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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  December 12, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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interest story. a child support services hotm&9ezv turned out t realizefá it until myhvuu
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>> i was disappointed. and an agency like that? make that mistake? it's very unfortunate. >> our next stop is child support services in redwood city. despite calls, the number was news to them. the director says her agency had no idea the line was a sex line. >> sex talk hot line on your web site. got to be more than just a little embarrassing here? >> yes. a lot embarrassing. apologize but what can i say? the community broke down. >> rodriguez says it was a vendor contracted by the state which changed it's number months ago the old number replaced by something less legit the mistake has been corrected and the number, taken down ask replaced with the right one. >> someone looking for a sex hot line? can they find it on the web site? >> not as of noon today. just
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minutes ago tept of child support services contacted us. we've learned they knew about the hot line and sent an e mail if you see it, take it off your web site. not everybody saw the web site. it's being sent out again. a personal call from the local director. >> new concern a popular government instructor may have targeted more victims the golf pro is in jail charged with 65 counts of child molestation against children. >> this is the story that no one wants to be associated with. we spoke with several golfers here who refused to go on camera.
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what they did tell us is that he had a talent for recruiting children into the game of golf. turns out the 31-year-old in jail charged with molesting three students lived with his wife next to jackson avenue school in livermore. he created golf videos and promoted player was flashy productions today, police interviewed two more boy who's may be phone shall victims and believe there are more because he had students. today, investigators say they began receiving calls from michigan. he taught in north carolina, alabama and mississippi. >> i've seen him with kids he seemed to be a good instructor. you know? kids were good golfers
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>> the team won the league championship in chicago, placing second the following year but the pro says he he was an unorthodox instructor. >> biggest mistake is keeping score. remember, your score doesn't matter. don't keep it >> the director says he had a talent for communicating with children. police say it's also how he took advantage of them. >> tonight deputies looking for a convicted child molester sdenltly let out of jail. they may never find him because he was released to immigration. and they deported him to mexico. he pled guilty to molesting a 13-year-old girl. a year of detective work led to a big announcement by milpitas police today four suspects have been arrested
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for the only murder of 2012. three armed men shot and killed this man in september of last year. his friends called him mo. he worked night shift and a detective shared a statement from his family today. >> there are so many accomplishments we're hoping to share with our dad before he passed. but these criminals have stolen that from our family we must bring justice by ensuring these crime males are never to commit a heinous act again. >> police say surveillance video from the 7-11 provided them with leads in this case >> one driver dieed and another went to jail after a crash in livermore today take a look at the video just moments after a jeep cherokee caught fire. he died in that
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fire. this is a view from sky seven hd. witnesses say the hummer plowed into the cherokee and traffic wasn't moving. >> it's just sad to see working here on the weigh. it's sad. >> the patrol says hummer's driver, a 53-year-old was intoxicated and has been booked into jail the coroner could not sell if the person who died was a man or woman. >> they have been talking for eight hours now and bart unions to resolve a disputed portion of the contract two sides agreed to in october. six weeks of paid leave. abc7 news is monitoring talks tonight. this is just a mess. >> it has, but they're talking.
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that is a good sign. no taigs indication how late they'll gochlt both sides say they're determined to resolve this but neither indicated any willingness to come off of the position. they afreed the pro vision regarding paid family leave. >> the union position is very clear. it's been very clear. >> leaders showing the difference and today, bart released another piece of paper that predates that page. >> it's six weeks of paid leave,
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it's just too costly. >> officials say they want to put this year of strikes behind them. many riders want the same thing. >> i think it's in the contract. just should stay in the contract. >> i'm hoping this gets resolved. bart and unions will meet on friday to try to resolve the dispute. >> still ahead tonight on abc7 news i team obtains video of a terrorist bombing and renewed interests in finding the suspect behind it. >> i'm sandhya patel. great visibility, spare the air alerts getting a chance to defrost tonight i'll let you know what is coming up for the weekend. >> details on the 100 miles per hour chase ending in an antioch neighborhood. sparks flying.
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what pleas found in the driver of this car. >> redwood empire food bank i'll talk about the
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we've focused on the drug trade in san francisco's tender loin. and tonight we take a look
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at into the lives of the drug dealers themselves. vick? >> we're going to call him dave. we've disguysed him because he fears for his life if dealers know who he is. >> you do what you do >> dave calls himself an associate of the tender loin drug trade he says dealers are just trying to make a living. on a good day, it's really good. >> any day, you can come home with $20,000. in a day. >> dave says many would surprise you. >> you don't take a look at someone pulling up in a buick. a bmw with a suit on. >> professionals? >> people that have good money. >> but it's also a risky business. >> have you ever been afraid? >> every day. >> of being shot?
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or? >> every day. every single day. >> there is a risk of getting arrested. most have long rap sheets but they serve little time. and are quickly back on streets. it's within a learning experience in jail. >> now, you're putting skill sets to use in there you know? you're getting connections. >> dave says crack cocaine used to be the popular drug. now, it's prescription pills. >> it's not thought of to be you know, as bad as crack or heroin. it's more acceptable. >> abc7 news reported the sweep that a task force of federal agents in san francisco narcotics officers arrested chronic drug dealers in the tender loin after obtaining indictments. word spread
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quickly. >> are they afraid snoo yes. it's a wake up call. it's not business as usual anymore. >> still, dave believes it won't stop the drug trade. >> bad money out there is always going to be there. and you take us away? someone will take the place. >> by the way dave was not a target he says he'd like to get a legitimate job but says many if they wanted to get jobs can't. because of their long rap sheets and lack of skills and who would want to flip burgers when you make so much on the streets? so it's hard to break that cycle. >> vicious cycle. thank you. a crack down targeting high crime areas in antioch ended in an hour long pursuit last night.
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this back to antioch at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour he refused to cooperate after being pulled over. officers say he was intoxicateed and had weapons in the car. he's now facing charges of assault, and evading police. >> well, every dollar counts in this economy. especial fully you're among 600,000 people in the bay area who don't know where that next meal is coming from. >> and with that in mind abc7 launched give where you live food drive. >> that is right. first, it's immense and filled with food thanks to donations of people that care about those hungry. but thanks to workers and
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volunteers we have a childrens chorus inspiring volunteers. to continue. nice to see you, eileen. i heard you giving a walk to other volunteers. >> they're working hard. >> how many people do you have helping? from 20-30 per month >> we're here for prepacks. what happens after this another set of people come to help out. >> how long have you been doing this? >> now for about two years. >> why is it important? >> it's a rough world world together we can make a difference. >> yes. we can. and our camera
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man is get lg show. s i want him to get another shot of eileen's festive attire. exciteed and worked up, the lights come on. >> i don't know if i'm a flasher but it's great fun to be part of this. >> it's a joy to be with you. thank you. >> thank you. >> i want to tell you how you can help out. you can text the word feed to the number for a $ten donation. translating into $four worth of food so please, help out. >> spencer, thank you. you don't forget when you click give where you live button, we're going to
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donate $one to food banks for you >> so spread the word. >> that is great so talk about the weather. >> only 52 but feels warmer. >> yes. i know. temperatures 2 to 6 feel better. is it's in association with this cold front. they have a chance of light rain later on tonight from our mount tamalpais camera looking towards san francisco, visibility is good. air quality not great. spare the air alert is in tonight tonight and
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tomorrow. and with current weather pattern in place we're not expecting air quality to improve immediately. looking good now. 51 degrees in san francisco. look at how comfortable weather. the view from our camera financial district san francisco, nice looking view there we do have chilly spots. napa up 40. east bay hills camera looking back aconsiders the bay here is a look at the forecast. spare the air through friday would be a record. warming trend for the weekend no rain in site. for us here in the bay area.
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this is a weak cold front so not going to row dues rain high clouds will be with us tonight. they he vap wait. humidity coming up with temperatures will not be on the wide spread frosty side tomorrow afternoon, it's sunny but cooler. this is every month, this is the latest from them. as we take a look at california, the read showing you extreme drought. and orange showing how much of california is under a severe drought. we'll keep on eye on had. we need rain and sure could use snow. but doesn't look like anything happening. tomorrow morning, no 20s mid and upper 20s this morning.
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so tomorrow afternoon, clearing sunshine. temperatures slipping just a little bit. temperatures rise next week expecting mid-60s around the bay. if you have too do holiday shopping or get a tree there is time to do it >> thank you. >> up next a giant octopus gets a home. back in a moment.
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police are trying to track down a gunman who robbed a bingo game. the gunman wearing a ski mask burst in and stole the cash meant for the band program. the man got away with about 5,000s ndz cash. >> this is a shock. >> disappoint something >> yes. very. disappointing for this program >> they are looking for witness who's may have seen or witnessed
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the event yesterday. >> these games bring in 60,000 to $80,000 a year for the band. 90% of the budget helping fund trips and music instruction. >> newest residents of pisherman's wharf have something in common with locals and tourists that love to eat crab this time of the year. >> like their they'veing. they're big feast giant octopus loves to feed on crab so they become in the crab pot they see the pot and just see dinner they climb in there and start feasting then, all of a sudden they get lifted into a boat and go oh, no. >> oh, yes. the get pretty big during that time.
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>> well, our coverage continues tonight at 6:00. coming up next video by the i team as the fbi renews it's search for a terrorist. >> what a government decision decided for the use of cell phones onboard
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fbi launched an initiative to find a domestic terrorism suspect. >> this is the story covered at the time and dan noyes is here with a follow up. >> it was a very active time for the animal rights movement. many wound up in prison because of fires set, and attacks on research labs but one fbi still is looking for. ten years later is daniel san diego, he'd be 35 by now. fbi received tips
6:30 pm
placing him in novato and santa cruz. and the fbi gave me this surveillance individual yes today, saying he is responsible for two blasts in 2003. and another a month later at shackly in pleasanton. he targeted them both for tie tz a animal testing lab. the fbi has come up with these images of what he might look like now. he has tattoos on his chest and should be considered armed and dangerous. if you see this man, call 911 the hot line is open 24 hours per day this, is part of the fbi new push to find the most wanted planning a news conference tomorrow morning. dan?
6:31 pm
carolyn? >> interesting. >> on the run a long time. >> yes. thank you >> the fcc could lift restrictions on cell phones but that doesn't mean you can start making calls on board the fcc voted today to begin the process of lifting the ban. new technology eliminates interference. reason behind the restriction. despite the majority of passengers insisting on keeping the ban in place fcc is moving forward >> i'm the last person in the world who wants to listen to someone talking to me but we're tech nal agency ask will make tech nal tags department is considering restricks as well. >> a budget deal cleared a
6:32 pm
hurdle today the house passed the measure by 332-94 vote the broad based support despite criticism after the deal was announced yesterday. that drew the ire of john boehner. >> this takes giants steps in the right direction whchlt groups come out and criticize an agreement they've never seen, you'd begin to wonder how credible those actions are. nancy pelosi agrees the deal isn't perfect but urged lawmakers to embrace it. the deal prevents a shut down two years eliminating $65 million in cuts and it didn't raise taxes the senate takes up the bill next week. >> astronauts on the international space station are working to avoid an emergency
6:33 pm
space walk. nasa says a valve malfunctioned making the air too cold. the six are in no immediate danger, we're told and are conducting a space walk considered more risky than unusual. >> if you live in a big story it's possible you don't use your car that much. abc7 news jonathan bloom explains how this could save you money. >> our goal to make every car a connected smart car. >> starts with this black box. >> it's reading from the device
6:34 pm
itself. >> it can tell you how much east cost in gas. watching your commute and gives you insight. >> so i know it's going to save me ten minutes per day. >> if you forgot where you parked? >> it has a gps unit in it. so can show you the position at any point in time. >> the device is called a metronome. >> the device is free. >> they're paying for it by selling something else. car insurance priced by the mile. >> charging people per mile if you're taking bart and get to work during the week only using a car on the weekend we can save 40% to 50%. saying it's taylor made for people in cities you might take $20 or $30 per
6:35 pm
month. it tracks how much you drive but not how you drive. >> just plug it in. >> that is illegal in california but pricing is legal, but needs state approval. it's giving away those metronomes. >> if we can save money, that is great. >> metro mile is selling in washington and oregon. >> coming up next a local group wants you to help them track t
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on grant avenue and a group in the bay area asking for your help in tracking the yearly virus. in the process, providing you with perhaps a new way to avoid it. >> this is you. you become a
6:39 pm
push pin >> this doctor is monitoring a virtual nerve center part of a flu tracking system called flu near you driven by an army of volunteers oochl we want the public to volunteer this information as a global gf. we're helping public health authorities >> to do that, the group is partnering with organizations like university of san francisco school of nursing. volunteers agreeing to answer weekly surveys sent to their computer. >> going here, you report flu. it asks if you have symptoms if you have none, you push none, next, and that is all have you to do. >> in exchange users can monitor flu activity in their areas and receive alerts of new cases being reported. judy is dean of the school of nursing. >> flu is something really very serious. something we can track and know how to prevent. it's a
6:40 pm
good way for us to try to use technology >> at the jewish community center, directors believe they may be able to help schedule events and classes. >> populations range from preschoolers up to seniors he we're dealing with a significant amount. >> the doctor says the system displays parallel data from sources such as google flu trends and cdc. >> you can click on this cdc system. it's monitoring sick people that get tested for flu. >> it's a combination for a nonprofit. organizers believe it could be expanded to track outbreaks of other diseases
6:41 pm
>> so the more we can learn about this annual threat of flu, the more we can take that information and think about how to prepare for potential next sars or another virus and spread the same way that flu does. >> now, answering a survey takes just about ten seconds per day. we have links on abc7 under see it on tv. >> stay with us. spencer is up next with the abc7 news give where you live food drive. >> in
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>> sky seven is live in san raf yes. a gas line is leaking at an elementary school. a car sheared off the gas line when a holiday event was just about to begin. parents and children were there after hours. electric wires have been damaged >> two people have been hurt but injuries appear minor. still, they were taken to the hospital.
6:45 pm
and we're going to have more on this story on coffee tv 20 at 9:00 and a abc7 news at >> this year, give where you live food bank help feed thousands per month. spencer? >> yes this, is an amazing facility here in santa rosa. ginning me is the manager of the program. you've got a value market here. and kids helping out here. >> we're feeding 78,000 people every month. everything is volunteer driven here. from the
6:46 pm
moment produce is unloaded to getting shipped out to sites, these are the reason we can keep up with food we need to get out into the community. so every part is important. >> that is amazing. 78,000 people is a huge number have you seen the needs increasing this year? >> absolutely. you know? there is a definite need that happens year round we've seen that rate in our county is one out of six. in the country it's one out of five. >> people not familiar with that term, explain what that means? >> most of us know what we're going to have and a lot of neighbors don't have that choice. so they're not secure in knowing where food or meal is coming from. >> thanks for joining us. we appreciate deeply the efforts that you make here. people need
6:47 pm
and are hungry have food insecurity you can help as well. texting the word feed to the number 80077 for a $ten donation. >> thank you. to give where you live go to the abc7 news facebook page. you can win a cash prize >> a week from tonight. >> yes. >> help us out. >> yes. we look at live doppler seven hd. high clouds starting to move n they'll be with us tonight, so temperatures will be a little bit higher tomorrow morning compared to this morning. traveling tahoe, 42 tomorrow, clouds, sunshine, if you're going to be heading to reno, 41 so mid-60s los angeles, san diego. morning low clouds and fog, then, sunshine here in the bay area nothing but
6:48 pm
sunshine after the morning low clouds. looking at the week head, temperatures 59 tomorrow, numbers inching up, right now computer models hinting low 70s tuesday. if this verifies we'll head into well above normal conditions going into next week. and accu-weather forecast spare the air again, tomorrow, temperatures coming up through the weekend and beyond. and as you look at that accu-weather forecast there is no rain on there. >> yes. >> we'll have to see. >> thank you. >> larry beil is here now >> sports snoont >> yes, sir. >> starting with giants winter meetings going on and making a keel for a new left fielder.
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good evening, giants signed michael mores to a is 65, 245 nicknamed the beast. good nickname. and two years ago, 31 homers giants hoping he can regain that form. two weeks from tomorrow, washington and byu meets at at and t park. both teams finishing
6:53 pm
raiders quarterback, marcus tuiasosopo, our old buddy. this will be his first take as a head coach. do not expect his counter part to offer tips. >> that might be after the game. you know? there is from what i've seen and know about his career, he probably doesn't need tips and will do a great job. >> this is a great opportunity for me to experience that. and you know? you can never pick and choose how you want things to happen in this profession because things change, fast. >> the michael kim ascending to number one in world amateur rankings he was a golfer of the year this season first ever in cal. pack 12
6:54 pm
player of the year finishes low amateur in 2013 u.s. open. behind him is patrick rogers a two time first team all american. cal's brendan hagge fifth in standings. in the warriors last two home games they've had to come back from huge deficits. down 27 to beat raptors last night, down 18. coming back to beat mavericks. we haven't seen him like this during a timeout. pointing a finger, i want more. steph curry monitor 4th quarter. and then, you don't go rung out to chest bump what. are you
6:55 pm
>> we're just trying to go defensively and offensively. >> warriors have sold out, talking about and helped this year. now, started to tell you about warriors selling out all 14,000 tickets this year. he showed up and saw brett cowaguchi. >> people with determination. the company going to have to let you go. we decided to get you season tickets.
6:56 pm
>> that is just a joke. wilson drafted by look yeez. 49ers and pretty much every team would love to see him pursue a long, fruitful career. like starting now. he's not going anywhere. >> yeah. >> okay. thank you, larry. >> join he mooe tonight at 9:00 lang armstrong naming names in his doping scandal the man armstrong says knew everything. >> then at 11:00 a holiday home coming months in the making. tonight a premature baby beating odds thanks to a mother who never gave up hope. >> we'll see you tonight at 9:00
6:57 pm
and 11:00. that is all for the moment. >> thanks for joining us everyone. >> one final reminder now about abc7 news give where you live food drive live tonight at redwood empire food bank. this is a live picture, look at faces. >> we're urging you to text the word feed to make a $ten word feed to make a $ten donation. go to the facebook [s are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and
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of very bright people. case in point -- meredith, our current champion. rachel and woody are the newcomers to challenge her. good luck and welcome. here we go into the jeopardy! round. and here come the categories for you. first off... 20th century literary titles. followed by... with "water" in quotation marks. all right, champ. let's go with the killing for $200. who is oedipus? the killing for $400. what is italy? uh, the killing for $600, please.


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