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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 13, 2013 7:00am-9:01am PST

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good morning, america. brand-new winter weather watches right now for 20 states. up to 8 inches of new snow from the midwest to the northeast, over the next 24 hours. massive pileups, still plaguing the interstates. ginger zee, tracking your snow totals. massive rockslide. huge boulders the size of school buss, tear apart homes in utah, killing two. the sudden disaster happened so fast, there was no escape. this home going from this to this in seconds. last-minute confession in court. the young bride at the center of the newlywed murder trial finally comes clean, saying she pushed her husband off the cliff. what she faces now after pleading guilty. >> i feel like right now, people experience music differently.
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>> a big surprise for beyonce. the superstar sent her fans into a frenzy, dropping an entire top-secret album overnight. this morning, we'll hear from her. why she kept it all under wraps. and how queen b. pulled off one of the biggest moves in music ever. and good morning, amer ica. lot to get to this friday morning. we are now hearing from the survivors from the dramatic and terrifying plane crash in the hawaiian islands. the coast guard hero who swooped to the rescue. and the megamillions jackpot could be today -- i know it's friday the 13th. could be a lucky day for one person tonight. the drawing is tonight. the jackpot at $400 million. the fifth biggest in u.s. history. also tomorrow, switching gears to a degree. one year since the senseless tragedy in newtown, connecticut.
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to that end, i recently had a chance to sit down with some of the families still healing, still taking steps from their darkness. but today, they bring a very inspiring message of hope and healing and faith for all of us. i very much look forward to sharing this with everybody today. >> we look forward to hearing it. thanks for bringing it to us, josh. let's get to the weather. it's going to be some kind of weekend for a lot of folks. >> it is. it starts with people in chicago all the way to detroit. and we're talking here in the northeast. watch and see how the timing plays out. lots of moist air from the gulf of mexico. it meets up with just enough of the cold, that it starts in chicago. through parts much detroit. and by 11:00 a.m., this is tomorrow. new york city, washington, d.c., are seeing the snow. and then, you see it scoot out. and i think a lot of it changes to rain along the coast. that's going to taper some of those snow total amounts. but we're talking big snow
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totals. anywhere from chicago, right around three inches, especially to the south. that's where the heavier stuff will fall. over eight in detroit. this is just one of the computer models. 2.3 in philadelphia. new york city, just over five. that would be tough, especially once we get the rain. but a sloppy, slushy mess. and most of it going to fall to the north in parts of new england, upstate new york, places that have seen tons of snow, four to five feet of lake-effect snow, in the last two days, they're getting more and we're going to rob nelson who is right there in oswego, new york. >> reporter: good morning, ginger. yes, the snow here has been falling really heavy never night. they expect 8 to 15 inches of lake-effect snow. only 18 to 30 inches from the storm you just talked about, another 4 to 8 inches will come on top of that throughout the weekend. folks this part of the country are used to rough weather, but this is still a lot of snow.
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>> rob, usually me. i totally commend you for doing that. >> that's usually you out there. >> he is shivering, it is cold. >> thank you, ginger. we turn now to the deadly rock slide in utah. gio benitez has been tracking this overnight. >> this happened near zion. >> reporter: the boulders seemed to come out of nowhere. just before dinner time. it's a mysterious disaster in southern utah. a sudden and massive rockslide, flattening a home, killing the two people inside. >> felt like an earthquake. a lot of vibration. >> reporter: those big boulders, tearing the house apart. look at the home before the rockslide. and look at it now, destroyed. first responders say the dust cloud created from the slide was so big, it stopped traffic on a local highway. >> it's a freak accident.
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you don't have time to escape. >> reporter: police officials still don't know exactly why this happened. but they say rockslides are common this time of year because of snow and freezing temperatures. >> very emotional for the whole canyon. it's tough to see the people show up and crumble into tears. >> reporter: the rockslide causing immediate evacuations. neighbors are finally able to go back home this morning. but right now, it is still too dangerous for rescue crews to even search that rubble. they'll have to wait until later this morning to go anywhere near it, george. >> that's is treacherous. gio, thanks very much. let's go to josh with the other top stories. we're going to begin with a story breaking overnight. very troubling. more violence outside an nfl stadium. this time, in denver, where four people were stabbed in a parking lot after last night's broncos/chargers game. one of the victims remains in critical condition. police say the fight broke out. it is unclear if it was between rival fans. three suspects are in custody at this hour. overseas, a major shakeup in nuclear north korea.
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the young leader, kim jong-un, has executed his once-powerful uncle, labeling him, and i quote, worse than a dog, end quote. this morning, the world is taking notice of this apparent and very brazen power grab. abc's martha raddatz traveling in the region. she joins us, now, from vietnam. martha? >> reporter: good morning, josh. the news of the execution has stunned this region of the world. not only has kim jong-un executed a powerful older family member. but the execution was publicly announced. something the secretive nation just never does. photos were released of the uncle being arrested, bound and later dragged before a military tribunal. accused of trying to overthrow the young leader. he was called a traitor for all ages and despicable human scum. experts fear this means the younger kim has an even greater lust for power over the nuclear
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armed nation and will tolerate no dissent. josh? meanwhile, big changes could be coming to the government's secret surveillance program. overnight, we learned a white house advisory panel is expected to recommend new limits on the nsa spying program. even suggesting that civilians and not the military control the program. however, a collection of phone call data is expected to continue. and a new setback of sorts for airline passengers hoping to one day yap on their cell phones during flight. the transportation department is now considering banning in-flight calls for good. this, in a response to a move by the fcc that would allow airlines to choose their own policies. i think we all feel like children in the room while our parents are fighting. finally, two daredevils, take a look at this, taking a leap of faith, as they plunge head-first down a 75-foot waterfall. ben marr and skier rory
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bushfield pushed off and so pulled off a death-defying stunt, as you can see, in canada. a backwards somersault, as you can see there, while still moving from the top of the falls. i really hope that i don't have to say this. but i shall for posterity. don't anybody try that at home or at your local 75-foot waterfall. thanks very much. >> that happens to be in your backyard. josh, thank you. now, we have the latest on that deadly plane crash in hawaii. survivors speaking out about their terrifying experience and the moments they frantically waited in the water to be rescued. abc's aditi roy has the latest, joins us from l.a. good morning, aditi. >> reporter: good morning, robin. this is a chilling story. these survivors are still shaken up by their harrowing ordeal. some said they didn't think they would walk away from the crash alive. >> the air speed was at least 70. and you hit the water, it's like instant breaks.
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>> reporter: he said it happened so fast. he was among the nine passengers on a small plane, island-hopping to honolulu. after takeoff, the plane's operator said the caravan single-engine cessna failed. and then heard a bang. >> it was like slow-motion of everything. plane slowly going down. >> reporter: the pilot managed to land the plane right-side up. he was praised as a hero. >> he did everything by the numbers. he got it in there as clean as he did. >> reporter: the remaining survivors, now in the water. gathered in two groups, began an hour-long drift in choppy waters, before coast guard rescuers found them floating on their backs, exhausted. >> i got up to him and said hey, sir, coast guard rescue swimmer. he looked over and smiled. it was a good feeling. i grabbed his arm. >> reporter: all but one survived the crash, hawaii's health director loretta fuddy.
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she had a distinguished career in social work. the faa is investigating the crash. a spokesman for the agency says they plan to speak to some of the passengers and the pilot. the plane's wreckage has not been recovered. robin, some terrifying moments. >> indeed. and we are thinking of loretta fuddy's family, as well. thank you so much. we're going to get to more fallout from the fake sign language interpreter at nelson mandela memorial service. the fact that a schizophrenic with a checkered history could get so close to president obama and other world leaders raises questions for the secret service. they are responding now. pierre thomas has more from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, george. there's no way around it. in hindsight, this was a scary situation. and the president was potentially at risk. watch closely as the president of the united states makes hiss way to the podium to give his speech during the nelson mandela memorial service. the president almost has to squeeze by the sign language interpreter to get to the microphone. watch again.
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they're shoulder-to-shoulder. the interpreter is only a couple of steps away from the president throughout his nearly 19-minute speech. closer than any secret service agent. >> sometimes i will react violent on that place. sometimes i will see like things chasing me. >> reporter: we know that he may not have been qualified to sign. and thamsanqa jantjie claims he has a history of mental illness and may not be qualified to sign. he even says he was having delusions during the event. >> i see angels come to the stadium. >> reporter: a huge embarrassment for event organizers and a major breakdown in security for the president. the secret service responded thursday, saying the south african government, the host country, was responsible for vetting the event staff. but the vetting by south african officials was clearly deficient. and one senior official in the country said, that the company that provided the interpreter appeared to have vanished. >> will they learn from this? you bet they will. they will make very certain that there is never a situation like this again.
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>> reporter: the trip's short notice posed security headaches. at one point, the president's motorcade got stuck in traffic. thankfully nothing happened. imagine in this man had attacked the president or embarrassed him. the question would be, really? how could that guy with that background be so close to the leader of the free world? >> that's the thing, pierre. there's so many questions about this man's background. is the secret service dropping this now? or doing more to investigate? >> reporter: my sources say they're largely dependant on the south african officials to get to the bottom of how this happened. but clearly, there will be reviews internally. >> pierre thomas, thanks very much. we'll talk about all this and all of the politics sunday on "this week." >> no shortage of topics on sunday, josh -- george. it is george? it is friday. thanks. now, to the high-stakes trial involving celebrity chef nigella lawson. she got high-profile support. but her former assist about the disputed lawson's testimony. providing evidence that lawson was using cocaine all the time.
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lama hasan has the latest and joins us this morning from london. good morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning, to you, robin. for the first time since this trial began, nigella lawson's former assistant is in the witness box giving evidence. and this morning, shocking testimony from her. accusing nigella of lying in court about the extent of her drug use. making stunning claims in court, nigella's former assistant, elisabetta grillo, says the celebrity tv chef took cocaine regularly. quoting her testimony, that she used the drug seven times in her life, simply untrue. >> having people around my table makes me happy. >> reporter: although she said she never witnessed nigella taking drugs. she said she saw evidence of her drug use, quote, every three days. contradicting the domestic
7:14 am
goddess' admissions last week when she said, quote, the idea that i'm a drug addict or habitual user of cocaine is absolutely ridiculous. elisabetta told the jury she found a packet of white powder. saying, quote, i opened it because it was kind of a little funny envelope. and i saw white powder. her and her sister, francesca, are accused of embezzling more than $1 million of nigella and her ex-husband, multimillionaire charles sachi's money. they're pleading not guilty to fraud. even the prime minister of the country is declaring he's on team nigella. speaking to "the spectator" magazine, david cameron said, i'm a massive fan. i've had the great pleasure of meeting her a couple of times. she strikes me as a funny and warm person. but i'm also an amateur cook, and i like her recipes. the judge hitting back in court, telling the jury to ignore the prime minister's comments.
7:15 am
now, the prime minister's office is saying there was never any intention to have any impact on the court case. now, the trial is due to end next week. robin and george? >> thank you, lama. going to turn to the megamillions jackpot. it could make friday 13th the luckiest day ever for the winner. as we told you, the jackpot is now $400 million. the drawing's tonight. abc's linsey davis with the latest. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. there are statistics that would suggest that when the 13th of the month falls on a friday, there's fewer accidents, fires and thefts because people are more cautious. but statisticians may have new data to analyze with the megamillions drawing tonight because people now have 400 million reasons to feel a little lucky. it could just be that today is the luckiest unlucky day ever. >> i feel pretty lucky. >> reporter: of course, the odds are in your favor if, one, you buy at least one ticket for
7:16 am
tonight's $400 million megamillions jackpot. and, two, you are not one of the estimated 17 million to 21 million americans suffering from triskaidekaphobia, a fear of friday the 13th. >> wouldn't it be fun to have a big winner on friday the 13th? >> reporter: that winner would cash in on the second-largest jackpot in megamillions history. the fifth-largest jackpot ever. but of course, odds are, you won't win. in fact, your chances of winning the revamped megamillions has dropped from 1 in 176 million to roughly 1 in 259 million, which means it would be way more likely for an amateur golfer to hit a hole in one on consecutive par 3 holes. you would be 370-times more likely to give birth naturally to quadruplets. or 1,369-times as likely to date
7:17 am
a supermodel. >> big, big odds to win that jackpot. but someone is going to eventually win. >> reporter: but perhaps, as the 13th year of the 21st century comes to a close, maybe, just maybe, this is one time when it pays not to be superstitious. >> who wouldn't have a nicer christmas if they won $1 million? >> reporter: in the new revamped game, five of the six balls now range from 1 to 75 instead of 1 to 56. that's right. >> so now you're not going to buy one? >> that's the deal. >> reporter: this move actually was intended to make it continue to roll over so the pot keeps getting bigger and bigger. and so far, that's actually won because nobody has won. >> right. >> reporter: it's working, in part. >> i was wondering about that. we are seeing this more and more, the big jackpots, rolling over and rolling over. that's why.
7:18 am
>> reporter: they're doing this in competition with powerball because they've been starting to see these huge, $500 million, $600 million, close to $1 billion. >> that's fine. >> by powerball, they did it doubling the ticket cost. from $1 to $2. with this, they're actually making the odds worse for all of us. >> what's that word again? frigga triskaidekaphobia. >> you can do it. >> wow. >> anybody heard that? >> i'm going to follow-up on that. >> anybody have a fear of friday the 13th? anybody? >> no. >> no. >> if i win -- >> i wish there was a window. >> anybody going to play? >> raise your hand if you're playing. >> you have to be in it to win it. let's get weather, ginger. >> let's all do that. we're all winning the jackpot if snow is the jackpot. let me tell you about the cold. this picture is from georgia. that frost, right there on the top of the car, happening at wjbf, one of our favorites down in the south. thank you for sending that picture in. and the cold stretches all the way to florida.
7:19 am
it feels like freezing in tallahassee. feels like 15 in new york city. in detroit, it's 7. the feels like in nashville, 21. and 26 for memphis. it's the winter storm that comes in this weekend that we're all watching. advisories and winter storm watches all the way from st. louis up to boston.
7:20 am
>> with all of this snow, with all of this rain we've been having the last couple of weeks to talk about, the drought is improving. so, that's good news. >> silver lining. ginger, thank you. coming up, that last-minute deal by the montana bride. she was accused of pushing her new husband off a cliff. why she finally came clean. and what she faces now. and the dad recruited his kids to help him rob banks. turning into a family business. the stunning interview from behind bars just ahead. also, lea michele speaking in her first interview since her boyfriend's death. and beyonce's daughter, blue
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ivy, is making her video debut, everybody. all part of a huge top-secret album dropped overnight by beyonce. stay with us. stay with us. lks about the deal he and mom made with me when i was ten. he said, "you get the grades to go to college -- and we'll help out with the school of your choice." well, i got the grades and, with dad's planning and a lot of hard work, i'm graduating today with a degree in marine biology. i'm so thankful and excited about the future. [ male announcer ] for strategies on how to help your family achieve financial success, visit on how to help your family achieve financial success, ghirardelli squares peppermint bark.zvous ♪ rich chocolate layers and festive peppermint. a ghirardelli original.
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♪ ♪ they're not freaking out, why arthey're gifing out.? gif-ing out? ...because of the great deals they got at kmart. right. thursday through saturday, family fleece is buy one get one free. and download the shop your way app for exclusive deals. kmart. get in. get more christmas. good morning. i'm eric thomas. a family was able to escape their house in east oakland after it caught on fire earlier this morning. firefighters have been on the scene mopping up the blaze that raced through a pre-fab home on 90th avenue near a street just
7:25 am
before 3:00 a.m. officials say the sound of the fire and smell of heavy smoke woke up a couple and their child. the fire destroyed the home and damaged two others before crews could get it under control. the cause is under investigation, but firefighters say it does not appear suspicious. check on the friday morning commute. here's leyla. >> all right. we have a couple of problems out there. the first one's a report of a possible car fire in san jose, right at ray street. but we still have this, black ice, in marin and a little farther to the north at school, that is where we have another report of some black ice. be very careful out there. still cool temperatures this morning. eric. leyla, thank you very much. when we come back, meteorologist
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welcome back. here's what leyla was talking about. i want to show you in meteorological terms. there's a lot of moisture in the air. and the temperature right now is 32 degrees, that's why black ice is forming. frost in the east bay valleys and down towards los gatos. sunshine this afternoon, but it is another spare the air day. temperatures mid to upper 50
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♪ look at that. "drunken love," beyonce's brand-new collaboration with jay z. >> her hubby. >> yeah. all part of her top-secret blockbuster album, released overnight. that's kind of a new move, unprecede unprecedented, really. no announcement at all. just came out. we say good morning, america. we're so happy to have, d.j. prostyle, here. >> that's another one of beyonce's new songs. >> they just look so in love, those two. it's so nice to see. >> yeah. >> the videos come out with the new music. nobody knew about it. she's going to talk about it,
7:31 am
coming up. and we have the story about a bank robbing family. a revealing interview with a father and his children. why they did it, how they pulled it off, steals thousands and thousands of dollars. a family act. >> a remarkable interview, really. also, "glee" star, lea michele, speaking if her first interview since the death of her boyfriend and fellow "glee" star cory monteith. how she is making it through the heartache. here's a little happiness for you. everybody, please welcome the swants dance. they are christmas sweater pants. they're taking off this holiday season. wait until you see what we have planned for you all through the 8:00 hour. i'm looking at the stage manager, in swants. and i'm remotely disturbed. >> we were worried about you,
7:32 am
eddie, this morning. a little more than usual. >> they don't look comfortable. >> he needs to pull them up. >> more breathing room. >> yeah. >> much more on that later. eddie's the one with the great laugh. but first, the surprise plea deal in the so-called newlywed murder trial. jordan graham pleading guilty to second-degree murder, admitting of pushing her husband of eight days off a cliff. abc's ryan owens has been following the case from the very beginning, there in missoula, montana. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. jordan graham is now officially an admitted murderer. and she is locked up here this morning. you're right. she surprised everybody. a woman who has said nothing the entire trial suddenly stood up just before closing arguments to say one word. guilty. >> jordan, how are you feeling? >> reporter: he didn't testify during her murder trial. but the judge wasn't about to let jordan graham off the hook. he made her stand before him and
7:33 am
answer questions about the july night she pushed her new husband, cody johnson, off a cliff. she told the judge, it was definitely a reckless act. and i just pushed. what was said that made you so angry? it wasn't anything that was said. he grabbed me. i pushed his hand off. and i pushed him away. did you push with both hands? yes. the 22-year-old pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, bringing a sudden end to a trial that lasted half as long as her eight-day marriage. graham's attorney says prosecutors offered the deal and she took it because it takes first-degree murder off the table. >> are you satisfied it ended this way after all this? >> my satisfaction is not an issue here. all i can say is the ultimate plea that was entered. >> reporter: her mother sobbed, hearing her daughter admit to being a murderer. cody johnson's mom left court without saying anything. but his aunt spoke for the
7:34 am
family. what do you want to say? >> i want to say the family is very thankful for the outcome of this case. it was very emotional. it's been a long haul for us. and we really don't have anything else to say, except that we are very thankful for our prosecuting team. and we have the outcome that we have. >> reporter: did it matter to you to hear the word guilty come out of her mouth? >> yes. surprisingly, it stirred up an emotion that i didn't anticipate. >> our thanks to ryan owens. we're going to bring in our chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. this was quite a surprise by many. but the judge wanted to hear from her before accepting that plea. >> that's right. he wanted to make sure she understood what she was doing. make sure she was accepting responsibility for what she had done. and he wanted to make it clear how serious a crime this is. he repeatedly said you're talking about the possibility of up to life in prison.
7:35 am
now, as a practical matter, this wouldn't be a life in prison case. probably would have been if she was convicted of first-degree murder. now, you're starting around 20 years as a possible sentence. i think it will go slightly below that because she's now pled guilty. because she's accepted responsibility. and i would have liked to hear the conversations between the prosecution and defense as to whether the prosecutors were saying, do you accept this plea deal, we won't ask for as stiff a sentence. but we'll see exactly what happens. >> you think that conversation probably took place. you think she was offered a deal beforehand? >> i think she would have been offered the exact same deal. meaning, i think when this case started, they probably offered her a deal for second-degree murder. at the time, she said no. you have to ask yourself, why is she accepting it now? is it because they said they would try to give her a lenient sentence? is it because they thought the case was going badly? unclear. >> we'll find out. the sentencing in march. we have a story of what seemed like an ordinary american
7:36 am
family. turns out they were leading an extraordinary double-life. after tragedy struck, the dad recruited his kids into the family business, robbing banks. abc's matt gutman spoke to all of them. >> reporter: this morning, for the first time anywhere, exclusive details about how the family, scott and his kids, 21-year-old hayden and 19-year-old abby, went from the suburbs in oregon to a cell block in texas, pleading guilty last week to a brazen bank heist near houston. it begins and ends with dad. nice to meet you. >> reporter: once the head of a churchgoing family, after his wife, beth, died after a battle with breast cancer. how did you deal with it personally? his kids grew close as he strayed. there were arrests, disorderly conduct and a new expensive vice, cocaine. the money got tight. scott launched a new career.
7:37 am
you decided in order to make ends meet, you had to do things a little bit outside the box. >> right. >> reporter: robbing banks. and in late 2012, he would coax those kids, those siblings, as close as soul mates, into the family business. your father says, i have a plan to rob a bank. shouldn't your first reaction be, are you crazy? >> looking back on it, i can't believe that wasn't my first reaction. >> in some way, i was led on, like, this is how i protect them. and these are the only people i have. >> reporter: together, they took down two banks, netting $100,000. they got busted spending the last year at a texas jail. but just last week, we learned that scott had written his kids a letter, asking him to accept jail time as a bargaining chip so his sentence will be reduced. we went back to confront scott, face-to-face. it seems you're trying to manipulate them behind bars. >> what do you want me to say to that? >> reporter: for his role in the robberie robberies, hayden accepted and
7:38 am
got ten years in a penitentiary. abby was sentenced to five years. making an unprecedented gesture, we were allowed to bring them together one last time, before they serve their sentences. >> i love you. >> i love you, too. >> reporter: their love for each other, the only thing their father couldn't destroy. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, new york. >> wow. >> a lot more on that on "20/20" at 10:00 eastern. right now, it's time for the weather. ginger is here. >> promising you that drought picture. we have improvement to talk about. we have less drought than we've had in two years. just over 30% in moderate or greater. nevada has deep drought there. parts of texas, too. we're not fully there. but it's getting better. look at los angeles, close to 81 by the time you reach your next workweek. and the weekend's staying warm, too. you could see gusty winds, though
7:39 am
>> this weather report brought to you by party city. on top of the rain is going to be freezing rain in southwest missouri. that storm is starting. and it's going to get kicking. >> a little bit of everything. >> thank you, ginger. still to come here, again, tomorrow, one year since the senseless tragedy in newtown. today, we bring you a story of how the families there are healing. an inspiring message for all of us, right now. >> we're really looking forward to that. and beyonce's big move. the superstar's top-secret album revealed overnight. we're going to hear from her about why she did it.
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welcome back. it's 7:43. and we continue, now, with beyonce. the superstar, dropping a brand-new album overnight, with music videos for every track and then some. taking her fans and the music world by quite a surprise. ♪ all that i see >> reporter: the midnight surprise sent fans into a frenzy. ♪ >> reporter: beyonce's album, titled simply "beyonce," features tracks with husband, rapper jay z. and blue ivy makes her debut in the song, "blue." it was an unprecedented move that surprised fans and the music industry. announcing and releasing her album on the same day. 14 songs complete with 17 music videos. add in an enticing instagram video, and another on facebook, explaining why she kept the release under wraps. >> i felt like i don't want
7:45 am
anybody to give the message when my record is coming out. i just want this to come out when it's ready. and from me to my fans. >> reporter: and the fans were happy. one tweeting, only beyonce can drop a visual bomb with 17 videos. no promotion. and it was all kept a secret. there's a reason why she's called the queen. beyonce's younger sister and fellow singer, solange gushing, i'm sitting here watching the most artful and perfect project ever. >> i see music. it's more than just what i hear. and i'm connected to something, i immediately see a visual. or a series of images that are tied to a feeling or an emotion. a memory from my childhood. thoughts about life, my dreams or my fantasies. and they're all connected to the
7:46 am
music. >> that is why madonna's -- madonna. what beyonce's music does for us. you connect to a memory. i cannot wait to download that album. and kept a secret from a star that big, that's pretty remarkable. coming up, the picture kelly ripa posted that we want the secret. it's unbelievable. wait until you see those abs. her trainer's with us, sharing the secrets to get them yourself, i hope. and a "play of the day" this morning that will have you singing, however silently, this morning. go nowhere.
7:47 am
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here at the corner of happy and healthy.
7:50 am
right then. here's "the play of the day." >> time to spread some christmas cheer, especially given all the sign language interpretation that's recently been in the news. take a look at young little 5-year-old claire. her parents are deaf.
7:51 am
so, she signed the songs her class would sing. ♪ >> her parents had no idea she was going to do this. >> no? >> no. they didn't know. it was a surprise for them. >> they also said, she was much better than the fella that did it at nelson mandela's memorial. can we take it out with "rudolph the red-nosed reindeer"? >> so cute. >> adorable. >> so cute. >> adorable. >> merry christmas to all. d one light bulb u.s. e with a compact fluorescent bulb, hd 3 2 million? 3 million? the answer is... 3 million homes. by 2030, investments in energy efficiency could help americans save $300 billion each year. take the energy quiz.
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7:56 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. classes are canceled today at laurel dell elementary in san rafael after a car hit a gas line at the school last night. two people suffered minor injuries. crews hope to have lines repaired over the weekend in time for classes on monday. finally, warming up. meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> not after one last parting shot for freezing air in the north bay. we have poor air quality number ten spare the air of the winter season. temperatures today in the mid to upper 50s, possibly 60 in santa rosa. low to mid-60s and sunshine this
7:57 am
weekend. leyla. >> that's right. we're getting you right back into the north bay where we have closures due to the black ice. southbound 101 will be closed there until they can get some sand. sand. and school road at crest ro [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone 'round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. with starbucks at $6.99, top it off with coffee-mate... just $2.79 for all kinds of flavors. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. we're revealing red-hot secrets behind the fitness photo trending overnight. how did kelly ripa get those abs? her trainer is here live. and super shopping secrets for the season. the technology you need to beat stores at their own game. and part pants, part sweater. they're swants. the pictures of the craziest christmas sweater trend we've seen, as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> so, can you dance in swants? >> apparently yes. >> apparently these guys can. having so much fun. not a sweater. not pants. it is both. we're celebrating this morning.
8:01 am
great crowd out there in times square. that's a hearty crowd out there in times square. very cold this morning in new york. a lot of snow coming our way. and what everyone is vying for. this is ahead of our christmas sweater showdown monday morning. the winner gets the golden fruitcake. we're just warming things up. >> i can taste it now. >> you can have my piece. >> got to be ready, ginger. it's very, very competitive. you better bring it. >> i will. >> okay. good. good. also ahead, we're going to turn to lea michele, speaking out in her first interview since her boyfriend's death. revealing how she's doing now. and the star that took her in and helped her heal. she talked with ellen degeneres. and ellen has a way of making you feel comfortable. and revealing so much. >> hope she's doing well. also ahead, a new technology that some stores are using to get you to spend more without even realizing it.
8:02 am
that's why, ah, we reveal the secrets for spending less when you shop this holiday season. becky worley, on the case. >> saves the day once again. and then, our pal, kelly ripa, she looks so good. check out this picture. she posted it on twitter. i love the saying behind her. beautiful saying. the picture has so many people talking this morning, asking how, kelly, did you get so ripped? her trainer is joining us to tell us the secrets of staying in such great shape. i just talked to her. the energy -- >> that trainer is just about that big. i can fit her in my pocket. >> she's ready to go. >> don't let the frame fool you. don't let the frame fool you. >> a lot coming up. let's get news, first, from josh. >> going to begin with this shocking story overnight. southern utah, a massive rockslide there, the boulder a size of a bus, breaking loose crushed a house and so killed
8:03 am
two people inside, all without warning. the rubble so unstable, rescue crews couldn't get in that house overnight. rockslides in this area are sometimes triggered by the combination of snow and plunging temperatures in the region. the other big story this morning, the weather. heavy snow blamed for the massive pileup you see here in michigan. 40 cars and trucks in all. but this morning, it's us, here in the northeast, bracing for a weekend snow event. up to a foot possible in parts of new england and new york tomorrow. ginger's very excited forecast, coming along in just moments. some encouraging news in the fight against breast cancer. researchers say that a pill could actually prevent the disease in some high-risk women. the drug is called anastrozole. and it lowers estrogen. british doctors found it reduced the chance of getting breast cancer by more than 50% during a study of nearly 4,000 women. and there were few side effects. of course, doctors say while this is encouraging, far more research is needed. and breaking overseas right now.
8:04 am
a u.s. missile struck a convoy headed to a wedding party in yemen, killing at least 13 people. that region is a well-known al qaeda stronghold. and a remarkable sight this morning. an estimated 100,000 people lined up today, on this, the final day, now, to see nelson mandela, lying in state in south africa. the line has grown so long, people are now being told to stay away, as police are now concerned that just the sheer numbers of people could lead to violence in the streets there. finally, a little holiday cheer this morning. and courtesy of the so-called -- so-called? it's a magic piano. it's set up in a busy chicago train station. take a look. magic because it plays itself. that comes as quite a surprise to everyone rushing by. or not rushing by. mixed reactions, as they try to figure out what's happening here. some, as you see there, join in
8:05 am
with their own instruments. some feel it in his soul. >> try to imagine how good it sounds. there it is. >> but then, some are not so happy. watch this. this is terrific. look at this. this guy actually yelled at the piano. that's not being played by anybody. a weekend, he needs two of them. take the week. it's all being done by a guy in a control room nearby, watching all of the action. that guy, yelling at a piano without irony. oh, buddy. take five. >> just breathe. >> back away from the caffeine. >> it's going to be okay. thanks, josh. "pop news" is going to be great. that's coming up. now, let's get weather from ginger. >> hey. we're out here trying to stay warm. and in honor of d.j. prostyle being here, we're all going to have a dance-off. we have crystal from california. and michaleen from new jersey. let's hit it!
8:06 am
♪ all right. all right. who won? everybody, who won? we're going to get to the forecast. i think it's michaleen. let's get right to that forecast. so important on the east coast for this weekend. we're having fun trying to stay warm ahead of the storm. look at the numbers. this is one of the computer models that keeps us right there, around three inches. in new york city, we could see three to five. and just outside, big-time, up to a foot. lots of cold air behind it. follow the arctic blast. they just keep coming. but we're dancing. so, we're good.
8:07 am
>> let's give it up. thank you so much for dancing. lara, the morning menu? >> thank you. here's a look at what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." ahead in "pop news," the best body of the year, revealed. i vote for kelly ripa. we'll get into that, as well. plus, what you need to know about spending less when you shop for the holidays. what is your secret saving strategy? we're going to share them. and the craziest fashion trend this holiday season. i do so love it. swants, people. let's dance. all that and more coming up here on "good morning america," in times square.
8:08 am
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8:10 am
still to come here, an inspiring message from a most unlikely place. tomorrow, one year since the tragedy in newtown. but how the families there are finally putting their lives back together, one step at a time. a message for all of us this morning, is coming next. morning, is coming next. obvi. he's amazeballs. he's, like, the hottest hottie that ever hottied. he's, like, a hottie times infinity, plus another infinity.
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8:13 am
are you ready, amy? >> yeah, let's do it. are you ready, amy? >> yeah, let's do it. >> you want to sing christmas carols with me and amy poehler for a dollar? >> for a dollar. >> yes. ♪ talk the halls with boughs of holly ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la ♪ 'tis the season to be jolly ♪ fa, la, la, la, la, la >> that's amy poehler and billy eichner. ambushing people, challenging them to sing along, as you see. hitting the streets of new york city. it's the latest hilarious video to go viral from our good friends at funnyordie. >> i want to go with them. >> it looks like fun. especially those two. people are great sports out there. >> i love the whole christmas spirit. throw on your bonnet. let's go, robin. >> let's do it. we begin this morning with the hottest bodies. penelope cruz, being number one.
8:14 am
she was just named 2013's best body. "fitness" magazine awarded the star for looking so incredible on the red carpet just three months after giving birth. and then, there's jennifer lawrence who came in second on the best body list. for her toned look in "the hunger games: catching fire." and third place, and i totally agree, sandy bullock, who just brings it. she looks so toned and fit. to me, that's what all three of these bodies are, toned, healthy, fit bodies. but there's another toned, fit body. >> that's why i decided to lead with that. always about the perfect segue, robin. we continue with our friend, kelly ripa. yowza! the talk of twitter right now. the "live" co-host, sharing this photo of her amazing abs. kelly, i'm in love with you. i'm in love with you. she is performing a shoulder stand against a wall. on the wall is the quote, and everybody please remember this quote, whether you think you can or you can't, you're right. i think that is just -- those
8:15 am
are words to live by. with that in mind, we called kelly's trainer because we have her on speed-dial now. anna kaiser from akt inmotion, popping in. can you tell everybody what kelly does to get that -- >> to get those awesome abs? >> that situation going? >> so, it's dance-based interval training. we do a combination of cardio, strength and flexibility, the trifecta. you need all three. >> you do? >> yep. you do each in little segments all throughout the hour and a half. >> wow. hour and a half. what can we tell our viewers at home? >> we have a little mat for you to show us. >> okay. >> let's do it. >> we're going to start with a cardio move, just to get your heart rate going, engage your core. little jumping jacks on the floor. keeping the shoulders down. >> kelly does that? >> oh, absolutely.
8:16 am
then, we're going to do a little cross abs move. >> i like that one. >> and extending it out. sitting pretty. and then, for the viewers at home, we have an easier version, where you just tuck that knee and extend it out. >> i see the gluts working, the abs working. anna, you're working. >> great. >> thank you for sharing. >> thank you for having me. >> that's our christmas gift to all of you, for that -- you know, with the cake, cookies. anna, you rock. >> thanks. >> i'll have what she's having. whatever. she looks great. >> i don't know about you. i'm exhausted. and then, can i do one more? do i have time? really quickly, one of our favorite ads has been updated for the holidays with a few characters borrowed from "a christmas carol." here, everybody, is kmart's new installment. this is called ship my trousers.
8:17 am
>> ship my trousers? you're kidding. >> you can ship your trousers right here. >> mary, did you hear that? >> i did. i may ship my bloomers. >> i can ship my trousers. >> poor little timmy. >> i just -- >> the ghosts are shipping. the original ship my pants, s-h-i-p, ad has received more than 20 million hits on youtube since april. it made us chuckle. we love that one. and finally, really quickly, we love when -- what is that called? photo bombing. sometimes you're just in the right place at the right time. at least that's what happened to these newlyweds from connecticut. they love animals. they were getting pictures taken at the mystic aquarium. cue the beluga whale. they ended up using that for their christmas card. and i dare them to try to top that. >> that's perfect. >> finish strong there.
8:18 am
we're going to switch gears now. lea michele is opening up in her first interview since cory monteith's death. the "glee" star is talking about how she's coping with the loss of her boyfriend and how she's keeping his memory alive. abc's aditi roy has the story. ♪ >> reporter: lea michele is singing her way through heartache. for the first time since boyfriend and fellow "glee" co-star, cory monteith's, death, the 27-year-old actress is opening up, performing deeply personal lyrics, and talking candidly to ellen degeneres. >> i'm still trying to figure out all of this. it's been only a few months. but my mom has experienced a lot of loss in her life. and she told me at one point -- she said, there is an empowerment that comes with grief. at some point you find it. and it's very hard. >> reporter: monteith died in july of a drug overdose. michelle grieved publicly. her twitter post acknowledging
8:19 am
monteith's death saying cory will forever be in my heart, was the most retweeted message this year. the singer and actress told ellen she mourned privately, at friend, kate hudson's, home. >> it was helpful to have a safe place to process and just have a minute to, you know, breathe before getting back to my house, which has a lot of memories. >> reporter: michelle teared up during the emotional interview. telling ellen she found comfort in going back to the set of "glee," where the pair met and fell in love. >> going to work is no harder than being at home, being at the house, and opening up the closet and seeing a pair of shoes. it's like there's -- grief goes with you every day. >> reporter: but she smiled broadly when remembering the good times. >> i literally lived every day of my life, feeling like the luckiest girl in the whole world. i just thought he was the greatest man. >> reporter: memories that help her go on. ♪ >> reporter: for "good morning america," aditi roy, abc news, los angeles.
8:20 am
>> looks like she's doing much better. doing well like that. absolutely. the holiday shopping season is in full swing. and so are high-tech tactics by retailers to get you to spend big. but you can beat the stores at their own game and save big. our becky worley shows us how to do it. >> reporter: christmas shopping. it's you against them. you want a deal. stores want you to spend, spend, spend. okay, team. this is the big game. we're going to peek into the playbook of retail stores and learn their secrets so you can save and win. first secret -- they're using technology to get you to buy more. whether it's in big chains or, here, in a small boutique. sunhee moon in san francisco. heat mapping is a tool they use to find what products are hot. once they know what's trendy, they take the popular stuff and
8:21 am
sprinkle it all around so you browse everything and maybe make an impulse buy. next retail secret, a trick play called the group of three with an anchor. not those anchors. the expensive item anchor. you have three coats, priced left-to-right. $100. $200. and $600. the retailer doesn't expect to sell many of the most expensive items. they're there to make the middle item look like a bargain. but where should you really be looking? look left. the left item is usually cheaper and not that different from the other two. ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell jingle bell rock ♪ yeah. in-store music. they play it louder during the holidays. the crowds, jingling bells and the traffic, and you get -- overstimulated. studies show overstimulation makes us lose some of our
8:22 am
self-control, meaning, yeah, more impulse purchases. so, my solution, bring your own music and ear buds. i'm going with the "charlie brown christmas" album. very calming. much better. for "good morning america," becky worley, abc news, san francisco. >> we asked viewers if they've been fooled by these kinds of tactics. courtney tweeted us. and said stores will post huge percentage off discounts to get you in the store. but at checkout, tells you most of the items are excluded. everybody raised their hands. the whole crowd. everybody in here. and we asked people if they have any secrets to scoring a good deal. and david tweeted, don't buy anything until after christmas. gift cards. gift cards. gift cards. >> i like it. >> it's smart. you get the gift card. and you give your person your gift -- >> it goes a lot further. >> and it doesn't get regifted.
8:23 am
>> we'll get into that. let's talk about the hottest trend or at least we'd like to think it is. for christmas. we love ugly holiday sweaters. don't we? we don't think they're ugly. >> not at all. >> we can't wait to show you ours on monday. the big competition. which i intend to win. right now, they're getting new legs, literally. and abc's sara haines is here with the story. >> reporter: thanks, lara. in recent years, we've seen some pretty interesting trends in comfortable leg wear. pajama pants? i'm going to call it now, the pants of the year of 2014, swants, sweater pants. i got a chance to try on some for size and see what all of the buzz is all about. meet steve and kylie. they're looking to take holiday cheer to a whole, new level, one stitch at a time, thanks to their yuletide creation, swants. you heard me right. swants. holiday sweaters, turned into pants. >> this was a sweater.
8:24 am
and now, it is a swant. >> now, you can wear more sweaters at once. >> you can show up to your holiday sweater party. everyone just has one sweater on. and everyone is like, the bar was just raised. you can show up with two sweaters on. >> reporter: the legwear became an internet sensation this fall, when steve and kylie posted their homage to swants, the swants dance. ♪ the video went viral. prompting even fashion editors, notably "cosmo," to take notice and profess their swants love. if ugly sweaters are the stuff that movie scenes are made of, could swants be behind? to find out, i enlisted kylie and steve's help, to transform my holiday sweaters into an ensemble, complete with snowflakes in all the right places. then, i took my swants to the streets. do you approve of this outfit? >> love it. >> reporter: on a first date. girl shows up in swants, go.
8:25 am
>> i would hope you would bring a second pair of swants. >> reporter: the verdict? a resounding victory for swants. the holiday pants that i can promise you will make you want to dance. >> come on, guys. >> they make you want to dance. don't they, sara? >> they totally do. george, don't you want a pair? >> five or six. >> i would pay to see george stephanopoulos in swants. >> can i ask a question? is that a dicky? >> that's part of the complement. a dicky goes with a pair of swants. lara, do you like my dicky? >> that's a beautiful outfit. >> i was wondering how this might get even worse. >> it keeps your neck warm, george. coming up, everybody, a little girl's wish come true. we're dancing with her. her big night at the ball. and then, d.j. prostyle, spinning us with the swants, into the weekend. >> go, eddie. >> go, eddie. ♪
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. a family of three in east oakland escaped just in time after being awakened by fire raging through their home. it happened around 3:00 this morning on 90th avenue and eighth street. the fire destroyed their pre-fab home and damaged two others before crews could get it under control. b.a.r.t. and union leaders return to the table with a federal mediator for a second day today. they're trying to resolve a dispute over a paid family leave provision in the contract that ended the b.a.r.t. strike in october. b.a.r.t. officials say the provision was left in somehow by mistake. let's see how your friday morning commute is going. here's leyla gulen. >> mostly it's been reports of black ice in the north bay. we do have this report of a solo vehicle spin-out traveling in the northbound direction on 101 at tiburon boulevard. it wasn't because of black ice
8:28 am
because mike tells me it's about 41 degrees out there but now facing in the southbound direction over to the shoulder. slowing in the southbound direction. as we take a live look outside here at the peek at this, you can see how foggy it is so do proceed with caution. kristen.
8:29 am
good morning. i have some good news, the fog is lifting especially around novato where the fog is lifting. there's plenty of moisture in the air for another 45 minutes or so.
8:30 am
most of us getting above freezing right now. our destination this afternoon, sunshine and say good morning, america. good morning, america. good morning, america. good morning, america. all you have to do is sit here and say, good morning, america. that's what you guys look like. good morning, america. >> merry christmas out there in times square. i'm going to be a little self-conscious the next time i say "good morning america." >> all going to "anchorman 2." >> cannot wait. and we can't wait for next week. the whole cast is going to be here. all of the stars of "anchorman 2" joining us live in times square. and the big one, "nightline," on monday night. can't wait for that.
8:31 am
>> what goes on there. they show up here in character. hang on. and it's always great to have d.j. prostyle here. love this tune. "treasure" by bruno mars. and the reason we're playing it is because we want to wish bruno a big congratulations. he was named billboard's artist of the year. and billboard's male artist of the year. he's playing at the super bowl. thank you, d.j. prostyle. appreciate that. and also coming up, the wonderful story of an incredible little girl who had her fairy tale dream come true. and we were lucky enough to be there for it. >> oh, josh. first, a story we're going to be talking about this morning and probably have been thinking about for the better part of a year. and it is an inspiring one, that i promise. as tomorrow will mark one year since the senseless and brutal tragedy in newtown, connecticut.
8:32 am
however remarkably that some much the grieving families have found ways to heal and to step from their darkness and to give back to all of us after having lost so much. i had a chance to speak to two parents whose strength and spirit will stagger. chase kowalski ran his first race at just 2 1/2 years old. at age 6, he competed in and won his first triathlon. >> they put the number on his arm. >> pin it on you. >> let me tell you. he had that on for two weeks. >> loved it. >> he told his kindergarten teacher, i was in the triathlon. and she was like, really? >> reporter: dylan was a schoolmate of chase's. his family had moved from england to newtown, connecticut, because they found it idyllic. >> he was just pure joy. and his word was again. whatever you were doing. >> reporter: chase and dylan were among the 26 lost in sandy
8:33 am
hook elementary, one year ago. what was your experience? >> what you are experiencing there in the location, in the firehouse. and physically unable to move with this information being thrown at you. and it's almost like physical blows. >> that friday, i don't think we thought we would ever be able to really deal and cope. >> reporter: but two days later, rebecca says, her son, chase, came to her in a vision. >> that vision totally repaired my heart. and just made it -- it's so hard to describe and explain. but it keeps us, just, going. >> reporter: they created race for chase, a foundation in his memory, to bond families together, in the shared love of racing. >> people just show up. you know? they're present. they're here. and they tell us, you know, i'm doing this for your son. i'm doing this because of your son.
8:34 am
it's beautiful. >> reporter: you're seeing a good world out there. >> yeah. for all the bad, there's a lot of good. >> yep. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: as the chaos and heartbreak engulfed them, dylan's weather, ian, turned to running as therapy and escape. >> putting one foot in front of the other is like getting up every day. we've got to get up every day for 365 days every year, for however many years. >> reporter: what was it that you were carrying with you as you ran? >> so, you get out on the road. and it starts to get hard. and then, it hits you why you're training. and then, it wells up inside you. it chokes you up for a moment. and you almost feel like you have to stop. but then, you burn through and you go on. and you really know what you're doing. and you can overcome anything. >> reporter: ian now runs with members of the foundation that he and his wife, nicole, created. dylan's wings of change, to
8:35 am
raise awareness and funds for children of autism. are you grieving still? >> i am. and i hope i don't stop, really, because when i'm grieving, i'm remembering him. and i can turn it around and use it and take energy from that. and go on. >> reporter: rebecca and steve have kept chase's bedroom untouched. the calendar he updated every day without fail, now colorfully frozen on december 14th, 2012. do you talk to chase? >> i don't speak out loud to him. we have our in my head conversations. >> reporter: how do those go? >> they're mostly in the shower. and it's just kind of, how i'm doing. how i miss him. sometimes he just gives me the words. >> reporter: do you talk to him? >> yeah. mostly in the garage. >> reporter: are you doing stuff? are you explaining stuff? what are your --
8:36 am
>> just more i miss him. >> you weren't supposed to do that. >> reporter: you look back at yourself a year ago. can you see how far you've come to now? >> i've changed direction from the person that was going this way and thought that was his route and that was his family's route. and it's like, complete change of direction. and so, i'm going to a new place now. >> reporter: what role, if any, does fear play in your life now? >> i want to do justice to his memory, that you just leave this as being a senseless act. and that just gives energy. fear is negative. but on the other side is inspiration and the desire to go on and build and change. so, you've got to flip it round. everything is about flipping
8:37 am
emotions. not hate. no hate. flip it over. the other side is love. take that and build because once you push the hate out, the love just flows in. >> and flows and flows. dylan, you see him there. he was autistic. and it was he who was found in the arms of his teacher and friend, anne marie murphy. something that just as beki's vision does for her family, ian and nicole says it gives them a tremendous amount of peace. and it is certainly a peace that we all wish for all of them in the days and months and the years to come. and we want to thank the kowalskis and the hockleys for letting us in for seeing the bad and the good that can perhaps come from it. >> it was very giving of them to do that. it's been a difficult time, needless to say. and tomorrow, the anniversary. and newtown has said, you know what? to the national media, let us be by ourselves. and the fact that everyone is
8:38 am
listening to that. it was so nice of them. so caring of them to let you in like that. >> nice of them to share. that's something. >> we can learn. we can find out more, can't we? >> about race for chase, and dylan's wings of change. i'm wearing the button here. logon to on yahoo! so many ways to become a part of the healing. let's head, now, to ginger zee. she's outside. she drew the short straw. final check of the weather. ginger? >> 18 windchill out here, by the way. today, a very special day on abc, too. as always, we're doing home for the holidays campaign. we're featuring military veterans on our shows all night long. and on "last man standing" the family of raymond mcknight gets an early christmas present. receiving a surprise of the lifetime, we love these videos, when he, who has been overseas on duty, suddenly appears.
8:39 am
that emotional homecoming tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern. we have to talk about the big storm that's coming to the east coast and the midwest. but we're going to show you a couple of great twitter photos first. in michigan, where i owned my first home. linden, michigan. and that's lake superior. you can see some of the fog over it. and a look at how that storm moves in. chicago gets it tonight. indianapolis, east coast tomorrow into sunday. >> this weather report, brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelers. let's head back in. >> ginger, thank you. this holiday, you can give the gift of joy to children suffering from serious illnesses, with the macy's believe campaign. all you have to do is write a letter to santa, bring it to any macy's store.
8:40 am
for every stamped letter dropped in a macy's box like this one here, the store will donate $1 up to $1 million to make-a-wish. we can make dreams come true like for 11-year-old annie. right here. >> reporter: annie lowan is a girl with a big heart. annie was still a newborn when doctors diagnosed her with cystic fibrosis. >> i was there every day. that was my baby, i was not going anywhere. >> reporter: ever since, her condition has required frequent stays in the hospital. >> her first couple stays were very, very rough, being that she also has autism. >> reporter: none of it dimmed her imagination, which she put to use coming up with her wish. >> i want my wish to be dancing with a prince at a ball. a real prince.
8:41 am
>> here ye, hear ye. >> reporter: at make-a-wish's fund-raising event, syracuse university's jim boeheim had a surprise for annie. >> you will get your first dance by italian prince, lorenzo borghese. >> reporter: she shops for a gown. trying on one after another, just like a real princess. >> it makes you want to cry. you're used to seeing the other side of it. it see her take part of something like this, it's amazing. >> reporter: that evening, a police escort brings annie and her family to graystone castle. she waves to the crowd that's gathered for her arrival. then -- >> annie? >> reporter: the moment she has been waiting for. meeting her prince charming. >> i bow to you. >> prince lorenzo and princess annie. >> reporter: the pair take to the dance floor. ♪ and annie's wish becomes reality, on her 11th birthday.
8:42 am
a storybook ending for a true princess. >> all about making wishes come true. thanks to chris connelly for that. and so far, we have 638,612 letters and counting. we're going to get there. coming up -- look across the way. dermot mulroney, here live. come on back.
8:43 am
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dear, dear, lord, we ask that you bless this good woman. and -- ♪ >> there he is. dermot mulroney in "august: osage county." he's the outsider in that dysfunctional family. they don't like him one bit. we love to have him back. dermot, thank you for coming back in. you have the most fun role in this film. you're a scoundrel, a little shady. but you're like, i'm the normal one. >> so it seems. this is how the part's set up. each of the characters sort of take a turn. some of them, to the dark side, as you see with the part of steve, that i play. but it was so amazing for me to join this cast, knowing that that was already kind of a famous part from the play that did so well in chicago. and then, on broadway. >> what an amazing cast.
8:46 am
you see meryl streep, julian nicholson, sam shepard. chris cooper. and you get back with julia, julia roberts. >> we have remained friends since we did a little movie. and i knew she was cast. so, that motivated me even further to try to get this part. >> she's going to be on monday. and i was teasing her. is it true that she really would not recommend you for the role? >> no. not so much that. you know, we had an exchange of messages where i knew she was cast. i had already auditioned. and i thought, you know, this time, i'm actually going to see if i can call in a favor from a friend, right? i said, maybe you can put in a good word in for me. and she said, no, i can't. i respect her for her honesty and integrity for a friend. but the way that movie was being cast, she wasn't going to have a say. >> you went in on your own.
8:47 am
>> i did. and it was a tough part to get. i was happy when that happened. >> i love the way you did it. you guys went out, and bunked together, like the old days. >> i was going to say, it was just like movies are supposed to be made. even back in the day, even a small movie would do it this way. but this production made sure that we were shooting it where it took place. we lived all in the same cul-de-sac with these townhouses. so, we were neighbors. we dined together. rehearsed together on our own, ran lines, and then shot it in the actual place. it felt so authentic, to an actor. they were giving us all of the tools we needed to do the best job we could do. >> whatever you guys did. >> it is a great movie. congratulations. >> thanks. >> it opens on christmas day. that's "august: osage county." we'll be right b
8:48 am
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jake owen just released his fourth studio album. it's called "days of gold." and he stopped by to sing one of the singles off of it. it's called "ghost town." here he is. jake ryan.
8:50 am
♪ thought it was safe to go outside ♪ ♪ but i guess i was wrong thought i could take ♪ ♪ a little ride just to see what was going on ♪ ♪ girl, i know it's been a while ♪ ♪ since you've been gone i swear ♪ ♪ baby, i still see you everywhere ♪ ♪ around every corner every back road ♪ ♪ street light around every highway, driveway ♪ ♪ song on my radio ♪ and the backseat it sounds
8:51 am
crazy, i know ♪ ♪ but you just keep hanging around ♪ ♪ you got me living in a ghost town, girl ♪ ♪ i see you every road i go down ♪ ♪ slow down oh, now ♪ why did you leave me living in a ghost town ♪ ♪ across the room i see your face ♪ ♪ and then, it disappears i hear your voice ♪ ♪ call out my name whispers in my ear ♪ ♪ i reach for you you're right here ♪ ♪ you're still here around every corner, cafe ♪ ♪ back road around every highway, driveway ♪ ♪ songs on my radio ♪ it sounds crazy, i know ♪ but you just keep hanging
8:52 am
around ♪ ♪ you got me living in a ghost town ♪ ♪ girl, i see you every road i go down ♪ ♪ memories about to go down slow down ♪ ♪ oh, now why did you leave me ♪ living in a ghost town ♪ why do you haunt me ♪ around every corner cafe, back road ♪ ♪ stoplight, street sign around every highway ♪ ♪ song on my radio it's hard for my part ♪ ♪ it sounds crazy, i know but you just keep hanging around ♪
8:53 am
♪ you got me living in a ghost town ♪ ♪ girl, i see you every road i go down ♪ ♪ your memories are about to throwdown ♪ ♪ show down oh, now ♪ why did you leave me living in a ghost town ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
our thanks to jake owen. more music from him on on yahoo! >> also, thanks to d.j. prostyle, spinning us into the weekend. you see him right there. thanks to him, as well. and next week, they are coming. "anchorman 2" cast, on the way. they're kind of a big deal. "anchorman 2" cast, on the way. they're kind of a big deal.
8:57 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. alex smith returns to the bay area sunday when he leads the kansas city chiefs againsted raiders in oakland. how about the forecast, meteorologist mike nicco? >> we'll show it to you. game forecast chiefs and raiders 1:05 first start. it should be loading here. going to be low to mid-60s. accuweather seven-day forecast low to mid-60s for most of us this weekend and near record high temperatures monday and tuesday. leyla. we have this one accident in santa rosa that's in the clearing stages. there's still some oil on the roadway though northbound 101 at college avenue. it's enough to create quite the jam 12 miles per hour is your top speed up to highway 12. then you're on your way to
9:00 am
continue in the northbound direction. kristen. leyla, thank you. join us for midday news today at 11:0 announcer: it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from "the hobbit: the desolation of smaug," evangeline lilly. christmas," adea larry the cable guy. wrap up wrap up our "live's holiday gift guide." ll next on "live." now, here a kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪ kelly: thank you.


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