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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  December 13, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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down after a car sheers off a gas line. the damage left behind and when students could be back in the classroom. happening today, b.a.r.t. and its unions will be back at the bargaining table to hammer out an agreement over family leave time. meantime, a new poll reveals how the bays area feels about transit strikes and whether they should be banned. 6:00 on this friday, not just any friday. >> friday the 13th. >> yeah. >> hopefully a lucky one for us. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. people might have triskaidekaphobia, but not because of the weather. >> you doesn't. >> i did. >> good job. triskaidekaphobia. all right. next time, tough spell t advice bill ate quarter mile in navado. that is my biggest concern now, any bridges or overpasses around san rafael, navado, 101 toward roanoke park and petaluma, temperature above freezing. freezing on bridges and overpasses.
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very quiet, 49 it is freezing cold inland, 31, poor air quality in the santa clara valley, mid to upper 50s our temperatures this afternoon. here's leyla. >> i only know how to say supercalifragilistic expialidocious. >> it's getting -- >> up the ante. good morning, everybody. at 6:00, we take a look at our drive through berkeley we do have this fender bender, possibly blocking one lane, doesn't feel like a serious accident, westbound 80 at university avenue, not causing delays, pretty friday light, thankfully, everyone careful out there southbound along the nimitz, you head past 92, another accident there that is off to the shoulder. you can yee very clean conditions on most of our roadways, it is clear.
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outside to the san mateo bridge. you are taking that trek out of the hayward, foster city, taillights out there it will take you 13 minutes to head out to the peninsula. breaking news in east oakland, a family was able to escape after their hours caught fire early this morning. firefighters are still on the scene now mopping up the fire that raced through a prefab home on 90th avenue near 8th street before 3:00. officials say the sound of the fire and heavy smoke woke up a heavy couple and their child. the fire destroyed that home and damaged two others before crews could get it under control. the cause is under investigation. investigators stay doesn't appear suspicious. developing news from the north bay, students at at san raffaele elementary school are getting an unplanned three-day weekend. classes are canceled today while crews work to fin fiction a gas line fin damaged in the crash.
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katie marzullo is live in san raffaele with more on the story. katie? >> reporter: eric, this is on woodland avenue, laurel dell elementary school. i can tell you right now there is a faint smell of gas in the air and i can show you why. this is the damage that has been left behind. you can see the busted pipes and wires. both the gas line and the pg&e electrical connection to the school that have been severed. and you can see up on the sidewalk and some of the landscaping here where the car jumped the curb and crashed into the walls. so no gas, no electric that mean no school. classes cancelled for today. if you take a look at this video, sky 7 hd over the scene when it happened yesterday, around 5:45, a minivan slammed into the school. at this point, we still don't know why, but the driver and passenger inside the minivan to the hospital, minor injuries.
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no classes at the elementary school last night, there was a planned holiday concert, that was a real bummer. we understand firefighters did help move the props for the show to a nearby church so that the show could go on. staff at laurel dell elementary school not off the hook today, they are to report to short school for their duty but there will be no classes no students here at laurel dell. also, the superintendent of schools says they will be working, fixing this problem all weekend and fully expects that school will be back in session monday morning. live, katie marzullo, abc7 news.
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happening today, b.a.r.t. and its unions will be back at the table with a federal mediator over a disputed clause in the new labor contract that ended the strike. they are hoping to resolve the conflict over a clause that gives the transit workers six weeks of paid family leave. b.a.r.t. insists both sides agreed to take it off the table and says it is a mystery how it got back in there. union leaders say a deal is deal. matt keller will have a live report with more in the next half hour. contract talks resume today between ac transit and union drivers much the union and the district are nearing the end of a 60-day cooling off period that averted a strike back in october. today's "contra costa times" reports the situation approaching a boiling point again. starting sunday, ac transit plans to launch new routes and restore hours. the budget deal hammered out this week by a bipartisan group of lawmakers goes to the senate next week. the house easily passed the mesh sure by a 332-94 vote over the strong on jenks of tea party members much the spoons from speaker john boehner subjects that his patience with the tea party is at an end. >> this budget agreement takes giant steps in the right direction. it's not everything i wanted. but when groups come out and criticize an agreement that
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they've never seen, you begin to wonder just how credible those actions are. >> house minority leader, nancy pelosi, of san francisco, agrees the deal isn't perfect, but urged lawmakers to embrace it. the deal prevents a government shut down for at least two years, it eliminates $65 million in domestic spending cuts known as the sequester, it does not raise taxes and shaves 23 billion off the deficit the next ten years. happening now in south africa, tens of thousands of mourners are waiting in line in pretoria to pay their respects to nelson mandela. here is a live look. the body of the former south african president is lying in-state for the third and final day today. officials say some 50,000 people gathered in morning and lines are several miles long and they keep coming from all over the world. this morning, reverend jesse jackson stopped by to pay his respect to a man who broke down
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barriers. he will be buried in his home village sunday. he passed away last week at the age of 95. the fbi is launching a new initiative to find northern california's most wanted criminals. the list includes this man, daniel san diego, a domestic terrorism suspect wanted in two bay area bombings a decade ago. this is an image progression image of what the 35-year-old might look like now. the fbi gave abc 7 news the surveillance video, which shows one of the 2003 blasts at the chyron corporation that emeryville and shackly cosmetics in pleasanton. it is a story dan noyse and the i-team covered extensively at the time. the fbi believes the companies were targeted because because of their ties an animal testing lab. the cold snap may be over but some growers lost a majority of their crop as they tell packing houses not to ship fruit. workers are sifting through 200,000 acres of orchards. the identifiable damaged fruit will be sent to juice plants. fruit that looks okay will be x-rayed to see if there's any interior decay. packing house director says they will begin shipping after
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inspectors finish looking for damaged products. despite the freeze, stores have citrus aplenty for the holidays. check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> here are the cloud wes talked about yesterday. there are the cloud wes talked about yesterday. there is. there are. they are going to be around the the better part of the morning. sunshine this afternoon. bay area air quality management district, sixth consecutive spare the air, tenth overall, santa clara valley supposed to have the poorest air quality yesterday afternoon. you follow my tweets, know redwood city had the poorest quality. hayward, two degrees warmer than yesterday, 58. santa rosa, 60 like yesterday. everybody else within a couple of degrees, concord, oakland, san jose, san francisco, one to two degrees cooler yesterday, a lot like yesterday, we will have more sunshine in the afternoon, kind of reverse. let's move ahead through the weekend and into next week, throw mid-60s, saturday into sunday. low to upper 60s, possible
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record highs, monday. leyla? >> 48 b.a.r.t. trains running on time, ace train number one on time. now head toward the altamonte pass, westbound along 580, north flynn road. we do have quite a bit of backup now, it starts to spread toward livermore avenue, a bit closer there. it will get a bit emptier once you pass highway 84 but all backs up once you get closer to the duplin interchange. head back to southbound 880 at 92, this accident over to the shoulder, a little bit of slowing down starting to develop, back toward the altamonte pass, drive time traffic, 35 minutes from trace toy is duplin, highway 4. #
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new this morning, police are
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investigating what led to the stabbing of at least three people outside the broncos/chargers game last night. it happened as they left sports authority field at mile high one of the victims is in critical condition. the other two are in stable. a fourth person may have been stabbed but left the scene before plirs got there. investigators it started as a fight between fans in the parking lot. officers took several people into custody. way to thor says a change was meant to protect victims of harassment, afraid blocking someone outright would prompt retaliation. >> speaking of twitter this morning, the company is out with the most retweeted tweet of the year. here it is. "glee" star lea michele's first tweet after the death of her boyfriend and co-star, cory monteith. tweeted, in part, "cory will forever be in my heart" along with a pitch of the couple embrace. the message was retweeted more than 408,000 times in 133 countries.
6:15 am wants to go head to head against cost coe and sam's club. the website is working on a new business called pan trip. the new service will allow amazon prime shipping members to select from nearly 2,000 consumer packaged goods, including cleaning supplies, paper rolls, canned goods and pet food. users will be able to get the item shipped to their homes for a small fee. abc7 hon bared ya cultural and community leaders last night as part of the profiles in excellence series. >> i have developed a career around the fact i have outlived all the people whose memories don't agree with mine. >> at age 92, betty reed salkin is the oldest park ranger and one of the circle seven award workers. this is the 25th year that abc7 has produced the profiles in excellence series.
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6:15 on this friday morning, friday the 13th. >> what is it called? >> triskaidekaphobia. fear of friday the 13th. >> so impressed, the only long word i can pronounce is a hawaiian fish. >> is it really? >> pass that test to move on? >> did you really? funny. i ha i haven't been to hawaii. going to get warmer here. we are going to have plenty of sunshine, just we may have some poor air quality. i want you to spell that later too. live doppler 7 hd. partly cloudy conditions out there but in between the clouds, the air did cool, the warmth radiating back out into space. and we do have frost once again. no freeze warnings because some areas didn't get down below 27, 28 degrees for a couple of hours. look at palo alto, woodside you can 29, frosty there close to frosty around red cooled wood city 33.
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san mateo, 38. foster city, 34. belmont, san bruno, warmer, 42. same in oakland. 4043, san francisco, 45. half moon bay, warm spot, 48. san jose, you can see it is frosty, the east bay valleys, concord, ramon and livermore. you can see the clouds this way, too. they are a little bit taller than the bay bridge. so, no visibility restrictions there, keep an eye on sfo, see if they caused the issues there temperatures seasonal, like yesterday, tenth spare the air record, clear tonight, frosty spot, possible again. warm and dry into the week, pretty much dry through the rest of the year. temperatures mid-50s to 60s, cloverdale, 62, warm spot in santa cruz. frosty inland, low to upper 30s there upper 30s to low 40s, bait shore the coast, san francisco, warmer, 44, cold front moved through last night, high clouds moving on, low clouds moving in
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right now. i think those will decrease head into the afternoon hours. storm track well to the north. this high pressure will develop over the weekend, bringing us warmer offshore wind. that's why there's the possibility of poor air quality throughout the forecast. temperatures will warm, low to middle 60s this weekend, low to upper 60s monday and tuesday. records could be possible then. we start to taper the temperatures a little bit. cold front passes to the north. by thursday, mid-50s at the coast, near 60 the rest of us. no rain in sight. have a good one. here's leyla. >> possible medical emergency blocking the intersection right at central expressway in san jose, right at de la cruz boulevard quo, have crews on scene. two lanes currently blocked on central expressway now. that is off the freeway, so, it's a he is not cause anything delays along 101. your top speed there is, up to the san jose airport. as we take a look at mass transit, everything running on time, b.a.r.t., muni and cal train, everything is looking good. without any problems. we take a look at our bridges
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across the bay area, everything is moving along just fine. we take a look at some other drive time traffic, san francisco, too, sfo, an 11-minute commute along northbound 880238 to the maze. san jose to the airport will take 1u 3 minutes a live look outside, your drive heading right through marin county, south bound along 101 you head out of central san rafael and into san francisco. you see up ahead, hazy out there, that is fog, mike's been telling bugs that make sure you use the low beams. eric and kristen? >> thank you. 6:19. >> new video of the asiana flight crash at sfo continues to emerge five months later. ahead at 6:30, where the new footage came from. plus, new comments san francisco's fire in fire chief is making about the crash. beyonce drops an u.n. expected surprise album on her fans. hi. i'm henry winkler. and i know there are many myths out there about a reverse mortgage,
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check in with josh elliott for a look at "good morning, america" at 7. >> a good friday morning to you
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both and all you in the bay area, great as always to join you in the morning. a lot to get to, including the latest to than stud day could give real hope to women at a high risk for breast canister, a drug that research claims could impact the disease. dr. richard vester is here with what you need to know about it all. of course, tomorrow will mark one year since the senseless and brutal tragedy newtown, connecticut. to that end, aid chance to sit down with some of the family still healing, still taking steps from that darkness, but today, they share a very inspiring message for us all and we will very that for you next right here on "good morning, america." 6:23. the latest recipients of lucrative breakthrough prize in life sciences award will take part in a symposium today at the uc san francisco mission bay campus. six scientists each got $3 million in the awards presented at a private relent last night in silicon valley.
6:24 am
that is almost triple the amount of the nobel prize, as you might know and hollywood stars like glenn close, conan o'brien and kevin spacey even joined heavy hitters from silicon stlil celebrate science as those awards were handed out at nasa ames research center. the prize money is donated by the likes of facebook head, mark zuckerberg, google chief, sergey brin and billionaire tech investor, yuri milliner. >> pushing them all the time. >> some 50 years ago, the most famous person in the world was a scientist, not a rock star, not a movie star. albert einstein was his name. >> you saw the emcee there, he was the host. the breakthrough prize was awarded last year, helping scientists follow their dreams while still being able to be financially stable.
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beyonce has been keeping a big secret. overnight, she released a brand-new album to the surprise of fans everywhere. the self-titled album debut on apple's itunes at 9:00 last night, midnight east coast and features 14 songs and 17 videos. the closing track titled "blue" and features her daughter, blue ivy. in a statement, beyonce says this new album is from her to her fans. social media is abuzz this morning, #blue ivy has been trending. >> gma will have a lot more on beyonce's new album and method dore distribution coming up. >> it is 6:25. >> the news continues at 6:30 with the day's top stories. breaking overnight the collision shutting down part of a bay area interstate two hours. the investigation now under way by the highway patrol. i'm matt keller live in fremont. more discussions are planned today in the latest b.a.r.t. contract dispute as the new poll reveals what people here in the
6:26 am
bay area think about banning transit strikes. good morning. it's freezing cold in a few areas and fog is forming. we are on the lookout for black ice and warmer temperatures in the weekend version of your accuweather seven-day forecast. and i'm leyla goal innocent abc7 traffic center a look behind me at the bay bridge mirroring lights, have been turned on, seeing a buildup of traffic. pretty light in terms of ♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ pose! yeah! ♪ flash! yeah! ♪ get the family to strike a pose, ♪ ♪ and show off your brand new clothes! ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday. ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community: the environment, seniors, kids, and animals. that's why we created the share the love event. by the end of this year, the total donated by subaru could reach 35 million dollars.
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♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday good morning, everyone, a live look 6:29 at the embarcadero, rooftop camera. the warmup we are going to experience is here for the weekend, mike tells us. tells us more about it coming up. i'm eric thomas. >> i'm kristen sze. starting to feel warmer now thanks to clouds. mike, still a spare the air day, right? >> absolutely. the cold front rolled through last night, left clouds this morning, we talked about yesterday. hasn't stopped the fog from forming. tracking this fog around navado, also tracking temperatures below freezing. so far, i haven't heard of any
6:30 am
black ice, it is still a possibility. if you happen to run into, let us know. tweet me so we can get the word out for those folks traveling around there talk about the temperatures right now, freezing. 28, navado. freezing in the east bay valley. everybody else is above freeze egg in the 30s to low 40s. break down your day planner, we head through the noon hour, you can see the sunshine breaking down. mid-50s, mid to upper 50s, rather comfort than afternoon, a northwest wind, should be a little cleaner sky today, even though is a spare the airer. same for temperatures in the mid-40s to. here is leyla with the good news. >> 52, b.a.r.t. trains fine, ace train 1 and 3 on time. we go around the bay area and look at some of the bridges, we start off with the richmond, san rafael, you can see top speeds there do you need to make it in the east and westbound directions. you see the areas, you shaded in orange? that is indicating some fog that could be affecting your commute.
6:31 am
be very careful out there. we could see 101 heading out of central san rafael and farther south toward sausalito. be very careful. a look at the bay bridge. metering lights have been turned on. backup is now starting to form. the rest of the drive, you are look ac at 52--mile-an-hour commute and san mateo bridge, a top speed drive. you can see there westbound direction, also eastbound quite empty out there a live look outside, your drive through walnut creek, slower, but take you only about 10 minutes to head in that direction. kristen, eric? >> thank you. b.a.r.t. and its unions are going back to the table hoping to break a logjam over a tiny provision in their latest contract causing major problems. a new poll shows voters have their way, future transit strikes would be banned. abc7 news reporter matt kelser live in the fremont b.a.r.t. station with the latest. matt? >> reporter: state senator introduced legislation earlier this week that would ban transit workers from striking. now, that proposal would have greater support here in the bay
6:32 am
area than the rest of california. now, check out the results from the latest field poll that was just released this morning. it was -- it asked california should transit workers be allowed to strike? statewide, split, 47% said yes, 44% said no. here in the bay area shall the margin grew significantly, only 41% said yes, while a majority, 52%, said no. the contract is still unsettled between b.a.r.t. and its unions because of a disputed portion of the tentative deal, giving workers six weeks of paid family leave. b.a.r.t. said it was included by mistake, the unions say this was part of the deal. both sides met for mediation sessions for most of the day yesterday. >> at this point we don't know what they're going to say. clearly, the ball nee their court. they signed the agreement. they know that so until we hear what they have to say, we really can't speculate. >> too expensive for b.a.r.t. b.a.r.t. can't afford to give employees an additional six weeks paid leave. >> b.a.r.t. unions have filed a lawsuit after the board of directors removed the family
6:33 am
medical leave section from the negotiated contract and then ratified it. another mediation session is scheduled for later today. live in fremont, matt keller, abc7 news. 6:33. breaking news overnight. >> a fatal crash shut down northbound interstate 280 at highway 85 interchange for nearly three hours this morning in cooper teen know the driver of this red mazda lost control, went off the highway and struck a tree shortly before midnight. the driver has been identified as a 26-year-old man from daly city. the chp is trying to determine exactly what happened and are looking for any witnesses to come forward. the freeway reopened around 2:30. more on breaking news we are following from oakland this morning. fire crews are still keening an eye out for hotspots after a fire spread to three homes. one was destroyed. two others damaged near 90th avenue and a street. the family inside the home where it started managed to get out just in time. investigators now are trying to figure out how the
6:34 am
we now know the identity of the driver killed by a suspected drunk driver in this fiery crash in livermore yesterday. cell phone video shows the fire sparked when a hummer slammed into a jeep cherokee on westbound 580 around 10 yesterday morning. 29-year-old reed whitaker of livermore died inside the cherokee. we learned whitaker worked as an emt at highlands hospital in oakland. the chp says the driver who hit him was drunk, a 53-year-old man. there's dramatic video showing what air traffic rooms saw at sfo when asiana flight 214 crashed in july. the pictures were released by the ntsb into hearings this week. three people died in the wreck. the hearing also confirmed information uncovered by the abc7 news i team when one of the victims was killed by when she was run of fire in responding fire trucks. san francisco fire chief, joanne hayes white, made her first public comments since the ntsb
6:35 am
hearings began at a fire commission hearing last night. she commended everyone who responded to the scene but she said if there are areas they can improve on, they will. a story you will see only on abc7 news, an investigation is under way after a woman dialed san mateo county child support health number but somehow connected to a phone sex hotline. cecilia lee thought she had misdialed the number posted on san mateo county's child support website so she double checked it and dialed again and got the same-sex line. >> welcome to america's hottest talk line. ladies, to talk to interesting and exciting guys free, press 1 now. >> i was very disappointed that something like that could happen. an agency like that makes that mistake, it's very unfortunate. >> it turns out a state vendor changed the number a month ago. state officials say they sent out e-mails back in october and now they are directing counties to make sure the right number is posted.
6:36 am
tomorrow marks the first anniversary of the sandy hook school shootings in newtown, connecticut. a vigil to mark the anniversary will be held today in san francisco. it is happening at 1:00 at city hall. san francisco mayor ed lee, state senators leyland yooe and mark leno are expected to attend. 6:36. students a the one school are staying home today. what made it too dangerous to hold classes today. it is friday the 13th. doesn't mean you can't be lucky. the megajackpot up for grabs in tonight's mega millions drawing. >> show you this beautiful shot for free. a live look outside from our mount tamalpais camera to sunrise in the east. traffic and weather together nor friday
6:37 am
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back at 6:39. football at the coliseum, alex smith bringing the chiefs the other side, playing the raiders. partly cloudy conditions, pretty nice, throw mid-60s for the game, 1:05 to 4:00. headed down south, wind advisory through sunday afternoon, includes san diego and l.a., and
6:40 am
beaches like orange county. be breezy there mid-60s to 70, palm springs. 60 through the central valley. 43 in tahoe today. warmer tomorrow but mid-50s. sunshine, no new snow this weekend. leyla? >> crews going put sand on the roads, this is in the north bay, traveling along sir francis drake. this is where they are going to be putting some sand down at lagoon neat it is a road and sir francis drake boulevard. we had an accident, wasn't a rollover as reported but that is where we have possible ice. certainly a cold commute there we jump down to san francisco, southbound 101, caesar chavez street, another accident there, blocking one lane, a little bit of a delay behind it. >> thank you very much. friday the 13th normally associated with bad luck this could be an extremely lucky one for the hold over the right mega
6:41 am
millions lottery ticket. tonight's multistate jackpot is estimated at $400 million, paid over 30 years. the cash value estimated at more than $216 million. it will be the second largest mega millions prize ever. >> 6:41. mcdonald's is losing younger customers. how the high-tech giant is planning on luring them back. a bay area hospital is beating the odds and the mom who refused to give up hope. coming up first, some north bay students won't be in class today after a car crashes at their school.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
developing news from the north bay, students at san rafael elementary school are getting an unplanned three-day weekend. classes are canceled today while crews work to fix a gas line damaged in the crash. katie?
6:45 am
>> reporter: you look at the scene yesterday, 5:45 in the evening when the minivan slammed into the school. we don't know the cause of the crash. two people were in the hospital and were minor injuries. no classes at the elementary school last night, there was a planned holiday concert, that was a real bummer. we understand firefighters did help move the props for the show to a nearby church so that the show could go on. staff at laurel dell elementary school not off the hook today, they are to report to short school for their duty,but there will be no classes no students here at laurel dell. also, the superintendent of schools says they will be working, fixing this problem all weekend and fully expects that school will be back in session monday morning. live, katie marzullo, abc7 news.
6:46 am
the obama administration is asking insurers to allow late payments and signups for customers in the affordable care act. even partial payments. this is to help smooth as people start the health care system. get ready for the new mcapp. mcdonald's testing a new mobile app in 1,000 stores as it tries lure younger diners. the mick d app customers can dream at stores. country order or pay with the app, just the deals on it the fast food chain is facing growing competition from five guys and chipotle, both have mobile apps and generally attract a younger crowd.
6:47 am
this morning, a holiday homecoming months in the making. a baby born four months early is defying the odds and not only thriving but could be home by christmas. baby jaden wasn't supposed to arrive until christmas day but instead, arrived on august 27th. jaden was just 1 pound 2 ounces when he was born at a central coast hospital. his mother, blanca, was confronted by a gut-wrenching choice. >> i was told he only had a 33% chance of survival. and i was asked at the time if i wanted to let him go, because he was so critical, but i refused. >> the boy was transferred to lucile packard children's hospital in stanford, suffering from breathing trouble and bleeding in his brain, complications of premature birth. jaden still needs some oxygen and a feeding tube but his doctors say he could be home by christmas. >> holiday miracle there >> yeah. this morning, new video of arnold schwarzenegger horsing around, creating business buzz on youtube. the 66-year-old actor posted
6:48 am
this video a couple of days ago. he says he is making good on a dare to ride a toy horse after visiting the national rodeo finals in las vegas. schwarzenegger says, well, he is just not like those cowboys. he doesn't have as much in the way of guts, but a lady running a booth called his bluff when asked if he could ride the toy horse. the former governor says it was all in good fun. >> he has always had a common touch. showing it there again. >> he already said no. say sunshine and warm back, mike? >> coming back. absolutely. it is going to get warm, good morning, everybody, still off to a frosty start, temperatures hanging around 390s. first of all, touch upon the detroit, notice most of the east is getting better, but here, back at home, most of
6:49 am
california, 97% some type of drought, see the exceptional drought. normally dry to exceptional. work here, notice the last month this is spread northward, now, eclipsing the eastern section of contra costa and alma la immediate da counties. folks here running their sprinklers from time to time to keep things alive. partly cloudy live doppler 7 hd. freezing temperatures, south bay, couper teen know, frosty, up in the hills, los gatos, 42, see go up just about 1,000 feet there is some warm air lurking and waiting for sunlight to transition over to that warmer weather. 34 right now, san jose. freezing cold, danville, 33, lafayette, 44, alameda, 43, san francisco. freezing, 32, know vad dough, still watching for black ice and sebastopol, 33 now. half moon bay, 43. look like this a summer, doesn't it? low clouds hanging around, high
6:50 am
clouds from the cold front, moving off, sunrise. temperatures close to average. even with the northwest wind today, usually a cleaner wind, we have our tenth spare the air, clear tonight, some frosty spots inland, warm and dry. all the way probably till the end of the month. santa rosa and clover dale, 60, santa cruz, 62, the warm spots today. tonight, see the freezing temperatures inland, low to upper 30s there san francisco, warmer, 44. there's your cold front, quietly passing by. now, high pressure is starting to take over, jet stream is going straight back to the north for several days, high pressure going to develop over the great basin, clockwise flow, an offshore wind, means we could possibly have poor air quality once again all the way through this warming trend that will top out in the low to middle 60s this weekend, warmer monday and tuesday, low to upper 60s, record highs tied then, a slight cooling trend wednesday and thursday. i hope you have a great weekend. it is friday the 13th.
6:51 am
hope traffic is okay. >> american, get braengd new report of an accident at school road and crest road and it's a vehicle -- excuse markers motorcycle versus a vehicle versus a tree. we have had reports of black ice in that area, saw very cold temperatures, that could be causing some slick conditions, taking you into san francisco now, this accident has cleared, chp moved it from caesar chavez to silver avenue. that's ali where it s everything is off the freeway. take a look at the backup that it caused a few vehicles blocking a lane, now left with bumper-to-bumper traffic. a little bit further down the pen anyone la, burlingame, a stalled vehicle that is resting in the number one and number two lanes there. now, here is a black eyed -- excuse me, caltrans out at dewitt, right at sir francis drake, put down sand, hopefully, create traction and safer conditions there. a quick look outside irk your drive, right through san jose, northbound 280, a busy one now.
6:52 am
kristen, eric? >> thank you very much, leyla. it is now 6:51. could you use an extra $7,000 this holiday season? a that's how much you could win just for helping abc7 news fight hunger here in the bay area. when you click the give button on our facebook page, we will donate $1 to feeding america's food banks for you and you might win $7,000. imagine the good you could do with that. we will announce the winner on december 19th. so go to the abc7 news facebook page, help us give where you live and spread the word so your friends can help, too. ahead, the seven
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6:53. good morning, everybody. a live look at the oakland maze on the abc 7 morning news. you can see friday light there just 12 days before christmas. do the math that means this is friday the 13th. >> oh.
6:54 am
as we get ready to hand things off to "good morning, america," here's seven things to know before you go. breaking news right now in east oakland, a family was able to escape after their house caught fire early this morning. happening today, b.a.r.t. and its unions will be back at the table with a federal mediator over a disputed clause in the new labor contract that ended the strike. reed whittaker identified as the victim of a fiery crash in livermore.
6:55 am
the 29-year-old worked a as an emt in oakland. he was killed by a suspected drunk driver yesterday on westbound 580 in livermore. the cell phone video shows the fire sparked when a hummer slammed into whitaker's jeep cherokee. number five, in south africa this morning, several people have suffered minor injuries pushing and shoving as people tried to get one last look at nelson mandela before his burial. 100,000 people lined up early this see the anti-apartheid leader lying in-state for the third and final day, four times the crowd that turned out yesterday. number six, serious issues in the north bay, leyla has been reporting and i have been talking about the conditions are favorable for black ice. look at navado, quarter-mile visibility, one and a half, both areas temperatures below freezing, black ice a possibility through about 8, 8:30, then the sun will eventually breakthrough these clouds, you can see from the small clouds, roof cam, a smaller morning, check out the temperatures, pretty close to average, another spare the air
6:56 am
day. don't forget. number seven, a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, do have cash paying lanes loading up, however the fast track and carpool moving fine into the city, out of the maze. this is what mike and very been talking about, black ice, where caltrans is putting down sand to sir francis drake. we have black ice report there had, accidents in marin as well and a quick look at drive time traffic, things slowing down in the east bay. >> thank you for joining us for the abc7 news, which continues now online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices. >> we will be back here in 25 minutes with news, weather and traffic during "good morning, america." >> but whether you see us again monday morning is depending on whether or not we win the lotto tonight. we will let you know. if you see four brand new faces here monday morning, you will know and what. have a great weekend.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. brand-new winter weather watches right now for 20 states. up to 8 inches of new snow from the midwest to the northeast, over the next 24 hours. massive pileups, still plaguing the interstates. ginger zee, tracking your snow totals. massive rockslide. huge boulders the size of school buss, tear apart homes in utah, killing two. the sudden disaster happened so fast, there was no escape. this home going from this to this in seconds. last-minute confession in court. the young bride at the center of the newlywed murder trial finally comes clean, saying she pushed her husband off the cliff. what she faces now after pleading guilty. >> i feel like right now, people experience music


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