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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 13, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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our teacher is trying to calm us down. a couple people were crying. just in the moment. we couldn't think. >> it's happened again. sheer terror in a colorado high school. gunshots fireed and students evacuateed and families were desperately trying to treech their loved ones officials say a student shot two people before then killing himself. good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil.
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>> today's shooting was less than ten miles from columbine high school where two teen-aged shooters killed 12 classmates and a teacher before killing themselves in 1999. >> reporter: we have about 300 evacuated. >> terror on the campus of arapahoe high school. investigators say he opened fire and wounded one student. >> he identified a teacher was e.was interested in confronting. that teacher was informed and exited the school, quickly. >> a student confronted the gunman and was shot. >> we realize it was a gunshot. so we dove into the corner. they came on the intercome and said it was locked down. >> the victim is in serious condition. deputies ran into the school to track down the shooter. hundreds of students were also evacuated with their hands held high above their
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heads. >> the shooter is dead. >> nervous parents gathered and waited to make sure their children were safe. >> scared to death. scared. we moved here before columbine. i'm nervous. worst thing ever. >> the students were transported to a church where they were reunited with the families. the high school is ten miles from columbine high school where 12 students and a teacher were killed. >> today's shooting on the first anniversary of the newtown connecticut school shooting. how parents are honoring mem sxriz giving back
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>> authorities say a man was in an accident just moments before jumping and say he was having an argument with a significant other when they crashed and he jumped into the water. he appears to be okay. traffic is getting back to normal now. but it's clogged up for a while. >> we have details about lynn spalding. died probably electrolyte imbalance due to edge onnalism, better kno -- -- ethanolism. the hospital is rework their security procedures >> the city of millbrae is facing a crisis after six water mains ruptured leaving a
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thousand homes without fire. there is a mad dash going on to fix what turned out to be a big mess >> water is coming back on from north to south. and crews completed fixing this water main here on helen drive. and aging pipes could be to blame. water rushing down helen drive in the millbrae hills. a 12 inch water main ruptured and six lines burst across the city. leaving neighbors high and dry. >> i haven't been able to get in the shower. it's not nice. >> there is no water at joe gib's house, either.
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>> my wife asked what there to do about not having water. >> every worker is repairing and replacing pipes the mayor blames the 65-year-old pipe was a 50 year life span. >> this weather has been freezing. >> we want to not rule that out. >> this could leave millbrae with a bill over $1 million. >> investigators say a faulty appliance connection is to blame for blowing up this home on fair view drived. he did walk away. man did go to the hospital but treated for just minor injuries, then released. >> about 5:00 in the morning i heard a bang. thought it's an earthquake and saw the fire here. just came out i started taking videos of my
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iphone. >> the iphone video captured aftermath of the explosion the walls moved off the foundation, windows of homes and cars blown out debris ended up 70 feet from the home that exploded. pg&e says the problem was a clothe drier that was not properly attached to the line. >> amazing anyone could survive that. >> yes. >> moving out to weather there is still freezing temperatures overnight. that created dangerous conditions today. >> abc7 news has that story. >> this driver is well aware of the ice on school road a motorcycle and car rest just feet from his driveway. >> this started correcting it. i just laid it down. >> this slid about 62 feet.
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>> that was the first part of the accident. >> another vehicle went down the road. and went to swerve. went into the ditch here and struck the tree. >> the driver and motorcyclist, a former police officer are okay. >> i was on my feet. away from the bike. and get lg around the corner just trying to stop her. it doesn't work. >> on novato boulevard the chp had to closed the road for this. a sand truck >> temperatures were right about freezing in this area we had a lot of low-lying fog and moisture on the roadway. so it just looked like a lot of that moisture, froze up. and we had not just patches but stretches of ice. >> he says there were 8 to 10 ice-related wrecks this morning. no one was seriously hurt. tips from chp, driving in this weather, slow down. if you do encounter black ice, don't steer hard, don't think just because
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you have 4 wheel drive you're going to be okay. you're going to slide. >> a 7th winter spare the air alert has been issued >> continues to be hazy. >> that is not only a record but stunning to us. air quality has been stagnant and poor. we've got clear skies, sunny skies aboss kros the bay area, you can see haze on this view from our east bay hills camera looking over the bay and looking west towards west northwest. tomorrow, spare the air, again, poorest air quality expected to be in santa clara valley looking over the bay, across embarcadero now, oakland airport, 52. 59 in redwood city and los gatos. 65 half moon bay. looking towards
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golden gate, 62 degrees in santa rosa. 56 napa. 61 petaluma. 60s in livermore. now, looking at traffic from our camera, this is our first forecast. will be clear skies and cool this evening. chilly in spots overnight. north bay valleys lows again dropping below freezing. tomorrow afternoon, mild milder, sunny skies and i'll give you a look at the milder pattern later. >> thank you. >> co-workers of this man, emergency medical technician who is 29-year-old reed whitaker worked for highland hospital and royal ambulance he was off duty and backed up traffic in interstate 580 yesterday police say that another driver slammed into his jeep. the
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vehicle burst into flames. sky seven shows the burned out jeep covered in flame retardant. whitaker's fellow emts say ways a great guy and they're having a hard time dealing with the loss. >> we compartmentalize whchl it's a family member, there is no way you can part mentalize. >> officials arrested this man yesterday. >> a change of heart from the rove regarding the rim fire. the president issued a disaster declaration for area that's were devastated in ttuolonme county. the feds originally said the
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magnitude did not, burning 257,000 acres and destroying 11 homes. >> a community rallying around students after thousands of dollars were stolen from a high school fund-raiser. police trying to track down the gunman robbing a bingo fund-raiser for oak grove high school band. officials plan to buy motion lights. that brings in 90% of the band's funds for the year. a web site has been set up to accept donations and we have a link for you to it just go to our web site. >> also, second day in a row negotiators from bart and unions are meeting. >> they're trying to figure out a kink everyone thought was a done deal. >> laura anthony joins us live. what is the latest there? >> they're talking. that is a good sign. they're up on the second floor of the building.
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neither side is giving up information but they're in unison telling me both sides would like to have discussions leading to a revolution of the common place. after a lengthy session thursday, leaders headed back to the table with bart. trying to hash out the last sticking point in the month-long contract talks. >> we're still discussing issues we're talking about. and now, we're talking and talking. trying to resolve issues. >> bart maintains inclusion of six weeks of paid family leave was a mistake. twice rejected in summer talks but unions say it was signed and included in the contract that membered voted on and approved. >> what do we do this dispute?
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how to move on and close the door on the strikes. >> two sides set no end time and there is nothing scheduled yesterday for next week. >> and still ahead average inhert yens americans can expect from family surveillance video catches a big cat prowling one neighborhood. >> then at 4:30 michael finney taking your questions on twitter and facebook, answering them here live just a little bit later. you can contact michael on twitter at m finney. >> spencer gave us a glimpse of this during this weather update. traffic is almost at a dead stop this point. back with more o
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there is a mountain lion sighting. you can see him on the right side of the screen the animal jumped to get into the yard with a large koi pond. this happened behind a home near mills estate park. the big cat last seen heading east from that property. officials warn residents not to confront
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mountain lions if they have cubs can w.them. don't mess with them. >> that is a very large cat. >> yes. instagram's most-liked photo is out and microsoft is struggling to find a lead yefr. >> good afternoons, turned out he isn't going anywhere. the company's chief operating officer and will be the top executive in march. there may be a buyer for time warner cable, has been the subject of takeover talks for weeks and charter communications is said to be preparing an offer. beyonce fans got a surprise today, myself included without prepromotion releasing a new album on i tunes
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just before midnight. and the self titled record is the top seller in ten biggest music marts around the world. u.s. stocks little change today. and bloomberg silicon valley down today. instagram out with the top-liked photos this year. taking honor this, photo of justin bieber and will smith. from bloomberg studios, larry, carolyn, back to you. >> thank you. >> have a great weekend. >> america may be one of the wedgiest countries in the world but are lagging when it comes to inheritance. americans were least likely to leave money behind, only 56% compared to
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average world wide of 69% a cording to hsbc survey awes stral yinz are the most generous, leaving $502,000. singapore came in second, $371,000. great britain, third. and u.s. ranks sixth on this list. >> you calling us cheap? >> i don't know. just don't have a lot to spare, perhaps >> i think spencer going to leave a bundle. >> everything i have going to my kids, including doppler. >> wow. >> i don't know what they're going to do with it. >> sandhya patel may have something to say about that. >> she just might. yes. here is a look. at live doppler seven hd, soon to belong to jason and jessica. our air quality is in decline. you can see this haze here, what happened there? from mount tam. clear, chilly tonight. seven alert tomorrow,
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milder pattern begins on sunday into next week. big ridge of high pressure deflecting storm track well north. so our outlook remains dry. showers will be meteor showers visibility overnight. best viewing time between moon set and twilight. you'll see a beautiful display there. i'll be sleeping. clear skies and chilly but not brutally cold the way it's been this week. and into ininla east bay, lows into low to mid-30s. around the bay, lows into upper 30s, then, tomorrow,
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looking for sunny skies and highs into low 60s on the coast. highs into mid to upper 50s and here is the accu-weather forecast. check out the pattern continuing through wednesday of next week. inland highs and bay side highs into mid to upper 50s highs into low 60s around the coast. but we'll see a drop in temperatures and increase in clouds that may be the change that is needed. >> thank you, spencer. >> up next it's a costly journey. reality tv wedding between a rock guitarist and a white house crashing fiancee. >> a surprise call this
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those wd ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at >> the woman who crashed a white house black tie dinner with her
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husband is getting married this weekend, at the palace of fine arts in the marina and will be broadcast live on pay per view under the title neil and mckale. this will be the fifth wedding. this is organized by the same planner that put together chris kardashian's wedding. there are 50 people in the wedding party including sammy hagar. shown's band, journey will be playing as well as tower of power, fans can join in for $14.95 they can watch and a portion of the proceeds will go to typhoon relief efforts in the philippines a >> can't get my credit card out fast enough for those two.
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prince harry made it to the south pole today. >> it's part of the walking with the wounded challenge. prince harry is on one of the three teams on this 200 mile challenge began on december 1st. most are wounded veterans and many are amputees this is a remarkable journey. conditions are just too harsh. >> still ahead at 4:00 he's on the fbi most-wanted terrorist list. learning how he got away from federal agents ten years ago in san francisco, and where he may be today. plus... >> that friday i don't think we thought we'd ever be able to deal, and cope. >> nearly one year after newtown, parents who lost children find ways to heal and give back in honor of their kids. plus, megamillions maina. odds keep
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feds launching another push >> he is already on the fbi most wanted terrorist list, now topping a new northern california most-wanted list as
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well. >> the face of this accused ecoerorist is on the newly created northern california most-wanted web site. he was last seen in 2003, when the fbi was closing in on him on market street. >> he is parked a car, got out of the vehicle and started walking down the street and went into a bart station. >> two pipe bombs went off when the fbi says this video shows him walking outside just before the explosion. first blast near the entrance, second nshg a parking lot a month later a third bomb exploded at pleasanton headquarters of shackly corporation. no one was injured but fbi says the second bomb was a time-delayed device believed
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to be intended to harm people. >> one of those ex-plowings in terms of timing and location we believe was targeted towards first responders. >> san diego was 25 years old at that time. ten years later this is how he might look today. he is computer literate and likes to sail. fbi believes he's working in the service industry. >> we believe he may be overseas. and using his english language abilities to be teaching. >> fbi says they receive reports of sightings on a regular basis two. years ago had a sighting in massachusetts. vic lee, abc7 news. >> the white house is declining to talk about any cia ties to an american who has been missing since a 2007 trip to iran. robert levinson was working for the cia when he went missing and owe was not there on private
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business, today, the white house press secretary won't comment whether he had a contract with the cia but did say he was in the a government employee. his family has long denied levinson was a spy and criticized the government's handling of this situation. >> tomorrow marks the anniversary of the shooting massacre at sandy hook elementary school. 20 children, six adults killed in a senseless attack by a mentally disturbed young man. recently, parents of two little boys. >> chase ran his first race at just two and a half years old. age six he competed in and won his first traathalon. >> they put a number on the arm. he had that on for two weeks oochl loved it. >> told his kindergarten teacher i was in a triathalon. she was
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lieshgs really? >> dylan's family moved from england to newtown because they found it idlic. >> just pure joy his favorite word was "again". >> chase and dylan were among the 26 lost among senseless brutality. >> what was your experience? >> there is what you're experiencing there in the fire house. and physically, unable to move as this information is being thrown at you. it's like physical blows >> that friday, i don't think we thought we'd be able to really deal and cope. >> but two days later, rebecca says her son came to her in a vision. >> the vision repaired my heart and just made it, it is so hard to describe sxechl plain. but it keeps us just going.
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>> they created race for chase a foundation to bond families together in shared love of racing. >> people just show up. they're present and they're here. then, they tell us, you know, i'm doing this for your son. because of your son. it's beautiful. >> what role, if any does fear play in your life now? >> fear is negative. on the other side is inspiration and a desire to go on and build, and change. so you've got to flip it around. everything is about flipping emotions. not hate. no hate. flip it over. the other side is love. take that and build. because once you push hate out, love just flows in. >> he and his wife created a foundation called dylans wings of change to raise awareness for children with autism. the
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hocklies are part of a national education initiative called hands of hope. coming up at 4:55 what bay area students are doing to help to make a difference. >> in south africa this was the last day for mourners to pay respects. an estimated 100,000 people lined up to honor the antiapartheid icon. but a third had to be turned away. disappointed people pushed past trying to get through. the coffin was taken away by guard. mandela's body will be flown to his rural hometown where he will be buried sunday. >> still ahead at 4:00 new support one young boy is getting to help try to restart nasa's shuttle program. >> could there be life on a jupiter moon? >> i'm still taking your questions on twitter and
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facebook. you can contact me on and on twitter at m finney. i'll answer your questions here live in just a little bit. >> from our east bay hills camera looking over the bay, you can see haze indicating poor air quality and another spare the air day. a milder weather pattern is coming our way. i'll have the accu-weather forecast in just a moment. >> heavy traffic all over the bay area. that is the case and it's just gridlock for those folks trying to get teeft bay to get in the lower deck of the bay bridge. and slow heading towards 101 south. back with more on abc7 news at 4:00 right after this.
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>> that nasa hubble space telescope, scientists announced the find in san francisco, they believe it could be vapor coming from a geyser connected to a hidden ocean under the moon's surface. there is a lot of speculation there. >> well, a boy is seeing
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progress in efforts to win support for nasa. >> he started a petition drive to save federal funding for the space program. >> in the weeks since nationwide picked up the story the number of signatures jumped to >> this is the last person to walk on the moon. >> what is the last thing you saw? >> looking back home. and at beautiful weather. take us back to the moon. i will always be with you. on every trip you take. >> how cool is that >> the captain called conner 41 years to the day that he first walked on the moon. >> let's check on the earthly
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forecast. >> yes. >> it's very, very earthly. air quality not so hot. tomorrow will be poor. looking at sunny conditions. a thunderstorm or two and high temperatures into low 60s, 54 in yosemite. pleasant 48 in tahoe. 74 degrees high tomorrow. 71 san diego. here in the bay area sunny skies, mid up toer 60s on the coast and inland.
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temperatures on the chilly side around freezing. so nice a run. exactly. >> makes sense oochl this is a skier's weekend. resorts say they have two feet of snow and both have snow makers going full time. >> look at olympics so here, we're in the same position, able to offer skiers and riders open terrain z enable to get out there and enjoy conditions. >> the other side is that without snow makers they would likely be closed. >> still ahead megamillions
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madness. and odds are slim. >> this 6-year-old boy wants something special. how the wish is coming true. >> we've heard about the generous tips for jesus will american express honor those charges?
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to those whoworried...... poked and prodded... taken risks... and lived in a state of "what if?"... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at or call 1-800-752-6631.
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there are calls about a long long letter sent to an agnes smith dated february 5, 1946. the letter thanked smith for her service in quote, the greatest navy in the world. the people there are trying to track down the intended recipient or family. the post office has no idea where that letter has been for 67 years. >> all right. here we gochlt today could prove to be a lucky
4:47 pm
friday the 13th for someone playing megamillions did you get a ticket? >> no. >> carolyn expects me to put up the buck for you the odds of matching all six are one in 259 million. the jackpot, $425 million is the second biggest in megamillions history. fifth largest of any jackpot. so high because nobody matched all six megamillions numbers in two months. >> won't it be fun to have a big winner friday the 13 snj >> retire. >> someone is going to win. >> so, about your odds of winning now. you're more likely to give birth to identical quadruplets. i don't think it's going to happen for me.
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>> i'm glad you didn't help me out. and offer that dollar. >> i am opposed to this but i find myself everyone collecting like i've got to do it. if i'm the last one here? >> are you assuming we'd leave you here? >> yes. i am assuming that. >> a christmas wish coming true for a florida orphan. >> a 15-year-old only stood in front of a church making a plea for a family to love him forever. saying he'll take anyone. >> he said he didn't dhafrment plea spawned 10,000 offers and he moved in with a perspective family with whom he will spend the holidays the agency handling his adoption says he's enjoying getting to know the new family. >> great story. so is this. a christmas wish coming true for a 6-year-old from long island, new
4:49 pm
york. the wish wasn't like most kids he asked santa for fingers so he can play he had a prosthetic arm but didn't fit right. insurance would not pay for a new one a family friend set up a go fund me campaign. they raised enough money, twice as much to help pay for a new high tech arm. that is great. >> really wonderful. >> michael finney here to answer questions you sent to him. and from a twitter use yes, this one. >> retailers can scan any information, any policy on. that but they're not allowed to keep that information. their allowed to simply use it. get this, in
4:50 pm
southern california department of public health says a lighter is tobacco paraphernalia and can't be sold to someone 18. i have no idea how a kid is supposed to start a camp fire, but there you go. >> vicky says i'm wondering if american express is going to honor those credit card charges. >> i checked into this. i contacted american express and said they've already paid it out. that is up to the local retailer. our restaurant tour to check making sure it's correct. any time that temperatures are
4:51 pm
large like that, they expect the retailer or rest rant to double check. so everything is fine. >> there is something i just heard s amazon shipping toys in box was product name on the outside of the box? we've heard this concern. parents are upset some are coming in marked boxes there is a way to avoid this. when an item can be marked as ordered a pop up appears. so here is what the box says, right there. select this is a gift. it will add a packing slip so recipient knows what sent the gift. now, when i was doing
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just assume it's going to say amazon >> up next a shooting on the eve of the anniversary of the newtown, connecticut tragedy. >> what one school is doing to help stop the violence. >> coming up at 5:00 the death of a missing patient and a full report on what called lynn spalding to die. plus, why this kiss is now being called sexual assault. those stories and more when carolyn and i
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>> abc7 news at 5:00 begins now. >> thank you. hospital mystery partially solved the long awaited report on the cause of death of a patient who went missing two weeks only to be found dead in a stairwell. >> nearly a year to the day after students at sandy hook were shot and killed students in colorado forced to walk with hands in the air after a student opens fire. >> scared to death. it took a while but we got a hold of her. >> also tonight investigators believe they know what caused this blast that shook a home from its foundation. >> temperatures soon on the rise but air quality remaining in decline i'll have the latest spare the
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air alert coming up. >> good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> we now know the cause of death for a woman found dmaed a stairwell >> the results just lease rooe leased nearly two months after lynn spalding's body was found at sf general hospital. we have new information on this, watch vic's report. >> no report. >> i'm apologizing we're going to move on so stay tuned we'll get to this story. >> traffic on the san fa ma dayo bridge is moving again after a bizarre domestic dispute and a crash brought to it a stand still this afternoon. police say a husband and wife crashed a car two. got out the argument continued on the
4:58 pm
bridge. witnesses say it became violent. the man then fell into the bay he hung on to a pier ban hour until crews pulled him on to a boat as you can see here. and he did appear to be okay. >> we have more important news to pass along. a livermore man is out of jail. drunk driving. and his co-workers are talking about their friend tonight. we're live with an emotional time for them. >> whitaker was an e.r.technician here that started working here. there are two places of employment mourning his death. just in two days, whitaker and another worker died
4:59 pm
in tragic car accidents. paramedics used to responding to tragic accidents but the driver who died in this crash on i 580 yesterday turned out to be an emt with royal ambulance. >> i think when someone close to you is killed it hits home. you're unable to have that detachment. >> a 29-year-old was sitting in backed up traffic. this humor slammed into his jeep at 50 miles per hour. the chp arrested the 53-year-old on suspension of dui. he and a passenger escaped their burning humvee. today he was released on $125,000 bond. >> there is nothing he can do. that is the scary part of the story. >> whitaker was the second ambulance employee to die. on
5:00 pm
wednesday a 47-year-old crashed in a big rig north of sacramento. he was a transport nurse with norcal >> we xart mentalize you have. but when there is a family member, there is no way that you can. >> the concern is that many ambulance workers are dealing with an avalanche of emotions after tucking them away. >> and on its facebook page, royal ambulance says about reed your compassion and ked dedication to helping others was inspiring and everyone lfed having you as a partner. smile will be miss bud never forgotten. that is on the facebook page. folks working with the man who died in that crash, very difficult time for


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