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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 12, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon, an armed robber stole thousands of dollars from a fund raising bingo game in a san jose high school. >> the money supposed to help the high school band. nick smith joins us live with the latest. nick? >> good afternoon, they're asking for help and that anyone attending the bingo game contact the san jose police department with anything they may have seen or heard. this, as students
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prepare for the winter concert tomorrow. members of oak grove high school heard news that struck a sour note across campus. >> last night a guy ran in with a mass sxk gun and took money from the bingo program. >> reporter: police say 100 people were playing wednesday night bingo when a man burst through the doors and stole cash targeted for the band. a few folks ran after the thief, once realizing what's happening. >> they probably got about 8% of our budget. >> the game has a $5,000 payout the bandit made off with this b.that much. the game brang $60,000 to $80,000 per year the money funds trips, new equipment and musical instruction. >> i take it personally. this is
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my family. >> a family of 145 students and a director left to wonder where, and how, they'll makeup the difference. investigators trying to identify and arrest those respon responsible. >> milpitas police revealed thafr captured four people accused of killing a 7-11 clerk 15 months ago as they describe as a thrill kill. he was working a late night shift at the time. detectives say the four suspects were quote just looking to kill someone that night. they credit other local police agencies for helping them solve this case. >> fbi continuing to ask for help finding this man, a domestic terrorism suspect from san gnoma county. a federal arrest warrant was issued after a bombing in a company in august, 2003. san diego is also believed to be connected to an
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explosion a month later, last seen in october, 2003 in san francisco. we have images of what san diego might look like today he is being featured as part of the agency's northern california fugitive awareness initiative. dan noyes will have an update in this case including new video of the bombing. >> now, the story never seems to end. talks back on between bart and unions over a disputed provision giving six weeks of paid family leave. >> bart says having that pro vision in final contract was a mistake but unions want the district to honor it. laura anthony is live now with those talks are still going on. laura? >> they have, are still going on. it started at 10:00 this morning here. bart headquarters, teams are joined by a mediator. the fact all of the people are in the same room is in and of
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itself a positive sign. beginning difficult relations between bart and unions. seven weeks after they thought they had an agreement, bart and unions resumed negotiations over a disputed issue. paid family leave. >> at this point i know what you're going say the ball is in their court. they know. that we can't speculate. >> unions willing to at least talk about how to end the stalemate. and produced this indictment. today, bart released another piece of paper a yellow line through paid leave pro spoes poesal. >> to too expensive for bart. >> bart and unions will meet friday to try to resolve this
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dispute. in oakland abc7 news. >> a man died after being hit by a van near the marin county civic center. a witness told our media partner that it appeared the victim was in the crosswalk or near when struck. the driver of the van stopped right after hitting the man around 10:00 in the morning, police are questioning him the tragedy took place next to weekly farmer's market. >> cell phone video shows two vehicles after bursing the into flames in livermore. the driver of a jeep cherokee died around 10:15 this morning. we're capturing pictures of the scene, crews put out the fire. patrol arrested the driver of the hummer on suspension of drunk driving saying he rear ended the jeep the driver and passenger both escaped with just minor injuries the crash forced chp to close in
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both directions. >> this was wild. police sirens wailing. a 40-year-old led police on a chase that ended insanityock last night. the man was driving on one rim. you can see it there. police say they stopped beasley for appearing to be under the influence and discovered weapons in the car. beasley took off, hitting an officer with the car's side mirror. >> the search for a san jess yeah faelt and naem has been called off 12 days after the plane vanished in idaho dale smith and his family were heading from oregon to montana. smith reported engine trouble. authorities say conditions are
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getting worse. >> the fcc made some list restrictions on cell phones on airplanes. if approved you may have to wait for the plane to land. >> fcc voted to begin process to tlaft ban. there is no technical reason but that doesn't mean airlines will be required to allow calls. senator feinstein and alexander introduced legislation to ban calls on commercial flights the transportation department is moving forward with its own restrictions. >> volunteers at reach academy sorted 2000 donated books for grades kindergarten through three ready this, is part of an effort to grow childhood literacy. children reading by the end of third grade are more likely to be successful in life. oakland school donated those
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books. >> we've noticed haze in the skies. >> now, sandhya patel is here with today's accu-weather forecast. hi, sandhya. >> hi. looking at live doppler seven hd, you can see high clouds starting to move in our north. it's no doubt dirty as far as air quality is concerned. from our mount tamalpais camera, you can see the haze. and wood burning aloued today, tonight or into tomorrow. but the good thing is that temperatures are coming up. tonight it isn't going to be as cold as it has been. you can see pollution there looking towards mount diablo. it's 54 in oakland. mild in redwood city. 58 san jose. 57 petaluma. sutro
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tower camera, high, thin clouds and we're not expecting rain. partly cloudy skies cool this evening. chilly tomorrow morning and afternoon. mid-50s to low 60s i'll be back with a changing forecast for the weekend. >> thank you, sandhya. still ahead a mail history. a letter signed and sealed 70 years ago. but just now delivered. >> i'm spencer christian. we're taking your food donations now. with petaluma childrens chorus. and very a special surprise regarding our give where you live food drive. >> see you shortly, spencer. new details coming up in a molestation case involving a popular golf coach. what police are saying about the investigation. >> and let's check afternoon
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commute. as is normally the case, it's packed. especially for folks trying to make their way towards the lower deck of the bay bridge in the east bay. it's really heavy in other direction also for folks heading towards
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[[man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter]
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a real mystery in richmond a letter mailed decades ago arrived to its destination
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the letter is dated february 5, 1946. addressed to agnesr smith. the letter is now at the history association. they're trying to track down the intended recipient or her family. >> it's exciting because where has it been? where can something sit? it has an old look to it. it's never gone through a post office the second time. maybe someone found it and remailed it. >> the post office doesn't know where it could have been for 67 years. >> makes you wonder how many pieces of mail are floating out there? from 70 years ago? maybe old paychecks? >> this is time for intsagram
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private messaging? hi, cory. >> reporter: where it's colder, just not fair. but news today from insta gram. the first private messaging tool called instagram direct. the friends can comment in private. offering as competition stiffens from twitter and snap chachlt a new name considering kwaul come steve operating officer steve molencov, on the list of several candidates under serious consideration as the company hopes to name a new ceo before the end of the year zario agreed with it's rival broadcaster
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claiming they violated copy right. stocks dropped a little bit today, bloomberg silicon valley index falling. a big year for twitter out with golden tweets. this year a tweet from leah michelle. this after her boyfriend and "glee co-star. from bloomberg world head quarters i'm cory johnson. from back east? i don't know. here i am. >> stay warm. >> yes. >> more, perhaps. >> this year's abc7 give where you live drive helping bay area food banks. >> you can win $7,000 by helping
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when you click give where you live on our station face book page. we donate $one to food banks for you. >> and spencer christian is in santa rosa right now. and very historical singers are with him. >> yes. once again petaluma childrens chorus singing songs of the season. not that we're not in the spirit already. joining me now is david goodman. this is like a full service food bank. >> it's for the next 30 years we're excited to be here. >> you have a kitchen here? >> we do have a value market. and we have a community kitchen and distributing more and more food. >> and can you give us a sense
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of the need in your community? >> sure. 78,000 people every month. so there is a tremendous growing need. >> another term we hear is food insecurity. what is that? >> that is people don't have an adequate supply of food to be healthy and productive. >> you're helping to meet the needs? >> that is right. up to people that need supplemental groceries.. >> i plug you for work you're doing. and surprising is this the time we've been inviting our viewers to visit our facebook page. for every like we get, we are donating $1 to the cause we can donate to your food bank $15,000.
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>> excellent. that is fabulous. we'll be able to get $60,000 worth of food in the community so that is very exciting. >> you can help by texting the word" feed "to the number 80077. every dollar translates into $four worth of food. >> thank you. >> spebser has become like santa claus. iets nice to know how much your donations are stretched. >> but sandhya is here and tracking weather. >> we're getting out of the chill. so into tomorrow cold. clouds to the north, rest of the bay area enjoying sunny
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skies but hazy out there. here is a look at the forecast. spare the air declared for tomorrow so continuing throughout friday. and above average temperatures expected next week. we have a cold front working its way towards northern california. it's a weak cold need wind to clear things out, tonight look for high clouds tomorrow morning a little bit of low clouds developing in the morning. afternoon, slightly cooler but plenty of sunshine. i do want to show you something here. this is from national oceanic and atmospheric association. i want to show you
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extreme drought spreading northward and just getting worse here. we're not expecting rain any time soon. so december has been dry and that doesn't mean january will not be wet. low 30s into coldest inland valleys. nothing like this morning so yes, will be at or below freezing in spots. you'll need extra layer tomorrow morning then, tomorrow afternoon. sunshine and low 60s today most areas mid to upper 50s and a look at the accu-weather forecast, six spare the air has been issued for tomorrow. and according to air district that is a record. high temperatures
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low to mid-60s. 66 around the bay. warmest spots, monday, tuesday, above normal at this time of the year. the storm going to remain well west of us. didn't look like it's going to bring rain soon. >> that is unfortunate. >> yes. well, yaechlt from rain perspective. >> it's dry. >> up next who got golden globe nod? we'll have a list of the favorites and the big snub. >> i just want to thaw out is all. and a young girl's surprise making sure her parents enjoy the holiday school concert.
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to those who've encountered welcome to covered california. new, affordable health plans so you can be ready for whatever comes your way. enroll today at it's time to roll out the red carpet. >> nomination as nonesed for the golden globe awards.
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favorites. >> 12 years of slave and american hustle dominated with seven nods each, which could make both film oscar favorites. >> people believe what they want to believe. >> it's a crowded field of people who have won oscars and bloebz tom hanks and robert redford. also big snubs. >> lee daniels, the butler getting shut down with no
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nominations considering yesterday oprah winfrey was nominated for her role in the film. >> homeland was shut out of the awards. behind the candle ys abra and house of cards scored four nominations each. alongside masters of sex, downton abby, the good wife and breaking bad for best television musical, parks and recreation xheeting against big bang theory, brooklyn 99, girls, and modern family. >> julia lieu double nominations this year. >> and coming up next a popular golf coach charged with molesting boys he taught in livermore. >> north korea announces what happened to a powerful leader
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and relative of leader kim juning un >> and the man at the center of a controversy comes forward. why he says he is not a fake.
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a budget deal, the house passed a measure by 332-94 vote
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the report came despite criticism from some members after the deal was announced yesterday. that opposition drew the ire of john boehner. >> this budget agreement takes giant steps in the right direction. it's not everything i wanted but when groups come out and criticize an agreement they've never seen, you begin to wonder how credible those actions are >> nancy pelosi urged lawmakers to quote, embrace the thought. it eliminates $65 million known as sequester and shaves $23 billion off the deficit over next ten years. >> carol king was a performer
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before the anniversary of the newtown shootings families gathered to remember those killed by gun violence saturday marks one year since the shooting at newtown killed 26 people. among them, 20 children. >> a newlywed who admitted to pushing her husband to his death took a deal in her murder trial. graham accused of shoving her husband over a cliff at glacier national park just eight days after their wedding. under the geel first degree murder charges will be droped and she'll face life in prison. >> north korea's official news agency reports kim juning un's uncle has been executed as a traitor. announcing he had been removed from duties because of accusation of corruption, drug
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use and gambling the uncle had been considered the second most powerful official in the north. >> the hawaii health official verified authenticity of president obama's birth certificate died in a small plane crash. the plane went down yesterday just off the hawaiian island of molokai. she was the state health director making headlines when verified authenticity of copies of the president's birth certificate. president obama requested the release to curve claims by so called birthers he was born in kenya. >> the cdc is announcing today laughter's flu season sent people to the hospital in numbers not seen since 2005. officials say more than 380,000 people were hospitalized for the flu and vaccinations led to 6.5 million fewer people getting sick. however, only 45% of
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american who's are eligible to get a flu shot did get one in 2012. cdc recommending everybody get a flu vaccine each year. >> still head how to own a piece of candle stick history. >> first, holiday house melting hearts across the nation. a surprise for her parents. >> i'm sandhya patel. what a spectacular sunset now. sundown 4:51. not as freezing cold tonight. we're expecting milder weather. details on the weekend coming up. >> and taking a look at walnut creek right now, northbound traffic is slow and heavy as you can see. there are headlights coming into our direction but traffic is moving. abc7 n
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>> is that really that kid?
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the internet is shook up over a teenager's rendition of" blue christmas ". >> the teenager performs on radio station in >> is the most adorable. claire coke surprised her deaf parents signing the christmas theme to" bingo "as well as" rudolph ". her classmates used generic hand motions. >> her mother posted this on you tube. it will be at 6 million in a flash. she says facial expressions are just claire being herself. i think on the cute meter of 1 to 10, that is a
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12. >> yes. so expressive. and excellent job. >> great job. >> well, spencer christian is on assignment. sandhya patel is keeping track of the weather. >> yes. she's off the charts i'm sure parents are happy. right now, showing you some high clouds moving through. associated with a cold front. but we're not expecting any rain. have you to go down to dallas to see rain there 40s tomorrow afternoon. snow moving back n 30 in chicago. cold, minneapolis, 13. 30 in boston. new york 32 degrees 78 in miami and out west, 47 in seattle. looking on the subject of west, from top to bottom, sunny skies, patchy low clouds and fog, then sunshine in los angeles. 66. 42 tahoe. and in monterey into the 50s. here is a look at the high temperatures with that cold front passing
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really it's a dry front going allow temperatures to dip just slightly tomorrow afternoon. but only to rise back again heading towards weekend. so in santa rosa. enjoy the sun. i promise you that as we head towards tomorrow morning, not expecting 20s tomorrow is going to be low 30s to low 40s so a little better in terms of the chill. and milder overnight. >> markedly warmer today. >> it did. and when you have more low 60s showing up, it feels better. >> encouraging letter former president bush gave to a struggling college football
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player. >> i'm michael finney. how amazon plans to take on costco. the stories and more coming up. >> and i'm spencer christian. in the food store within the food bank called value market. these 2004 lovely cash years. in just a moment i'll introduce you to a clienteling why this market is a value. stay tuned.
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>> police believe a golf instructor may have harmed more children than first thought. >> officers are now expanding their investigations into all five states. >> abc7 news reporter allen wong joins us live now where he last worked allen? >> yes. we also spoke to police who tell us that they interviewed two more boys today who could be potential victims they believe there could be a lot more out there. this popular
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golf instructor organized two youth leagues out here with 300 young golfers under him. it turns out the 31-year-old was arrested for molesting three golf students lived with his wife, right next to jackson avenue school in livermore. he was known for creating instructional videos and promoting player was these flashy video productions. he worked in michigan where our sister station aired this story last night. livermore investigators say they began receiving calls from michigan today apparently he was a popular youth golf instructor else wrchlt >> when i seen him out here with kids, the, he seemed to be a good instructor. kids were, most were pretty good golfers. >> the teams won 2012 league championship placing second in the following year in georgia.
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the pga northern california executive director said he had a talent for communicating with young kids. police say that is how he took advantage of him. i'm allen wong reporting live in livermore. >> thank you. >> the bay area sports hall of fame and san francisco recreation and parks department are teeming up to help local kids. announcing today they donate seats and seats currently on sale for $649 the bidding for these start at $150 so the opportunity to get a deal there, perhaps. for more information go to abc7 >> give where you live food drive is helping banks end
4:46 pm
hunger. now more on efforts there spencer. >> that is right. i've been in many, many food banks i'm in value market. it's a full service food store in market within the food bank. there is fresh produce and serials and meets, canned goods. fresh produce is amazing and the clients here are able to buy things at a special price. here is showna. good to meet you. >> you've been a client how long? >> since this opened. >> why do you like this market? >> prices are good. and especially vegetables and fruits we have here. >> turn so we can see your lovely faces. you're saying where can you find carrots at
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this price? >> it's only $0.49 a pound. and celery, it's expensive. yes. in other stores so i come here, a small place, clean, nice and the price is right. >> and they teach you how to eat for your dia beat betic condition, right? >> our diabetic wellness program is great. it educates us and teaches us how to eat healthy. especially with vegetables and our cooking class. i'm grateful i'm grateful that empire food bank is here. >> thank you so much. you see? this is what food banks are doing around the bay area to help feed those hungry. you can help now by texting the word feed to the number 80077
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$10 donation. >> great deal. >> it s >> what would you do with extra $7,000 this holiday season? that is how much you can win. when you click you might just win $7,000 in the process. so spread the word so friends can help, too. >> a presidential show of support for embattled kicker who plays for university of alabama team. he received death threats after he missed two field goals and had another block. >> the loss cost a chance at national title. last night, foster instagramed a letter he
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received from the 43 president wrote dear cade. life has set backs i know, exclamation point. foster writing framing this. that is a nice gesture. >> it was. just a beautiful gesture. >> this kid has been through, you don't know. it's been rough. >> moving show of support and friendship from a 9-year-old florida boichl he is one of the best young swimmers in the country. he won a meet and with it, a trophy >> josh did not keep it. he sent it to his friend and rival 10-year-old reese branzel with a note he's about in and out of the hospital with bacterial infection since october. he said he is sorry i haven't been feeling well. i won this trophy for you today. i hope to see you back in the pool. your friend, josh.. >> i felt bad for him. and it
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wasn't something i had to do. i talked about it with my parents they're trying to teach me to be a good sport. i was just trying to do what they're tealing me. >> what a nice kid. the gesture moved parents of both boys to tears. reese's dad says it left him speechless. >> yes. really nice. >> swedish retailer ikea recalling eight children wall-mounted lamps after the death of a toddler. >> information parents and grandparents need to know. >> horrible situation. ikea recalling eight wall-mounted lamps after a toddler pulled the coraled into the crib and strangled himself. the lamps are shaped like a blue star, a yellow moon, a fake flower, white flower, a red heart, green bug, a blue sea shell and owe yank sea horse. anyone with
4:51 pm
those of those lamps urged to make sure the cord is out of the reach of children especially small children, and babies and contact ikea customer service for a free repair kit. >> homeowners, analysts say we're near the end of the foreclosure crisis, seeming more of us are working and economy is approving to. experts agree another spike in foreclosures is unlikely. >> people that like to shop at costco and sam's club may have i new alternative. is working on a business called the pantry. amazon refusing to confirm the story but sources say the pantry will open next year and will target members of its prime shipping program. the pantry reportedly selling items like cleaning supplies, dried
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grocery items and shoppers will be able to put items in a particular sized box, they don't know what size, then it will be shipped free. pretty cool. >> that is fascinating. >> up next lost in translation. a guy supposed to be signing at nelson mandela's memorial service. >> why he says he's in the a fraud. >> hi, i'm dan ashley. coming up at 5:00 are you ready for this? talk about a wrong number? a bay area woman calls a state agency and gets a sex line. the problem and solution, plus... christmas shopping when cheryl
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a disturbing admission from
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a man supposed to be signing for the memorial for nelson mandela. >> the man admits he has schizophrenia. >> the world watching he stood just feet from 91 heads of state, including president obama. supposedly interpreting nelson mandela's memorial service. experts say this wasn't sign language. the man at the center of the controversy is coming forward with a disturbing explanation for why. >> i don't know what, i see engines coming to the stadium. he says he's skrits frenic explaining he had an episode and started hallucinating. >> sometimes, you see like people and hear voices you don't
4:57 pm
understand you end up losing control. >> the south african government admits a mistake was made and launched an investigation into how he was hired and managed to get security clearance. >> probably one of the biggest events in modern world history. how could he be awill youed to get that close to such a powerful group of individuals? >> he insists he's certified in sign language and he's interpreted other events including one with south africa's president shown in this clip the south african government and gonchi now apologizing. >> if i've offended anyone, please, forgive me. >> the deputy cabinet minister admits they're having trouble tracking down the owners of the company that hired him.
4:58 pm
>> it's a wild story. un believable. >> thanks for joining us at 4:00. i'm care yes lynn johnson. >> abc7 news at 5:00 starts right now >> i said your phone number is very wrong. >> and boy, was it. she gets a sex line instead of a state agency. >> a drunk driving arrest and a deadly car crash and fire neeft bay. >> and police ask for your help after a heartless robber holds up a school fund-raiser. >> i'm sandhya patel. out of the wide spread freeze, a warm up coming. your weekend forecast is coming up. >> welcome. >> that is when a bay area heard when she called a state agency
4:59 pm
shechlt was shocked. a phone number turns out to be a sex line. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> the woman was trying to get child support payments from her ex-husband. tonight the problem has been solved. the story you'll see only on abc7 news. >> it's many government officials embarrassed tonight. a viewer tipped us off to the story, seeming almost unbelievable. a phone sex chat line on a county child support services web site. >> it's just bizarre and embarrassing. she needed help collecting back child support payments she went to child support services web site for help. >> and under contact us, i called the number. and it was a hot line. >> what kind of hot line? >> for guys and girls...
5:00 pm
>> welcome to america's hottest talk line. ladies to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press one now. >> she was shocked she reached a sex chat line and thought it was a wrong number. she called again. and again. and? >> same thing. for girls, dial one, boys, dial two. >> she called an e mail child support services to complain about the sex hot line but that was more than a month ago. nothing was done. >> i was very disappoint that had could happen. an agency like that? making that mistake it's very unfortunate. >> our next stop was child support services in redwood city. despite the calls and e mails, the hot line number was news to them. >> you're the first person to contact us regarding this issue. >> the direct jerz her


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