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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 12, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. breaking overnight, houston, we have a problem. mission control emergency. nasa engineers scrambling all night to save the space station. will the six astronauts be forced out on a risky spacewalk? breaking right now. eight people plucked out of the ocean, after a commuter plane crashed just after takeoff. inside the coast guard's frantic rescue. misinterpretation. the shocking confession from the man who was called a fake for signing incorrectly in front of millions during nelson mandela's memorial. hear what he says really happened. let's stop talking and do some walking. >> from kid president to blurred lines. it's the overnight youtube sensation, mashing up all of your favorite viral moments of the year. and it's a hit.
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millions can't stop watching. what does a year say, this morning. good morning, america. boy, it is a cold one in so much of the country this morning. freezing temperatures from coast-to-coast. there in washington, d.c., could be the coldest day in years. and behind this cold blast, another storm is coming, full of snow, for major cities from chicago to boston. >> and ginger zee will tell us all about it. let's get to the breaking news on that major problem onboard the $100 billion international space station, currently home to six astronauts. abc's john muller has been following developments all night for us. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, robin. nasa says it plans for problems like this. but it doesn't make the situation this morning any less urgent. engineers at the johnson space center in houston have been
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working all night to find a fix for the ailing space station. >> this is mission control, houston. >> reporter: a pum. connected to the cooling system, think of it like your car radiator, failed tuesday. noncritical systems powered down to prevent dangerous overheating. >> the heat control is a very important aspect of the station. it's not just the temperature for the astronauts. so the instruments don't overheat, the electronics. and power systems don't get damaged, which could then jeopardize the whole station. >> reporter: nasa says for now, six astronauts living on the station, two americans, three russians and one japanese, are not in danger. >> it's a pretty good setup here. >> reporter: engineers have two options. a software upgrade. or if that doesn't work, a riskier, emergency spacewalk. the problem is, nasa suspended space walks in july after an astronaut nearly drowned when water mysteriously filled his helmet. >> my helmet is wet. and i'm feeling freezing. >> reporter: the space station had a similar problem a few
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years ago. the astronaut who helped solve that crisis, now working with the team in houston, looking for answers as we speak. if a second cooling system fails, astronauts may have to evacuate. we could find out later today if a spacewalk is necessary. >> all right. john, thank you for that. >> thanks, guys. we're hearing from the infamous imposter at nelson mandela memorial service. the sign language interpreter on stage just inches from president obama was displaying the sign of equivalent gibberish. he said he was seeing angels. gio benitez here with the latest. >> reporter: so many asking how was he even there? the south african government speaking out this morning. and so is the interpreter himself. saying he's schizophrenic. this morning, a shocking confession from the man at the center of an international controversy. >> i see angels climb into the stadium. >> reporter: speaking out for the first time since his head-scratching translation of nelson mandela's memorial. the interpreter, thamsanga jantije, says, he isn't a fraud like so many have claimed.
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but that he had a schizophrenic episode during the event. and he started hallucinating. >> sometimes, violence. sometimes i will see, like, things. like chase me. and you know, i was in a very, very, very difficult position. >> reporter: jantjie is admitting he is seeking treatment for schizophrenia. and he has been violent in the past. the revelation raising grave concerns this morning. he was front and center at the memorial, just feet away from mandela's family and 91 heads of state. but it wasn't long before people started noticing his signs didn't match the other translator on south african television. >> we applaud you and thank you for that. >> reporter: one expert who is deaf, told us through an interpreter, that he doesn't even know the sign for the name nelson mandela. >> nelson mandela -- >> this is nelson mandela,
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because of the fact that he used to comb his hair to the side. >> reporter: jantjie insisted he attended high-profile events before. including this one, beside president zuma. >> if i have offended anyone, please, forgive me. >> reporter: and the south african government now saying this morning, it did not hire the interpreter. instead, the government says it paid the company he works for. owners of that company have disappeared. george and robin. >> thanks very much. let's go to josh with the top stories. >> we're going to begin with a blow for holiday travelers everywhere. federal regulators have shut down dozens of tour bus companies and all because of safety violations. the nationwide crackdown comes after a series of recent crashes. 52 companies in all have been shuttered. many of them well-established bus lines that have transported school bands, boy scout troops and senior citizens. we'll have a complete list on our website, on yahoo!
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in fact, in one case, drivers for a utah company were allegedly forced to drive 800-mile round trips to las vegas without required rest. in school bus safety, a big issue in north carolina, after the driver you see here was caught falling asleep. in fact, drifting between lanes. a recent study by aaa found that one in four drivers will, at some point, doze off while behind the wheel. there was plenty of dozing on capitol hill. senators pulled something of an all-nighter, as majority leader, harry reid, keeping everyone in session. cots were, in fact, offered, like in years past, so that president obama's judicial nominees can be approved. republicans are refusing to take a break as a protest to new filibuster rules. overseas. the united states is suspending aid to the rebels in syria. the white house is worried that aid to syria could end up in the hands of al qaeda. a rebel commander supported by the united states recently fled the country.
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and major league baseball is planning to change the rules at home plate, in fact. banning collisions to protect players from concussions. you remember this one. pete rose in 1970, slamming into young, upcoming ray fosse of cleveland. he was an all-star catcher. but it's believed this collision would go on to cut short his career. the players union, and owners, if they agree, these will be illegal by next year. and finally, if you remember that college football kicker from alabama, missed those two field goals. had another blocked in that game against auburn. cade foster ended up getting benched. boy, did he hear it on social media. it set the stage for auburn's miracle finish. foster who wears number 43, recently got a letter in the mail from another 43. former president george w. bush. who wrote to foster and i quote, life has its setbacks, i know. however, you will be a stronger human with time. i wish you all the best. sincerely, another 43. george w. bush.
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>> what a great thing to do. >> that's really lovely. >> let's hope that cade has a chance. january 2nd, against oklahoma, in the sugar bowl, in somebody's hometown. >> that's right. could happen. thanks for that, josh. now, to that death of a freshman. he died over the weekend, allegedly injured early sunday morning, during what the school calls an unsanctioned pledging event. police are investigating the incident. and abc's rob nelson is here with that story. >> reporter: good morning. initial reports indicate that alcohol was not a factor in this case. but investigators are still trying to find out exactly how this fraternity trip turned tragic. this morning, questions are swirling around a new york city college fraternity, after a hazing ritual allegedly led to the death of a young pledge. >> definite appears that multiple individuals were involved. >> reporter: authorities say about 30 members of pi delta si, an asian-american cultural
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fraternity traveled to the poconos this weekend. hong them, chun michael deng. one of the students pledging to the fraternity. officials say he suffered major brain trauma during the ritual the students performed in the yard of a rented house they were staying. >> they involved physical contact that became very aggressive. the pledges were carrying weighted bags. and also involved some pushing and shoving and hitting. >> reporter: investigators say deng was brought inside the residence unresponsive. rather than calling 911, frat members reportedly waited about two hours before driving him to a hospital 45 minutes away. he was placed on life support early sunday morning and died the following day. college officials called the fraternity event unsanctioned. and said they had no knowledge of this event or that the fraternity was rushing a pledge class. students at the college are stunned. >> i never heard of any hazing
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incident at any fraternity or sorority on this campus. we're very good about that. that's why i'm pretty surprised. >> reporter: no arrest had been made in the case. and it's unclear how many people could potentially be charged. the college, which already requires students to undergo training about the dangers of hazing, has launched an internal investigation. >> people want answers. >> so tragic. thanks, rob. we have details about that devastating airline crash in san francisco earlier this year. three passengers were killed when the south korean plane didn't make the runway. and doumtss just released show the pilots were having trouble flying without computer controls. one called it very stressful. abc's jim avila has the story. >> reporter: the ntsb calls the problem automation addiction. pilots relying too heavily on computer flight controls. >> automation must be understood and monitored by flight crews. >> reporter: in the asiana crash, the pilot inadvertently shut down the automatic throttle
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and then inexplicably did not realize the 777 jumbo jet had lost so much speed, it would not reach the runway safely, instead plowing into the seawall and practically cartwheeling down the landing strip, killing three passengers and putting 300 others on board in danger. >> because these pilots are not trained to fly the airplane manually, they got confused. >> reporter: cockpit simulation shows the flight was approaching normally. the pilot unfamiliar with local geography asking, is that the golden gate? no sign of panic until 30 feet above the bay. suddenly, an audible warning. the plane is flying too slow. and the captain orders the junior pilot to go around, attempting to aboard the landing. but it's too late. >> the asiana accident is a huge watershed and a big wake-up call. >> reporter: nance says it could have been avoided, with one simple maneuver, manually
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pushing the throttles forward. for "good morning america," jim avila, abc news, san francisco. we're going to move on to details on jameis winston, the star quarterback and heisman trophy favorite. the sexual assault charges were dropped last week. for the first time, we're hearing the 911 call made the night of the alleged incident. abc's matt gutman has the story. >> reporter: fsu police, how may i help you? >> hi. i'm -- and i think we need to get over here. >> reporter: for the first time, we're hearing details of what jameis winston's accuser thinks happen happened. >> she's very shaken up. she said she got hurt. she got hit. >> she got hit? does she know what she got hit with? >> no. she says she like kept blacking out. she keeps trying to tell me the story. but it's very in pieces. >> and you say she was raped? >> yeah. >> okay. so, she did not know the person? >> no. >> reporter: police say it took
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her a month to identify that person as the heisman hopeful and then, only in sketchy detail, but winston's person questioned by police say they walked in while the two were having sex. >> we walked in and she said what are you doing? she said get out. >> was there anything that she said or you saw her do that made you think that she was -- she didn't want to have sex? >> no. >> reporter: the eyewitnesses telling police, winston took the girl home a few minutes later and quickly returned. the newly-released documents shed light on the investigation that led to the state attorney decision last week not to file sexual assault charges against the quarterback. >> we do not file a charge if we do not feel we have sufficient evidence to make the charge. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, new york. >> just want this one to go away. >> i think all sides do. we're going to turn to the shocking light sentence in a deadly drunk driving case. a texas teen given probation and counseling but no jail time for the crash that killed four people back? june.
7:14 am
the victims' families are stunned. and abc's reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: anger and sadness. overnight, family members reacting to a judge's surprising decision. it was an alcohol-fueled joyride that ultimately led to four people being killed. >> sheriff county 911. what is your emergency? >> there's a multicar accident in front of my house. >> reporter: and now, the 16-year-old behind the wheel, ethan couch, won't be serving a single day in jail. >> he may think he's gotten away with something. but he hasn't gotten away with anything. >> reporter: instead of the 20-year sentence texas prosecutors were hoping for, late tuesday, juvenile court judge joan boyd gave couch ten years' probation. he pleaded guilty to intoxication manslaughter. his blood alcohol level was three-times the legal limit. and he was driving almost twice the speed limit when he crashed his dad's pickup into the victims. this week, couch's defense says he suffers from affluenza.
7:15 am
he didn't realize his actions would have consequences. he was raced in a family so wealthy, so privileged the teen didn't realize his actions would have consequences. >> teaching him to be a responsible citizen. that's a consequence. >> reporter: now, couch will check into a nearly $500,000 rehab program in california. dad and mom will foot the bill. he's not allowed to see them for two years. the victims' families argue, they'll never see the loved ones he took away. >> my wife and daughter are gone. and there were absolutely no consequences. >> reporter: for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> i have never heard that phrase before. affluenza. >> neither have i. >> never heard it as a formal defense. but i heard of the condition before. something very different -- >> indeed. this is a long day at the office for one woman. it turned into a nightmare. she got locked in the office bathroom as she was trying to head home. trapped for eight desperate
7:16 am
hours. and how she got out, she says, is right out of shawshank redemption. it was the longest bathroom break of karen perrin's life. she was working late friday night and decided to make a stop in the ladies room before she went home. what happened when she tried to leave was something she never expected. >> the handle would not budge. >> reporter: she was locked in the bathroom and quickly jumped into action. jiggling the latch, kicking the door, trying any way to get attention. >> i decided i should probably try to get the attention of our security team. the security camera that's in the hallway. i began pushing paper towels under the door frame. >> reporter: but at 10:30 on a friday night, there was no one there to help. she didn't have her cell phone to call her husband. former nfl running back, loni perin. in her panic, she started executing an escape, inspired by "the shawshank redemption."
7:17 am
>> it helped me to think of something to do. >> reporter: she used a chair in the bathroom to break off the inside door handle and began using it to chisel a hole in the wall. >> i was able to break through at one point. and eventually, able to pick all around that area. and get my hand through. prayed that door handle was still intact. >> reporter: after nearly eight hours, karen was free. her arm took a beating from all of the action. and she was left with contusions on her hand. she says she's still shaken up. but hopes to someday be able to look back on the experience and smile. >> i believe that one day we will be able to laugh about this. >> i mean, what are you going to do? you're in there for eight hours. i would be chiselling away. >> proactive, very, very proactive. >> where is everybody else? >> plus, claustrophobic on top of all that. >> we're looking back at it and laughing now. >> so that's good.
7:18 am
>> i like your comment as it was playing, she could have taught him in "shawshank redemption." took 25 years in "shawshank redemption." she did it in eight hours. >> one of my top-five movies. you want to talk about the frigid weather. >> we have windchill advisories. this goes from not just uncomfortable but to dangerous. in parts of wisconsin, illinois, and indiana, and iowa this morning, look at the temperature, what it feel the like. it feels like 15 below in chicago. national falls, 13 below. 13, the feels like in new york city. and philadelphia feels like 13, too. you go, hearing about the storm for the weekend. let me time this out for you. this is important. right over chicago, look at the time. saturday morning. it's friday night into saturday morning. i think chicago itself, one to three inches. just south in indianapolis. parts of ohio, you could pick up more, three to six inches. and then you go to the east coast.
7:19 am
it matches up with the next surface low. it's going to grab some of the moisture. this is what i think happens. most of the snow falls in the mountains. a lot of us at the coast, new york, boston, d.c., going to see the numbers taper because of the heat and moisture. it's not going to be that warm. but enough to put a little rain in there.
7:20 am
>> we're finally starting to break some of the chill in the west. coming up the next half hour, we'll look how warm it gets. and i'll show you every single number. >> love the "w" word. >> we'll give you time for that. coming up on "gma," the latest on the newlywed on trial for allegedly pushing her husband off a cliff. what his mom revealed on the stand yesterday. and the kansas city murder mystery. investigators searching right now for answers about the bizarre death in an nfl stadium. and so many call ariana grande the next mariah carey. why is the young pop star being named in a lawsuit this morning? what does the year say?
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it's so much more than coffee. brew the love. keurig. good morning. i'm eric thomas. a contract headache that won't go away. b.a.r.t. and its two biggest unions resume talks this morning. a federal mediator will help reach a final agreement. the dispute is over family
7:25 am
leave. b.a.r.t. directors say the provision was left in by mistake after both sides agreed to take it off the table. the b.a.r.t. board accepted the contract minus that part which resulted in the union filing a lawsuit. talks are scheduled for today and tomorrow. problems with the morning commute, leyla? >> no problems on b.a.r.t., but we have a motorcycle crash southbound along highway 242 at concord avenue with one laep blocked causing some delays. but very heavy as you make it over towards 680. as we take you over the altamont pass, well past it livermore avenue westbound side of 580, an accident blocking a lane there but solid backup from 205. >> when we come
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good morning. i'm mike nicco. frosty conditions low parts of the south bay, east bay valleys, north bay valleys except for no novato 36. check out the sunrise. this is beautiful. a lot of pollution is creating those colors, though. this is a spare the air day. temperatures 1 to 3 degrees wa
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♪ that's ariana grande, just 20 years old. already being called the next mariah carey. and is the song that shot her to game also bringing her into court? the pop star under fire right now, right here on "good morning america." >> she's good. also, the latest on a kansas city murder mystery. authorities trying to solve the puzzling case of a mysterious death at the stadium there. the family of the fan who was killed, speaking out. switching gears here, take a look at this. an ad from the familiar beauty brand, pantene. gorgeous song.
7:31 am
taking on gender stereotypes in the workplace. showing men and women in similar roles but being perceived differently. and it is our talker today. >> i went online and watched it yesterday. wow. it really makes you think. >> definitely want to stick around for that. and oprah winfrey, she is always so honest. and now, she is talking about why she has zero regrets about not having children. >> we'll hear from her coming up. let's get right to the emotion testimony in the so-called newlywed murder trial. jordan graham accused of pushing her husband off a cliff just eight days after getting married. her mother-in-law taking the stand with dramatic testimony. abc's ryan owens has the latest from missoula, montana. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. the prosecution may rest by the end of today. they're almost done with witnesses. they got through 18 of them on wednesday, including the
7:32 am
victim's mother. from day one, this trial has been all about newlywed jordan graham. why did the young bride push her husband off that cliff? why did she lie about it? on wednesday, prosecutors shifted the focus to her husband. 25-year-old cody johnson. his mother, sherri, told the jury how excited her only child was for his wedding day. he told me it was the best day of his life. starting a family. i always wanted to be a grandma. she sobbed on the stand. and several jurors looked at jordan graham, who sat expressionless. prosecutors say eight days after that wedding, she shoved her husband off a cliff at montana's glacier national park, because she regretted getting married. his mom recounted at a memorial service for her son, she tried to comfort the woman charged with her murder. i put my arm around her and said
7:33 am
everything will be okay. she testified her daughter-in-law didn't say a word. the jury also heard from cody johnson's boss and best friend. he testified he was so worried jordan had done something to cody, he broke into the couple's house, looking for signs of foul play. cameron frederickson told us a couple months ago about his early suspicion. >> almost positive that jordan had done something or somehow or someway, was a part of what happened to cody. >> reporter: the jury also heard the voice of jordan graham, who has pleaded not guilty. and said she pushed her husband on accident, after he grabbed her arm. prosecutors played audiotapes from interviews she gave the fbi. in them, she confessed, i pushed and he went over. and then, i took off. then added, i 100% did not do that on purpose. once the prosecution rests, it's the defense's turn. and the big question for them, will jordan graham testify?
7:34 am
most people think that's unlikely, especially since the jury just heard her story in her own words. robin? >> we're going to get to that. we're going to bring in our chief abc legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. let me ask you about the testimony of the victim's mother on the stand? >> she's offering similar testimony as the other witnesses. she lying afterwards. she's not coming clean. she's not telling people, i pushed him off the cliff. the difference is, coming from his mother, it is that much more emotional. so, in terms of substance, what she's offering isn't that significant. in terms of emotion, incredibly powerful. >> puts a face to it. it really does. you heard what ryan was saying at the end of his report, about jordan graham. the jury did hear from her yesterday. do you think she'll take the stand? >> this could be the reason she doesn't take the stand. in this recorded statement, if you believe her, she didn't commit murder. she's saying, i didn't do it on
7:35 am
purpose. it was self-defense. there's inconsistencies in the account and there's problems with it, et cetera. but you could make a very good argument that a lawyer would say, i'm not going to risk putting my client on the stand. the jury's already heard from her in the form of a recorded statement. they know she's saying this is an accident. and when the prosecution has the burden of proof the way they do in this case, the defense attorney could decide it's too risky to put her on the stand at this point. >> the judge is moving this case along. >> we've heard from 31 witnesses. and the case could be done by friday. and when the defense says they have half a day of testimony, that gives you an indication that maybe they're not going to call her. we have an update on the mysterious death in the parking lot at a kansas city chiefs game this month. linsey davis has the story. >> i wake up every day with the same nightmare. >> reporter: it's not knowing what caused the death of her
7:36 am
30-year-old husband, seen here in home video, that makes it even more difficult for jennie van winkle to move on. >> completely senseless. >> reporter: kansas city investigators are still looking for answers in kyle van winkle's mysterious death last week outside arrowhead stadium, during the kansas city chiefs game. >> some of this may not be figured out. i certainly don't have the answers. >> reporter: van winkle's father, a police sergeant, was inside the stadium, while his son allegedly got into an unlocked jeep in the parking lot that resembled one that belonged to a relative. >> i was with him from start-to-finish that day at the tailgating. most everybody in our group had some kind of drinks. if i had even thought kyle was a little past where i would have thought, just totally under control, he wouldn't have went to the restroom by himself. i would have followed him and went with him. >> reporter: but van winkle never returned from the
7:37 am
bathroom. instead, police say they were called to the parking lot after the owner of a green jeep found a strange man inside his vehicle. investigators say a struggle ensued. van winkle collapsed. and the brand-new father of a 7-week-old son was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> my life, now, is a reality that i never thought i would ever have to be in. >> reporter: police have ruled van winkle's death a homicide. but no charges have been filed. they say it could be weeks before they know what killed him. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> that is a strange one. >> it is. time, now, for the weather. ginger zee is back. >> people asking if we'll have a white christmas. >> love that snow. >> they want to know. i have some answers. we can't do that far out. but let me show you something. we have the historic probabilities of who will have a white christmas. if you're in fuchsia, you have a 90% chance. we're way ahead of ourselves
7:38 am
this year. oklahoma city, for example, usually less than an inch on average. close to five already. so, this may change. this baby is scooting down a little bit. and more kids will be happy, waking up with the white christmas. real quick, i promised you the mild weather. 67 los angeles. let's all dream and go to good morning. we're starting off sunny but high clouds and sunshine, temperatures pretty close to normal mid-50s to low 60s. it's spare the air. cleaner air mass and warmer air mass arrives >> this weather report, brought to you by folgers. and if the numbers aren't enough, mostly sunny and dry. just gorgeous down there. and they say, come down. let's go to our happy place. >> road trip. coming up here, the young sensation called the next mariah carey. why she's being named in a lawsuit over the song that shot
7:39 am
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welcome back. it's 7:43. and we continue with one of the hottest young singers. ariana grande. she shot to fame with that huge hit "the way." you're hearing it right now. a low note for the pop star. she's being named in a lawsuit, claiming one of its lines was ripped off. and paula faris has the story. >> reporter: just 20 years old, they're calling her the next mariah carey. this morning, ariana grande's megahit song "the way," rocketed her to fame, is headed the wrong way, to court. that song, under fire, all because of this lyric. >> what we have to do right here is go back. >> reporter: now, listen to
7:44 am
this. >> what we have to do right here is go back. way back. back into time. >> reporter: grande and her label have been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over the song. the lawsuit alleges grande's hit song sounds comparable to the 1972 song "troglodyte" by the jimmy castor bunch. it would be strikingly same lar to the similarity of the words, vocal style and rhythm, are clear indicators that "the way" is copying "troglodyte." >> reporter: grande's legal team told abc news, the alleged offending materials were not provided by ariana. and we trust that the co-writers and producers will resolve the claim with minder. the toy company goldie blocks
7:45 am
and the beastie boys are parody. and robin thick sued marvin gave's family over his hit, "blurred lines." >> i don't think it's any coincidence that a lot of these lawsuits are happening at a time when artists of the '70s and '80s are finding it difficult to monetize their catalog. ariana's camp is hoping this turns out to be a grande mistake. >> paula, thank you. and coming up, the birthday parties. the moms sparking a debate for saying no presents on her daughter's invitation. >> the jury's out there. also, a "play of the day" that today is, in fact, the
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7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> congratulations. very proud. >> you don't want to know. >> basketball today. i was on yesterday and saw this. have to show it to you. a high schooler in virginia. take a look at this. >> oh, no. >> best part about it, he does that. he runs out of the gym. had no idea the shot went. had no idea why everybody was going nuts. >> i thought i had seen every type of shot. >> he's just trying to keep it in. >> exactly. >> not to be outdone, jacob, he's an eighth grader. take a look. free throw missed. there's going to be one last chance. yes.
7:51 am
eighth grade. can you believe that? >> that's unbelievable. >> kid has nba range. and then some. >> he should retire now. >> exactly. >> great bo-fer. bo-fer, both of them. >> reminds me of you. >> no video to prove it. "deals & steals." golden globes. it's all coming pup ♪ pick up the paper, pick up the bags. ♪ ♪ clean up the bows and the ribbons and tags. ♪ ♪ whoever's first is the first to play, ♪ ♪ with the good things that we got today. ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. a record fifth straight spare the air day has been issued for today. a sixth one tomorrow? yes or no. we'll talk to mike about that. but no wood burning is allowed for now including fireplaces, outdoor fire pits as well as manufactured fire logs. what do you think about tomorrow? >> it looks like a change in the air mass will keep us from having the sixth in a row and tenth overall. today it is mentioned. hazy out there. temperatures will be warmer, still frosty in a few spots this morning. that will take about another hour to unthaw. accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s this weekend. leyla? we have a report of black
7:57 am
ice in napa, highway 128 at monticello. be careful out there. some very cold temperatures. now we jump down to the peninsula where we have a car fire northbound side of 2880 right at highway 92 and it look like one lane is blocked right now. no slow
7:58 am
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good morning, america. 8:00 a.m. so, roll out the red carpet as we reveal the blockbuster nominees for the 71st annual golden globes. ♪ i'm on the edge of glory and work it. men versus women. when it comes to jobs, the video viraling that has everyone abuzz. ♪ jingle bell jingle bell jingle bell rock ♪ and "gma" rocks your holiday. double-whammy. "deals & steals" spectacular and our doggy sweater showdown. as we say -- now i have seen and heard it all here on "good morning america" with the dogs barking
8:01 am
this morning. here they come. well-dressed dogs all vying for top position in our holiday sweater smackdown. they're into it. >> they are into it. brody, the schnauzer. maxxi. and we have the help our of vinny. look at all of those sweaters. he's been giving them the star treatment all day long. now you decide who wins that best in show. >> nice touch. >> at on yahoo! >> look what they're vying for right there. >> that's why they work so hard. they get the golden bone. you vote on it. we're going to announce the winner later in the show. ♪ >> don't you love that song? brought it on home. go ahead, josh.
8:02 am
we're going to turn to that beauty ad. it has been seen again and again and again. interestingly, it is such a beautiful song. pantene's commercial. it's turning gender stereotypes on their heads, in the workplace specifically, a talker. comparing how we see men and women in similar situations. >> very effective. very effective. >> and tactful. and then, we go from macklemore, the guys behind "what does the fox say?" it's a new video from youtube, mashing up all of the viral stars of the year in such a clever way. that will be one of the many treats you get in "pop news." >> looking forward to that. let's get news first from josh. >> we're going to start with breaking news overnight from the coast guard, responding to a plane crash off hawaii. nine people were on the plane. one of them, hawaii's public
8:03 am
health director, was killed. the eight others survived in the water. all wearing life jackets. one, in fact, swam to shore to molokai. the others were rescued by helicopter and by boat. no word on what may have caused the plane to go down. stunning new details and video of this deadly asiana airlines crash at san francisco back in july. federal investigators now say that the pilot was, indeed, worried about landing at the airport. but was too embarrassed to tell other crew members. investigators say that the crew relied too heavily, meanwhile, on computerized flight controls. and nasa has been working all night to repair a crucial cooling system on the international space station. six astronauts are currently living at the station. if engineers cannot solve this problem, some risky emergency spacewalks may be needed. we'll keep you updated here. a wild scene in houston. take a look at this. a woman loses control of a car. hits a van. crashes through two gas station pumps and ignites a fire that engulfs her jeep.
8:04 am
fortunately, we couldn't -- two guys standing nearby leapt into action, pulled her to safety, risking their own lives in the process. thankfully, she is okay this morning, as are they. and the sign language interpreter who has now sparked international outrage at nelson mandela's memorial service by signing nothing but gibberish, is now saying that he, in fact, suffers from schizophrenia and was hallucinating at the time he was standing next to president obama, apparently interpreting what he was saying. south africa's deaf federation has said it's complained about him specifically before, following other appearances of his. finally, it will be anything but a blue christmas for this 16-year-old. david tibault recently belted "blue christmas" on a local radio station. check this kid out. ♪ i'll have a blue christmas
8:05 am
without you ♪ >> how old? >> 16. >> wow. >> clearly, a future as an astronaut. no. kidding. are you kidding? you want to -- he is staring elvis down. >> yeah. wow. >> it is -- god love him. and by the way, david, 5% right here. get after it. >> right here. >> really raised the bar for "pop news." let's go to ginger with the weather. >> hey, there, guys. i am sandwiched by folks from florida. i really like the get-up right here. >> thank you. >> you can hardly be in this where are you from florida? it is warmer there, of course. we have to talk about boston. these ladies from massachusetts. and the live shot there, from
8:06 am
wcvb, our favorite affiliate. a cold morning up in new england. and look at the numbers. boston today, this is the chill. 25. look at new york city, 24 and falling. we're not going to get warmer as we go to the weekend. look for the weekend storm. in the northwest, we have a new storm. that piece of energy going to slip across the country quickly. portland could see freezing rain. 39 for a high, medford, 34. >> oh. happy birthday to everyone standing around me. apparently, they're all birthday girls.
8:07 am
let's get inside to lara. >> thank you, ginger. here's a look at what's coming up on your "gma morning menu." in "pop news," a massive mashup, with all of the year's internet stars. plus the beauty ad gone viral. breaking down the doubling standards in the workplace. it's a talker. and should presents be a must at a kid's birthday party? there's one mom that put it on her daughter's party invite. we're anxious to hear what you think p of that story. that's coming up live on "good morning america." and tory johnson with incredible "deals & steals." and the doggy edition of the gorgeous christmas sweater competition. ♪ every day we're working to be an even better company - and to keep our commitments. and we've made a big commitment to america. bp supports nearly 250,000 jobs here. through all of our energy operations,
8:08 am
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8:13 am
♪ where to begin here. this is a father/son video. son, gabriel, wearing the lime green vest there. already a youtube sensation for a series of videos he calls superselfie. have to say, not a fan of the word selfie. i can't do it anymore. >> it's the word of the year. >> i know. a bad year for me. latest edition. brings his dad into the mix. well over 80,000 views since it was posted yesterday. the preamble to "pop news." >> i mean, that was really -- i'm kind of jealous. this is great, too, you guys. we started with an incredible tribute this morning. youtube gathered some of the people and animals that have made 2013 such an amazing year. it's a viral video titled "what does 2013 say." and it features nods to, what
8:14 am
does the fox say," kid president, some of the many dance videos. robin thick. two dozen goats. so, what happens when you roll all of those into one video? it goes viral, of course. this youtube rewind has been viewed over 12 million times since yesterday. it is the most popular video on the site right now. and i ask all of you, since we talk about youtube a lot and what's happening in the world of social media, what do you think was the most downloaded video of the year was. any guesses? >> it's not the fox -- maybe it's the harlem shake. >> fox is the most-viewed video. the music video was "gangnam style." and miley cyrus, number two and three. >> two and three? >> wow. >> no. just early last year. you love it so. you know, cats are a big hit on youtube.
8:15 am
and for the second year, they'll get their own film festival. actor and cat lover gilles marini will host the cat festival in park city. it features the best original scripted cat-inspired shorts. and america gets a chance to vote for their favorite feline film. the win her receives $50,000 and the coveted golden litter scoop. after all, the event is hosted by fresh step. >> makes sense. >> thank you. and finally, it is time for cookie balls. play the song for me. oreo has released a new video of their holiday treat. don't look at me like that, josh. put a little carrot on it. give it some flippers. you made a penguin. it's gone viral with lines like, we're getting presents to each other. i'm making something i'll be giving you all. >> robin, you --
8:16 am
>> i'm making something i'll be giving you all christmas morning. >> you cannot buy these. you have to make them. >> enjoy. >> they give you the recipe. you need cream cheese. you need oreos. you mash them up and cover them in chocolate. >> they're delicious. you enjoying them? >> enjoying them? >> good. >> who doesn't love cookie balls? >> i know. i'm not a -- >> don't judge my cookie balls. >> you had to do it. >> i want to say thank you to the chef. they are delicious. you can get the recipe online. >> oh, great. >> and the song, i'm telling you, it's a winner. mark my words. cookie balls. >> go to the next story. >> might want to take the camera off of josh right now. >> josh? >> that's okay, josh. >> thank you. robin, i think it's time for you to continue. >> shall we?
8:17 am
>> let's move on to oprah. and her startling revelation about motherhood and children. she said it was never a dream of hers and opens up about why. abc's aditi roy. how are you doing, josh? >> reporter: from red carpet to magazine covers, oprah winfrey seems to have it all. just this week, the megamogul was nominated for a screen actors guild award, for her role in "the butler." >> everything you want and everything you have is because of that butler. >> reporter: but the tv icon, actress and humanitarian, is not a mother. and now, a stunning confession. the billionaire who has been with long-time love steadman graham for decades, tells "the hollywood reporter" she doesn't regret not having kids. >> she said, if i had kids way back, those kids would grow up and be on a show like my talk show was and have to talk about how screwed up they are. >> reporter: in the article, oprah, who at 14 gave birth to a baby who lived for a few weeks, said if i had kids, my kids would hate me.
8:18 am
because something would have had to suffer and it would have probably been them. oprah also says, while her best friend had childhood dreams about having kids, i was having daydreams how i could be martin luther king. but the talk show legend did say in an interview last year, she enjoys being a mother figure to the girls in her leadership academy in south africa. >> i'll tell you what brought me the greatest happiness. really unexpected. a being able to step into the mother role and be a real mother, friend, companion, adviser, comforter. i didn't know i would love it so much. >> she considers those girls her kids. she said, this all was meant to be. >> i am ready for light blast. >> reporter: the iconic role model has plenty of wisdom to pass on to her girls and the world. >> you can't listen to the naysayers. you have to hold on to what it is you really want to do.
8:19 am
as always, very open, very honest. >> absolutely. and we continue to the double standards women sometimes face in the workplace. they're in a commercial that seems to be the word of the day. abc goes into the ad that has men and women talking. >> reporter: it's a shampoo add that's speaking volumes. and we're not just talking voluminous locks. the ad from pantene, breaking down double standards so many can relate to. a man is a boss. while the woman is bossy. a man, depended for being dedicated. a woman condemned for being selfish. >> this ad is striking a chord with a lot of women. as a beauty company, it's saying women can be beautiful. and there shouldn't be a double-standard. >> reporter: the ad airs in the philippines. but has gone viral on the web.
8:20 am
racking up 5 million view and counting on youtube in just over a month. it even got a personal endorsement from facebook c.o.o. sheryl sandberg, whose book "lean in" is all about women in the workplace. she posted the ad on facebook, writing, this is one of the most powerful videos i've ever seen. "lean in" prize of the day for sure. the ad, drawing comparisons to the dove real beauty campaign, which got women talking about self-image and confidence. >> do you think you're more beautiful than you say? >> there are month women in top jobs than ever before. it's a really important time to be spreading this message. you know, i think that pantene is right on. >> reporter: perhaps the last line of the pantene ad sums it up best. don't let labels hold you back. be strong and shine. for "good morning america," bianna golodryga, abc news, new york. >> really like that.
8:21 am
>> it is powerful. we do see dan abrams here. that can mean only one thing. "the jury is out." >> good morning, guys. good to be back. first up on the docket, a mother who puts no gifts on her daughter's birthday party invite. as you can imagine, causing serious controversy. she says it means there is, quote, no need to try to figure out what some kid i barely know would want and possibly crowding their house with crap they don't care about. furthermore, she says -- >> couldn't get all that on the invite. >> exactly. it is tacky to put gift registries or requests for gifts on birthday invitations. >> she's right about the second one. i don't think i agree with the reason for putting no gifts on. i'm in a no-gifts camp. >> no gifts. scrooge stephanopoulos wants no gifts. >> they're having fun with their friends. they're getting of gifts from their friends. you don't need to add to the affluenza we were talking about. >> in lieu of gifts, toys for tots.
8:22 am
or other charities, shelters, they are saying, don't give the gifts to the child. i heard a lot of children love that. >> one birthday party we went to, everybody brought a packet of seeds and planted a garden together. >> that's something -- it was really, really fun. >> give the kids a gift certificate. let people figure it out later. >> is it just me that thinks, it's a birthday? what do you mean no gifts? >> it's okay. you do a little bit of both. >> depends on what age. she was 11. >> and registry -- >> 10, 11. >> i feel like 11's the right age to think about that. >> i have no problems for a registry for a birthday. >> for little kids? >> depends on how little. >> you figure, hey, you want to get what you want, right? >> you're such a tough guy. >> father. >> fatherhood softens you up. >> where did you go? >> people say -- >> let's go to social.
8:23 am
i boycott any birthday party for a kid who set up a gift registry. too much of our culture already sending the wrong message. from facebook, my son does a birthday and christmas registry with toys "r" us. he is aware that he will not get everything on it. but it does make life easier for the family. >> i don't know. >> no way. kid registries, yeah. i'm not into that. >> it's just getting what you want. >> again, nice work on the music here. >> thank you. thank you very much. it's going to get louder as we keep talking. next up on the docket, it turns out 80%, 80% of infections are transmitted by hands, according to the cdc. is it time to start discouraging handshakes in the workplace? i was stunned when i saw this number. >> why should -- >> you're getting to me today. >> why shouldn't major corporations start saying to people, let's start thinking about other ways. >> how about this -- >> nod. fist-bumps. >> even the elbow is better.
8:24 am
when i came back from the transplant, i couldn't do it. i have to say, though, there are a lot of people that extended their hands. i said, i'm sorry, i can't. i did feel bad. you feel like you're being rude. even though i had an explanation. >> it seems 1,000 years down the road on the handshake, though? >> a lot of people are like that. i think there's something to be said there. >> i have no problem companies suggesting to employees, let's not -- you're not closing a deal, right? >> wash your hands. >> john on facebook say, absolutely not. this country was built on hand shakes. next up, a story about a woman spending five years and $160,000 to get back a wedding band she bought for her then-husband is leading to new questions about the importance of men wearing
8:25 am
wedding rings. my take, it is jewelry. if you do not want to wear it, you should not wear it. man or woman. there should be no obligation. >> says the single guy. >> why is she spending $160,000. i don't understand why she spent $160,000 to get it back. >> legal fees. we'll talk about that later. that's talking about the beauty of being in the legal industry. >> george, i want to know -- >> do you wear it? have you worn it? >> answer this forral for ali. what would ali have said? >> i was going to say, the wife should have a say. 100%. >> i think it goes both ways, too. it's not just demanding or requiring or asking what the man does. >> i guess you would have to ask, what is the reason? >> right. if you're doing it -- >> they don't like jewelry. >> yes. >> but because you don't want -- >> is that so crazy? >> again, we're down the road on the rings and the handshakes. we're sort of -- >> not really. >> there's no sense -- >> they're not the same. >> nice try.
8:26 am
>> real quickly. if a man doesn't wear his wedding ring -- 43% said it's okay if he doesn't wear the wedding ring. 57% said no. i didn't get to the snuggle. i'll save that one. we're coming back with more. we're coming back with more. good morning, america, good morning, america. good morning, america! all you have to do is sit here and say, "good morning america." that's what you guys look like! good morning, america. !
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. b.a.r.t. and its two biggest unions are set to resume talks this morning with a federal mediator. they'll try to rooech a final agreement over the dispute involving the six weeks of paid family flooef the contract that ended the strike. b.a.r.t. directors say that provision was left in by mistake after both sides had agreed to take it off the table. the b.a.r.t. board accepted the contract minus that part, which resulted in the unions filing a lawsuit. talks take place today and tomorrow. leyla gulen has the morning commute. >> we have this one accident involving a bus, a full-size bus, debris underneath. it is blocking one lane northbound side of 280 right at bird avenue. now as we stay in san jose, we have this report of possibly fire off to the side of the freeway northbound side of highway 17 at hamilton avenue.
8:28 am
live look outside at san jose, your drive past 87 off the off ramp, a possible accident up ahead. kristen? >> thank you. we'll see how much
8:29 am
yoo good morning. we're still freezing in san ramon, concord, fairfield, napa and santa rosa, along with lovato. look at the muck out there. that's why we have a spare the air. temperatures stay about 1 to 3
8:30 am
degrees warmer than yesterday. the warming trend will continue in your accuweather seven-day forecast. some cleaner air ♪ ♪ amazing. >> perfect. >> pitch perfect. there they are. our free canines, vying for best in show. there can be but one winner. the doggy that can -- of the fantabulous holiday sweater showdown. >> there it is. the golden bone. teasing them with it. >> the golden bone. >> you at home, have time to vote. go to our website right now. and tell us which one of their looks you like the best. go to on yahoo! we will crown the pup you pick as top dog a little bit later. >> it's neck and neck and neck. >> one of many contests we're
8:31 am
covering today. coming up, a big morning. golden globe nominations out this morning. we're going to take a closer look at who could win big. and perhaps talk to some of the nominees. we have tory johnson here. cannot get enough. "deals & steals." this weekend, tory's going to help us fill the stockings, hung by the chimney with care. something for everyone on your list, really. >> yes. as always, go to our website, on yahoo! for the deals. we have one for josh right here. >> everything sell out with the last one we just did? >> everything sold very, very strongly. i have your back on the west coast. look at this face. >> do we have some? >> this is an amazing opportunity to customize a bug. there's two different sizes to choose from. you can do multiple pictures like sarinas.
8:32 am
or you can do a name. so many to choose from. normally $16. slashed in half, just $8. >> i do love these mugs. >> chronicle books. they have an enormous selection of journals, note cards. one of my favorites, on the mantle for you. these are their pantone collection. and it is 50 shades of gray. there's a big selection you'll find online. these normally start from $10 to $20. >> it's nice. i can just write my feelings. >> every shade. >> slashed in half. starting at 5 bucks and free shipping from chronicle books. i pulled out for you to put on. i have girls modeling. you can wear them on your wrist.
8:33 am
you can wear them in your hair. they're phenomenal. >> we love them. >> they do not make a dent in your hair. you put your hair in a ponytail and then you can take it down. >> you're going to get 18 ties. normally $44. slashed in half. five different pairs of earrings. featured in "o" magazine. normally 68 bucks. slashed by 72%. these are $19. and last but not least. noma, there's one for each of you to grab in here. they are stunning. an enormous collection on the website. normally $125. slashed by 82%. $23. and we have five bonus deals you can only get at on yahoo! >> oh, my goodness.
8:34 am
thank you, tory. everybody check the website. and check the weather with ginger zee. >> i'm out here. out here in this cold. and so many people behind me. i have to tell you, the screams, the excitement, keeps us warm. we're going to play a little game. this side. seeing if they can beat them? just having some fun. let's get into the forecast. the twitter and facebook photos -- it's a sandman in florida. we're warm, you're not. and the cows in montana, they don't want to stay in the cold. they've taken the highway. the only way they can walk out. thank you for sending those in. and keep them coming. we want to time out the storm talking about for the weekend. chicago, the two lows, two surface lows. chicago gets a little shot, friday into saturday. saturday into sunday, it's that moisture right along the coast that i think's going to taper some of the forecast totals for new york city, washington, d.c. a lot of the heavier stuff going
8:35 am
to fall in upstate new york. and boston on the line, going to be fine-tuning that forecast as we go through. good morning. we're starting off sunny but high clouds and sunshine, temperatures pretty close to normal mid-50s to low 60s. it's spare the air. cleaner air mass and warmer air mass >> this weather report brought to you by macy's. we'll head back into the warm studio. back here for one of our favorite holiday traditions. we showcase big coffee table books. some celebrating the beatles' debut on ed sullivan 50 years ago. and another gorgeous book honoring 125 years of "national geographic." and check out this kitten i'm holding right here. this is franklin. he's from the new york humane society. >> i thought you were channeling dr. evil for a second.
8:36 am
>> he is here because my book i'm going to bring home is called "kittenhood." all of these pictures from the first 12 weeks. >> the girls will love that. >> what about franklin? >> you know, he wants to get out. >> there's a dog. like, i have a sweater, too. >> this is the one i wanted to share with people. i have a video clue. "soul train" remember this? >> soul. >> "soul train." >> not bad, josh. >> the longest-running syndicated show. it was on from 1971 to 2006. and every saturday morning, i remember we had a new basketball coach. >> this is my favorite. >> a new basketball coach. he tried to have a basketball practice on saturday morning. i told her, no one's going to show up. but this is from questlove. he did this. you look at the pictures.
8:37 am
and you think of all of the great acts that got a great start there on "soul train." it's a beautiful read and book. >> a couple here. this one i really want to point out. here now in a world cup year. the u.s. national team, heading to rio, come next summer. we're also celebrating 100 years of soccer in this country. a beautiful game for a beautiful country. it's just chock full of history. and takes us back to 1950, when the u.s. men pulled a huge upset over england back then. but it captures hope solo and the great stride that u.s. women have made. been the dominant team in the world for a long, long time now. so, it's terrific for men and women. for the fans in both. and for sarina. again, the u.s. women are such wonderful role models. also, a quick one here.
8:38 am
"caught in the act." it's actors, candid snapshots. it's going to be your favorite. >> i have -- i love interior design. this is something i love. great ideas called "remix." and i thought it would be a coffee table book. but i love this. robert osbourne has written "85 years of the oscars." the only authorized book about the oscars. it is revised every five years. one thing i really love about it. not only the pictures and the memories from all of your favorites. but also, quotes from the greatest acceptance speeches of all-time. it's a fun gift and a great read. highly recommend it. >> does it come with the little fella. >> i know. franklin? >> franklin? i don't know. no. it does not come with that. that's just a prop. but love it. >> i don't blame you, franklin. i don't blame you, buddy. >> such a great idea. coffee books.
8:39 am
and i think of that "seinfeld" episode. when kramer had the coffee table book that he turned into a coffee table. >> sometimes they're that size. beautiful ideas we do every year. >> and they're just books. we're going to the e-books and going digital. there's something about having them. from oscar to golden globes. 'tis the season. we'll have your nominees when we return. >> that's a "soul train" line. >> the "soul train."
8:40 am
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this really is too good to be true! dannon oikos greek nonfat yogurt. ♪ dannon.
8:42 am
award season off to a running start in hollywood. the nominations for the 71st golden globes came in just moments ago. here with the highlights and the lowdown, jess cagle, editor of "entertainment weekly." and the new issue has the host, tina fey? >> tina fey and amy poehler are guest editors this week. they did work. and they were actually funny.
8:43 am
>> are you? >> don't buy that thing. it's fantastic. it's great. >> let's get down to the nomination. best actress in a dramatic tv series. >> they're being announced as we speak. but claire danes was not nominated for "homeland." >> she won last year. >> that was really shocking. michelle dockery from "downton abbey" nominated. julianna margulies. kerry washington. robin wright. but some of the standbys were shutout for taylor schilling, who is on "orange is the new black." if your show has the word black in it, you're in. >> comedy series, a newcomer. "brooklyn nine-nine." that was nominated. i expected "arrested development" to make a big showing for netflix. and it did not get nominated.
8:44 am
we have "the big bang theory." "girls" nominated again. "modern family." i know you're happy about that. i was disappointed that "veep" was not nominated. >> how is it not nominated? >> julia louis-dreyfus was nominated for actress. >> the series is so good. >> they learn new words. >> sure, jess. >> looking at the films now. "american hustle," "saving mr. banks." we've been talking about them on the show. we're in the comedy/drama zone. there's an incredible gray area now. >> exactly. >> from straight comedies or dramas. >> all of the potential nominees for best comedy, one of them were a comedy. we'll have them in a second. there's not one single -- among the nominees, "american hustle." that's kind of funny. "august: osage county."
8:45 am
that's not -- terrific movies. it didn't get the nod. it's on my potential list. i put it down as -- look out for it. it's kind of a comedy. we'll see how that one goes. >> who decides where it falls? >> the studios strategize. if they have a movie they feel like -- i feel we could get a nomination in the comedy category, not the drama category, they will push for that. but then, the hollywood foreign press association can sometimes say to them and say, we think this should be in the other category. >> the great thing about the golden globes, for me, it doesn't do what the oscars tries. to say best movie. it allows for two films. worthy films. especially since the academy tends to frown on comedies straight. >> exactly. i love that they honor comedies. this year, a lot of the comedies are not all that funny. >> best supporting actor in a series, miniseries or tv movie.
8:46 am
>> so far, it's not looking good for "homeland." but aaron paul for "breaking bad." i think you're going to see a lot of love for "breaking bad." >> rob lowe. he was great in that. >> "the good wife" doing well this morning. josh charles got nominated for that. and i love corey stoll in "house of cards." he's phenomenal. he might not be back. i don't know if we'll be seeing him again. but he was good in that show. >> best actor comedy tv series. >> oh, in comedy. jason bateman from "arrested development." even though the show didn't get nominated, he did. >> great straight man. >> there's nobody better. there's just nobody better. don cheadle from "house of lies." michael j. fox, no surprise there. also, andy samberg from "brooklyn nine-nine."
8:47 am
>> that's the tv side of it. we're going to delve into the movie side of the golden globe nominations, when we come back. stick around.
8:48 am
8:49 am
back, now, with the golden globe nominations for film. "american hustle" leads the golden globe nominations with seven each. jess, let's start out, jess cagle from "entertainment weekly." best picture drama. >> "12 years a slave." "american hustle" in the comedy
8:50 am
category. those are the two movies that i think are making strong showings and looking good. "12 years a slave." "captain phillips." "gravity," no surprise there. two other little movies. "philomena." judi dench, fantastic movie. and the hollywood foreign press association loves that film. they love judi dench. and also, "rush," the ron howard movie about racing is another one -- it has not gotten a lot of critics -- >> and about f-1, which is popular outside of the united states. >> yes. it's about a foreign race. the foreign press association. all makes sense. >> best picture? >> comedy, "american hustle," again. not a comedy. but glad it got nominated. joaquin phoenix, who else but
8:51 am
joaquin phoenix would fall in love with a gadget voice. like scarlett johansson. the movie was nominated. "inside llewyn davis." "nebraska," a terrific movie. and "the wolf of wall street." >> is that a comedy? we haven't seen that one. you've seen it. >> there are moments that you might find funny. but it is certainly not a straight setup, punch line comedy-comedy. >> you could say it's a very, very black comedy. >> very dark comedy. >> more nominations. best actor in a drama movie. >> sheila for "12 years of slave." idris elba, under the wire.
8:52 am
but the movie is not "mandela: walk to freedom." tom hanks, "captain phillips." i think that will go to the oscars, as well. matthew mcconaughey in "dallas buyers club." >> he was great in that. >> it was terrific. the movie did not get nominated in drama. jared leto. >> or comedy. >> that's right. i'm surprised that "dallas buyers club" did not get nominated in comedy because everything else did. and robert redford for "all is lost." >> and best actress. that lineup is stellar. >> cate blanchett, sandra bullock, judi dench, emma thompson. supporting actress, jennifer lawrence, julia roberts, sally hawkins. and no nomination for oprah in "the butler."
8:53 am
i thought she was going to get it. i wanted to see julia, oprah and jennifer lawrence. >> jennifer lawrence in "american hustle." >> she's fantastic. >> i can't believe that oprah didn't get a nod. >> she was good in this movie. >> this indicates what could happen in the oscars? >> it's a mixed bag. it's not a huge indicator. the s.a.g. awards are a better indicator. those people vote on the oscars. the hollywood foreign press does not. >> always knows. our man in the know. we'll be right b
8:54 am
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and we have a winner. not brody. not webster. no. it is rudolph the red-nosed boston terrier. maxxi is the champion. we want to thank the doggy stylists for all of the looks. it was a close-fought race. and the golden bone. >> the golden bone has been presented. >> thanks for watching. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. no wood burning allowed in the area despite the cold on this spare the air day. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. looks worse outside today than it has all week. good morning, everybody. hazy shine, temperatures closer to average, mid to upper 50s, 61 in oakland, accuweather seven-day forecast a cleaner and warmer air mass coming in. low to mid-60s this weekend. some areas make it near 70 monday and tuesday. leyla? in union city a sigalert northbound along the nimitz as you come up to whiffle. this is due to a car that smashed into the back of another car and overturned it. right now we have at least two
9:00 am
lanes blocked, heavy backup. slow in the southbound direction. kristen? >> thank you. join us for announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, from the new film, "the wolf of wall street," jonah hill. and, the perfect present for your teen, as we continue "live's" holiday gift guide week. plus, performing their monster hit "the fox" ylvis. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: kelly kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> ["the fox" playing] ♪ [cheers and applause]


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