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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 14, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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♪ no presents beneath the tree? ♪ ♪ wait a minute, now i see ♪ my gifts are above me ♪ that's my kind of holiday bells toll. 26 times. once for each of the victims of last year's deadly rampage at sandy hook elementary school. good evening. today marked one year since the shooting in newtown, connecticut. at the white house, president obama and the first lady paid
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tribute to the innocent victims at a ceremony this morning, lighting 26 candles, representing the 20 children and six adults who lost their lives. they bowed their heads in silence. in newtown, families chose to spend the anniversary remembering loved ones in their own ways and encouraging people across the country to do the same. >> we ask you consider performing an act of kindness, or volunteering with a charitiable organization in your own local community. we hope that some small measure of good may be returned to the world. >> amid the remembrances there are were calls for stricter gun control. a divided congress denied the president's calls for changes and the national gun lobby led by the nra is arguably stronger than ever. >> the call for the change in gun laws was echoed across the country here in the bay area,
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where advocates held their own remembrance. cornell bernard spoke with some of them and is live in san francisco. reporter: a rally to remember the victims of newtown just ended here at u.n. plaza. many say they want the violence to end and are demanding stricter federal gun laws. [shouting] >> 50 people joined this peace march to remember victims of the newtown tragedy one year ago. >> at u.n. plaza, the group, sponsored by the brady campaign to end gun violence, staged a lie-in. payment laid on the ground as -- people laid on the ground as each victim's name was read. and 26 pairs of shoes honored the victims. >> enough is enough. >> she spoke at the rally. she survived a mass shooting in 1999 at an l.a. jewish community
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center. >> it's awful. we have to just as a nation come together and realize we can actually make a difference. we can make tragedies like the one that took place last year, end. >> a gun buyback in the bayview district, sponsored by alive in freeing omega boys club. more than 70 guns were turned in. owners got $100 for a handgun, 200 for an assault weapon. >> one person can do a lot of damage, a lot of good, and the biggest risk factor in violence is a firearm. >> how many? how many lives are lost to provoke the action necessary? >> nancy pelosi spoke at a somber prayer service and says the debate for stricter federal gun laws continues. compromises have been made to the nra. >> we understand the culture of hunting but they have to understand the demand of safety,
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and that that is a compromise. >> at the end of the service, the golden gate boy's chorus sang "amazing grace." in san francisco, abc7 news. >> the city of oakland held a gun buyback today as part of the statewide initiative to prevent gun violence and reduce the number of illegal guns in the community. people who turned in their weapons got $100 cash for guns and $200 for assault weapons. >> we strategically do the gun buyback right before the holiday season because we know people are looking for any extra cash to shop. and it creates an extra incentive. today most of the guns have been legal but we have had a couple of assault weapons, a lot of hand guns, and a lot of people sadly to say, don't lock up their guns.
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>> youth upriding partnered with the violence protection group to raise $40,000 for the event. >> san jose held its first gun buyback in more than a decade. people startinged lining up to turn in weapons. there were a couple of assault weapons, along with rifles and handguns. san jose police handed out target gift cards worth 100 and $200. the buyback is a push to reduce gang violence often linked to gun violence. new details emerged today on the latest shooting to take place on a school campus. the stunt gunman who opened fire in a colorado high school yesterday would armed witch a shotgun, machete, and three molotov cocktails. karl pierson bought the shotguns legally last year at a local gun store. the shooting was retaliation against a faculty member.
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pierson critically wounded claire davis before apparently killing himself. >> she is an innocent young lady, and she was an innocent victim of an evil act of violence. >> friends describe pierson as outgoing but say he had extreme political views. he had recently been kicked off the school's debate team. >> portions of the midwest and northeast are bracing for what could be a miserable 24 hours, heavy snow, as much as 12 inches, could fall in parts of the country. new york city, chicago, philadelphia, expected to see several inches of snow. a thousand flights have been cancelled. officials are warning residents to prepare for power outages and dangerous driving conditions. >> back here in the bay area, record eight consecutive "spare the air" day has been called for tomorrow. here's leigh glaser with the first look at her forecast. leigh? >> turning our attention to live doppler 7 hd, it's been a really
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pleasant day today with most of the low clouds and fog moving off the coast. some will move back in. what is going to cause the problem with the "spare the air" alert tomorrow is the high pressure is going to be with us and this is going to push any of that articulate matter close to the surface, so the eighth consecutive day of no wood burning. we'll like as a nice warming forecast in a bit. >> still ahead at 5:00. nelson mandela returns home. today's solemn tribute to the late south africa leader at a small leader. >> mega millions fever grips the nation. how high will the
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the body of former south african president nelson mandela is back home tonight. a a the national flag covering his casket was replaced with a helpard leopard skin. >> dignitaries from across the east bay remembered mandela's legacy during a service this morning. the chapel of the chimes the local naacp branch attend the event. his impact was felt in the bay area. organizers are inviting the public to sign a book. the messagings will be shared
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with mandela's family. >> no one matched all the winning numbers from the gigantic mega millions jackpot, so tuesday's prize will be even bigger. the jackpot jumps from 425 million to $550 million. the fourth biggestlet lottery prize in u.s. history. the it's now gone 21 times without anyone matching all six numbers. >> still ahead, twitter's new app for who is nearby. you can see who is tweeting around you. >> taking a live look outside. beautiful. temperatures are inching upward slightly. leigh glaser has the forecast after the break. now here's a look at what is ahead on abc world news at 5:30. >> two massive storms floyd the country. snow, ice, freezing rain. new details about the school shooter in colorado, who hays
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target was and now the bravery emerging from inside the school, and holiday shoppers tonight, how many times do the prices online change in a given day? in a given hour? how to lock in the best price. we'll re
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to those who've been waiting welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage, and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at ever wonder who is tweeting near you? "the wall street journal" reports twitteres testing an
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app. recent nearby tweets, the test could be part of an effort to prompt more users to share their location. also would allow twitter to offer advertisers more precise targeting capabilities. a twitter spokesperson did not comment. >> members of the bay area's sikh community gave away new blankets today at glide memorial church. 500 blankets were distributed to meals program participanted. they were collected by the sikh community for the past two weeks. for some recipients it's the first time they have had a new blanket. the sikhs also provide food for glide. what would you do with an extra $7,000 this holiday season? that's how much you can win just for helping abc7 news fight hunger in the bay area. when you click the give where you live on the facebook page, we'll donate to the food banks
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in the area and you might win $7,000. we'll announce the winner on december 19th so good to the abc 'news facebook page and click give where you witness -- live. >> temperatures are going to start to warm up nicely the next few days thanks to higher pressure building over the bay area. live doppler 7hd showing you the clear sky. we have a little bit of fog. you see it right there heading down towards point reyes, and some will move inland but should burn back to the coast rather quickly tomorrow morning. so expect plenty of sunshine by around mid-day or so. nice shot here. a lot of shoppers out on the embarcadero this evening in san francisco. 57 degrees at the door here. oakland, 62. 54, los gatos, and the mt. tam cam showing you the lights there near richardson bay. santa rosa, 53.
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50 in petaluma. concord, 53. livermore, 50. and here's a look at the highlights. taking you in for at least the next couple of days. and we'll continue with some chilly nights the next few nights. no frost or freeze warnings or advisories for this evening. we'll look for a little bit of patchy dense fog. tomorrow will be another "spare the air" day. so keep that in mind. and then a milder weather pattern sets up right through mid-week, and this is the setup. notice the storm track well to the north of the bay area, as high pressure is pushing it to the north. so, no rain. looks like the next five to seven days should be dry around here. and as this high sinks that air close to the surface, that's going mean a warmer pattern will start to develop across the bay area. tonight, 11 can, a little bit of that fog moving inland, and then by 5:00 tomorrow morning, some patchy periods of fog here and
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there. by 10:00, notice a few high clouds drifting by, but otherwise get out and enjoy. it's going to be a terrific day, sunny, and temperatures warmer. tonight, not as cold. we'll still see temperatures near the freezing mark in the north bay, but a little more moderating numbers near san francisco. 46 degrees there. san mateo, 38. 38, oakland. and livermore, right near the freezing mark. 33. so expect a little bit of frost on the lawn as well as on the rooftops. here is a look at the game forecast tomorrow. it's going to be a terrific day to head to oc coliseum to see the oakland raiders tomorrow. 1:05 kickoff. 60 degrees, and we'll manage temperatures to climb a few more degrees by the second quarter, into the mid-to-low 60s. here's a look at the highs for sunday. enjoy, 53, fremont, as well ace livermore, antioch, still on the cool side. 60 in the north bay.
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62, san francisco, san jose, a mild 65 degrees. and the seven-day forecast, rising temperatures, monday and tuesday, temperatures close to 70 degrees in some locations on monday. get ready for the big drop on thursday and friday, as low pressure sets up and we'll drop about ten degrees thursday and friday. once again, just clouds in the forecast. no rain at this point. >> shu is up. colin rush is here. >> shu is in tampa bay. niners got to get to 10-4. raiders and cal men, stanford women on the college hardwood this afternoon with similar results and we'll talk army navy and the absence of this guy tomorrow is a big deal for the raiders. sports is next.
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what were you doing 4,396 days ago? those who attended army in 2001 remember they were celebrating the win over navy. they haven't sell celebrated a victory over their rival since and wouldn't today. one of the greatest traditions, in philadelphia for the 114th 114th meeting, the black knights with no answer for the navy's ground attack. 10-0 second quarter lead. reynolds passed for ten yards
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and ran for 136, scored three times, 47 yards on the keeper. last month he ran wild on san jose state in fourth quarter, reynolds sets a new record for rushing touchdowns for a quarterback. 34-7 the final. navy's 12th straight win in the series. when it's over, as you know, these guys are all on the same team. >> alex smith returns to the bay area tomorrow when the chiefs invade the coliseum. kansas city, 10, 3, but all three losses have come in the division. the only win inside the afc west, week six against the raiders. good news for the silver and black. looks like dexter mccluster won't play due to an infection in a small cut on his ankle. a win or tie tomorrow in kansas city clinches a playoff berth, they know it won't be easy. >> you look at your first game, and there's a little there.
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plays different. so maybe more aggressive. some factors there, but still same system. just some new gays. >> they've grown a lot since we plaid them last. they had some new guys at the beginning of the year, so there's developed their system and figuring it out. but raider week, baby. >> i like the way he is just talking generically and then he throws it out there, raider hater week. >> the bears beat never doon tuesday, hosting fresno state this afternoon. james harden about berkeley. scored 26 in the win of the warriors. sol lohman, 17 points, attacking the offensive glass. 22-10 cal first half. we are a kind sports department so we won't show you the ugly shooting, 8-35 frosh three-point land, and byrd and wallace,
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67-56, cal remains perfect at home. women's hoops. been dig at the ditch. pick the foot. saturday night fever. at maple. number 6, stanford, hosting gonzaga. chiney ogwumike, a ho-hum against the bulldogs. johnson, career highs for her. stanford in a blowout, 73-45. cardinal now 8-1, stanford em's volleyball in the elite eight. cardinal needing the win to face penn statement williams, a kill. on to a fifth set with the nittany lions prevail. stanford eliminated three sets to two. st. mary's hoops, they win today at boise state, and texas coach matt brian will step down following the alamo bowl.
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andle at 6:00 this heisman trophy. we'll show you the exact video. i think it's jameis winston. >> you think? >> i think. >> we'll fine out for sure later. thank you so much. up next, santa in san francisco. naughty or nice, santa showed up by the hundreds for one festive
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>> coming up at 6:00, why google
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is the company that designs military robots. the resurgence of otters in the bay area. what is helping bring bag this keystone species. join us at 6:00. >> san francisco's union square was filled with santa's today. dozens and probably hundreds of accepts made their way through the city, stopping at various bars. part of a worldwide event that is known to put some of the participants on santa's naughty list. the 'annual bar crawl has generated criticism. police in new york city urged bar owners not to participates this year. you said -- >> many facebook posts from >> everywhere. >> that does it for us here at 5:00. thank you for joining us. we'll see you back here at 6:00.
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> tonight on "world news," snowed in. two massive storms colliding. snow, ice, freezing rain. dangerous conditions from missouri to maine. cars flipped over. the storm track what's coming tomorrow. the plot, what we learned about the school shooter in colorado, who he was targeting, the bravery inside the school just as this nation remembers newtown one year ago. and the staggering number of price changes on the web in a given day, in an hour. the precise time to lock it in and the tool to help you. >> and mega-mystery, why they're getting better. stunning new jackpot tonight. what are your odds of winning? tonight, the new strategy revealed.


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