobile the free service of previously only offered in a computer. >> amazon grocery delivery is
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rolling into san francisco. amazon fresh offers same day delivery free with any order over $35. or purchase it yearly, prime fresh membership for $299. u.s. stocks fell, sending s & p 500 lower as a second deal increased concerns the federal reserve could trim stimulus next week. your bloomberg silicon valley lower as well. do you know what the fox says? many of you do this, viral video by the norwegian duto topped the list of the most-watched original videos this year. with 275 million views. a parody video of the harlem shake with 95 million views. and number one video of all time gangnam style. you have it right. >> yes.
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>> thank you. >>ack,ack is what the fox says. >> warriors forward hosting two young boys fighting life threatening conditions. cole will get a tour of the practice facility, adidas gear and a one on one match up in nba two k curry hosting anthony guzman. a replica of one of his favorite suits and a little one on one video game challenge. >> that is nice. >> warriors do a great job in the community. >> make a wish foundation is running on pure adrenaline now. >> racing to meet a matching challenge by san francisco
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giants pitcher matt cane. >> he's going to donate $50,000 if the nonprofit can raise the same amount by 8:00 tonight. so far the organization pulled in $45,000. >> the challenge inspired by miles scott, known as bat kid. >> inspired by bat kid, want to see more wishes happen. our chapter hopes to fulfill over 350 wishes this year. make wish is raising funds and take a look at donation page now. 45,$741. if you'd like to help the foundation reach it's goal, you'll find it. >> 4,000, 200 fisty $9 way.
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>> great response >> absolutely. >> we've got some favorable weather right now. >> g we need them. >> cold is beginning to break. here is live doppler seven hd. clear skies right now. from sutro tower, clear skies and pleasant conditions. in live here at abc7, under bright clear skies. it's 57 in santa rosa now. 54 napa. novato down to 50. low 50s in concord. and a live view from our camera we do have a freeze warning for north bay
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mountains but not the remainder of the bay area. spare the air again, tomorrow, air quality will be poor. and a milder pattern over all settling in by the weekend. tonight, lows drop below 30 degrees. so still cold out there temperatures moderating just a bit. mid to upper 30s we've seen 20s lately. high pressure big ridge of it. this is pulling a blocking pattern deflecting storm track well north. a milder pattern carrying us into next week. tomorrow, sunny skies, high temperatures up around 60 degree mark. 60 in san jose.
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upper 50s on peninsula. 58 redwood city. only 50s on the coast. in and around san francisco, highs from 54 in daily city, 57 downtown. and south san francisco. north bay highs, 50s in coastal locations. inland areas mid-50s, mid to upper 50s in santa rosa and napa. 55 in fairfield. here is the accu-weather forecast. milder weather with highs into mid-60s by sunday, into monday, tuesday, mid to upper 60s so it's going to be milder into next week. >> it's a warm up. >> right. >> tanning weather. >> yes. >> thank you spencer. >> up next a fishing trip
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turning into an adventure for one california man. why he had to let it go. >> and new bathroom escape. one woman
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a southern california fisherman is bragging about the one he let go. marine jeff fangman got the surprise of his life when realing in a great white shark. look at the size. it was a young female. the first he'd caught and first realed in from the beach in the u.s. >> it was just almost mind blowing. you know? taking several weeks to sink in. >> now here is the catch. great whites are illegal for fisherman to tafrgit he grabbed a few seconds of video. look at the teeth. he shot video with the fish then dragged it back into the water. you can see his hands on his head there his greatest catch, swimming away.
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>> i hope he let people know what beach this is. >> good point. >> pope francis is the person of the year. >> the pope selected as the person with the greatest impact on the world this year. >> the magazine says he has changed the way people think about the church. the vatican says it's happy about the selection if it helps spread the church's message. and edward snowden came in second. >> yes. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 attending nelson mandela's memorial, a dignitary becomes a victim of crime. >> and celebrations to honor mandela. >> also, how congress's new budget deal could end up raising airline ticket prices. >> the new guidelines for meat and poultry
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an emotional farewell in south africa. thousands waited in line to view the body of nelson mandela. the public is
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now taking it's turn standing in a line stretching for blocks the body will lie in state days. that is the sound of the pacific boy choir the voices of the boy choir filled the cathedral. this is only half of the flyer. a request forced the group to split in half to handle requests. >> dignitaries praising nelson mandela for his impact on the bay area. >> message is clear. it was not
4:31 pm
meant to be somber, but uplifting. >> we're here to celebrate the life of an incredible human being. >> the first african american mayor led the service for the former south african president. >> his values are san francisco values they took so much from him, he had courage and forgave people that put him in prison 27 years in a racially divided south africa. he left his heart open, and he changed the world. >> the divestment campaign to put pressure on south africa was carried out on college campuses and city halls and also, by local leaders. is credited with
4:32 pm
an eventual end to apartheid. >> he came out saying let us solve problems >> glenn leashing traveled several hours to be here today. >> his work is not done. greatest work that we've got to embody his life and attempt to do what he did in the best way possible. iet will be available to the public if you like to go to the mayor's office through this friday. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> desmond tutu became the target of burglars. police say someone broke in his home while he was attending the service this, is not the first time this happened. the 82-year-old had
4:33 pm
his home robbed in august. both were unhurt. burglaries and home invasions occur in south africa. >> a bit of controversy from yesterday's service. sign language experts say the man standing next to speakers may have been making hand gestures but he wasn't providing sign language. just waving his hands around. the head of the deaf federation of south africa says this man was fake. he was seen next to leaders including president obama. south african government says it's investigating. >> the white house condemning ongoing violent crashes in ukraine by pro testers and police. they rebuilt barricades torn down by authorities. hours
4:34 pm
earlier, police used chain saws to pull down barriers. thousands of protestors have been camped out, angry the president won't sign an agreement that would strengthen cooperation. >> well, mother nature continues to wreak hefock on rio d rio de janerio. streets were underwater meaning residents were stranded. train ways were flooded and many schools closed down. more rain is falling in rio in two days than normally falls during december. >> unbelievable amount of water there. florida prosecutor says they will not be filing any domestic violence charges against george zimmerman. zimmerman arcs quitted in the fatal shooting of trayvon martin faced charges of aggravated assault and battery in a domestic dispute case involving his girlfriend she told police pointed a
4:35 pm
shotgun, but she told police she did not want to pursue the case. >> enrollment of health jumped last month. kathleen sebelius testified there was an increase in november enrollments. enrollments are far below predictions. >> the ceo of delta airlines says higher security fees will be paid by travellers not by airlines. ceo richard anderson calls this fee a tax. congress debating a budget adding $five to each ticket. the money for a transportation security administration fee, already standing at $five per ticket. airlines complained sales taxes and airport taxes unfairly drive up costs of the tickets. >> still ahead at 4:00 that fight between beasty boys and a
4:36 pm
toy company is far from over. >> but first, trapped in a bathroom. how a woman freed herself, like something out of a movie. >> i'm michael finney. to still taking your questions on twitter and face book meaning you can contact me on abc7 and on twitter and m finney. we'll take questions right here in just a little bit. >> a beautiful view of lake tahoe from our heavenly camera. a bay area chill will be easing up soon. i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> at 4:36 looking at traffic downtown. the skyway we should have renamed as sky way parking lot. it's brutal. traffic going into east bay lower deck and no better heading southbound towards
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a woman in washington, d.c. will think twice about work late by herself ever again. >> she got locked inside of the bathroom eight hours friday night, stuffing 200 paper towels under the door hoping someone would see that movement on security cameras >> karen began punching a hole in the wall and also tried to
4:40 pm
pry open the door. >> also i used a leg of the chair to wedge and twist. you know? twist repeatedly. and that started loosening it. >> well, after some effort she made a hole big enough to slip her arm through and open the door she says she was thinking about the movie "shawshank redemption". but he was using a spoon. that took years in the movie. it only took eight hours. >> i wonder how much it's going to cost to repair all that have. >> someone is paying for that. >> hopefully, it won't be her. >> we've got clear skies, it's chilly, but getting less chilly as the week goes on. national weather picture going to be mainly dry with lots of sunshine. 20 in minneapolis.
4:41 pm
snow over great lakes. shower activity down in southern new mexico. showers in pacific northwest as well. remainder of the state will be dry tomorrow. and cool, temperatures moderating just a bit. highs into mid-50s to low 60s in the central valleys 70s in los angeles. 59mont rachlt here in the bay area after another frosty morning, we'll see relatively pleasant conditions and sunny skies. high clouds may pass through. high temperatures upper 50s. not even topping out at 60 in places like san jose and santa cruz. by weekend, low to mid-60s so we have something to look forward to. >> yes. nice timing. >> thank you >> could you use extra $7,000 this holiday season?
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that is how much you can win just by helping abc7 news fight hunger in the bay area. we'll donate $1 food banks help us give where you live and spread the word. >> still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00 a 6-year-old boy yesterday suspended for kissing a class mate the change of heart the school had, today. >> plus, guidelines for meat and poultry producers. designed to make foods safer. will they drive up costs? >> i'm michael finney. i'll tell you where to cut down y
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the boy in colorado who got in trouble for a little kiss was allowed to go back to school. he was suspended for kissing a class mate on the hand officials in colorado springs called it sexual harassment. after the story made news nationwide and officials met
4:46 pm
with the parents, the school decided to down grade this to simple misconduct. hunter's mom says it's an innocent crush and the girl did not complain. >> the cdc estimates 23,000 people die every year from drug resistant infections. experts believe that could be linked to excessive use of antibiotics in food supply. marcy gonzales has the story. >> reporter: fda aiming to keep people healthy, limiting the use of antibiotics in livestock. fda announcing new guidelines the government hopes will stop farmers from using antibiotics to make cattle, pigs and poultry grow faster, >> it kills off germs in that animal that be treated with that antibiotic and leaves behind what are called resistant germs,
4:47 pm
then, say you buy a chicken, it may be contaminated to disease causing organisms that are resistant. >> reporter: pharmaceutical companies are asked to remove anything that says they can be used to promote growth in animals, making it illegal to use drugs for anything other than treating sick animals the guidelines have support of major drug companies and the animal health institute, others feel it falls short because this isn't a new regulation, it's a voluntary guideline. >> reporter: others say animals would have to be kept in more high againic conditions and could raise the price of meat for consumers.
4:48 pm
a study for people who suffer from high blood pressure and sleep apnea. obstructive sleep apnea is characterized by pauses in breathing and hypertension considered a risk. >> patients with resistant hypertension should be screened for sleep apnea and should be treated with the ideal therapy, continuous positive airway pressure >> researchers found for people with both conditions receiving the treatment resulted in a decrease in blood pressure. the study published in journal of the american medical association. >> the legal dispute between the beasty boys and a toy company is escalating again.
4:49 pm
>> beauty boys filed a counter suit for united stating a parody of the group's song "girls" the suit claimed they acted intentionablely and disspik bli with oppression, fraud and malice toward the beasty boys. goldie blocks pulled the commission but filed a lawsuit claiming it had the right to use music because this is a parody. >> it's the end of the line for the volkswagon van. >> production wraps up in just weeks. that is the only country in the world producing the vehicle. >> 1200 vans will be left for collectors. they're sold out. >> and michael finney is here now answering questions you sent to him via facebook, twitter and
4:50 pm
e mail this, first one from lynn t who asked can i use my cell phone not hands free in a stop light? >> good question. >> i'm saying no. >> you cannot. you're still operating the vehicle. you may be stopped but your foot is on the brake so you're driving. so you cannot use it. you can, but you can get a ticket. >> we should do this as a quiz you know? >> get it right, or wrong. >> a telemarketing company i told them to stop calling me but they continue. >> actually if there is a survey company do not call list does not apply to them. if also selling goods and services, then, it does. and each individual company has to keep its own do not call list. so if
4:51 pm
the national list does not fall under that, when you say put me on your do not call list they must do it and they can't call you back, again. >> it's far too complicated i need a, b, c, none. >> all right. here is an easy one for you. i know you have answers to this. where with k.i go to cut down christmas trees? >> this is a crack up i thought of my brother and i in the back seat of our car. as little kids we loved it. as teenagers we wanted to know. let me give you places i went to and know about, still. there is a place called black road christmas tree farms, both in santa cruz mountains. the tree farm up in marin. i looked it up. we've got a web site linked to all three of
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those. >> it could be fun. >> yes. yes. >> that is neat. >> thank you. >> i think we're on to something. >> quiz form. >> up next, damage to our crops during this cold snap. >> what you can do, or not do about it. and hearing from an expert, coming up next. >> i'm cheryl jennings, coming up at 5:00... boxes empty in warehouses just the same, huge need tonight to make sure there is a santa claus. and the google deal may have cost california to those who'v to those who've waited... worried... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition.
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♪ pillsbury cookie dough. make the holidays pop! at 8:00 it's the middle followed by back in the game, modern family, then super fun night at 9:30. nashville at 10:00. join us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> thankfully after cold weather
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it's supposed to warm up a little bit incoming days but for many plants, the damage has been done. >> yes. laura anthony is live now with a look at what that looks like. laura? >> a citrus expert knows pretty much all there is to know. you can see there are still clear signs of damage. very to tell you, in this case, he let some plants out in the cold on purpose. >> ed using his lab to see what works. >> this is a variety that wonderful flavor. really a great home garden variety. but pixies should be covered.
4:57 pm
>> they recommend theirs should be covered. >> you can see twisted leaves i'm getting defoilation. it's starting to drop. >> in his yard, he left some exposed to see how they do >> this is bring them, stick them up against the house. you can see, i mean, these have never been covered here they are. sitting. they look g >> if there is clear frost damage he says there is no need to cut back the plant right away. >> if you get what looks like discolored leaf, leave it alone. that is insulating. that remaining healthy growth underneath. >> the fruit, frost damage may not show up until you cut it open in the spring. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> good tips there. >> yes. especially about not cutting it back. >> yes. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins
4:58 pm
right now. >> i heard gunshots. >> he ran. >> a police chase and shooting in marin county. did authorities catch a bank bandit? >> also tonight new video and new revations in a crash landing of flight 214 at sfo. >> a massive east bay fire forcing thousands to stay indoors. >> i'm sandhya patel. freeze warning is limited tonight. details on that and when we'll lose the freeze and gain a few degrees, enough for you to notice, coming up. >> new video shows the moment of impact. the accident killed three people, injuring 180. today, officials apologized during a public hearing. >> to passengers who are
4:59 pm
injureed and families, who lost their loved ones we are deeply sorry. >> thanks for joining us tonight. i'm cheryl jennings. >> a federal hearing into the crash is revealing dramatic new information tonight. the asiana pilots say they knew the plane was flying too low, too low for a slow landing. the national transportation safety board released pictures from inside of the cabin ofation flight 214. the destruction really is incredible. the hearing in washington, d.c. focuses on whether the pilots understood plane's systems. but it also addresses the sfo fire department's response. vic lee is live with more on this, vic? >> reporter: testimony today focused a lot on the boeing 777's auto mated systems. most of the new information came from just released documents from
5:00 pm
agency's investigators. asiana flight 214 too slow, too low whit hit the sea wall. you can see in this video just released by the national transportation safety board, the boeing 777 spun out of control after its tail hit the sea well. documents released today by national transportation safety board investigators reveal that not one, but two fire rigs ran over the 16-year-old passenger, covered with foam. the coroner has concluded already that she was alive before she was hit. aviation experts, representatives from asiana and those involved in the response testified at the hearing. san francisco fire officials said the radios on trucks had problems communicating with other mutual aid agencies during the response. >> because of some recent rebanding of radios, part of the process, we weren't able to have


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