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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 12, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>> stay with us for "good morning america." have a great thursday, everyone. making news in america this morning -- arctic freeze. bitterly cold temperatures making dangerous conditions for millions. and a new storm, has the eastern seaboard in its crosshairs. technical trouble. right now, nasa is scrambling to figure out how to fix a problem on the space station. what went wrong and how to fix it. was the pilot too nervous to land? and new video of the aircraft cartwheeling down that runway. and the king is alive. a teenager's cover song is going viral. it's one that would make elvis proud. ♪ slowly, are falling
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and good thursday morning. we begin with the arctic air creating dangerous temperatures across several states. >> we're still more than a week away from winter. but take a look at these high temperatures for the day. it won't get out of the teens for chicago or minneapolis. freezing in washington, d.c. several states are bracing for the possibility of more snow. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: the dangerous freeze continues. bone-chilling temperatures from the mid-atlantic to the northeast. millions waking up to the coldest air of the season. >> here are current windchills. minus 7 right now. >> 17 below in aberdeen. >> reporter: temperatures are 20 degrees below average. fargo is one of the many places that's been in the single digits or below for over a week. in mt. vernon, illinois, heating centers are packed. >> if you're not feeling well, the perfect environment is near
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an emergency department. >> reporter: school age children living in south dakota can normally handle the cold. but the chilly temperatures have forced teachers to cancel outdoor recess. >> we have the children stay inside. >> reporter: it's not just humans. animals are coping, too. the owner of this minnesota cattle farm is hoping the weather warms up. >> the cold stresses them. it can affect the quality of the tenderness of the meat. >> reporter: salvation army volunteers are still on the job. forecasters say another nasty winter storm will spread across the eastern part of the country. major cities could see a mix of freezing rain and snow by the weekend. tahman bradley, abc news, washington. now, for a quick look at the national weather outlook. it's going to be cold, but clear, across most of the nation. aside from lake-effect snow up in the buffalo, new york, area. the wet spots will be south florida, the extreme southwest and northwest. to washington, where the senate is pulling an all-nighter
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to consider president obama's judicial nominees. most of the nominations are not controversial. but republicans are refusing to take a break in a protest of the new senate rules. harry reid is threatening to have session if the nominees are not approved. house speaker john boehner has issued a stern message to those who oppose the budget deal. he attacked the concerns of activists and tea party groups who have driven the gop agenda for the last two years. boehner says those groups are pursuing their own agenda. >> they're using our members and using the american people for their own goals. this is ridiculous. listen, if you're for more deficit redestruction, you're for this agreement. >> the budget deal has automatic spending cuts, programs ranging from parks to the defense department. it could be approved in the house today. breaking overnight from hawaii, the director of the
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state health department has been killed in a plane crash. the cessna had taken off en route to honolulu when it went down. loretta fuddy did not. she was in the spotlight when president obama was releasing birth certificates to quiet critics who said he was born elsewhere. the pump is designed to keep equipment inside and outside the station cool. nasa says the crew and station itself aren't in any danger. and it's a problem they've dealt with before. but experts are still calling it a challenge. >> any problem when you're in space is a critical problem. but i won't say it was expected, but it was planned for. that's why they have spares. that's why they monitor everything. >> the two american astronauts onboard would be the most likely to carry out a spacewalk. back here on earth, police in pennsylvania investigating the apparent fraternity hazing death of a college student.
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the freshman 19-year-old cheng michael deng was pledging with three students at a house in the poconos when he suffered massive brain injuries during an outdoor ritual. deng got tackled too many times. it was apparently hypervigilance that triggered a campus lockdown in washington, d.c. it came from a call from a student who spotted a man wearing a gun hollister on the shuttle bus. the man was an off-duty police officer. police are saying the weapon was never displayed. no threats were ever made. no one was injured. and therefore, no laws were broken. the fcc is holding a meeting today that could clear the way for passengers to make cell phone calls during flights. federal regulators are looking to revise what they call an outdated ban on phone use. but the airlines would have the final say. opposition has been strong. some lawmakers are planning legislation to prohibit in-flight calling. overseas, thousands of
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mourners are converging from all over the world to south africa, to pay respects to nelson mandela. >> the civil rights icon is lying in state for a second day today in pretoria. he will be buried sunday in his childhood village. meantime, putting an unfortunate cloud over mandela's memorial, we're learning that archbishop desmond tutu's home was robbed while he attended the memorial tuesday. no details have been released. it is the third time that thieves have targeted desmond tutu. there is outrage over what happened during the memorial. this man, supposedly translating the five-hour ceremony for the deaf. but language experts are saying he is a fake. and his hand gestures were completely meaningless. the man defended himself on south african radio overnight. the deaf federation has complained about him before after other appearances,
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including translating next to president zuma last year. the south african government is investigating. >> that's a strange story. clawing their way to freedom. a woman gets trapped in an office bathroom. wait until you hear what she did to get out. and we're learning new details about the asiana crash in san francisco, as new video is released, showing the plane tumbling down the runway. a car careening out of control slams into a gas pump. a good samaritan had to come to the rescue of the driver.
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welcome back. investors are hoping for a turnaround after a two-day stock
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sell-off. analysts are saying that worries about the looming end of the fed's stimulus brought on yesterday's plunge. it was the largest stock loss since early november. all three major averages were down about 1% with the s&p 500 slipping below 1800. facebook stock is being added to the s&p 500. it will join that benchmark average after the close of trading a week from tomorrow. stock in the social network is up 85% so far this year alone. just two days after officially becoming the world's biggest airline, american has to pay a fine. american must pay $60,000 for falsely telling customers the airline's surcharges were added to their fares, were actually government taxes. american calls the violations inadvertent mistakes. a 30-day hold has been placed on a popular hot sauce, sriracha. california health officials say it is aimed at controlling microorganisms to make that hot sauce safe to consume. so, the next shipment won't go out until mid-january.
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the sriracha factory near los angeles, was forced to stop production after some of the neighbors complained. and a supersized seafood dinner for a california diver. this is joseph ali showing off his monster catch weighing 18 pounds. he bagged the lobster off huntington beach, california. the lobster had put up such a fight, that ali had to put it in a bear hug and wrestle it to the surface. >> draw the butter and baked potatoes. >> big dinner. when we come back, mansion mess. $1 million in damage and a group of people under arrest accused of throwing a party in a home that wasn't theirs. the key piece of evidence found online. and presidential encouragement after a heartbreaking loss that people are still talking about. the kicker from alabama gets a big surprise. ♪ [ male announcer ] even well-planned holidays can wind up at the corner of "stockings are stuffed"
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the buffalo, new york, area is getting slammed today with more lake-effect snow. the national weather service says the region has been dumped with up to 30 inches of snow since the lake-effect storm started tuesday. and along with even more snow on the way is another arctic blast of subfreezing temperatures. that lake-effect snow around buffalo will make driving treacherous. you can expect rain-slicked roads south in florida and in the extreme southwest, as well as washington and oregon. >> and if the you're flying, airport delays are expected, believe it or not, nowhere. if you're going to fly, today would be the day. we're learning new details about the cause of the fatal asiana airlines crash in san francisco last july. >> new video released by the ntsb at a hearing yesterday, shows the moment the flight crashed into the runway. you can see it then bounce back up and spin out of control. >> investigators say the pilots were confused and relied too much on automation. the trainee captain admitted to being, quote, very concerned
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before the landing. and it was also revealed that the passenger who survived but died after being run over by a fire truck was hit, not once, but twice. >> while we definitely regret the additional insult to the deceased, and i can attest, as professional rescuers, every life to us is critical. >> a fire lieutenant says she gave the victim a three-second assessment before deciding she died in that crash. an autopsy revealed the teenager was still alive when she was crushed. frightening moments in houston after a car careened into a gas station and set two pumps on fire. a driver lost control of her jeep and slammed into a van, knocking it into a gas pump and setting it ablaze. the jeep then barreled into a second pump that erupted into a fireball. good samaritans managed to pull the woman from the car despite those high flames. a washington, d.c. office worker was given a couple days off after her horrifying ordeal. karen perrin working late, alone
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at night, friday night. she left her desk and went into the bathroom before she went home. when she went to leave, the door was jammed shut. eight hours she was trapped. she used a rod and a door to chisel through the wall to reach the outside door lever. >> my wrist, my hand, i do know i have contusions on my hands, from using the door handle to chisel the wall. >> maybe the worst part, she's claustrophobic. when she got out, she called home and her husband and daughter came to pick her up. police in southern california are searching for more suspects and stolen loot after a wild house party. a group of teens invaded the unoccupied and fully furnished mansion late last month while the owner was away. >> police arrested 16 kids yesterday, accusing them of stealing medieval armor, expensive suits, even a mounted snow leopard. the damage to that property amounts to at least $1 million.
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the cops learned about it all after some of the kids posted it on social media. an update on the 6-year-old colorado boy that was suspended from school after giving a classmate unwanted kisses. >> he was charged with sexual harassment and given a suspension. now, the authorities have changed sexual harassment to misconduct. and yelton has returned to school. and the word that major league baseball collisions at home plate could be banned, starting next season. >> the changes can be made after votes by team owners and approval from the players union. as for last night in the nba, here are our friends at espn. >> good morning, america. he's stan. i'm neil. we're at the espn "sportscenter" set. talking about when we got fired from jobs. it kind of pertains to our top highlight. >> doc rivers used to be the coach of the celtics. and now, the coach of the clippers. the clippers playing in boston. emotional return for rivers. spent nine years in boston. won a championship there a few years ago. jeff green throwing that one down.
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celtics up at the half. fourth quarter. chris paul. trying to give rivers a win. 22 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds for paul. then, later in the fourth, jamal crawford, leads all players in scoring in the nba. he had 21 points. clippers' bench gave rivers 34. clippers win it, 94-88. >> doc didn't get fired. stan and i did. that's kind of where we were at. steph curry and the warriors hosting the mavericks. and one. and then, with under a minute left, the warriors down two. draymond green, turn up. under ten seconds left, game tied. curry -- oh, you big faker. hits the shot. had 33 points. and golden state, 95-93. what a game. >> steph curry got left off the all-star team last year. i don't think that's going to happen this year. >> no.
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hey, the guys who fired me, how do you like us now? >> i always wanted to do that. we have to do that one of these days. >> we should. how do you like us now? the university of alabama kicker who received threats after his team's loss to auburn last month is getting support from an unlikely source. >> cade foster missed two field goals and had another one blocked before auburn's miracle victory. well, yesterday, he showed the world a note from former president george w. bush on his instagram page. >> he wrote, dear, cade, i know life has its setbacks. you will be a stronger human with time. and he wishes foster all the best. >> that is all you need to lift your spirits. >> that helps. awesome. up next, "the pulse." where we have this. take a listen. ♪ i'll have a blue christmas without you ♪ >> sounds like elvis, right? it's not. wait until you see who is behind that voice.
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for more information and savings options, call 1-888-xarelto or visit time to check "the pulse," starting with jimmy kimmel having some fun with the fake sign language story out of south africa. >> the alleged fake translator at nelson mandela's memorial service is now making global headlines. so, kimmel brought in a real sign language expert to translate the man's actual gestures. >> inside, joining in, this week, cigarettes, inside, to prove and on and on, to support, i would please to say, from me to you.
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[ laughter ] talking to you so far. >> is he even attempting to make sense? >> it's complete gibberish. >> kimmel also joked, when in doubt, do the macarena. >> can't go wrong with the macarena. >> that's what we do when we're in doubt. >> absolutely. now, a couple of stories in the spirit of the season. engineers have done a little calculating. and they figured out that santa will deliver to 1.6 billion children. >> that means old st. nick will travel to 5,566 homes per second. not bad for a bunch of reindeer, right? eats milk and baked treats at each of the addresses, he will consume 150 billion calories in one time. 50,000-times the daily recommended intake. ho, ho, ho. >> very nice. if santa stops by your house this christmas eve, you can capture it all on camera. >> a free app called santa spy cam allows parents to look in on st. nick and his busy elves while the little ones are sound asleep. it starts recording from your phone the moment he drops in.
4:24 am
>> with a help of little computer magic, it can be played back for kids later on. and the app has been approved by santa claus himself and his elves. >> that's cool. finally, what would christmas be without a rendition of "blue christmas," the classic from elvis' 1957 christmas album. >> that brings us to 16-year-old french-canadian singer david thibault. his version of the song on a quebec radio station is absolutely impressive. take a listen. ♪ i'll have a blue christmas without you ♪ ♪ i'll be so blue just thinking about you ♪ >> i think it's pretty fair to say, he's knocked "blue christmas" completely and entirely out of the park right there. >> maybe a little influence from roy orbison or chris isaak, as well. that's outstanding. >> i could listen to him all day.
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why not?
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> 4:28 on this thursday morning. >> the breaking news is a major problem on the busiest commute routes, a big rig charred after a massive accident. abc7 news reporter amy hollyfield is next. amy? >> kristen, it was a huge accident indeed but look what they managed to do: they shoved the wreckage to the shoulder. eastbound 80 which was shut down is opening up right now. this problem is wrapping up. what a huge accident and the c.h.p. officers are calling it a huge miracle. look at this video, it started off with two cars getting in a wreck one car flipping a few times and officers say speed was
4:29 am
involved in the crash. it was when the other cars approached and crashed into those original two cars that things got amazing and spectacular on the interstate. the big rig went up to flames and the tractor-trailer was on fire and it did severe damage to the wall and the highway. everyone made it out okay. that is what c.h.p. is calling a "miracle." there were five people involved. everyone walked away from this. when officers arrived they expect the possibly fatalities, likely severe injuries. no one was even taken to the hospital. they don't think alcohol or drug s were involved. they think it was caused by speed. they are were watching up right now cleaning this up and we are going to leave this scene and go to a safer location because all the lanes of the highway are
4:30 am
opening. >> glad it wasn't worse. >> time for a check on the forecast the warm-up is. coming up. first though, traffic information with leyla gulen. >> as we take you back to where amy hollyfield was located, you can see yellow and we have volume that has built in the eastbound direction if you are traveling up to hercules. when that dissipates the riding -- ride is going to be smooth. the morning commute will not be affected. 580 from tracy to dublin is 20 minutes. 101 southbound from san rafael to san francisco is not a problem but 17 minutes. to the bay bridge toll plaza it is looking wide open as you make the drive from emeryville to san francisco. now the forecast and mike


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